Dale & Keefe - Rob Parker is a dumb-ass for creating the Brady vs Rodgers debate.  Will J.D. Martinez sacrifice so Betts can win the triple crown?

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, August 9th
Hour 2: On the subject of Tom redoing his contract, the question is posed, should the Sox get out in front of JD Martinez’s contract. Rob Parker absolutely hates Tom Brady and thinks Aaron Rodgers is better, which is great show fodder.

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Yeah yeah yeah. However you daily key. Sports Radio WEEI idea NFL pre season gets under way at least locally. Tonight the hall of fame game with last week but who passed when a tree oh by the way yeah how many helmet rule. Her yet the lateral yeah its five when he totaled well. That's a good number Canada by the way LSU on the fly alcohol thing and had four. I'll take the over I think suited big topic tomorrow it's stupid helmet rule forever talking monologue I'll take the over on the take more than five yeah. Yeah I think you'll get three per half so give me give me a total of six. The growth it's probably not going to be attractive football no Elena you're probably not gonna see Tom Brady. Although apparently according to multiple reports including Adam chapter. They are tweaking its contract five million dollar tweak little boost not based on incentives which in away kinda seems a little absurd to me. Here you don't think about it well well I don't know time you gotta show me you know of Kenya earned this guy they're probably just if he's healthy and you look at the last several years what he's been healthy. He's over thirty touchdowns every year he's over 4000 yards every year. You know of the year that he that he only played twelve games. He was still at 28 touchdowns in 3500 yards but he missed four it's so that those odds are hash out is is if the if the bonuses the incentives are judged to be. Likely to be earned. And those are added to this year's salary cap if they are not likely to be here and for instance as I said if if one of the group's numbers was 4600 passing yards. Well that will would exceed last year's numbers and that would be considered not likely to be earned and so wouldn't be addicts who was the definition of likely to be yearn literally what the number or the ranges because it's probably based off what he did a year ago and not. Based off of other 41 year old quarterback's that it would be great pick the average of 41 year old quarterback that's. Like eight touchdowns and you know a bad hip like is this going to be the incentives. But whatever they are to weather affects the cap or not I assume breezy and over again. And that so now he's still about the highs they quarterback -- shop but he is at least you know paid a little bit better than what you what he would have. I think it's it's fairly safe to say that as we said Jack seemed tonight. I don't think to see grunt tonight I hope not we know so settlements do we know some guys who you positively won't see just based on injury at this point Sony Michelle won't be playing you know guys like that Marcus cannon though you're gonna see a bunch of guys. Whose names probably aren't gonna eccentric. But your could be all locked in the matter one still football as bad as it is it is still possible generally. Looses its luster pretty quickly at does the like if it was a if it was the third pre season game in Brady's out there and elements out there and drunks out there. Here you're all excited until they stop playing out and that cycle can now. There. So these services the this is Mike Reese. While ago while patriots might have players held out tonight do coach's decision. Hear those expected to be out due to health or rehab. So market skated Sony Michelle Harvey Langley Kenny Britt. Matthew Slater Jason King Nate Abner Jonathan Jones and wait for Cyrus Jones. This guy just can't. I mean. What chance does the have stick around. Its slim. Have a feeling the Red Sox games going to be more entertaining. Probably. Reports solo after his gem and earlier looking forward to seeing and Ryan and rocky go on the other side not familiar with another run out and have a nice you're not familiar with his work he's done a nice season. Rocky up by the way here's a out a great staff from alliance. The Red Sox are 25 and one in sandy Leigh Jones last 26 starts. Okay off when he by the one apparent it is the only time in franchise history. The Sox have won 25 or more games in any span of a catcher's 26 starts in the history of the Red Sox take that Varitek. Why don't they never won 2526. With Varitek or anybody else behind the plug also paying airing back he also had last year definitely take it it. At the epic that's that I. That's oppressive and so certainly don't also at last check are all the bride Johnson's start from last night effects it but he has the best catcher ERA. In the majors that's another step to keep track of the joke as we've we've talked about how did David prices would seemingly on compared to Christian Vasquez. And how he's Chris sales guys are right away you know the arrays and be lower but. At a all the catches you out of malt all the innings and you know relievers starters whatever city Leona is the best catcher year. It's pretty impressive and one other little tidbit from tonight's game and this comes from ESPN stats and info. Right now I Judy Martinez leads all of Major League Baseball in home runs and RBIs. Yes you know how many players in the history of baseball have let all of Major League Baseball in home runs and RBIs and a season 69 war. Eight home runs RBIs. In all of Major League Baseball. Not not the American League the nationally for players are all big league baseball are only four players have ever done it. I act Wilson Mickey Mantle and a pretty good Ted Williams yes Lou Gehrig and we will back a ways Rogers Hornsby Rogers that. So it hasn't happened those are the only four guys in the history of Major League Baseball Brooke really that's it. So Mickey mantle's the last one to do it 1956. To lead the majors in home runs and RBIs on that outrageous but the same Sosa never that are bought homes. While. The Judy Martinez as I don't by the way do you see Martinez past. Those L two day in batting average last night and now he's only eight points behind me I'm looking at bats. So I think the Triple Crown is more realistic than the people are given it credit for that rookie bats. He has it puts up a couple all firms and and Judy Martinez goes you know 43 series river past them. Pretty crazy Nagy was the last Triple Crown winner yet. And so. I would not have guessed that the home runs in both the do you think a guy that leads the American League might lead both leagues or vice Versa. How has only happened four times in Major League history that's where he stands right now things can change. And as it stands right now. He leads all of Major League Baseball on those two categories that we're talking about Tom Brady's contract and adding incentives would. He can't opt out after this year but he can opt out out of Nikolay are talking to him a lot contract that day illusions NN season Ozarks and others are reporting I've driven Brad follower who had it. Say he doesn't want like Sony athletes I don't talk about contractor in the season are fine. Oh in the season is over now he's gonna be in quite a position of power at that point you may hit for the Triple Crown and win the MVP for the best team in baseball. But you wouldn't wanna what numbered you stick on that but and that's things you can't insult your Scott Boras what number you stick and on that. At least thirty money here to me start there at least thirty antley Sarah. But he he also thirty years old right but I think you need to if you're the Red Sox you cannot. Insult them you can not give them the Jon Lester offer where he's like what is this because if you do that. The next season comes up and assuming he plays well again and there's an op that is in the gone. You know you'll say out of these guys try to screw me so he's going to be easier to take off so this offseason we said at a lot about you know Chris Sale. And Judy Martinez. Pets is ruled a different centuries is gonna wanna become a free agent gets Robert herded through arbitration he's not going to be looking to make a deal yet. But summer like Judy Martinez I would absolutely. Want a lock him up. I'm feeling better about him and that of the pitchers thirties is. It was just DH and a couple years example of these characters what they wanted to do much mainly what that it pretty much exactly what they want but yeah. A James can correct me I'd like this judge got it ahead jam. It. I actually step. They didn't. Yeah I would counsel golf and I will. I'm pretty sure. That. He's at. I would be shocked defeated the many. One thing. Why didn't you look at now the middle at this. Point. Oh. Now what we evolve and they urgently the ball and chain is listening I'd I will look it up but I I'd be very surprised. I'm well thank you we will look up Piazza's stats in the election now. I'm 617777937. As the telephone number as it looked. So again. Will find. Earned a break we'll find our effort and let me address this real quickly here. Turkmen and hula obviously cohosts a morning show here. Has sent out to tweets earlier today. His first one set and I'm quoting now what Kirk tweeted. I've talked a lot about my issues with depression and I've battled at the last three months or so. Last Thursday night I checked into the ER at Winchester hospital with suicidal thoughts. I was then move to McLean where I was treated and released earlier this week. He followed that up with I'll be back at work tomorrow and I'm a little nervous about it but I'm not ashamed or embarrassed and we'll do what we do. We'll talk about it. Are we nobody here we Redick we've talked about it internally. I will not be addressing it because he hasn't had a chance to. He has to have the opportunity to talk about it which is he said he's gonna do tomorrow. 6 AM at I'm sure it'll be right off the tireless should he hasn't had the opportunity to address this. Why the heck would I. Jump in on him you know while while on a regular guy and ends in order to make crap body to do that it would be totally unfair to him it would be totally unfair to the audience. Kirk has tweeted out. Those two things that I just read Tia. As he said. He'll be here tomorrow 6 o'clock tomorrow and he says. We're gonna talk about that's what would he tweet it out so let's get your arm he'll have the opportunity to address it to explain it to say when every once to say about it. It would be completely irresponsible for me to discuss Kirk many hands tweets. Went I have no idea what's going on in in his situation and what he wants to address or doesn't sell them. That'll be at 6 o'clock tomorrow right here on Sports Radio. Okay. I was correct something here because the mistake is mine. Yeah it's gone de mine and mine alone they'll. Yes seventeen guys have led the major leagues in home runs and RBIs in a season most recently John Carlos stand in 2017. Yes enough for now. However. When I screwed up was. Only four players have ever let all of Major League Baseball in average home run. And are being the Major League to remain properly triple crash happened four times four times and that was mental the last guy who did it in 56. Williams Kerrigan hornsby. Op now obviously at this moment Judy Martinez only leads the major leagues in two of those but he's only eight points. Behind rookie that's for the Major League lead in batting average what does it comes out of the last game of the season the hitter doesn't one point swearing does smoky that strike out on purpose so we can get to this guy. The answer is yes I'd be the ultimate teammate when that. Yeah evidence steroid and it's kind of has it. Fraudulent how to do it if you do he can never admit that you did that Egypt has laid down that's sort of the peaceful purpose. It's like guys not playing the last days that when the batting title is gonna play it out but. I could come down to that and if the Red Sox continue to have this huge lead you know the month of September to other might not be a lot really at stake it might be that some IP. Seeing if Judy Martinez when the Triple Crown. The Major League triple major which only happened four times now to defend. The year yeah as one Triple Crown he did not lead the major leagues in batting average right any tie with Harmon killer broke for home runs rights sole. Only four players have led the major leagues in the Triple Crown categories. And the last one was Matalin 56 that's the kind of territory you're talking about. If JD Martinez can close the eight point gap with McKee that's for the Major League lead in batting average right now and he's got something up earlier in the show we mentioned that you can't fix stupid that would be me. I didn't need me to refer to your Soledad when I worked out that way I city can't fix Hitler talk about skip Bayless right. Entry of another example we do we ever the same chill out or let perverts. Now this is rob Parker who lets be honest. When Tom Brady does retire. Rob Parker is gonna have to retire he'll have nothing left fours turn his entire act is based on break or go back to Robert Griffin the third our fellow forum. So let's start with a Robert Parker on undisputed because he just can't help himself he was he was ripping on the fact that Tom Brady. Is the number one quarterback in the pro football ratings. The bill but lifetime achievement award okay. And well rob Parker can't help himself. There we go again this is always to Tom Brady lifetime achievement award that's what. There's no way you can look at these two quarterbacks seriously. The only way you would be ahead of Aaron Rodgers defeat Aaron had a broken collarbone. That's the only way Tom Brady would be ahead he's a bunch of broken collarbone and put. I would come back callable in one DP it's old so when I look at this. I just can't explain I know Tom Brady one day what would it be viewed by default idea was caught some when I heard you sent where he went in the PL with forgot I forgot what I called follow one that I. While a final all possible I've. I mean you win the MVP by a fault right. I like backing into a championship you won by default are really get that. He's won three times in his career in public and our maker wanted to few more times that's the pretty dead. But just the the air Rogers things and OK well then maybe you should win a little more maybe has his team should do better in the playoffs well just a low. Below. He's the world's. He's the low. The wildlife I know what he's talking about because just when you thought rob Parker couldn't get any dumber it was either he ups his game. You had a young right now and of that she had a new widget and I said you can pick. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady not now. Now put any time during your career and on the beginning before you knew Tom Brady was going to be Tom. Anytime you would take Rogers you wouldn't be close you everybody would take notice when I go because Nicklaus Tom Brady as you know. Is one of the lucky Islam. Quarterback players of all time fourth quarter life you have luck always I always when did Tom Brady and I don't know how to don't take away points. Tom Brady has flown molded some of the biggest mall it's big big a critical. This was standing on the Super Bowl this year do you remember or. Two minutes ago long that he lost as the ball went on it now going in another one now and then against the raiders got Ronald talk. He fumbled the football. Doesn't count rob sixteen years ago rob made by the way rod got to. That he can come up went and won album wasn't fumble no he didn't fumble one on the count. It wasn't that they win that game because the team again I know only he didn't Aaron. And so it he's also saying that he cost the patriots this most recent horrible. Yes now. That he mumbled and they lost the Super Bowl because he loves skip those a matter of fact get budgeted laughed there would rob was talking about how you could take at any point of their careers and if you had to if you had this pick either Brady or Rodgers is that your ticket Rogers and skip the recipe of it would be close ever to pick Brady he's the lol yeah. The luckiest of all time. I don't I don't edit at eighteen years of some really good luck isn't really is and it's also made because bracelet for such a long time that you my Super Bowl titles were all like yeah. All this amigos the Super Bowl every other year in his career. I can ask what are lucky Islam. And quarterback players of all now I think I am surprised he didn't go to was it may be rob Parker doesn't wanna prop up dollar check if that's the best way I think. If your gonna try to diminish Brady at all it's the it's the say. I'll check out the best way to do it because you got rid of one for Belichick Brady when you do any right now it's always lucky he's fumbling everything else if you wanted to really if you said hey give. Aaron Rodgers Bill Belichick or vice for a bill vol checked to Aaron Rodgers how do Rogers beat that's your better argument than these the the fumbles like with the assumption we give let's give rob one more chance -- really what proper Saturday morning got out of line definitively yes like Aaron Rodgers apparent is a better quarterback than Tom brake when. Look at there are Rogers. He has to update. The NFL record for pat quarterback passer rating. In the history of the game of all the quarterbacks. Ever played including Tom Brady hit it also had. The best passer rating Schwartz single season. What was once when he sue. Point five again. The greatest of nobody was ever thrown a football army Super Bowl he's he's batting 1000 all long balls on her body night life like Tom billions one's Super Bowl yeah that's what I want. With the with the team. He's only that it ABBA while not about them or Rogers never lost Eli twice that's so bad that that's really grasping to understand that there's a hatred I really deal and and I'd get it I. They understand us because out there outside of New England you're so sick of ballot check in Brady and the patriots and probably Robert Kraft and up the patriot way I understand it. But some people are just they're just sounded like damn fools so lost that you lied twice. So wondered though is better than 500. Now wanted to know OK he's like he's never lost just got through with the foreign know people that Joseph Montana people but now one and all is better than five with. Three that's ridiculous in this load the quarterback rating thing. Great Aaron Rodgers as a monster quarterback rating. Arnold that's the best that the world where sadly Tony Romo as the fourth best quarterback in guys of all time just behind Tom Brady insults I get all open a (%expletive) about that now barely Ellison is slightly ahead of Brady for career quarterback rating. He put Russell Wilson had a Brady two right prosecution rests there. Quarterback rating Aaron Rodgers has led the league. That it per season twice. Tom Brady has done it twice Aaron Rodgers is led the league in touchdown passes wants Brady's done it. Four times. Aaron Rodgers has never led the league in passing yards Brady's done that three times including last year when news forty. Rogers is great. He's really great better praise bettered such candidate stopped trying so hard. Air rod again. Would the importance of the quarterback really. Aaron Rodgers entire career the quarterback has been propped up and they influence the outcome of games more than any other player that's not even close. You'll what I think it probably is fair. To be weighed in on playoff success in Super Bowls at the end of the world. Just because the guy goes to three Super Bowls doesn't make him better than every single gotta want to wouldn't you know on down the line. Bought one Super Bowl appearance in air Rogers entire career. That's kind of tough I mean he's he was drafted no five used the starter and 08 that is a pretty good sample size here and he's meant to one Super Bowl. Bring it to any of that number is so outrageous that that that I don't know why you'd bring that up. Because you've got nothing and nothing else you got nothing year grasping at she's. I was hos rule. Sixteen years ago Larry Summers ago forever ago and they won that. It. Against the top dog over Shannon did at multiple. Beckett talked was talked rule that yet that. But it's stupid rule but it was the rule. They caught that ball I don't know about a lot and walk them there was no. Philippine defense that would keep up their end of the bargain. And like cholesterol eagle celebrated. Despite expected the defense gave up company points blame him for the you're blaming him for the win against the raiders that's is there. And I small game and you should help on the ball there that while the matter they got the ball moved on the field scored that's where were act yeah where we're add is that is that. Fools sorry. Fools like rob Parker. Are are left with well Aaron Rodgers never lost twice to Eli Manning. So as you try to make the case Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback of all time urges yes for now all that matters and break. Yes men and the greatest ball but that's Parker's going to he because I think he's also gonna say you know who would you rather have now for the rest of their careers. Considering Aaron Rodgers is 34. Okay yeah entertain at least seven years younger than Brady would you rather have Rodgers now to the end of their careers to probably get more seasons out of but to say at any point of their careers that's insane. That some of the runs that Brady is sad if you go from. Say 072 and now. That's a good of a stretch of quarterback plays you'll ever see his true. Pool now. And he's got a network TV gay right he does and you know here we are we're talking about it so you know Irish ship I actually and I was gonna bring this up at some point because truthfully. We quadrupled the number of people who hear nine what they say because we played this stuff that makes you wonder should we nobody watches that show now. Nobody listens to when sent our interns that tells what they said I entered and I actually think in some respects they concentrate on the patriots as much as they do because they know. We dummies are gonna play this stuff natural if you had edgy yeah right now and a shed a few words as. You can pick. There are rod the top waiting not now but any time during their careers and for the beginning of its revenue topped it was going to be top. Any thought you would take Roger in winning the close and everybody would take notice would have thought. It wouldn't you be close. With the exception of you rob everybody in the world to take Tom Brady. Please see Rossi. Good movement there. Vapor trailing on his way back to the puzzle that trees in here. The six. And you wanna give McCall are two white it was called someone like rob Parker know about my called rob Parker. But Eli Manning beating Aaron Rodgers in the NFC championship game well that's my favorite thing and that's where you could expose the Joseph Montana people with a four or no in the the Super Bowl and it. Well that you have other opportunities to get to this removal until those don't count. But it AFC productivity loss that might get there so Eli Manning beat Aaron Rodgers in the NFC championship game. Add a big deal that he beats him. I beat Brady in Super Bowl and and that's idiot thought well. That's astronauts. Even urgent it's an Achilles the extreme example. Chip Kelly losing force of rebels is more impressive than a guy that lost one super ball and I La las one. He went to four and so he won all those institutes of games but he does get Barry is one of the world's Biggest Loser actually break the news to rob Parker that it's actually not possible. For Aaron Rodgers to lose the Eli Manning in the Super Bowl weekend. If he's batting 1000 golf balls. C'mon man what is it that's very young you believe that I don't I'll still I don't want to address all of them out Pratt Auburn and there. There's better there's got to bring the guys that have their undefeated in the super doubles that the for those. 6177797937. Christened Springfield Chris. Hey guys I'm actual and certainly you'd jump on my partner and I heard that and Arnold careened out of roach it even worse college student as will the NFC championship game. He lost you I'm playing at home. In bowl Super Bowl run let the giants beat the patriots and you'll you'll have divisional playoff game Tehran and any Eli Eli Manning at home as well so you all for two in the playoffs. After the second Super Bowl and then a couple of years ago they did drug giant after the giant players get on the boat like more on. But even in that game Aaron Rodgers threw three interceptions in the first half to give the giant to change to stick around so. I grabbed Parker just delusional. Arm. You know. I would the person who got the Brady can wrong on the first admitted. I made the bar marginal. Five weeks seem to this lead after they didn't put Bledsoe back and I thought they would rue the day and he helped build that stadium. And I couldn't have been more wrong I'm not a lot I don't apologize what I globe would my. Bodies that are. Patriots and what they give it back coming give the greatest quarterback of all time and you look like you don't when you don't acknowledge. SEI and and I am really impressed by the way we can go back to that Bledsoe Brady year. I was one of those people as well as said he can't lose your starting position duty injury. They got back at it how they got to go back to blow so when he is healthy now and then yet he hit like December. And and you know you would look like a fool at that point you're saying none of the got to go back at that applies an update in a lot mayor Michael back to Bledsoe when they shouldn't go back to Bledsoe. Now Tom Brady wasn't Tom Brady act. He won what you see now now he was off classic game manager right exactly that year but they were managing. All right and then things started to to change a bit and just to be clear. Eli Manning. Beat far the first time so that is an air Rodgers was on the team but going back to 07 that year they actually went through far the only other time Aaron Rodgers. Did lose in 2011. Loss to Eli. Aaron Rodgers also lost to twice in the playoffs to Colin Capra. He's lost to Carson Palmer. Our Russell Wilson and maritime so he is he has lost a bunch of different quarterbacks in the in the playoffs since he won the Super Bowl appearance that he has. But that a thousand. I mean if I if if I had to name in the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Mean based on Aaron Rodgers physical problems here of late I have high stick in back of the top of the list. Yeah I mean he is incredibly. Talented but you're right he is a given he'll stay on the field and only has a couple of seasons last year he played in seven games he about a thirteen he's played in nine games. So that's a couple yelled twice in the last five seasons he hasn't been able to to finish the year so that that's brutal I mean it but. There's not many got besides Brady I think I'll take my chances with them when you look around the resolutely shark I mean there's. Not a lot of guys being. Drew Brees is good no doubt about it but I think air route rather have Aaron Rodgers but you're right yeah you have to make sure he can stay healthy. Let's go to Jared on cell phone hey Jared. Again I read about in our last caller. They go wrong I should also. Oh yeah. And oxygen ions in the gap. An ST championship. But what Rogers did lose to Eli in an NFC championship and he lost to an earlier by the way Eli is two and a lifetime at Lambeau Field in the playoffs. I always back. I guess a couple of years ago and Tom Brady the biggest comeback. In the last well into it much you would be used better than Joseph Montana. So if you say that Aaron Rodgers. Better than Brady then. Who would you jump why can't Aaron Rodgers and I want to Brady and I loved Montana are subject Joseph Montana over there are any. I think I would too that's a lot on record is it to me years is just I hate you can negate. Look I agree it's here that there's a lot there's a lot to that is just. Grasping a straws and maybe just maybe he was told that day atlas and grab an argument here. Skits gonna say Brady's great you gotta pick somebody else and come up somebody else and those are rocker Eric the only other person he could possibly make an argument for is was there Rogers that's in the league now. That's probably it but it but it's this isn't even Brady Manning anymore you're talking about a guy who has been heard a couple times only as the ones who verbal so. He's a great quarterback again that we for the other arguments through he can make every throw it he can do that he's more mobile and look at okay great but he's he's very very good. It's night and it's an insult says that he's worse than Brady every court everybody is exactly I mean I. I guess outside of New England it's hard for people to acknowledge that Brady is the best he's ever played seems like it it's kind of like. Given now right out with a New England it's kind of OK used to be Montana at fifth Super Bowl win kind of put that to the side. I EE EU take a look at the at the statistics you look at the numbers. And I mean I guess you wanna hang your hat on career quarterback rating. That's the one about it that's the that's the key now make other output Todd Tony Romo on the mount Rushmore. Well that would put Russell Wilson ahead of Brady is well zone now on dates and Ludlow paid eight. I I called him a month Tom Brady cannot be altered his record may be one of the greatest quarterback alt I've. Recognizing him as the greatest quarterback of all you know air bloggers Peyton Manning and all the government that they all that great but I'd really odd thing about where it. Brady rec and him at so many. Every week he'd seen it all iPods are all winners doesn't make that the call Aaron Rodgers eight. Better quarterback rate just because in all the factual or gas or he had some big odds got better accuracy you know I get older. Afford that dip on the ball not going to be there but I don't think that they re still be the greatest quarterback he'll be degraded to lift the way to get off football law. Yeah I mean that's another old RC salad really tough than it was tuchman about the past hearing Rais Lawrence Taylor really isn't right many different guys it's hard to say different as a target yeah I did target via weight position like but as part of praise concerned. He would never as the play another snap he's the best quarterback of all times all he's doing now is just kind of widening the gap. They give you thought it was allergies that that's letter that's what it isn't even before last year. Where he wins the MVP and it's another Super Bowl appearance he leads the league in passing yards even before that I thought it was solidified that's just you know even you know. Lapping the field now so whoever you thought was second it doesn't seem like it says as. Close as a war whatever kind of goes out there wouldn't like to ask rob Parker arts and he went after our dog but he says Aaron Rodgers has our batting a thousand inseparable these terrorist. Eli is too. With twice as many Super Bowl wins is Aaron Rodgers it's what's not coming does heavy lie ahead of Aaron right I don't know if that's the number that he wants to build his case on it Allen's just pretty silly a Brady hater on the text line says. Rogers' place top eighty whoa. That's real aggressor and tell me exactly how. Opponents he plays are tougher by far more I guess he's talking about the AFC east is that if that is his contention here is that am. Isn't it isn't most of the reason that the AFC east has been decimated. Well last fifteen years is. Because of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick sort of down but you know they sought to play other playoff teams are still to play the Steelers and Rosemary their record outside the division is resolved is. As good as or better than their record donation. So yes they kicked the crap out of the AFC east mix picnic. Heck out of everybody nick full says the same Super Bowl record as Aaron does as you know I am so does though what. Joseph Flacco don't believe those if you go out alive are Brad Johnson and Trent though further those guys. I'm mark Ripken possibly was wanna know the Super Bowl. That's the tough argument offensively you can get 23 you know you idiot that Troy Aikman territory before restart toss around winning percentages on third. I'd I'd have Aikman had a Rodgers to a new all time. No. I might I don't think so he was he was great you know and in it was on great teams but it regular season are conclude that you know MVPs and it. Routers that are. I shot is in Ashland pay a shot I don't. But credit at school art club working on the campuses in 04. Talks on the run. I'm rob arcade and somebody yelled support an upgrade since. I wrote part of the show in a remote. Our movement our group of people and that's the only what are you an old political art ever win the World Series and I'll let I don't know what part. Obama could also. And I ask them. Eight you know Jakarta would that all computer as I hate everything Austin conceded last that Jim Rice. Not blown my home course back now to talk to. And accused are went to post your resume game now I. Can't believe he can you don't eat it station are you kidding me. And he just kind of all about Corcoran a spark. This before. It. I couldn't believe it shoes and just complete loss that got. Definitely some yet and I sports debate without rob Parker though president and enlightening afternoon. John thank you I I I don't know maybe it's maybe he's got a hair across his butt about Boston I. Wonder what would be. I don't know so goers Rosie in New York to use for New York that's probably samples. Right well attention that they get and as you said everybody especially the patriots it's so easy to. You know compliment them because how good they've been so you just wanna go the other way when how many guys are religious. You know every single thing you're trying to attack them criticize them for I guess. He figures there's less people doing that get more tension 6177797937. Johns on the truck funny John. They're guys Elliott looks up and shook my co op I'm. Huge debt as in all of the triple while quote you made early it sure. Yes addendum or our guys to win the Triple Crown was not Mickey Mantle it was cal Yastrzemski in 196. Actually it was me while Cabrera welcome to another while you're recently which you don't know that I. John White let you okay well what you which in this and I stood. Was that. Carl Yastrzemski did not leave all of Major League Baseball in the three categories the way Mickey Mantle died. Nobody is batting our batting average may lower and did Ali related measures. Other or about John we just it is nice out though and I started I got the whole conversation going. But did he Martinez could do something that only four other players have done it now be a Major League Baseball. Triple Crown to Miguel Cabrera all the Triple Crown. I forget who in the nationally headed higher you know average your right moral bronze or whatever was it when that but. The National League is pretty down dozens of leaders. It was a Little League season doesn't feel like anywhere in the nationally if you just look at the numbers and so Martinez is a real chances just eight point eight batting average points on bookie bats. For winning the Major League Triple Crown publishers are just think about it for a minute in the history of baseball. The only four guys who've led all of the major leagues in those three categories in the same year are making mental and 56. Ted Williams. Lou Gehrig and Rogers Hornsby yes outrageous. Outrageous that you think of another guy's mind boggling. Well every I guess that you know you understand there's not a lot of guys that of one moot the Triple Crown. In the American League or the nationally so I guess he knew that number was gonna become a low but then to think about. So when it both leagues all those guys this is crazy kind of seasons Mattson Springfield hey Matt. The man. They expect Michael unit on hate is what to a you got a little social several quick I couldn't you green in a better quarterback Aaron Rodgers and I think a lot of people agree with that. But when you compare gradient breeze exciting clothes so like I really don't understand you know obviously that writers at once and I'm not sure how anybody in the right my accuracy. Runners the better quarterback than creating a citizen category there's a playing. I mean I think I think Roethlisberger matter quarterbacks there writers and readers Eli has played reasonable guys senate. I mean I I don't know I mean Brees obviously has the passing yards and in the touchdown see as Craig is the video game stats. But he's never been the MVP of the league. He has just very Super Bowl wins as Rogers. On the he's been all throw as many times is Rodgers has reset unbelievable grammys and a first ballot hall of Famer but. I look at Rogers is about a quarter rock. Jim is on the cell hate him. Yeah I wanna rest. Say that I am not Tom Brady and I think he's the most overrated quarterback football player in history. Know how can be expanded the most overrated football player in history let's hear it. Well if professional like them because I'm a patriot through very close well what that is just. In the system ordinary. You know blood system that so my question of who is okay are you wouldn't let this. When he doesn't play it just as good when dosed well. Q would let. Well images that are Jamal Ali keep role of the C talk about the one season that they won eleven in five that's Obama. I play. Football games so they went three and one without Omid into. Couple years ago. And they went eleven and five and missed the playoffs the other your other than that it's been in the whole time. And guess what note records. Really want an 115 translates into fifteen to six round are fortunate sorry. So you think that Matt Cassel and Jew negro upload Jacoby percent looked as good as Brady. In order to save their apparent. Think they're crazy Britney is the best I've ever seen in the pocket. What's for a lot of history of the world I can beat them accept and I'd like to beat yours right now I'd bet a million dollars I bet a million dollars. I actually I would love to see that rays don't have a billion dollars to put upload our loved RBI entertainment. I. Would forty times and you delivered to my chronic. Quote quote what I thought I might produce a hundred yeah that was nice guy. Running against nobody on W 75 usually dumpsters where it is right now and there's a picture right now are under twelve searched once it's a lot less than a column about. The college there aren't. Look at Israel. Has tracked our outlook looks well like well. Like Jack elements that do other teams not have guys that sacrifice themselves. Not like that out over the middle got a pocket you understand when it's what you do if you delete. Yeah I after the catch I don't know which if you believe in restructure these great the Brady got on the ball than me. How probably won't until I guess I'd I don't know Kamal alluded to them look for a better. And what you see what its completion was Welker better or worse with the Brady. He would and it's obvious I don't know yeah isn't that a technical and all I didn't assist amateur. To other. Himself systems I'm curious what is Drew Brees have a system or Peyton Manning via a system. Yeah yeah oh well by the way they're demanding under one. Great play games under one out okay are they play other teams too he's won five Super Bowls. Jim economic pretty close three so he's been an eight he's eight Super Bowls. My god Marty and that is because he's the best of all time. Now because yes. The best. System on time are there cultural law it doesn't just coach of all time and so that this isn't thing is a little obnoxious a lot of other teams run that system. They don't have. There's absolute quiet another blow all of that the absolute ears is that even phrase possible so Deion Branch was the branch a hall of Famer Jim was Deion Branch and hall of Famer. Now when you're in mean US and expect great having the candidate turned into Super Bowl MVP they go some of these become. Our Powell and the aged the debris. Jim you know as they try to utilize them in different ways and AdAware if you look at this system and how. Do you address system to get people. You would think other senior specially I don't know if you were a coach on the staff you try to use that system somewhere else and probably a lot of success that's never ask Jim Jim we gotta we gotta put an end to this but bumper sticker this form eight in your opinion as you told the call screener this. Tom Brady is not a top ten quarterback all time right. Oh. Can you name nine banner. Yeah I think I'm I'm probably right out and play a robbed and I. I'll gain back the laughter we ended today you think you're organizers better quarterback had a very heavy day here around the stations that we knew that that we immediately thank you and we appreciate them providing it.