Dale & Keefe - Is there an AFC East that wouldn’t give up their quarterback for one year of Tom Brady at 41; Keefe is all in on pitchers hitting batters, but be prepared for the repercussions, 8-17-18

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 17th
Hour 4: Rob Parker has another atrocious take and hints that Brady’s decline might be on the horizon because Favre declined after 40. Keefe is all in favor of pitchers throwing at batters but teams should be ready for retaliation.

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They like oh. It was like chuck Taylor. It's like models and our hope hovers soak up. Dale Arnold dissonance corn flakes about it now which she stayed tied Pat's tail and keeps me date status. In the country. It'd take. I don't know. It's additive here. That's what you get them off there's no comment on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Fourth and final hour. Yelling keep Sports Radio WEEI Steve DeOssie is an house with a Steve's going to be with us a lot during the course the football season which I'm happy about school and talking football when. It matters even more than. Yes see it will be more important games ahead there was a a stat I throughout the guys here last item on our little text changed. A Boston sports info but at this chart. A players to start at quarterback in the AFC east since 2001. The Miami Dolphins have had seventeen starting quarterback schools since 2001. The Buffalo Bills have had fourteen. The I'd New York Jets have had thirteen. New England Patriots have had five all the always keep pointed out last night when we were looking at this if it were not for the four game suspension would have had the brick. And it really relevant to Hitler if you amend this to. Starting in those little semantics that he's that week 32001. Right good bless those on this list but as he started earth yeah pursuit cards. And then you have a stupid suspension so it really should be. Just Brady and Cassel. And then but looking at these other three teams and it's comical but the other clears around and this cracked yeah other hilarious. And then you look at the guys that have had the most starts so the most stable it's been for Miami's Ryan and a hell. For the jets it's Mark Sanchez and Chad Pennington and for the bills that sort of a toss up between Ryan Fitzpatrick Drew Bledsoe and a Rod Taylor. But then you deals on this also wrote to me gives you a peek into the future. And why the already yeah. It does. And any other item Jeff tool playing for us at some you wanted to get you to get Bryant Romney could have Thad Lewis you can have price petty got all these guys. Really good maybe you maybe Bill Belichick do something just off the charts stupid like I don't get a quarterback in the sixth round and tournament through good quarterly sales and our eyes yeah that's why or maybe you'll have a guy in the seventh round in tournament together to win eleven games where I don't know maybe the one Matt Cassel. Maybe together and give it together and everything started in college right maybe bill Bulger can do that I don't know onto what happened owed does that happen how long about second because Garcia for an open and inevitably be delivered more. I. Don't really good night out there lol that is valuable to our yes all right always extra pick Matt Cassel the outset of the Blue Devils get out of Pakistan there's some good competition and from there. But these belts are going to be here forever so we do he can make up for allies as well I don't know you right OK I get exact combination of three million dollar Jack so you have Ankara they use the smugglers use these thing about Luke writes I have a Mark Jackson and a recent article date. I am a friend come over your head. I go right through my final more dough that we would you evaluate the value or. But it is it is amazingly in these teams and so this year. The jets in the bills ball the quarterback to really high so there there really hoping that Sam borrow sort of put an end this madness Josh Allen will put an end this madness but. The way things have gone. I don't know with your fans those franchises think about it when. Dan Marino left this is pretty much your group when Jim Kelly left this is pretty much your group. So it's tough it's tough to go from Favre to Rodgers or Montana the youngest of very different. He looked up but also vote on the Miami who have you got some guys are convict to actually play good depth Chad Pennington who's a decent player yeah. More idyllic put on the Culpepper there but Trent green was fluid was of serviceable guy Jericho was two columns supposed to be better than it was tendency to keep their big problems back in 06 they pretty much had the choice between Drew Brees and doctor Culpepper and and later on they don't choose wisely called for an award the mess and only if you think about it too. You know Brady started 251 games in the span since 2001 yet the second highest number of starts is Brian Tamil. Who missed all of last season with a anybody who's got 77 starts where you can combine the top the top one from every team with a lot of post would know when Brady. It is remarkable that so anything about that city are you look at the AFC east what quarterback over Brady's time has started the most games and yet you might be surprised if tanto. As we became a and it just was the guy had many many gets hurt in the last year and missed the whole season but he'll be back this year to add more more starts but and if he can't tell what his feet. Yeah sixteenth in the league and filing and a hell little time next tool. In the AFC east dark Mark Sanchez with 62. And Chad Pennington with 61 right. Although I guess 81 if you if you had Pennington when he starts with the dolphins yeah he's that eight people and I really active duty the most I guess if you don't mind that there. About Tom did you yeah right I think that was. He was good there for awhile one on some games form but yet there's no I mean there's one hall of Famer on this list you know there that you and is a far cry to find anybody else. That's even close when the slowed. Can you do this and I just can't get a handle them when you figure put. Ben Roethlisberger a third tartans he's gonna have a guy that was incredibly yes Pelfrey but Flacco started divided into. Aaron don't call them reality and admit any of the routes. Throughout the listener supported us. And so I so I have that was the good news the good news says Tom Brady and I'll 251 starts most in the AFC east and and that's trying to write and count. The bad news is. It's kind of the beginning of the end because avoid noted quarterback expert rob Parker rob Parker and headset itself. The beginning of the end this and widowed wheels all law usually whip teams that are really good and have odd one or long time. It doesn't happen gradually what they fall law it that gets walloped the clip one year. And here all the time with undefeated and let me give you some numbers why Tom Brady. At 41. Won't be that god everybody thinks he a good busy at work tomorrow and Peyton Manning bowl look at their numbers are way. What club was forty years all at when he went two to 4130. To be touched down to drop down to eleven. Peyton Manning for what it was an NBA liable to not not what on I don't need dining touchdowns drop down at nine touchdowns today. Head vulnerable as it happened in Oklahoma to percent quarterback ready and bolt dropped under seventy just took the that they won't warn you they get older. Tom Brady. Of Brett Favre almost have identical numbers. At age forty yet what Barbara falloff at age 41. So obvious that everybody thinks it's probably gonna continue at this pace everything's going to be great he's gonna play that he's 25 years old. I don't see it I think this is. They've been go do what it would taping global hold it together look at all the injuries and their ballots Activision beat them all off season. This is the year that Tom Brady who looks 41. And plays like you don't. We always say. He's 41 year old what do you want you much longer this year's 287. That dogs you this then you get that Tom Brady turned into a ball. And the debate through to not get sued the suit. Reduce it turns it that would daughter dawn put is that even the same with the real this two years ago. We've heard a number of him who was Alabama got a match Obama quickly got instead fall off the cliff. Like Ali or four years ago I was on the back there was there was to just two years ago or before two she's north workers before the falcons' Super Bowl here the great videos before those preacher would now is evidence of Lewis he has them the other day picked the jets on the division had no reason rob Parker so now today in New York. Jet to fly thank you rob and he is saying that. Brady is not going to be great because far from me anymore. OK so that's like saying. I don't know about lately Tom Brady's not those guys armor is better than those guy he's more pliable. He is more pliable I think his lifestyle might be a little bit different than Favre he didn't have all the neck injury their battle picked up that we know of not that we know of those are probably fetch quite a fortune dale of those those deflated at that one bear bond picture that's true in Italy that made the rounds for shore. But that's very great and still has this is screens. But that's it compares its I would say like oh LeBron James won't be good at forty because Jordan did play his forty. People they're two different people out of work or is it now you also understand why bill bell Jack. Is not gonna assume the party's gonna play forever. Right because Yuri over the history of the league guys have been able to have but it's really how many of 152 rubles and has really how many have been able to do a lot of things appraised for them to do. So somebody could play low of 41 wouldn't be him. I'm talking point that old what news and you'll win here is to like 87 at all. What is the point of and I don't they don't go to say that it is going to be a dog they also say that's Muslim that's very misleading that that sort of they've people altered that so it's usually seven years is dog years right again next for seven yards dog expert I am the expert but they say little dogs it's it's even it's it's different than big dogs is big dogs don't live as long as bulldogs its -- and not all seven years different as we sit here on August. Tells you are an outfit that told knocked back but I'm just wondering of the other three teams in the AFC east yes. Wouldn't all three of them trade their starting quarterback for new England's this year. Oh whoa where I don't know when they're good system teams in the east yet I'm just saying any you know the dolphins a lot of resentment at this NL does that and I I said that the jet from politicians are gonna win the AFC east this I think that the metropolitan might be the only team that wouldn't and I'm not saying that Sam Arnold is better than Brady that's insane. But in three years Sam Arnold the hope for them as he's a franchise quarterback in Brady might be out of the league so give me your hundred numbers. One year to me you're gonna stand Arnold. Did give him give Simpson during the year to study under what Tom Brady does what time better and I'm saying if you're that if you just saturated if the jets would you rather have. Ten years of Sam Arnold or one of Troy shoots him be interviewed Ted write you just take a ten and I was none of course where's my point is simply wouldn't all of these impact. Probably half the teams in the NFL. Saying I'd rather have Tom Brady at quarterback for me this year and my guy. Hope for just this season this year I don't I don't know I'm rated. It'll maybe donations maybe Houston. Seattle broke through again like what's going on there but most most of rather have them there if you start getting into. Just right now are going forward they're there is some uncertainty there are studying to be less teams not just for this once again when you are only 41 year old is about all of the clintons for the the second favors there he's tied with whence I think behind Rodgers for favored to in the MVP so yet. Most teams would be wanna pretend and especially if you think your team news. How are close to move. Being in the playoffs or right heaving for spot in the suitable course should take him there again. How much do you attribute two of the votes are just days. And here and you have the confidence your coaching staff did you not use a guy like Tom Brady. But I I guarantee you. Teams would line up and say yes I'm in was through this. I'd rather have Brady this year than my guy. There another and they're most. But not our rob Parker is the same guy who set in 2014 that the patriots no way no how. You were ever gonna win another super in New York Jets to politics. And yet he can't. Everybody but he abilities he's basically like Max Kellerman hopes that nobody remembers that he's sort of broad principles call fall for cliff last year or two years ago. You know he says you throw things out they're hoping that the one thing that you hit. Basically overshadows of the twentieth to miss thought that's that's been the theory you vote guy like him and Ann Kellan minimal and our guys. And it's easy. To take the shot at the pictures because. Nationally there's not a big pictures following so it's easy you'd use pursuit of New Yorkers. You take a shot Brady because that's easy way advocates who knows what it's all. Tom Brady of went off almost identical numbers at age forty yet what walker fell off at age 41. But it just doesn't salute he's lined up all these guys view of a similar season as similar age are both gonna do the same thing the next year that the Sunnis are the best argument was far. The Super Bowl wins for a while I was you have we don't know yet you know it'll issues in the playoffs. So last year through and wasn't was the MVP general sues him immunity and not is not yet ruled different. There's a lot different bill. It's again here you look at their guys especially. Pandering to an audience of trying to figure out how we can. Did get relief from him than what he muse is attention so good for him. Oh wait what's that left music in our day was going to be. Together days. Us. Why. There is dry as big NI EP's. Former reality T Dustin Pedroia happy 35 birthday. The Dustin Pedroia. The injured Dustin drew but. I know you're it's not necessary just because you're on the DL doesn't mean you can't celebrate your birthday that I never we have birthday songs for. Bring back a since we have one for Patrice annually at every they're all there 6177797937. Daily key Sports Radio W media. Dell Linux falls count anywhere Friday here on the ailing peace program that's right frothy on the board. You know exactly what you're gonna get you know what you're gonna get that we we have not asked Steve his opinion about this but I want to what about rock at him about robotic activity on the cover of our Rossi now now at yesterday. Major League Baseball. Levied a six game suspension. On Miami Marlins right handed pitcher Jose uranium. He's the guy who plunked Ronald a cool new junior with the first pitch of the game on Wednesday. 97 mile an hour fastball the hardest first pitch he's thrown the entire season. Right elbow Acuna. MRIs were negative I can actually played last night and so but he was suspended for six games your thoughts. When you do all those who first pitch of the game hard. There was 100% intentional not even an issue and your. Are you sending a message are you trying to injure. You're throwing a ball harder than you've thrown all year you're trying to injure your not sending a message and I brought him back you're not platoon amendment in those. In the butter so much that. You know you're you're you're. You're intention was to injure and bad. If you see the pitch EU virtually had no chance to get out of the way I don't think I'm not batted for now the way but I do think it was just above belt high so it wasn't a head on like that's where ego that I should be tossed for odd number games I think. Acuna by the way at four home runs in the first three games of the series but it was just on fire right and I think you. Uranium look at that if there are about to really get this guy out about the face of the few times tonight I'll put them on right now but I'm gonna set and I'm glad give some to think about. So I don't think it did on you wanted what ten game not what's wanted what you wanna you put your you know what I don't mind you know what I got he got an extra day off between starts rising eighth start. If you if you if you wanna send a message as you you're you're brushing back or you. They use you want to ma somewhere in limbo that your your very your pay attention and I don't make it easy on. A you don't get as. Get out to aim for his elbows as it was thrown it inside belt high it could hit him in the head Dakota and on the bought him in the album would burden. You grieve earlier than he was for you tomorrow purpose he had on purpose right okay so intent to injure I more like headset I don't think every time so Pedro for example we talk about him yesterday he hit a tonic guys in his career right on the front hurdle with the leaders trying to send a message when Pedro had some wasn't as fast as the two year. Vatican speak to non us residents fastest first pitch advertisers fast I also think by the weighted in many instances we talked about this yesterday. April absolutely had guys on purpose he healthy ones that most of the guys I hit I hit on all of a 41 I think many of them by the way were. Protecting teammates I'll probably yeah retaliate retaliating based off the gotta have honesty about it but they weren't all that way and this is the case where this was not the case with. Well I don't know what are you and trying to protect the teammate nobody knew this guy advantage destroying. You know they're about to get swept out they ultimately did. The Marlins lost all foreign investors and breweries in Acuna was just. The whole idea of yachts are very comfortable at bats as well as what he was having so he wanted to drawn. Well there have moved the UV busy baseballs in a similar position in a different way towards the the big bin Foley camp put up with. Extraneous violence. If that's the case of the situation in which it looked like is live obviously deliberate. What you no I understand the idea of the games or make them a sometimes or your Olympic got to be comfortable and he was comfortable the way he was in the ball is walked nobody was. I get all that which is you can't make it. You can make its agreement looks and feels like intentional violence whose sister but you know it is think about that elbows up he's in the doubles up. That's not far from match. As far as closer to is that he is at quail that I wasn't there he'd put his arms up in an attempt to get out of everything Boehner when your hands are up your elbows down her elbows closer to your belt and saying as he did this he OLL tell lows. So he's a foot foot and a half minute or burn care swarmed a correction real world is the intent you know there was so it was too. Okay scary I'm gonna hesitant to change ups you know kind of change up yet. But the idea to hit him at all in alleges that he also did not gonna get a colleague is getting off the plate but that now. Obviously the blood does that preclude you from compete amended if that's your. Is your first option. It is to applaud the government I'm Samara fastball. That does now competitive I don't know and in this probably isn't the case to them for the word of stories out about a but he again at four homers the first three games of the series. Arnold views pimping and those home runs I don't know that anyway I know but I don't know of any of that played into it at all but. I think he was just try to set a different tone for the series or for that team uranium was but it would also work where he did kind of lose me and I don't think he should have been. I was looking for a heavy suspension gory kind of lost me was he hit some. And all the sudden he walks off the mound and he's looking like he's got a fight on the mom stared down first and then the club drop and then in the post game he's saying oh he's just trying to get the inside corner best ago regulate it can't be all of these things if you stand on the mound anti tip your cap to home. Maybe you didn't you could fall without even though still won't believe view but the way you handled yourself afterwards we don't tell me if this is nuts or not. Patriots are playing the jets week one and the jets are saying she's. Every time we play these guys that guy number twelve kills me but you know like. Uncle and his niece I'm gonna dive right in Disney's the first the first drop back he has. I'm going right after its knees because I can't be done with yeah I think the percentages of injury are way higher if a football player says I'm going right for the knees. That's almost always going to be a a very serious injury. Where guys get hit in baseball all the time and how many times it does happen guys hit it on the DL because of that. But the percentages are way lower guys get hit they kind of rubbed third on and they go to first base. So that to me I think it'll but the vote would be yes and retirement targets in the movies of the year he's not out for the year to about every time but if you're taking a cheap shot regulated dale scenario but daddy they're both cheap shots I think Baltic cheap shots. I you know I I think Andy intentionally drilling this guy in the elbows a cheap shot. Above me oh man up try to get him out how boat okay this guys kill it I don't are saying I'm not good enough. But what if anything that's gonna help him for the second third fourth that that what does he thinks that's good I'm going to be able to get this guy out right the better chance of bye bye bye Saturday about you know I get hit him. Padilla dig as comfortably after getting drilled in the ribs 97 and sooner and sooner be good hitters I think got away from a but he's he's got to be thinking about it. Through to me that that's an admission of. Of inferiority and the the kind of less than me. I don't know competitive sort of scenario from I doubt that light I I understand. Addai had less of a problem with the plugging guys in protection of your own players understand some of that that self policing. A little bit there and and I understand that we've taken out of football to blow by the way the whole self policing. But but when you're when you're doing is simply because you can't get a guy out simply because you know these can get remote. Even if the beer game exclusively for some reason. A techsters Cecily get this straight dale fighting in hockey is OK but hitting some with a fastball is not to send a message. On it if you cheap shot a guy can come up from behind on a guy in in hockey are and punch him in the face no it's not right. If two guys challenge each other drop the sticks and gloves and fight with the each other. I'm OK with that. I mean at least there's there's some semblance of their yeah. About Mac and there and more often than not way more often. Fights and hockey are a result of some situation that happened earlier in the game were transferred there in order to charter hitter or. Ahead on your a cheap shot pattern starter gave him aren't cheap shot hit on you are you exactly registered reduce these fights are just you know although we've actually seen them. She's got to talk to go before that the first should drop of the puck up but that was from previous and correlations that sort. That wasn't that was a matter of we'll get policing yourself. What not not saying that I'm doing this because I can't. I can't do anything about how good you wore that card goes against this sport ideas from. And we had a six game suspension that Clinton and you said Richie misses a start really does what he gets is an extra day off between starts but we also announced that's what he gets. The vessel soul you're talking about a small percentage of this I was seller to a three year and a half 4% of the society ensured there would have that it is too. But you know they're. To me if it's just it's just smacks of defeatism and lack of competitive. Desired situation rather try to take that. The use the way Al two this season. Any any officer geared up you know you shouldn't and so miles an hour on his first pitch. And placed it has yet get out of the layoffs right. He made there really was nothing he called it right out of right heat. They have got and then listen I appreciate the idea that you're rattle the guy I appreciate that happens it's it's yeah that's the possibility of it actually exists not a question. Blood attribute to sounds like you're giving up before even trying. You know. Damage from for figured big picture I don't know but six games will probably correct if you count the money to these bitter cost of public right. And probably the thing that jumped out of me too was that his own teammates were mapped. I mean Don Mattingly then we did it clear that was Mattingly who was we don't wanna hit them we just want to get him out not us that was him yeah I gonna watch in effect and that's exactly what allies. I'm Mike city's long metal I might. They guy Dario what's up Mike. They'll I agree with you would say I agree with the oh my beef is with you. Rich yes you're making it sound like this. Behavior spot in my questions you'll is that the red sack and a plea either cleanly or use stayed pretty yankees. And we'll keep bets and up here and he's apparently Blake fielder JD Martina it's thrilled how do you feel about that. They should he should do that what hit him. You're here you. All can you ask US Olympic. Yet there will they I think they should they there why not and then but then guess what that then you have to be prepared for the repercussions so first off let's say you hit rookie best start the game. He goes on first base he steal second base that theory drive Mindanao you're behind due to start the game and not on on the top of that. The hole you're entire team. Now has to be on notice because Chris sales model that go he's got to pick a spot he might not do in the first inning he met with the fifth but the whole game they're thinking about it so it's it's sort of a decision you have to make a judge should be a part of the game. Out here. And bookstore. Yesterday you're talking extra I'll listen on Monday on felt top. You're talking about your target bouts of self policing part of that considerably record I agree that mostly your battles starts from somewhere though let the retaliation Osama retaliation or losing retaliate for someone or some stupid right. Or Smart they don't they if they want it. Sick of smoky that's the big thing is how he starts the game by you know swing at the first pitch a lot written home runs to get on base and certain whole thing. Well you're the masters and the Indians I don't think it's the worst thing in the world so you have to plug from to get his attention and care compliance on orbit. And if you can you back a little bit I would be a little concerned about going too high and punitive I had to say but yeah I had been brushing back to orbit earth. You'd rather than Mac taken them they played I understand all those I'm in favor and some of those guys are better out of the others you know as far as I'm when I go inside physically capable of doing a native insider pages is what it's an important point 6177797. ID 37 Daley keeps Sports Radio W media. Still small enough. Just ask from there to here take the growth assets and routes. And by that point he's done anyway it's good stuff couldn't read anymore yes. Here at the end of the programs the of them with us on this I'm just part of it you know sometimes there's stuff we don't guess what else yet got an auto sales yeah what Althea got. So all Philadelphia guys wave it's 42 will be considered code you can alleviate impact on you can tolerate any need anything we'll find out about a lot of you get on cloud. Let's actually get jays roster of warriors Jason Ross is also going to be sorely Rossi wrestling minute oval summer slam preview listen now they got a make less than a minute across the rest meant blitzer you got. This Sunday service and the biggest party of the summer the biggest event of the summer when it comes the world of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Ozzy got pretty shallow center early this like our resident. One of these again on restaurant area to flies he's too much let's. That matches that really don't matter super won had he entered gender tag team match very rare that Internet and the women mad dash CN Russa of day with his wife Lana against and practice in helmets and Selena Vegas for those like why these people when I got to end of items smoking pot. Lot of Wachovia. Brought us out and about progress trying to counter what a surprise what are they claimed as a people I've they're really nice out there intellectually. Because that's that I would have favorite book it. Then you appetites acted as this is actually a good card card worth watching you guys and ballot vs Barry Corbin America. C don't don't go to classes. And tell us yeah I do of course you wanna watch that are responsible and it was over. Growth that Bryant drove in Kevin wants the money in the bank and basket and at the end of the night media spoiler. Take home the title match and match here I have since Kinnock a more versed Jeff party for the US title all right then kind of interesting matchup ancient and I more as a bag contrast of styles that match everybody should be wanted to see if you've never heard of any of these guys as the match to watch Danny O'Brien vs the news. A story that's lasted over six years will. That's good storyteller bill grab us as years I have been well thought TV shows the last you know they were they friendly or re older they've ever remember him at all that we're the envy of when than anyone turner went out to mentor once meant to write the Nancy and you know that's our next I don't that would defending its patented championship against Seth Rollins with a returning dean Ambrose look at it is one are all jacked up maybe did a little something I between Yemen and little looks a little small yeah period in triple threat for the women's groups smackdown tag team each I title match Carmelo Becky lynch on land. And a rise. That's about owning an audit of Arnold sneak their way out of there and made it Megan's indeed the comments recently so they're playing a little bit of about behind the scenes with really I. And the women's match you definitely wanna see Alexa bliss rod arousing sneaking out of out. Steve left while that's yeah that's. I might not had a spectacular blood kids. Yeah she did GO whacked a couple of times there where we don't remember doesn't become and that's that's up by the world that's your AJ south Samoa Joseph another woman's tires they fought every other federation side that he'd ideally I like that one minute that you really sick of Nassau act for self lions are after all this credit hours to talk about after an out of state and nobody's out killing any and all I was on the outside that's true and Iraq Brock Lesnar who is a reportedly gonna have a contract discussion right before the event with Debbie Davies is the third time he's done that. This year to extend his contract yet from Raines who will take them. While he's in three straight times when I guess is yes Lazarus and ultimately straight permanent four. I don't rate you think you know I don't know everything you know but rather bright guy with the other all that other stuff we ought to also yeah our guys David for money at a roster really exhausted our time to lose and have a great unfortunately it's -- and made it yet but reports say it could see again and work for you see and hear again real soon. We got to get out of here as Fauria is outside the British guy saying my rent and outlawed the column Monday night.