Dale & Keefe - The studio catches on fire; Aaron Hernandez’s lawyer Jose Baez paid for you to feel bad for him; Scal finally calls Al Horford average, sort of.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, March 19th

Hour 1: This weekend’s Aaron Hernandez special on Oxygen involved several WEEI personalities and one of Hernandez’ attorneys who once called into the show.The first hour of today’s show was interrupted by some putrid odor in the studio that caused minor pandemonium. Ryan Donato has signed an entry-level contract with the Bruins.


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Yeah yeah. Let's get this right out of the light rattle off the bat because people wanna know keep yes they do wanna light detector run up that says plan update please keep. In around. Yet not all the way until threatening others about it when he thought a second buffer between the lines of plaza threatening lesson that money fifty this defense still loitering and it was it. All right guys all right our guys that average it hoping you get one more little sports on moral especially if it's that if they gave us. Days ever hours he's he could sit around. The another I don't know how he's doing right now yeah two in the show in the office to front him all still there when I got talking to Paul can do this at the end that he can fast and Jeff I was. Yes it's an added that sales exact cornered out there they feel like capitalist tool I feel like it I would think. Everybody let. As of music is talking people went down in Florida in the elevator of people parking garage I love there is the guy or gal who taxed just about every day asking about the glove that it hasn't really good listener and there it was is a long time and like Glenn does this thing now. Which very Eddie Andelman ask if he doesn't know he just he says it anyway lately and are there that's like I guess. Yeah effort gets a tricky thing called the Internet now they're in double checked these things so I don't know all of you might they are from today yes. At the end of the shoulder making fun Tom Brady doing the NPR podcast and wait wait don't tell me. And Glenn says flatly like all that you want some NPR podcasts like thirteen listeners. It has a thousand reviews it's a five star podcast ready and he's top I think the number one podcast in comedy. Every couple weeks is solidly all those down yeah Arpaio wants our monster as thousands upon thousands listened as it lands like a little podcast a glimmer harness the I don't know if right right track now that the little audience listening do you in year attic and I was a little audio outs on NPR's get a big audience did a good talent pool there of the damage he did that a lot of pretty good theaters this and it's on to a well as its record. Perhaps I was listening to Jerry incurred right at 6 o'clock this morning. I I knew where there were guns whether we're gonna start with a and talked about and obviously they began. Kicking the crap out of themselves inappropriately in my opinion about the this whole Aaron Hernandez special event on our behalf they would take it real hard and and truthfully I don't think all of this was their fault. I I will add my own personal part of this. Oxygen wanted to buy commercials on the radio station to promote the event Smart radio station you know says table do you guys Meehan Christian. When you guys do the ads you know we we really want to get this business that's of course you know what do what do we meet. If you that money yeah. Did the State's economic media as they understand before you say what I think you're probably gonna say makes you got that money I don't know what happened was. We do beat conference call we have to we have to talk with that. The company in New York we to a conference call everything's great. And they say to me at one point look we're gonna get to link. So that you can watch part one of this good deal BIT yeah right now that's terrific and that it's nearly a look couple days later it's yeah we're going to be able to do that at so you material deceit part one. But the good DC movie there for the reviews are gonna get out there's that on any of the critics the adverse so I didn't I didn't see until it ran Friday. IR Saturday Saturday on there I was working Saturday so I didn't get to see it until Sunday morning. Saw part 1 Sunday morning some part to last night. I had no. I had no issues at all saying I really can't wait to see this. I 'cause I've I've truly feel that way and felt that I was with a certain idea it's a huge story in these parts. I had no idea I knew Jose Baez was in it and you shy on a Jenkins was and it. It was fairly clear to me just anything on that yeah yeah that's just that well it was fairly clear to me this was going to be a very pro Aaron Hernandez piece that was obvious yeah. I did not Jose Baez was one of the producers. Until part one ran. Until the beginning credits ran you saw coordinating producer room Jose buyers went one is going on here that start he said OK not to supporters here. He had edit yet final edit this is a Jose Baez Aaron Hernandez message tonight Jenkins for a it was. A lot of Lofton thing and this is one a documentary on the oxygen jail would be bats I was figuring this is not. 3330 this is one of those HBO documentaries this is. An ox does that that's all it shot on us our votes doctrines of four hours of suck is with a well full disclosure is two hours suck for me I have not gone back wants the other two hours just yet I will go partly first you're second thought the first two of our wide eyed rescinding its doubted wants the first two live's second tour works out. I watched the first two and ads going on in my. And they get everything in this though it always started every couple of what it was or it could've been done in ninety minute they clip of what I can drag announced it would but the good old four hours if they'd I don't know like talked about the trial once in Ohio yeah it's what now was old not a negative stuff to get to that I'm sure hollow excited mostly Brandon Spikes in Florida I'll say -- spicier crust forget I was that your brats I might not departure was stupid but I doubt if you don't like a lot of etiquette Trueblood but I but I. And also this at what point Jose Baez says. There's an unbelievable amount of evidence showing his innocence. By the end of part two. He was saying he did it because a CTG right yes it would and an effect on form what is. Do you see either sit and did not tell it these children or he did it because of CT right. Usually you know you need to pick one you're the attorney you need to tell us which one happen don't just sort of throw two out there and sit back and say. While they've both got to be believable so some people choose wants a Google sues the other. But yeah I just. I didn't realize gold and what you guys think that you know bias and Jenkins and how much of a say they have a thousand somebody kind of from the outside wanted to get the the right. You know people in place to to tell the story but. You didn't really get that I think for us that you were a little bit different or somebody watching this in Chicago or LA. Probably didn't he a couple of decent price we knew where every fact that they are watching this the Mike OK like I've even seen means. Video like the surveillance video I've seen that and let them talking about you know. Of the ball malicious Bob Obama yet I read that a guy like there's nothing new tell us and I don't know if that's you know because of where we are that you know cover the team and also because it was it was not in the new documentary don't know it's the means nothing new there are all right ordinary news or bruised thigh. Jose Baez and it was meant did. Look one way like you said this was HBO or somebody independent Cooley wasn't doing this than maybe its interest thing. But they were so much as rich said rehash and so much recycled stuff where every commercial break. The reset exactly lady that you backed you Lisa that they they do that on the always say hi I have the same kind of editing of the real world challenge and I don't know how did you patriots and actually sat I don't watch it is it was a at times a tractor poll of a four hour view yes but if I I I if I'd have to watch it for the show and knew we were talk about I would have bailed in the first part of the first out and never got about as patriots fan. I don't believe there's anything new I learned that second part that some more salacious part. If they use the B homosexuality mayor Hernandez is like this'll drop and thing while it's ever I asked whether an anonymous cared. I mean that they can't because it might have been a motive for a wild Lloyd died right that was the Seattle gets it while they didn't make that connection and all I think they. They were trying to make it more that that was the reason he killed himself. Yes because he has shown that it came on the radio station and and in effect outed him and that you know that's probably why did it. Course you'll remember in the immediate aftermath. This same Jose Baez said. I don't think he killed himself. I think something happened to blame the officials at the jail right correct right and suggested potentially some foul play and that the officials orca was somebody of but he he suggested something. Happen their that was not suicide. There were some stories that came home about him. Aaron Hernandez moves from their quarterback. She's going to move adaptive management relationship between member got awarded who's going to record or Powell commandos. I was due homosexuals. I'm very Aaron Hernandez wanted to silence them all those were flown around Muslim world food. And they didn't touch that but that reporter for the harper current decked forget his name now and Michelle McPhee did she boarded up with the guys from back in those April last year because that was the potential motive for years old Lloyd. Erin and it is his friend just ends up you know dead in mobile hot why did why what was the reason why did this and up in an end in a parking lot somewhere. You know with night showcase bubble issues while one of the motives wasn't he just said it sales are keys that registered there and was that he was gonna out error on his criminal on the planet dominated by seven Twitter the dumbest criminal since OJ. Yet they're both pretty about. But David as some of the stuff is just insane like let's just tumbled right near the house looks like tickets that they getting out of his pockets like just. You watch enough for these CSI shows you think you could do a better job of that I was just did this just terrible. But I think I can go to like assuming that every single move I make. On the planet is on camera someone Otis it is it's somebody's got to get it somewhere that is gonna show you doing whatever you're doing an excellent or good dale commencement speech. At a local high school and now yeah at your being a law that says if you are being blocked forty at all silence. Of that scene or is it his car in the light is on in the car and the like the black vote at all. I also like I would probably wouldn't see what he's doing but the other cards or velvet with the attorneys try to depth of the and they could see everything. I was back cameras everywhere a good documentary you learn something great is as simple as that with the odd that we keep on a documentary became. What we it's a shuttle series or it was right it's a documentary TV special this was one side of the story yet you drop a bit Arrigo docking at the right that's what they did some of the re enactments and stuff like all of the heart the bar fight in college apartment any entity where they hear it now. We think of is out college girlfriend. On earth would you make our own I was thinking more basically she did not age well I would say she's younger than us. No she's not well she must be a young men and younger than us she now China but she's younger announced she got I thought she looked forty years she at least. She had pleasure looks forty year CNET as the parent daughters while I thought about was. You're bringing in this guy home to him to stay in my house and threats like wins over how cool and I'm what are. What are we doing here. The football star though she was the one in part to that just sort Johnson and they're the Aggies writing me letters between outbid the trial one trial to any mention that. You've been molested as a kid and that he was gay and that just it's just sits there like that good work today the little the letter you caught me yet I guess. It's O went really well and it just drops eggs and got back commercial brother review of that. Village all day off on archive or some other dock you drama Casey Anthony's that is enough oxygen a good we have got enough of that I think there's a way to get more Casey at the adamantly ironically it's Jose I Herat what are these fans know that you think there now. It was. Aggravating as you say it was it was not particularly enlightening for those of us now will live to hear your work was it worth our time I would yeah I gotta say I'm not wasn't for. Adding care it was I thought I had and lay off finally so the one thing that jumped out at me as as watching this. Was all of a sudden they go to one of the defense attorneys George Lee and two year and I hope I'm saying right if I'm mispronouncing and I apologize. And I don't pay. The guy who called us last fall friend of the show George was listing to the show that one point. And called in and we've added very significantly. Needless to say. Before we ultimately put them on the air George on the cell phone hey George I don't. I. Hey guys I am pretty big points I was into. I can back up in Boston. I just don't happen to be losing your view about the and his face which. Obviously it also I don't agree on via a member of the buyers love or. And he lets turns out and we the real bill and we talked to him for awhile and we got to go cut nine because. I actually was bringing up to him because they were talking about taking this case to federal court. And I was suggesting to George and by the way it's not like I'm Smart I just I talked to Michael the Camelot. And Mike and Jim was talking about how rules of evidence are different in federal court and they are in in state court and it was going to be a more uphill slog and yet that's what they claimed they were gonna do with time. Act because we have all of the NFL is Iran. There headquarters. In an absurd. That hatred you may not know this but there at Delaware corporation. Although they have. They're principal office years in the majority of activity took place in Massachusetts. The play just. Is now you I don't resident so we have what's called diversity jurisdiction. Yeah my sense was that it filed in state court because I doubt it. Well. Any complaints I've had it removed to federal court anyway so I just decided that Protestants that there's no question in my mind. I belong in federal court in the diversity of our people. Guess where they didn't take it in federal court here I can't imagine why. What's we act I I forgot I I forgot he called you guys and he was he was pretty adamant and he was the one at the script he was a once suggested. He talked to Hernandez about being gay correctly on the on the almost documentary like yes I'm on the documentary a matter of factly he can write what you guys don't know him in the but he said it you know was sitting down with the cameras last night talked to rubio beat you with edit the quote was it was clear. That he was gay or something along those lines today in Britain data but all the normality but obviously nor would he bring it up with us but. But it just follow us NIC it's storage and let never met but who we talked to and that was the guy who called into the show that was very part of the the TV series. The light. But yeah I know I I I've the frustrated the good word in just it felt like a waste my time by the end of one and and it didn't adding get it right away. I get the first episodes lot of back story and then as it went into the late the first one in the second one. It was just so pro Hernandez it we as they would still pro and answer your way all the other side it's an eye on Jenkins who are very they're treating her like this. This will be gone. We know of this dead football player while she aided and abetted like they did they showed the house video again. And do it it was never proven I guess but it looks pretty clear to me she gets a call she takes some stuff to a trash can somewhere. And that's it like she was front and center on this and she's weeping and talking about sorry she's not and I can't. I can feel sorry for his daughter I guess to some extent I don't feel one ounce of now a pity for her and the relation there through it where owed Lloyd is going now on her sister and it's like a weirdo like yeah right about what it's like oh she's estranged from the failed to. No kidding I what makes no sense geez so they Scholl shy on a Jenkins taking the box in the garbage bag out of the house that's good that's of the video footage with policy via. And they put the little snippet of her testifying that was marijuana. No let's mix it a question or two with the area out just yet apparent that you thought that the oil and had no earthly idea. Where she just happened to drop that's a lot of money for this. It's felt like it Ryan Irish mother she got a lot of money further Dr. Phil immigrant of finding out what that was like six figures Laporte and I expect it as a ton to the Dr. Phil interview in the wasn't really much there. And in this again kind of waste the time and it paints her in a positive light so it wasn't like she really had to be. You know forced then you know it's usually difficult questions are doing all that I'm comfortable. I can imagine how much money oxygen thrown around this but then again it means more than nothing vote gets a gets the point where you felt like. This was a complete money grab for my eyes and Jenkins now whether or not they owed buyers money this helped by as yet. You mention that next documentary coming out that the the what's and Casey Anthony and Casey Anthony India. He's probably involved medals so he was Casey Anthony's lawyer was suggests that time that she could not pain in the yeah sexual favors for a as part of that trial so. Each at eight came across like you again that Dwight stocky drama not documentary did this for money and so they were willing to. Put this he's homosexuality put his sexuality in a the second part of the episode to juice as a Jew I guess I guess Al that'll add if they would knock it would knowledge and nothing else that it was part of the reason why they were suggesting motive and and there is a war but I guess be Indies at some point. When he talked about order the judge and saying you can't bring this up in court it's against the law which I'd never before. Issuance motor related to market talk about the motor partner needed adjust to specifically. Have this game TMZ. Exposure habit get a New York Post exposure gullible those web sites today. And here's the headline Aaron and his lawyer and X they struggled being gay same thing on teams. It became a headline to promote the story. And it was talked about its reason why kill himself was not suggested these guys would not go near the fact that might have been paying. The motor for only do so by as in the first part where he's saying you know you don't give by the murder weapon like how can you put the murder quick. Know what all surveillance video we thought by the way. You don't have the bar in the looking only at. Work at all I understand that that attorneys have to say whatever they have to say right but might his logic. If I shoot you in the head rich and then help things they'll put that out there Ed and then I just go hop on a ball on the Boston Harvard drop the gun into the ocean. You'll never you can never be found it is that our daughter thing she ever Clinton yes they don't have a god while they can't convict them at the other thing that he was doing was. Wall public approval pulled the trigger and guess what Jose yet in this state that doesn't matter right. In this state there's a law called joint venture via which means as Jose Baez said four guys went out three guys came back. It didn't matter which one of the three pull the trigger they're all guilty if if guilty is is decide right. It didn't didn't have to probe that Aaron Hernandez pulled the trigger is he didn't do it so much other organs and it's only march. I'll leave the gun battle it out and as they had a lot of things they had the video they had the more video they had a they had all of that they had every single piece of apple that history. When it came down in her brow the other stuff the came up with a court date they had. They had planning now he's not I should we should say this. He's not guilty anymore correct of that because technically he's not no that's only a loophole that he took a man which they are in the process of changing yet to an end up launching some guy why was waiting appeal always waiting appeal for that buyers apparently was. Champion last night he's gonna he was going to be there. Error was all set it was gonna leave and I said I'm not only be good buddy of going to be right there for his part of the deal probably has such a good chance of getting out of jail he killed himself like I think they kind of he kind of knew what he was up against as far as getting out of prison and ultimately was gonna happen. By so back to that one Baez said there and that was. Maybe midway through the first part of a documentary saying I can't believe a word this guy's gonna say after this. Not anyone even before we now know is history I quietly to note I said I believe him nothing he says you can't because you could tell he's he's wrong about certain stuff or he's. Certainly got to continue. To talk about how his former client is innocent and that housed by the way and I I tweeted this out it was weird watching. That's Ty Warren's house while you give us a whole breakers the opponent or not if you're the whole layer of tweets and I ate different box well that that was Ty Warren's house when I left he sold it albeit he had built a little Playhouse in the backyard and if the port who look across the street as shy and it was saying they live they were at a teammates house across the street when they saw the homes for sale I don't know about I don't know who that was I just know that there are yeah bunch of players Alia in that neighborhood. How they show Robert Kraft testimony. And Shia on Jenkins is upset with Robert crap because he told the truth is that it ended how dinner back in effect what she was suggesting as. What I wanna him to do was win their life correct. I felt like they had a loving relationship we've got into a house before and he was very sweet and he loved and so much. I thought that he. Who could be more supportive. When you and Aaron. But see each other. And you had a bit of a special greetings did you lose and what was answer but who knows it and just. I felt like they had a loving relationship like I've heard him say he loved them and Canada mr. passing pack up and moved about thank you. To disappointment. She'd like to have had him say there's Eric go to darkness. Yeah there's a lot of ways he Canada and I think she's instantly such. Stated denial but it's passed away it is. Regulators urgency really think there has been doing isn't very evil to figure things cheap cheap if you if you guys and you'll. She's the master it's that you bought all this stuff. And she knew when she is getting rid of that box which was getting rid of she knew she can't be that stupid and not know what her husband's feet onto what was involved like I just don't. I don't believe that it's a she sits there and if you think when he leaves and doesn't come back until at 4 AM if she knows where he's on topic I guess. Yes some idea that he's not cutting my thoughts on those one guys it's like with a bullet. You know trust me I'm not Tyrone don't you go to hostage on a pair. So she sodas or authority that aren't aren't just you know culture doctor feels everything on the to get rid of this box she you really think she had no idea was in the box. I don't know should I think she'd ideology about I think she thinks the idea tigris. I don't actually know everything in the box that it outside the house yet no that's fine that's fine I'd sure she knows more than she's letting on. But I'm sure there's definitely things were he just leaves it was like a motor program. It she's won a national park by the way for people who were asking yes the other two were in the car were charged with our. Ones while Ortiz one pled to complete deal. And the other one believe it or not was acquitted. And so yes they were all three were charged with murder. One got convicted of murder. That was heard this so I am when you when Britney go back to Jenkins when you when you when she's. Sitting there and she suggesting that she didn't know about his lifestyle I just she knew him since high school she knew what she knew before ever. I can't believe she's in is bison now I don't pay out about things you in his eyes that she knows every single detail. Or pour it or she does and she's just. Undermine made up where she's just never gonna say anything it. Against him. He went and being gone but she still has now or never rallied one of the things that Wendy which became pregnant choose word his error was until 4 o'clock every single line. Clubs and bars just out services. There's a guy does not around on you ever so if he gets drink spilled on and he kills two people dvd goes home and is like. Hey killed two people. Or is he just laid it. Parking and I think a year and a lot of journalists she knew type people that he was hanging around with it all back to Wallace and Ortiz who Gail mentioned and I can't believe that you B that I did not know about at least some of the business. He was involved because I usually involved with were were dealing drugs and just. You know they are they were doing nothing of substance she had you known all one when. What that was like the team you were cruiser or show about and she's like what's going on as a method that Coca. They got it they think a judgment of the but it lightly and I was house was across the street who's that Jerod Mayo. And low. Now they all lived there only so many of them in the and so and us aren't good for it was talking about with the wide receivers that got into a little bit of us scrum with them all of us and that Weller was so well right well as I broader efforts and her daughter area yet early on I mean you know that's another part we can played at some point but I mean the white so unbelievable that does the the documentary docket dramas not believable almost the way the they edited it Fauria said Bo they started sixth and hermit and before you played you edited Sally put the work coaches into a corner of his to make it look like Terry a coach I wanted to work out with Aaron Hernandez and they just mean they made it up they edited the sound to make it dad style completely different. Then what Christian Fauria said on tape. Some pretty crazy to violate so that we can Canada that do but just the idea that Fauria it was supposed to work our way of Hernandez. The morning after he'd kill someone that's crazy. I was pretty not that not a little busy that basically just did what I mean at a at a pretty 15. On the phone with the attorneys most of that morning again. I we got some other things we'll talk about throughout course of the day as well Bruins and action tonight against our Columbus at the garden Celtics. That's a tiny little bit we'll get into that as well 6177797937. Its telephone number text line 37937. Are much in the house with a since failing keep Sports Radio W media. I was surprised to see. And I remember we had talked to us to Mike McCann about it he was surprised. However it was. It seemed like get off a pretty fair pile of evidence for that. That case too there was the guy nationally Dan Wetzel covered the story yes yes he was the one Sam I don't know they've not done a great job of closing the deal here they should get this thing done but it's not. He had to go is quite the slam dunk it he's one of the few people who thought. That they might not get it close and they didn't and then couple days later. It change it was a Monday morning right with the bush and happened Friday and then Monday morning was when the news came. I was interest rates watch it wasn't great television and have them as well as of let's live around here in a week and in new. Most of the stuff they didn't give us anything. Dramatically wasn't more than that though dale besides the fact that we knew what it was it was the way it was a position yet especially in the second episode. Where bias is this hero conquering lawyer. Jenkins is this widow of yeah you're not the last guy that burn you they want did you by the end of debt to feel bad you know suggesting that. He couldn't talk about the sexuality because it wasn't part of the story well was because there was a a motive plot there are arc for cart guy what they're saying it rotted out exactly you heard on the saints go to nick heated. That it was supposed to feel bad because a murderer and I'll lines. Kill himself. I'm not gonna feel bad for that that's what they wanted by the end of that. Thing to try to spin and a certain way to interest it was so obvious. Through that second episode especially with they're trying to do well in the CT angle too I must say he didn't like the last five minutes they're trying to show of that at all otherwise there's also this thing and I got the best in this hall. I only brought. Had I known that only now have free man right now like no well actions there's no test for CT for. You know living players are working on that Jose so you would not have been blocked would have to begin anyway I think Ted levels that they CTE. Because most. What was so you don't scroll Apollo eight on our. That's five total lie bought the thing is that good for anybody under thirty that the worst case and overseen. Yeah how many have you seen them under thirty like five or their pocket yeah there is one viva they're quoting her many of its B you'll want that yes and the press release for Aaron and his date they actually said that the press release because the lawyers say civil way to second will they actually just the widget just quoted the the idea where it would be your heart whoever the study sports so it it sounds outrageous. But according to them was the worse now they wouldn't know that because they'll test for a living like our president one maybe at some point there will be but they would have known that anyway. I still what are one's gonna go back in their win back he's tried again. When you what he's gonna do is he's gonna try to get. The pension money or the rest of the contract for shy down that's what he's got that's what the next thing is. Because then you get. Something burning. We are all right fire. Yes month fire Jason like about a fire out. Now we snowed here okay okay I get a lot of other responsibilities to is that maybe saving our past could be out that apple does a something's burning every delegate acts and hosed. Yeah. If not the takes either we haven't gotten some mighty Celtics Bruins states I've terrible takes part rusty grants. Ross agrees the day he said adding that he's. It's don't like this and every studio is merely taking apart equipment Leahy's this innovative talent than here this is where is where it was needs you say it's. It's now it's smells like when a toaster has toast on the just little more there at the end. I know I'll give you bet awards smells like you turn on a space heater for the first time it's been collecting dust for like a year and a half and that's that's what it is somebody in this office space heater that's the things that nostrils. Pungent that that really is on. To find. Its out of the Fed up. What happened claim. Rating my I credit that. What did that whole first segment on fire that fuels it even more credit for that really at present. Everything yeah Ross Ross he's just in the hands of under underneath where I sit here this is the third share. All right we'll take a break and you're just tuning in Iran via a it affects it it's news out or may not made a while to let's will be back anyway disparate in Ireland the only complaint and it's right on yeah there were you aren't fired. 6177797937. Telephone that's how. Up a little thick in here ridiculous affairs do anything. Prosecuted and I can't that the Catholic and the 77797937. Its telephone number yelling keep Sports Radio W media. Rule. On your computer is on fire or not to not like it yeah kind of a firearm. This is I'm not making this up to you what is the letter to parents are the days it is just so fire. 00 and then it's on fire up trumps honest to god and the I know I've not kid you look at it won't touch it look. I don't I don't know what but admirers think certain pitches. My god and. You're not fire on not signals go all the slogans and it's actually all of a better all of this. Some regular electrocuted so man well afternoon. Right it was noted that somebody tell engineering we have got the call screener don't. It was part of the power goes. Out toward right outside but I Houston we have a problem. Right the surprise for me was that Brett was try to do good things to say anybody is based but that prior experience let's be honest. It is. Roland cord wood on it. Man but he got a good visual whatever this is no that's why it played the principal witness is a pungent odor in the air something boundary we just can't find exactly were doctors deals it. Because ceiling and again you remember that smoky smell man. On the brakes hours in a plate there we want to talk about critics the first person to pass out of fruitless. Seth is gonna happen you know and I'll be a model that's all right guys he's got less sleep than anybody here but don't want this track is fast the cavity out brilliantly hours and I guess light headed and away he's going rubber side of this show minute to show gets better when I pass I've found that so I'll do for parents are now. So tonight Ryan does not all make his Boston Bruins debut he wore number sixteen on the Olympic team. He's wearing number seventeen for the Bruins. And I'm hoping the number sixteen eventually gets retired for Rick Middleton but he's gonna plan align with Noah Sharif and Brian Gionta Gionta was eighteen made if he has. During the Winter Olympics that just completed so they kind of know we each other's game a little bit. Today at the morning skate he was practicing with the first power play unit chiefs he was in the the Patrice Bergeron spot to spur fronts to allow lineup. So he was in the Bergeron spot with the first power play unit. So he's gonna dive right in by the way if you're wondering because he he yeah I was leaving Harvard where his dad is his coach. But he's gonna finish the semester they're going on a road trip beginning Wednesday in Saint Louis he said he's bringing his books. It and I don't know that the last one night and I'll come down says he's gonna finish the semester I guess one night I agreement is a look take the growth ahead we're going out he's okay kimono. That that's he's pleased that the road to business as there a biggest portions were there is now there's so they're got a chance that if they can no shot he's going to be a staff that's tough Souza I got this summer will he be on the well he played in the playoffs yes. Even their raised back and helping. Yankees got a real good chance. He is very skilled offensively averaged almost a goal game a goal a game not appoint an ounce at Harvard point 92 goals per game during his set season at Harvard. Very skilled offensively. Offensively he's got some things to learn in Bel Air they'll teach him but they've you know put him a couple of guys will be younger responsible. It it works out for him that he hits the Bruins team at a time when they have a need. David Backus went out every time I almost got happened girl's Barry Petersen said to me some is Japanese and I don't know why we don't like to these game. And one of them on that I'm shocked fields it more and it's just how bad that can be sued manager and just be devastating but. I think if you add did not go to the list of acquisitions they've made at the trade deadline but what. Different in. They they would've gotten a playoff team regardless if they didn't make any move to swing just sat there and didn't make any moves based on what made the playoffs but instead he goes out there. As Rick Nash but that also a couple of depth forwards a depth defenseman and I are also adding to not go after is called seasons up like that is. An unbelievable job to improve the team now that if they fall short in the playoffs how this has nothing to do with sweetie sweetie let everything. Also yes assuming that you get your injured guys back right and I think they well Bergeron skated for the second straight day today practiced with the team this morning. I it is thought that he may go on the road trip with a he won't play Wednesday but. What will go on the road trip with them so I think you're gonna see him trickling back in the lineup I I don't think that char is a long term deal. You know maybe a couple more games that sort of thing. On the brass when he clears the concussion protocol will be back. Backus probably at least a couple of games he took eighteen stitches in the by above the knee. And and when he you know how close that is to the ephemeral artery. Scary it is frightening to think about what could've happened in those situations. But I think Bruins fans are excited to see what Donato can do. Patrice Bergeron will now have played with a ball Ted Donato and Ryan D'Amato. When he gets back in July and Africa Eddie's got that all by the way now puts its is that there's a great picture right re tweeted it on Twitter. And it it shows up on the bruins' bench it like I'm open practice or something they're Sergey Samsonov. And Joseph Thornton. And little Ryan Donato who looks like he's about four is sitting between them and as I pointed out with a three are still on the national luck lately there. That's pretty good so expectations are like will he have a Mac avoids had been packed but when McIlroy came into the playoffs last year. They can't they need admitted they had some guys were lost due to injury. But he proved that he belonged it immediately. These big did not cause the same down an expectation that difference is they had to have Mac avoid. Oh yeah there are quietly and say they had lost four defensemen they had to have him produce at a high level immediately and he did. They don't need to have Ryan did not produce a high level they've got a great team already know it is a bonus for everything they go to Tampa Saturday night and they are without. Obviously Bergeron Mac avoid the brusque Chara. And Backus goes out the first period with a skate that is it just the injuries that they've gotten an out of here I thought we read that he was not going to be too now you know I thought if you're going to I think that was kinda the I don't wanna say agreement I don't think they had an agreement with them but that the understanding was he was gonna get to be here he was gonna get to burn the first year of these entry level deal. The other concession I think the Bruins made was this is a two year entry level deal lot of times these are three years. Which means he's gonna get out of his entry level deal a year earlier at the end of next season. He's going to be out of his entry level and be able to cash in for bigger money but also had harbored made the turn right and it kept playing for are so that would have delayed the whole process about the process so yeah they're out so he doesn't misery can I mean show now is sold twelve regular season games left and and get ready for the playoffs so. I think every view view as much skill as safe as angered make sense to have him out there at some point I don't know v.s on the power play the first power play noted. Pretty cores that that he -- that's where he was skating this morning yes what the first power play in Britain as we sat on the third line with a Sharif in Gionta. And down I let there they are really good team out I was just looking at the standings here a moment ago. Right now the Bruins are the third best team in the National Hockey League Nashville has a 104 points. Tampa Bay has a 102. And the Bruins have 98 but the Bruins have also played two fewer games than Tampa Bay and one fewer game than Nashville. And there are one of the best teams in the NHL and that's with guys missing him without the model and analysts others I have two more games of Tampa laugh so and three more with Florida which is crazy. So let me make it. Could they can get the first seed which other would be huge because not that I wouldn't pick ended beat Toronto in the first round but match at the Columbus is just. Certainly a whole lot easier meals on home ice throughout which would be an important things while also. They got themselves a pretty good spot that went on set it was frustrating that they lost the way that they lost last Thursday at the Florida. But and it bounced back and at the shut out Tampa which. Didn't adopt and shut out this year. Crazy that 71. Game seven on our media. They had not been well thought out yet there and offensive juggernaut but it random game your you wouldn't have it a B seventy something games is why the borrowers and played them twice they've won three to one and three tonight. Tampa Bay does not want to play the Bruins in the Stanley Cup mile and a date it's feel the same way and it will get that the tops the the top seed in the Eastern Conference I think most. With state and Celtic fans a trip to help for their team ends up yet points or you're listening all the to unveil it it'll be great to watch the kick them up and play. I think it is you hope to get these next couple weeks without. Adding more names to that list because no matter where they finished eating you just pointed out during really good teams of the top cedar seconds he's longs they're healthy people expect them to make. The sums are run here yeah yeah obsolete now the most ominously that B Mac Voight but they're the guys that you have the least. What's the one that worries you the most because he was he was out belonged to spread it would be a sprained. Was it MCL I forget what yeah yeah I think within CL and they said for weeks. In Bursch runs case he had a broken bone they said that we're gonna check it in two weeks it's now been three weeks and he's out on the ice. And you know skating and said that you know there was the normal discomfort that he hasn't been able to skate fer yeah this entire time but that he felt pretty good you know it feels like it's coming along. The breast is the concussion protocol you don't put a timetable on it but it's not like you're waiting for a bone to amend or. Or Anita to heal up you're waiting for him to clear the concussion protocol. These guys all be back with the the next you know while three of those of the injured for the injured will be back in the next. Weaker to this is. It's so crazy to think about the team last year. That they they'd barely make the playoffs they're there a point away from missing out on the play out they finished you're 95 points. They're already over ninety right now with twelve to play. It's a lot of the same guys but isn't you know kind of career years form because. They were not very good last year but let's face today they got bounced in the first round I know that a lot of injuries but even still. The plated Ottawa team that swept them in the regular season so even if they were healthy I don't know if they win that series. A big arm in what aways away they are. Also Montreal with a team that won the division last year and it's like what it's a whole new if it feels like you've jumped ahead five years. For Montreal to be as bad as they are for Boston be as good as they are literally just it's one year it's less than a calendar year. In the NHL's pretty wild. It's great situation for the for the Bruins and their fans and in the playoffs start here. Should if if you're a Celtics fan should you be a tiny bit more nervous about the upcoming playoffs and maybe you work. Heard Glen Glen is once this thing was gone scare today that we get eggs with got a scare you Heidi I got up carrier resell and of the help us that they think so this is the Bruins that we know are good team if they're healthy they're gonna make is to get on especially. With the crap going on in Cleveland I think they're a little more Elop the same thing just because Marcus Smart may be done. Maybe that guy I assume you'll be back in second round yet to be in Vegas and they get past that what they just want to seven yet they get to the first round about have a Chicago Bulls can every year ago. That he is back you might not be 100% but I expect him back Chris Paul in a similar injury. And came back in six to eight weeks he became back in five weeks and he's at six dates who better players come back. And I I believe them when they say you'll carrier ring his day today. And as get out of manages the rest the way sought out disparaging feared it they feel like these two teams the exact same position. There are healthier are smaller now but it's carrier ring or are they just managing him because it's the regular season or the managing and because he can really only give you 3031 minutes tonight that are or the midday gusts argument battle but to say and welcome playoff time where. All the starters playable but more. Doesn't as as he able to ramped up or is the knee injury going to be something that that hinders them throughout because it does. You see Rudy knew how important was that you take them out for a few games and you watch the teams struggle without Saddam cannot. If they don't have him on Orleans Smart nobody Yeltsin that team on ignited that a lot less scary Terry was rescued Sunday and had to do stuff he's not done before you're asking Jalen brown he's not quite there yet we know Al Horford is a complementary player not a star in this league is all star and he's an all star Zeller and they're also our last all star team could still also on track back on bad it was the last all's thirty was all star name only he is not topic great he's not all star in ability he's not all started stats he's all of our all star. Cup metaplayer I think your McCleon avenue wants but. When other guys have been out as he stepped up really all. On a consistent basis though last night I heard he scored six points has get rebounds and gets athlete and was rendered invisible by the invisible during large stretch that game it would cut first physical with the same conversation about. Always is how we will whereas Al Horford rank. And in that game. Irving was better Smart was better markets whereas router better markets were reminded there's we have four guys that were more import more tactful than a was Al Horford in that game so we were I given up on believing that he could step in NBA I'll put an airport or rich. All star went carrier he's not playing but it Bible the right now I have to lead them that they and they're also Smart enough. That like the Bruins in this case stuck in a force guys to play the other earlier governor CDs did they know where they're going to be they walk they they know they have no chance to make it run. Without carrier urban garden club and they they know they've got to get in battle it's I'm not I'm not scared sorry I wish I was. I'm not asking you or I do have to play this time I heard it on the mid day shall though IMAP I had not heard it before that. And it's like dogs and cats are sleeping together this is amazing I I would you've got to hear what happened on the call. I found. A lot like that played Al Horford gets this free for Jason Tatum which beat you gonna have a mismatch. That is aggressive album. Who did you pick it up and found. The president. Confident. Pretty good. Well there are nights. That he he just plays. Like an average players there aren't. He he picks and chooses its Fox News built carrier bikinis and be aggressive this is what it takes this is why the Celtics loved you so much because. He gives what fifteen feet. But right now. He's especially down no bread no need to run and often throughout. What sets yeah. It so happens they get all so there are nights ago they edit or are they get aroused about that for park area neighbor tell all of them so those guys were excited they thought they might edit and a bigger or they have been in these epicenter of Al Horford talking Lou Lou is the guy yes we weren't labeled him average and a certain there is some tweeting Maloney of -- Al Al Horford so he's bad he's all of that real state comes from the Celtics. For Bryant's caliber and then say he picks and chooses his spots. Saved is about the dumbest thing I found out here I scouts I know it's not just that it's the fact that he acknowledged as Lou has been saying it's four and there are nights when he's average now. There are guys. That he just plays. I can average way for. Me you know what you don't discredit her Maloney for saying that he needs you know play better it's more consistently. And I said he played e.'s average sometimes yes he has. He's averaged a lot I love all stars like pick and choose and I wanna really be aggressive I think my favorite thing like equality for a player. I know people like to suggest that a guy who's gives a 110% every night's two of them and now. I want you to really kind of decide okay tonight tonight right got to be good. So going to be good and how the other night right back calls on Friday that was in the Orlando game those Friday night in Orlando in nine of the fifteen and I and he goes aggressively to it he shot the picks and chooses and the offense has the run through him. There are nights when he does that I think he picks and chooses his spots and no carrier he needs to be aggressive this is what it takes. This is why you felt loved you so much because he gives with the team he. We're right now. Think he's down the stretch they need to run off its two hour we're. One thing with a game need last night. Of the gable who made level sibling as an Al Horford is Larry planned last night now he's or they were really run the offense through all of us by eighty more than six points six points four rebounds to reassess and he gave up I think a hundred points in the Davis always great. Like 343. Where felt. Confident. It's a very low but that seemed. More at that night into davis' is amazing but that's why I always say. Really good offense is going to be really good defense every time and so when you're saying that. All the Al Horford defenders out there are say who cares who's averaging twelve points a game he's one of the best defenders in the league. Okay he's a very very good defender but when there are certain nights like that. What and how does that help you if it is to whatever you want crushed to incorporate this after the game. Over that yeah I that's on me so. He says the right thing that it doesn't let the Fed them including its down with the debate of all years. Should there. I don't think that's why they love they've bought off because he chooses to play our secure as it. I think you can execute. Spots there will be a huge and just choose to scored just six last yes that's what he did exactly it's not playing forty minutes and I Stevens is a great job with these guys managing their minutes of the rating go for the playoffs. So he's picking and choosing. My god like just just admit that he's he's a good player he's not a great player that's that's were out there. And then when he has a great night people who lose their minds and in a while if you're so excited about a twenty and ten game that kind of proves that even you expected to have. It's one in ten game I did not stick around for any posting stuff last night that weathered and blown out I'd I'd bailed you did today. Acknowledge after the game he was not Assad are what some of it last night I Gaudenzi there wasn't a single source points and four rebounds in twenty minutes on three elements shooting was that. And note that that would buy an imperfect that fits the skirt when he does play well if you're saying. They go out of their way to promote it right when he doesn't play well sleep on the run not even acknowledge which is is par for the course with that network in their coverage of the 6177797937. Is telephone number up next we'll talk about the patriots and moves that they made so far. Maybe some moves that they might be making some of which surprised me a little bit 6177797937. Its daily key Sports Radio WEEI.