Dale & Keefe - Red Sox Manager Alex Cora Interview;David Price makes another dumb comment.

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, June 20th
Hour 1: Dale, Keefe, and Tomase discuss Keefe’s interest in the upcoming ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue, Jackie Bradley Jr.’s season long struggles, the frustrating lack of run support for Chris Sale, and David Price’s attitude. Also in this hour Red Sox manager Alex Cora joins the show for his weekly interview.

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Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yesterday is that. He can't wait to see sake one Barkley naked pictures. And he's really curious about whether or not Dallas cycle as hairy man. I'm pretty certain he is we'll find out soon enough it's Barkley. Looks incredible and shorts and a T shirts of illegally and Matt know they they leaked picture yesterday. I said it's like at twelve I Dallara I wanted to wait it's beautiful spread and wanted to see wanted to see that's the phrase I'd use our I'm gonna look at audited the prison movies it's a bit the reports of the guys he's he's very well built. In reasons inspiring everybody's gonna see him as a man and at the man is right. Are strong strapping man I know. That's the issue like this guy. Sadly it's. Athletes that your happy came in today not to mossy yeah I don't really have much to say on top you're not Nazis sic on Barkley in the body issue now and talent to Charlotte player. Now I mean Cristiano Ronaldo may be yes. Or discussing are not edible art and down until it only scored four in the tournament he has all four he's pretty good. Although you don't need the body issue for him because they always it's gonna pictures like him like his girlfriends on the boats. And these European guys the only evil thing about them all they Wear the smallest bits it's if you even call them I don't know what it is is open in a hammock he's out there where that smuggler and like OK I'm so you definitely need to be in the bond issue or seen it. Argued pretty much all you need to imagine anyway. I'm I'm so wondering about this and Tomas sees the exact guy to ask this question out as we begin program and outscored its gonna join a few minutes of the bottom of the hour. As he does each and every week. Why is it Red Sox fans pick a guy. They've got to get Rihanna and cannot tell you right now the guide this wrecked this moment for Red Sox fans is Jackie Bradley junior. When there are much worse candidates. For guys were not providing anything to this team than him and yet he's the guy that fans get it that. Out of there. Yeah I'm trying to think back like Mark Bell horn was definitely all yeah I heard a bell and I played so well and it refuge units in the world as there is hated him you know Lugo. Who knows though I think on day 10 yeah from the minute they signed him probably also kind of stinks doesn't it. You say offensively does the big part of again that's a huge but but I mean like second base has been a black hole. Yeah note that that's your fertilizer and a black call. Bradley. Evans relic tweeted this stuff out last night. He does the 2018 American League team position performance using winds above average using war war for instance. All pitchers the Red Sox are number one. In war and pitcher and or point four. All right starting pitchers their second Cleveland at six point oh relief pitchers Red Sox are sure isn't isn't the number one you know aren't that I don't lose that out of resentment starter on starters you their third. Oca anyway. Along you know just as a for instance right field the Red Sox are number one in the American League in war yet should be three point one and that's probably not too hard to figure out. Center field I'll say Satterfield from the left field a third. In the air that's kind of a combination of when Judy Martinez is out there but also on salaam most elite and it and that's a thousand and I guess between them pray first base they're third in the American only. First base really down. Back in the good old days of baseball and first base you have late Frank Thomas is an all star this year there's like 91 baseman are awesome yeah and out of sight on 39 homers they alternate every single wobbled and and dated guys would make it but now it's there's nobody catches the Red Sox are fourteen out of fifteen teams in the American sounds as if it doesn't it. And and it just barely ahead of Minnesota. Who is dead last at fifteen yeah. Second base the Red Sox are fourteen out of fifteen teams in the American Leann sounds and brutal area. Third base the Red Sox are dead last. Fifteen out of fifteen in war. Satterfield. Team BJ for the most part. Their seventh. Exactly yes seven act as the Atlanta so good is that and that's the thing people keeps any right out of the lineup. He does bring something to the table here. He brings a remarkable blob and pretty good arm by the way if you wanna watch it last night. Glove let him down a little bit right or that that that's fun sorry arm is so unbelievable odds he's got an arm and a half but but that's frustrating when you have a guy in there and the Griese stays in the lineup is because of his defense in any count what's it down my point here is the Red Sox are much worse at three other positions if you look at war. Catcher second base and third base have all been disastrous I heard little midday showed little while ago talking about this. He disagrees with putting the Red Sox dad last. At third. And he thinks devers has been a little better than that. I don't think anybody would would complain about second base and catcher you wonder you know is the Droid and come back and help salvage second base. Catcher you are we too far. And your pitching staff has great man touches are being part. The access this I'd be nitpicking a little bit of of the stacks think overall. I did what the point is on Bradley but again that's Satterfield is he brings more to the table then Red Sox fans give him credit for everybody says some Red Sox fans. Who aren't quite as knowledgeable as others say. It's not a but Bennett or Italy's yet right but put that out Joaquin says that if Tehran say that's the only I don't know it. If he's good defensively fine OK but if you if you have a better replacement and right now they don't like it not just they Satterfield replacement because it could either be. Spent ten year bets more likely Bennett attendee. Who by the way it's played 22 games and senator and that's displayed a handful games and senator so does that sway the numbers a little bit but if so that's it help. That's a very that would help the senate you'll numbers of those just Bradley. Maybe they'd be a little bit lower but they don't have the guys were trying to figure out OK if you have an outfield of Martinez bent handy in bats and Bradley is out. Now one now you have devers org Nunez at third or at DH any of halt every day at second. But you don't hat is one thing if Pedroia was playing and hole was was swinging a hot bat. Then maybe you do have a better lineup out there but you get worse defensively obviously. But I don't even know how much of an upgrade you are offensively so doubt Nunez gets more bats than Bradley a OK at the candidate that that's that's a slight advantage but I don't know if that's enough it's not enough set as that that. Step back you take defensively it doesn't offset back right now but to answer your question of why there is a guy every year and he's the guy this year and I think the reason is it's 66 years of this you know he had the one great half you may be all star team. But he's been in the big leagues parts of six years. He's hit below 203. Of them if you're counting this year and I know you know the first it was only 37 games but. 2014 you've won 98 for the entire the other point with him too is. The first all you a lot of guys playing well so a lot of guys are gonna blow avoid criticism because you know McKee that's to be the MVP year Judy Martinez to begin VP sales on the badly give a lot of guys playing really well. Rather is also 28. So it's one thing with devers series they're you'd like to see them you know below the more consistent date just 121. You get your weight that one out was he should not made on everybody would but you should yield a more patient with him. With Bradley's 28 he's eight to 33 career hitter he said 182 this year. Is that Ari. Is this just is this what this guy is he's good for hot month every once in awhile. That's what that's why it and baseball you're you're gonna get on these guys you see him play every single night you're you're you're gonna get on a little bit and he seems to be the one. Getting aid they have other candidates finally are who. Well and sank the catching positions second base position the third base position a case of they have other guys who were bringing less to the table and he's bringing to the tape but I think it's it's the name value for smaller rate knows who he is he's been here long enough he was there one time all star you know it's kind of float he had a hot month the first half the season made an all our. But that's true so I don't think people are gonna sick headache I've ever seen milling around they Geiger to Christian Vasquez sure it like a great catcher but that's not a good catchers in all of baseball. If your complain about devers. And it's just not patient at all. And editor complain about the second baseman that's fine but don't we know that the real second baseman has come on back next month maybe hopeful hoping it yeah I don't know for sure but. But that's the whole plate. The guy play second base right now we're in the lot of play at second base your hoping to come playoff time comes second half of the season it is not he's an attention back is not as they make where's Bradley. A must make a real roster move. He is your center fielder now through the rest of the year. The other thing is he's one guy that you can point to every single day second base might have holds a different ideas or Phil's catcher is a platoon third faces of the little different but. You give devers more slack because of the age and because we've already seen. But intend he struggled and become really good at twelve bags struggle and that become really good endeavors is providing power so at least you can point to something offensively. Jackie Bradley has been there Saturday every point every day four of the last 45 years I think that it's an accumulation. I also and I don't hesitate you know to take them. The comments of a player in the aftermath of a tough loss too much you know and input too much stock in that. Yeah but you certainly get the sense that Chris sales a little frustrated right now. Said some things post game last night by the way Justin Verlander had as frustrating a night is Chris Sale ad every struck out a whole bunch of guys and walked one and they lose to one and it's gonna happen I understand that it's why we don't look at win loss records for pitchers because it's so appreciate you don't Null. But to get the sense that Chris Sale feels like they're they're sort of wasting away a pretty good season he's put together yeah I mean the Red Sox are thirteen and one. Any route stats one and caddy Nate when sale starts until like 86 say yes something something along those lines admitted that mania. If you guys get sixteen starts that idea and it's not eat and so it's. -- let's in this current. Never easy Yo-Yo who runs and he gets a no decision yet and yet the start against the White Sox where he allowed one run over eight. Actually took the loss at that game so it's been an issue every year there's always a pitcher. That just doesn't get run support it feels like there's always one guy that ends up you know be on the wrong end of it you the ERA is 274. Yet the record but they'll says we don't really look at certain pitchers records but he's made sixteen starts and he himself only has six wins and a team has eight and that's just. You don't know it's one of those things where you know when the aces on the mound even though you might not be. Outwardly thinking it or or talking about it but he just feel like they really need to get a couple runs tonight. But I think that happens because we've seen ace pitchers before gold three year which is no run support I don't know ovitz is it's random I mean there's enough games where. Maybe if they get a this is not a night where we need to pile on the runs we don't need six rounds to win and we need for and then you adopt it and do. My guess is if the if the beat guys walk up and talk to sail today. Sent totally different than you did post game last night and he's an emotional guy anyway he hates losing he's competitive. So as I said I I always kind of right off the things that he says in the aftermath of an emotional loss. But at the same time and thank him and the waste some pretty good outings here yeah absolutely I mean this this it seems this happens is somebody every year and it's his turn this year but. Even last night. They give you one nothing lead and you give it right back and that sounds harsh but don't but it's very that would themselves sure he's thinking that exactly it's like if you know that your margin for error is that slim. And correct me if I'm wrong that inning was out walk and then hit it by pitched. So you have you admire our squared to bunt which was unfortunate and he just squared right into the path of the ball. So that put a guy on and probably in that they were trying to get up and out right there. And you know the two runners on even still you have a chance to get out of that and you don't so I'm sure there's a part of him that's and I need to be. And he will. You know he he'll have another night where a lot during give up five and they'll win 75. It it is that the a lot of the starting pitcher. Now interestingly enough and and unfortunately there's no audio of this and Andy kind of put in some old. Chris price audio but in data surprised by David Price about fort night not quite right Chris Chrysler that we about the Los body of that rubbed emotions that lotions. Whatever I'm not nationality and our values you know I don't so that that question here is. Easy and I never notice. Is serious is joke in this. He's trying to joke I tell me this is an attempt at a joke I am definitely here but it's terrible nobody's laughing like does he thing is why do his teammates think it's funny I always wonder that when he did the rain before but I was the softest guy in the clubhouse was that for. A who enjoyed that somebody laugh about it hey you showed you show the media the fans there David out hilarious and solves. It's called a campus you know my hands I haven't no but that afternoon as part of this talk about that. This. So he's joking about backing out of the Yankees are when he did it. Someone once starting X he started and then had to leave don't when he dismissed altogether and then he's he's trying to be sarcastic about it but that's the reality. You didn't you pitched one inning it's the Yankees this year. And then he's doing this thing last night. About how he's not an all star so I guess Arnold 32 million dollars a year gets you anymore apparently not an all star in the American League is not an austerity is all right Adrian Utley also right that he's soft he's right up all these things but he's trying to be funny about it. He's saying yeah I know about an all star voted he doesn't think he saw. Eat that he gets a yes no no I'm saying he's not. This isn't some self enlightenment on his part of it usually yeah. Spears. This is ourselves and soft yellow. Out of your charted joke over every doing the double negative word or worker would there. But it's a mess and he can't let it go he can't Politico what was the last time a beat reporter or a team may member of the media mentioned for night with him and he has to bring it up he's our only nominally fort nights I don't know what will you got carpal tunnel. We believe because of fort night and they are joking around you're gonna do that rather the pitching in the all star game. I think it's at any voter from Matt Barnes for Dell's third a happening he's got a history in this little out of sweater with a hole. Well I guess I can't win a playoff game battle but he can't nobody was talking about but he threw it out that he got the worst poker player in the war crap because. Is tells us so obvious people think I'm soft I'm gonna talk about on soc is I'm not sock. And it's not in my head and costs opt out and I'll think about being sock is usually like self deprecating as in you hear that any kind of laughed about it that's that's the good guys that that's fun is that it would hit it comes across terribly. Any he can't. Help himself and all he's gonna continue to bring these things out by house softy is because he knows people said that about them how people of and blamed for night I was the biggest. Red Sox talker for a whole week without did vote anyway yes by the way the partial card carpal tunnel thing seems to have disappeared hasn't. Active you also things stop playing in the clubhouse have been there that maybe the reality bad but he's not playing anywhere else right announcer apply all the times of the campus and try to yodeling navy boat you're joking about not being an all star when you're the highest paid guy in franchise history. And here in the early years this is your three. Of a terrible seven year deal if you're joking about higher and our all star. Was here to win the Cy Young every single year to you to be an all star. That's all it's awful and I know is not a good Ron that shows you how about the start was where his Ron the last seven starts have been very good you'll you'll tip your cap to them they're David that's a great job the last seven starts. Has the RA still worse than the sales and in half. Half the rotation most of the rotation and correctly from Ron he's the highest paid pitcher in baseball history. Are they are totally got its all out yet because I think. What's it called vin and the with the Dodgers 215 curse. Are you out of fifteen so I don't think there's anyone higher sear the highest paid pitcher in the history of bare naked you all star. While Lar re hope for America. Honestly though if you're hoping the same thing pitched really well and opt out and yes sale Rodriguez or Salo. Obviously Steve and write that's on restarts all of the better you are in the price. He's joking about point 49 again the Politico just keep pitching while. Keep pressure while you're gonna win the fans back you keep pitching well you're gonna do that but only some could think every time people talk to you. I don't know how you can reform. There's always a little answered sort of malevolent stoop to his joking. Yeah that the fort night the soft stuff yeah always like new and wants to challenge me who wants it sounds radio like on the soft Mike bass that's because and and it is getting more more ammo because he's put together a good string of starts yet because up tonight gets shelled he's pocketed huge Obama afford it. Yet and let's not forget when the X thing happened last year he was on a good run you know just maybe it's best start of the season are you saying this is a a predictor of behavior yet to come. Well out he gets on a role in the next thing you know seems like it without you tell us that anything like halo and all that he had don't don't get his wife. Those same thing about a bottom. I thought there's and then it goes the wrong I still think there's a chance he does opt out. I did do a guy absolutely I don't know whether he wants to be here that's a lot of money I guess there's no doubt it's a ton of money but if he continues to pitch like this. Maybe they can overlook about playoff start which is inevitable. And make you know somebody just threaded elbow in the national legal dispute not a unique community Castro and as a unique jam that's it elbow and shoulder. In wrist yeah I don't see how he passes a physical that's probably the biggest impediment it's going to be a point but. It's got all these thing things please god I think there is I am I'm with Keith I think there is a shot. That he opts out of the Goodyear just to get even though he's clearly gone and we've money yeah. So the Red Sox play game two of their three game series. In Minnesota against the twins tonight and wrapping up an afternoon baseball tomorrow get away game. And and we'll of the game here and then we're gonna have post game coverage of that Keith and I are gonna be on after the game tomorrow night's real post game show McCullough. Is that what that got. OK while at work array of branding for that yes in. Well I am and fine by me everywhere at all will steal it Brock knows it's a what are we do when I have been you know it's amazing tomorrow night even more amazing than that I'm going to be on seven attend with. Mike McMahon ski he's on tonight's or tomorrow doing the south are dead serious doubts that I couldn't believe we'll discuss draft shouts I don't really probably modernize and remorse is a new draft show that the relief that's a big part of Korea but he acts out of an attendance that's crazy. As of a lot of fun much in the house late at night out. When I'm not Saddam that talking Red Sox he's here late at night that some ball sometimes he's like trying to thought I thought about much like trump licensing is named hotels and has nothing to do it and it's just the money at night brands that night but it's licensed it pretty much everybody else that was crystal line except stand and exactly and rob Bradford. We will talk to Alex Cora just few minutes as we do every Wednesday. Last week with baseball afternoon baseball get pushed back by day. Other it was a fascinating piece by Jason mastery Donato and Harold. Yesterday or the day before he was yesterday about Alex. Not only you know willing to use social media. But try to use it was advantage I love this story about both for a team before the Red Sox play a team. He'll start following that teens beat reporters on Twitter. Just to see if he could pick up something yeah it's pretty good and in Utah I'd. Wouldn't be surprised if a lot of coaches or managers in professional sports do this but we've heard the stories about college coach is just you know following their own guys just to sort keep up with some of the stuff going on but. Why not there's extra information out there now it most of it's not useful when we were all on Twitter most of the voters not useful. But you could probably find a few things that maybe help you maybe you'll beat writer has a stat that he didn't think over a trend something that's going on whether an opponent or injury thing or whatever else. One up pretty good at eight in that article two enough that we haven't picked up on this throughout all of our our weekly interviews with him. But very human well you've very humid in talking about how are you get criticized don't you know the great about it or that the obviously it's gonna bother you that. It's comfortable on the whole Jackie Bradley junior thing via the Twitter site Red Sox bats without a note. It says when when Jackie sits it doesn't help the Sox have a 670 to win percentage when he starts at 615 when he doesn't. When you get Katie Martinez and laughed and Andrew Bennett ten meet in big event intently and senator it is not a good look for the Red Sox. Not as good as equity lines for the last night on. Yet Somalia immediately told what and so are of are we talking end of July and Bradley sit in 180 but that's fun. But he does the guy how often does the major leaguer go through the entire season. Never hitting about 200. You have to angle you'd like yeah he's made your mark but he held exactly you have to be a gold glove shortstop catcher or are you think senator to fill out a you got a shot. And plus there's no real. Obvious place to turn I don't I don't worry that he and senator definitely don't want Judy Martinez. And left and the beauty of its new I think a lot of guys weathered second base catcher third base more often than not. Because you have maybe the two best players in the American legalese right now that production as a Trout amazing but. That's Martinez both MVP candidates they can make up for a lot of other guys that are struggling. NBC which for I was doing the lastly trot couple ever makes and how it's pretty much 700000. Thain. Throughout ridiculous he he I mean literally if he goes to the batter's box. He doesn't return to the dugout until some trip around the bases but he's he's also the perfect argument when he talked about your with the best player like one in nine in their best shots not that everybody wants to standings and in the last ten in basketball what the best player can do for team and football quarterback can do for team it's a bit it's very telling them they should would allot. Best player in baseball can be surrounded by a bunch of losers and it doesn't matter what he he he can be awesome and he can. Have the greatest war year after year you rivaling Barry Bonds and Babe Ruth. But if you have bad pitching and bad teammates then at fifteen guys in that the Allen notes call for Rihanna sometimes that doesn't help but. Yes it's it's insane lately he's he's playing at a level that we have not seen since the height of the right up on yeah. Yeah it's not he's you know he's gotten another one of those guys re look at the baseball reference and a few years just laugh at the numbers and say that what what was he doing. And what you you wonder he gets frustrated though he has all thought yes how could you know yes. But we haven't heard a word about you know wanting out of there anything like that but you would think you want to know he talked about it last night I think as in Bob nightingale may be yes this thing. As it. I'm not talk to the Red Sox manager Alex Cora Alex brought to buy our belly insurance you know England Honda dealers. And Cumberland farms the official copy of the Red Sox radio network Alex joins us from Minnesota where the Sox take on the twins tonight Alex arias. We are doing great thank you. You're starting pitcher last night Chris Sale expressed a little bit of frustration and I understand that. He's having an outstanding year and yet you know the win loss record isn't quite what he would or you would want it to be. How do you make sure that that frustration doesn't. Digging deeper forum. Yeah well while I talk on a database through mentally acampora. Is it rates. Tell me that it's OK I mean obviously. Is he going to win ball games we haven't got luck. Fumble on the wing column but he's controlling what you can control and given a chance to win that. It cannot and look at the numbers. Seven in and paid in millions. He went deep Kindle book in Baltimore today that we needed so we're very pleased with always on an arc. Don't go there and Elena would try to score runs out at you. Tie game in the eighth inning you turned to Robbie Scott in his season debut what went to that decision. To let people to the lineup particularly in third that and I couldn't it was it and 18189. So. You know we felt that was the windows you know that's what used to report that's what got called the producers to get those lefties out. He looked at first it but it is in second line. And sorry don't put a bit about the catamounts put them out you know I tilt it. We waited to vote joke regardless of the split so let our you know our our best guy in prison's second. Ultimate package and there are so we wanted to go in the war got. Well in the eight pitting was our thought of starting the inning would Joseph tell you knowing how good he is against lefties well. Yeah I'll buy one he was going to be. Now one thing you know we were wrong with Robby downer. Sometimes he he can't chase wins is very important to keep the bullpen. Rest then men and you know. You ready for the rest of the week they don't work out you know we still. We went to two Joe's so now I'm not in a perfect situation. And he's gonna work out. Alex as long as you've been in baseball can you ever wrap your head around these baseball kind of things that you could be eight Natan Chris Sale starts. And thirteen and one and zero start since it's just the randomness of numbers what do you make of that. How important wins a lot of harper for pitchers and it matters. In the real world music about it you know he can control. You cannot control the the result of game the only thing you can control the routing how far you can go and get between such cancel and it's always been. We're gonna the other way you know like I think people are runs and they don't six and the team's court trade and the inability. That's great on while missile card and the back of the baseball card and then there's an ago seven Nicole went one would hope Winans and yeah you lose again deflected right in in Seattle. All is the nature of the game. And sorry goes and I think that's what people. You know the advantage of the game now and now you know they'd be careful with the luck that they don't they don't really. We've talked to a couple of times this year by Jackie Bradley junior and his issues at the plate. When you look at his entire game is outfield defense we saw the arm on display again last night. How is it that you decide that he brings more to the table than any other alignment you might have out there. Now it is a matter of the quality at bats. Against San at all on the last two weeks if you really. Been watching the games and then the approach and the way he's been hitting the ball. There's they're collecting all. And he's been here in missile although played him in dollar and there's only be an excuse that got. I'll shut up for a fortnight so he's done I think right now as far as his approach we're very pleased. There's no more so there's somewhat let cage is where consent consistent in an episode down in the stands by the balls. We like where you will hear the player and obviously yet no one else. Yeah he's one of their tacos and basically the keystroke on the running game. Because down ball in the gap he outspent me out. Friend did not put this team simply because they waited I think right now it's people are. How does he handling it mentally I would think it would it would Wear on a player as as you get later in the season looking up on the Jumbo screen every time you dig in your head then though the low 180s. How how is he handled now. They have been good actually sometimes. That's serious in Seattle it was in Baltimore if you missiles right of people. We got a report that as a manager you know you it all they would let it all they would sometimes you don't and I'll say it. I'd play the game and I know what is to struggle and I know that you know you want to find hits in it's the old saying you wanted to portal or local singles all four forward Pau or missiles right at somebody you know because that's a process. A candidate you know what you want you want singles. You're ever the players to keep you keep with that used to it and Utah and and you know we we can't complain about him in a way to get on. See you run the bases right away puts pressure on them and most likely be sent every time. It is a 100% music lately about. Alex to random questions for you I know he's not your player anymore but are you surprised that Hanley is just sit now they're still. Armed I mentioned we can go on the question how do not. And outs twice the going over the the the course of the road trip yeah I'm surprised you know he's got a although the struggles and we're sitting on our roster you know now. Versatility all that's we're we're going I still think there's basal left him and runners Amber's. And the other one is when somebody like Ken Rosenthal very publicly floats the idea of Raphael diverse remaining that shot out I'm sure you're aware of that how do you react in in what if anything do you say to devers in the when his name starts appearing in stories like that. I don't know I brought you know that what was going on the only thing you know like in the sort artist is craft into the plate. But actually had to come liquid it was a bloody month more and Fiat mean. Alex how about words you know little to hold July trade deadline you know I could well. Outlook not organized network we we covered that and it's like where you couldn't Papa you know it is. You grabbed noodles you to the wall yeah and some of them stick and the other ones don't stick. I think that's a wayward constantly. And I saw that live there so one of the guys that's me. I can go untangle to my. Media experiencing an audio CNN I can tell how it works knowledge sometimes. What you see is not the true. I do wanna ask you one other question about devers he's just 21 years old. He had a bomb last night you know he's on pace for about 2425. Home runs about eighty runs batted in. But defense is an issue with thirteen errors I think so far this year. Is that an area of the game that you can improve on wood just hard working get now they're in debt and being dedicated to that. Well depends how you see it now we can go to Harrison. You'd think that is struggling and you can go to because of unsafe in these efforts of the leak. It's gonna make it bears Lebanese rational lap onto the right up there would let the police got a great arm. At the consent of the game so we're very pleased I'm very pleased with a waist when they're based. I know that part of the equation. And you know her sire and errors you know I think areas where they deal in the eighties and nineties and I think they're they feel now. And there's more into the equation and I'm very pleased with the numbers. David Price at the start tonight he's pitched really well as of late but yesterday he's God's joke around again about four night did you feel like you should just let it go or are you OK with him how to talk about how soft DA is and how much video games to place. Well I don't think it's and he's been playing video games source for a long month time. You know I'm glad I don't know whether target in the club house. Apply to go about their reforms related diet Donna the last six or seven. We're very pleased and the weight of the ball in Seattle. You know during the photos to Ian for Seattle you mentioned it is. The next day as the best he's seen a reprise of let. You think this is the arrogance his team that created team so we're very pleased. Of income and equities. Yes even though he seems fixated on some of the criticisms of him you don't you don't care. Not a matter. I Alex who's your favorite follow him in the local media and Twitter. Read our tax eaten them media. I'm happy that was that was put on it is not you say that that. You got a problem. I do I don't Ali yeah. I'll do we all think he works for you as. Well I won't blame when I was working in. Last year and in Houston. I thought he worked for the right side to him he was resource for us. I'm dynamic speaker all the good they've given too much information to at least. All were joking about it a few moments ago he was talking about. The fact that when JBJ place your team has a 672 winning percentage when he starts. When he doesn't it's 615. While eight there don't you development. Surpass at and I'll still say Brad intensity and. God then and clothing and. In North Africa at a time now for the Cumberland farms question of the week for Alex Cora brought you by Cumberland farms. Farm house blend iced coffee go to WEEI dot com slash manager to submit your question for us to ask Alex Cora every Wednesday. This question comes from Andrew does Santee in Torrington Connecticut. He says what is your process on scouting free agents and evaluating who could help your team down the stretch. Off. Com. There's a lot of people asked that it can ball and those that decision. You know from I am ninety I know I'm I'm I'm very aware of what's gone on the lead among ten of the games so. You don't do you know it was a struggle this year. You know I was injured. I don't know that I can I can answer that question probably in the in the months but right now it is a matter of data and information management. You know communicating what we data analytic department and the front office. And then we don't. Any change in the lineup tonight. All in poultry plant second. Bush does not playing and now we got. Think guys would do so hold explain it couldn't got. Jealous and appreciate playing cricket claim that Crist and. Always appreciate the time we'll talk to you next week thanks. Yeah our idea that is our Red Sox manager Alex Cora joining us from Minnesota. Sorry Brad fell he does even following you yeah followed all of us we all noticed that does he followed all of the bus the media last year when he was work in our Yasser Arafat in jail on bail out on us are as Smart move I will say having followed Red Sox that's for awhile he doesn't like attention he doesn't want like you know who is the his kidney beyond masks like that kind of stuff so I don't think he's gonna like it's another shot out from chancellor. Price Angela's life. And it's possible anything's possible. Third place ounces though the other manager of the Red Sox is in no hurry him. Taking center fielder out of a lineup and death and that would fly in the face of what many Red Sox fans are saying right now. Idol fans hate it when when they hear this term but chorus talking about. You know luck is involved here. And what he's saying is he seeing Jackie Bradley junior. Hit line drives over the last couple weeks between them right at people there is something to that right I mean you've seen that plenty of times and I know with exit velocity you know that kind of stuff now teams have a better idea of who was maybe about to get hot. I'm cause color me a little skeptical now on because the results have been so consistently. Yeah exactly like this they strikes out of sultan of his career strikes out a lot. I'm I'm not seeing that I mean I think that might be one of the relatively few examples of chorus or pumping up again publicly. In ways that may be would have been reminiscent of its predecessor I think also if you go with probably the truth you end up insulting several players because the and all seriousness it's. Yeah Bradley can't hit. Put who else can like though of of those guys that are in the lineup every day whoever would be getting him those at bats is not that much of an improvement. So that makes use it sounds like you're preparing three or four guys that you might as well just say hey he's ripping his line drives because the lock is definitely a part of baseball but. You know guys who consistently at 300 every year I guess they have the best block or originally it had yet and this is also how I mean if you want this day. Be critical little bit of weight the weight number as he's gone about building the team you suddenly you know depth anyway there at all you know not become a very top at the Major League team which is exactly what you were in Detroit and it caught up to you in Detroit you know and you start a look at it no farm system no farm system not a lot of depth even on the big league roster LA and then you look at. A romance sale could be up after 119. Yeah and torso was going to be up in nineteen in price could opt out JD Martinez can opt out and two years try to get monkey and Bogart's coming down SO. There's a lot of there's a lot of moving parts and it could all be coming to a head like. Next year so all of my that if I was JD Martinez and based on how he hits at Fenway Park I would see packets and a lifetime deal yet you do like a easy CRA around -- places to opt out and say now you're gonna pay me one more right right and if they if they don't somebody will even though they don't get the play fed went half the season somebody will mean the numbers because last year may be teams looked at it that all you know. Yes it does too many times contract year Arizona a certain things but watch him do it again this year. If he does that next year yet he he's Jamaica a ton of money but you're right that there window is it about a lot of young guys the window is still. This year or next year yeah that's what I wrote a day that they made I don't know if it was the sale trade but it was. It was after that offseason there is a three year window that started last year and I'm I'm in on that more than ever it's just feels like you've got to do something that's why the much out of stuff. In one sense is not as crazy as you initially think because you're like well. If it's all coming to an end next year anyway you wanna maximize the two years that you have right where you know that you have all these guys. I don't a lot of been talked about and I had to be on a talk show in San Diego the store oh. Was that my friends the loose cannons know those guys stand silly those former former WEEI weekend. Dylan died in Celia. CI I didn't actually you know promote the dork podcast shouldn't have that's elevated San Diego gov organized bumper to his leadership out there and did you don't. Who's to irons good from the mine. You went from how many how many. More than plus yeah yeah. But at and others aren't important it's about percentages that's right yeah that's right. But what we are small niche audience they'll play throughout adds that the bullet they were talking about was how you know the Yankees are on this. This offensive juggernaut pace of biblical proportions. At some point or another you think that offense you know runs in the slumped more than pitching guys. But I see no signs but so far yet and I mean if you're talking offense Red Sox are still second round so I offense really hasn't been. A major issue for them. So you can kind of pieced together and survived. The black coal areas yeah line. Oh yeah that's what they're doing the he's got to do is act dork podcast on on iTunes you fall on Twitter Jack -- 21 rich key. Pretty and hold on radio show saying just how Tesla provide them dead aggravated until he was gonna stick so they left out our latest one with Wheldon Helio they note to our cast is for that is Eric already is being co host of dale and Keefe. That's good on W that's the nice of them so you got mentioned on that migrated there from zero pucks given that it and in that and I didn't bring it up out well but it was funny because he did he did entries introduced me as the guy who's. The only guys done play by play for all four. Major League teams deep breath of I tickets. There's of course the answer is five it's that profiled nit picky here but it was that fifth now. That's fiscally is skipping but a lot of people are thinking that that and edited Mark James said here yesterday. Now the Red Sox a Gannett is great season at 103 games. And the Yankees are 108. Yet and masters and 112. Yeah edited out of it that's let's look at it there's a seven and a half. Game difference between the Mariners have the second Lockhart in the next team in the sand and angels. It's it's such a weirdly top heavy season for baseball this year. You kind of Marty you already know for sure war for the play teams right and then it's like to Seattle you know maintain their pace and it all comes down to a plane again. Yeah go ahead you can win a hundred and whatever games and you could have a one game playing against Seattle or or whoever. They get you know Paxson pitches really well in the air yeah what this season there's like an NL last year in the ninety's or the Braves and giants both 100 is like 10302. And one of them was out he's got nothing easy that I axiom that there's a season. Now at eight A techsters suggests that this Alex Cora act and put my quotation fingers up here says. Cora can't remain everybody's friend. This can't last you know inside your either race front. He. And I don't think it depends playing I don't 700 based business and I don't think the tech and helps to texture means players seem means the meaty. The media loves this guy. I don't know anybody in the media who's had a eight crossword to say about mountain into your point Johnny's and they're playing 700 baseball so it's a chill. Byron anybody's written anything even. Slightly critical what has it been to right and that's the you'll let us be honest and hasn't slowed people down for Bill Belichick for Tom Brady Ali we've seen it. Yet but it but it you know it's weird and OK yeah he's been here a couple months you know I mean. In in the case as you mentioned okay Malcolm Butler certainly debatable C couldn't you know you can write something pointed about that. Cora hasn't given you any ammonia. What and I know it's it's you know where it all playoff time again but is. This team David Price is going tonight and outs for the manager but the playoff time is the most important thing they want the division the last two years. So obviously have a good regular season's not the most important thing. It's waiting. The World Series so they need to advance in the playoffs so those games count. Pencil when that those are going to be the most important game so if price struggles or if Cora screws up the bullpen in the playoffs. The yeah they're going to put Chris yet and you asked him about the Rodney Scott move which are all wonder among lots of wiser Kelly and mr. Try that then when the post season correct and I can ally and it and we'll see. You know to Dale's point we'll see if he skates on I felt like I did not like normal problems out there and I was a little bit different I know Robby Scott. Pitched last year even though he's you know later twenties yet he's he's has mentally a long time last year his only full year in the majors. But this is his first start now or his first appearance of the year your number. Opening day he wouldn't go body point is now as a Major League debut that hurt his season debut and that's really what that is yet but 22 game in the eighth he talks all the got lefties coming out all of the first. Batter he faced was a righty. Admit you have what two lefties and a switch hitter. But Joseph Kelly is better on lefties this year than Robby Scott was last year yeah you'd like to they think. That Robbie stuck coming in will not walk and nine there you know I really yes I do it but a broad discussion lefty specialist the first guy he faces the season is a right. It is not that we wanna do if the eighth inning and I I I did this point he told us you don't wanna chase wins. But. Fans want you to chase wins but I don't I don't think closet you know wins mean as much now as they do in September here Alex what's hotel hasn't pitched in at five days. Right and so if what if you score a run in the top of the ninth and so it's got pitches the eighth. They score wrong on the night here comes Kimbrel for the saved games over Kelly and everyone pitches. I don't know what Kelly didn't hit the pin and when he told us he told us why and yet to pitching and he ended up it's important eat yeah but he didn't it wasn't a clean inning for him. So that's one and that's but again it's the they're 49 it's 45. You probably count on one hands quite you know decisions they didn't really light but it's not. It's not once that you don't lose your mind about and then the other reason for you I happen to disagree with that but he told us. Yes and that's one out of a 162000001. Inning out of one game. Part of it was a much higher delusion ninth inning win track we've sort. And we part of already earlier in the year say hey look my bat. He could. It come down that about last night's decision but he felt he did the right that I had to homer forgot. Forgot to out of a sense of reality outfielder and analyze screwed I was so excited looked around at what's edit the manager of that but I happened to us. I know we hear this. Sports talk show host here this a lot not just us sports talk show host pyrrhic. You're just you're just the completely on this guys side completely on that team side you won't say anything critical about this person you won't say anything critical about these guys. And by the late criticism is kind of our stock in trade here. I just don't have a lot to be critical about Alex Cora about and it's not like they're how many people are really out there sank. You're glad this guy out he's not only has happened to say it about I mean we will name is the regulars decisions of the year you hit what candidate you think he was responsible for handling being cutlass. If if you buy that okay. His idea that men and data rescue said debit that's a great idea and away goes. Fields once in either. And it and more to the poignantly seems happy on yachts and beaches isn't right gays and it doesn't seem interest in the box I think if you were that interested in playing he would be playing some probably see I think he's not playing eat to your point because he doesn't want to there. Somebody would give him 230000. Dollars or somewhere in that vicinity. The pro rated portion of the veterans minimum somebody would be giving that to him now to play but Detroit with. There Cabrera Miguel Cabrera down now when you you mentioned it when your renounced the ward numbers. The Red Sox are third which Mitch Moreland so there are a lot of teams looking for first baseman. And just why as the first base down that got better weirdness and worse are at a time weeks ago that Moreland should be an all star and I'm like really. But then you start moderating at the other first baseman and to bring American League and yet there's nothing is really a rendering that used to be the position. Rafael Palmeiro willow would hit 321 he would always bombs and not make it all star team that is due to those of the aptly loaded spot. And now. Not yes it is better to acquire Hercules to be this glamour position and it's it's down I mean there's still a few studs but it's not a look across the league. Now there's like more defensive. Senator fielder's and there are art you know often the senators and by the way for those people who are suggesting nest tonight. I'd seen this suggested and a couple of places roost the Caspian could be hitting 600 in Pawtucket he would not be here. Now I mean they don't celebrate it in and out of your head white rake it and attack it get him up here. Also this it's very strange though the whole reason they can CO paying their BA. Now probably very boring thirty for thirty on Sunday because. It was. That they Cuban players were so good there's a list of all there were awesome Jose Abreu is more home Chapman there's a lot we give all those guys that were great. And then you say the Red Sox they've missed are always guys we need to get somebody but you knew it was gonna burn out they want every one of them was going to be an all star. So they get ruse they can CO who stinks they give him a shot he's not good you are really know what he has any member and judgment no better than that than either of us. The stories about him when they're getting on like what kind of players in either the power in the speed and everything put together the staff sounds perfect yet you know. It's funny though I remember talking to people on the Red Sox front office right before they signed him you know so what is it like well. He doesn't really stand out in any area let you know he's he's got a pretty good speed good armies any radar bases pretty good speed pretty good power he's one of these guys he's going to be just solid across the board and I that's when you're gonna break the bank for later that doesn't sat in on how it's not making it sound worse than it is good to know you open an area called the act so it they get them and then. Is it a loophole or what's the deal with his salary that they were able to he doesn't count against the luxury tax but only because on roster but if you but if you Adam Miller roster all my daughter here that's that's count your pro rating is salary based in allies here so you can read. You could afford him it's weird is that could afford to call him up. At some point later in the season or for a short amount of time but there is your idea maintain our flexibility a victory. Remark averages as I said if he was hitting 600 and Pataki wouldn't be here not right now. He he could be later it's not as well last year he had no chance not serious chance I think I've figured out it's like. 57000. Dollars a day that he would count. Towards a luxury tax and you start to the map I etiquette at mark for a week than he does it matter is all this money. Played internationally. It's a great life it's unbelievable ribbon and a debt Okie I'm sure that he is but it's just it's bizarre to me.