Dale & Keefe -  The real reason behind Joe Kelly’s suspension being upheld; How involved is Tom Brady in the Patriots draft.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, April 26th
Hour 3: The Patriots have many options in the draft, but nothing is more compelling than where the top QBs will end up. The Browns have picks 1 and 4, Keefe thinks they will find a way to screw it up. Jack Edwards may have overstepped the boundaries calling out Lou Merloni.

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Yeah. However free sailing team Sports Radio WEEI paid very busy time of the year from a sports perspective. You've got the rose winning game seven last night all the things he just pulled them to tap yet but I am I Celtics playing game six that I Milwaukee. Red Sox playing in Toronto against the jays. And the NFL draft is tonight and we're starting to get trickling out some more details about the draft now we think based on reports. That it appears that baker mayfield is going to be selected first overall by the Cleveland Browns if multiple reports are to be. Are to be believed. Jay Glazer are bite from fox sports refer to the show says that the New York Jets. If both Josh Rosen and Sam Arnold are on the board at number three when they pick they're going with Josh Rosen. All right and sing again were other giant supposedly. Our goal let's take on Barkley right that's that's a lot of the scuttlebutt is that's why if you're the browns I would go sykora Barkley at one even. And also running back but he is unbelievable a frog go there one added a threat to teach our. This that would my dear gap and then now you take your two defensive linemen in at number one overall the last two years and then at four. You're gonna get at worst the third best quarterback in maybe even still the guy that you think it's the best. Because the giants might say oh well we didn't really wants a quarterback here anyway so maybe they either trade out or they take. The other one Barkley or Chubb. It now the jets get they get their pick of the litter at quarterback and then now you're back at four. You get whoever they don't take. So the browser organ as a screw the supplemental war. This huge drafts of the AFC east if you think about that way with the jets picking at three. Dolphins pick eleven bills picket twelve that the patriots have to connects. So three of the four teams can all draft their future quarterback in this draft do we think that things have calmed down sufficiently. Between the patriots and their all world plan planet player tied and that. In a tight end isn't necessarily one of the things they're grappling for the night. New. I think well I think both can be true I think they they kind of calm things down but they can also still be in the market for tide and I think. If you have crawled for the next couple years. Don't they always tried to pair him with somebody good to. Now whether it was Aaron Hernandez that was that worked on the field. Martellus Bennett worked on the field. Scott Taylor Dwayne Allen not really so I think wanna second tight end in plus. How much longer do they think he's gonna play. If you draft a guy the first round if you draft day eight tied at let's say in the first round. His rookie contract. Is an area of croc is not gonna make it as long as his rookie contracts. Pricey are also sort of you have your your tight end of the future as well but he can also overlap with proper couple years. You don't psychic and a quarterback where. Terrible one guy's playing huge appetite and and you can and if he's good. He can blow probably that would not that a tight end would not surprise me at all the draft. I'll be curious to see. Eight how how high they draft a quarterback you know because that'll give an indication of how long Bill Belichick thinks Tom Brady has left. If as you said they're taken a quarterback you know fourth round fifth round while. He things Brady's a player for awhile yeah right if he's moving up to take Lamar Jackson or somebody it may Mason Rudolph it did if he's taking the quarterback in the first round. He's thinking you know what we don't have a much longer left with this guy. This is the most fascinating patriots draft in a very long time probably 2012 those the year that they traded up in the end up 21 round picks though as the chairman Jonestown to high terrier. I was obviously really really good year. The other years they get here we're of these drafts nerds that you feel like every year doesn't really matter that's fine in a couple of years or two dozen fifteen if they had a million picks they took a million players. But as far as what's really at stake like actually thinking about while Brady might not have a much longer crawled might not have a much longer. Telecheck might not have that much longer. Suddenly this is a really really pivotal draft for the whole future of the franchise. 6177797937. Paulus and East Hampton hate Paul. I guess later there are those gonna. Say yes well I yeah I gotta cross body like. A pretty. Whatever part gentleman that's right. So I abnormal or more William Smith from my side yeah yeah some of that that's a good. Same thing they'll coordinate court and believe me I know I've been paying the bills that coordinate systems at three years now. The life that Tom Brady who apparently were you or influential and vocal. NG departure. How in local bank will be and then. By moving down at her very skilled quarterback that that actually think that if he is in any way involved in the our craft that Belichick there's no way to Danica a quarter of the week of work in a threat. I I truly don't believe that Tom Brady's involved in the proudly yes that's me any sane and I really don't. I now I'll say this he has to publicly on I think is in two grams probably very active and he he has expressed admiration and support for Lamar Jackson which surprised some people. He said nice things about Lamar Jackson. Now it it got some people thinking oh does he know something. Pacino the patriots like this guy I mean he talks to Josh McDaniels all the time I could see McDaniel Sanyo bone Tennessee Lamar Jackson tomorrow that sort of thing. Horry get involved in the great conspiracy that is a that agents are just that at all the people including Tom Brady for Erica I'm. Completely different. He could be over the the conspiracy that is all I don't think that that that that the weight this off season has gone I don't think bill. And commerce you know on the same page as in working up conspiracies together and download a lot of people think that Belichick gets into the skull but Korean. In a slight of hand gaelic over here. The patriots are really interest that this guy and that also need to pick some player nobody's ever heard -- thought of in terms of the patriots always wants Tom Brady at the draft in or just you know him thinking about the draft I get I don't think he has any say who they pick bought. How he reacts to them taking a quarterback this year compared to four years ago is going to be very different things yet he knows that that the end is near here right in my back I try looked as a real challenge they wanted to be wrong anymore. Where is this guy now. In I doubt I really doubt he feels that way I don't when Mark James was in your the other day his narrative with similar to the callers there. About you know this whole you know Brady was try to get tough and Jimmy route proliferated do you believe that if I don't think he tried to get in my Tony but I do you think he was happy that he's gone. I think those two different things though totally but I don't think he again if this is the guy. Who saw how many of his best receivers not signed not brought back some traded away some of his best lineman traded away and now all of a sudden he's gonna. Barge in the somebody's office and say get rid of the backup quarterback. Yeah I I don't see that as as a thing but I could definitely it's sort of as they okay. I'm definitely gonna be here I think we all body's gonna be back for this year anyway even on you know when grapples on the team. By the Brady is why little bit differently had he sees he always thinks his job is on the line which is what makes him so great. And when Jimmy ruffles and I I think I. I think I don't say that I don't know I mean I I don't the narrative is he's always you know try to make sure that he keeps his job the sixth round pick I think that's jobs fairly safe aid to we all think it is I don't think he knows it I don't know I think these are these guys out picked in the sixth round he knows the quote our president of the words he no hole is in the back of his mind. He's the best that's ever played the position and he also knows that Brian Hoyer has zero chance of taking the job. May be part of him thinks that should we drop Lewis picked so high by. It was so much younger than him and if Belichick likes him. There could be a changing though of the guard there I think he believes that through these and he knows it's not with lawyer or if they draft some kid this year. After the first two rounds but I also think again I don't you want the play five more years anymore I don't think aliens last year he said that. But so downs and Don he also said recently asked a lot as he wants the plate to Liz mid forties at hopefully we also outs commerce is time that doesn't strike me as that I played hard warriors beat. He did just that was in the immediate aftermath of a gut wrenching Super Bowl loss on short right you know as the months have gone by the way he was the garden last. Re both GAAP. It's just a craft an additional Robert Kraft and its number I saw it on Twitter today somebody had a picture of him of and in one of the suites regardless bunea rub down this week he was not only if that's there's just rub on it Guerrero was obviously there as well I didn't did I thought about that of the closeup of Tommy had been dubbed the black out on them of things like high enough depth as a Captain America does your thinking oh in big show Robert Kraft to the crowd. This that he'd be you know he good idea he was waving his towel around credits that are out you know big pop for good for Robert Kraft the crowd was also very much an atomic Heintz and as S flags that are captain I didn't sit back and I was a surprised the flag there. The Nazi tenants and as the the Bruins put out a a tweet today and they said Boston is a brotherhood. And as a picture of the Red Sox players in the suite in Toronto the other night. They had a picture of Matthew Slater as the flag banner captain and a picture Tom behind some. As the flag banner Kapanen gotten everybody pretty good are ready altogether. Pats of Walpole iPad I don't. Probably the guys let's listen that I ate it showed a jet Dirk what gets personal thank you to quickly shut up and that's. I just it's like duck well I kicked at the top of the draft I think you're not secure the browns don't Wear number one I just think. First all the giants would be stupid talk with the quarterback but they might now have what it. Think they are the sounds like there I mean they could bigger surprise everybody but it sounds like they're leaning towards Barkley. It's just seems pretty I mean when he got to be Babcock didn't take your particular superstar quarterback it's a course for your spring. And as you have this quarterback you might be back up there it's easy path that's that I would put that right now. But immediately I take it quarterback I want number one. And then you have Clinton chuck sitting there at number four because you know. That the jets traded after quarterback so quarterbacks don't act three virtual war. So you're guarantee you don't Brett each other or if the giants are our second goal or reach. And by the way to Bradley ticket hysterical because you don't support that leads that GM has no in the Quebec they want to draft or like. Two months and he told the owner a month ago and political guru who go around quickly as we communication New England just. You don't send some real street communications yeah I would that went for. They're all the same page in Cleveland and as a as a sure we expect them to be better screwed up regardless of what it is you're right whether they culled data field job and this year may do it right well the browns a user and around good a quarterback I am and we view it feels like they'll screw this is just a shame for whatever it is because whoever the quarterback and I don't sounds like baker mayfield. If he went to another team when he's got to give her in the first quarterback six feet. To be drafted in the first round since Michael Vick. On number one overall in the half as thick as men's doubles first of god I am sorry to burst over first overall in Vernon once it's Michael Vick at that height and that was the whom had some issues but yeah did I which I still not forgiven him for but on the field he was using could play your dog guy I am a dog guy. Got a dog he also as a dog guy different kind of totally different monster from time. 6177797937. What's final drive today new member. Sports Radio wars always there. There's a lot all in all yet of Thai and then French are just without a built in all I hear about it here it's are bad now if you wanted to take to the rest of the show but. That the friends that's a thing it's got all people hot and bothered particularly on the fan. And princesses rival there's a lot going on nice yet skip that's coming up on our final drive about 545 of their about Sports Radio WB EI. He is you need to go to every single game to understand hockey guys. This is it sick you are the play by play guy for the TV broadcast. So we can't get a sense of what is going on from the game from watching you listening to do. What are we doing why would anybody watch and TV then that's not that you watch and TV are the highlights. You've got to go to you read you gotta get in the locker smell it smell the equipment to know what's going on there. That is asked and then that's an insult all of your viewers. That. Is it embarrassing my jacket. Cranked up yesterday. How does it set it started off I heard it while I was on an all round I get to the garden. I IE was annoyed by the entire thing that was from yesterday could have one other note moment for you. I know Lou and I respect him for having had baited into Major League dugout where he's done most of his playing career. This drives me nuts to be a little warmer glories Major League Baseball career or Scott so lax NFL career. It drives me nuts you sound like a moron. Loney played for the Red Sox according to hold off Randy Johnson Hewitt in the majors. CM with young now that drives me nuts Arnold's time for it from my callers I'm surprised that like Jack would go to the I I think I think that was one of those that jackets and as he sat at one hole that was achievement I wouldn't take yes. It's just unnecessarily and make. Maybe you're trying to be funny but it doesn't come off that way it comes across as your year belittling him. And then whats weird is this overall point again is from an interview that Jack hammers it in Toronto same show that Lou Maloney did. Up in Toronto they have long AC DC and froze they might they probably I don't know very catchy. But he was basically trying to belittle Lou. For saying people including himself are concerned about Tuukka all the color that the the talk show host in Toronto had said you know one of the concerns. For Bruins fans and luckily Google was right which was correctly looters or are today hears it all that's the concern for hockey fans in Boston by the way it was the conserved for hockey and yesterday. It's the same concern today no games ever be worth today while not a bad loss but it is pretty bad still today even after game seven win. But it's weird zinni gets in this whole thing about and you really know what's going on with with a hockey like how can you say this about Lanka. You know your record a professional athlete the balloon wasn't professional athletes about your ripping him in making fun of his career. Yet little is saying people are worried about Tuukka and that's out of bounds now. And that also dries and that's what the you're not their guy because in any point this out before baseball writers used to be. The worse they were the you're not there you're not there I'll logic come in the clubhouse and out hours every day that well okay did we see this we saw the same game do we not. Sometimes I'm actually more focused watching it on TV that when a matter read sometimes it may I got more distracted and bomb in the press box or four are even if it in the stands. The bottom watching on TV. But that is that a little bit less you are I think seeing it again a little bit in in hockey it's the fans and some of the media members that that's their number one sport not you dale. But. You guys don't wanna talk about hockey and then when we do it that way out it's a little when what he wants to do. Ignored or. I don't get it or go to every single game apparently I do think that there is some frustration. Not just jacked by the way but other people who cover the team. Let's say Zdeno Chara okay and now I talked to Billy champion Barry Petersen about Zdeno Chara and they say my god he's a monster. He's having a great year this year. And I'll talk to callers who tell me sexy slow we can't play anymore get him out of here. And there's a certain frustration that you know OK how can I have a conversation. With you are after that but I think -- would make. You know Billy Jaffe for example really good that it is he. He wouldn't dismiss the collar and right you don't know hockey he would say here's why Chara down here's here's why I think you're wrong guy in the anything that will once again a couple of examples of why you think he's been bad and usually those people had to say he sucks get them off the team aren't gonna I don't know why don't they don't and an anti or they they have won and it did they they confused with a different person. Where's a good ills of the sport will say well actually. Here's why it's played well so Jack your words point the other night was that Tuukka you shouldn't be concerned about Tuukka I would love to know why. Don't tell me I don't know anything about it example worried about Tuukka Rask. Tell me you know here's what he's stunning game sevens actually he can't use that because that would have backfired on you tell me what he's done in some other big games against her tell me what he's on or why. He is one of the strengths of the team explain to me. Is the only person dismissed in the conversation altogether was when you've actually done that for people when you've pointed out. That his playoff. Goals against save percentage numbers are better get regular season right so battles finally got netstat right when that when the when the lights are the brightest. He again I know there are examples of him missing games but the fact that his numbers improve in the playoffs should be one thing. That you look at and you can say RE. The guy's not you we I think you focus so much on the bad outings you know or the other the Philadelphia comeback or game six against Chicago or some of these other moments is what we look at. Unfortunately for him. I think this Toronto series brought maybe a couple more examples when he got yanked out of a game and you read this that hasn't happened for the Bruins in the playoffs in 95. And out to grass is the new answered that trivia question. And then last night they win the but people certainly weren't thrilled with a profound either goaltender was Cutler they were ball bat available France just had more offense. Than Toronto Madden and that was the difference in the game. I I do where Jack was wrong dead wrong. Was taking a shot at Lou Maloney because you know he spent much of his Major League career in the dugout as a as a friend of mine once had a long long time ago. I wish I had the talent of the least talented player in the history of the Majorly exact. Because none of us know and so it most of us talking or listening feel the same way and and so it's take a shot at bat that he wasn't like the all star I think is. Is down another example though is southern port it was in the locker room months ago prize ride you know yes we play yes guarantee you're accurately on the rise that American but if you grow the game why would you wanna open them on projects in order as soon as possible people but I also think where is wrong is. Let you can't talk about the game if you don't go to the game I don't understand that that doesn't make a lot of sense and that he also had the audacity to say that. All of the Boston Sports Radio host none of them go to the games while we can pick one I know of one in fact what we're talking about it that back I was on his I was in the hours sitting in traffic trying to get to the Gartner but by house I don't know how he doesn't so he knows that everybody does sleep and then there's retired he knows that late nobody else goes I mean I know I know for a fact Lugo is on the he doesn't sit on the ninth floor. Jack wouldn't see him. Right because he sits you know in seats he's there you know as a fan with a son and I know Lou goes to a number of games he talked about saw that so that's that's bizarre is that do what ends up shutting down the conversation more than. Just the the person's take on hockey that you don't happen to agree. Because this is the same thing out of it really matter about this with the Al Horford stuff and how Draper brought the same stuff. We became the first and most of us if you know basketball Al Horford great. If you know nothing don't watch the games that you questioned or for that that's those so then there was no more dialogue after he actually takes an even one step further. Like it if you know basketball you know he's great yet you don't get on a basketball you just don't understand it's so silly that those are frustrated today and that is when the I feel like either in in Jack's case it's to grouse or Draper case and others not just Draper of where the overall media there's another on. When they defend Horford. I feel like maybe they don't have great arguments and then so they shut it down by just saying you don't know dispute understand what you well it. Hit me on at that also dumb with a over the all the stuff why you explain to me. Why those guys are so much better than them we say there are guys stacked. See he just plays. I could average play. Amount views that and act now I don't know what the thing. That was sort of the point I thought that that is one of the keys to the game my eyes set on Milwaukee radio today Horford. Did you did ask you Genco leader yet it's not dropping again I could argue that. But I he did ask me. It's questions of today at the use run out of gas of me today he was basically saying anything else as your life. What's your dog's name what is. Going to be the key forehead of the Boston side of things here is it today isn't getting rouge your back on tracking keeping him in and shooting the basketball well as a Morrison's size and Al Horford. Who's your pretty solid series what is it going to be. I billion take my keys. And what he's gonna be is it Rosie airs at Morrison's at a port. Only thing that we give them keys and so Courtney Cox's corporate Courtney Cox on my best and stole I'm sure she's doing it and a very appreciative way Cox is keys are excellent here's the question I perhaps he calls them. That's mount Chicago it's the Clinton and I happen for the good folks of Milwaukee and yes. They love having me on the hell else out why they just keep all back to say well. Guy who answers the fall I IB yacht why do bad a good report now there producers text means that they we come on same time on that short we'll see from Texas don't sound good but I found it and HD quality today. And that your blood then. Holding my phone format for a particular problem it why. Okay viewed book that first appearance. And now it's like he added I think that I think you're eligible for health benefit I should act and asked I bet on three times and he said while they have the box and extend the series will we'll talk view yet of light on the I have worked up about it. But he has yet he's got a question still here that it has the best part of it is on their website it's labeled the starting yet on your cell he even talked about you presumably he was grasping for straws that one point New Zealand what. Any other things are looking at the game. I. He didn't drop out there and drop bait talk to me about about you guys well well what else to go what else is looking out for the game or the series. I am a noted that all. Odd. Well the Asian games of the box important stuff going on here don't generally care. Yes about podcast. You know what he hasn't yet and that's frustrating. Arie and sales in the minority or else there's nothing else he can ask about is there at his showdown he showed Athens to Paris and here's old phone. Yeah actually brought a couple of earned a spot aid this year the portable one thing if they duke it out now are great I was old phone I was like last weeks than him out for herself. That. Does this say yeah did the boards make a difference a little better not a huge. Is that a lot of the very first one. He's he's. First I'm a deal has or it was very very arm and a hard earned our own box and I I. Murrow I don't have an event got my phone won that thing around. Who's imported rice for like a few minute yet its value of these snow Angel in the possible to go out and does not mean less than those of. What I did last night and they look good at it that. I'll go all 4000 close. That's now give me a forgot about the Bruins as a matter bill sounds good though. Also look what. It sounds really good and about federal sharp you've got to carry that interview I'm on building and now today you were carried I did today well at that Eddie Goodell. Yeah. Let's tell the person next time you know unity wars this week. You replied yes I do apologize marvelous that the big you don't (%expletive) than. We should've started asking him questions I thought about that I really did I was gonna ask him about Bledsoe and some other things having maybe next time because there will be the next time. You don't go on the show that many Townsend in the week. The co host of this guy. It's got Milwaukee data to in the open yet. Either that plea and I've not listened. And and that they've done and now. I don't see why not just the fine but today there would albums that have AC DC. I would make a bomb did. What was the suns acquired for some reason they picked the drivers around line well. God. It felt like I played or that's on what you guys convince me. The putting numbers and noticed some of the as a really good friend I felt really well that would lead fragment of the verified. But the out of argument blogger lost that money over a at the end of the world it wasn't another classic rock sound but it was not easy DC it's certainly wasn't out of it narrows it down to accept. Thanks Keith Fink 70s80s. That the eighties. Not hair band with some. I don't worry about it Motley crew I mean daily pinpointed that moniker of. 177797937. This telephone number. Tex signed a 37 ID 37 I should have told you earlier. We've got Red Sox tickets that will be giving away at the bottom of the next hour should have mentioned it earlier and I apologize. As we get back to the calls one quick note about the draft tonight and I've always joked about you know the. These steps. The measures that Roger Goodell takes. Ted insulate himself from what will be the inevitable fan reaction when he steps to the podium tonight special areas tonight he's in Dallas yeah I think they feel about Eric AT&T stadium I think they hate Roger Goodell and Dallas digs Jerry's gonna bother to Eric and avert a warm welcome it because so you know when he comes out in the states tonight. He's going to be accompanied by Roger Staubach Troy Aikman and Jason Witten. Part of that group while he's out exactly why he's doing and three zone but as soon as he searched the speech you can separate from the rest of those guys and you can go pro football talk dot com is calling the human blue shields and if there's good out Ehrlich a little girl for charity carrier's gonna go with a quick she has done in the past he has allowed that the past he would you know those guys can't be out there the entire time doesn't he announce everyone the first from Tex. Doesn't go up there I hit my dad started a little Tommy Trott and other people out there are other Shia one shield after the next. So now here's an idea here here's Roger Staubach here's Troy Aikman here's Jason Witten. Anything saving now don't ya just don't buy yourself for a second rule to have Roger Staubach said if they bowl and I guess were all in trouble. It's not your fault Rodgers thought I thought maybe poem had nothing to do with yields just know that they still appreciate what you guys have dug and helping with one other thing to our help me out because I got to understand this. So you reported earlier on your very fine trending now now thank you that Joseph Kelly six game suspension for his old role in the Red Sox yankees ball was up L. Sorry Joseph was sticking with the six games so Tyler Austin appealed his suspension. And his suspension was reduced from five games to four. Obama. Knows he's the one charge strike he charged. Now upon showed at a stage Joseph did say let's go or come on or whatever wise but did but at that point and I had wheels and but how across the Muslim charge so yeah I don't understand how in this case he gets that suspect why do. Well I two words yeah you're probably jolt and Torrey which is signals coming. Chizik always thought that lashing at Detroit that huge bench bench clearing brawl there's at all on the punches Gary Sanchez of the cheap shots. Number till the tosses they throw somebody's head that there at all kinds of stuff going on. In all those yankees get off pretty easy. But yet it's at this for sure Adobe LA and I just assumed he got the six game suspension. I assumed he was gonna appeal while knocking game off knocking down six seems like a lot I just thought okay well liked there again out of five so they give Tyler Austin last one last thing given five. Now a part of it. Because Joseph Kelly wouldn't pitch in six straight games anyway and is now at Tyler Austin the erratically would play in all five games maybe that they knock it down by game. They should knock them both down. By game that's what I thought they do there's Joseph Torre. There rather Red Sox are doing really well right now and take away. It just on the Alex general yeah return turn around as well 6177797937. Chris down on the cape pay Chris. They can't. You prosecute our martek Edward and my two cents income got a bad enough that he called load. No doubt dog and I don't I don't think you bat well preserved those though you're right I get it right yup it's. So I interpreted that threat directly and a bunch of spoiled children okay I'm at bat not. Mean you need I say he said an embarrassment of rich he does it's folks out of those out there. That you know. Let me use the lyrics from a great Tucson. In records are just that now. That's that's your biggest issue is the president quoted a little look at a current pattern on it that's where he's that. Again all I think about check yet kind of statement being neat it's still a little bit. Well I don't think now curtain from wrong bill does that though. All nationally televised games and Aaron the pre and post view we we do an hour pregame and and our post game but. From this point on all of the big gains national on the national debt that you're sick of Chris Young to hear until next ultimately our pre and post game without some bullet. I'm. We have our whole crew was just we that they are handled now. And we also able together known on that's a lot at the line usually four races. I don't think we have more than four headset mics to be honest yeah. They are really critics aren't you cannot go there currently we only have four at a time that this is it that the NFL countdown they have 58 guy to hang an out of work horse yet and you know where Jack where Jake Tapper introduces eight people also on the state of and why it's time again and again on nine but. He'll be there that is part of a part of it and and brick in Alex and Arie and Billy and the whole crew. Will all be on the good. I didn't know about the whose songs and been in and did he say what who argue. I don't know that whose side know ideally says it's not entirely sure and Royce that the leaves. Fall that was last line GAAP her. Thought it was kind of a catchy way to digit rally that value and wrap that up I don't know we'll have done all right and all the things are they are those spur of the vote yes or no except for grandy. There's just for the eggs forever I don't know as Jack was through that whole thing about Montreal years ago you're now those are the moment that wasn't so much that you. But that line last night was spur of the moment. You will low key was spur of the moment and got back I believe. That I had never said it before and haven't used it sad that for sure believe. The leaves fall off in Springfield. Like now now. There's a couple of at a dollar a broad way. Over and over the the there's a couple of scenes in the building last night as we did in our post game so we that we were there yeah. And at one point there was like three leaf fans. Lowly leaf fans it's like an hour after the game ended and it just sitting in their seats the three of them. And Berry said. If it should go to album and a complaint I hear at this event a sit there shop man. And then on on Twitter today as some video there's like six Lee stands at. And they just sit there all by themselves games over and then these two Bruins fans Emma. One of them has a Mac voyagers. Yeah and and he just he's just responding congratulations hey nice game of Syria and a serious serious like if players on the case yeah. And of all the fans are what is well the analysts smiling plug and friendly about it I mean to be honest it could have a program it could've been in Everett now. You think the guy that was swimming around in the big puddle outside the garden unit in the mood for an update that's a month and so I did read after the game in the hallway downstairs scheme neatly. And Brendan Shanahan should cancel the post game handshake EC on the ice house and they definitely takes a while yeah ice as well within those guns. Recognize an offense that. Doll on the I think it's over rate I like I don't ever likes -- it's minor question Christian talking about it today he likes that Clinton brought up the point where those guys that they gave their laptop in the past but Clinton brought a good point you couldn't even envision. At the end of a Super Bowl having the two teams lined up a cultural colts with a handshake line. But hockey it's been tradition forever in the end of every playoff series even a Stanley Cup final radio. I like me Lou to its approach one here I'm going to Q how. That's what you they modified but just be prepared or something like that and you know here I'm getting all of a other guys threatening us it's got ours both the ads out of feels safe anymore. As the series is over Milan is that notes is this safe workplace. He did that music it was only one guy one guy citizens killed has there ever handshake line in the history of the unit so that was the best moment. Was whistled the play by play the Washington Capitals in the years. Is Ferraro calls and their she'd get prepared this terrorize and really bad. That's worse than the leaves fall off the stage now you feel better about I think I would have gone there are there's been hog down. You're the only person on the planet who befuddled him for all over Wikipedia I yet never talked our dictionary Wikipedia no I don't know Toronto it's called I don't ever heard this at a lot of swine in the early days of the city. And those held on town. They're they're known fourth there's the hell out of it to break the they'll that's what they're called the excellent. 6177797937. Times on the cell phone it's on. You guys Gloria what's gonna. I just wanted to offer for whatever it's worth an opinion that changing the name of yawkey way taking Tom yawkey name up there. Is a travesty it's just a lack of justice. It's nothing more than a branding initiative by this ownership group. These guys by any definition have been great owners better than yawkey they've won more. They're more consistent they've done a lot in the community god bless them they've won three World Series. But evidently that's not enough for them they have to race the hockey game and I think that's I think that's horrible. Can I can and cannot be a Smart Aleck when I asked this question. The the care. That they care at that they change the name back to what was by the way before they put young he's name on it it was Jersey street before that does it matter who you. Law if you're if it didn't matter wouldn't be calling sure it matters a lot I'll let you YOK if it's just that it is just the name change though it maintained doesn't bother me who cares. Like it's that it could change because Tom yawkey was allegedly racist. Tom yawkey allegedly was a bad guy and Tom yawkey allegedly didn't do enough to deserve to have their name. On the street and that's what bothers me because it it's really a false impression of the guy. And if it's not right I mean look at the Red Sox. Didn't get a black player for twelve years after Jackie Robinson there's no question about it and by the way after the Bruins had a black play night the other two got could point. And after the ought to break attempt petrol many years for. Armed Ahmad denying do you failures that Tonya Iraqis ownership I'm not denying that at all. What I am doing those recognizing that he turned it around. That they finally got wise and he didn't stand in the way of integrating the team. They had six black members of the 1967. Pennant wonders gee what a shock they won. And 75 they had numerous key black players star players and they won T what are shocked so I'm not saying that yucky made no mistakes he's responsible. What about all the good he did does his development that's an owner and a human being mean nothing I don't get an and that people who claim. Bet he shouted a racial racist word of the Edward at Jackie Robert Stroud in 1940. Why wasn't he wasn't yeah town Roberts. Big part of yawkey wasn't even around when that there's major evidence exactly that he wasn't even bear and there's further evidence that nobody shouted that word because Jackie Robinson. Two other black players who tried out and the great black civil rights leader and sports writer Wendell Smith they were all there. And every one of them criticized jockey and the Red Sox and general manager or at the time whose field manager Joseph Cronin they criticize them all for not signing black players. None of them ever said. That the N word or any other racist Serwer shouted that date. In Europe you know anyway and in your opinion when we're in in your opinion when the city of Boston. Put on yawkey name on the street while doc no not Tom hockey but when they put yucky name on the street changing it from Jersey yawkey. Did you think that was appropriate. Absolutely no question about it at the time. Why yeah well and personal there wouldn't be a Red Sox seen in Boston without ya know I don't believe that we would I don't believe that well. Well if you wanna hear my reasoning I mean I don't I don't wanna turn this and one an hourlong thing here that the interview I. OK okay what. It's very possible the Red Sox could move in the Braves would've stayed but it didn't happen that the fact is. That it was you talking to preserve who rescued franchise in 1933. It's yawkey who preserved the franchise and preserve Fenway Park. Who even though he wanted a new ballpark in could've pulled up stakes and let any time. Was was not gonna do that now it's also we jockey who failed to win who wasn't just progressive as he should've been who was eight detached. Removed owner he was like most other public officials and officials of the Boston Globe and hospitals and education all integrated solutions at the time. Did not have blacks in their organization jockey was no better no worse than the rest of but he also preserved certainly reserve the Red Sox say that ink and and he had to adjust his estate. Candidate John Henry a turnkey operation virtually Garin creek guaranteed to draw between two would have been three million fans eat at a bad year I don't hear John Henry saying he's haunted by that legacy. Would've been nice to beat like one once in awhile to look I you've you've you've given it an impassioned defense and and we tried to give you decide to do it. I gotta be honest with you this just doesn't faze me at Pitt I don't really care either I don't much care a bit but I do think that the Red Sox did this in the I think they were hoping to get all kinds of pats on the back and let the chilly this is so grave in this is awesome. And there's actually been a lot of push back against it you know like the last caller sailor what do you do it did you really think this out all the way and this is something that you really wanted to do for a long time. Why is it happening in 2018. Henry said the team now close to twenty years and this is something that they're doing now are based Y and then what's the trickle down effect of this. You know what what's the hockey game was the hockey foundation how's that all gonna play out. And I don't know if the Red Sox that's really thought about all that or they're just to re reacting to some of the public pressure on. You know Sam Kennedy was on with a one out today. And he sounded like a college basketball coach that got caught doing something wrong that our future or I'd run it did in the past for the future if I come across great. And so I think they're surprised native by the backlash of this date opposite going to be you know unanimously. Look no loved as a as a great decision but no there's been there's been pushed back. 6177797937. Its telephone number we've got some sports talk radio war stuff coming up. On our final drive daily key Sports Radio W media.