Dale & Keefe -  Should the Patriots go after Jordy Nelson? Edelman's love letter to Danny Amendola;Jimmy Garoppolo out of New England, but into a relationship

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, March 13th

Hour 3: Jimmy Garoppolo’s girlfriend is the talk of the internet today. Julian Edelman posts his goodbye love letter to Amendola on instagram. With the Packers signing Jimmy Graham they released Jordy Nelson, Dale believes he will make good money.


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He's in outside of last year Rory went to don't know. These thick and pretty impressive to an error that great sort armor is thrilled about it in third interception and it is very good for the vikings seem BA stinks. And now's your got his fourth team he's just raking in the money. Yeah I won eight million dollar deal fifteen of its is reportedly guaranteed. So why wouldn't have the cardinals for example gone all in on drop blow they get to see him firsthand at two years ago they saw him start the whole game title game. Wouldn't they want would they have gone in more wouldn't they have offered more to trade. Maybe there were afraid that Somalia old to spend money on on the position. Another also have to draft a guy Arizona's certainly drafting the bacon Bradford and start for. I am five games that get hurt in the league in turn over the rookie and if the fun with the this year. There's some real funny money being thrown around in the NFL this year. And the increase in the cap has made teams crazy. The wide receiver money that's being thrown around out there is in and and even veteran NFL observers are saying this is not. I mean some of the wide receiver numbers that are being thrown around it's crazy what they're paying some of these guys started when Jarvis Landry got franchise right and it's gone on since then. Some of these are mighty engines all money and he's really go but he got a ton of money and now via these other guys are looking at it late. O'Dell Beckham and even and in another year Brendan Cox. A brick cooks his numbers. He can stack up against some of these other top receivers I think Mike Evans is a lot better than burning cooks but if you just look at the you know the pro football reference. It's not as staggering as you might think. So that's the guy who might really price himself out in a couple years and if they were gonna recite Danny Amendola I don't know what the line would be four for operating coax. Now his money jumps up this years in the making decent money does the last year on is on his rookie deal. But he got to wonder are the patriots in two lines at the pay cooks. After next year or you would if you got that way and that being like a surprise trade we should also point out that these agreements are all verbal agreements. At this point free agency starts at 4 o'clock tomorrow. It is theoretically possible although it doesn't happen often that players can change their minds. 2015. Where at the time between the verbal agreement and the actual OK here's the contract he said and I you know what nevermind is a chance salmon though not her. Because the patriots are gonna come close they're not gonna go anywhere near that her arm over eight million dollars guaranteed for the next couple years could make twelve. It even more angry with the incentives so. That's a good deal for for him until probably his last couple years in the NFL laden we'll see what he looks like at age 34 of the how healthy is over the next two years. But yet now that the pictures look at some other other guys. Eight solar be in the the key among them and that it's not a sold that's almost the thing they have to do first. Yeah probably because that's gonna determine how much money they have to play with for everything else right and look I I understand that there are people out there who just think that Neitzel is worthless. But that somebody on the tactical straw hour or so ago Senna the human turnstile good riddance. I'm telling you there was still started he's the best left tackle available out there which is why he's getting all this money. So much so that according yet to Chris Pryce. Denver bowed out yesterday because it was too rich for their blood I think to put it perspective effort here who was all all these different web sites rank the best free agents and and you can break it down by position and offensive tackle. I believe. Three of the top five. Tackles in whatever order worst older. Fleming and ball. Later you kidding me lightly at all at all. It was may be or he can Fleming. You flip a coin where the fourth best tackle. All the patriots went canned was healthy and now one of those guys that be the fourth best available. In the entire league. So all the good left tackles are essentially locked out the other and they're all really expensive. And it doesn't see a note to NFL draft expert. But it doesn't seem like this left tackle class or right tackle class or our offensive line class doesn't appear to be. On super strong either so solid they could trade up in from their first round spot grab a guy that they would cough really be able to start right now next year. So there's I don't know I don't know what the the alternative is fighting game with me here assuming the patriots. Keep their pick 31 strike yet. Well they take. They can go any direction and then they get it won't be quarterback probably there there reportedly only four quarterbacks who were even worth anything. You're not gonna take one outside of those four in the first round but they would they would tell anybody Vick. And no thought McCourt was the first round pick him and he proved to be a really good first round. That they've also you know reached on other got a team on Wilson over a thousand is second round pick and it took him and that wasn't as good. They can go honestly in any direction they can go. If there's an athletic linebacker that. Could play right away that's. Probably what I would want I think even with the loss of some of these guys have weathered Louis examined Dolan may be sold her. I think anything defense. Because they mix bulls was the that was the Super Bowl MVP. So anything defense is is what I would want. But I feel like I've never successfully predicted what the patriots were. Do in the draft ever diet and thinking more in terms of what do you think they need more than anything else and I think your linebacker and linebacker call you out. Probably from Alabama right probably yeah they grab governor Arnold as an X so. Because the idea high Karabakh which is huge and an outside of that some of these guys played above their heads but they don't really have. A any real play makers in the spot. It would appear that you know sick one Barkley and and the four quarterbacks are going to be via tops five or six picks they'll be in that top iris expects. Supposedly the bills. Are loading up on draft stock because they're trying to move up. Hopefully get ahead of the jets. So that bacon bacon have their choice or at least be able to select one of these four quarterbacks right it will reportedly are any good. Yeah I mean it's essentially we've seen teams in previous years to go out worthy they kind of start out slow they just move slow you know the draft. Trade by trade and the next thing you know they predicted Jumbo their against the other they want. So. Both will see it out and go home with the quarterbacks are in this draft class to be honest I mean Sam Arnold I think stinks. Josh Allen. Four days been told everybody that elicit that he's going to be a boss right. I'm intrigued that baker mayfield Lamar Jackson but I don't know if those guys usually who visited before who's that supposedly are are then Josh Rosen. Right when the two got from UCLA who. You read one website may say he's going to be the best in class you read another he's going to be a box so it's completely split on him. And then after that you get in the ones that in the case from Richmond or some his other ones that maybe the patriots who take in the mid ground that you wouldn't be taking that with a first known I don't know. But that might be five guys that it could possibly know about it. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. Lots of football stuff happening. Free agency starts tomorrow what we don't a lot of moves including. The apparent departure of Danny Amendola it's dealing key Sports Radio WEEI ways we're moaning and Fauria a new ward salon what are hypothetical time. A new airliner. Better leave I didn't do it really is plain view with the idea what I would do and then when he hit the market uncomfortable. Just think it blacked out he confessed to a double murder he didn't make it Charlie go Charlie is challenged the voice in my head. Charlie gave me the night twice that the living crap out of these two individuals or way we're loading and 48. 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From prostate and just Springfield and Worcester down to Providence and Cape Cod through no act. England's home for Boston sports Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI advance man each team one Mario Xbox game. Now from the old Riley auto parts studio that WEEI trending now. Hey it's 412 here's what's trending now Danny Amendola. On his way to the Miami Dolphins according to multiple reports the deal is two years twelve million dollars eight point 25. Guaranteed other NFL news the jets are working on deals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. At a monster deal for quarterback Kirk cousins. Three years with the Minnesota Vikings re fully guaranteed. 84 million dollars the Bruins visit the Carolina Hurricanes tonight puck drops at seven Brad marsh and if they game time decision if and the Celtics return to the floor tomorrow night at home against the wizards. Whether still snowing in Boston temperatures in the low. Thirty somber teeth that's trending now on WE EIW the guys dot com. The lowest prices of the season sale now through march 20 save of the 50% on hundreds of items all at the lowest prices of the season. GMC live well. Sees that Palin keep you know but the key in my belief is plight. And why there liability is the ability to keep all your muscles in your body long solved because over time I assault now. Out to Arnold. Richie I'm still sore from shoveling out. It was Adams who went man I have a threatening it and I didn't know you have a lot that we you're more likely to pull them get a stretch yet on the WEEI Sports Radio network. I. However three daily key Sports Radio WEEI. Good news. But it confirmed blizzard now what is the source I mean Andy Andy tweeted it out so it is the source NBC ten. Literally at the headlines across the screen right now but says. Blizzard conditions confirmed in Boston that someone look out a win yeah hopefully it is to travel around for ten seconds I wasn't about areas there's some technical things that have to happen is that converted browser I want I was or reporters can now confirm can't confirm. Yeah what does it take. What does it need to be the losers who woke up this morning it was a blizzard it was a blizzard for the atlas that's for by the way the the mall of Danny Amendola to the Miami Dolphins has been confirmed. By none other than Julian settlement. Cattlemen posted on its to ran a picture of the tool of them laying on the ground hugging in the aftermath of the Super Bowl championship. And down. He wrote caliber ride these past few years dole might. All of on the house and to Poland anyway say seat for me down in South Beach hash tag. When your cool it's always sunny. This particular. For instance don't mind. It was like a seven these black exploitation flick. Character. Was like Rudy ray Moore play him and he is currently in a puzzle Molly was a kind of thing was to spread the Australians that you might. I can't say I'm black exploitation. And please him please Rudy ray Moore told. Well. I'm not sure that Julie knew that what Monday gave them I think it just adds them to do with all that that's fine calls mineral. The mountain type mineral so my guess is. Danny Amendola told Julian Edelman a I'm off to Miami and now he tells elements it saved me a seat. With is that suggesting that he's gonna join him with the dolphins that would is that he read it that. You like negative impacts as the content elements gone it is confirmed it on its program. Now that's all you need to see I was ordered that the the first guy who broke it column was just. I'd never heard of those that aren't but but you know he works in the NFL network companies throw something out there. But then all the other guys sort of pick up on that as soon as you see nowadays it's a Graham a teammate at its program it's done confirmed by the way Tedy Bruschi was also on it to him. If you really yet there are 3300. Comments to this this Andelman thank yeah one of them is from Tedy Bruschi who says to Boller is right there. Patriots gonna miss Danny play. He's trying to keep any clout gone by just saying he's acknowledge I don't know yet that that the preferred dole I'd prefer goal tonight don't you do any playoff. That they'll all might the way to go there. Yeah it's it's it's a big loss. In the playoffs again regular season at I think they'll do just fine without not worried about in the regular season but the playoffs. He was definitely guys eat it you could look to whether it was. You know Baltimore going back the 2014 season or the Super Bowl against Atlanta the AFC championship game against Jacksonville and he came through it well and a lot of big time games. I know this is Leo football centric day yes it's like got into the habit tweaked beef with non bill would you doing on tweets easily latest I was complaining that we mentioned Brad marsh and for two minutes and we were talking about it and all of which we've done for. Virtually of them pull our all of the other part of the show I am gonna give you one other hockey tidbit here are sorry you can tune out now they'll come back we need hero of the the Boston Bruins assigned a college player. Not Ryan and I don't yet. They have signed prince Frederic talking to an entry level contract he's joining the Providence Bruins. For the remainder of the season so you think he's they they cannot Wisconsin right. It the world juniors late first round pick right yup but you know the first big guy power forward types scored four goals in the team USA's final game in the world juniors now is he somebody that we could see. With the big club if there's account injuries possible and a or you know suspensions or an article below that make up game they have to play on April late hour right yeah it doesn't mean anything in terms of standing in dome might be an opportunity to. You know kind of bring some guys up let them. Get a taste of that sort of thing does is one of the guys those in the trade rumors whether it was for Rick Nash for Ryan Modano or wherever diamond. Tossed up a lot but obviously they him so he has signed leading University of Wisconsin joining the Providence Bruins. Under what they call an amateur tryout agreement in May TO but more football stuff obviously and hockey staffed it we want to keep up to date on on all the other things that are. That are happening boy. I don't know that I can remember this many. Moves being reported on. This early in the free agency period as well we've seen this year. Now I'll be on none of them happen until tomorrow at four events in the Packers don't know don't give them that would aren't so the Packers out of center. Assign Jimmy Graham to a three year deal. So no word on money just yet for Jimmy Graham but a three year deal that was another guy I think it was sort of a pipe dream out of and the realistically he was gonna come to New England but his name certainly got brought up one you know great receiving tight and and so he's gonna team up with the Aaron Rodgers now all the the word was that Jimmy Graham and Aaron Rodgers are pals. Roger supposedly went the Packers and said look the skies available I'd like to bring him in here and supposedly it was Rogers who. Who really. Lobbied on his behalf and that helps. We have Rodgers on the guy's front you're probably didn't think that if Tom Brady lobbied for Jimmy Graham maybe now I'll probably now math that worked out way out here are other places you know if it meant. But so that's it that's a good move for the program another big name. Does these guys are a little bit older right whether to keep to leave or Richard Sherman or Michael Bennet or now Jimmy Graham. Even Danny Amendola only at all those guys certainly at towards the end of their careers but they all of a little something left in the tank they're all moving around going to. Go to different teams some of them with a better chance to win an honorable Sherman so much by. And he gets a good payday with the 49ers and kudos to me grapples never lost the game dale also you I think are that you think the playoffs would be in sight for them you know got a girlfriend now to he's got a lady I have not seen what she looks like yet. Half through. These are those on this program yes his answer and dollar Ohio Howell and climb back at it talent gap auto its day that you confided it. ID the only complaint I have is they both have red eyes in the following money can't do better you have felt rather confident attitude to a better job and back are let's see you're going to be you know sticking out a picture of Jimmy Rob Lowe and both the lately in your Valentine obviously she's a model. All of that would have been high gas it accidentally of that now all get out of here today a couple of landed a model involves a lot of traffic on this site have our there. I'll get there that I'll find out looks like. All I've seen it nice utterly. She's a very attractive young ladies insurance as you probably would have guessed that yes I'm not surprised since Jimmy Rob Lowe looks like a Latin chances were good he was gonna. Attract they'll say jasmine buried their state of south of jazz does have dark hair does look a little bit like it has been sort. Her name is Alexander Cain. Like that she's from the Boston area now. According to miss articles she's been dating Jimmy GQ. Since his days in New England. So all of out bachelor party body had a shot he won't. Their source also points out she quote Jimmy still likes to follow and message ladies on its program. Does that mean. By that we noted all of yeah it says ladies ladies on its program. The markets market in the central are not short. Yet this is front and total pro sports talk common article suitable well also ball went to a deep blue legacy following message ladies and at Seagram. And how Alexander Cain feels about that. She might not known that last moment in the that it happy couple giving bits that's his bachelor pad you thinker. It could afford a pretty nice place in San Francisco and yet he still right. He started at those check theaters if the weight of the year and tote it signing bonus following. If it. It could be his place and maybe it's just a little vacation spot. I'm a part of her. As word. Yeah I'm done well. One simple thing which was going to be a bigger news field in my Tea Party in the you'll. Now this. Screw the to work from this is over and reserve. And the problem and he looks right over your you know vote. You speak ordinary and believe me when he sits the on the roads and twelve times worse. 67779793. Sevenths telephone number cost is down in DC steak house the night. Hey guys how are you doing great. Two to hear that. Yeah volatility could think is gonna be the best way to replace them and no I mean I know him. Element coming back and not so coming back. Let I'm. Actually we have somebody else is there anybody that you guys have in mind that you it would be available. I think it's gonna just have to Europe to rely on settlement and romp being healthy in the playoffs because that's. To me the only place you're gonna miss and middle is in the playoffs so if you have rocket element out there with cook's. Hogan in a running back. That's it that's that's all they really need. And he came through them but he look at some of the biggest post season that he is that one there's no settlement at all and one there was no Brock. Rights of those are two those book both those options are better than him until he made the most of it went when he was out there. But if those guys are both healthy which is tough and they're both injury prone but they're both out there that I don't think you will be as big of a loss. OK I don't think Chris Hogan did a whole lot this year hadn't really seen much from them at all but. Have a negative fifth secondly fifth on the they don't you think again prompted cattlemen. James White. The count Melbourne and it chokes Malcolm Mitchell yeah I think I think I'll permits look at it like ten in Britain or that he read our note. We're not matter rewrote all about the Mitchell didn't play it Mitchell an element or bolt out all of last year so there's two guys. Right there. Well they are guided our parents typically bond amount I mean they could at a receivers like who's to say by you know Kenny Britt is on the team and there's that. It was it Rappaport who had this one too was very kind of weird. Phrasing but is like Kenny Britt back of patriots. And they're expecting big things out of them this year that really. Can Brett. But they have the bodies but they they could go without adding another receiver and they. Filled source that's still a contract again not that I don't relied him on the Mitchell would be better suited to. To play well there and if they get another tight end they throw all the running backs. Yet big Tom race and as it were fine or cut them now that's the problem I don't know if there's no problem. But again it just it gives you less room for error win cattlemen and with rock. If one of those guys goes down now to hear your much bigger trouble than you were when you had Amendola. But if all three were on the field once. And when goals at pastor third option. So think coax another full year with cokes and Brady and he could even if he's even here. While right but if you trade him but he yet O'Dell Beckham then that I built a. We're probably not get notice I mean good or get him out probably isn't gonna happen here. I don't and I'm thinking their questions in New York but whether the giants want O'Dell back. Not that deal. Photograph the might have cost him 55 million dollars. Expensive photo. Danger always in your Hawkins apparently is out breaking news now he's breaking news that killer admiral who thought might be food here is going to Chicago forward. And outsourcing news. I think pat Patrick a zero yet Israel is my thought he has confirmed to curtail them there's stuff ad hoc. If you get on Twitter pretty early yet there on that's a damn good ones that threw things I could do from Bravo who has mines and I want back I'll ask in that India. You had no I want all you day you're not enough now. Oddly enough with 6177797937. Its telephone number text line is 37937. Daley keeps Sports Radio W the. Wait we're moaning and forty I didn't tell you one easy way to make you look at least ten years don't wrinkle free cream not shave your mustache. It's definitely talk about lying always gonna liven it up in the center I tell you what do you feel it was another man a I don't know what does everybody just prettiest or that's exactly. Finally I assume that Miami. Watch all the people who aren't ready just in important ways we're loading and 48. Ten days to make days fox Sports Radio WEEI and WEEI dot com. Hey this is Dale Arnold you know about O'Reilly auto parts awards program what if not. You should know that you were at one point for every dollar spent. At your local O'Reilly auto parts plus receive your rewards twice as fast and on the gulf. When you provide your email address all rewards members get five dollars back for every 150 points there. It's fast easy and free only at O'Reilly auto parts of sign up today. O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices everyday. C store or all the awards dot com for details. Thirteen. So we said there's been a crazy day in the NFL you know agreements being made that they are signed until tomorrow right orbit. You know and and all of a Miami lock on our as as Richard pointed out earlier you get Jimmy Graham. Supposedly. The the saints really wanted to bring Jimmy Graham back to the warm ups and got the Drew Brees deal done. They wanted to get a deal done with Jimmy Graham they got outbid however by the Green Bay Packers. So Graham gets a three year deal from the Packers supposedly he's pals with a Aaron Rodgers. And that we find out oh by the way Aaron. We got a guy who gets tight end on a very excited about that I did make some Rome salary cap wise soul were releasing Jordy Nelson. Never did Aaron Elson. Who was not very good last year. And he's an injury concern too but last year. A surprise actually played in fifteen games where he was just a shell of himself nowhere near the had a great run for awhile and every missed all of 2015. But he came back in 2016 he led the league in touchdown catches was close 400 raw receptions was you know 12100 plus yards is really doing it. Then this past year. Not there are they Dovonte out of became a much better bigger option for them he had under 500 yards receiving he's already thirty. Tuesday 33 for next season so before you start saying yeah I don't hate definitive idea I don't think Syria I don't think he's got much left in the tank amid if the Packers. Where is played his entire career. If they're giving up on them I'm sure it's he's. Pretty much done by the way the and as as Alex Hawkins pointed out when he said that Taylor Gabriel was being cited he said my source is Taylor gave yeah that's good. That's it's just pretty well solid source my source on Jordy Nelson being released as Adam chapter that justice gut. Good source well because tendency to get these things wrong area off. You know he's been pretty good. And here is not the first got to have the Danny and dole wanna throw weight around it wearable we're well aware that we said who was the only resource that is the guy from the NFL network but then. Everybody else is sort of put picked up on output shopping around and haven't we get a Rappaport we've archery Nelson that he could be released treated or need the best asset he probably he's one of those things is spot on about the so there is their moves being made all over the place so far none of the arriving moves are being made by the patriots it's all departing host. This does this guy's leaving that guys leaving Dion Lewis probably don't make soldiers being courted. Any Amendola is going to Miami I haven't out of the other could reunite would not Patricia he's probably not gonna be back here and he gets good data Sparky balanced pretty fair. But had even heard a rumor. Patriots are interested in selling cell. Believe in Sherman you're kind of hopeful lowliest believe you're hopeful there something there and then he found out after the fact they were in on Michael Bennett. They offered a third round pick Michael Bennett and there's a better offer than what the Eagles have but it came too late. And some other left. We it is nothing. So you'd like to see an and they a lot of different areas where they can add some solid this team where Gaza sit back yet the drafted in the Nokia that just get a corner find a way to get a corner the ballots the corner. Do you London. Probably a linebacker or to an offensive lineman maybe even a receiver now. Our quarterback. Like a lot of lot of needs still very good teams still the team that I would pick right now. To win the AFC but there's a lot of time between now and then and it just civic everybody else is doing something. Yours that are OK what what are the patriots waited out they have had years like this where they kind of wait for that second wave yeah right of free agency. In the first wave is the overpriced things and Lendl is probably overpriced. You know some of these other ones you when you look at Seattle Bradford is isn't totally all right so the first wave you know you're probably overpaying for guys. He gets that second wave of free agency. And all of a sudden things calmed down a little bitten and nice start. Finding deals that are more in line with what you have decided guys are worth so thick the jets who earlier in the day. There's a report about Teddy Bridgewater right looks like now they're also remembering back Josh McCown. I know you're word that might lose my house and even a bit worth their while to let nobody out back I couldn't of cared like the best account out of all of them accounts is Josh McCown and he is back with the jets so way. Quarterback situation unlike any other the New York we were talking about you know some of the wide receiver numbers and how out of whack most people think they are. A wide receiver Paul Richardson. You know this was surprising plans to sign a five year forty million dollar deal with the Redskins. Paul Richardson. Yet Allen that would have been about surprised. I don't think he's echoed. He jaguars Seattle art they're giving wide receiver marquis sleet. Four year deal maximum value of 38000018. Million guarantees. Yeah that's a good amount and he said he's shown flashes. Of be in pretty good but Richardson I don't get particular both second round picks Paul roach said first four years all with Seattle. Career highs across the board last year 44 catches 703 yards six touchdowns. And now he's getting back on a contract from Washington. So. Brennan cook's gotta love that one Theo that's another one where some of these other guys are getting big money weathered starters injured Mike Evans. Operating coach is as good as those guys. I've definitely on Edmondson admitted immediately entered into their different types are receiver and get the money being. Doled out to these wide receivers somebody you'd Jordy Nelson some if you saw here. You know out of he'll be here either but Brennan coaxed that becomes interesting one because. Is this essentially. His last year in and how likely would it be that he's back. And we saw how. You don't want the patriots it would Chandler Jones kind of knowing that there are gonna bring him back they traded him before the season. Jamie Collins unity or bring him back they traded him at the deadline. Now Malcolm Butler a little bit different and they knew there or bring him back but he he lasted the entire year so there's three different at three players are already cashing in. And they'd be handled ball a little bit differently. What do they do bring Cox you just traded a first round pick form. So is one year that trade him for one or is it two years and he's gone in his is that a good investment. So that that's another guy who again but all the attention on wrong all the attention now moving towards Neitzel older I think Brandon Cox becomes a really urged and a 6177797. ID 37 Steve's in Beverly hasty. They got a tiger says. They just a couple things real quick obviously. In the door was you jokers you do hear very well respected by our guys urgency kind of yelled at here. We still obviously hoping for a cause he comes back but that cooks growth Cokie settlements Mitchell hopefully it Hogan won individual receivers. That's that's pretty saw you know I disagree with though. Because the last caller you guys it's said that quote it didn't really do you think last year we also got hurt but when he wasn't hurt you extremely productive. So I don't little injury. Like my second point is what you're missing is we'd not making a knuckle push to get anybody at all on the defensive side of the ball. I'm not worried about. Well no they did they try to get Michael Leavitt try to get but they didn't try and get w.s and not doing anything at all they tried to get Bennett they evidently got malls too late. I mean it might get on Ndamukong CI if you believe the story out of Miami. Well Heidi get involved to legal and if you appropriately while Michael Bennett Alex right this that's the mistake they wanted to mention them reached Nelson and you're right. I don't understand that I think is a lot of things that either. Eat out structure. I mean. It reads in the end it want like what can we do now according to meet you have to happen soon that would really hurt that it would. While we still happening. I'm just kind of not really feeling violated sitting around. Yet does seem it's frustrating special when you see all these other teams make it moves are Everett everybody else's is in uniting we ordering you out of the patriots even talking to anybody. Now. Now that at that and the mayor there they're waiting on on sold or. With the Tommy current or somebody other story that he's done with these aren't making any visits so he's probably. Because decision made up and maybe it's going to be similar to them courted a lot of people made that comparison maybe they're gonna. Give him one last shot and he could say yours are being offered by. You know Denver Houston Cleveland however and Kenya match are working to get anywhere near and then if they cat and he's got. Baltimore bad news new. Yes OK I'll Mark Murphy who covers the Celtics for the Boston Herald. Weeded out league source says Celtics don't know the probability of markets Smart playing again this season. There waiting for that second opinion don't know it's a 50% chance Horry 30% chance he's done just don't know he's done. Add on Sunday acknowledges. But it's not time and that's a key loss for them this big I mean they're defensive intensity changes entirely when he's not on the full. He is. You know he's been really good for them off the bench this year and there's obviously times are you frustrated within shooting but. He's really good defensively he could score a little bit in I think if you're ranking all the players for their post season brawn. He's probably the fifth most important player on the team. It was not a starter pretty finishes a lot of the games. Outside of Irving who's far and away the most important Horford Tatum and brown or brown Tatum are brought rank those guys then after that. It's Marcus mark so if you lose him I think it does you know. I still think they have a chance to get out the Eastern Conference but it it makes a lot more difficult. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line pre 7937. It's failing keep. Much will be here soon Iran Sports Radio WEE. Just the one of those days where every every time you refresh your Twitter feed you finding stuff up. So loved Ben ball and had written about Richard Sherman. Getting his contract from the 49ers and you know basically negotiating his own deal. Joseph Thomas. Offensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns is probably gonna retire and when to broadcast. Links to bend Poland's particle. And then writes the following you really feel bad for Richard Sherman. But this is clearly a case of ego getting in the way of his pocketbook. He got absolutely crushed on this contract. While working as his own agent. Yeah I mean it sounds like a media guy not a football player talking dog solid and a big Sherman responded because. Gators foreign twitters is actually a case of believing in hell why am as a player while also coming off a major injury but I appreciate your input. That's about those Sherman and all that. Does and then he goes indenture to Joseph Thomas goes back at him you fool with a plot thickens. Would love for Richard chairman Dick money and tell me why I'm an idiot already been proven and hawk is a genius. Do got a four point oh what Columbia. Because Andrew Hawkins was agreeing with Richard chairman. That that you know he did fine on his contract I would say generally speaking at it's probably not a good idea to do your own deal he. I know that for returns. Not to say I. Read it. Don't Richard Sherman was coming off a major injury though again wandering or looking out for the first time his career he missed a bunch of games and he's got a one billion dollar bonus you know. If he's healthy at the start of training camp. There's virtually zero chance of that happening. Virtually none. So two million dollars of his deal disappears the minute he's not healthy enough start training K yeah it's tough could well there's. A three year 39 million dollar deal but it's there's a ton of incentives in there. Actually what you saw it he said. That I was the patriots did to laughter that because I don't think he's got to get all 39 million and there's no guarantees after the eighteenth season. So that would have been a perfect patriots contract it's not quite some of these other roles are Kirk cousins deal or it's all guaranteed. Or even a Paul Richardson deal potentially which is seems. They wait too much for that type of player. So Richard Sherman and Paul Richardson both teammates and the Seahawks last year. Basically are gonna make it the same amount of money except Paul Richardson Richardson has. Big more guarantees. And you know cannot just be caught after next year and he beat them but the team and get paid more where shirt and coat. And I give you this at this real world quick update Alex to product 7 NEWS is is on the scene in Falmouth. With a picture of you know trees down stuff in Thelma the almost pull them down with police chief tells 7 NEWS 22 roads are closed. 200 power lines are down. And the police chief is urging people to shelter in place. Because of the dangerous conditions. Nomar commitments. Well you just 22 roads closed in Falmouth things. Admitted the snow totals are distorted in their saint right now there they're gonna open up. Some parts 38 to twenty inches of snow. So maybe maybe even higher than that you're talking about a lot of people just didn't have power for awhile he's got a back in I might be losing it again. And there's a storm next week's wild ducks are very I saw on on Twitter the ducks' Corey police said. That there will be people who will be without power in ducks very for days she's. He's at school and a lot of errors are awesome art are canceled for tomorrow I don't know about surrounding areas you know I saw the mayor was on earlier and said no school in Boston tomorrow. Yeah because there's going to be cleaning up. And now he really you really wish that the the snowstorm Thursday Friday your brilliant bag out anyway and watch college hoops all that. We were going to be working keep either way why don't we still want to call troops were Rada or a bar victory grill this put any on the yen remained out of will be there we're watching the games all day Friday but before took other Boston Celtics have tweet it out there injury report for tomorrow's game against Washington it's more guys than not brown concussion out. Hayward of course left ankle out the Irving left knee soreness out. Smart right thumb sprain out. Ice left mean on the missile to air out Horford illness questionable. Well I hope military rosier and I hope you'll like Marcus Morris shooting threes because that's clear to get the next few games period and a lot of rosier a lot of Marcus Morris. Some Shane Larkin mixed in there some Greg Monroe. And it's going to be. They re not great. I mean no Clinton now. And both it was more for orphans just sick the new or perspective there but you know Irving brown the or Smart Smart for your sixth best players. These. Hills and we mentioned earlier Mark Murphy of The Herald said that the Celtics. Don't know what chances are Smart going to be able to play the rest of the year yeah I don't think it's very good and if they're still wait around on this I I don't. Think that is very how about he just comes back or not just of that but he was out would that stupid injury that he did to himself. He's able to come back from that that could have an old worse he never knows it when he cut your hand like that it could have been. Certainly could have been worse spelling a word gets here and then he gets hurt hurt his thumb. Now may need surgery on it could be done. As peripheral. That are rose ears after you know plays ass off gold for. Who's gonna get to defend John Wall. Parry I guess and I don't plan. Oh well I think I got my honest Arnold tomorrow of rosier rose. Yeah. Good luck of that should be should be fun. We continue to get all these moves that we will follow throughout the course of the afternoon a whole bunch of stuff. Happening around the national football late not here I will tell you the former patriots quarterback does Scott's a lack. On Twitter Riley writes get Nelson. Or is it odd story know these are all in on Jordy Nelson is terrible last year. Once he was terrible but the year before he was great so if you think any other doctors don't know last year heating exact we have Aaron Rodgers thrown the ball much much of the year who had a pretty bad cornerback the horrible. That might have had some to do with a wide. You know by his standard tee at an off year but if you have something left that I think the Packers were try to find a way to keep them. As for his entire career there. Who knows. Without that would be a patriot move. Although veteran receivers are a very mixed bag in fact more more misses than hits in the Reggie Wayne dot org holed some Joey Galloway is all those guys. But some soft come in and played pretty well also will say I wouldn't I wouldn't rule it out. I hate to say I hockey make up night for me and for those who were wondering yes the the games in Carolina. So there will be game will be played game will be played so then why in the Carolina so lie I'm headed for up for NASA up monies here he's in the house he's coming and it. To join Keith at this at this spot they'll talk more NFL moves that are happening practically by the minute. Daley keeps Sports Radio WEEI. They create starts now. Miami dolphin. We're really headed to my. Okay this is dale and here's something to think about how many people you know who try to weight loss program looked phenomenal for a few months and then put the weight right back on. Whole bunch of shore. 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