Dale & Keefe - Rob Ninkovich recalls when Belichick ripped him; Who should be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame. Ninko rips Richard Seymour

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Wednesday, April 18th

Hour 3: Second hour with Rob Ninkovich. Ninko opens with a bombshell story about Belichick, in which the Hoodie would quiz players on things such as the coaching tree an opposing coordinator is from. Callers praise Rob, who also discusses who should be in the Pats HOF, what Bill thought of him, and the changing game of football.


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Yeah. Our number three daily key Sports Radio WEEI former New England Patriots defensive star Rob Ninkovich is in the house with a us. Up until 5 o'clock or thereabouts so so rob told us the story last hour of when he got in trouble once with Bill Belichick. And because we keep everything that's right we have the exact a boycott. Of what got rob in trouble this visit. When things that we did last year well when I continue to do those and then also improvements owners know we got to get off the field that's huge so. Some of third and long. Situation here and we'll get off the field. No third long. Screens heard this lecture too so. Specifically their play and you know the third and long situation as a whole only got to do a better job obviously. Everything's working together so coverage rush rush coverage of both works together so. On and I just wonder if you read definite work on your. What can loosen it's on us adults right now now it just Bill Belichick imitation of what he's with this idea at that point I mean c'mon like. We just give them play and let's just give them Alamo were on review that she's on the wall. God does things for us later on in the best part is on and eating like my my practice and I'm like school had to be well spotted a in my problem is. Sometimes they just continue to talk as he stopped like it could easily said like you have media outnumbered them. Screen that's into this with a I hated that as you know how much are well all play well third and long. And I've the screens. It's you know let a live and learn and a lot of bills and some good ones that get to an island yes in Ireland. You separate ability station too but I'm tired and I sat across from and you just blinks then I wouldn't say anything and I. Going on like that but. My first year we are playing buffalo I was as excited be on the team and you know bill does is weekly the let's see if anyone knows anything about this team plane you know sitting there and he's like rob. And you. Ellis with a tight ends are in Wednesday with the rules they do on the thing and Mosley. Over and I had my eyes in my playbook. Right a mile laps I'd like I would Thelma barking and pep pepper Johnson used to sit next news. Injured book. I thought book and I it's. Like I liked it liked put it down moment but it album my feet as I've yet down still trying to load music pepper. Pick his book problem and it took a book I was like I'd don't know. Who our companions are. So he's like now. Can anybody help amount and then as and that when guys get in that situation everybody's like it is you know there are life. It was first time Saturday night as all the papers shuffling and they're like looking and they get everyone's like they just shouted out to councilman doesn't know some of one's kind of hopes. And that and then afterwards these sites you've got. You got to know and so there again Tino and a teacher teacher I know the answer is always out but there's no black guys who's the teacher teacher guy unless changes you know the usually gather it's the younger guy terror remember that specific year but. You know they're usually got its. Probably not gonna make the team if they tried yesterday how data should help pilot its shouting out all the right answer right yet they can't play football in the it Morton's death sizable but bill you guys resolve volley if you can play if you can play. If you can't let abuse. It's did say every answer perfect you know however if you don't peak Matt yeah our guys you know added I don't gadget that outer cut Steelers so. He came out the mid practice he's like. You know yours yours mark heat next time you've been another shoe size that site. Like right site and then from that day on I mean he tested law on that. And I would I had this the system of the tight ends are at the bottom and a right out tight and highlight it right the tide and number one the wife who uses. You know who's who has the receptions on the balls that cause. On the games they played were there from college size and he would call me a lot and I have written bone. We begin and I'm now though as a disguise it from them that point on I'd. And nature and and the thing is is he'll tell you. The sale like. Our or have some questions narrows the and I'll pop quiz and just give them your dislike you get so nervous and like all man like for me. How adjusts the just so nervous about it is that he can ask you question that he knows enough and yet. Like so the backfield partner Billy white. And that's why and I don't they are certainly could you tell us who the GM is in where they came from an airline okay and over the DMZ is ready come from you know does that help you. If you know with a G offensive systems. College. What words he come from the West Coast guys you know what type assistant to their on were that Edwards third tree basically right now. So but yeah. So those are some listeners of the things that happen by the way we we're gonna do our own testing here just few minutes we have Richard different now we have our own test it's where we're gonna let. Rob do wanna live pretty I don't know I don't know I recited a few minutes I wanna sound like take on the tonight as boxing you know box handled differently you know you'd punched in the face for living but did you hear the one. The Mayweather won. Yes we that's what that's like fifty cents at Iowa do you view it a million dollars to charity if you can read Harry Potter books are because you click here three point can't read in my out of about Floyd Mayweather but listening to him try to get through a commercial real it was just airliner read earlier lives it must have I you're listening to united 37 that he died music couldn't do. You like I am Floyd Mayweather that could do so and I and I do any title better than that when I do any type of late Reid or like some type of any anything that I'm reading I instantly think of Matt Light. And why say that is because the way at all. I've known known Matt is really good at all so Matt is really good he's got great pipes too so yeah that's what I did I don't they don't like. He does. Pot. I'm Matt Light and he like really like changes as I don't really and you know world of investing and does and that holds that he doesn't drag and Alec. Susie in his wife all like walk a turbulent world and that's usually stop at a track her heart out and out. And I especially if you like united drinking your voice kind of shot nice morning wicket to count them like deep deep. You know like it's headed to the Matt Light and do a match this. Living room with the respect people you could Wear him out because we're here right now so don't. And me saying almost six. Hey Jason. Year ago. Hate just didn't. Now that in other words there's a lot of them that I dedicated did not do a lot that's the best that ever heard asked what it's about that women's Odyssey does that sound through there. You spectacles and you guys 6177797937. Dennis is in Providence say Dennis. Dennis. Dead yes. Hey you're on the air pick up the phone down a status. You called us. This works I don't think that's that's not how we leave it again here. You know don't be like if bill ask rob a question and a comedian writer Jonathan Daniel all the comforts it's gonna help me get back at times both here and work on ninety you to hold off on home on a second I got some of those guys a I think any easy and let's let's try Biron on the cell phone a Byron. My guy advised on it. You know split or a little early nice nice to beat the traffic moves. Gap old gold out. Lightly he first got my question I wanted all the negativity and it was not under appreciated. Component of that. And they admit the heck out of this year they really did thank you appreciate. The question did I have a friend who next probe actually you'd go play but. And he said no one ever want to leave. I was wondering did you retired. Because you weren't tired of the grind. Felt that you just didn't have it anymore or what there's something else that. Well honestly I think a lot of guys. They never wanna stop they'd. But a lot of that's usually within my. Five to seven year range in. I don't know how long your for your friend played but a lot of those guys that you know they they played the favorite didn't play very long that might have played one camper two camps are likely hang in on. For me was like to have played eleven years and I've. One to sue rubles I won a lot of football games I've been the playoffs side one. And so many big games have made some huge plays. My thing was when I wrote down on a piece of paper. What else I wanted to accomplish with football. I didn't really have I didn't have anything left that was Larry if I played twelve years what do I get. Super Bowl okay that'll be my third. Play in AFC championship yeah I've played in a tonne. Sacks yeah I've had a ton. And an awful side of it. Below my knee out yeah I've done that both myself around yeah yeah Abu throw my color us here what do I have a groin surgery I had agouron surgery. You know I'd just although those those. Pros and cons of playing more year. And then you know looking at just the whole big picture of I K I played a long time I'm have my health act. I'm great regret knocking those spring like and a lot of guys that they can't. Do that at 34. There are. Sebastian ball girl I'll say Sebastien like me and him were great friends. He can't he can't work out with me I just can't duties I can't his back he said. Multiple back surgeries his shoulder can't swim because he can't get his arm over his head like his shoulders fused. He's got back problems his wrist he's got a wrist issue that he had surgery on selector so many issues. That house like aren't fighting get out of this thing. Unscathed which I'm not unscathed chasm there's going to be problems at that down the road I'll probably have issues I don't know what it is but why continued to have. You know continue to push it when I feel so good because at some point. You don't feel good. And if you get to that point then I entered too far in ever gonna. Get back to feeling regular you know 6177797937. Unlike Bill Weir gonna give him half a second get himself prepared. As Ninkovich is gonna do one of our lives breeds coming up next a foul you're talking about by the oil we burn. And it's a coach Lloyd Mayweather. And of Floyd Mayweather and Nigel and hard radio. For the show your stripes. Well there. Floyd Mayweather and I join hard radio four to show you strike movement to support higher and there's. Of Floyd Mayweather cannot join heart radio. For the show your stripes movement to support. Part there. I'm just as it is now that I win then it's your does that than that you Natalee tasks that subnet and it's it's coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. Okay. Yeah. Senate like Vince. So are you gonna get the Buick Vincent national oil and actually charcoal center cache coal oil and pat cash well Castro. Castro you are not Floyd Mayweather did you you know mark I want those are not thought to those like our home park and do we panicked a little and I try to finish your real quick you know they are anonymous if that and a that in your head and then you put it on the put the pressure on the yeah my card round and its lenders first order. Ivory here. I think people stuck around for that that's about it it was you that at least that was like and die. He can really did not. And I'd so. You've got one vote one vote only you can only vote for one of these guys for the patriots hall of fame Matt Light Richard Seymour Mike Vrabel who gets your vote. I like. He played with two out of three is a red played with that in play with Seymour he was gone directly with Matthew. He's great title match good friends. Like to see Vrabel did in a deal. Yes I. I like to see braves that in. I'd never met the guy is weird again really met him but it was like every time I'd Salma was affected rated play. And it was just by policy only slightly. I don't know I mean it was a Seymour an inning later Vrabel also see where everybody both left they left before yeah right yes Paris so I just play with match but. I think Matt of that league and needs you know. He's a sure thing I think Vrabel last year was close but you know I think what puts him over the top which uses the touchdowns. Now on to the orient the little pissed off about dead and so I decided I would always Eli is still kind of downside and like she's got great hands and do that well we got. The yachts treated type answers and a they did have really good evidence that they're wrong and you know the other guy says things and then we feel we know you're talking. So. Yeah I mean being great is Scott Chandler got jails are allowed just talk the Scottish air yesterday. He's like a 285. Pilots. Jobs there and a half a pass in the left tackle league comeback I don't know about that he's got a bad knees he's done DO would you vote for of that group Richard Seymour yet ghosts I I think ultimately all three did seem to slam with Seymour would have played every down hard. You'd like. And you got to shop oval at the shots he morneau hit. Like of those three. I think he's the only one who's got a chance to hear that thing it is a reality yet but because he's a freak of nature but here's the thing after playing football for so long this is what this is the things. Some of my observations. There's you have your athletes that are so athletic in so freakish the good at everything that they do that. When they won get angry. Or to just decide to turn it on their they can't be stopped you can't stop on his or too big too strong too fast. And then at some time at some point they're like. Now it's. Just go to can and do my thing I'll turn it on make plays. It ablaze and just you know get my breath turn it on that and that's usually with guys that are. Bigger dudes that like indict her whole life you don't you're right on sale at Sears fancy Moore took plays off I'm saying Seymour didn't. X didn't have every play. Our miles an hour. So you. The players up and what are. I'd say he was an ex is a 100% every play he would. Well that's right. I mean IP. Let's say you don't think I guess I mean team launching device for big guy big guy can't. A big guy can't. Really do that it would like because it's almost impossible but that they have free they have the best and shoes here it was more like pretty solid player he's a freak and after you can't. You can't be a big Z he was a 300 pounds 300 in Bosnia and moved yet Alia you don't make there's not people in the world that are made like that you know you're. You have to have a certain. Just genetic. Freak ability to you it'd be able to be 300 plus pounds and just get off on the ball right and I mean another thing that he was able dues. The amount owed contracts that he went through. And the money that he got beat was unbelievable because of the fact. That you cannot go into the draft or in the free agency and finding out like that. Anywhere that you can do so that's why he was able to make that the things that he made and just throw guys around though he did because he's so strong he can I mean you can block them. All three of whom were on the first threesome ruled seems that he can't say while longer as more rings are like that though the same amount. I wouldn't be surprised not not knowing who also gonna come up on the bowel the next few years these could be your next three guys there. At least somebody's got everything I would say all three Talladega albeit via their organ so whatever word is I mean. It doesn't opt out your former teammate who told me he was that the freak of nature he was the most remarkable athlete who's ever. Vince. Well Vince is a free Vince told. LB's in the years to they had Seymour. Events when he was young yeah and Ty Warren as the best from its insane so it okay so are way behind I'm outside linebacker and you gotta down block on. See more it's. The thing is is that as outside linebacker it's all about space race and if that five technique gets washed down right now when that tackle comes right down on that that oh that that. 34. If he does not move. It's a lot easier. This to give up in in SATA hard edged than if that guy gets washed down even a step because then that creates space race any type of space is a hole. Running backs trying to hit and then if you go pulling guard Earl fullback how many kick you out. The less space that's there the easier it is to constrict and stops that hard edge in the ball can't get anymore you know so. Those guys boom they're like anchors on the balls knock on January as the nose tackle bloom anchor here inside backers if it's the double team. You're trying to you know the double team off you know you're being patient look at the ball and you know those three guys were just monsters in it watched tape on those guys even tie. She was no believable football player unbelievable athlete so. Vince I've seen Vince like Vince who we play catch you know during when the offense is going mean Chandler and speedily cameras have. You know quarterback receiver thing going on triangle triangle the triangle throw. And you know he he would just do things that a guy his size can't do in on the you cannot do it. And hard knocks is kicking field goals and only receive Jesus he's an athlete. You know he's a true W basketball. This is a great story one time it was like we're playing. In Jacksonville. And this was at the end of the year. The went down Jackson though. Actually. Had a pretty good game or against us and they almost won at the end they drove down Chandler hit the quarterback as the balls coming out interception. We won the game. But in that drive. They kind of went to a no huddle. In mean Vince hit Chad Henne at the same time hit him. And we can't discount out slow and I'm looking in and I see them already on the line instrument like office ready goad me advancers. Vince is laying on the ground like fifteen yards behind the whole line at the the quarterback on on center room exists. We go and he just like got up and is is this like little legs he was like running and make China with a Jersey outside Oprah yeah like his belly was out and I used like oh my god we started running we got that we do it just got across line of scrimmage. And you know the space in between us that the space between the guard in the center. In the court that's a very small like little. Area to get through and he did mica like a ballet moves if I. I'd jump I got any got skinny in the hole in my turnaround guy's hand down cells like while I was impressed. Except for the a man his size to get up run. And get lined up that quickly. You get skinny until the ball was that he got real pain terrible mistake guys you know simply inform them alone he's he's a great teammate. Kind of scary when your first like you'd just get there are count your Wilmer your little bit nervous you know because you don't know how to pay him what. Now he's you know. He's as they do agree team 6177797937. Is telephone number I promise we'll get back and calls we knew coming up next. Daily keep Rob Ninkovich is in the house with a Sports Radio W media. I. I give basically do holes they don't want OK I called Bob's friend but he's down in Louisiana he says he. Saints fans to keep it here ambush of a hard drive space based band we probably won't ever talk music I called him. Are there any talk about it yesterday. Pat do group poll are we're going to be crazy got to got to got to act as an appetite. That it's the attitude that it delay it much for the touchdown and I'm white cool. That this happens and you but what life and at all that he thought he just over the auto. I get a hold. Radio thing and others some words he can stay in what I say. If I was very comfortable with us Kyra. That's our car you know it junior in the football world. Jeez it's like. Mouth of a sailor announced that you just say whatever but now in this this world we live in now and France they Zardari words please you know can't say anything. While only David Ortiz can the FCC pardoned him and he's good on that said the real bad word as show yeah. After that but the rest of us can't say that I'm going I don't know and he got to be. You're via. Conservative with the words I'll ask you back to the calls is 6177797937. Rob Ninkovich with the spur a few more minutes. Justin's a New Hampshire hey Justin. They guys are at the did not much so. Rather automatic and it Gloria loaded question and I. Sir I appreciate everything you did it patriot to skirt what good idea due any day. Over some guy that truly talented player that you respect and watch you play under all parts that. Are you suggesting that rob was not talent they just ahead what do you got a guy drug that's who can't get. Freaky odds as well I'd I'd let guys like just. The emotions are on the sleeve right I just played as hard like that and I had to because. That's that's just the way I was a decision and I had to do that did you might be referred to as an underrated player I did because a standard that they backed him up a lot of ironic it's underrated thing that bothered me that it's the it's all relative to contracts that and so I was higher paid guys that I would have been. All rates over there highlighted is so it's all depends on where you're paid you're paid last year under. You know if your overpaid or you know so it's despite whatever I just go ahead. Well I appreciate your I. Hate it here at my question that I know he's here every guy you look Boca people are good epic look carefully at certain but. If so divide it is reported got the goods between Brady telecheck. Moving forward you're Robert each other big crap. You have to pick one based on the fact that Brady probably got the potential to be the voice of the organization. Picked reorganization whether or not a dull big coaching front property at thirty years. Or you yet coach herb may Jake good shooter fired more at bats. You can. Vote that added that that is a tough question I would just argue that it's loaded that's a loaded question the thing that I would say is when you've. Like Toms played a very long long long time in the NFL. You know for him to go in to transition into any type of management. Word and definitely it you know coaching is such a different animal. Yet the know all phases not just offense defense special teams and you don't look at it you'll look at it from the sideline right at the look at it from like. A bald despite if you had a big. Drone and your like on top of the stadium and you're looking straight down if the realists see everything right the special teams that kick offs of the plays the the all the coverage in Holland tunnels all the coverages don't you're wrong about that put. I think the management part we're just be a little bit too much and I'm sure he wouldn't want that they you know. Tom's got enough to where you can go to his own business yes it is and I do his own thing Nike's got the TV twelve stuff going. You know I never I never like to bring up anything about his significant other because that means nothing it's like yeah my wife was a nurse okay greatly. A market. I'm not gonna like. Live off my wife early to anything about what my point Carol my wife does like it either completely separate so like him playing football and all that stuff as you strictly on the love his love for the game in and how much smaller ones the play that's all up to him. And make the money thing like at Toms who quarterback for a long time for quarterback for a long time. You know you're able to support yourself for very long time I'm. So with that question I think that bill obviously is he's he's got. Tremendous amount of knowledge on management understanding rosters understanding. On how to move a team in the right direction with the draft and free agency in the so many ins and outs to it than than just you know. A guy that's on the field and you know I think that Tom will deftly via around he's gonna stick around Boston I don't seemed on anything else yeah. And they wondered about that I think I'll stick around and he's gonna I think I don't know I mean bow lodge if we assume like myself I was here a long time. I'd of love the city. You know if I went anywhere else them despite. Joe Schmo you know like whatever here at least I have some. Legacies that I was yes it's to make this walk around your super boring OK guys you know I hope you don't get your hand while Nokia with. Now it's it's just I think that. Moving forward it is going to be a difficult decision that that the ownership is gonna have to make they're gonna have to figure out. Uh oh what is best moving forward and if bill decided one day decade. I don't know I don't they wanna continue to do this disease coached a very long time and you know there's nominee coaches that coach into their seventies you know it's so. On the one said that by he once said he was talking about Marv Levy. And he says like entirely I'm not going to be coach and one cent and now another shows a four years I've. But you know I think that there's an aspect of of coaching that bill loves you loves the recruiting new lows the the preparation. In and making a game plan and turning. You know of the pieces that chance that the center shaft fret that all I have adjusted access matched the draft Europe the free agents the offseason in the training camps I feel like he really enjoys that. And you know I think it's just one of those those things that eventually goes. Everything's gonna. Come to a point where Tom. Is gonna. Move on just like everything is gonna happen that's gonna happen eventually bill's gonna move on eventually. So it's just like anything there's going to be there's going to be changes going to be turnovers going to be a new head coach Wendy for the patriots are going to be a new. Starting quarterback I don't believe I it's gonna happen just like you know like myself. There's a there's a new fifty on the team it's his it's different rights in a change there's a new map light there's a news older so. That's unfortunate part about football and about any anything in life there's always going to be change and everything has been so awesome here for so long I think it's it's going to be difficult for people to just grasp that. I was wondered if you guys ever in now I don't know if this happened but if you're in the lunchroom in the TVs are on and or or wherever. And and you're watching bill at the podium sparring with the media and and you know giving nothing. And snorting in Africa and all that's that's just cracked up when you watch and it's for I mean it is it's it's I feel bad for the they guys asked on the questions sometimes but that ain't the same time I don't. That's a dumb question I have yet okay let me dispute of playbook let me plays who are gonna do always that yeah this guy EA is -- shouted iron to ignited by a plague amendment may be two games maybe not a lot of it you know say yeah yeah yeah just tell hometown they had a surgery and then the other team does really put a target on -- yet like I had elbow surgery yet score rafters yeah now I mean. You have to be Smart and what you say because people they listen they watched and read it's just part of the game so you can't. You know my I love like bill come in and offseason. You know I have. I don't know a situation. Where it will be okay this guy's got in trouble but. What do they say it with the first thing they say they say a stay. I don't know a team whatever team. Making whatever they're making. In contract status did. This at what time you know it's always the team. The contract in the time of the time that it happened and then it goes into what happened you know so it's like. You just have to be got to be Smart you can put yourself in those situations. To where you're that guy in those articles or you know that name pop and prevent teen pop and just feel like you like it. Yeah I think bill lights yeah delight me I'm definitely a wait no that's not now no one should not playing he's he shows it. TV show when you're playing in form out I think you know bill. Meyer and in the early parts of my currency bills saw me as a guy that and you know it may be reminded him of somebody else I'm not saying. Old fifty but just another player that I came in had some skills in certain areas and is Larry if I get him to do these things he deftly to play. A lot of football and build those he has a system where it's like okay. You got to play a put a little bit on your plate. If you can handle what I did via. I'll put another scoop honor if you can handle that. I give a little bit more now if your plate as is in full and you can handle the whole thing then. I think you've earned distrust and tubular connecting. I can trust that I can trust him that it can play every plan defense you can rundown kick off you can play him on team and you can be on part kickoff return which I was for like two years I did. And all the special teams in the town called a defense of snaps. So at after the year was over you'd say you're. You analog going on the sheared off but he did religion. Announcement. Okay. That's cool and Q you know and then sure enough in OTAs he'd you know Korea are to cheap tickets are motivated again and you know it's it's a fresh start and go and do all over again but. I think early markers are so worried about making a bad play urged her and opera argued cut you know like a distant wanted to cut I was afraid. The not to miss a player to miss a gamer but anything's so. You know when you're when you're able to load the play as long as I was had played in. Always be there that's me I feel like you earn the respect and like I said before that's that's everything respect is everything that. You know as a as a man I feel like that's what life's all about earning respect you're either respected her knob for not respected. I feel like that's the problem. I know it actually. In payments to kick off in there and there's been some neat tweaks to where the ball's kicked off from where you get the ball for a touchback wages at all kinds of things have changed for its of one of the ideas has been tossed out there. I don't know if this is something that happens soon or not. Is maybe eliminating it altogether. Matthew Slater was very outspoken about that yesterday or what would you think about. I definitely feel like. It. With the football how it's evolving it's gonna have to change unfortunately for guys that make their living on tick off. That's unfortunate because there's guys that just were special teams guys. There were able to make. A living in and provide for their families and really that's what were that's what we all do it return to do the best for our family and provide. And you know early marker their resolve that's our blue Monday out honestly was kick off I was there was. Monday night opening the superdome. Saints' first the falcons. Select the Steve Gleason punt block. I was on the punt block that was the right tackles called pistols posted rip inside the B gap did vertical. He was cross in the senator's face and he was free while you know and boom but a blocked punt and it was amazing that place was like I would like. A hundred jet airplanes taken off and there was not Slaton loud as I've ever heard in my life. And you know the next series they do theirs or they did a reverse. They scored and I was gonna go in on that defense it's that defense of series is that you'd only have three defensive ends it was me Charles Grant and Will Smith that was it. So is playing along route I was playing a lot yeah. And then I was running down a tick off the ball is deep right to kick right of the right are three and at that time you can have a four man wedge. So like. You take for your biggest guys you just put him back there and you run track in you just run through wherever you see and me being the un like the 63. White guys are like Kate just run down their nonstop just this hit somebody might just run into that like to run and Annette yes yeah don't break stride so. Although there are and I just thought given to try and you know I'd be the ball is kicked right like probably two yards from the us the sideline. I'm close to the end zone so it was a really close it to be in a touchback but yet almost out of bounds of the bill wedge was by the numbers. So I just went for the ball and I was like trying to get to the ball carrier so as a run in the the wedge hit me and planted and it kind of spun me four. A tore a lot of stuff formation on CO PC EO meniscus that I did the big one suspect up. But I ended up late on the sideline like they killed me. And and and the coach and shown more that the minerals on the ground. And Shawn SP oppose her curve of the injured. Like Atlanta and everyone I was delighted that you get a ticket yeah and he had blown off and I can't play cinematic I can't player and then that. That night. I was like in denial now and implement you know and I was like in my kitchen on crutches and I'm just gonna walk the average and in her. And I like flamingo myself. It's a little bit of an island like physical and thousands over so the idea was it my rookie year. IOR maybe. Well as fund kids remember that attack ads and I loved you know my knee geez. It's been so did item that day when I'd blue nose guard them might not be insane and then when the doctor Andrews. In Alabama on his Idol Gives Back. There's nothing yes absolutely every avenue has been torn but I thought I got a call this Tuesday but a source Vizio did that kind of scars. And CEOs do you know accidents those arms. I'll see you know you're one of the seals all the way to get your am. And CL AC OP CO oh steals alphabet soup. And inside sales on the outside he's he in a steeler and your piece that he beat their if you fall straight down. I know a lot of stuff they call me doctor nick and it says. And our medical school I don't go to training room and I'd just like ours when we got here. I'd check it out there are doing with the doctors and they do all these reports it's like they have that'll make the like the Mike they talk in tune now reporting. A bill like. Patient from acute period. As a right. Contusion period. Armistice. Some books all the stuff and play. Aren't I just was that I do want it. Though it's not high enough access self diagnose the take a good start doing your Matt Light in the table and here's my thing you you do not wanna go in there. When I was with the dolphins Parcells walked in. First day he took the 2007 injured or put it on the desk on the front of the room this big table he slammed it down like a phone book is boom. These this. This is the last this is last year's medical report. This year it won't even be a quarter. Conflict and guarantee that coach. If you're in the train in the so and he anybody who went in there they cut a lesser league with you contract. Like I would get ice and organize and run through it myself I do myself out of and I still nice that you can and now I'd. Well last couple years I'd anything I had that I just to Amman. The nice atmosphere and you can't tell anybody here at the nice thing you yeah well David Koch in your hurt if you're hurt your liabilities. Right. Well you're not hurt hear him we're half of the academy and joined us and we'll come back again a lot of fund yet thanks guys on the ticket Corvette home bank couldn't do it until a former library Spock I'm not doing any positive. Good acted good and what is. Is it something that would support you look at first line yet. It's not Taylor Bradford now but it I'm should read it now part that was act as as you know oil yet just aren't in the top let's let it. I'd daily key Sports Radio W media.