Dale & Keefe - Sam Kennedy confirms Red Sox are willing to go over the luxury tax threshold to add pitching at deadline; Mike Giardi takes shots at Brady’s figure

Dale and Keefe
Tuesday, July 17th
Hour 3: Sam Kennedy says the Sox are willing to go over the luxury tax threshold to go out and add another piece that will help now, but do the Sox have anything that they can trade? The MLB All-Star game might get rained out and it could put Manfred on the spot. Le’Veon Bell reportedly turned down a 5 year- $70 million extension, so just how much is he looking to get?

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Yeah to. Our complete daily key. Sports Radio WEEI were broadcasting live from the pine needles golf club Plymouth. The annual WEEI Jimmy Fund celebrity golf tournament hosted by James Parker. The all star game is rich just told to in the award winning trendy now very jam packed award winning Trenton elements on the area and did bring up the back there's an all star game going on tonight Washington DC. A lot of the Red Sox brass are there because they've got five all stars ushered and so a lot of the brass are there. And that Evan relic writing for NBC sports Boston had the opportunity to speak with Sam Kennedy. Sam Kennedy is down there watching the Red Sox and according to Kennedy. The ownership. Is willing to cross the highest luxury tax threshold and take on payroll above. 237. Million dollars this year this is according to Sam Kennedy couple of quotes from Kennedy quote there's a willingness from our bosses. John and Tom have made very clear to me and to date meaning to browse the look let's see how the market develops and we wanna do what it takes to try and win a fourth World Series championship. I don't know how the market's gonna play out but we're getting close here. But there would be eight willingness to do that if it meant in our estimation. Making a decision that could really help put us over the edge over the top this year and the post season. You know we had the taste of October last two years there's no question we're hungry for October success. And according to. What. Sent Kennedy says. He says you know what eagle after what he if you will and a goal without the luxury tax threshold what would you go after he's at right now. Well analyze our situation and see what happens this is Dombrowski talked about this. Sam Kennedy said Dave and I had lots of discussions about it to meet. From looking back to the years were we've got over the hump in the post season. A lot a lot of times it's the obscure speed on the basis directory in Alaska have the ball and but when it comes to October. Pitching pitching is probably. And he pauses. We'll see. It depends what happens with Steven Wright drew from a friend's got a little bit of time to figure that out I think it being held a gun to my head home rocket that harsh I would always support more pitching. Davone Alex Cora they'll make their assets assessment I can tell you one thing. John and Tom and I will be there at the ready to support what they want a deal. This obviously has the makings of a very special special season on quote the gun to his head pitching. He points out you know the there's the possibility that you know. It's possible at least the rod could be out maybe until sept. Who knows that and without via a big problem because they were role in the first half and they were pretty healthy and yet at the right Palmer it's got hurt for you think of how many starts sale price. I'll Rodriguez course all of those guys real debate but now falls sudden you have to start Brian Johnson a lot more or Alaska as a lot more power in two weeks now makes starts. That it's going to be harder to hold on to winning the division come playoff time may not bite she was much too short rotation anyway. But I here's something like that where they'd be willing to go over the luxury tax over the highest luxury tax pressure and so that's obviously good but how who they get it yet. With what they have. That's still the biggest things of that child for example they were gonna get him. But Machado is on the move could have gotten him sure but what would they possibly give up again. I don't know who make for high priced guy you would think that that would come waited. A pretty significant group prospects or maybe a player off your Major League roster. I don't think that anybody could deal minus devers who I think you wanna keep he's so go right and you know everything you know cost controlled. All you gotta say this about Red Sox ownership then you may not like them for whatever reason whether it's the yawkey way thing whatever one's. You may have issues with the Red Sox ownership you cannot I don't think. Question their willingness to to spend money. Do what it takes to win a World Series championship game columns sheep they have spent my barrel a day at times don't necessarily spend it wisely under that now but. I haven't seen an indication laden and where not to back him Mac and the highest payroll now and according to what's in Kennedy told Levin relic. Ownership has said it will go higher. In the air base in place that stuff and the problem go back to identify the right players that's been the money on you know in the air models and at all for that. Now maybe they don't even David Price of our every penny price does not yours though. But he certainly can't call sheet yet if they were just willing to go at one of these guys. You know it for years your vote the Bruins and that's that's over now for your release of that salary cap names dates that they say that gap pretty much that's changed without at least some of the hour for awhile now though with the Red Sox know that that's that's about it it's just. Them browse is also on what kind of expected when he hired Dave Dombrowski said. He's gonna make them very competitive team he also got your form system to do. So the trade off if you're OK with that and have a successful team in Major League level but that would get to a time like this. How is the audio ads it what does he have left in order to you know help multiple organ infielder or even a starter. Did you that your your questions that idea. If they had the highest payroll already. You know we talked about not going electric tax threshold the penalties that there there interns. Draft position and things like that forget about the financial penalties they got lots and yet. But you know draft position things like that I thought they that that they would avoided it according to Sam Kennedy both. John Henry and Tom Warner have poll date them brows ski you do what you have to do to make this team that this in detail would say that it's easy to say these things when you don't think they can. But you know and over anyway. So you might as well say yes we will the right mall without there we will do except that if fate if it will gets made elsewhere. And somebody comes back in the wind. So I just that you were willing to goal so my guess my question why are those moves and then they can still probably. While would have made that move put it like we have forms they went with player acts in the Yankees system compared to what that we offered this apparently looking good enough you could. Still talk your way around that. Because I don't know wealth there is it that JA happ. If that. People don't think so out of the Red Sox on another lefty starter either. We had a list. Last week we went over. You know Kyle bear claw or Brad and or Sony's relievers that there it was the second baseman that's you know think Pedroia back. There's along with the second baseman. With those guys and how many would simply fuel the luxury tax though. There's still some hurdles they have the jumble our order and here at the point now. Where and I saw wheat beat about this in the last couple days we head back and forth about you know how she says. The crafts are in terms of patriots payroll and and that's it with who didn't understand the salary capital was convinced that if they didn't spend half. That Robert Jonathan Kraft could just take that money it slip into their pockets that yeah makes a lot of sense. EU can't you can't be about how any of the team they're willingness to spend money. You are about how they spend that. Well they know to this one of those things were I think it helps being in the city and that also helps the success that all of the other teams have. I I really do feel all there's a pressure they push each absolute. You can't beat the one you know the Celtics are what the title the patriots are good every single year. Rose ever resurgent threat votes aren't that there today. Felix spent money while if three other winners and sound like that's also got to push them to the spent all of sports base every couple of horror caps on. All fourteen they've spent rights and for about ten years. We had people call the radio stations you latency Warren Henry about to sell this thing. I don't. The story while for a week like this that they bought Liverpool the odds are that colorful they're gonna get out of the baseball business that's on the baseball and they seemed like the baseball team a lot. And now according to what relic wrote and what he was told by Sam Kennedy yeah. John Henry Tom Warner and instructed date to browse the if there's a move to be made out there. That'll make us better give us an opportunity to win. You don't worry about money. I just don't know that movie and access so I think it's a Smart thing to say I think you're appealed your fan base I think January spent every single point also that it's cynical to Miki. It's true that the typical of the elements. When you're looking around it already you know after they traded peers who all the way back you know over forever getting dealt some notes for Horry out at a Major League Baseball. Pretty good sense of who's available and also what they even have to. Be curious to see if I mean ultimately we thought they'd make optimal Manning. Right even if it's you know Steve Pearce type move for a whoever. But now I wonder if there's a bigger deal and Dave Dombrowski bag here that he can pull out and say look. We get this guy's got a pretty good now do you have as we sit here today in this ever changing but is there. What position are out there with a player is bizarre one position over everything else the relief pitcher. Yes I think it's I out of the bullpen not not close or your fines and other got a date 78 inning. Yes I Zach Britton a Zach Britton and other got to account parrot Barnes is focused I don't think it's going to be Thornburgh although it lasts who cares what their of the disperse to buy. The very little faith in him so yeah another guy there 6177797. ID three sevenths dots down indicate a Scot I don't. Do I want IE I do this might Ali let you guys do a great job. You. You know I don't know lucky eat pizza and that's part of perpetrated them lightly. EPA to ask you a good example the other level players that people want it spent a lot of money in the international market. And you know people ought to treat the prospects that might hit you don't like like Ian bottles all. I don't I don't agree with you that they don't have any penetrating getting to help this team. They're one of the worst minor league system Saudi compared to you know baseball prospectus in baseball America that they don't have top players that one guy playing in the futures game and he's from Salem. Yeah it but that that's that's the core intra party and like I said I mean they've been so long shot that they saw a sixteen year old kids that you know it's. And we know is that an example of that is. But never with rank entirely they have they have dire they used to have guys or regularly and I know they got that dates that they gave my Pomeroy it steal they gave up. The best prospect in baseball to get Chris Sale they needed to have top prospects. In order to get all of those guys are not. I don't doubt it but I don't think that the Red Sox right now either. It's a top level player I think they need them you know how to open and I immediately as I've heard in that second baseman but I. Yeah but don't don't get it wrong on that I think they just wanted to couple that on the probably still do it might appear to topple an arm they get somebody back there with what they have. I'd just like that at the the comments we're reading. From six Kennedy is saying a VO. We're we're not afraid to bring in the guy with a big contract and my whole point is how many big contracts are going to be dealt for. Nothing like for what they have probably that it got a guy who's naked. 1520 million bucks I'm looking at SB nation does AM my ranking under minor league ball dot com of the current of the minor league systems yes. They got the Red Sox ranked 25. Just below the cubs signals. They've got the 25 now in 2000. Seventeen they had them 24 so that they're down a notch yeah 2016. They were six. Right 2015. They were second. Yet you'll among college events and the and some of these other guys that are that are still owed devers. Go on now analyze the innocent Espinosa and he's been a bus and they got hurt but that that the point is he was viewed very highly. When he was traded withdrew pom rants so what went Dombrowski got here. The farm system with absolutely stacked. Don't think you can freaked out that that he traded all these guys the way considering. It's the the starting pitcher in the all star game the last two years you've got onto prospects. The closer who's also the author game again and for these guys. Maybe you thought they could of gotten more for who they give a preponderance leaving you pretty good last year. So Bleacher Report their rankings at the beginning of the season had the Red Sox 22. I mean there's thirty teams in baseball thought that this one of the worst farm systems. I don't think that's the end of the world's people look at that they freak out there I look what he's done this it does everywhere. Look how young some of the starters are between devers Bennett and he even bats in Bogart's. It's not like you're looking out of really old team come blind which is a bad minor league system. Okay we're not haven't the miner's stock for a little bit because you have so many guys in the early twenties that are that are playing the next level. 6177797937. As the telephone number. We're down here it down pine hills golf club in Plymouth and I'm gonna. Tell your life. He's getting darker. And Dominic Kiki the exact word we go whether every half hour and then down. 6177797. ID 37 just telephone numbers we broadcast live from the pine hills golf club. The Jimmy Fund W we identify and celebrity golf tournament is coming to a close the golfers are better off. Force quick round today and will quickness and it's an enjoyable walk on the way. Beautiful fairways here it's pretty clear around she's in the ports in regards to we're trying to dance music and here. Yeah what does this. Well but it's. Act say and it. I got the list of regional talks are projected so you don't like Marilyn Manson and possibly. That was all their that was all that I want. It diverse list of things that I haven't done a good mix up and it's on this list I didn't know. Your thoughts. He was on vacation. Maybe it was a look at it as well outflows that's the work wanton act. Reports. No you're not an economist went on pilots. Those interests on to a six or six. 686. O'clock actually sat there. The full of the the half. In the remote site with the author on the along that they. One quick football for dramatic after vote after the real chapter that. When it becomes a free agent in 2019. Let on now. Is not expected to sign with a Golden State Warriors. League sources tell one and may shop comity. And serious at all. Shocker it does that. He also will there. Basketball. The basketball things aren't. To go home much so that you enough for football in the excitement. And that was that as you a lot of and I worked in the story and the lows rules which flights things like this that would get him back in the NAV is very making it the Golden State Warriors jail system. Let bills play. Next year. Her. This final one year. Ago because now where. The situation. One acts make all your. That. 61777. By the way my yard in shots quarter the all of all. Year of the G-8 and me a picture. On the beach. History. It is a black Tea Party says there TB twelve looks like me minus any muscular definition. All I. I it. Artists embryo that port here. Well without without any muscular definition where he think Brady has almost it that's but he does he think he's done yet that there. Available by the by the way Tea Party he's got as well native now now is the best or. Law. Little beach volleyball bigger polo players it certainly mixed doubles beats. Good team all the team that had to sit there and wife and Brady mode though that then you'll payers. Well Wendell. If they were on the side cite those articles written flatly with a sand there. I mean that we cut never once he says TB twelve looks like me. Mine is any muscular definition in May be seeing him minus muscular definition. Saying. It sounds like you say that 3COM source that a lot of muscular. Avocado ice cream. Or it'll work six once this is dead. Well geez that's like united or did have that that that well what you want from day but now I can't good out there. The to me there's someone else you should be I'll bring it up everybody's bought it it's than I thought I'd tell you you can tell our ethic at all. Especially the weather. 6177797937. Marks and all. Mark before they don't want to look. Or you can only be achieved and I know how depleted the the farm system as a cure all then you got out okay. I hate the feeling he isn't just Iran I'd given it an injury could be a very attractive little. You know expertise that we don't gonna be thinking about their future. A little highlight I attract you know what I'd like Harry attract acts like that I consider that that's how you got him in the first place that they got him in Miller house he's in particular because that Oracle's. New Albert Eduardo Rodriguez was. He's all I think he's guilty of a lefty Clay Buchholz where he's gonna get your hopes to get pitched really well. They gonna get hurt him in the game so the team that I mean now tough time because right now he's hurt two weeks ago that you that should the poem you've got to top prospects left as well. You've got you've got cheapest and you've got grown yet but those guys. Yeah ball you know pretty potentially somebody at second base. And you know you ride in part you do overpay for our identity papers. You know those particular area but. I think you got to look at something and you become bishops. There's this could defeat them they're going hospital at. Well it it it sounds as though Sam Kennedy. According to Sam Kennedy said ownership is willing. You know if if Dombrowski has a move. That he thinks you know gives this team is significant improvement in their chances to win. Money is not an issue eaten gulf war and so I think so what you've got his. You get devers yes you can shape us and you've got groom as young guys you put the erratically deal. I want guys hurt for the season area with a minor leaguers you're looking for the right trading went along guys on the self a pop TDs. So that's what you have in the minor league system. I had not considered Eduardo Rodriguez and that's just the one. Devers I would prefer to keep but again that's sort of the portable thing placed wires like negate any thing a lot of other guys that you might come up with a marketing gets you one thing. So yeah I'd be open to trading Rodriguez I don't know what the dealers that were turned and that you're gonna have to get starter here that's gonna fuel that's the idea the erratic you know that's. Is you know you're you're trying to and and maybe you're trying to get a a high price starter and another team's trying to unload. Do you think that it is that all into this season for them. 'cause you have that's next year you have sale next year you have Martinez next year Bogart's better intensity I don't look at it all in this year. But I can I can understand if you think the window smaller may be its next two seasons I don't think this is a two were died the year. Robbed out of Florida hey rob I don't. Good you know you guys are talking about trading prospects at all but how follow after the trade deadline. The group irrevocable waivers he did not extradite their teams on waivers and that's where the money dot coms and the place was some decent players could be available. Drove yet and yet the wait and see what that list has got to be you leave yourself the chance you know if you if you're really hoping to get either reliever or starter or third baseman could hurt the rumors about the stock as. You leave yourself cut open who's available who's still there who doesn't claimed by. Yeah I mean they could definitely have somebody there sure that's when they admit that crazy dodgers' deal to write ago. I think it would not wasn't Verlander might be robber Lander to vetoed it. Because left. I think so yeah I don't know that you did to this alternative in you have under my peace on the beat him up there that could also look now let's tell them yes that's happened. I mean and as is most of you understand. In the immediate aftermath of the trading deadline. Major League teams. Almost put everybody waivers and it's it's virtually almost anyone. And I'm around I got not Chris Sale but you know what I'm saying I don't know the first of that but many bears on waivers I'm sick to my stomach like that he'll lose. Savard and the answer was no no they didn't edit and eventually did I was I was very nervous at that yet that is kind of you know par for the course a lot of lot of guys are waivers are Bryant's New Hampshire it Bryant I don't. Good are you guys. Don't think that they're gonna go Ali and this year they could take a look at the Mets righthander and at the age to compete and well beyond what an expense and or otherwise trade. I would take him made heartbeats I just I don't know. That's the kind of deal or there it probably asked for you know patent and the order that they would ask for the moon court Jackie Bradley junior may be that you're willing to go on that they echo yet to drop the all in if it was if it was Bradley and devers Austria and out prospect you know I prospect lets it grow even ask you. Are there any right to yet dictator's picture and you know work work amount of it yet to Obama's definitely had a guy that I would trade. And yet most war thanks. I don't think that the Mets would ever trade him to the Yankees don't I still think they would do that. That's another one of those I bet that if you got a team in your division. Yeah he got a team still in year old city he'll watch him you know when the site on the World Series everything on the to the senate sound tough. Average. 1969. Was the last time these Major League Baseball all star game was in our nation's capital where that was our case stadium packed. The game was scheduled for Tuesday July 22 you'd pour. In DC. It was rescheduled for the next day Wednesday the 23 they stated at 1 o'clock in the afternoon it's 88 game. To get in all the major leaguers out of DC I would bring this up because as we speak right now it is pouring in DC. Right field is filling up with water I just showed keep a picture somebody tweeted out from the dugout the nationals dugout. It's got about two or three inches of standing water and a cool again. I don't know what that it would be. And by the way up but that was the last time the first and last night. That the all star game was postponed because of rain right. Equaled mark they would. Do that all active major leaguers would go crazy if they get jet warmed up on runways. In the spending other out there they're mean the minute you come out of the game there it's there tail lights there there yes those that could be. Miserable. Awesome. And we were just looking on on line here's some footage out of what Stewart flash flooding atlas. Where cars are being flooded and now here in Plymouth you seemed a little hot pocket of dry air which is nice. I talked to guys in the pro shop earlier. They thought that worst case scenario was that it was gonna hold up until about seven here. Back in an hour so Dionne yeah we. It's normal we've finished the marathon victories in five and a half hour of course. That all of the final groups. One arts though. We got a southern they're they're timings and being yes. But I guess in the in Austin. Austin it's been pouring in places. And at some the forecast for tonight in places in Massachusetts. He has high winds hail and under. Which is you know it hailed right now but in DC it is we're looking at some of the images on Twitter their own. So the matter what baseball that's wrong decisions. It is the laity game to delay what they do and the players are great fans at the end to a you know who have flown in there they've got flights out of town sort of for rob Manfred he does it is that they the guys play what do they play in the field will whet the third this is like go back to that tight game things. Bud Selig so I don't well yeah they shrugging his shoulders with that applies. Though rob efforts the decision that is not the war. Have some kind of rooting for really really bad conditions just for the drama chaos how they handle it. It could rain delay went through a five members of the Red Sox the Beale mad about it. But sales sales start to 01 and get it back up again. Thereof until Friday opened a series in Detroit against the tigers of the weekend or Dale Arnold I'll be there with him never. You know what I say that I'm not positive that I'm pretty sure with him this weekend. I believe Joe's off but I'm not positive it's Joseph blow out Detroit. Not island Texas and those things that excellently. And he's got these awards out apparently out of place there. It calls on. Rooting for chaos tonight DC. While. Wealth for. From the game is if they play clock you all of baseball I'll be back and forth. You know I'll eyes especially the use chemical that close yet for sale starting if that animosity at all. Beginning when you've got starters you can bet leading off Martinez and clean up yet sales are fine I'm good want to first few innings and then. When there. It the dugout it's flooded now they see Andy acts really well right now dugout verdict that gets sandbags to try to keep the water from going down the tunnel. They get beat pumps that their running out there at the start with eight in the you know that the pregame festivities which are any minute they go along on on and so. Missile that way. I mean we're just looking up Opel park. Shall replace Bryce Harper that hit home runs. Them. The real hawks now. It. I don't know ESPN that thought yet he has the but wait John Jon Lester talking to rob Bradford. As you know that you talk they want work outs in the edit it at that price yeah. Jon Lester quote I don't think David Price needs to reinvent himself. You figure it out against the job and why does he does it felt I have to disagree. That's the nice thing Tuesday from that picture. You know he's laughing mr. side could have worked at a better. He moves on he wouldn't with the cubs he sees the they do sign that will the eighth. Lester has the while this may be. Cynical but he has the pretty happy that your off this really went issue. We will hear these factories like that guys if these kids' friends which warts so that's helpful suppose and Javier eyes as they do. But the scene the money that the Red Sox the news. The price and to see him just be terrible. Shelled south lesser asked that he just passed. Buddy stick enough for 270 million dollar non all star. That's still blow them three years on the team know all star appearances. Also appearance I think is the start the game makers and they'll make the team like this lot more on the all star make that team. Tell me it be your your elbow got tweak peak beyond all. The thought it. That's going to be hang over the entire second half of the season we're talking about contracts for the guys. You know Judy Martinez EO Scott Boras being there they're not Ramon Martinez and whether or not. They would come up with a new contract for him going forward you know Chris sailed their open that you know they can lock him up long term. I wonder if you'd even be willing to negotiate. This season or so ago go through. He's ordering Macon thirteen and a half million next year. Compared to prices make it we made them an idea that's right and all I know it's it since everybody slowly got to be reckoned thirteen and a half million extra days off what he's worth the other guys idea page right that is not that anybody listening would take that second. Bought do you think he would be out where to miss martini you think sale would be somebody beat the Red Sox. Would swallow lock him out this offseason rather than letting him become Fareed next. I would yeah I would do you know is in his thirties now. I would be prepared for the last couple years the deal for him. Probably not be great but I would love to rather than having the day. 34 all bidding war. We everybody getting all of the Yankees did the price there you know the Dodgers every team that has money. In another season it's gonna offer Chris Sale province water pulls dollars. The before that happens it is Tuesday halo we just picture this now it doesn't seem like every time a team doesn't take care now. It comes back and bites them. Yeah oh yeah you think about Lester you know if if they'd done it. The the off season before he signed right if they had made a reasonable offer instead of them. Phony baloney offer they made it a sign. There are those guys that. You know because they take away some of that fear of our five or really bad year right at her to be like go for. Get rid of that that you also it may be a little bit of the boost that you're to block it all these years it can work for the players well so the Red Sox they. Busy offseason even for guys that are Oreo contracts the note the gravity back. But just look at all the guys are in the all star game each one moment and all of a trip moral person. Note do. This respect one. But the other four guys. You're gonna have some sort of contract conversation out of mad after Tennessee's. We and speaking of contracts were getting more more information about. Levy on Bellamy off that he turned down. Yeah according to NFL outsider Ian Rappaport outsider and that was you're right though he says a fine the steelers' final offered a Levy on Mel. Five years seventy now. That was what what we learned yesterday context today the fully guaranteed part was his signing bonus of just over ten. He would have made 33 million over the first two years in a rolling guarantee structure he would have made forty. Five million over the first three years. So we don't know brick hoaxes. Guaranteed money is essentially getting 85. Years straight the Brady coax him getting paid more than Latvia on dial. That change the wireless and bell then not good enough. And maybe we read it with comments a little differently we've met the earlier now he wants to be paid on par with the top offensive weapons that with that without the term often run weapons. And so resemble with the with the quarterbacks that will know he's just talking about some of these high and wide receivers. That are making money he feels he's making more and Asia. Other glove and belt rank cooks every team in the equipment. In many respects and I said this way back way. The worst thing that professional athletes is when wielded the that's like half or content now let of course they're Canberra where would we be where I didn't notice it at Pittsburgh on. You're 45 million over three years isn't enough for you do you remember ballpark what year that was I don't. I think it's always been such a conversation you know whether especially with as this are the Red Sox are concerned. A million dollar year guys that it's always been really see if how much those guys made it is. They evolved the conversations have been had just based awful will guys making the contracts. But you're right at its root those guys. You know whether right or Al Horford and Tuukka Rask. They wouldn't yet probably half the criticism this criticized but it wouldn't get half the criticism if we know they've made and then also were able imperative reveals that list. So somebody tried to have to figure out the offensive playmaker theory for Levy on now somebody on Twitter says. The rams set Todd Gurley salary floor. Floor at sixteen million per year with Brandon cooks the Gurley led the NFL with 2093. Yards from scrimmage in 2017. Was NFL offensive player of the year yet he's awesome. And his floors going to be sixteen them. Let him belt looked at fifteen million that non monogamous Long Island nominal lead offensive player. Early at the curly and better year than bell but tell at this point it's been better. Offered independently longer to wedding bells have a better. Better career was two years ago Gurley was an outrage that you know sort of let it really good first year than not sick or are correctly in Lashley bounce back and rant to relate John McVeigh was the the coach of the year also this stuff all the attention. I I could see Libyan bells don't from the east or is. He's betting on himself yes the play well in healthy this year that men. Every team in the league and been on and maybe some do it you Todd early money more money it is and it's fairly clear this will be his last year it Steelers uniform yet knows if he's not gonna go begging back. No and that the agency that to explore these last years though I think that's gonna factor in all year this just. A lot of guys go to contract years but how you go to contract years where they know for a fact in my back on this team. Though. The steel that I think is good news for the patriots yep they'll have to be good for for himself bought. I think there could that could bring the issues Tom handle all that a great the stuff out of town. Has benefited the local teams to get like a Levy on belt thing probably benefit patriots. You know you've you've you've not got a situation with. Men in the title apparently heading for the Dodgers that certainly benefits. You know the Red Sox but he doesn't go to New York doesn't it at a young age as huge. If things that Obama although backfire for the world's fifth. That's not and then I. I'll Bruins went the wrong way on the wrong way there owed insult and it adds up and LeBron yeah LeBron goes to LA doesn't go to Philly doesn't want it now because they know about that wasn't an athlete voter Philly would have been worse were the Celtics. And that's another thing that you may miss the I think the Chinese Jalen brown are very. If you ask them about LeBron leaving out of good for the someplace they don't. She opened it yet why the change was saying you know that would be the best you gotta beat the band on a video. Listen Taylor brown kind of said that Jill brown wanted to stay in the divisions in the conference so they can beat him of Jill Brown's point to any point laws. That our goals to win the whole thing our goal of the beat LeBron in the terrorists that you asked about. So I think that might be certain pressure a little bit though because it's all on them Wednesday they have to win the conference. And also different the last five years that was yes that was in the case of the but nobody's expecting them to to go beyond the conference when I don't I don't know but it's always oh that are in that regard. No not wants to get there but not in the the whole Eastern Conference there you know every every round in the Eastern Conference. Whereas before it's all about conference finals this is probably I shouldn't be here and now it's going to be you better get to the FB files. They had it to be NBA finals. Patriots have the suitable in every year I mean basically I mean it cleared opposite W failed did something wrong something happen Red Sox. I'm not sure. I had a went around that it would and if they if they went around it right I think so it means I think they haven't yet usable so they would round. And they lose 21 of those teams in the next round. I don't think that's the world. But you lowest expectations for the Bruins. Yeah. Yeah I mean they obviously have a special playoff team. But the witness to the playoffs that a NHL they're gonna face either on oh ports that they probably in the first round. They lose that I don't think you'd be shocked. Leo I'm in Los expectations but still very much of a playoff team. Absolutely plan. The body should. I say now the scramble. Oh win with a factors that. God would it was a packed today. Image via that if there was no ego he'll lose commitment. On vacation. For the girl off. Yeah on a shallow horrible maybe this year through. And he lives there close. And it over and are trying to get credit for being here. I don't you know credit program if all of the here it is time. So. Everybody survive. This lawn alive and well. Which by the way I did. Guilt to take off your you know actually I'm an act. But it was war. Ball. Instructions on the packets. He decides. Who in the run. On an adult mice. With these spots on the I mean I think that's all that I don't I don't want to realize that. Mark real. Shock this. Fire for an early break and everything. On there guys.