Dale & Keefe - The insanity of hardcore Tuukka haters and defenders is incredible; Devin McCourty understands how Tom Brady was feeling after the win over the Eagles

Dale and Keefe
Friday, November 22nd
Hour 1: Keefe is out today so it's Dale and Andy Hart and the guys open the show giving Keefe some grief about starting his weekend early.  The guys then shift to Fauria's "kicking tires" report on Antonio Brown which Andy says is 100% true, but a bit old. Dale and Andy can't believe how Tuukka haters and defenders are unable to appreicate an awesome hockey play like Rask's save last night.  Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty joins the program with an undertsanding of how Tom Brady was feeling following the win over the Eagles and explains what it was like growing up a Cowboys fan.