Dale & Keefe - Rich is sick of people making excuses for LeBron & J.R. Smith is a phony, 5-16-18

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, May 16th

HOUR 2 - Dale, Keefe & Tomase discuss Carson Smith foolish injury, Matt Light's election into the Patriots Hall of Fame, where LeBron James will end up next season, and JR Smith’s dirty play in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Keefe is sick of people making excuses for LeBron, and wonders why all the analysts who picked the Cavs are now claiming the Celtics are the better team.


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Speech Palin she show we've got to be tough for Atlanta we have. We see that they're being physical. Please go to the game up we're. Gordon. Yeah. Arnold reached peak. I would never I will go to the end of the year I'll find out how that substance got into my life might take on that WEEI exports week you'll. A. The bucks dale you look on the air locked. Tough starts up again other crawling north up to. Him and keep Sports Radio WEEI here and our Old Dominion freight lights at a field studious at Fenway Park. John mossy WEEI dot com is with us as well. The the Red Sox and and we talked to Alex Cora last hour had hit a bit of a speed bump here of late as do a lot with. Well a couple of different things one of which is guys getting hurt when they throw their gloves apparently thought. So you know we we did talk to Alex about it you can hear it all is key to set on final drive. Will replay the whole thing com the stuff though today there's a lot going on them you know operative and had a good record of scuffling a bit but you know John is asking about the starting pitching dale ransom note. Carson Smit likes why are now wants to be traded those suddenly. You know who he was right that honeymoon for awhile where we do no wrong with team could lose they were great Ellison. There's a lot of issues that that he asked the deal would then you know between four night and allergies and carpal tunnel and all the stuff but there's. He's got a lot of figure out right now. And I got to save when I read Carson Smith's comments about you know thrown club and as a statement of love but then. Petit dad did the T date it's meal lotteries is that it is your problem that if you're not going to do with what happened to to your shoulder that you thought fatigue factor has nothing to do. You know by what is a tired I could normally throw that love part. I think a few times but he and he is a one inning oral last picture he's never going two innings followed his outings are one or two outs. He's made fourteen appearances all year. The excitement I've been used the law. And that that factor in the injury. Yet so I'll add on so. I thought the you know what you that score was right on the money sentenced it's at me like he's throwing you under the bus like the system on your fault. And you know maybe this just goes back to the Democrats keys for all of the good things Judy Martinez Chris Sale at center etc. He does have that blind spot for bullpen guys and gone back to Detroit he's. Not been able to assemble a decent bullpen and receive Wii's were seemingly going through this again now it is and I wonder or wrote you know actually does think that Smith now from out of buffalo that but. Why doctors. Why stirred up to write about that I think most likely going to be out of sight out of mind again he's most likely going to be yet on the littler easier off you'll hear you'll hear Alex later on he basically said he. He sort of resigned himself to the fact is that currency and yet he's. Under the Brodsky says that could be a major injuries. Like yours yours that does not sum them though in a look at its rappers he's one to help the seasons ever in the majors ever. So yeah. Chris Sale date today. Whales all the sailed obviously at I I I almost I'm a good point our I almost feel bad form because it it almost doesn't matter how well he pitches something happens. And he doesn't get it the W at the end of an announcement Rollins and Utley. Hits a home run in the seventh inning which is his fault not anybody else's but my point is. You look at the way he's pitched this year. That's why they always say that wins and losses don't really. Show they don't tell you much about Al pitcher throws the ball I doubt it's Chris Sale exhibit A this year and wait you mean that Hector Velasquez is five and though it's not more aggressive and personnel yet that's exactly what I mean that gap Felix Hernandez from the site of one of the eleven. Teams and some of the matter but I mean if you're try to avoid getting swept there's nobody you'd rather on the mountain Chris. The isn't the idea for each team yet that the war right there between no hitting them it and taken it to them here in Boston. With a long. Now also got into law only plates are wanted to get traded but you know. Williams you've got on the plate I think. I don't think so if there's no doubt it's clearly a while somebody gets hurt I mean the answers even then you wonder like what they government. Ban him butler's he's still in the organization's pretty telling him. We asked them why Catholics are best position of catcher there's no doubt captors and apple could be catch up now now but yeah it definitely gets you guys that combined bought fifty mile we like these guys and they're out they're both they're both hitting 170 or whatever it is in there out hitting him by forty point out that he's not eighties I mean he doesn't get regular bats but those are two of the opening gamers with Mitch Moreland is like. I need to play and I'm beating the crap about it so we have applied but. Why are doing and I guess you know the night that Jackie Bradley is out of the lineup. You're one through seven rates up Natalie your tetris bombs and automatic now but it's not what you own back to back. The world when it was Brad yet second base has been a little bit of a black holes and it sells and that's going to be taking care of him in the next week or so. Yet so he so really offensively. You'd like to get some guys go a little bit more Bogart's has come back to earth somewhat you know since he came back from injury. Let them hello this that that's the only thing we didn't ask him as another stupid base. And Andy and so in the edit or Gettysburg yeah yeah he's back at night might have been a terrible based on us and today he got up here that's changed now it's ridiculous though that wasn't last year averaged redeem them this year for the heat just. Gets bad Jones takes bad risks like he is a terrible. Base for. But you'll never be a five tool player because you cannot on the. Which is just strange it's like what is holding you back as it looks like an athlete that's neat is a great athletes but it's not about atlases and it's just misjudgment plays pass judgment has been terribly last night was a good example we're Ohio based coaches. It's and was the biggest upset of the day turned in by Matt Light that. Yeah Matt Light defeated Mike Vrabel and Richard Seymour. To be voted into the patriots hall of fame you can by the way all three of those guys are very valid candidates for the patriots hall of fame this is not a knock on anybody when I say this. But I gave you those three guys Mike Vrabel Richard Seymour Matt Light a week ago two weeks ago it's at which one's going to be voted of those three into the patriots hall of fame. I might pick like third. I would see Gore's going to the actual rise that you know he probably. He probably deserves a place sooner or later. He didn't leave on the same terms now light enough that makes a difference or even Vrabel I think you that's that's in doubt to me is if you look at the read. Again there are all part of that that early run in the world great individual players. Blood houses and streets will later this year you know and for Mike Vrabel. Again some of the comments about the nature plays thugs are about right to edit not that it involved though a lot of this is a fan vote if you believe that it's on the up and up and I think it is although laps it was written more of yours there's a weird and I don't mean. Yeah but anyway it's the fan vote to think of Matt lately that's only Jersey you'd ever war and then maybe that's sort of broke the at play here for eleven seasons and is it good it's like compared to the other. More fair. And by the way again. All three are now up candidates for the patriots Altman I have no issues that that. If you ask me two weeks ago which one's gonna get in first my first choice Woodman Seymour. My second choice would have been great bull. My third choice might have been met kudos to the patriots returning something essentially meaningless and do something. Ago once your area pages off financing partners the Red Sox out and lightning and it was an amateur Bruins Celtics I had no idea there they they hire Africa where they just out every so let's just retire everybody's number up there that's fine. I'll. It's there to debate that's going to be a lot yeah they're gonna have to change and I I've had a spirited discussion with Stacy games this. And the patriots desire to keep this very special thing one guy gets it. With the exceptions obviously when Gil Santos joined the player who went at it like patterns in record numbers but they wanted one guy while that's great. But you're about to hit a logjam Euro over the next ten years. You're going to be you're gonna have a hard time voting anybody while like a small all else it's all on small guys it's one per year that's fine book guests when when Tom Brady and bill ballot checkered gun you're in need something. That's probably not going to be human votes when he years that's the only vote in you know to know if he oh that's opiate of the that it so you know now we'll have. For patriots. Will be in the hall of fame as career patriots with three Super Bowl rings. I'm Matt in the actual they patriots patriots well the patriots all the time he joins Kevin fault Troy brown and Tedy Bruschi. That's a pretty. Pretty group of select group there at those guys also Motley team now is perfect and my team. Inaudible would sniff the actual name but they were all so important here. Fans loft on there early but the perfect players and he took their positions though not yet that's one team all. So those are the things that have gone on the biggest one obviously is the Celtics and and what has been a dismantling of LeBron James and the cavaliers through it broke us. They've broken into play and I think that's the story he gets angry and the bulk of the last two games sit over there on the bench it's it really is incredible wrong V Celtics just in his career. But yes the times he's beaten them at times lost two home and how much that it impacted him obviously he's played the warriors in three straight finals bought. Having two experts well he wouldn't give me the team in Miami at least he says without. The Celtics without have struggled against pierce Garnett now he looked at them. Are fine I can do that I do even better yeah but it doesn't say it's more than it was just like it be Louis this is the new model you know I'm gonna do it easily add them minute to win and make its voice and and the Celtics that is way you know. Couple times but then he was able to beat them in and basically break them like their love there were possible but like he was able to. The change rules go along with the with the Celtics up and then now sees its team. Never a million years would have yeah especially without carrier ring that this team. Was revealed today though LeBron even though I think we all accounts were flawed when you were certainly not a perfect team. Feel like well this when these years and councilman and that's on now. I heard this this theory this morning about where LeBron and on what so. I elementary I. The only the only sports channel they have box. On that divide a weight it's right next up fox new your head phones with NAFTA dork I have I gotten Fox News next delights and there's not a lot of so anyway the theory here it's it's Carlos Boozer they're. That he's gonna go to LA with Paul George yet. And they are then going to acquire boutique has some some blow us all from will be cousins Paul George LeBron James. That's older couple of young players that they have there that's better than Philly. And that's better than Houston at least for the next apparently where's the ending up the LA lakers. That it would be cousins fighters Nightline good and good luck might look at what New Orleans wanna move them there. That was created while he is an area that is so he does he go there and figure out away epic by the way what he's played better. According to blizzard the leader of this whole deal is George George's the guy who most wants to go to the lakers yet so he's gonna go forks. He wants to go there and then LeBron is gonna column and then bogeys and assail those two guys there so I'm gonna go for your LeBron and you do that. At this stage in your career. You need to go somewhere that is rocks dollar whether it's Houston Houston affiliates in the air much more solid. Then I don't think you have to trust the Chris Paul's gonna take lesson on all Harden in the bronze work and I guess Paula and hard work I don't know I don't picture LeBron and heart working well together on and actually do I think that's overblown because LeBron is such a selfless player in terms of passing and no he dumped the ball. Well Harden averages like twelve assists again I don't get it all the time yeah yeah I mean I guess I was surprised that this group work at it again you're. Just think of like team USA but if they can play like that right is final legal players on the court at all times they would make it works though. Yet to give up a little bit I don't think Philly is a slam don't just because of expensive and LeBron would match great. It's the basket shoot initially analysts initially they wouldn't say here you're trusting that I'm trusting the process of adjusting the Benson and learns how to shoot a little bit. Maybe he just gives up and start shooting righty but he says he shouldn't yeah. And you have LeBron who wants to move off the ball he says. According to what its magazine or whatever else. Laura says that he'll likely wanna get up anymore hostility if you want Maggie wants to move off the law is crisper sonic who wrote whatever any but doesn't make sense that LeBron is not going to be eight ball dominant. 39 year old point power forward it's a pleasing to BA power flow like you and that's why Philly is a good spot by carrier ring if you didn't treat them like trash with a perfect human form it's very clear view of the regular season and you can make big shots and you into the playoffs in the can do whatever whatever it takes. But that he got ready and you weren't able to replace them and that's why he's not here I think of all would do what was available Paul George DeMarcus Cousins went to me is. The most of it the best but because. Of the dice so he can't and I think if you're LeBron and Yugo they are so this is it the night. Yours it's your last evil 34 years old now. And you're gonna go someplace and start from scratch cassettes or you do and now you're gonna start from scratch. That's what they and you're right I wagons to bush bogey cousins and boogie cousins and fitness. Third best player with more. Yeah. Pretty oppressive and I don't know who it would keep they keep who's mode Randall. Also ball I don't know what else that would have left there by. He hires coach of the zone and and just play well -- at all and are entitled to your heart your hitched your wagon bogie cousins and Lavar ball. Good luck the I gotta admit that than satellite out active I like bogey them but yet you're doing yeah I'm still would take him on the Celtics which is NC a moment. Amazing when so Brad Stevens when he gets guys to buy and he would get that by now you. Oh. And it also. I would get right to the calls in the coming up next 6177797937. Its daily key Sports Radio WB yeah. We are there to play basketball. I just looked. He's a defenses in person he's in here became centralized body goes to be nice and McCain you know you go take two to head to the back Macedonia's you just can't latitudes to keep that does not the first armchairs passengers especially playing against us he's going forward especially toward gays as we we we know that he's likable keep them going to keep taking the occupation to found stand up this much to do you know on the market out there and I took things too. Good for markets markets if I didn't like him already I liked it even more after. After he looked like a hockey player last night Stephanie to help others in place. So according to ESPN. And and they're quoting a source that says that the league will not discipline. JR Smith for what he did last night. Now wonder what they're justified now we don't know what the justification is yet they've looked at it we've all looked I mean we looked at a hundred times last night. It looked pretty clear that it was two hands in the small of the back while it was up in the air shooting and shut them out about us. She job obviously but I don't think he deserves mention I really don't and yeah we're getting parity and he walked you want to play he's an awful. Couldn't make a shot yesterday I was very frustrated are helping them at all. The one moment for again cheap shot thirty shout the worst out of the game notes I was the one thing in the south that your morning it up. But JR Smith you know they they blew the whistle they they called flagrant as fine. I don't think he needs anything yet they communicate them game the sight lines as far as they looked at it over there they could have kicked him out right then and there it it was. It bit banged on the annoys me but I was re listening to some of that after. And he does he did make a good point like that's the kind of play. Where guys can really get hurt them however complain if he had hit the Spansion now you just missed it which was trying to catch him over there that they there's not a it's not a good are you easily you know. Whether it's your wrists are those who do you live wrong on your ankle Armenian all kinds of hit a cameraman you are all over the place all over that area. Now. Having said all of that and and it was cheap shot and then all of that. When that when the officials are looking at it are they just say deleting it hurts so what you are gonna make it to. Because is that sort of beside I don't think they actually said that I think they probably looked at it and said it wasn't. Such a vicious shove it was more of a frustrated like. I'm pushing you're gonna follow over but it's not like. 24 arms or do that the big swinging motion comes down on the head or whatever we obviously this or else you're not going for the ball. But there are more aggressive actions the they've they've tossed out there. Yeah they married man I got that this is my favorite passage of this was an article that regional routes you wrote four years ago about JR Smith. The spirit that guided the things very tough out there on the court. This is part of the other story wrote that JR Smith was raised in suburban middle class moments of parents and access to excellent education. He had tremendous high school coaching mentor to him early at saint Benedict prepped in Newark, New Jersey. And he has long been taught the difference of right and wrong. Smith always loved to play the part of it tops city kid but truth be told he's soft spoiled suburban jump shooter. I like our roasted just apps hosted so the neck tattoos in the couple's leads like that that's great editor. And your character like an ass off your dirt that huge difference. Sometimes the guys were both like back it can happen but you know Reggie Evans a few with a guy who is now a whopper but also you can back it up these tough. To Aerosmith is not that he's on the cavs right now. So if your tie Lou you can either bench him in game three or use you stick with a manual be he shoots his way out of it that's the only time he's effective. Is that he's just knocking down threes in bunches which he's done over the course of his career twice the normal lead. But he's been brutal for you mean this is the curse of LeBron to when Brian when I heard about this is the end where. You start building your franchise around a very small window because LeBron gets antsy he wants to move line. You know that when you join forces and it's probably 345 years and any movement on a sub announce the start doing things like. Trading away draft picks for mediocre veterans go again tonight Kyle Korver for first round it back and stuff and suddenly you have nothing left and when. Everyone gets sick of each other which is inevitable yet you end up with a team like this. Almost singlehandedly ruin their team going forward they did a pretty good job at the deadline of getting something for Isaiah Thomas in something for Jake router and and and assuming I mean guys that are young and still developing that looked like a team. That that a first round pick in like five years so putting Clarkson eaten out of your fingers crossed and hope the band of being something but. Without those guys who bronze gonna leave. The interest in Thompson making gazillion dollars again JR Smith yeah it's about contracts and unloved is still going to be taken as a couple years. Correct me if I'm wrong here didn't the trade deadline acquisitions what yet for the Cleveland Cavaliers haven't they combined to score five points. So far up what you write it on the court I don't like I think quite I quite right last night so so I didn't see what was it what was it DN PCD yet. Two technically you are not announcement on oxygen or Atlanta or are in play and Nance played I felt like the idea and it played. This dude was Corliss Rodney hood had two points off the bench. George Hill started out three points and mean I'll go back to this how is Rodney but he minimal lineup and that was actually one of the best questions in the post game somebody asks. That time Lou is basically like. Rodney hood stinks lies decline the and Luke at all this deal is it because I wanted to he's like but he hasn't earned it what what makes tells Telus lyzard it and his response was. Well he was pretty good in game when he was five for twelve and gave us double digit points like five for twelve. That's 50% shooting percentage. And eleven points or whatever was that's not actually impressed that I would you have gray hair last year or the new thing I feel like he he images like the presidents usually do. Yeah well yeah like I'm nervous breakdown in the middle of the year I saw that's true good point out that I Adidas and is is beginning at ten I it's been tough on the Eagles will be his last. I was intentionally not online while the game was going during the commercial breaks act quickly. Polyp Twitter and see what people were saying and one of the things I noticed was that there was kind of this universal disdain. For the announcing crew for brain. And Jackson and van Gundy Wear on me and you know what I discovered as I went back to the game I realized yet ready you know bitching and moaning about a what I realized was that. Hearing. Like the games going on I'm not really listening to the month. I'm watching it you know and it's and I realize that it's almost like like your two year old play by play right yeah okay the mic in the past here and I'm not listening to what they're saying. Yeah. I don't love or necessarily hate this announced team I've always like it. Really yeah. And you know and the and now I wanna there was that. Out of that talk about I was a break now and that's our buddies on a senior speaker. It's. Will that actually wasn't a terrible observation teams talking about how to caps body language was so terrible. In Europe one team that's trying another team that's quit you guys think last year he defended the Kardashians. I think Gundy you're on and on knocked somebody's and the Kardashian incur about Tristan Thompson on on all the players that I did I I remember he wanted to this Italians out top. It's just about the war like that's what Hillary care what does that matter right now. The about it about a huge fan you just you know it all the time he's a little bit like he's a little bit like pints and -- is complains about the rats solvents and care I don't wanna listen and act is that every coach's yeah that's pretty much what those guys out I guess primarily because Celtics won the first two games there has in the whole lot of complaining about the officiating Iraq now. Not really nothing to complain about it but they let them play. Pretty well last night now LeBron wasn't planning a fair amount the Arctic and we're yeah. Palms up in the air why it is Kimberly walker he does internal rows on the bow his position on zone via solid so when it turning it over and missing many shots. That's going to be a long night. Yes and there was some status forget the main official has been apparently. LeBron was seventeen and one with that guys are entering and see vako maybe NBA we look we heard from yesterday we heard. People who were convinced. That the NBA was gonna make sure that that Cleveland won the game because they need this series go longer the fix is in there there are people who thought yesterday before the game fix was in. Cleveland's gonna win look at the officiating. As you pointed out there's seventeen and one that the cavaliers are at this guy's an official. And even notice them and in the all of the fixes it like I understand where comes from in the Indian daily I don't sentiments I don't you know started about twenty years ago but just the adults and Dolly stuff like EC that girl happy really work on Foster stuff authors brutal but. Last year how many games of the warriors lose in the one with aerodynamic actually set the value is long series. Like not every series that long back India lost a lot of money last year because. So many of the series were sweeps in five games where there it's so much so many games available or what would have been available through most of the moment they could've made it happen. In this year the vehicles that Houston's in the long series with the witnesses going and that's really going to be a long series so there's there's a chance. That the NBA finals and that's there's a lot of ex Celtic fans on this now but I'm hearing a lot of Celtics fans who party talking themselves into. The Celtics beating Goldman's wooden shoes you know to get excited you didn't think you're gonna be here regular critic of Prague maybe you're not watching Golden State. Could I get a couple probably the best answer that yet with them. They played them tough and that's they had it right yeah. At the last flight they are they while in the series and it's not right now. But they claim them as tough as anyone in the league in not just this year I mean go back year after year purity ended. The long home winning streak they were trying to you know perfect development and that. They had that double overtime game in Boston won Golden State won like 25 Euro. This is before this to a lot. Of them they've lost in double overtime home loss the night but yes and then they beat them you know in Golden State. They had the tools sort of blow outs on the road a couple of years ago the issue of the 24 point games and mean. Lived up but you when you watch them they really do seem unfair and when you watch him play it's like the Western Conference all stars like they somehow have a team in the league planning. If you took steps curry off the team. I think there's still the death penalty if that's a deadly threats out there the best but and you let them play together with Klay Thompson it's just it's. It's not that they've been open at the other and they they play so well together to cause you know just if you throw stars on the team doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna translate. We've seen guys before them and they were all their prime but you know Steve Nash Kobe Bryant Dwight our power with all sucked but those guys were terrible together. But this group is ridiculous yet Dwight Howard how many teams has he been other good players who last. The teams and a generous. It varies the debate about. And those fun. I. Mean. Last year I don't last I'd take an act I don't like. I couldn't agree on our part to kill me come art editing the part that it like got the battle long run but her death curse is real look at all the players the fact that Reggie Bush. Chris Humphries the shop experience OJ Oates. An original. So many on that list including interest and throughout the so I think it is within bounds and nobody needs to apologize. For losing to them worse Brown's wife is really in the public spotlight just like I say hi all I would nor fights are exactly. Good for him and I say with respect right now. Are you setting me up here nothing but kind of well there because that's the without. Hurting the break you said that case is it. Had outplayed us that sound from Michelle beetle and rose. No wait that I'm gonna ask Andy for that you're gonna that mock me watching items seeds on I didn't see this art I didn't you know. I I saw you know. Carlos closer on the other girls. Time I hear the name of that so I think it's like it cheerleading is in the Olympic tennis now like Jenna and electrical outlets yearly I think you get out the the to have you that was that was not that you know that was not as a different that the -- So so again stressing the fact that this is sound that rich keep asked for terrorists specifically that says. Michelle beetle on get up this morning talking about last night's. Game if he isn't but guy and does everything that this series is over in four it's unfortunate for LeBron that this is the way this is going to play out because at some point you're just thinking yourself. The guy should have to do everything I agree with you. I hate. So much I thought much of it W goes to try to get some just some things that LeBron James why are. Anybody feel about the LeBron James he has picked the last two teams that he has been on these are his team's. Again he could still have carrier bring it in trees in the way that he did. All of last year and the year before I wanted to out burgers specific reason. It was LeBron will not feel bad for LeBron James he picked the entire roster that is there. They're also making it felt like Kevin love the absolute bomb that was pretty good. If it blows another team you beat off or abroad Kevin lava it pretty good at all. You're right the wrestler rosters not great but those that got that wrong wanted so. The only path from abroad is yes I shouldn't be surprised by beat that he has been makes the money on that you know. People far and those with those other guys may yet. But I hate that feel that feel that he has to do everything. That's what LeBron LeBron wants the real dad and the board of the point he's the reason yes the do everything. They hate me they built the team in a way that was not sustainable. And this is what you end up it's only getting worse and we have co host yesterday who said LeBron it's it is all over rated. Yes. Or Nath and colleague Mark James but he did say already headed to the top six players in the history of bodies. Vastly over and wanted to that jump off point here is your point that he's not as good as we think he's just he's just always. Man. Vastly over race. Got over rate of that topic we're citizens that are so so what's worse that. The fact that he's vastly overrated. Or Jalen Rose. Sticking up for LeBron. To start this series outfit cabs and set but one read LeBron James. And we saw glimpses of that last night because he was magnificent about a way of forty point triple double. I does that mean. But it was. 25 of the first quarter for crying out. I dollars to one right. I thought yet now you know these people who pick the happens. Today do not know what the roster ones. Let it get it. If they wanted to pick LeBron are right the pick up from abroad and stick it like you yet a broad user guide that Kevin Love they swept the raptors corporate inquiries if the same roster didn't lose anybody as tiger wait a summary comeback is the same group and now all of a sudden. After the eleven playoff games prior to the series with the Celtics and it seemed that nationally people are just now thing when. We'll props weren't cast but when these guys. I think as I was watching last night was picturing Mark James sitting in his living room somewhere in his ski at least once. I I wanted to get on board that they don't take the background and roundly brought the rate of let's get right back you know there might be over rated in the top panel yet if you if you look back on top five or six that's not the top five and over on things even if you want you know prop up some of the older guys with who brokered the ovaries still already in the top ten. Even last night when you watch a first quarter by the way he was making. Unbelievable. So the degree that one that won over by the bench. Or Clark while I abounds over markets Smart I was sitting behind the basket. Media row sewed just in among the bunch of fans and people just turning to other throw their hands and land like what he's let's do it this guy all right but you could see the Celtics were getting easy shots and missing them. And Cleveland was getting ridiculous shots and LeBron was making them. There was that play acting in the third quarter were Baines got a month a switch and LeBron hit this like runner floater tears dropping from like a step inside the file and it's like. You have air and pains. A big masterfully in all different if you would look at him but he's clearly not but that's what you would think if you just parachuted in its not that matchup. LeBron couldn't get the shoddy one he had it. The nine point nine degree of difficulty. Right so so simple quest ridiculous but they close it out there when the series the element of the NBA finals. LeBron James final press conference after that the game that they lose. He's up there right now. I don't like the Celtics. It and says I I I wanted to tell us. It's apparently go where we want anybody wants this to you don't seek out the ultimate stat I don't know I don't know idea to do it but you can do Celtics fans say net. Ottawa right now if I'd I actually think that answer would say that I know would I like what we're building now because. What you've got now what I've just gotten out with that reality. Unstoppable yet except. It all works because of it by hand and you wonder because of the bronze complicated it's through coaches and GMs and owners. You wanna be introducing that went. He is lest we forget about to turn 34 years old. So you're gonna get declined LeBron at some point they have LeBron carry on with him team and I don't think that's I don't worry you know don't you want carried do you like Danny right Danny you may remember the reason them here in the first place and you and there's one team in the league again if they're fully healthy that doesn't need him to compete with Golden State again and they beat Golden State but it could compete with them but if they have added I beat Golden State. But who really get rid of that yet to give yeah our guys get his money the way the guys in the sacrificed like bullets that market but playing that game just for the sake of our argument. He's not average Alan K he's been awesome now these playoffs but we're not gonna suggest that he's better than LeBron right. He's a better for this team he's a better fit for this. But the Celtics have what they do Brian James I would rather app. Al Horford for the next year student abroad for five or whatever he's not signing LeBron for a year you sign him you can always times for four. I just think you know freedom is fourteen years younger than LeBron James I want to see what that looks like accuse or taking a step from the regular season in the post season you or you prove. And Jalen brown and I think Gordon Hayward when you were to have all three of those guys retiree. There's your scoring and then you still you know markets more off the bench here now Horford. Like yep the bronze better individually that all of those guys but the group together I want with the other place now so there team that's the whole point this works because their team may move on offense they move on defense. LeBron pounding the ball does not fit now 61777979370. Is in Cranston achy tight. Not bad how Leo I don't great you know I hate I don't watch a little bit of basketball now I'd like get back. Back when that was the old dumb Celtics and lakers and I've always. Not to seek act like they call it today. But now when they introduced a Cleveland Cavaliers want to got to introduce a while James Brown. And all advertisements. They don't lose its own Lakewood when they go oh played tonight I'm a Boston Celtics and LeBron James and that our clean look at the. He's the best player in the war Hal biggest star in the league who who who would you rather today named Rodney Hood College internship at Cleveland cavalier. Yet but LeBron is what sells I mean that's that's just good marketing that's that's an Italian eight. I'm telling you wonder why don't we don't why they do that. Because that's what people are too and in four days they no way you market LeBron James people are gonna tune in and if carrier ring with healthy to be doing the same thing with carrier ring assault those most popular apparently. OK I have one other question or integrate do you think they call a lot off. I'll eat the ball and used it. Now now I mean I think you go back and watch an eighty's Celtics game. And there is defense but it's not an on the early as Saturday ethical. And if it's not it was not nearly as physical back and yet you've McHale close lining Rambis and those kind of plays as the pilot stuff and it's not quite as. You know it still arsenal mainly used to maybe put. It's still it yet Paris it constantly and beer and didn't get rejected the claim back panicked about that though I know that it drives old times Celtics fans crazy. Because you know they lived that the heyday of the sport and all that stuff. And on sorry but the game today is faster more skilled. Much better defensively than it was back to our athletic it's it's more it's where and it's it's a more physical game two and a there's all the best rats that Michael Holland go along is the game was better back then you. Like is that it is exactly the event like that in that I escorts and sporting don't want fortitude and hard about I didn't play any defense and illegal back you know Larry Bird dominate it with awesome Michael back and forth but there's those guys just don't know there's scoring at will. It's though. And the game was also. At it's it's better but there's there's a rough patch there in the late ninety's where. Guys were worse unseemly physical with a hand checking all of us on wise and if rural India guys just there's law and those knicks team that just big on the knicks teams except the game back like one years but recently it has been. It's as good as it is I think if you take the fifteen best players in the league right now. You can stack them up with the fifteen best players of any generation in pretty good yet in even more to the point what's more entertaining style of basketball I grew up in the eighties I love the eighties I have been known to watch YouTube play if you or Larry Bird highlights for in out. And the game is better. It's better and it means music fills me to say that. But it has never been more entertaining and people also complain you know maybe to protect the finals it's it's going to be. You know India this year but it won't be but it it's cavs word potential for three years. Wolf with the Celtics lakers just like the lakers sixers rockets every nerd William miles teams aren't three quarters of the game.