Dale & Keefe - Should the Patriots bring back Antonio Brown after his apology to the team and meeting with the NFL? Myles Garrett has his appeal hearing with the NFL today following his indefinite suspension

Dale and Keefe
Wednesday, November 20th
Hour 1: Dale and Keefe are joined today by former New England Patriot Jermaine Wiggins as the guys review yesterday's exceptional Karaoke Tuesday by Wiggy and Scheim.  Myles Garrett is having his appeal hearing with the NFL about his indefinte suspension and he seems to have a case because there is no definitive suspension.  Wiggy and Keefe argue with Dale to bring back Antonio Brown.  Dale didn't want AB in the first place, but Keefe and Wiggy want all the talent they can get as they push for Super Bowl #7.  The guys also touch on the Bruins after a good bounce back win against the Devils.