Dale & Keefe - Sam Kennedy makes excuses for David Price; Rossi’s barber shop horror story; Dissecting Red Sox trade interests

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 2: Sam Kennedy was on the midday show and Keefe believes that he was making excuses for David Price. The MLB trading deadline is coming up and the Red Sox have a plethora of guys they could go after but do they have the assets to go after them. Jason Rossi had a bad day at the barbershop and has no clue what to do before officiating a wedding on Saturday.

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It really don't know how to not so bad and they sort of yet else that's Obama now says I'm nice you know and I'd be sitting in traffic that's true you might as well sit here and and probably talk about David Price who goes tonight now Sam Kennedy was on. With the midday show today and is Lou asked in the question basically what you hear David Price and so his comments he ever there were kind of shake your head. No I. It's typical or you're he's you know some some are too. Obviously and I think in you know you're an environment where. He can't. You have to the accessible accountable for the media apart from the person myself included issues. And we paid the price. We we know contender is you know fatalities had we seen that. And Barack. Very. Okay so obviously huge part of this team. And in east toward him would therefore have and I think what he's been trying to do. To focus attention on the team. And I don't know if again. Strong winning the doesn't always lend itself to greet her daughter's firm for talk radio or newspaper columnist. Because that's didn't the radio business. No cells don't tell on the radio. Held not on. Honda Greek story lines for or controversy your. Ten cuts under debate went on technical. While also we recognize. That we're trying to. A lot of the here and continued prices do the same time. I mean that is. Unbelievable to me that is of one minute and change of excuses and nonsense mean well does this coffees that is ups and downs that don't lie was still say that goes through these guys on our team is all that part is definitely true is it self inflicted. It doesn't look good both on and off the field. If so would you ever shake your head at some of the things he's that now. You do you have to do now that you have to do if you and you dressed up a better way that that that's thousand bears that you see right through that that whole thing at the mess that. Oh and every no we don't you know he's committed to you know what he sees a game or whatever you know that's. Every time Spitzer a big spot in the kid to order is terrible. How do you know he's a gamer I like the virus as I can you know a camper myself I'd have to be hard for me what my job and issues that yet you know that your. Yeah that's why am I got that aren't as Gary yours yeah that's not the way you are also uncertain to reject the idea that they need him to win the whole thing. I disagree with that now that's part of why I think they need a right handed starters somebody who ends up pitching more than he does. More important innings or whatever in the post season and he does because. If you are it's in your wagon to him. I think your intro. I think that we've seen enough examples where one ace it's not ideal bull won a Michigan math and bomb garner. Jake Peavy was that the game two starter for the giants that hole playoff series it would ask him Hudson like their team was not for you go to his bomb gunners like that 2002. All star team. And then. You have. I think if the script Chris sales are dominant guys in you have your lineup hitting the way that it is. Right now the Red Sox have the best record in baseball and David Price as a Iran in the mid force. So big they need him or commit other guys step up around I don't think they need him I think that's an easy thing to say because lead was good. He's not good here he was good before. Any you're expecting him to be Agricole ace and he's not here like what you're gonna need him on the road topic so. Our our group that yeah I mean sue Ellen ports seller right now are your two best guys and frankly. With. A lot of playoff starts a five or six innings and then piece it together at the bullpen. You're gonna have an extra starter in the bullpen in all likelihood for length but whatever. In you do still have Stephen Wright float around out there major right now ease Pedroia and he's also done for the year but. Think how good he was his only three or force before he got. Lit up in his lot when he was certainly yours but he was great I mean he was legitimately good he was the last time we saw him healthy he was an all star so. You know maybe there's something I think it's when he starts opposite it's tough on David Price it yeah because he made it tough like. Nobody asked him to show up data centers on a plane but nobody asked him to have these terrible jokes on the block earlier about how soft he is in the fort night all the excuses that he has. And all the issues they said mrs. All self inflicted that he goes on he's a radio expert apparently he's talked about how everybody oh well you know in the team's doing while you so look for the negative angles. So as we just ignore everything went their price is on the Keller large the average doesn't ignore that part now. Or so if they were battered even worse like he's he's going to be a story you think you estimates were seventy million dollars and hide. Like he has got to be the center of attention again he makes he makes himself the center of attention and the whole idea that he's all about the team he's put the team first I don't necessarily true. With some other than comments that he brings up. I don't know I was confronting actress I know in his world view confronting recklessly was a team first thing. Stand out from my teammate right that's how we can still go to break think of what the avalanche that brought down on that team and I was people had to answer questions about that for a solid month. Are the absolute did not landfall but there's one more Andy right on about this Sen Kennedy talking about David Price he's asking you need the cleanup is. Yes he did great relationship with two front offices and the achievement and he. Apple player will come here my job as CEO at this time. Sure the organization has all the resources that they need whether that patent browsed he wrote in the baseball. Side of things and whether that John ethical rule the road now operations side of things Alex Cora. And it's in the club on the field I feel accountable. All 330 people that work here and I want to be here this. Port and and tell you to pay the price is eight. A huge part of our organization. We're supportive of him we have his back. And ends it's important that we can. Do that as we move forward. You know in terms of the article by gauge on the year or anybody else I also. Happen. And let him going to drive by calls from listeners showed clips. We try to create story lines like I believe that respect that. But talk and focus. I'll make sure that this organization has everything indeed. You know successful possible because I wanna allow we want to win four World Series here we are few. Incredibly. John Warner in there at your voters. Are as focused as ever on bringing another World Series championship home that's gold that's mentioned. And I think that's my job. The president huge part of your life totally forgot the question was biting an answer well that I don't buster yeah exactly I think the general. Aim of that answer lies. Arm's length yes it was very good and keep an an an arms like the starting out and I don't play F orbiters three more minutes of nothing like I was gonna say power he's so important to the team right well please it's a huge part of the of the organization. Yeah financially. He has again I understand ideally he would be ideally you want your best starters and not just that. He should be one of the best starters in baseball. Yeah that's right paid for and he was one point again he's a Cy Young winner in the past. The year before they signed him play for two teams here's the runner up in the site yeah you can basically drop line. Between his. Pre and post dominant phases that just happens to perfectly aligned with when he got here that is that is definitely true that he says ago David Price should. Be able to speak and perform for himself. They get that's what's gotten here that's what's been the problem on yeah yet spoken for himself irregular you shouldn't have to speak for him. He just asking how you feel about and in what you know if you what your. Thoughts are whether he should have to change at all or how you feel when he does speak because that's been an issue and then when he pitches poorly. Is it's hard for even people or desperately trying to find a way to root for the sky and defend them it's it's hard to do that noted that when you get the double whammy that has been. David priceless for the last couple starts that's for sure yeah and when you talk about speak for yourself perform for yourself well. What you say has seemingly from where we sit had a direct impact on how you before you come out you say things that. Were unnecessary after matches in the last time he pitched in Boston right it was when he said the whole thing. There was and jagr without Angel and I was in the game yeah so that's when he gave a saw not gonna be ready area whatever against the Yankees do you say that. We spend four days talking about it wife argues no I have big sorry it's a big start you've just made it even bigger than it needs to Indians up five meters five homers. Then he comes back against the worst team in baseball now and struggled their struggles and so now by yeah that's why we're talking about this it's not. Even solely because we haven't in UB over actress we like at times last year that was definitely a pile on situation but right now you say stupid stuff. You pitched poorly you pitch poorly again what are we supposed to say. And I shot the tenacity said you know do you do you hate Boston and he says I've never said I've hated Boston though it. Sorry I'm sure we have the sound may reduce somewhere where he was asked last year like at the podium. About why do you never say anything nice about the fans. He basically says I love my teammates and it goes right crisis like now on our way you'd never say anything nice about the fans are we supposed to read that we have got to score a couple of weeks ago if he if he thinks that David Price likes Boston playing for Boston the first that well these don't use in the clubhouse early on now and let another likes you nobody likes the rest of the team but does he like played here without ever asked them. Which I guess the fairway and maybe he knows the answer doesn't wanna share or maybe that's the truth about who's the site. Don't Ask Don't Tell that's true of both of those policies go to Scott it's a true what's going on Scott. Hey guys tell a good show thank you. Pay I just wanna law an idol. Two of David Price and all of that. But the negativity they Keller was talking about you know. Look I I turned you guys talk about a half hour ago in the first fifteen minutes later was in two years astute and well. You guys. Stop and I get it. But don't you know they'll get away. That's what you do two years from now we're going to be done little fall off a cliff everybody's going to be because what they do it now. You know it's it's a little bit maddening because no matter why. You guys are slightly negative price exceeds that Bob. Someday he'd made break out of that Google's level because we need to. What you guys got to admit. Twenty minutes on what would have been two years let's try it lived through the next. Or the year after that on the night. She looks too good so 20 right it's not it's we try to find we have to find the thing leaking them play out week out tonight stares down there are ridiculous in every single second of the show. But we did lead the show must say that one not general. Chris sales great. Cred to several pitched for four hours was born part of the show's top part of the show. The top ferocious sped through that really varies that much about it on this is out there yet but we're also saying that they they need to win now and I I guess you could spin that negatively like is saying that they need to really. You locked in the this year and next year because that is a very positive window that is the time where they are going to be one of the favorites in baseball. And after that after that there's a big unknown yet and this year is really probably the year to focus on because. Next year you're gonna start asking guys. What's up with the contract going to what's your future hold and when guys get into contract years weird things can happen this year is. This is the sweet spot here this is that business with odd years or should they be even a more all it we'll get into some of the Red Sox trade targets that are out there for the deadlock that comes up at the end of the month also concert you saw the brackets for the home run derby John it is a who's who. Of Major League Baseball stars we all that coming up next. Did he wasn't used to. People to perform like that their game of this importance and fans clearly show appreciation to you. Just two. And zoos in the playoff. Hill says plus I'm here you know finally has his team. When you have due to prolonged. Mrs. second being here and into. Went back to back dailies titles and it's. In the right direction I think we all the having as well. Folks on the day. There is. David Price last year. Is that a good team and move in the right direction I feel to have the fans recognize the work we have a good team by bit every now. He's a little trump like in this where there's this like I justice decision to see our doesn't allow doesn't just it is our right a test like. Just say the obvious thing that we all wanna hear it and you disarm nobody can use it against anymore like say it's bad to Rick kids away from their families of the border he can't bring himself to say that. David Price likewise. He is children that are being ripped away or hit a definitive sale I stand up and they are all just say that says it just say that and I know we can't say heated senate every time he's asked about the fancy can never grounds out to say let's probably say he lied but either way what we just feel like we'll 99 out of a hundred. Philly has not yet three years or two and a half years and and and hasn't done it yet and tomorrow will be really adjusting if he goes out their instincts I guess the blue jays. Active imagine was going to be like you beat him it's gonna have to be an injury or something right area that point with a guy like that it the F three straight speakers the B can't make it through five tonight. There's going to be in this one will be on front of the home France. So say he goes on war and a third point at home and yes the walk off amounts product at a great ovation that will be the first really hostile response he's had from the fans because even after the acting it feel like he got hurt in pitched. For awhile you know he would yeah it's at home so he came back in relief and and he was just dominant. Though there was no you know and enough time had passed. There's an article that came on CBS sports about trade targets for the Red Sox tis the season John a lot relievers a lot of relievers so we are had a caller earlier asked about Zach Britton used seem to be a hard pass on Akron he had means the Zach Britton of a couple years ago of course league who wouldn't want and a dominant left hander in your bullpen like bad. And Zach Britton and now come enough Achilles or whatever it was now who missed most of it yet now non non interest it. How do you feel about Kyle bear claw from the minded Marlins. I read through some of the names people like Al Derek lies at a Goodyear now he's got a great name so for that alone off unit probably market him in Maine. Yeah now they would love them out there assure you get some good sponsors are the red claws maybe could do like a big problem now Brosseau over flu so he's 28 years old and according to this he's one of the best. One of baseball's top relievers the season in terms of Ron prevention and feel it is the name of the game. Yeah that's a very weird way to phrase product he's likely or rests on that front but even after correction he profiles. As a useful arm down the stretch. Any won't hit free agency. Until after the 20/20 one season. He has a one point 34 ERI I believe at last check he's gonna handfuls say eight saves. For the Marlins yet although there was three slam tennis and Allen and if you go bear claw if you can oh. I'd jet urine that's going to you don't have to go raise the advanced stats. But look at his blocks he likes five guys are nine and I'm not interest in reliever unless you're Kimbrel. Kimbrel can get away with those fortified blocks per nine become so dominant otherwise. And if you look at his fair idea I don't mean to be this guy had his thing I don't think he's ever hit this guy but all fielding independent pitching it to another way to look at RA it's three point six so as the area plus there's the irony about the area plus is going to be super high because the areas right off so easy error as one point three you don't like the fight it out after his peripheral suggests maybe he's more like a three Harry three and a half the Jerry guy in which case. You're not saying it he's doing it in Miami this case there's no pay per nine is pretty good though it's ten Mike everybody every other relievers based all right why everybody's tad tired you are no one Brittany or no on bear claw yes but Jake. He then. Case similar stick in there. Rangers third when hurled left he doesn't have notable platoon issues and offsets is occasional control issues with strong ground ball tendencies. Yeah 300 into the again another guy here who walks over five or nine was eight. 51 expert. So. If you want the big arm who can blow people away. But doesn't necessarily know where it's go and that again that scares me like you do aren't you don't need that 1213. Strikeout. Guys welcome you need someone who can. Not walk people I got to start a law but there's a thirteen strikeout and a four again Brad hands from the San Diego Padre and we've been hearing his name yet for like three years yes I mean he's. Constantly because they stink and he's an all star so he's constantly mentioned he's under contract for its earlier on. Yet enterprise take Marty get him I mean yes they're a lot object and yet I'll take him. He's. I'm looking at two time all star at last two years pretty gut doesn't block a lot of guys does strike people out. You know have had to give up the Red Sox I guess before getting some of the names nothing right now it would have to be a volume deal warrior like. Here are all three guys from single I decides he can't ease to make trades up and it actually worked in the new trainer and a two or three single layer double A guys and you know the acquiring team hopes they you know. Our raw Roswell Iglesias. Of with the reds Cincinnati arrest. He has been a force capable of multi inning work since becoming a full time reliever. He signed through two points when he at reasonable rates and he's twenty years old. It says Glaser is third pitch is a usable changeup so shifty backs are big issue and also a possibility. Should the team acquiring and decide to go that route. These personal chair you're like yes sir I'm not what does say dongle Juan oh AKA the final boss. Thousands McVeigh I had a cartilage and credible candidates. That is under the best of nicknames in the history of its final boss although it or not you know delivered a closer it's not the best it's sad to say that that's nice to anyone who comes after the Los aghast when he's on Toronto he he's 36 years old. I don't know maybe get him all walking Soria. Yes easier to go back you know back aways idea. Now on them. And on and on about this article also mentions a handful of second baseman. And maybe the Red Sox will be there out of that Britain Phillips playing in lol they still have Eduardo Nunez. In Brock hole and you don't trust either of those guys fault probably not you're okay with both of them filling in here and there I would much rather have a legitimate. You know second date I don't think so too and again what you have to give up that remains to be seen in Dustin Pedroia does not sound like leave that you're gonna have him. So this oracle throws a four name's Brian Dozier. Scooter Jeanette DJ at the map view and wick Mary field. Anything on sales counts. Well I mean Dozier we know has been like a legit gold glove all star guy recently you know it in the last couple years. Mary field I guess would be to Jack of all trades we just signed him yet they don't 300 records are the main UN who has an Oscar Sosa has a reds position out of there are small losses suffered their and 12. You're a reds fan huge. You are from Everett Massachusetts that's correct you've lived in Massachusetts your entire life in Pakistan and any other teams outside of now. -- he never once thought I'd be too. See or read Stan. So noisier weigh in on scooter Jeanette I just excluded and that would be huge senator Johnson is three to forty somethings or even last year had the four homer game right last year yesterday. All of this little write up on a scooter is a reconstructed. His swing and approach and become one of the game's top producer and second baseman obviously. He be an ideal fit for the Sox but his production in tandem with the fact that he's under team control through next season. May make the price are too high. For the fee in Boston system. Yeah I mean they could pick up beating your everyday second baseman by. The other thing is can you really be acquiring somebody and I'm sorry did you say he is he's a free agent after this year so you know he's got more here. Voters are right that's what this article so 'cause he's our bills so he's one here yet and yet area a case though. Your saying that you think Pedroia is going to be back but he requiring a full time there'd be this Saturday and for beyond this season I'm back and get a little. To be a little Dicey if uncounted write back yes it may be rental would make more sense plus you don't have a lot to games though. You know trying to closure Brian those parental. Yes so he usually Aaron Hill equivalent. May be followed those are front and recruit hill but at this point maybe there's some are better now than hell laws when they acquired as they talk about trade chips novices they don't have a lot of them and some of their guys. The other you know jig on undeterred and I don't ask for the first three games and nine in a real mall Pacific Travis is one of the names on there and if you exciting yet Novak I mean if that's the kind of person you're talking about. Trading band in year or not getting scooter Jeanette about Darwin Zahn Hernandez are a host reacts as he is actually. Guy Alex beer hazard about him as they don't know reasoning know who he has but he's a left and right but so. We will take your eyes a lefthander. According to Sox prospects than it did do a great job right in the prospects they got him all eleventh on the Red Sox system may achieve this. His name is scooter Magruder scooter Magruder yeah. A lot of senior class president and scooter Magruder. How many Saturday and on that listened to president. They scooter eater makes me think that scooter I think a scooter from the Muppets scooter skeeter again. Uterus there's a golfer is now occurrence right hand man Michael. He's in Salem is that tanner hawk. Sure the out today he's also on sale he's number three. First in the cassis. Aside that's got distracted. I doubt he's up for the year the that night I got a camera there yet again from surgery and yes he's fourth on the religious thing if anybody gets moved the they've grown its fifth. Jalen beats we've seen appear now the measurable is sixth. Those that come Jalen antiques is sixth a yeah prospect list yet you have no prospects since it enough and against him be spent on just say all right a little drive that is to compare that to. Seriously like three years ago the sixth guy on their list would have been Blake Denver I mean they don't even if somebody maybe not Darren but he would have been fourth or fifth maybe because you had. And Qaeda you had been at Andy you had OPEC you at Denver's I mean they were loaded. Well we have all Red Sox tickets to giveaway later on in the 5 o'clock the money obviously is also a particular hours free ticket Thursday let's get to the phones here real Robin. Over what's going on brought in the ball in Belgrade. So I have a prediction a David Price will not perform and I know what is the reason all right and proceed before I came back today I think there are delaying morning rob out of him think that that isn't it that Britain silly let's knew about it. About everything in this case that means that it can't rent and eat it I don't see how we can resist not plane made it out. I'm coming home from work right now I'm not. About the fire that thing out could call rob what are great call that is all you know and I don't want a shorter outing tonight so yeah get back in Portland right it's a new season before and I. New downloads. You know shock front plan right now sounds odd and today so you know he's playing right now. Now I feel bad for box. Tomorrow will be here he's an element in its four Friday I'll start sent he is not going to be thrilled about what is coordinate Friday that his about it a lot. Alike can't leave the work. He just basically flat front player's corner there's obliteration involved you just play for it yet. They don't let it do every other hour and a predominantly what he explained to me was that it's like tournament every week's a unique Q Pete in Queens unions like drafted next week's. Pharma sees optimism week. In he's missed a few weeks ninety's I'm making a summertime in the area around in a year and sometimes gonna make some money but Robert called the day it is that the new season of four nights that I mean it's journalism wanna prices wars star recently Friday night. Mark one yankees Sunday and then via. I'm looking yams. Now the yet that we it was that same Saturday night that he had this Saturday at the royals it was a Saturday the book Friday I was he's had a product right Friday night though that's an initiative and scout those the next act right. I even thought that yeah he's probably a really upset obviously one of the ballpark tonight so and so fort night it's just they change the map around their new way he had the good news on really that was said you know what shot was that today rosters are you were really really could use the transport I out of out of the Taliban area. Rough is at a date you on the awkward day. Do you feel justices that too much we'll take a parade on that Ross had a real death today and tomorrow I want to in the first scene says and he's that you ever razor and shaving cream. Like a galaxy. Hundreds it's pretty go to our we also have Red Sox think about that now we have advice that gets later on your phone call 61777. On 790%. It's Philippine export credit WEEI bills off Johnson posse is able to affect your phone calls on that David Price. For sale the Red Sox winning streak in everything else. Plus we get to the Celtics upload more rumors. Related to the Celtics who they might be targeting here. In the offseason. But I think it will help the bigger ones thing Jason Rossi our producer. Who has the most positive people I've ever met. The mossy you'd have to admit that rate special envoy here at clubs there ever has ordered a compliment action on apparently had a good baseline for Mac is like the Sodini walked in the door there war trophy yeah yeah it's ulyetza mile outer space you're the most positive person here you'd an MFA anybody within the first five seconds that you re there now don't you never meant. Probably able to that in the last verse yet but there have been a bit of a day while we're seeing the slowly declining positive Rossi it and ball that was her instant little ground down some days and today it's really if you got this job. This busier Carter's position since January it's OK so seven months seven months ten days. So today it was that if you seemed frazzled would be the word that probably a side view it is burns easily I usually turns at the time I'd do it before I mean is that element Clark. I like to just like have a good morning get Thomas could do this you consider. I look at the Mara how might you are orange. Melvin today yes it is Ali is that for a little I didn't get on today this is a lot I'm I'm performing a wedding. The Saturday your magician some examples rabbits out of Anthony's. Out but I perform like for two friends and way. I'd get a lot of things on today and tomorrow. 88 track excellent and down yet so I went to go suit. That's not a might OK buddy Steve presents the shiny clean suits. It's not ready solution and ready yes so you what you had it fitted they say it will have an slippery ago all the super morning you get their numbers are not they said Wednesday. All of Monday to army was right. Battle only it's like to say it's not. But all you have to when am I this is supposed to be race and he does that's tough. And we wanna put some public pressure on the now I'll just sit. And or the box didn't ever see that jacket and we have enough of that and so then next door another chain plays a mom and pop stardom that her. Column. That and I also I am very they don't touch my machine my face. I go to people need to travel quite he was you know she is owned banks never ends the last seven years and you're like a character deadwood so yeah but I would like I go to farm raised her reference to go to a place in southeast was a luxury box like shout out and I will go there Adam great poverty in great shape out there you'll give it elegant initially they would be it's usually pretty good right about once every three grizzly beard candidate with the most grisly it's ever follow packaging of media already back to could you how the Burton. Counsel Peter Griffin at your I mean that they teach us and good wipe them anyway guide zone where life. On feel Heidi. This morning with a go to a different place again might be excellent as it just looks scruffy and clean things and I achieved few months ago some typically. Go to this place and I noticed right away this is there was yet this hot she ever out as aggregate Al treatment. I don't lights they've my own eyes and I mean definitely now Sochi Russian companies at a terrible problem by Dubai. I don't mean wouldn't it steals. Given delight of our skills guided the hatchet now I felt the idea that went on like the guy and revenge of the nerds at the ax U I he's going to look at it relative. You could just like Lebanon you know I on how about it but yet anyways you're you're so I was on there and he's arts to Amman mosque in my weird ears or my nose and never like poses no Laurie an old well that's come to find out about it I had this guy. That's about maybe about half remains low Wear my nose and that straight line it's like ever settler. Now. It is beautiful beyond you can see that you can not much has the windows it's pretty it's too much interest below its limo line that's and I mean that's the that's a hi my real life. Let's say don't count and that's one thing and it's a bad in my comment them in the console them early to yourself and I was gonna hit the guy with all these things. IC. I really was I was gonna write about it and he sold so. Darryl yeah. It got the call machines on base you out when you buy a house that help your wife handles that goes yeah. Any and NIC I'm I'm really Tom Wright first resides in houses are entranced him. And then he's only guys you talk I was Massa goes. Sheets around. The bath is an idiot he's very hot so you wanna say quote. I would eke out positive sign in India is on these honest I could pass on that's gonna see it's going to be really we haven't been light John given nice clean shave line. I haven't looked like at least for it appears that. Yeah and like. Of right to mornings ago now on also he is now played basically in the court of public opinion. Convicted. Grabber and indeed it is this is a record on Monday the latest on how you practice. That sorts volleys cited as the guy that's eggs there's there's volumes despite. And then that guy you told me the stories while Ross that the guy that was did you shave. Told them that on his neck like you back here this is weird he says that Powell. No way at you don't have a so how look at it and I don't think anybody listening aren't many guys appreciate yet a couple of spots like him you know get razor burn it's odd that this incident they're so there's a metabolic and talk very. And it's very as I was to get our act that culture ultimately can't leave in the middle by the lineup that's about it I did so a couple of weeks ago. Go on vacation so of like got to get her somewhere. So I went to a place market and aim them never gonna go back there that terrible Erika at the same thing. My wife goes why did you get a leave of a battle like how does not up you hit it. When you get to see you don't see he'll have to. Three views now immense so when the guy holds that the Mary does idea that it looked I want to run out that you lied it was it's great it's a good idea so I'm gonna get that typically Deanna and I should've should've gone my big MIT stands at 91 on. If you see that at all if I thought it was still good to and he says this is used to play too much. I'm convinced the good part fixes. He does not easy to add here probably half Atlantic grow back I go back to the days fake mustache in the car that I used to go Wally. The face of Raleigh figures out all right now that it's in my glove box. That's not weird holdover but that's in glove box with Jack on and that's it. God not that I am against guns but I just I don't haven't gone I I don't it's argument and now it's it's our via outlook on now. I'd I'd face ago a couple how in the royal of Raleigh fingers it was a very it's a very good looking mustache or use them this weekend I'm gonna. Some machine guns a year ago just baby faced the Braves heavy snow in recent I don't want to read referenced by the I appreciate that our guys gotten the grades and he's the pitch repaid that yet. He was that an obvious arm the armies on cable but yet the issue though is this. In many pictures that's the worst part this wouldn't matter if I was gonna get in almost I don't 90% of the during the ceremony it's basically your day. If you don't mind that the bride the groom is I'd ride me girl yeah. Problems grow on one day. That there are some sort but I think. Being able to talk about it have to help with the political right now I feel better results like over at his outlook and MySpace as soon as I leave here. I'm gonna be it's also points and it's so like that whether it's a bad haircut or bad apparently she needs which those penalties and they launch himself that's the real problem. No athletic go to my barber president move that that it now not this guy hasn't shaved it buys in in in years probably four you're gonna cut the pilot your face it doctor forget how to do it your record side. What that is sideways I have I forgotten since I've got a lot of guys go against the grain. They go with the find out it's going to be it's going to be the execution. Since I was in it now and minutes relates yeah general close. Shape right. These are equipped I'm thinking until I don't want this to make you hope this doesn't make you feel bad I elected and I did notice that in them and jumped out at me I. Right away either but if you released their Adam the the mustache is a little different than what it was before but I don't think I yeah I get from where I am in my fifteenth if this wasn't waiting for like friends all of my. In the months close friends all gonna notice and I just I just knowing this. To do that it should be extra certificate and this is a major issue especially these team owners you see the I don't know. That's why we're such hair clippers and yet life it's just it's. Election. It's eight interstate bank in delete the night I don't know what else do it all you so don't leave take money yet it's here and go back and pay more that's what you don't look at that pretty obvious don't do. I don't know I just as he did he'd like. This sort of lean. It back and pay them. Elegantly and company and I've got elected it's gonna I don't know he's got a frown and it's ours does that the game tonight evidently. That's. You could taxer tweet us your on your worst or is now please don't that's exactly he Rossi I don't know that it looks terrible. In pictures of yesterday did you close side by side. Mean you have it'd take itself did the date it is that I payers by Wednesday. Here's your trigger will lose the next. And with it I don't think it is great cuts I think it's something different. These before job. See that's that and had achieved by that was that. That's what he's a lot and gets on the really important in Rossi things happened yet is that we do it appears that Erica. But sometimes you have to give yourself that two week offer because if it gets it out. That year not now I don't about the beer and a haircut because if you if you get a haircut to date before you get married and if it's terrible that's an edge in on itself friend of mine I was in his wedding. And he was married I had not had a haircut five years and it Corey monologues. And yeah. Here I I've got pictures analysts are eight tiny Tim I had a lot. It is. It's not night like the natural follow on your hand odd so I went to I had to get a haircut for his way to close it is all our. And said well I'm like I have no idea what to do and and into the barber and years in my uncle's above average he always cut players the kids I'd never paid for Erica. In my life I was like 23 so I go to this Barbara I want and his name was Greg more ground are it was barbershop. Verse and I just it's a personal ensign saga births they received porn everywhere what's. Porno magazines like Israelis live where you would think that highlights magazine daddy and I I'll maybe I'll do the words that are hostile and hang out it was like Playboy wasn't quite counselor and budget labeled as classy and then on iCloud Marty here I sit in the chair he's Russian and I can't really Anderson when he saying. A person this is true and it's offensive but I'm just telling you what happened without an iPod is a kid in a wheelchair. Gets pushed up to the door. He walks over to the door as the mom is trying to put security as a no no no clothes and he puts the close side now. You weren't what they can't wasn't where I got the kid in the wheelchairs there at this point I'm Marty in the charities already started Alia. The audience though he'd be kid walks away you guys close that it waits for a block away many turns sign background open. I did not tip them and Natasha is a model he is the model and I let him finish my air cousin I'm now starting out as chairman as Fuzzy targets and Ireland that right there your job usually get a crack at it this way yours Bosnia drug laws we need pictures via us. He just try to run television that's intended to be seen an extra yes and also turn out. These places as any that I mean there's definitely pictures but it's night was pre digital really though after Vienna. Yeah and don't go anywhere without truly tune. Mad now I was just I. I was rebelling against the parents because I want to blonde hair and high school as Mimi yeah out of molester and a bands he he he got a touted the gas and then into office of the quality or one of the I wants to outlet not well enough. That's where the dreadlocks game they just likes jobs really gross audience it was a pretty good really really heroes aren't it's a year get back David Price also some of the Celtics rumors that are up there are 617. 77979837. Dale's off Johnson offseason sports rated WB yeah.