Dale & Keefe -  Reacting to the WEEI program changes

Dale and Keefe
Thursday, July 19th
Hour 4: Dale and Keefe take callers on the timeslot changes and one caller rips into OMF. Dale has a nice hot take, that Robert Williams is going to be one of Danny Ainge’s biggest failures. They also shed some light on who influenced them to get into radio.

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Yeah yeah. Fourth and final our tail and keep. Sports Radio WB guys you just heard during the open. And it just getting idiotic argument work all day perhaps you have not heard the news from the radio station. I think perking Callahan announced that it about 8:15 this morning that's what I was told somewhere in that vicinity. And then Glenn and Christian joined them for the last fifteen minutes or so their program. When Christian talked about it Lou wasn't there today. But the the radio station announced earlier today that they've thought flip flopped as your plans today. The current afternoon drive in mid day shows as of August 13 which is on Monday. ON apple go to afternoon drive from two to six. And ailing Keefe and it will be Galen Keefe. Will shift to middays from ten to two. We talked about and it 2 o'clock when we came on the air today. Kind of expressed our opinions neither of us that's fired up about the news by now but happy that we've still got a job in the industry. Right right that you have to look at that way because it could be worse it's certainly the worst daily went through here you know and and Glenn went through it here for a time before you as a bull brought back so. I understand could be a lot worse I don't have to move I don't have to find another job I'm I'm just moving up four hours so that is. That part should not be overlooked but also. It doesn't it's not disappointing it doesn't mean that it's not looked at as a giant failure it's looked at as old Michael left and now dale and Kiefer together and before the spring book is even how we're gonna make this move and get them off of afternoon drive which. But I think most people understand this rate maybe not everybody does. Morning drive afternoon drive are the most important shows on radio station they just aren't mostly learn their cars at those times those are the best jobs to have. And for me personally. Not be a morning person at all the afternoon drive the two to six. Is the goal that is the spot to be and and I thought I had a chance to be a part of an afternoon show at the other station that the sports on it didn't work out so when I had the opportunity to go against them. I looked up to that sounds I was so excited for that challenge and and fortunately for us we never met that goal we know we didn't beat them. In the time that I have been here last 2017 is a better year than 2016 so we can look at that as as a slight positive on shore. But now we have new goals still we're gonna move it to attended to and square off against you know ZLX and zone deal. And the frustration for me and I I said this it too but you know for those who didn't hear it's time. The frustration from my perspective. Is the narrative that's out there which is the reason we're doing this the station I'm talking about the reason we're doing this is that. Dale and Keefe and before them dale and Holley failed an afternoon drive. And and I pointed out. When you go active to 2014. Which is when I came back to the radio station the winner book which was. Saul can holly yeah they finished seventh in the market in their in their time slot. They brought me on board in the middle of march somewhere around there are up about half of the spring book. We went to second. And except for the summer book of 2015. We always been second in this market. And I don't mean second among the two Sports Radio stations right out right I mean second out of the 4041 radio stations in this town. Now the same radio station is always first. And it's our competition across the street and they are a formidable opponent in data great job on all of that stuff. But the idea that the reason that there are moving estimate days is because we failed is faults. We have been consistently. As I said all except one block from the time I came back first with Michael and then we view. Our show's always been sacked. Now I wanted more of a chance on it and I don't some of their way valve on that show for awhile but. Since Michael left is the last day of February that he left so we've had just over four months in the meantime some really get the whole Sprague book the book goes he's three month cycles we have the full. Book yet in this decision was forty minutes that's frustrating to me it is it just is. You know we didn't have a say in who the third host was going to be him and we were able to throw out ideas. Some of those were met okay others were not we never really got anything going and I know it taught us it's not on the third person is definitely on us. But you know hey can we have a certain person on more than once a week that it only happened to we just do just dale NI four for more than we know twice in a row we do that. Yet we were allowed to do that for one week after the decision was already made so things like that. Are frustrating to me. But big picture still have a job so I don't wanna solid it's completely sour sour patch kids we're gonna we're gonna move on we're gonna have. We have enough a different challenge. And I'm looking forward to that I'm still gonna. Beat just as fired as the best job in the world I I'd just talking sports and talking nonsense. I can't bigger rating better I just have to do it now at a at a different time so we'll do that that's what's gonna happen. And in the interest of being completely honest here I'd I did point out I did acknowledge in fact the only part of this shift. That I agreed with and I told our our boss Joes are bottle about this I hated leaving the show our. And because of of my commitment to the Bruins prior to coming back here because of that commitment and this station knew that when they hired me back. Op I had to leave here often. In the last hour of the program to get to the Bruins game and at times it was tight because I was trying to give radio as much time as I can get it still get to TV on time. That's not an issue for me anymore I won't have to leave I may miss. Matt eight game sort of thing that sort of thing but you know that part better I liked that part I hated leaving the program. I had enough so that that's the silver lining in that that have been parts announce a full four hours that's that's what we're doing all four and by the way only four hours all essential hours so I'm really fascinated to see whether it's Glenn Lou or Christian that does the hour with mark. I don't know it is yet neither apple straws may well have been decided I don't know Callahan man announced it. They've probably will happen out there or else there -- announce whether or not Jason and you stay with us there are announced everything else about to go to tune in. Why euros to an international anyway so just tune in. And you'll probably find out what's next for for us and for the government and a program. So this all takes place on Monday August 13. I will tell you that we have already begun planning and we had begun planning for the fall anyway. But in earnest we've got what we think is a very strong lineup of football guess that Willy will be with us on a regular basis. And will announce all of those things later on but at least several of the people that you've heard join us in the past will be back when this again. Yet he's in a good combination of sorts of these national guests that join us for you know ten minute interview segments of that also some of the other voices that you've heard. Sort of bring them in for an hour or two in studio. So a lot to look forward to in the in the football season for sure. And so yeah August 13 and got three more weeks of the the afternoon drive program the money our like this one we're out there reassess the money power and find out when that is. Idiots maybe it's noon I don't I -- cut down our money our from judge yeah I'll Chad Dukes and find out if you work middays than what the other money arrows for the holidays are we can tell you that things like keeper Matt this will make the move with us to mid day yes they will we don't know what time on TVD and we're still working community. You heard fuel flow of that and all the other bells and whistles. All that's not keys keys keys are apps that we know what we should project she's keys to the mid day at some point. What are the keys to a successful bid that you early enough to get here you know I got to write it and rethink everything now. So I don't illusion of Michael you shell out light. I'm not gonna show Patel one that's now on gonna do it and if there into a blast was the show's gonna wanna go on and it's funny ball as. Clearly I knew what was gonna happen. That's why I found that love come into work every day about it. Or the out of super sick I'd flicked on your football Smart the laws of what I did that to resume that was love coming in were routed through the it's with that led to. Doing afternoons the view all the afternoon. That's a great thing it is anger I agree that got some Smart. Insect and we've become prime right. Or conference anymore so that's the news. Of the day I am delighted about it changed. And that it can I understand. You know nobody really likes to change. But I'm ports to listen to that school the Glen. Yeah. I don't make me I spoke a little Walter. Yeah. Of my god that says ask them. More re nearly killed us Marines save the day. Parades turn this whole thing around it's all worth the doubt they'll just because he never would've got that call for marine thank you very much about. Let's get to the call to the guys 6177797937. Chris is down in Texas say Chris I don't. Neither. I had been big fans eager for a long time outside if you got a podcast to move doesn't necessarily. Affecting a lot let allegedly been a big fan I think a sound surprised to hear it Albers number one just I tried to listen to a mideast. He just didn't alternate where you know on trial listened to about patriots Newton. Listening to hand you'd think sky's falling like a forty to certainly welcome him. The national what you guys and I appreciate it can do and it's gonna listen you guys will be home. Ration and then keep listing the podcast yeah thank you. I'm also it might be the man electric heat Keyes who we got sick agent she's eight. I'll market is so you were eyewitness earlier in the show Chris I love it I think there's nothing wrong with that he likes. Attractive older women I suppose the president medals. Older than him I guess you know she's you have attracted tonight and guys speak at a school Aaron so I gonna fraud awards Jerry Avian Jerry Kelly and his favorite Twitter follow. Brittany can read his way to she's she's down a lot of followers are actually what it lost a few with the Twitter purge. Britain cannery tweet it out following quote Jimmy rob Lowe's the franchise quarterback of a prominent NFL team while. While the other parts fine prominence ultimately used to be all right time. He should have more values in class than parading the porn star in LA see I don't like this porn shaming that's going on today Iran that she's not a real person is it was just wanna go out to dinner with him to drop below. But it breaks she thought eight or whoever wants she added problem slam me for saying that okay. But guarantee someone in his camp said the same thing let my guess is somebody in either his camp or his family. It's gotten really. Said he's not doing videos with her yet well just going out that starts for the venerated that's what they're talking about is when they can contract negotiation the Italian stallion. And they get an author who told her she can. Dole out class this is the woman who paraded tow truck driver caller fat ass and everything that is who had bought up on Twitter followers this snapping out. The clutched her Twitter follow everything what's reasonable. Clock Tencent Tencent to follow there's a responsive the calls are dollars or Tomlin remark Jerry kind of feminism. Rob Lowe you do you go to every once. Just be careful since the their peaks there with all of this and that out digs in Pembroke heyday I don't. They got to tell you it is. So I just wanted to say I enjoy your show a lot my ride home from. Or argue that in the morning show like I don't really care for the Mitt date guys. You know but in the preakness that when I was listening use sort of back in a pro and con and I was surprised that neither you really talk about. The fact that you'll be speaking with Alex Cora or Bill Belichick. Yeah we brought up earlier we didn't know only when we reacted dishonest about this looks for other Florida talking with both those guys that that sucks a minute they're editors will still be on the station which is great but I I look Ford talking problems that day that's definitely real loss for us. I absolutely I mean I think I really enjoyed. You know how how how old do you handle the end of all of those guys you know last all of our objective in this season so far I would court Obama detriment. Yeah NATO I agree and we'll miss it as well we've got a couple weeks left with Alex and yet we won't be talking to bill this year and it's about. Some days they'll be better than others though you know every Sunday at cracks in the opener not on the go talk to the next Monday that they've got the worst thing in the world but overall I I love talk them. I Danny's a lol. Eight any. Aid song administered in the rose yeah would you how do you feel about it. I don't have to quit my job I guess like this but yeah. I think that's a Dallas yeah that's. Sounds about right. I feel like yeah originally on the way I know what I yeah. And that shock be judged viewed in Quantico and out and you guys and take more than block and and I don't keep. Love that hourly rate when he starts setting out all morning person already screwed with this change I mean I'm Fiat I'm gonna guess and that that you know will probably not gonna take over morning drive I have been moving kind of closer and closer to that shift though from nights afternoons to middays that's really the next thing but. I got to stay up all night I think that sleep when I got home. No I don't do otherwise on the nocturnal pays down I went out to be a vampire down in the dragon's lair playing games all night long that's great at night down there you be played people from. Honolulu where some I do my whole schedules in the reset. That's okay they'll that's all right that's the commitment what we do you that's right our rising Quincy Iran. Yeah around guys that's going on. So you are listening to you bet commuter and then night shift the other channel yes. I got to work lake right in Superman it's commodity goes great way to start out well let alone you know it would get excited. Don't matter where you were great up and down nice thanks. And I just. You know disappointed and not realistic view of Iran a ride home anymore followed you over to this station and quick trigger you know particularly in order to on this stage. And I'm government triggered podcasts that he could play orbit. Yes all that your I have to adored his one podcast I don't know that it's an engineer and let it it is totally that is not that different Bryan Bryan Davies is the coast of torque and already called him on his own by the way that it knocked them out that this Friday I've never met but he felt and heard I was talking about that the pod can watch the show. Those two podcast the daily key is podcasts and so from two to six. Or odds are intended to he's got he has yet that you podcast on on his Twitter and other heat 21 risky yeah thanks for me. But if you it was intended to DOT is podcasted every single day it's on W we ya doc comments on iTunes wherever else you get your. You're podcasts that of course if you listen to some movies and TV in in video games check this out after a dork as well. Gary says stuck in traffic hey Gary I don't port here. Get active and instill great and you guys they'll have a lot of time in the other than that the mindset of cancer and it so what you Wear. While it appreciated your street kestre shipment and just a very good tests are endless. On the straight to the back at it and go well even detection alone the little guy and he. So I attach it to keep regular a little bit more about which side New England. And that you Republicans in particular latest. Two it indeed is very competent. Yeah. I'm not read that. I had an umbrella when it got a little bit about about that triggered candy and keep the big thing we keep an audit. She is quite stereo to be proto. You know profiling. Characters in this whole psychology at the open its markets more like it into the room. And he's citing and he said so and clearly. This is a good sign in. For the chemistry of the Celtics and I'm predicting how performed with turned out in today's money a mid level contractors slightly higher. Whether or not to get an outside shot these what I didn't like he just at. And it can't be thinking about the western beaten whether to cease you know certainly Golden State he's gonna need those 400 Anders and I think integrates. Well Gary I I agree I love the signing glad he's he's back which we said yesterday we thought it would be very popular yeah I amongst the teammates the coaches it's not just the teammates liking markets Smart and also the idea that. Ari Danny Ainge. For good reason has the reputation of fuel trade anybody at any time he traded Paul Pierce from the Celtics he traded Rondo he traded the coach he traded every Leahy. Gil trade Isiah Thomas after the season that he had so he'll trade anybody so you're in that locker and you've got to be wondering you know I next thing in my getting it going here. And so for him to re sign markets Smart he's only had. I believe it's Rondo Avery Bradley Marcus Marcus the only draft picks that he has had that been assigned to another deal. Everybody else has been kind of moved on or or traded away or whoever else. So I think that's showing that hey we're gonna keep this group together it's such a departure from what they did a year before. Us Sam's on the cell phone hey Sam. I ordered. It. I cannot believe I'm not enough that I never knew or British. And it's successful person in any regard if you completely different now. I need. Don't know they're there showed does. As well on the show there's so as well assured as well they got a good shot. Even in Eaton used in some sort pot shot at one point mr. Well he was. He was the the number one afternoon guys for awhile yeah. Not yet they say that the currency and he left that a long time ago execute the biggest blow arched in eight weeks so often listening to you and with little effort it's as for the rest let's show. Or based on what you Wear to Puget ventures and one of them in the extra voice and while ruled all year. Right now I rise I rise. I got a call that it's at the time out of his data colonies doesn't seem to be a fan of the of the program there. Organ me on tended to them so they can maybe not concentrate on that more than four pairs adventures. As a government generally out of those are just wanted to say. With a little munchies and asked me I Johns up in Maine hey John. They get regarding the time slot in I don't know what kind of job other people what you wanna let you elaborate and it can show is go to the place or download the radio dot com. And you could tell that you know I'd like you working. Look nice shots that plugs a save that well that the company now right there and I got John. And if I you'd definitely don't become my second favorite podcasts. Packed at dark like action gray a guardian merit another one previously announced on you know you could overtake it and a home miles Conrad Johnson the musty. I at that. Anyway the market my hat into the great I think that this thing I think we're in the best interest in the topic out fear you know we're resigning Aaron means every time mark mark. And it doubled to vote and so are so far so good in my opinion I like what they're doing. Our basically brought the band back yeah from a year ago where date where Danny blow it completely out shipped eleven of the fifteen guys off the team holds him back. He's bought basically bringing everybody and they added the secret weapon. Robert Willett of the set and shot lob how. How they can have somebody hire somebody like Carrie is wallet can create value does the residents of areas it did that that is read this guy. This is the highest. It's bad they don't I think they needed somebody to straighten out as an adult that is a vertical column when his alarm doesn't go often you know walk him through you know everything is predicted at the bar set very low for an DF into. He plays the game I think this got us this guy is on the path of being an epic fail guy yeah he has he has he has like every move he makes it sounds worse and worse it's not good the tough start for him. Mix and Wakefield naymick. He'll the deck in other OG AG business. I mean that. You know whoever you want to answer. Quicker he's done. You know the better it be performance audit you know I think it's probably more operatives booze and later. Maybe it's. And confident is how little Xeon is yeah Zion where you had identified. Gordon Hayward oh this spectrum common. When it points per game and he's going to be good. He's had a really good it's got to beat call of duty thing going on he does critical are those ways are holed it and I'm not open the caller will get him to do a little shuffle side to side I think they went back on I think he'll be good whether he goes. Well August we're talking about could he be back for the playoffs number we're trying to be be back because I was kind of hinting that. So those videos that I don't like as he would be back you're trying to figure out the timetable that the only the only good thing about the injury. Was that it happened in the very first game of the year in the middle of October. That's the only good news about it so it's it's been a little while and so. Maybe gets onto a little bit of a slow start in the good news is that other guys who can score but I think here we're going to be great medium bounced back. Yeah it's hot. And misled. The hour flight. On Sports Radio don't you. Movie yeah additional rare today it. Gonna find new money our. I think at high noon to one but maybe I'm wrong did you a lot more experience. Yeah I heard that a lot today this is why did it and move guys I felt bad day Larry all of these admit days the heard that Los to warriors number of occasions. My guess is noon to one. All right. Though there are new money in our new money up at intelligence holy Millen in 2 o'clock what does that added over he says about a talking to its than 2 o'clock hour is the money our freestyle Friday's. Free gay friends. Come on we falls count anywhere from that's Ross is influenced. Where wrestling I don't like you know what I can live with that Altera anywhere frontal and exotic tomorrow so it's going to be falls on all falls count anywhere among either. Among men are I'm here but not the city could tell us all apart ran for president I got to our demo gods and expressly he's yeah he's. About clarified the final portion of our program. A final drive is sponsored by cars for kids your trusty charity for card donations also accept donations of boats Arby's motorcycles and real estate. Call today 877. Cars for kids. Time for a few more calls for it out of here on is it right line on the cellphone. They ads or island of ago Algeria. So that's wanted to say that my dad with a woman got into sports radio and started that tainted beyond holly. And now of course now the key during the show. You Dodgers cadaver. And my question to you guys is. Who was the person that got inspired to do radio. And the last point that I wanted to make is it was my absolute. Favorite thing getting out of work listening a final are one of my reports that they without a doubt. The no thank you I just have to break out Casillas who inspired you inspired me dale that's been a look over the last half of the show's panel on. As Dell I Kershaw ever Lola ever heard it was it was dale and Holley. I don't know but the minute a coach mark in my. Sonoma every day. What station WG AM it's now defunct Emma and yeah because did you ever Portland it's WT AN OWJ of that game the game to game very creative we were the game in the name of the shows the home team with mutton Keefe. Now we'd have much say in the name is an empathetic though that in about that that the camp. The words that he had them they damn. Well has evolved and. And it is all rock and roll it now. An Iraq that Eddie. Ad and it's not that. I did it is asking the question about it I didn't hear anything I remain so that is all right general guys and after him Broxton middle Burl hit rock. As we don't care if they're great. Our low low ball or shelves look at that time period that effect you know that really matter. What I want to what I want to say is that look we all day. Every day I found it fascinating news talking about. How little input you had. Indeed there are quote like that and I. That would go into the opposite look you blow out and it turned my only big now. They're picnics and how it being exotic. I on the back they'd find out if that little denote it. I also found interest that brought up that. Are being honest the Republican floor on alleged thing. I guess we and we had input into we we are always listen to act. And we we sat down we got a real kind of fired out some names of who we were at the city and there's also a lot of people that were. You know interested in this opportunity as well let me count or flushed it through. Ross who is the final count of number of people that set and that we actually had we actually had in nineteen believed that nineteen. And one day I'm gonna posts well clean a little bit all the people we have on the project atlas should get an audience on the first meeting in the folks who didn't make the cut I think that's a little unfair though it's a bit to make the cut it was a are rainstorm who we thought Danny. Barbara and I mean I can't I Bart and I gotta be honest realistically I thought we had very little chance adult ziglar yeah it was on the lid on it now because it is as president up shop Brosnan the one million enroute or there it's like for instance there was an import for what we did we get through princesses out there who must have for him and for coupled with an exhibition we wouldn't really tell you about it they keep the ones here for operatic you can make it we have had anything in local. Because it can hear us but I just Watson has Watson from the other room I look at the stats and a phone I can do that Florio now okay Eric I don't. That reminds. Us keep look in miles up in May and in miles. Great. Oh. It's. What you and it all situation because. When I hear it on the Internet but actually. From W yeah. There's saint dale. Battered. Or whatever and I don't. Well join the club miles I. That somehow the idea that that doing sports talk radio you know and he suddenly different person if you're on it and then if you're on it too. I do think in and honestly miles I do think that the idea of me leaving. On a consistent basis during the relaxing and played a factor yeah. And data lightly and like both specially as a as a two person show when it was three weeded light bright when Michael this year we could do a half hour without you were Iran was but if it's just going to be me. Enough people of her solo Keith you know not a great idea there's program pull the plug that right away so that that was I had to be a factor for sure. I think that they feel that that only an F bring a certain energy in whatever you want to call it. That that they think will be competitive within the folks across the street and as I said when we talked about this 2 o'clock. Root against teammates night in off I sincerely hope that works I sincerely hope that that they knock those guys awful there. I can tell you from experience eating easy and they got a they get their first day they'll they'll check on believe raise it the day it starts first it was nice Jerry and Kirk announced that that was the date Tom Brady other cradled on those hampered him bouncing back on and we'll have a variety of different players that's of the additional works up but it feels excellent coach what he did wrong and look reports of it. On the report Larry anti war aside yeah. Obviously Carlos he's gonna ask most of the questions of politics most likely area. The other two to speak about it as we prepare himself for the deaths there. We're deeply looks at you guys and that's something yeah you're souls you know but you can't prepare now it's there's there is no preparation for that it just happened yet younger ready for an area and I'm like oh my god. The Alaska a question asked a question quit asking about Claude Julien south quickly. The team was really good. That navy team back in the gas sixties. Well west across to a that's what you could take it there it's there because you are sold out yet started at ripped out of you before so I was that was that was overdue. Alex Cora will be on with those guys that are Lou there's an open on grilling might of people that are. And truthfully and if it keeps goal of the way it's going Salmonella drilling what are the grove public grilling can you do for a guy who's winning 70% of his games he's what actually got a pretty good clip right now that's true then there really hasn't been much. He's called himself out more perennials Koran. Yeah I mean that one mistake it'll first we've got a few more visits with and now agencies make it count it seemed this weekend that's right. I was. Now I want to make sure that our order and as a party been told. I'll be in Detroit for Friday Saturday and Sunday's games. Audits show tomorrow from Detroit Dickerson will be in here as Europe for weddings and that's wrong someone down play and a doing my vows something in all week now it's my wife's friends so so look at ordeal embargo on him he bluntly I think about Canada as we get this more than any other it'll be me and Dickerson tomorrow in an instant bison Dele oh OK boy lassie guys didn't have -- the men are correct we were told not out this year apparently whenever -- yeah. I think it is odd I think we can get coffee you just he would be there can't be in the Rome last year I was able to get my copy I just had they you know ban that negated grownups there's skid app that's one analyst at any time in there let them just. Thanks thanks Jason thanks Ross thanks for ending this saute pan out. Well I got stuff that's organized. If you're working well enough. Let's beyond and his multiple meetings and we don't know we just don't know we just had no idea so ever keep is up next winter and later ever be able mock ever keep much more public adversity. It is ever keep those August had a dog and doesn't mean we can't keep that's a few times monetary piers ship that's a good Soviet part of them are partly. It's that he's on sixth at ten. I saw the other cargo market the night's show when I read the release of this great truth immigrate here that night. But he is actually into it by the way. I'd like that homestead on the month and the scene but he's going to be in tonight reintroduce you know excited for that. So that's coming up next you have good long weekend off yes do you enjoy the other games on Detroit I'll talk to guys from my Detroit tomorrow we'll see you later bye.