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Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 3: Keefe and Tomase take more calls on what potential rule changes could help to make baseball more appealing to a general audience, discuss what Sacha Baron Cohen’s new TV show, Croatia’s trip to the World Cup Final, and Marcus Smart;s ongoing contract negotiations, or lack thereof, with the Boston Celtics. Also in this hour, Keefe thinks the ESPN NBA crew is terrible, and both of the guys agree that the Celtics are undoubtedly Kyrie Irving’s team.

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Yeah yeah yeah. Are currently daily key. Just posse is for dale we are. Petr Old Dominion freight line Satterfield did you hear that my park or did you speak with the Red Sox manager Alex for that in the first hour of the program. They see it parties. Try to sweep the Rangers win vote either in ninth straight game and they got pretty good chance for sale on the mound tonight. My fallen on the throw cup with it's it it's the end of the first overtime. Well. There. My back on area. In this race I have I have problems here this yeah it's definitely a problem area and it's doing the best that I can. Looked at your phone calls 6177779%. Yet they had you wanna get through this hour to its markets mark what's going on him. In his restricted free agency. In the stories coming out about LeBron James that it already obnoxious and I'm probably gonna be you know. Not yet keep an open mind about I am trying my best of the Prague super fan and there are plenty of them out there affect a lot of the media. Even they have to be saying I was there and collapse for him when he rattled off of you plays while reading scores. Oh my god in you remember the game that he played in the minutes ago that it insane and now there's a story out there that Magic Johnson. The set their nervously waiting in the car in his driveway where he went to meet with them just hoping about Jeanine boss this whole long write about. Odds are you know the shape of the franchise. She didn't know what to do it she was so nervous like my god. I could talk to six months ago is going lakers got wanted to relax a little bit about it but they just they make him out to be. He's he's good enough on its own but he has a great great player but they make about to be like this guy that you infected basketball put yourself in the lakers shoes because you know Europe all only ticket to relevance is positive as it. And so you've got to make that happen there Rotella and I thought their team also thinks yes. They're still which is that still shocks me that that was his preordained to predetermined site. He hit it dead and the guys out there signing. Stevenson with key wrong though it sounds made up its own space without without occult this Arabic and that brought but there are a bad sign these three guys that answer you been drinking we're gonna take the call today. That's what it feels like. It doesn't seem like a team at the end of the compete for anything next year now and buy you love it he's got his 34 birthday coming up and that's what he wants to roll with. Good luck Tia though it looked you in the west you know a bad team could win in the east he could get that team through the east that it not on the caps the F that's worse than Cleveland last year because at least it Kevin Love put that team. Probably it but that's right president Johnson I mean. In. Robin Hood and the only comfort now in the terms of results are any of that and allies like I agree pick up a book still amazingly go back to the first game that Cleveland after that treatment played the Celtics in Clarkston Indians and hill did. Hood were all rate now and I fell far yet sent like 50% on threes absolute ball Parra that. Back upon. You know we got in the in Maine what's up Andy. Bunch so you're talking about oh changes that would affect me it pretty well. Out of business something that might help brigade. That would affect it would be held. But they do ashamed that the budget stuck. In the different ages ago about Rush Holt or credible race. What yes the I'm not our guys what regulates how how it that I'll I'll I'll play along how would that help baseball what do you want baseball to do to get orator with specific laws. I'm I'm just saying they're cute they're cute aren't sports. In America. I mean. Is NASCAR dying I honestly have no idea might mean gas prices are through the rules includes those. I thought NASCAR still wildly popular now. Or I don't know I I always photos and. Currently. You know answering about it so I just felt like I Hossa. If they you know apartment Dale Jarrett there on this I said please make some changes you know what I did that light being currently guys remaining must know everything about counts and now we have the big NASCAR races at New Hampshire I now but when it close and all right fine let's go I would remain the same assumption about the good stuff that's of bread and was there if Fred. I don't think we're gong great it is for more than that it. I guess I did pick up the ball go good out here. It was gonna limit relief pitching change to warrant for an IRA and chided the Internet and go out of the ball. Now British. Variety of. Arts and not too many out of there it looks aren't Mac break the ballot cards. And apple wouldn't change Kerry thing okay this will encourage me and particularly acute in between innings no more say in the picture out. To get to play except our first batter and it can come out they're gonna change it between innings during the epic and can't think they'll kind of put in a penalty. It's every club if somewhat get clobbered on the mound now why someone gets hurt. Yeah we've got to put it we're gonna put in the penalty the penalty is one. Like a block. So anybody that god basic green and if they want to put a picture. There. Now it also there's this there's the the idea that a relief pitcher has to face more than one batter that's been tossed out there report by the baseball people yeah I'm opposed to that now to cut down on some of the guys that are just lefty specialist things like that. But I like art works this guy you can't just do. It goes some of the that's in the National League it pretty silly Joseph Maddon goes out there for a reliever at the inning yeah that Camille noxious. I think that's a little tweak there are certain times that would help. But there's games that go you know starting pitcher for seven innings and reliever than reliever. They only use three guys to get to the whole game against the Rio plus you got to prosecute operatives operate Croatia I got ahead. Croatia there were a couple lived up to autumn otter at ninth minute let me be Johnson Nazi does. I will sing getting back Nolan Nolan has about soccer and I'm gonna win on an amazing winning streak all the violations on the other croatians care for big about like Tampa. Tampa starts there relievers you know within a reliever that fox based effort that was a tea again that's exactly what allies. I have a hard time sort of coming around on some of those kind of changes which I opposed. I don't like the idea of just arbitrarily saying a pitcher asked a smaller one banner. But the games are too slow yes and I'm willing to now listen to whatever it takes two to speed this up. And just it just pick up the pace it isn't even that time the game and a lot of people said this but it's true. While you're watching you just wanna feel like something is happening. And there are armed. Way too long stretch of days where nothing. Very editing three hours it definitely can be it's you know it's Whitney in you know from minute to minute pitch to pitch. So I would also say you know the flawed though where does that if the entire last call but the the flaw in we've had some good ones are a good round got me about it ever run into to abort your particular calls that Michael screeners frozen from about. I'll commitments or knock them it's gonna go really anything but if you force the pitcher to throw an entire inning. What does that happen yet it shelve it actually hit and run it to your begging him don't be for a waiver please guide. You know a lefty specialist but he goes in. He gets you know Bennett and the Al but now yet the pasty Martinez but like that that yet found in art stay in there and then you know it is the better chances of them but I'm willing to put. Anything on the tables short shortening the game. Putting runners on base who didn't get on by themselves. That kind of stuff like that through strikes and three balls we got that now known about it is it too to settle your disputes you're changing the game at such a fundamental level you can't do it out you're not that's really gonna bring in new gators are lethal yet the Venice Italy where you there you're making it significantly worse the other problem is it's still baseball like he had been the result of the so much you did it but in terms of baseball I do love based on that came out a little bit down but -- all that the problem. Is if you're gonna try to make these wholesale changes who you are still working with the game of baseball you have to accentuate what works about the game yes and not try to turn it into some other. And there's obviously no quick fix it's not like oh there's the obvious thing they do if even a pitch clock. Is not necessarily. Lead changed the game again there are some slope and it's reflective of rights that are shave a few minutes down here and there. But you know sale Cologne tonight. If there's the pitch clock and all those guys. And at an ever lost your lost the same games that one out in favor of it but again I don't think it's the deal and all. Jim is in the car what's going on him. They get them it's a great. Listen itself. I don't buy into that back at Eric saturation issue with all that all about patriots fan I'd make that kind of watch every game. L I do the same result as well. My issue baseball. Is I think that you have such large demographic that individuals. That work. More hours longer hours than eighty people in twenty years ago it is an impossible. Calm and make. Could be a bad Urbina and detonate at all sports and. Want to be watching all of the game and keeping up with it there's no way I commit 34 hours a day watching game. And I think I'm not gonna make a suggestion of what MLB need to do to change it. But I think that that is what they need to eat out on need to be thinking about how to make. Became more accessible to people who don't have. I hear it yeah it's been you don't have to watch every game you don't have to do but but again that's such an exit the NFL like on back to our original conversation about fifteen years from now which sports did a better spot. Because I do think the NFL's over saturated. But that's a quick facts get to Thursday football yet value on Sunday and in the annual primetime game on Monday that's great it's easier raptor had around. Baseball even if you shape it down 444 games it's still significantly more than every other sport. And yet you know what if I'm if you have a you have a job you know all the commitments. You can't watch every inning like that that's under a lot of people out there that's part of what I like about baseball's Internet game every night and you don't have to watched via three it's gonna start to finish you can turn on March the seventh in the ninth person whatever you know he'd. There's always something you can put on watch for. Yeah. Back he has got it back this he's the mafia that prevailed back to your phone calls let's after madness. Work takes off that lie low rise. Yes. Boston bear Cohen of course for and allergy and Romo out of on to other characters he had the Al G show which was written three seasons there's only eighteen episodes early to about early to mid two thousands it was out. It lets a movie like three of the best characters to investor partners. Of all time I think it'd blow but the minute film Bora John Moore of the best comedies. Ever again in particular the only the only problem well I'll let you get to what's coming but the resurgence of Sacha Baron Cohen is gonna lead. May be to a a return of light and everybody doing their Bora there around I see you ice adult now I don't mind either one I I really don't I've in my life. It didn't feel that it's all good now he had the show and they've been very seeker about the show. It's going to be on showtime on in the attic Sunday night it's gonna debut it's called who is America. But it's or in the headlines because it been like short preview with him and Dick Cheney. Who is signing. Waterboarding. Torture is torture it is yeah. Gallon of water is it possible to assign my war the board took. That's vs first I'm divers underwater work. Sell it to the final of that of that yesterday visited Atlanta at Sarah Palin says she was duped by comedians doing interviews that he knows that Sarah Palin you know appear on one of the dumbest people in America says no great shock Howell but it's the obvious question at this point. Use the number one movie in America for a long time he's a very famous guy people even recognize Sacha Baron Cohen he's been up interviews he's been enough while they're at Talladega nights and went out yeah he's been and is it that a bunch of stuff. How did they not know. That's him he added I they'd brilliance and that well two things one he's just been out of the spotlight for awhile like yeah and how those characters of 1213 years are allowed so that's that's one part of it. And the other part is we don't really know. Sacha Baron Cohen even though not as your right and stuff yeah right we don't know the characters more than him so if he's playing different character does not necessarily a reason somebody like Sarah Palin. Would recognize and so again I'm not saying she's dom just today I think dumbest person in a manner audience one that yeah that's the bucket fare is not here. It is very different team USA today from what got us there in America woman. And vote but also get out. No horse vote that very clear we are a lot about America and that the more movies than this this show is called who is America. Comes out on Sunday also one of the interviews according to news article that read is OJ Simpson. They'll almost no one's. I don't know how about we know this is all celebrities or is it isn't like random people that. I don't know that question and or corrected some random people all they all yes all that some of the rural ones I mean the ballot to the the priests like the random priest with retarded that reproduction and everything's fallen what happens down. Be it that the politician once cast it out of different people Pat Buchanan won that he had the other route but. Yet at random people are pretty predictable round tables without you if you vote round tables that were just. Hysterical so I would I would recommend finding both old episodes that Watson though a curious what its characters are would be. Because he made the greens fees. Now with the awful. Butler orbit to the dictator. Terrible yes side did didn't see it but I remember suffer I know it's funny at the but he's at a few misses as well but this is this is the format of algae shows on the that it is the where where goes. Updates throughout the year on Iran by dale by the hour or it was America. I don't concerned about how to present because the rumor with the show has always been there very high editors that they. The gate six people that are offended by what he says that look at that one person who's the complete racism. Looks a picture of the used. That it sort it out and put it sort of sort of paints all of America that way when it took you seven people four on the found. And we deserve it he deserved as a catcher and I have no problem that off. It's bigger countries congratulations to Croatia opted out because it doesn't always show and sing the National Anthem Al. After the next break what I can't wait for that of Croatia over England in the semifinals of the Croatia France in the World Cup on how many people picked that final night. Pool just want. Taxis you. I don't ludicrous. A lot of the line on Sunday let's go to let Terry in marlboros but the fact that there. Hi I'm taking my call I have a couple of comments about baseball. I think you're not the and have a problem given the young. Younger viewers because there's a UQ instantaneous. Gratification that video that the current that still. I'm I'm not only like this year but I don't know why they can't hit to left field. A big problem for me is that designated hitter and the ash only term I think back on. When the National League play. They are not at a disadvantage. But when we play a nationally. Feel we are edit it edit I think that kind of takes the weight from the best buy them into him at that game I think should get rid of act. What the National League that the DA as we had a DH and hit if you want their children will let him. I'm not I don't think an advantage is that unless must Lorenzen started tactical that could speed things up generically be just yanked it news when attitudes are more likely is the other Arab. And I don't think ale teams are at a disadvantage I think NL teams it disadvantages from roster instead they're not paying a guy yes my little box there you go into an NL parking you have David Ortiz on the bench and you need to pinch hitter you're not pinch hitting with Lenny Webster or something you're bringing in David Ortiz double a lot of times to a few. Well when there when they are facing and actually team here at Fenway Park in you see what their lineup is they're DH unless they're giving like you know the first based on a day off. Or like how. Half a day job yet. If it's just somebody that's not the regular lineup the stakes in the eight tonight anyway that was good studies at just who are the nationally DH is an American League parks and of the utility infielders they'd be like Eduardo and union yet it is it is bad I think an issue on which Mets interleague play and now the other thing I would I would take that away and he can't right now because of the way the number of teams are yet in H Lee can't do that but. That's the issue to me as far as. You know the all star game with the outside the World Series and that's I don't know that's really I don't think you know back and forth drastically change things Jack thank you you know you've crossed that bridge and now that. Our let's go to offensive in Boston what's going on that's a. Solution here but perfect that's why we got sorry ass. OJ look sure it. Would. Say it's about eight innings and illustrates. Opulent ties. But the would get no ties to them in time no home run derby none of that the problem baseball is not the random fourteen inning game that's at times. If people wanna turn off the TV Soviet. The issue are nine inning game is that and what inning once again and texture is pretty exciting like every everything matters a little bit more exit based upon back into the game I love on Iran we have different schedules than normal people by ethnic. I love you and I don't mean the random might when he one inning game where you're just like I'm stick in this. Sleeper out at a very odd I'm gonna go to bed at 115 Mike Cameron's home run like twenty years ago now yeah they beat. Sox and Seattle yeah just like. 1820 remember army and Alice are related watching that game to the greater the tea I mean it's a Hillenbrand beat tigers on us there at Fenway with a lovely home run in the eighteenth and nineteenth to watch that game bitter. And again I have to go to position player up with what's happening out there. Let's go to they've they've gone through that terrible thing that next day starter is now loosening up like that yeah Chris Davis vs Darnell McDonald an extra innings were the two teams who it is they're pitching but no actress Davis is striking out. Right what's his name. If it's so idiotic if you go note its ties now like hockey gonna monetize does not reflect ties the flight soccer hasn't on one of my soccer. Of mr. Poole. In which case that there and advocates are beautiful game all stock let's go do what Erica Chicopee what's up Eric. Cool and I got it but I hear that you know he'd seen gains change it brought. So not on the radio it's perfect now crystal radio Internet at all or television. Say these are the game 45 kidnappers started. So when their 123 innings of shelling all 37 it is you show the predicted. That created out and there's something more. Event that took place so would do in the meantime TV hit it two and a half hours. So we're watching games on tape delay air what are lateral how we you know again I don't know about that are on the I don't know if that's the solution and if you wanna throw highlights package together like that. On line afterwards yeah I want and how often you do this but if you miss the Celtics game or even when you watch it was good. They of these like seven to nine minute video and dazzle Gail I'll watch those that's great you know. We've witnessed that before occasions do a better job on social media that's definitely part whether it's Graham Twitter. Whatever. Baseball better prep presents and not you know crack down freaked out of the video it's video games you know lots and Mario walk through or whatever that's that's how it works quietly with Greg ticker that was then or his son was there with us and he was watching fort night the entire show. Yeah ours too much for watching for you guys watching and sitting next year. Shots on get it up a shot to have on twit this guy plays the hell out of four nights lots of fort night. Check out shine time that you play on and on the street Thomas flight lasted so could David Price have gotten carpal tunnel from donors via. Guys it is now three times in the heat could not I think currently. He's on it and that's double carpal tunnel he's not a professional athlete news time and not in the it. That's all routes at all and I pulled out of hand by you know you exactly an exceptional and that's correct that's pretty good. Let's go to Rick in Connecticut and wreck. Hey I was listening to. As far as you're trying to speed up the pace of the game in and basically to thing to diagnose watch it in the audience. First is the time of pitches for the pitcher. Yes it's Locke I'm in favor of it. There's a professor urgently take thirty seconds probably that's gone at the clock yes and then the second one and I don't know how you would fix it. The time between hat and thing. When they do their commercials. I mean I know they need some money. I just thought it would read it I'd minute speech we any that as an athlete that they weren't. It's not our games are done in two hours that's gonna want. Are you president of the commercials right. Right yet Melamine goes you went out you played when you were done in the field you came and you got ready went over he started it. And yet the hospital again hustlin' owls Lagos and yeah yeah I mean not. You even watch like on the red such broadcast. Whereas some uncertainty the box on the screen to show noted that between. The Al that is our. It's great he's reluctant. But anybody that knows basically the game out knows what you're doing between innings as far as throwing a ball around and everything. Stay loose all of that evidence stats middle acceded to find out what if I'm moving on ice that's always anchorman. Yeah. Anita I like to see it on the screen while the game's going on here. But I wouldn't want to see it as like three or four minutes between innings. Now the commercials. Right where you break in a way. Yeah I mean none. When you trick here also a sixteen times every happening yet or anywhere from three. Minutes' worth of commercials. A lot of time added to would say. This is. I think the body count op it will be quicker between you know what it did Rick. I'm forever what year they stop doing this they would leave their law out on the field. But at least there the shorts that would lead his glove you don't sixteen Aaron and that I think balanced timeout cut down from the players looking for their glove in the dugout between innings where you just know what's out there with your left the it. It's not lefties that's the bad guys out there aren't exercise shortstop a third day's night cut down on the I hope we really turned. The conversation always gets on or out of completely based look at the fine line because I open ideas I am open to. You know why baseball you think could be how can get better Huckabee you know. Either improved over the next fifteen years or at the very least not drop off what could what what could happen in the people predicting doom and gloom and saying now. You know it's getting boring in the last young kids are watching. But that we usually. Act quickly turns into. Eight innings to announce his pick it off others about I don't know I don't know why we're doing now I'd like your meta commentary on Rick's pitch clocked call by not putting its clock on call now. Which was intentional it was a little piece of performance and with the recent. Plus I'm going to the ball it's fun don't we hear hospital with the breadth of our. We're fixing the game one college time. Think baseball will get back to baseball falls both have been very strong six point 777. 7937. Red Sox at Rangers here tonight at Fenway Park. Where it's opt out scorer earlier today is another interview corset bounced around like parties relaxed and he'll answer any question like. Previous managers of the center of the Red Sox for baseball. I don't know my advice like Francona wouldn't Wear it all in where you know. And another guy guys John Farrell and hysterical and all periods yes. If I ask that you would fine if you ask noted in his right the exact same question differently based as you wanna focus on the negative. Now I'm not a bomber positive I don't want to talk them. You know it let's get the other markets mark up the usual war shyly he is still restricted free agent. And according to TJ king and others. According to teeny change market Smart. Is their top priority. Top priority. But I think I restricted free agents of that doesn't mean they have to offer him now this is late this is the thing that's weird to me so it was portrayed. Before the season even ended bat OK a lot of teams are gonna have money. Where the Celtics you know let markets Smart go out and find an offer and shop around and then come back to them. And then somehow win that actually happened. It's still became offensive from Marcus Martin discussed and that stuff is hurt and hurt disgust that I just sort of feel like well. Isn't this the way it was supposed to play Uga it's like the teachers to do that moment of goes up yourself CB I already got. Are you know contracts OK or DeVon according you have an offer well here's an offered see if you wanna come back and then mark smarts agent used a sure publicly saying that he had an offer or he was going to you know I don't know what it takes thought the other night yes that's right yes but I let the agent from the Mark Murphy story on the gas and discuss the story Tunisia and where you'd think a sharp lately that the king's report because then a guy from the Sacramento happy that I got from Yahoo! Sports came on that note pickings are not enter the markets yes first of all having been on both sides of those kind of stories with Red Sox and patriots reagents and remember writing. Patriots their interest in Randy Moss and a and everyone under the sun including your former partner came on and sent it ridiculous never impossible. And then four months later you know there was so. I take all that stuff with a grain of salt just because. Sacramento a guy denied it and me an idea and I don't. Necessarily take that to me image around the wrong yeah I'm certainly not suggesting that he made up of understatement he got yeah where did he can't probably from smarts camp I mean that seems reasonable well it's late do you think that's gonna turn the Celtics all know we've got to hurry up maker offered no not that you wanna play what the offer yeah I mean it's it's marking get a huge offer sheet from that king's and he wants to go to Sacramento then. Maybe they'll Adam and other more than you'd be willing to take less than fifteen million dollars that they errors though that there how authentic it lists and I like markets Smart and I'd read about this the other day. They're contending teams out there like if you're the rockets why not why law are you going to you las Trevor Ariza. You bubble that a yeah exactly in your gonna sign Carmelo you want Carmelo out. Who helps your team more than a mile is Smart who helps you be Golden State. Red marks are it would be more helpful if you don't even close both. The black Rocco Baldelli money is also need to recycling the palace a commode just like free or you get paid from under the radar but you're right all that would change it may be he may be cost. But it also goes back to the kings split McCain shouldn't be into that market Smart you definitely help the middle is young guys there that that. There are still a few years to establish accounts. Now an eagle and the media leader for the year fox and body healed in the rest of the guys than mark badly you know I guess fine. But that's the latest the markets are also apparently two teams say which teams one of the reports was mark Martin's camp were speaking a couple of teams but. I still ultimately see him. Playing on the call on opera six point one million dollars contract year for him that your on restricted free agent. Teams are gonna money next year's Sion where do you have a how the year maybe it's back here that's probably somewhere else you are so upset that they didn't sign you find those signs somewhere else. Make as much money as possible I think he's on the team which is good and it could end up being the perfect scenario. For the Celtics under the luxury tax to a lot you care about that they would be. If if he decides for six bucks yet and then the question becomes in this would be like the big ball arm for any gains you turn around and extends Steelers here. Saturday compete I'll buy so Smart takes the six million dollar offer and then use today this makes this trip it's their own for us to extend the guy that we actually won one term I though that you do that I'm sure they. Want him long term and maybe not but I'm just saying that he on the table EU could definitely do that edit edit carrier able remain the focus. All next year too accurate there ever be. With three weeks. The obvious story about why Brooklyn analyze it or or what you bought it's up to world with a lot of different things the follow. Throughout next year but. I guess the best advice there to block it out it and I think that he's going to be back with that with the Celtics after next season. But we're at 360 days that that it yeah I mean say they go to the finals cities say they win they ship while our. You're gonna go to New York CIA got bruising it's I guess you could bring Jimmy Butler into yet you're you're still start over as opposed to team you're on now. And and I know you guys talked about this earlier in the week but the holes nick rates stupidity about like. Calgary had nothing without LeBron now ought not to out lautner is more than one affidavit doesn't know what this might not be him maybe somebody out there all power and the thing about. Are all hopefully know he would be upset about all the attention to hate him holding audit probably right now though I think. The issues that they. And we just come down a little bit outside the this it's it's surprising that means that the LeBron. Supporters. Are now. The teaching in the Boston market adjacent to it is giving I really felt like he's going to rub the wrong way just. But I felt like yeah is going to know so they are not so I don't happen again based topic you're predicting it's based on absolutely nothing and I just think that. I thought last year and hiring demand at the trade in Tyreke got out of Cleveland. I thought there'd be more negative stuff about Harriet pro stuff about LeBron that summer and some don't get me wrong. But this year it seems like guys are going out of their way it's probably didn't distract from the fact that the broad bail them Cleveland for the second time and from the third different team than he's been a part of rather than focusing on that it's off higher res the worst hiring is nothing without abroad that will carry on the favorite in the east right now. Harry Kyra don't play well for himself back. If LeBron stayed in Cleveland carries don't be on the favorite in the Eastern Conference you have any doubt that this is carrier team not none none none right now and be back there alpha guy. I mean he was he was the one who gave them all their swagger early in the season. He's the one who made them feel relevant. I know we got herded into the air and they did well without them by. Right up until then this team was about him and it was about him in the right way yet it wasn't scoring 35 a night it was sent people up and do in this in doing that and just. Contributing to winning I think if you if if he signs extension. Years three or at the at the very earliest for Jason Tatum. Would be where maybe become the Tatum thing but even still buddies in a tough the top curry the occasion of the 2122. Like the don't really in Russia LeBron you don't generally take over a team of its doubts I aggregate especially when you have guys or to ban all India before the perennial all star he's movie star amusement I receding I've not ever all the many and it's funny. And that is. I got. The screen Rossi there. Rusty just. Now in care thank you let's go through out Q involved in what's going on Q. We'll talk show and they don't. Our total vote. Based on what's special are not all of religious and very pretty much everything everybody's tall and say this is pretty absurd except for interleague play that was. A poison. Panel I guess I don't vows made of the best play of the day I hated that you have to have you know you necessarily got the leagues again you have thirty you know. An even number of team wanted to chew. Take out two teams. Just contraction tracks yes. They it's not like morality station at Colorado blow them out of there get rather get rid of rocky the raised and from the parties have a team. Not only would we did have a beat up that's the homeless plus our air so our blue hair dark Florida and that's much. But on the good thing that I would say I would improve the game as. The broadcast itself now we're lucky because we've got re pretty good TV announcer straight especially when they're called again. Yeah. Yeah any amazing and Ed Reed team across the league needs an export need somebody that. That sounds like excited about the game and it if you watch any other team across the country it sounds like golf to watching golf and whispering to the microphones. Right Erica it's really just put you asleep. Into every game is still the same way it's like a great camera technology now in an era silver light up close getting greedy make it exciting. If you watch hockey basketball. Or football every announcer all the time so public they are all Latin like they are into it. And getting people to baseball felt like they are multiple sleep and certainly our totals and then. I'll play a look cute take I'll take a look at the new year that all the broadcasters they got to sell they sell the product matter this accent like Lawrence sprite he's set Red Sox are good he said the Red Sox are you saying it's the other teams around based did you see the story in San Diego that the yes India union Tribune poll. Basically saying his daughter SOA to goofy in games should tone it down that they're really. I did not do that to the crash because you remember I mean our area it's fun might it be a terrible game though without an issue with a potter's now so he and his broadcast partner who I'm blanking on the local. It's terrible as my my joke was going to be to for pot is the first it is worked. And community doubling in can't get us off. Yeah off we go there yet notes Mike Giles marks a lot from policy currently owns the local scene anyway. They were they joke a lot because teams terrible so they you know terrible game. You try to keep it entertaining so some but he daddy and that the paper there. Had a poll. You know should want it to goofy attitude goofy should they cut down in this whenever overwhelmingly. Was like 85 to fifteen. Against them yes keep dual what you're doing. Zone resulted in a good will of the people. The line still don't think it's gone and again with every single commentator and everything sport there are people who don't. You know but there also. I like Mark Jackson nobody likes to hand down man down here it is almost there goes that man now that's where I. That that crew was so much worse for the green Gundy Jackson. Yet they feel warm ago. It's also and they are very familiar litany you know you mention being goofy and it kind of slap the bidding teams that are close the right point game five mile tell stories about Jeff Finger on the with coach Mark Jackson again for the I'm going to tell that story. But when it when it's a one point game. And he's telling you about this nonsense why he folds napkins to laughed. One not to write about it news.