Dale & Keefe - Should pitchers be allowed to hit?; 18th anniversary of Belichick drafting Tom Brady

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Monday, April 16th

Hour 2: Today’s Red Sox game was postponed due to inclement weather. Tomorrow’s matchup with Shohei Ohtani and the A’s sparks a debate regarding whether pitchers should also hit. 18 years ago Bill Belichick drafted Tom Brady, is that reign coming to an end? How would fans react of if Tom Brady left right now?


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There yeah. Elite team Sports Radio WEEI it's and Marathon Monday. We are alive from the low bar and cafe on oil and greet with Michelob Ultra ultra until 6 PM accurately area for the marathon one down hang out graphical Michelob Ultra. I would think if you come in off the street if you run the marathon something warm chicken soup first then go to the Michael Waltrip perhaps no they'll it if you are Americana like I don't mind we don't know that couples they now know after long runs they have done some research that a light Beers such as nickel ultra. With a little salt sprinkled than it is a tremendous. Recovery drink maybe you get these two point six went through sticker revealed through Q when your partner. I did that happen anymore then that vehicle since then I heard subject here it is at a truck now Oxford who called them. Yes you know some people crawl aftermath. The reaction a rates we review the question mark out of the greats we was talking and you are running the the marathon he said touted and not run into a hole. They call back as the great listener talking about about the two weeks ago maybe hurtful for about. Driving his car into light pole in elementary school parking and that was my report with that the president doesn't go to many elementary school parking lots of things in the middle of the road. Helped us. So we've got now Bruins tonight we've got Red Sox off thanks to the rain. They were on an airplane headed for sunny California. And because of another rain now. We get chill neo platonic tomorrow. Off the that is an absolute mess so provocative Dave price than a lot warmer LA that would have been here today but show hey Connie. Best story baseball right now it off easily it is honoring note it what second would be. Love watching I hope it leads to other players do in this I don't know how realistic that is. But he has been great on the mound I think that was the expectation that he was gonna pitch well right but I think. They are surprised at how well at least it did beat Oregon fuel runs this year. He fits sorted nicely youth as entertaining players there as it gets you think if they play. Creating its Malay marred by now the witness stand up with the economy is. He doesn't hit the day before he pitches well today after read it. You'll only get to see it one game in the series. Now. It dale explained that the is that. Consistent with his history now that's just them trying to control again it's they can't just let go and say this is a freaky been don't have that great athlete that is that in damn play look at -- I want to play in the out because I've heard and read all the stick in the mud from the executive well you know the special player I wouldn't expect others to do if they couldn't often want it just let the DM elite athletes do what they do. They hit they can pick yes yes well I think he could hit in pitch. In this scene in mountain airy news for you mean and I. Like in the National League it's like there's some stuff in their freaking way ease the yourself baseball. I got a question for this that might be there or if there could. Be in the it is meant to lead the demon the pitcher but they that the I've no idea wrap your head around now I've ever. Thirty minutes for the quality about it and you know life. He when he hit it. And then someone else would have you not hit. Note but you know taken out of the only take a picture of a senior PH and force them. If you so somebody who's playing in the field is not yeah. Write your there a better picture and indeed. I don't I don't know I don't out right. Spirit called John paragon money. You're pressured the heat of many words to describe the situation is. But I don't know what that it's you know. Forget about that night they might infect that smuggled. I don't know here. At play here is the problem okay yeah in an addict you. Are you tied itself up in knots here. If he's a pitcher. And he's hitting he's not that the AT the pitcher who's getting. We'll know. It is OK today right and the jets beat the pitcher Brian argument on the field right on the DH for them putting him if comedy that's the picture yet as soon as he game he's out. Now your next picture would have. Have to be there and it right you don't get you don't get to inserted the tiny nugget that. Right so now that figure in the lineup card would have been the HBO right it would empathy and Anthony and Connie. Number nine let's go back slide to later point the day before the day after don't you do that. Don't need to do that so they're worried about his. Recovery my physical. The orchid puts on his body slam and that's why I think there are they and their need them too much by not allowing him to play in the outfield by yet that hard to after the pitch. They got traffic on them out of third that's not right. But why the eight the day after pitches. And Portland at least got to go through his whole throwing program in. Again against the world this was the compromise that they that they reached with them and it's because they stick in the mud. That's what it is they are sticks in the but don't tell me he could do we need to do. In the other you know 21 hours of the day but it'll be available if when they play in. It like for the but then when he of that you an idea of them lose their pitchers. Go to the respect they play it out a lot of about it. And I do think. That this will lead to meet you more of this regular you don't they'll have an improving your events I don't think I. Let you have a very special case here in this guy obviously can do it. Based on his offensive statistics and how he's thrown the ball so far. I just think ultimately did not a lot of those guys out there but I think they're they're more than you think the lakers you know at the high school and college and we talked to out rate and he he was the hitter Texas Tech. You talk to. Or note we've talked about Brian Johnson the pitcher for the Red Sox won it wondered as a freshman at war like use in yesterday's news editor. I think before would be so easy for coach of the day you have to pick one of the players that's why it and they say well Alaska to meet Ruth. A fine but it a bit yet at. You problem not a meat product I can do but but I think that's enough news. Six for a young players there are probably right but nobody that's that's like the noted that no other now like well what about this guy even if he could be an all star. Well I think part of the problem is it's. The whole copycat thing in any sport any lead any time. We remember it was slow and Dion and that guys are being allowed Brian Jordan Jordan what were. And now it's gone away the death. Yet there there not those guys although also Wilson was that it. Sure but I donated their quarterback's a little different quarterback in. So little time consuming and I think it's probably enough on their own I just think in this case and it rocker. I would hope it opens up the opportunity for more leaked. Athletes in ice on both colleges and given a trust will give you a year will give you whatever in the minor leagues and they've done it a little bit over the years but. I just think they need to be more open mind because I'm sorry if they dominated. You for a certain time in their life. They have that ability dominate. Generally speaking when you get to the major leagues and you play in the National League and he finally get to see that guy who dominated when he was in high school and college now he's hitting again. He looks awful. They ultimately don't let us know they don't let him take BP he's not hitting third or fortunately we take BP a couple of times outcomes yeah total war no I'm not weeks before they. Not a vote and if they let him be a hitter let it be hitter multiple times a week take BP all week long. Work it into your program okay maybe the first that he do a little sore but you wouldn't be that you have done it in high school called all the way up. Yeah if you tried to switch midstream now and say that Dallas rate you can hit again with him Soria that for years is going to be a transition period if you allow these guys to do it at that work there way up. The ranks of baseball there's no doubt in my mind that there are more guys that could do it and that we have been missing out on some of these special talent. I'll tell you the other part of DO Tunney situation that's unusual. And and it it's a subtle little thing but he is a right handed pitcher okay. But he backs left handed which means his throwing arm is the one that's exposed to the pitcher. They normally hold what she'd do that if if you have to go up there you know if you're right handed pitcher. Get to be a right handed hitter so that it's your left arm that's gonna get plunked if you get plunked. If you are looking for reasons not to. I I just don't think it's gonna lead to some groundswell of you know pictures suddenly becoming dual threat athlete they just. There there aren't enough guys who can do it at this level but I don't know if he can sustain I think five. Years he won't be the only ones I was gonna go ten. I Annika and there will be at least a handful. Of examples of people that there were two guys that I forgot the name of the my other two guys there are few of the top three picks in the past baseball draft in the paws around the war. These guys were talented enough to be a first round pitcher Andy first round at shortstop laps later there are bull that you'll get a chance and then. Maybe you will make it won't mean those specific guys maybe it'll be somebody with Frankie Rodriguez for the rest of my principles that he was like the short stuff and mr. Event Casey Kelly with another one that they drafted and they were open with. There at least let him tribal earlier on committee quickly became just the picture at some once you go over five art. Throw 95 your sister and I will say this does sort of go against everything in the world of sports right now I have young kids. Everything is about streamlined they'll pick a sport that apparently a hat and you're right behind me and perhaps only do Europe goal in hockey do it played hockey year round please soccer year round that's so worst massacre in the world I I agree a 1000%. And maybe this is one of those you know open up opportunities for guys do everything will happen couple years ago here's the picture that left it right right you're gonna remain and its people it was a you go to Pittsburgh was looted and David thank Greg Harris in the greater audience special look at the Red Sox didn't wanna be doing rather you know why because they were dale on they were like me asking. 6177797937. Duds in Springfield paid on NATO. Hey we don't let's not. So there because their vote on whether or not a big PH if it's in the same game and I don't know immediately rule on I don't expect the debt laden and it's yea it. He beat DH or yourself and then when they Liu from the mountain stage the games that EA. I'd like that I don't know I don't think it'll probably wouldn't allow they don't. They just the year of the pitcher and if it for yourself grateful when you're out I alternately you could theoretically if you wanted to Tunney to hit in a game that he's pitching. You could the erratically DH for another position player. UPD writes for the right fielder the second baseman or something like that what you'd have to do is likely to you know all lower levels of baseball it's. I think if you wanted to people on the in the lineup. Would he have to. Play in the field. Now the top pocket estimates but it you right out of the exit exit for the second baseman right now tonic come the game and you want it's bad guys the right field you can't or someplace yes Obama tonight. Think it is seven innings he was doing the right that's what I say but that's never did like dale thing. About meal all of us that because you or the negative voice in this discussion gasoline boy 617 Zetterberg and now. Six foot seven I bet you do that's 77797937. Its telephone number. Dylan Keefe Sports Radio W yeah. I'd probably go to your dad. Yeah I never saw that one time the army and yeah I never see doesn't the Yankee I could care less than there was talk about the kids. I don't see him being a pitcher plus at this level you to see him being a business and player. Or cancer I do not see him being a pitcher and a player I don't see them doing that with somebody. Like you know like maybe he's going to be this thread talent and out there right now. I know people don't like this he's gonna want on the Yankees. Sometimes you can change your mind about stuff. This they can change very next day so apparently it's all you. Older you know long time journalist legend in the business who sticks in the mud that this whole like you hitting him. Yap at that I guess. You pointed out here right you want me down now by the way I looked it up DH can only get the picture. So sorry. You can't what do you what do you can't have a tiny yet and and then have the DH it for somebody else in the lineup what about. It for itself. Pretty below sort I don't know he could absolutely get for an self you're not required use. I PH whipped it but at the big with any not a BAT's yes it's you know the editor now and you Kimbrel he has that it. It's should be the should tweak that maybe they'll tweak it for him you should be obvious that your diet if that David if you're pitcher if it. If you wanted to be your Yates in them when you leave the game you know one half. You know Matt Barnes joked Kelly. Funds who he reaches free agency like with them out at least on. Oh yeah to you I mean I don't know where economics will be at that point where you the first fifteen million dollar player that really up to play point five that in 25 for that says fifty through the image that this year away but with if he's not applying. Many be well. It's recently hitting a lot of five days right. Route. Enough here for. Maybe they'll become more open minded as the season gone. It he'll play well aware of that yes and then they'll have a lot of the day before will write that over the lately it's not all yes they closed minded people like to eliminate. Although he is he has hits in eight games. He's got thirty at bats. He's he's only hitting 367. With three home runs eleven RBIs he's a PS is one point 191. Rarity he's played inning games. He's played in eight games he's got 33 plate appearances thirty at bats. He's got eleven hits a double a triple three home runs. He scored five. He's knocked in eleven. Yeah he's awesome that word about that offer any got intentionally walked once already. So. He's the guy who they should sit down them like. If it more important for use that fit the day before the start of the day after years there where he beat you anymore more effective or not even him. Like maybe I don't know that I hit out against him this now down I think that's your medical staff you're exercise physiologist you've got me what is your doctors think maybe the day after that so important to the day before. Let me that's the nature of the day after. If we calculate and will love you go to the my sixteenth my body. This is they're afraid you know be sitting ways hit and so far. You know bodies wrap of the ball around the park and he's running bases and you know I was gonna Wear himself down before he has to pitch the very next day you know how they. Are you won't you want to about maybe guys where he's already got a double and a triple in that in this you know that the limited time he's hit into Iran and doubles out triples out. Let me ask you this when these companies that the eighty stating that he still Wear that jacket out of field. Like but I like in the pit of but the jacket they feel like you think of a lot of cool things no notes and that's the next moment you tell it where we're I'm being so critical of the way they're managing this. Based on the results right now so it as a starter he threw it all with a two point zero Euro rate was perfectly he's Evan Wright the yeah. One start ago eighteen strikeouts in thirteen innings yet so many guys doesn't let them do this guy and a and you sort of like more out of regularly with the that's got a few more times but it's. Early on it's been what could have a little early here a little premature on my part I don't talk radio five. Two best players in baseball if they do right now. I. A hundred no announcement yet. But that's pretty cool Austria but but I mean it through and Bryce Harper you can ruin a picture on it they've moved that Chris ultimate 12 combo. That's that while two others they are not there there there there in the that if you made a little duo tag team mix which teams have the best and yet pitcher hitter. A party on his own name right there though because I'm not proud yeah that's ours what's to say there walk even if you'll believe they are yet. Will they are really good pitcher and also hit an honorable deaths elements three fingers now we're Ayatollah gambling action and you guys so. Will last longer in tomorrow night's game. The starting pitcher for the Red Sox at the starting pitcher the Angel might hold that against the price everything but it's going to be warm there I don't care you factor in the battle against a door that is all over the pitch count or anything like that you know that they're saving them everywhere else and I hit it on the mound to that a concern. I'm not that I know love. So price of seven and the first time round within the last year. One McKee you have warm out there and humid item does that affect Reno valley in Rio Grande and now Tommy pitched in two games and it's pitched a total of thirteen innings to the good news is if your price is here. Feasting upon the pictures you do not have to pay that I didn't hitter that he row idol that's not as good off the I think price may belt. You're being overly optimistic I'm doing with okay. Dale corporate Gatti prices and last longer you know. So now. At an African all cranked up that Saturday night Bruins gained nearly all fired as our objective though I'm actually looking at a sciences WEEI and at that Red Sox below it a threat no objectivity here they'll. Since the it's a I. And and what it was at jacket that I saw you wearing here today crafts sports all that yeah and crap drying out on the chair behind me it's a little moist but. Craft with a cane and admire Dan rather Robert Kraft that that that company and it's just a tremendous human being you know endeavors. He was at the rock and roll hall of fame this past weekend was a while he was there for Jon Bon Jovi induction that's right Jim this is our house and they play that too late. I well they went. First I I think that action might have been their true. Now he wants and I checked and you've got while there is this what the Wii U yeah there and it likely to which it. There. Immediately tell that they're league and be a good plant and a good point bill and that. Bill and with those years supposedly in. Of the eighties where do you fall on to be all around Europe as depleted group the phone on the month. Theo Epstein following Pearl Jam. Anything I'd now like the person. But you can watch these stupid movies all and it got it doesn't like to leave the house and dale you and dale I know that you really like wrestling with these two have been talking wrestling in the roster shakeup at recuperate. And last last night if I hadn't seen it yet last night I pulled up wrestle mania to see. Charlotte against DOS it was it was great way to to watchable thing. Seven hours. What Nat prank now but I wasn't that I am I going tomorrow night you know. Yeah smackdown province. I like about it I wonder what roster you'll get to see. Undetected because. I was concerned I was asking rusty this if if they sorted. One thing tonight with X number of guys. Does that kind of show their hand has to get my there for the Oilers be that like guys could wrestle tonight and then be there again tomorrow night not know. I'm looking for eons ago humans. Who wrong. Well that would be oh god my son Luke if for a particular work out but yeah wrestling. I would guess he might be there and usually it's the shows that are close and especially competency in Providence more than he is Boston. Yeah little quieter. There. Late this rate that's another thing that don't let your real real fan I'll tell my son now we've got. It. Is a dark isn't that bigs right now even if in the back row you're not that far not a bad seat in the house and be dropped them radium rate yes. Yet yeah possible. If he's there he might not be there and they do which. Is there a law. And he's not witness any more help but I like him well. Favorite wrestler Goldberg and eat him alive but now he asked who's next. That's how we ended his induction ceremony right so he has not pulled out. Right. It was just like. Yeah I just like Albert is gold for the cheap pot laws that we. What we do here 617 sevenths and our sponsor. That Boston Marathon. That's on for a game toward the weird that it just fell on I'm wondering in light products reached in the club there there was. 6177797937. Is telephone number X minus 37937. It's Marathon Monday we're live from the globe bar and cafe on Boyle since straight with a nickel of ultra until 6 PM. Here in the area for the marathon come on down hang out grab a cold make a low ball truck. It's failing keep would any heart Sports Radio WEEI. 617. 7797937. As telephone number. Headline news 37937. So eighteen years ago today. Bill Belichick stood in front of the media. And talked about his. Sixth round draft pick decent quote. The value board at that point really clearly put him as the top out. Brady is a guy that has obviously played at a high level of competition. In front of a lot of people he's been a lot of pressure situations. We felt that this year his decision making was improved from his junior year. When he took over for Brian Griese. He cut his interceptions down he's a good tough competitive Smart quarterback that's a good value. How he does and what he'll be able to do with just put him out there and everybody else to lend compete and see what happens on quote. Well what happened was you know the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL. And why does this feel like it's real close to the end here the way things are going. Yeah it is definitely taken a turn here in this last year's though. The part of it just have to be eight beautiful bald that you sort that out of I think eighteen years ago Bill Belichick that this. The long time in the authorities and it certainly radio and it played longer than anybody would have imagined. Belichick may be coached one Irving that's about right and yet the Marv Levy comment years ago just wanna be. You know seventy and coaching. But yeah I think it's just one of these relationships there's a reason why. All the other great quarterback coach or even you know NBA player coach baseball player manager. The best ones how long it will last but there's mount that as soon as it's remarked that's more than stated that no competition for them let me ask you guys a question. Because erectile feels like it's coming to an end. In so my question for you would be. If you listen Jeff Darlington and he said. Brady's not only got him. Skip out on the voluntary stuff but he uses you know. Beyond that I'm not sure how far the poachers take it yeah right we'll so you've seen him miss them mandatory stuff like mini camp or are we talking about the start of training but in and I would get back to deals are about ground. To what it yet are you done particular. The T ninety to have you here when we practically feel like I I don't believe he will skip the stuff that mandatory I don't I don't believe that I don't either but to me 02 gays have become sort of they're not mandatory but they're mandatory. It especially years it was different places this is the stuff everything that's on the schedule you should be in so my question would be. Is it. Better that this is happening now when you know it's almost. Or is it worse because leading the supposed plot by news. It's just the weird timing and click your almost accepting of it as well. This house money I mean what you said between expected eighteen years of this duo so we'll talk to the end this is that this break is a breakup. And they say in. Turn like one out of the can and well lake property seniors and it's already not very well on other vet but he the end well let out the window of wallpaper right the end. Think well look fine he's winning the MVP there in the Super Bowl yeah but I think. It's not ending well but even if don't get along real well they don't want to best month that's fine to me it's one gonna walk away sooner than they otherwise would because of the other doesn't hurt you feel like yeah. Well let the rope bridge is going down I don't know just wants to be appreciated he does to have fun and that he needs to do you do have him sit monitor lately was born. If two years that contract right get though is that lately 42. We know he's gonna play this year right and I'd be stoned yeah polls don't yet if he's not out there for June 5. The mini camp and training camp in the regular season. Now we would look at this differently to it if instead of being your war drop below it would in a year earlier bright greens suddenly skipping everything but he wouldn't skip everything probably. Because then he got all werder about that at this young guys they might like better than him so the timing of all this is fast and I had a lot of fans. That you you run into that always wanna just like you know talk the got a that if he walks away if there was some way he walked right now they will turn on it that may they are already promising it. Threatening yet because he would be not the ridiculous time. It's a total Labor Day you're really and it would heat what we're an emotional lot dale Los Angeles new Englander right in if you believe the narrative in in any way. Force or pushed or help to maker apple out of town. And then immediately thereafter within six months walks away himself. That's that low yet let's and he has skipped. Voluntary workouts in the past that's correct this is not an unusual occurrence here this is not all of the first time in eighteen years Tom Brady's not going to be there. Couple more often than not been. Eighteen years I gotta think it's something like fourteen to war or or where in that bird. Fifteen career borrowing and now he's there 8910. Right yet that phase where he said you know it. It's gonna be more than what is it about Obama he is doubting. Not if this maybe it right you don't OK did you say I'm the greatest that's all there is network card to play hard you wind hard all that. But is it just it feels so we hear right. And we have you there is. In some ways there's certainty right we all feel pretty good that if Belichick and Brady are back. And grown he's back there are among the best teams in football outdoors in the FC title game global law. But there's total uncertainty because. You know Bronx not show on Brady's not show enough then you know if Belichick you know for the wrong well because why they have mcdaniels they kept this guy everything he. So all this stuff going through because there's been so much talk since literally the Super Bowl and it right away and grow at his retirement and and Tom Brady's documentary. That if they both showed up. Today. There were it not a whole like what would put yard within the early how would you really say that there's any kind attention are all right the stuff but. The fact they're not there there's a report that Brady may never be there until it's mandatory that just continues to push this right along. Yes and then we talked about it in the TV you know Arlen to a report after looking back with a report the report report rap sheet and it just won't go away so. It's it's weird in its own way because this is in New England it's the answers are simple if strongest healthy. Brady and Belichick will be used to pour it now there's all those questions about Brady and Belichick and everything else that drafted. That doesn't even let you get to what you would normally be talked about well that you left tackle they need to I don't misty why not honor but is there are other issues but all those are relevant. Yet another matter particulars don't work out there where you open. I remember saying I don't know. 78910 years ago on on these airwaves saying you know this is in the last forever I thought it would be over with by now. Others in the last forever it's gonna come to and ended it probably won't end well. And I actually thought it had a real good chance to end well now not so sure will I now look back on and I am still much. Sold that he might not retired. I really do think that a re I don't want you know yeah if this time six may have been this and again yeah that would have been weird. Now I think it's harder to get that rating if he wins the final game. Even though you're like wait a minute they just traded the guy who should be replacing you would you're leaving too but he did win the MVP go out on that who would. The whole thing I don't know that would open topped out he wins this year with a hypothetical that they win this year and he walks away to have a quarterback it's still only one year's draft again but they know the markets but that no look for the Japanese. Or the death of in the third so they still does have Brian way and they beat Ohio. Intimately well these bands that really attacks and they're all on August I don't know if you heard he played lacrosse once we did dad went to the TV now yet perfect part of the thinking of in the second they get with the problem okay. But if you went one more and it says Aussie guys later. But people still or like I don't know if you can they'll be less upset because they think they will have some hope. We all young guys although there and on what problem. No he was twelve and four if they've yet of the playoffs people lose their mind that if he goes 88 or worse if he never loses again I didn't and yes I I think he needs more likely. I'd out of twelve or yet not roster I don't think that he is very good now as well it's not a knock on him I'm saying I don't think they get that much talent yet. No they're still definitely building that's why you've seen them at pieces Triad he's yet he didn't end up getting. You know immediately when Dez Bryant was kind of what is it just right you could use to go to receiver you definitely become that guy for him to pick draft. But. I guess they're gonna improve from what they were a year ago about the big part of my body that some of their rap vision plays to their talent while they're in trouble because it is. He needs would have called super team they're trying to put together. In LA and my guesses that doesn't work out because it rarely work I think it's gonna burn real hot. It will hurt them they're gonna go but luckily have their head coach says even though they have a lot of guys in defense that he controlling the defense coordinator as more slack than any of them. Oh we certainly feel that the swagger the room. More slack Arafat's that's code for me it's way of yeah have agents went OG slap that maybe doesn't. You follow him well I don't fall through all of them have died down somewhat in the it's always sort of retreated I don't know using Belichick is a cent of those two guys today. They outlawed or about that I would use the word I but it literally well he knew about it though remembering told us on Friday I've talked to a few guys prior commitments now we know Brady's right. Although get darling doesn't really make it sound like a prior commitment as much as the choice that it's just going to continue yet do we have a prior meant for grown. It's getting ready for a while back down tomorrow but what he does the double that brought in smack negro you do need to prepare for the you do pace himself a new book all that stay hydrated yeah Basilan in the doubles but hey hey hey art. What you said it was OK to talk with us. No I would prefer you didn't would you not gone there I got it there about right now don't feel like Nicholas. Knight you'll horse I've. That's a good answer if and I just thought that there that's fair I think what is it to your question I I didn't I think he's a little upset right now. I I don't think he gives to dams what you know. Fans think about what's going on down there. I think it this is all distraction this is you know the news cycle that never ends brought added Ron makes him much more angry by the way than than Brady does right now. And also I would if I mean. Was their communication and he said he spoke to a couple of police used to work couple guys yet and if these are the couple guys two weeks ago so if he legitimately talk with them. And Tom said well I'm going to be in. Putter yeah our photographer cutter and Ron said well I get XYZ and yet some charity event and we'll be honest you know outline if you went to charity event we know. Yeah I'm just trying to get the benefit of the doubt from the positive and yet that's your job. Mr. positive and he's there to try W frustrated that path. That. Always a maturity in the positive that I oppose the idea that beat Bill Belichick left draft of the team good it to rapidly. A draft a dash value but not everybody. Did you guys enjoy his up fresco that frighten you while. And that's. Yeah it wasn't there but it was slightly better than Gregg Popovich is yesterday. He he entertain me when he went into yet the long monologue to company and half minutes whatever. And he went in to stand up comedians vote. When he sits so low the schedule came out Tuesday. Looks like we don't play any games in May June July and so this year looks like your date regular season in September off off off off he literally sounded like it's been a comedian it's scripted if you work. Yeah I'm working the rule it's finally your ball McMillan lot. The workshop and office age over like that fun on an excellent and usually the media in attendance it's easy crowd. Easiest and up pops laughs and no one not that little luck they'll fly on the show and a bond. And I think I'm in response to growing our Brady I can be fun to your phone guy on guy aforementioned. Yeah I just. I I think it he hates distractions he hates he needs taking away from the focus of wild yet you know. And and this stuff just takes away from the focus not to they're not there that's happened before. It'll happen again. It's it's the story line being played out it's obviously somebody telling Adam she after somebody telling Jeff Jeff Darlington. And the somebody is not working as an employee of the patriots front office that's fairly safe bet. So that means the players for the players' camps are the ones leaking this stuff up. We'll get an in you know what it does feel to me like they're trying to get Adam a little bit. I think it's I think they're pissed off Adam. I think that's a horrible thing has has made many of them angry you can you can read would damage Dolan said with Mike Reese Europe you know. I think there Matt so you think bomb and and gronkowski grounds are intentionally poking the yes yes I do I don't think that's. On the. Good idea but I but I feel that's what they're doing what they can get away I think rocket doing it or. So then radius Brady's doing it though I'd agree with some of the common programs of those knotted in your face I don't think what's wrong with. The nonstop band stuff and every else feel free to sort of the substance that. And they may have on the beach there Cotter who else. And he couldn't it I mean he's pumped recuperate yet if he said to best buddies international and go to cutter a week earlier or weak leader of Cilic ID data moved it around went on should do so I had to clearly didn't know he knew what was going on. He knew what the dates where I promise seeking with the dates were for the start of the the optional off field work outs he knew all this stuff and he went and so meteorite to defend poke the bear interest bolsters you. You know exciting but again if there's anything that you get away we hysteria it's those two they might be the only two. Yes in the history of the team. Yeah because if you're Wes Welker you poke the bear you don't nothing Danny in the bill for more money good luck with that you careers over kids uses it to you guys you can't replace. Right and that's why I I have like you know dale and I kind of when you disputed it. I think Ron has all the leverage he wants you know it's if he plays this properly he's trying not to plays into I didn't make them not bring about the any image below to find with a throw it back off but yet the combination of him and it trading away for an coats. Suddenly crop is even a better spot but he right war I there are you really eager to me and that what what's the trickle down to Brady how would he possibly who would always. Reacted well certainly publicly anyway. Yes to David given to Deion Branch and what color look and all these guys being on youth said and done the right thing that he's played really well. But if it's now rock on top of a couple of badly probably like anyway especially in the bill of your left tackle it all these guys like now all of sudden it crops got a lot more and that that's why. I would be fascinated that trade went down. And if the trade went down the way sort of I'm talking about LeBron doesn't really push the envelope until mid July so the trade happens in late July. And then all Tom Brady's first media availability on August the third maybe it would of her birthday is an embryo have lots to talk to him and will he handle it the way he's always handled in the path or is that you different now aren't so four there's four options offensively I think for war gronkowski. If it's good enough port report even if he could think that could happen. He could play under this current contract he could play under a new contract he can get traded or actually retire. Right those are really the fourth thing very right. Is playing under this contract still the most likely I think it's the second most likely I think playing on my daughter and contracts Baghdad a bomb of some sort. You know he doesn't come in May be as high is cool it or you know pushed the envelope to say. All these guys that are getting 1618 million dollars a year at the receiver pass catcher position if he doesn't go too far in that direction and is willing to say. And it just did do he did last year can you make it's like you earn extra five million although if I were him. I mean you really you wanna do it again where I have to be all relax you the absolute best tight end in football editing the sea and then now we'll let me get a little bit more achievable. Just that the the Coke's trade for me was viewed the cook strait it never happened I would still have doubts as to whether he was going to be on this team this year. I would I asked this earlier you'll wait wait back it just after the Super Bowl incident Bill Belichick have to mend fences in his own locker room. And I wasn't sure that he did then because it's my way or the highway except for these two guys yet in these two guys are leading the angry. Rove report from the players. He might have to mend some fences and is a locker room yet there I mean people made a lot about the in the muddled thinking it was interest in certain. But you know his tone in there you get a lot of headlines will be called maple but. It was those fees and I generally are now part of a lottery yeah that's not really yet the question I would have is. You asked for an explanation. On the what would venture. Now how how and who I mean I just a shadow shake they had bought out playing today and I both I don't know. US and you didn't get an explanation that's different than going up the Bill Belichick thing. Listen I'm trying to win the Super Bowl and we get to your left in this league with the illegal Latino players know bill doesn't it up almost asked them during the there and it and if it back. Tom Brady was contemplating retiring. Going out on the on top and good night everybody yeah. And he's really piston bill. Maybe. Danny oh really got wind of that. Instead I don't want him tonight what can I if any looms and makes that much guys we figure out more years that Tom goodness that that a case closed don't know we're gonna do maximum hours. 6177797937. As telephone number. We're broadcasting live from the globe bar down a Boston street with rich and Andy I'm dale. Daily key Sports Radio W eat ya.