Dale & Keefe - Tom Brady comments in spanish on ESPN’s Instagram; Why the Celtics opened a new practice facility, the  Auerbach Center

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, June 19th
Hour 3: Dale, Keefe and Marc James open the third hour talking about the new Celtics practice facility. Marc James goes off on a tangent about Patrick Peterson and LSU. NBA rumor season is in full go as the Celtics are now linked to moving up in the draft, and Brady says on instagram that he is going to play until he is 45. Dale hosts an emoji translation class.

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Yeah. Our number three. Yelling keep Sports Radio WEEI. An esteemed colleague Mark James is in the house with a us as well I feel it. We really missed an opportunity they would ship picked acre something occasion we've got new neighbors. We couldn't I don't know all of those are OK okay welcome to the neighbor let's go over there doesn't. Well I happen in yet I didn't they hallows had kind of a grand opening over here today for people who don't know the Celtics knew practice facility be our backs senator. Had its big grand opening today right I mean I could throw a ball the ball and hit it from what is it literally a block out the someday you can't see anything you have a nice view and now we did just see the real civil alike see the skyline of ball arrest and beautiful I've seen the videos and see the pictures WEEI dot com that some of these I mean it looks like the Taj Mahal looks awesome. I did notice somebody on Twitter who put out a bunch of pictures like. They get these huge gigantic photos on the wall in one place. And it's got the Big Three you know the original yeah yeah three and then it got the the second Big Three big pictures. And somebody showed that somebody showed a photo a giant photo mural of a Tyree Irving and I thought wow you know trade him now I mean I'd putt extra. Now that now up to do that deal that they are not there my money and stuff yeah absolutely there's one on your family to have Tyree on some building it's a Nike ad. Are we have an entity so that it was only done it there I gotta go over there Thursday night to cover for a nest in sports today and that's sports update for the draft thing. So whomever they draft a bit on the part of the thing at the our rocks and yeah you're there and can do it Thursday night over there so I don't have a go check it out and see what it's all I'm looking forward to it and dom. It's been nice because they're bringing out Waltham. At Boston sports ala anymore and no I was not I was not very convenient. Now know about policy or sitting on all that nice that a bit this this thing with the native title I'm not too long and we don't know looks like is most division one colleges like facilities now well our university origin but that's OK when you look at their I had the soup courts side by side everything is top notch all of the you know the hot tubs cold tubs all the all the different stuff the weight room everything there they have their own barber set up to sit out these guys who get their hair cut there is no barber chair of the rhythm it's losing Leo legacy one. They stay out because Danny Ainge is a big golf nut. They put a and they've got this big green expanse as part of the that it says the physical educational facilities. They put putting green hole in for a little flag sticking out it looks great and I don't think this is. You know what would get a free agent to sign with a team by big it's one of those things that kind of help significant extra little. Extra little thing you can add to the mix you know what it doesn't hurt right if you're like breaking the tie with everything else that aren't you know first all the money the most important thing but also positioned to win a deal like the city are not viewed as the weather too much for you or you'll be able to handle it. And if you also look at the top notch best facility possible like yeah I could see myself to have a million practices that once the season rolls around they really don't have a taller practice time. But knowing that you know this rigor practice Israel play also think about where these guys are gonna movement when they live you're during a season before they drive up the wall face or that they get the games here. Now similar to the Bruins they all live in Durham north that it Charlestown to right practice for next sources while they play right there so now amid a more the Celtics got there would nearly so I went. When Kim kneeling when they were building warrior arena right athletica building it he said Amy said it was something Mario LeMieux had told. You know where basically if you're out looking at a freeagent. The money is kind of the same you know yeah if you got free agent chief. And yet Al you're offering ten million and I'm offering nine point eight and the monies in the ballpark and so what are the things that might sway your decision and nearly said what LeMieux told him wise. Practice facilities mattered and any went looked at what the Pittsburgh Penguins built which was like this the Taj Mahal down the Bruins Clinton duplicated it as well. This does make a difference this when Barack try to recruit guys to come here money matters I understand that you can't offer half as much as the next team. But if the if the offers a similar right and you've got this to show on. Also college football recruiting Alabama and think that it SEC and beat sheet was their practice facility. So like you and your laborers spend your time guys are a lot by the way deal can I just tell you I will focus signaled for a act on this one Patrick Peterson got aid to go to LSU I know I know how to set up so I will go on record for. He got paid a lot of money Gilani who want the one who cares is that breaking news just after I got. Oh yeah parents can't know what they're. Yeah well probably not yet I know how it always second in as well you're not worried about it suing mind you know loan mod but come on brat pick out your peers come on you've got paid a lot to go to the idea about him that I know for a fact it doesn't act on their questions about. Americans exactly today a discussion about the I don't know new practice so yeah. I wanted to hear Patrick Peterson and update you. Snow. And because you're talking about Patrick Peterson the ancillary benefits of having a practice facility like. Like lake really you know Alabama Georgia of these other schools that have these practice plans to announce they'll be setting it I think it's to me it's lower on the list but it's still on the list I'll get just one of those things it's a little bit different in a big ball the Bruins and the Celtics are Smart. Pat your practice facility in you know brightens slash Boston are prepared to. Walton does well then this my neighborhood is about to go crazy already noted a lot of build up already. You know I've seen the plans for other things that are going up around here Greg condos in high rise radio station as well yeah I don't guys yet considered everything right here at the Bruins and Celtics writes on our neighbors are the heart of Ecstasy Greg Dickerson is C when he still live in Watertown which is where I live now. He was seen that he'd lose all blue collar about twenty years ago. He sees announced bringing to a mini Brookline you know where it's becoming a little boobs bigger figure of the ball what's going on there all like wowed them. And didn't it there's an arsenal yards opened a lot out of an accidental a jury duty nor does it restores some of the one we're arsenal available yet did you ultimately are off the street offensive arsenal yards brand new new deal but in Mexico there you go in and out built almost hours. Yeah at Eddie Eddie slowly but apparently it's it's Patrick Peterson yeah our back yards wealthy at the palace aqueduct he'll add to it that it happened right guys are ripping out your hot about that LSU did you lose money on the this should have gone to the EU that you gotta go off without a drop outs while and you and hot about now Patrick Peterson he got paid a lot of money man Patrick peaches for what export. I've ever played yeah it's worth the money they get paid to Gardner right and I'll just say this to an. Like. There questions I just want you know I don't. So another player came from South Florida plantation Americans to carry its high school and ended up at Georgia passed mind you Ford Ford's state. He's now when patrons questions about him too. The era as the running back yes. No question about it until Tuesday I think I got his. I that you don't bitch about anybody who. Didn't go to the EU now that seems to be your issue here if they don't go to the elite yeah. Yeah every thought about it I managed you know how it was worth it and turn. Michael Irvington cares much about the was back. Kellen Winslow into the U. Oh god please don't even mention he well might lower block smoke also only on the terrible guy broke my granddaughter did you see his lawyers now might. We did see TE defense. Well that's photo I got a problem I was gonna say well the rich aren't locked him up and throw away your father Leahy was the highest paid tied into the game at one point while. What is it about that have been positioned that way. And the thing about one here and and and now this Kellen Winslow junior's I mean this is wild. Kidnapping rape. Terrible and would like in 56 year old women I was eightieth century you know mistakes also about just I was in school when he was there yes. Unfortunately right so we got away from where I started here right with the cell goes straight out had to happen this week now because. Roberto above all there's lots of rumors out there always today's that I saw on line. I didn't bring it up at the time because who knows what it means was that the Celtics were desperately trying to move up. In the first round of the draft and their target was looted on search look at darn I was that they won his them Obama my world is our home. Which is so different from a couple of years ago they deliberately eight or nine tax number they had they had the draft is visage and yup Sally they had to sell some of their next. Now they have just the one that. But they have future picks their young players so they can still be. A player like. You could literally be a boring night where nothing happens. You know two and a half three hours into the draft they pick at number two point seven they take a guy that says no never heard Evan will now likely out or they could move up and become a player. And this draft has gotten. It's huge and the closer we get to the draft it seems like the less. These experts like it. Greatly before that is great draft yeah a million big man in this round and I am I danger. And now it's well you know the first two picks are good that depicted the Celtics traded in the carrier ring deal is number eight overall. I don't think they're going to be happy -- way to get there that they're saying that are mobile five or six player draft yeah almost the experts at the Moscow the way they do they never do by train young could go there to get a bad yet so tried young and lets you know I don't believe this guy you know next step Cory let's wall wolves now we've stepped -- came out of dates and he wasn't that next step current yes I comprehend is Jimmer -- so all what what was -- -- guy not a far cry from athletes that -- and yeah Hartford but remember at BYU Jimmer Fredette was as fun to watch and colleges the ones he was incredible walk and Adam Morrison's one want to go exactly laws in elderly cried on the court against UCLA and Tyrus Thomas -- that you silly crime against it was a aren't aren't a flaw maybe -- again crying and -- -- -- -- -- she beat UCLA we've that's right with Tyrus Thomas indicated you. The other way out of a pivotal players that have gone off the repeat may be well. And it it's how the mighty have fallen well a lot on its Kellen Winslow Ty Law. I don't know if you is that really the mighty lousy. Nobody ten years ago is partly by god title team be eight and I eases out his license different story roof but I think just the NBA rumors which are great the last several years they have been. One of the most exciting things that all Sports Radio editor sports talk topics I need to see any offseason unmarked site that's is there imports and on July 1 and just knowing how this would free agency opens in its like I mean their spots that. Now that Cleveland is trying to do whatever they can get why Leonard yet what they can't do anything. Right. But but part that would be we might have an answer because. Remember you go back a couple years ago insult extracted Jalen brown everybody thought they might trade didn't make a deal for Butler or for George or. Julie locals were named back then was in the Mexico they were they were likely gonna trade and they didn't so you can cross office you. Possibilities it betrayed doesn't happen by Thursday night for example it. Yeah these are great but if embodies all of pop eyes fried chicken you know it was hungry. But at the cavs are gonna make a play which I think it's very unlikely they have the eight pick the probably get a deal on draft night or right before draft I'd rate may indeed it's the art is it. What's it where's Weiler gonna go where LeBron gonna go because that's how the whole off season is gonna get you know get started yes sure I. I just think right now with when it comes to Danny Ainge. But he's obviously gonna try to improve the team he does every year there's no continually four players from last year's team ended up on this year's frost or. So it's just a complete overhaul. It's relate let's stand pat. I mean maybe yeah that Marcus Markel tried get thirteen fourteen million a year he's not gonna get here. And if you don't get me trying to replace a media guy like Jamal Crawford. Be nice to bring in but this is the opposite of Smart though what that would have things that you need shooters we saw I had series. And eat your jacket PGJ Redick 20/20 on on the docket this Phillies and happily and there it probably won't need to could you just draft. You know what Rumsfeld good player in what he did he thought they had case he's a dirty player he's really he's out of whack job you don't whack job but that's he's like Brad marsh and he can't help himself to paint he literally grandparents now we can't at all in the that's going to be a part of his game and I usually hate the duke players but there's been you know different guys like red recent ones I think Tatum Voss and I like him but. I I hate duke and I hate most of their players. Grace Allen as the poster boy of a duke player. But he's really count he's really good and it probably will be available 247 -- haven't had any idea how I am here for a visit about that the biggest knock used to be back in the day to players don't translate into the NBA they're gonna have to. Of the first four picks in three don't happen margin badly and Wendell Clarke but it used to be. You'd go for four years to do a Grant Hill is don't want those really worth the damn. All the other guys once he adopted the Calipari yemen's on yet he's got an NBA I acted and every great everybody criticized cal par for the one download this guy does that David. Coach isn't doing it in front lawn when you hear about cal Perry cal Perry came out. Any he's been that it duking what how coach tees recruit these kid he he's saying. We if you come here even for one year you're doomed for life you can always come back and help here goes how can you say that they're both a look at a this counter what do I doubted that this is your bags and make it every year they each get four or five McDonald's all American that's and then they won't make a class the guy will be the number one pick one. You're from this Thursday night. Will blown tire iron would exempt from these don't you think you may have for the top five players come and including Cyprus Jones little brother. On lines that. So yes the end like everybody else on the planet has an instrument count. And on Sunday you wanted to grab bill I am on its declared. On Sunday that ESPN in the Gramm account. Put out picture Tom Brady in his uniform. Peering offensively often arise insurers and I wave it's Oprah Winfrey interview that get quote. Where Tom Brady says about retirement I think about it now I think about it more now than I used it I think I'm seeing that there's definitely an end coming. Sooner rather than later ESPN. Underneath that photo said Tom Brady says he still motivated to keep playing but he knows he can't play forever. Paul what people. Obviously responded to the photo. Including Tom Brady or no. Tom Brady responded or rent east cinco. And then the little monkey emote geez see no evil hear no evil speak no evil. Now dots are three years of high school Spanish. 4545. Five is what you what he said about the emote geez you know now he could cooperate category could be could you please not tell Gisele I'm saying. I Diaz and I can we get him for 45 warriors to sound like a guy who's gonna play for five more years on the Oprah thing now yeah or even in his documentary no it didn't have that are still going that where was that because. Because Oprah literally. Said when she's asking them you know life after football how much are you put football she even said 4345. She does that look like 4345. He didn't say number now and then now yes the response to a ESPN is superimposed in Spanish. He's rock band you know you know like you guys are both happily married and has the right day I don't dance married. OK okay. You know he was almost a long weekend away and made it pretty sick of me I'm sick of it right bomb. Yes hey hey Keith have you gotten the point where one day you did some and so much of sick your better half and she said I don't even know who you are more and yeah okay most days OK okay policy so so it's laid out of these sorts fortress of solid as good dragon slayer are trying to drag Claire de Imus is a safe space with when Brady does like the Oprah stuff in them Milken Institute interview with Jim Gray it's like I don't even know who he is anymore so sometimes you don't but by your comparison having to sell certainly does this is all part of it like they'll make the point before. If you're really looking for turning point in his life a lot of people's lives is not unique to this. He would dissolve and then in how to make it's but specifically Giselle and her mind for business and you know how how she markets things. TB twelve was not didn't wasn't paying before consultant aren't so again the quote that that ESPN plucked from this interview wives. Well you can hear it himself. Have you thought about what happens after football. For you. I think about it more now than I would eat that I used to yeah I think now I think there I'm seeing. But there's definitely and coming. Sooner rather than later beaten. What is saying look like he's at forty. Three's and 45 minutes funds and still love and it slows your loving it you're gonna do it yes focus on some unloved in the training and preparation wanna make that the commitment. But it's also on. I think what I've alluded to a lot and and you know in the dark you series was there's other things happen in my life to. You know I do have kids that I love. I don't wanna be that that's not fair. Drive my kids that yes they're games and you know I think kids you know my kids are burger perspective in my life you know because kids just want the attention. You better be there and be available to them yeah Europe's third look back on her life and go hey dad didn't really care. But was what's the story here she even gives an out there was only 45 and long as I love it under the so wanna do it he answered diplomatically but any that pathetic takes to insert Gramm in right in Spanish right. 45 warrant east and are taking Dell and then good the ball jeez. What are you doing a did you forget the answer or forgot the question of a tie him in gronkowski then on this very ambiguous mixed message just met some of the state picnics and that sort of iconic rock is democratic rock wants the massive I thought Brady was the bombing. And yeah I'm wrong he is not above it he's gonna take to answer Graham and he's done this before he commented on Malcolm butler's post your memories that what a great teammate player and friend he is and so we use that and so obviously Brady or. You know people would Brady your audience program and and he does not only posted TB times or pictures of him and his family but he also comments on other stories but this one. This was not because Oprah literally asked him if he's a player who is 45. He given non answer but that's in writing and now it writes yeah authorities think Al via Internet is inning dale it's not pencil in his own idol and it that he cheerleader that we brought there and are without some houses. This is a but it can also say averages massively. By the way if he is messing with the ESP and most new englanders would applaud that yes. I also hope he's not messing with the New England because or ESP am because you need to let loose 45. And you don't have a quarterback on the roster now that chance can you see. Maybe not this season bullet in the season you and I keep both things will be Tom's last when he nineteen season. Patriots. 49ers. In Miami for super bull 54 passes residual leaders to radio bursts unique G yeah home I thought I'd. I mean I don't know if you've been reading the Jimmy G report is out. Are dailies practice player by the way off and went back by the way I say that as of for prelude to. The keeping statistics in many can't you know wild about it is idiotic. Why not I went one for its final six. One dollar news these with a bad practices that's for sure. The clean it up if you want that's suitable matchup that would be the dream super bad about the way delegates are back on this deal said. Go ahead in Spanish ice each summer Olympic east Inco exactly the guys that you said a race which is 43 you can say yeah. I know he added I think it's that open your ears without indoor about the way I was what's. A I I'm reading it right. Off well his response away top. Responding ESPN did don't talk to them don't give them interviews though responded Terrence programs are respondents Spanish. There's a apparently. Spanish man named Cora please Inco some of these distance and speed Wawrinka he cinco. I'm Jenna a band called 45. Hutchison. That is. And it's a 45 with a picture of him on its own problem. And he's amazing he can bring up he's unreal and Kazaa and written and in Portuguese. Why don't you don't want to read us president she'd Chicago's mismanagement of destitute. He got a piece I guess I see what we're now left with in this has been our entire offseason trying to translate the mode acts. The BC no evil hear no evil speak no evil old trio of monkey or zero lake where Sports Radio is now dale because yeah. I don't believe I'll try and its youth and its grip most motors has declared I don't putt well yeah. And I. It. What do you think of the use of DC no evil hear no evil speak no evil. Month you know geez. Good use that you and I think it's innocuous I think it's you know it's not something really reads much and I I think it's a mean what does that mean what does it mean. I'm. Now it's 45 those that won't tell Oprah that but you'll righted in Spanish answer god opens on. You feel better because they're better despite and he's been here one year by those 45. Apparently don't get dale still love that the Oprah Winfrey interview was looked about two months three months ago so this is Newark so this is more recent so we got to this just let me know because you wasn't that long ago. I thought it was now it was fairly recent concede I don't round draft of the draft time. On the Oprah interview was taped round draft now as it was tape. Strapped to post oxy okay Diana well you see these young guys who would have just been drafted and and rightly it was after I don't know when I got. I mean our yeah I what is she has a giant bubble over her entire property yet so that the weather is nice whenever they wanted to be there. Stedman has its own little later moon TO meeting he's here this idea and see Steadman. The issue isn't if a football fans and ratchet it cuts and that's that. I Harry's and Hudson and and. Hey Harry I don't. You know you upgrade your gonna. Got an idea like Brady didn't wanna go to practice at all this year and in the last time he had a full practice with a premium on Brooke took. That's your point probably the same forget these guys you know get hurt again and now. Thanks Terry he he he seem throwing the ball just fine defeat at the mandatory mini camp if you look at the guys didn't you like that that. One of them he got to the top by Rex Burkhead he did acknowledge propaganda and then Bill Belichick after we're done it. Wasn't open heart surgery it while he did you know also runner on that same time our god muck city got bit by a dog so why would you want Schobel practiced regarded by dogs and -- what I was gonna buy dog or was it Rex Burkhead you know on the helmet thing I know bulletin Gary last month that he's he's crime and it started last season tonight by the way he is so it's not an ice well it's the start a new streak tonight is this an upset yes yes not a lot in full blooded night last night in order to found. Yeah the article rob Bradford right Gilani and brown for right well and you know me for an hour right Red Sox Norah. Ganassi they are saying that right for the Boston Globe and and thank. She got out and play Wednesday. I've never get in some dale. Will build this week it was the rest of my life briefly consider to be breaking gamely. The club house leader Trevor that's cryptic breaking tweets. Mouth shut up about it. Two weeks. When I sat up. Now the question is since Lou gonna take off on Tom Brady for his lovely motif. Among the most to gain stronger I have no idea what it's not a night you usually are my MOT translator Keith self. Mean utility Coakley Eisner and send news I didn't it is that is sad news directly. Can't really speak severe effect casino we will hear no evil speak they were able monkeys. Not sure yet. Plus goal Errol and flame mattered is that can be the same to someone I hope you die in a fire facilities are so simple. There are a flower you think that's just a flat right now to bring another flash no not now being they can also mean drugs. Yes this can mean drugs in the secret code coated world the most decent show another one here secret code to rivals I'm watching you that's. Yes that's one of them look like literally again these have a lot of different in selecting them watching me but. We always worry about sex in this could also mean send me naked pictures and my account and yet. I'll now we want fraud means you're ugly another of those in there because he's an ugly game user oddly. By the way so you know. I usually don't get. I've a curve my text and you don't Texas what is it that well no wait I sexy don't know wondered what went what exactly happened at halftime I. But that three landed here now about it that I hate you know I I I just sort we organized a billion moved audio Lola dry out but I just you know exit. I can be self deprecating OPEC that it does not allegedly did you always dressed in a listen there's no. Hey I'm an open book here have you ever sent somebody a text. Just with the monkey monkey's. They haven't done well and really speak to what a year ago. But he's done that brought luckily for all of us I looked this up in the mode UPD thank you you know most of the year there is such that I started. They can also mean drugs OK I'll question Jason Ross CU when lake it I've ever asked the question about what's going on my schedule. I constantly get a young middle finger modes was that either big mode you guys yeah all it is I mean I don't think obviously he means you're not exactly one minute all of these the middle finger not you know again in the flies goes I that's my reasons are I want you OK yes he's a big OK guys Obama who were thumbs up with the pale white. We're going through the hole I've gone what's going on for the shorter you know can we meaning at 1230 you'll lose the ring them OK okay like oh roster moves and rock on his chain you've gone out all the Simpson's skin to dance ever since Andy card told me that tax people earlier that lacked the it just like white on. And I just as thumbs up benefits that the colors the orphans and I'll respond to all but anyway. You guys get the middle Figueroa allot please I know fate you know the unwanted what are these monkeys now as it turns out they break them down monkey but monkey that accents. Which might want to see no evil hear no evil speak no evil. It's what what was what was your break then there's this whole Twitter debate apparently. On the monarchy mode and I. And a and it's basically it's like what is the meaning of life. And mine obviously is virtually. Empty half the interview as a spiritual is at least preached at the end accord Oprah. That's yeah and human. So maybe out of something and and there's the one thing about Tom Brady act in just sells well. I don't like I cannot tolerate is preaching I don't wanna be told like what T you know like when you start with about it read an article today too so you know yeah with. That don't like people who tell me about articles and was you know it's a long time getting out guess what. I injury eating she's been drinking a lot of water does not necessarily mean your body's hydrated I read that article. Explain well I'll tell you have to retain and there are no Holland just for today. So you drink a lot of water you're not hydrated no. Heartily attention span for Mark James some time there that's not fair. I say this about Christian you know it's like yeah you'll be happy right gestational. Thought our markets like you know markers morsels that anybody that Sylvia it's I'm surprised that a tooth left and it's going to be using yeah. I brush your afternoon with a tackle happened out of Russia line in floor and also that the hydrates. Audio files years ago hydrated well known death I I hardly drink a lot of water or not hydrated idol moral point no I will fight I will fight right I'm not in its bases it's not good for your like not the best for your skin -- to drown yourself but you wanna you wanna have a good amount wanted to do we think that that's a tee this up if you ever hear is better ross' here but water euros for the water on the I'm real targeted a day. After so many Omnia simply too much he's got this jog once around we'd be right now it's a little else. Let's get this fourth two world. He uses X thousand the benefits of this job he's broke him four in April and several drugs. But they seventy radio it's the water probably only needs. You'll be happy to know that I have does it have green for equipment accidents of Obama that even now do we have things to be and that telling anybody on the air with agreed to it was made up of so basically -- Greenberg won we'd already rocket fuel he was shot out of recanted his speech was faster everything about who's flying around the office in his world what happened. I had its green drink that it was at the gym and he just mix it in water and then they go. So we looked it up. Well we won't say exactly what it is or wherever but. Basically I can't Mountain Dew has like one in that whatever history was had a 105 the milligram don't 303350. Kilogram was like yeah. I three energy rates put in the one or seven mountain news yet. This guy does it for caffeine and so he is as easy shot at the net output. That's crazy he was three kids I only had a few six that was scary did you. Crashed that day did you know I was gonna billiard ball clouds develop on. So you'll be happy to know that this whole three monkeys thing yeah. There was this huge Twitter debate about whether this is a single monkey making three different faces or three different monkeys. So they look like the same. Our president weighed in on this David fields and tell differ YOK. Where you are try and sell. Yeah okay here yeah. Sad to be honest and yeah I felt an unpaid. 2016. Carried. Real Donald Trump tweet it out the following. The three monkey motifs. Are absolutely three monkeys if you think it's one monkey making three faces then your wrong and you're a loser. Couples. I don't really quick I asked that maybe and maybe he's right he's told you if you think those are now I does that really matter a yeah and what's that kid believes I'm just saying this and I and apolitical so I about it but aside James a sitting president. Tweet out something about I don't know machinery monkeys among getting it say that you know that your loser can you imagine that in here we are yeah I think you know it doesn't exactly shocked me over the last couple years on his Twitter handle alone sums up where we are. He's the real Donald Trump right foot like that allowed to sort of sums up what's going on but. I still don't really yet. Brady. Not answering Oprah and away but then taking that quote that ESP at a mall people insert grams out but that he distance 45 written out in Spanish. And then. The documentaries we started the day talking about Brady and did the interview that ran Sunday morning at eleven for those of you. Are waiting patiently by your TV for burger Ers super Seoul Sunday at the start I didn't know it exists that but he had this lengthy interview with Oprah Winfrey. And you know. I gotta be honest we didn't learn anything really that we didn't know already found out really fighting it did feel more than anything else have ever seen him do. It felt like a forty minute commercial for the TB twelve. It was before they even asked the question you solve the book that Oprah about it I was reading from a reference that several times was asking about the different ways that he trains. So it was there and obviously is very different audience it was for the die hard sports fans and audience. Might take away from it was Oprah had deeper it you know basically come by his first name glass and called on Billy Jack yes lets you said. The problem between you and bill attack. By big big when it comes out of Brady is you just get the sense that. He even says sooner rather than later which I wish we thought was like. This year may been maybe a year from now you know two seasons at the most but her and then goes on in the granite tells the F we're gonna end in order spotted on here. He does nothing was or is he really mean 45 or his to lose a lot of the country a goes special memories the I don't ever. This family. TV twelve. Patriots that's the priority gym where the patriots are in his life right now. Where before. I could see the patriots being a very close second to family but TB twelve has some planted. I believe his part because dale you talked about it and we all can concur upon us. Tom Brady did this to build the TB twelve Brea. He didn't do this this was no. The white LTD rials to go all the operas is no patrons promotional thing I get this season would try to turn it around this year argued that pummeled the pay lefty and in Juno but I'm just saying this was probably you would do that anyway he that he doesn't need to the end of falsified data they don't hit agendas they want the caves. Right out. It's just it's it's for that it may be debated it does open him up to a to a newer audience and he knows especially when he retired in particular with the stuff with. When Tony Robbins in the self help people and that's a different. The other some crossover obviously with all these different. Places that he's promoting the book but that's a little bit different and when he. Retires whenever that happens to beat it and make him around probably at all different stops weathered you know Oprah whether it's. You know the late late shows and always always Kelso is the response to the ESPN and to Graham account some way to soften the blow to patriots fans and I'm I'm still end. I'm good how to edit 45. But because he's 45 before but he used to be adamant about it a year ago it was mid 40s45 that's why or do that I wanted to it's now one thing. About it yeah since then if spend every once in while they'll say something like this isn't it and not to meddle is mixed messages from home. The dealer and I think that the you know geez with the here and we've all seen wheels on the oil I think that was just because he knows that. In a happy wife happy life he has won it six is Al casinos that she certainly does not want in the play Donnelly told 45 elements he wants to play. At 41 this year is that she's not gonna make him retired but he but he obviously knows how she feels a hole like that that's very clear right so does this mean Tom follows the ESPN and Graham account yeah very uneven respond. I just want somebody. Packed them both down hung out of the act but somebody tipped them off that they had a story about a man who really think Tom Brady's. Fallen on its examine making comments on its Graham. Yes they actually Tom Brady not some yeah I have been told it's break. I think he has that I admit I've been told that if you eat the ever response to something. It's him like the Malcolm Butler stuff we write that with or we were told Danny Amendola that's him. Delicate TB times he's not laying that out he's not traumatized right eighty times all about stuff and you know obviously. A lot of the pictures that he has that that get put out there are with him and his family so clearly there's somebody there are taken a picture maybe uploading it doing all that. But something like this a real quick Cora the cinco with the emotions. Yet that's. Edit edit it's not him physically typing it he obviously that the person doing it here she got the go ahead did you rather than actually not just -- but this this is what you would say night they would they would night show that he wanted to notices of verified account eating get acts like Paul Pierce during the 2000 on this this you know him and his inner Ray Allen it's the real proud. Bold O Paul Pierce city during the 2010 and Eastern Conference finals in Orlando that. He tweet before it came out there that's always gonna you know we're gold exits sweep this thing in Boston and he says oh my count got acts yeah he did that back but by Ray Allen also at the very ground epic as say to a woman that that he acts. And that was really I -- Nevada county fall much. Rather and this just a quick aside it's like a very limited number of people. Act quote unquote yet it you can kind of tell actually the people who really get hacked because these these people that just spam the account but he'll definitely end a million Beverly. Hundreds a hundred meets. They're like links to stuff it's all spam stuff it's like roar like you know all that you can tell him attack it's not one line about something but would you McGraw blow yet this is but nobody ever and our Jennifer Lawrence in keyed up in their cell phones got acts not not there are an ambassador Australia you Selig around and sweet if you don't want that's we. That person and get hacked right. That was that was the only thing that they thought as a direct message are they they didn't understand what happens yeah I like that happens more often than they are a direct message somebody I've done that before and it wary hole. Gave I was my phone and I need to hourly guys I Troy Aikman did that years ago on Twitter. He he was trying to ask and draw on a date and he. Did it the whole world saw it many thought it was the ending and it worked out. And I've seen you you know when when they're waiting to go to the podium. After the games on Sunday in May be Belichick is standing at the podium. And Brady will be you know just off stage there waiting for his start at a scene in gone through his phone there now may be that he's excellent and attacked a message government Zeller somebody. But I think he's probably also looking at social media it's instinct is Alex Cora. In a piece written by Jason master at an auto in The Herald today said he uses social media duct. He said before a series let's now let's use that the twins is the sample. He'll start following the beat reporters for the team that they're gonna get ready to play that's mark because state they could give him some information that he wouldn't necessarily get. And I'm sure he then when the series is over on I follows them and goes somebody else they also. But I some you feel great about how hard or how scores still in the honeymoon phase here he definitely and I haven't robot tell everybody hey you know what what budget. You know helped not so much so guys. Opening game of the year it will go all that but the first game of the year when he mismanaged the bullpen he said afterwards you know what my mistake. I just thought of her own pocket oh my god these guys transparent yet he's the entire federal there aren't. It's a key point mound Peter Abraham through the the answer that picture of Victoria in the win you tell me and they knew that I know there were Iowa and finished my. But he may have been tell the truth yet he may have impacted he may have been for Dell's won the women's marathon the woman in the song that he retreated yeah act. You must generally speaking I don't believe the I got hacked excuse is that I'm not saying I'm not saying it's impossible no I think may have gotten hack it last year Maloney. Every day at lake. 1230. There is Hewitt Credo like. Pretty racy to bring me I have thought that Aaron describe it but it happily every day for awhile really there's around the same time right as for it wasn't just his account. Like the guy who's than other people that deficit that I just I was pretty I was done and I just so you I'd like my text speak thing yeah. I did not act though I'll let you know I would might have liked to do that my friends take my phone it's some drinks or had a name RI you're kind of all that I know Purdue got so it's like I let them. Could you sound like other drinks and for I don't know not only a bright eyed and I saw what they're doing with guys so I IE you know that's that you are you never let your friends secure phone is a wreck appeal this woman that the ordinance the obviously he's. That's a fact. Thank you glad. Appreciate the input never never thought I'd never ever done that before but I'm glad glad to do that I think you're into this no woman's ever stock when normally. Well he.