Dale & Keefe - Tom Brady won’t attend off-season program; Celtics’ young stars shine in playoffs; Bruins’ top-line is on a tear

Dale & Keefe
Monday, April 16th

Hour 1: Dale & Keefe, or at least Keefe, is live from the Globe Bar and Cafe near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. In hour one of the program, the guys take a tour around Boston sports as the B’s and C’s both excelled in their playoff games over the weekend, the Red Sox won a game in a hurricane, and Jeff Darling of ESPN has a new report regarding Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.


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Yeah to. It's ironic that in the open. We had somebody having a hard time pronouncing the name all Boston Marathon winner. Because I was gonna give rich keep props. Or nailing the pronunciation. Of the Japanese who goes to jail and having people look back that that are more. Could you failed to thank you. Are we sure that you know. Hey hey hey say. Oh. Today I think that's two cents says they. Need to just that he thought it was dry off to a terrible start here yeah we had a little walk in the pouring rain in here we're just barely drying off now don't paint a picture with and rich is angry and upset and walking in the raids while it's really fast what awaits us in the adults at a good pace going to walk a few blocks but we're here now were dry and we're a little ramp. The well it's Marathon Monday and we live from the globe bar and cafe on boiled in street with Mick global threat until 6 PM. If you're in the area for the marathon c'mon down hang out grab. Pulled Mikell ultra we should say that that half a busted well two thirds assert there. Andy and rich are at the low bar I'm back in our studios in Brighton but we're gonna cover all the same stuff that we cover we Ralston in one place. If it gets to get ready for game three of that grocers that. Lot going on by the way unfortunately Red Sox are radar today that you make today better day I don't understand why they couldn't play for the thought come on suddenly announce you guys I'll tell you who couldn't pitch. It now knowing that to details. Chris Sale or not there in short sleeves yesterday you know what every once and a while the patriots play some you know. Twelve below zero C game. And the linemen will all be out there you know with notes no long sleeves on nothing stop being such a hard that's what I thought about Chris Sale yesterday. What they'll put him pressure on and I think there are particular about his youth yes we know now I like that states that follow. That's like that it doesn't matter it's 3585. That I would get a pitch. And he got through it you know what if this game obviously but he was visible sign up right at that now could it be. We took you to buy buildings or to somebody else on the team but I know that he did it you know but won the juxtaposition yes that word. Between Chris good aren't good stuff this year you'll. As. Yet as to say what other way to and you're wearing his Boston Marathon but it's Webster because you are. Has brought not one but two off the one well. The appropriate that it got to think it's very surprised if you want war and a war or original that you bring any American that is why don't judge well. Let's call it a cool place matters in marathon might play you know. Look at Merrill my semis. That the almost. Letters that I wouldn't run I couldn't run like an advocate. I know very impressive. And if Hitler but it programs out there might win tonight where it. And you have this music just you bought that we hold our roster that won a piece that I run not that I thought about it not a marathon sports after 2000. But to a lot of people do that with my whole life bill will go well it worked and earned. Boston's teachers and that's different that's if this and we all of those that your that he rated. I'm impressed and learned Opel and let things Palestinian. If we leave and here's his daughter's halfway through she's running her first Boston Marathon today. Any next year dad went away bottlers. There ultimate bragging rights not only is often enter pleas on that argument artist but now you're doing one of the worst Boston Marathon ever you have bragging rights over. Re what else to stop frame you're you're done right get your goals on one analyze it on multiple. But you're gonna run one. It would be doing the month month training and infect apt to call that David Wright and priced right he would sit at home and next year you know it's. We're what's wrong and you're presuming the president not on the net and I feel very confident things that the run from. You know it was funny because Saturday night at the garden. They. They showed on the big screen at center rice they show the footage of the big Red Sox yankees brawl. And then they flash to the to the luxury box and Joseph Kelly sit there. And the place is going nuts and he stands companies wave and it's yellow towel and everybody's cheer and and and their cheering joked Kelly and it's everybody's all happy. David Price since it's a week two would nobody even looked at him. That's amazing did you tell elves of the of popular athlete in Boston. I'm going to be one that might be with the fund act that I mean outside the points. Couple little rabbit golf I have my divers I think everybody respected him do patties each that effort teammate at least he didn't run away and I'd but I would bring it on the ultimate. Sure that was gonna happen she was like. We need somebody grabbed me. Around a workable rule of an effort by waiting for habitable shortly. Well. I think once but it was right to go all but. 30000 people that are better that don't hear that yet know he's he's the army a big favor they add they showed three athletes on the screen at center right to rousing applause spurt was Joseph Kelly. And you know he got a huge ovation. The second was Donta hightower. And he got a big ovation and the third was in group parents. And of course now former member of the Bruins team that won the copy got a huge ovation. But of the three Kelly got to Vegas which means the price was there they didn't even known to be good that you would ruin the moment we're gonna boots. The Smart job. If everything about that chart and got. Cheers and it showed joked Kelly if that's right that's all we ever need to say about that if we don't know that doesn't fit balls right the relationship wild fans is not that good. While you're going for a number of of guys from the team who were there again that they were in a sweet. But Kelly was the one that they showed in the when the would have got the biggest pop right yeah of course yes voted that they've made the right caught is that that speed ball flight hours obviously some mobile Euro popular who. Hopefully that worked. Fingers crossed. Do we do we forget an attendance count Andy did they ever say OK here the players who showed up today will never know right absolutely not the only you'll know it's I don't know if done already usually patriots on down there that's all for you get them. Some photos of whatever took place today but it will be. Justice and you'll feel that it is an instrument and usually Reese is pretty good at hiding in the hall weighs in on hiding out in the parking lots of an experience yeah I from the parking lot he gets you know oh look here's here's silence he showed up. And I think they're they're the reports of B of Brady rock not being there if they were there we would have gotten over. Oh what a got a response we gonna vote there there would your photos so I would take. Those guys that their work or that they were. To be a much bigger deal if it were happening. You're now in the midst of everything that's going on in terms of the sports in Boston right and I use the example rich off the air this we're Green Day. Right now where you know the Bucs are losing and you know that you say Brett Favre for example doesn't show brought to something like this would be huge but. It's going to be notable yeah we'll talk about it talking about the whole time anyway it's it's right is it really surprising is anyone really surprised. I'm more surprised the vote. A more about rock and very I am. I would agree that this is such an optional thing we also found out we found this out we were reminded. That he wasn't there in 0809. Or ten. Lost its market. But that the oligarchs would involve outside the better and he had some pretty good yours there after I don't want those years that lost year but he you've been good every time he's out there some knowledge you have to be their duties. What was wrong. There was so much smoke around it or they know it based that would be there and this is the most important thing in the world this is guys. Lifting weights and a wreck each other this is now on the field throw the ball. Two guys that are known for their workouts you know for the development and ground for just being that you are currently on his couch in front of the TV in this incident. These will fortress and we were doesn't work out in your overweight and out of shape. To me the day they show up. And they're iPod is seen as anybody else yet now. When the breathing becomes an issue as if it moves forward into two games you get on the field. You're throwing passes to new players editorial matters that are map view there are catching balls from Brian Hoyer I don't like what are we going to waste of time I hope you will never ever after after. Now the Jeff start to report was that he doesn't expect him to be a part of anything that is optional and it's all optional on except for. The June mandatory minicamp which is like. The fifth through the seventh or something in there if I'm talking about. This is just an April again where other development not the biggest deal although it's a unique offseason and then not being there still a story but if you're not there oh season day. Anathema record yet if if it's okay there's growing involve a number of tiger turns me now I don't think it's I view that it's not there because. Everyone gets in so much credit over the years poor. Being there and you know you show up as a free agent you get treated here you realize you know the old Rodney Harrison Tom Brady thing I get there by. You know 545 he's already there to back and forth when the best player is the hardest working player that old cliche yeah you vault. Well now the best player. Made up the hardest working player because she told us that he was honest I give him credit. There should be no surprise if we listen to that documentary episode six which we pro we Aetna didn't watch that a few times over this offseason is about his family yet and he's with his family and he's not. You know practicing footballer with well night practice lifting weights right now and these are doing whatever and we must have. Here's here's where I think it'll be a bigger deal. And some industrious reporter down there will do this they'll go up the hill. And they'll staked out the back door of TV twelve and they'll get a picture of wrong going into TV twelve. At the exact moment the rest of his teammates are downhill working out down there. What he uses that. There isn't one night if there's a back door. Let's but isn't that weird is not an issue. Yeah I don't know what's gonna hang air that if he and potter volume on the other side of the earth like that's fine that you're you're you vote Blanchard thing but it your. Working out on your own Mikey go down the stairs workout routine. The for me for my purposes I firmly believe this is and always will be about money. And this is a version of a whole it's not approval about a guy. It doesn't have to be there it's not mandatory but I think this is gonna go on the road as a write in apple. On the website for you guys today that he wrote something effective feels like this drama will lead to a contract I don't know the will or won't. But I mean this is about a month yeah they financial thing the great thing is different brittney different attic and dropping the first instinct was money I. Ice that though are entered Britain. Retirement that's advocate on wave going out well you're you're offering options using not stuck with you I have options what are your option is making much less money so I'm market take that option answers listening. I'd be happy that through right yes you know I don't I still think places here now I think please doing. I before I was on the fence in 2003 what now the maybe tree but I find it hard to believe you're an entry written books in Rutland -- it's now. Well Knowles on celebrated the confidence yeah whose watch the settlement and I don't think it opens the company's Ellis knots and guide rational grant's agent is Drew Rosenhaus right yes and would it be pretty simple. And maybe thirty done this wouldn't Drew Rosenhaus make that call to build ballot checkered nick and Terry or somebody and take it elephant talk about -- contract. I mean wouldn't it be simple. Well yeah all this other stuff they define the engine though that way I don't do now where it's easy for them to treat me replace me. You know find other ways to put together an offense. I wait till this stands on in the eat meat that they pull the plug on me they're pulling the plug on their season I think the leverage for the player. Increases the longer you wait think if they don't do anything with a contract he will still play this year. That deliberate. That is a great question I think he wants to play yen its art as you pointed out. Yeah I can go do something else but I'm leaving. It's going to be there where's what you're doing right now is not going to be. Your right here you gave him like return the football and be a person now. Now in a star got from a year two years three years ago but he's gonna give it a shot. That I notable difference. Dancing With The Stars all the people that putting on though they're all really. Hartnell I don't they're not nationally show is dean's part of the original parties and that if you skip yet we still much rather have nothing later Notre Dame women's basketball player blocked the shot that it's foolish on my way Lackey. I don't. That it or. Here's the thing and end. But I don't I don't think this and he's not gonna make as much money anywhere I understand all of that. But he's not doing anything he's not he's not trying to get anywhere. He's just he's a movie radio he had met Maya moved right now you're excited that movie but but my point is he's not trying to accomplish anything. Other than trying to (%expletive) off Bill Belichick which is always trying to do here. All I don't know I think it would be not asking for anything and what's he doing. What's the what's the purpose what does this what they call the long. Come on come on laying the foundation here bands of maker there yes you laying the ground and one that. Playing with a visit I'm telling you if you just pushed the point right now you can be traded before the draft there's it's it's easy. But other teams that need it again that they go and use a first round pick on it and they're out of the film. Waves and Jimenez did well what he's doing now if your Bill Belichick at some point OT just get pissed off and trade him anyway. I mean you did that and if you want you to get if he waits until after the draft and then broadcast for more money than Douglas I am I wish I'd done some about this. Now would you trade him now hey you look like the bad guys. Right you pull the trigger too soon to go to new city and say well I don't I was just like last time I was Clinton plan all along. You can play the yard yeah what you want and I do think. You don't normally we'd say no one's gonna question though well. But that's a little different offseason with their money questioning going on. In lieu of what happened in the Super Bowl Brady and grounds suppose it unhappiness. Yevgeny in the poll on any hole. Smart play for and never got an answer as to what I. I think they're more there's more reason. Be allowed to quote unquote question though. Erica that's the two players like inimical to say in their okay by Wright makes the catch is like we'll secretly hope we have the greatest coach ever yearly we don't care for about you. But Brady Crocs are determined Weatherford had a question. Ironically you're getting what you getting in some of at least is some mock confirmation. Who was the guy from the Eagles is that generally fun up there Johnson lane Johnson. Now I I read the I read the players Tribune piece from dates older for sounds like you wouldn't have much fun here. I I saw the backseat interview with Mike recent Danny Amendola -- sounds like he was never much fun here. I read the stuff written today by Tommy current about the culture this is all about the culture for Brady and apparently for ground. So that's the plane Johnson was saying. After the eagle two on the Super Bowl seems to be confirmed day by day year. Right and I think anyone who thought about it as soon as you might talk to Chris Long and error while they're absolutely got a little researching or popped off. He and I just think it's funny how. I don't think anything's changed on the patriot way and the Bill Belichick and it's how it's being received by some of his stars and when the stars receive a one way I think than me and maybe start to the fall the stars whereas all down. No it was on it's I'm telling you every freaking January or February you would. Pull out the old I'm not an easy coach to play for this isn't an easy place to play and now we're finding out it's not an easy place to. But to make do we saw a lot of veteran guys show up in an attack he would do it and there's different reasons for Reggie Wayne we kind of painted that picture although we talked him at the Super Bowl and he was kind of tells you something else but. Ochocinco. You don't tore a hole on down the line the guys coming here. Some of that is they can't pick up the offense but others is my god he's got work a lot harder or this is what was there. So much more attention to detail but I never would have thought it would affect the players that are or have been on the team for heat for eighteen years. And that's why I get back to I think it's it starts with Marie yet and I I have to think somewhere along the line. Whatever race he was expressing and you got to remember ratings walker in the locker room it is I don't know what is forced walks away. Rob Gronkowski they're in the same general area it's then I'm changing cities grew. Your your round went on changing your other us that's pretty adamant and drop the incident to each other. They're very closely related and their interest and that discussion. Media. So I think. Think at some point because I've always given read full credit. For being the top lieutenant yeah and falling in line behind telecheck and that makes everything easier for every. Player to through 53 to fall in line behind that and now with players yours you wonder attitude facial expressions breached you know a poet and then wolf is it okay for me enough. Happy now with one thing when Reggie Wayne did it in or one of those guys but if I'm wrong. Raise far sort of you know borrowing their brow with something Belichick says are lifting an eyebrow. Well if I'm player before fives and maybe I can now question whether we are doing this and that just trickled that it's trickle down leadership positive or neck. I'll be curious to see. The Brady thing I understand I really do when I'm I'm not a bit surprised the wrong thing I don't understand it if he's trying to make more money than say it. If he's just trying to (%expletive) off Bill Belichick what he'd do what you Dillon has that's all you're accomplishing here. You're not going for anything. The beach go for somebody go for about twenty million dollars added to the party chair over the next few years. Does he honestly think that if he does this and continues to do this built gonna come calling through rose through what can I do. It'd just tell me how much money I have to pay to get rob to show up for work out. No might have. Drew Rosenhaus will will late and on the table at some point and you know make a proposal they've had a great working relationship remember. The wrong house. Happened shortly before training it last year right. Yeah contract worked in mid July and haven't done the research I remember talking to bill about it a new ground about it right at the start. So. Again this. This is the way it works because it increases the player's leverage I think if you just out of the gates that you're doing some. Show them press conference in your your Foxboro driveway that they are buddies that and the public's mad you built treat you. It just gives him options I think the won't be pushed us up to filter. As further proof that we are sports talk radio we have courts began the hour with a negative everything else we've got talked about the rest of this hours all positive is that with you the greatest weekend ever around here the way things went. I will talk about the Celtics and I don't know if you quality and improbable upset win over Milwaukee when your home you probably should win. Well talking about the Bruins taking it to nothing series lead against Ronald talk about the Red Sox were up to the best start in franchise history so that's still to come. And Richard on a low bar on boils that I'm here at our studios in Brighton 6177797937. Its telephone number. Daily key Sports Radio WB yeah. Number of conversations that I am having I anticipated Tom Brady will not only to miss Monday and Tuesday due to his regular scheduled for gunpowder. But when you return I do not anticipate that we that he will be part of the voluntary program. On those that religion reasons for activities and then moving forward from there. I would go so far to say that I would vote unlikely at this point that is the part of any of the sponsored program this off season. How important that factors into question won't. That I don't know that you can bring you had an answer we'll explore how we should definitely it was not anticipate. That he's a part of this week and like removable. And Jeff Darlington yes the end I was talking about Tom Brady also bring about a month as well. So we've discussed that already let's turn our attention to the Celtics who played yesterday. Now yesterday afternoon at the garden I thought when they gave up the gut punch three with point five seconds left that might be hard to. The pulled it together in overtime but they did. By the way there is no way that clock started on time you guys know noted that it point five you can technically get a shot off but he can't catch and look the way it Middleton might take your eyes light up like Al Horford for such shots and finished though way that it allowed. A crazy finish though because. You get the you know terror of the aircraft fall asleep on defense about Brockman ties the game. But it roads here comes on the other and makes unbelievably plate knocked down an open shot and you get the Chris Middleton. With half a second left just Jalen brown falsely that you you can Gorham like it's finally agreed a lot of problem if some people or stand. Why don't you fouled there because that now you get two free throws lots right you're immediately going up and the shots I have no problem not fouling because as soon as Middleton although Milton that the panda. Take a second. More than half a second shooter but ideally it's going to be at an immediate shot the out of that you wanna mess around that. Does not mean you can't stay closer to him correct get a quote hand in his face it index if you do that but he and brag Siemens was a little upset. He went men had Jim Brown yet I think you're mad at him ride but he also mad at the at law. He was mad off and on all day at the as the clock players I mean. That comedy had about the second quarter which was atrocious. He was tough out like basically nothing working. Did it on purpose field row windows very sarcastic just smarmy comment that was towards his team he was upset most of the DeLia. And then some of the colts we're just ripped it down the stretch. I think the Greek freaked screwed on the second one but he got away with a finish on all the earlier bats that he definitely did not write columns. 1000 Hitler's that's the funny thing it was an awesome game to walk it was so exciting. But quite frankly I thought it was not very good basketball not very good officiating everything was just. Sub par and it was fun to watch again that you. It aren't already glaring at you don't think that say who. You know maybe I gave up on twos in the chance to make a run out at the at and if sponsors of the fun game but you just get the sense that there again. It is what it's like it's the whole Jeter he'll hook shot that was an air ball from three feet of journalism yeah. There was just some bad basketball from from let's go here's lark she market had a stretch there of the worst color yet but do you and then he made up shortly in its use good defensively. But he was just turned the ball over you ousting him. If you could just swap out carrier question mark in they would win this game when he a relatively it was launching our there was notepad again it being a little bit better later on. But what all the injuries there's no match Stevens wants the played 99 guys and but he only had six or seven that are really worth the wreck that though it's tough now again that was the talk radio side of negative the positive is Jane brown Jason tape job on had a little bit of who the the future the future jays now item just I mean effort for his first taste ever playoff action. He was really important they rescued within a couple of years leading up to where he was asked with a similar to that question about. You know young guys like tea was never play in the playoffs you know what kind of advice to give that they're in the playoffs. Any other similar answer retirees and will you still playing basketball let him. Prepare them for lacrosse and hockey one flaky deflate it the same sport like OK it's a little bit more intense bought. A player is good freedom should be able to adapt and also helped won his first game at that home. A lot of times those guys did a little over their head on the road but. But you know he had that one ugly turnover and they immediately had a nice law and sometimes with young players any sport at any age day but though in the tank it and hacks that guy if he just comes back with a nice clean block and it's like okay we've set things Padilla and offensively felt like ours he didn't keep score one wants no question you know anti brown had a good game or for roads here all those guys. At really gave the hate of the outlawed. Indeed you'll see it more this year or maybe this lesbian thing for next year and the rest of his career but what you really need Lockett he's the guy for the most comfortable. Well I expect the ball near earth yet that's clutch end game where Jalen brown is the athlete in. You know he had that one yet won a a couple lifetime there'd really took it to the rim had that one break away with a there I'll. Only be one of those dunks he is the athlete but I do they need him shown that he can be sort of that's the eighty yap and give dean globalize its nose and yeah. Twitter was all over Lou Maloney without corporate performance yesterday any was terrific he was really really good. And and adding what they what they don't quite understand is that's actually Malone he's points deputies or not that's lost he's got that. He has that in the toolbox but how often brings about the drive some people crazy Lou included me included. Well it doesn't make a lot of sense for those that are you so far against that I think what happens is you know you hear average out to you so confident that they keep an average player and that's for the power station and it's there's no no getting past that. But if for example Kyle Draper who's hosting with a with a weaker to a vote goes. We were talking about hate it I'm done I'll start yes yes he did that's got a few times it once or twice the hours ago in the playoffs. Without carrier they like and Al Horford either team please or the second please pour it he immediately dismisses it instead of lots of its game. That's not a game that's going to be somebody else gonna do that. Well why. We seek last or yesterday afternoon he's able to do it he's that other game I'm not saying all all seven game that goes that far in the series. He has the B you don't 25 and twelve. But he's not gonna bump lineup got on the line fourteen a fifteen to nine not out that that is the biggest are anomalies go thirteen fourteen I think yes what you'd in the free oil out but. He does have the abilities world the very first play of the game. They dropped out of in the post and he scored so easily yet you say what's. I'm exemption threes if you could knock them down without the playoffs last year and he knocked down 50% of that's fine. But he still has the post game and they can get the ball if he can be able to more recipe knocks down for burrows. So that the only forty point get so used in twisted but that's exactly what he's looking for they asked Brad stevens' post game about how often Al Horford got the line and he said. He deserved to go to the law. And that's exactly the point. He earned his way to the line package because that's what he was Dolan put yourself in the unused backing down getting in you know posting up. And getting fouled and they were giving it to medal and now again I thought the officiating was a little a little suspect at times it'll swing over the when it was not great. But if he's gonna do that he's going to get filed but he's gonna hang out wheat suit shoots that shot threes yet you're not gonna go along. Which I'm afraid we may see Mara yes I could go back to that. Feel pretty good but again on that that if they didn't have that horn riff that was 24 to four run. For the ultimately the second quarter I mean that's what had the bucks in the game otherwise I felt like. The Celtics played pretty well in the first three quarters but while the first quarter. And in the third fourth quarter and overtime I thought they were pretty consistent that second quarter that was problematic. I just think that you know home court was huge for the Celtics. It's it's like beat the old cliche nothing matters until home team loses a game Celtics may well win game two as well can they take that back into Milwaukee and win now. I still think it's gonna be tough but I know you'll take the win. And I picked the box the win it's years of war started and I still think they will and not the inning with what they did yesterday. I think it's going to be tough act to follow when I tell you. They rose year round hate him or for all played really well right. And then you read it over. Home but please don't needed overtime Bledsoe terror he was hurt what's that not that that he's an all star. He's not that he was terrible look very good Jabbar Parker looked that good the first games ever play they did not even Ronald for a few who see all the best and the second pick in the draft years ago he looks old walks and then I got robbed and got going abroad would really that early on that you have been better of the two men killed in the retreat in Middleton and even he I thought. Would let him down at the end he's like well OK the game's on the line and taking over this game and he did yet at least that game that's pretty impressive but it wasn't a real dominant. But I would be concerned that he just decides I'm gonna play this is my game from start to finish that he's easily the best player court it's easily not even close. He just looked like he can literally score anytime he wants and he takes those steps. And I'll travel are actually travel on the frankly a lot of times he tried everybody on the apple always and that you know. Right yeah 'cause those long strides we like he must have traveled. An eagle and the other. He's a few guys in the league who literally and at a fast break situation that the ball up at the three point line question and not Trout and those are the ones that I telling about and had to show me the reap political team that he didn't trap it's unbelievable we got a toughness obviously real it's logical flaw right now outside shoes in the public Benson into the Celtics were fortunate to get the next round. You'll see the same thing there and I can do everything. But shoo in maybe eventually become a welfare Yong. But if you armistice is taken threes long twos green he's doing anything else. He's also knocked down free throws so he's taken to the basket then that's there were problems and Chris Milton really. They feel asleep on her pillow with him they might be most underrated player in the NBA about struggle aggressive but I don't know bar I mean it's up there right. Haven't seen Apollo I think it's so under rated for the last three years that like you probably properly rated now. That is who also put on that list I think I think. Middleton reflects what he's been about a term that guys India and if that's the it's guys that think that averaged twenty points a game in Middleton is one problem and yet all the other guys are pretty much all stars like all MBA five counts is that. You've got to sleep on and he's clearly not the bestseller of OT nine about suggest that he is. But he is. It that if you told me he averages 2225. To theories that I wouldn't be shocking. Authorities are right it was so I did at the extra added I have a good point. So we've talked about Celtics when we come back we'll talk about the Bruins who will try to take a three games to none stranglehold on the series with a win tonight Toronto. We'll talk about the changes to the line up for both teams we'll get to that as well and your calls it 6177797937. It's dale and keep candy heart with a as well Sports Radio WEEI. I don't know I know be playing great doesn't line and then. Into their loves. Season. We want to get better every every game and something about energy we tried to roll over as it's in good you know. They treat fossil. I think you know you don't we don't think what's gonna happen just what we can we can do when we conclude. Just the football perspective would it have cost or not has done so far David Boston has three goals six assists and nine points in two games this post season. The Los Angeles Kings as eighteen. Have three goals five assists and eight points. He is he is making this a pay a one man show for lack of a better term. And diet he and his first team efforts line mates a priest Bergeron Brad marsh and a combined for twenty points in the two games played so far. And the Toronto Maple Leafs have no way answers may not they'll correct me if I'm wrong wasn't that one of the concerns at the end of the regular season was the first lines. Scoring struggle well in the five. Final games of the regular season they didn't look sane and and I do think that there was something to be sets especially for marsh and and cost impostor knocked. That they were just worn down mentally data had to carry the team offensively in the month of march Bergeron was out and actress was out Nash was out and so many other players were out. And they did such a great job of carrying the team I don't think they were worn down physically as much as they were mentally. And they look like totally different guys here in the playoffs. And I think that's proving it's about them on the news flip the switch and you were dead tired dog tired you know and earlier and all of a sudden now I'm pressures lettuce is Tom Brady looks like despite look at that last game you know they had the division on the line so what Michael than nothing game or something to play for at least you play like that that it takes three days off and now they've been dominant two playoff game against the better teams that found their happy place they must and the better team thing. I think they are elites I know but I think they've been atrocious and from the goal I think all they have disinterested. I think you know failure had that one tweet that I think was symbolic of this in the Bruins are making them look bad as nuclear arms yeah they played. So they've shown yet that was that the back at school were kicked it to himself gets the stick in and lifts that at the same time. Put him in the back of the net they have played pretty lucky from the net but I think the leafs just looked. It's it's a little sluggish as the word. I I liken it to an NBA logo who just doesn't hear you know you talk about defense's effort in the NBA and Carmelo Anthony because like I. He's not my guys solid on an area Duncan on me that's. The leafs have looked a little bit like that to me and now I'm just insisted tonight because. You know do you pack it in or as you said dale you know the series really starts or whatever when a team loses a home game. Does this is this is a must win I know it's not he or literally announced and without must win or tilt. Then the Bruins about shouts for at least twelve to four in the first two games. Not some country will serve his second of a three game suspension tonight and Leo calmer Roth who took hot grease places the left wing on their top line. Is Kirk will not play tonight either at the same time the Bruins are getting Riley Nash back. He is available tonight and what it means is that for the first time. Well in more than a month the Bruins. Four forward lines are exactly the way they wanted them to be going in. In the end of the mark marching and into the playoffs they've got exactly what they wanted they got their fourth line were back together at the top line of courses is unbelievable. They've got to breast Craig T and Rick Nash together and now Riley Nash slots between pine and a Backus and that line was great all season long together. You know it's it's great to have these guys all all that may think about what they've done enough that rally that's the most important player recently slots that have audience of where their best units worth one that he used them. Just the way that they happen throughout the year you have. Real scoring threats 12 and three him once at a different level right now rightly you're second and third line you real. Scoring threats. Our agenda that Maple Leafs go on the wrong way obviously no battery again. That he probably done for the season. The way things are going like if that's it you're done and then caught more off being out means less kissing on the ice. Donna my guess is as good as good if there relations between US and Canada little kissing. I don't problem but that's a homebody. Didn't play long enough I guess Saturday night to get lost on on the ice by Brad marsh and the only negative for the Bruins is Manfred slick is likely out for tonight's game. Suffered a lower body injury on Saturday blocked Don Sweeney made the move to the trade deadline to bolster the roster. And nick couldn slides right. And yet you know he's been great for the team since he arrived so he you know you're really not giving up all that much they've now got an an entire. Complete line of healthy bodies available to them with Ryan did not O'Brien Gionta and Tommy when goals and how healthy when goals is but he's close to being healthy. And I will say this Ryan to not look like he wasn't quite ready for the pace of Stanley Cup play on Saturday night. I will admit that as well. I don't know I was happy for all right Donato in game one it didn't happen I thought it was a mistake obviously didn't cost them by any means now gave to I was really looking forward. To see what he could bring to the table about the thing that needed a spark again with possible play in the way he is. Once you guys probably just mailed in the rest of the series that they're still would have enough scoring. But I was looking forward to seeing that not out and it was not good they stated even trotted out there on on power plays. He had to get the least the on ice time when it was all said and done he was not ready then go for awhile. Yes oh yeah like I think he was like nine minutes plot thing it was not as. Not a great deep view playoff debut. For DiNardo but you never know the wind the way the Bruins have gotten so many injuries this year I wouldn't rule out seeing him again you might have to. Also law hopefully it's a long battle of things and dale and ask your question you know this team as well as and when your around them a lot. It has been too easy because I know that's always a question about the patriots and it annoys me over the years. You know they haven't tested their metal and there's this in the is that how do you prove yourself. To open up a post season like this after a bank account were questioned down the stretch where it was oh no here we go again they're gonna limp into the post season there. In the second favorite to win the cup but they really truly that team. And now they're just blowing doors awfully through at five nothing in the first period in achieved pulling the goalie in the first period is there. Is there any dumb talk radio type downside to that they're valued. Usually and it Andy prickly and I had this discussion the other night as part of the pregame show. Usually if you look at a team that wins the Stanley Cup. One of the four series is a little lease here you know the U the Bruins won the cup they had 37 game series and then they had a four game series. You know and and I. You get the opportunity and whether that's the first series of the fourths it's almost never the fourth series but you know it if you have a series that goes a little easier for yet. He gives you such an advantage later on the other thing is if you look at time on ice for the Bruins because of the way this is gone so far. It imposter not played fifteen minutes Saturday night. That was it and he had six points. Kidnap the play more than that. You know they're able to roll all four lines all three defense fares they're able to keep the minutes down for Chara. And Mack a boy and Bergeron and postured knocking marsh and they're able to do it because. There are so dominating this series. At least at this point that Bruce Cassidy is getting whenever he wants match up wise. Yet mr. Ravitch the operative only one game itself the that the opposite that regard where they go to overtime they have no plans they have all the way everybody every good players went forty plus minutes. Whereas the Bruins because they have control the games that gap and where a lot of you know still like a playoff games and some certainly already around the league. That whole third here reader and on edge in wrestling on any any possession here could be difference in the game. That's not in the case for the Bruins lead midway through the first period I was off the edge and yeah. That it would be here millions of food joy they and. You think about tonight if you Mike Babcock what can you do. It's gonna fix your defense. Your defense stinks. And we knew that going into the series that that was the area that they were weakest and they are. But I don't think we realized how bad it was. Ali what's gonna it's gonna stick Matt Maarten in tonight to try to booted up a little bit for the Maple Leafs the Bruins at the moment now that the Bruins have guys who can do that if you want they ran but maybe they do that meant at home you know you get the crowd behind it was it was a Smart fight maybe. President jumble the lines at a time wouldn't hurt at the goat. March you have to write that that you want let's not working and it's not a great general excellent games those you think you don't and I can do we can't never has there are tired negative view. Well let's a lot easier to do also in controlling the series right if you're in a 113. Period gas I think it's different the intensity it's like. Us as fans if we can relax a little bit like can take a little more what he would Wear a Michael best suits Iraqis out front right that's it there on mica of gold history and so easily frustrated he's roughly half of the he can laugh it off when guises and they've got. And not like the leafs have done enough they had that they sprayed. Rask really good on one of and the Bruins lettering right now right out and and I think the Bruins have done a really good job of walking the fine line between. Not being you know goaded into anything not being pushed over not doing something stupid either sort of being Smart physical. I think. I don't know that they could play much better in these first two games all the way around they have beaten the crap out of James van Riemsdyk in in the Klamath. There was there was one hit Kevin Miller had on them Zdeno Chara has been torturing him. They hit Kevin Miller laid on Leo calmer off which ultimately ended up injuring him again perfectly clean. Legitimate hit. The Bruins are the more physical team than the more skilled team and they've gotten better goaltending that's a tough Kumble for Toronto to overcome here. Yes it is the Bruins have too much noise in their favor right now only they have they have V. Better you know scoring line the much better defensemen that the better goaltender. All of us that. Maybe they don't have the the most experienced coach in the series that has not proven to be a factor as an issue yet even the speed. You know there's been a few China where there's speed has gotten than they've got a breakaway in the either hit a poster to commit to save or. You know they've sort of avoided that being the fatal flaw that could take them out because there's no question you know as a sort of you know. Post season hockey fan more than anything you do see the speed every once in awhile from you know these you know there was one. There than any was Heineman who was like it was Randy miles positive where even a leaf and yet and it's like two strides later he'd he'd just gone but the Bruins have done a good job of not letting that you know Lee has too many. Goal scoring chances whatever they also keep it if you're Toronto. You can't take any penalties like each yes he would do it because Orleans are only 50% on the power play in this series so why exactly like that. You can at others but you know the first period a pact there were down one well that's it that's what's gonna happen. And it is that's not worker form and I know that they can be aggressive and all that stuff but that is absolutely. Killed them and dale rich and I were talking in the break apparently in Toronto it's it's so IC that's taking them out of the usual thing in pregame routines are canceled and Marty plays or can't get. There they've got all sorts of issues in Toronto they actually. I'll Furl for awhile and it they still haven't decided yet they may have to call off the baseball game in Toronto which is the course. Because a piece of a great big chunk of ice fell off the CN towering crashed into the roof of Rogers Centre. And and they had snow in an ice leaking into the building they're trying to decide if they're going to be able to play indoor baseball tonight. That the traveled to get in to Toronto all the flights have been canceled all the media guys. I can tell you that that all four announcers that too radio and two TV announced teams. Gotten a car together yesterday and drove to Toronto because they knew there was no way they're gonna get a flight out of there. I'm out of here and into there. People there who live there and have a hard time getting to the building. They don't float the team not the playoffs Oca is Susie it to the playoffs that's sort of changes a little that I don't know what a talent and the Celtics but. Yes normally they do during the season but. What up loud car that must have been those sports guys are hammering away at each other. We'll get to drive I was on out of their holes the Arab allied with could be lots of stories but like they're not sure if fans are going to be able to get to the building tonight. Yet that that sort of killed the maker break home ice advantage if you look up into the stands are certainly in this you know point percent missing. But if it to the Bruins have what got that would that would anywhere else that the fans out that would be that the bigger issue and in Toronto they will firm on the lead to heart the it would if the Bruins get up two nothing in the first. Those maple leaf fans will turn on them I mean Eric that is a tough crowd that. I'm like you know how tough crowds goatee given some reason to not be tough defined. By David Price. The sale. And lessons on the dealing heat but Twitter be yes I think Jason weeded out the that the Bruins video showing Joseph Kelly. And he's standing in the sweet needs wade and his pal we'll sit and just thing please we're looking at his right that's David Price. Sitting right here in the white shirt and look he's happy and he's waiting used to but he's not standing. I you know who's there but the big take away with those Joseph Kelly and every week about it there is just their prices thing out. Does actually looked happy and we were definitely have a good time. Eight does that mean he's waving his towel too but but tell you what he's in there Kelly what you well it was warm and Ellis and you know excessively cold there. Kelly was the guy that every came to see Bruins fans have got to feel fairly confident through two games gets tougher on the road I understand that Toronto has last line change. All that stuff. But the Bruins weren't really that concerned about line matching in the first two games here. Not as much as Mike Babcock yes. I think you're right just arrived you know that stuff beginning. Somebody just completed and there are. There on a regular way. Wolf largely got a few of their fellow voters make their way and soaking the way home about you you guys that you did you know I don't Haile I don't know why and I never will. Eighty get a similar ovation when he came in today. Pretty sensitive now that I think I now to rent it now with it ever as bad as this weather a lot now now. The first here with beautiful the second there was a little too warm and get a sunburn passed out but nothing like this. I think the sunburn as opposed to the windshield with nothing about that today I don't know from what I understand that I'm hearing from some expert people like myself who have run the marathon like they today it was actually good data be built a little bit more like me have a little extra meat on the bones that you in the stay warm with a live off of through yet the race in exactly. Some of the elite types that don't have a lot of a body that body weight that that struggled with the the conditions but. It is pretty cool I tell you these people have the ultimate bragging rights they finish the Boston Marathon on just a happy day and it's true like Richie salt on a two block walk from our policy team open all over him gently I thought he'd open. Plowed through out of town on they're better than I had a good thing. Some of the key issues that nothing happened today on only about you know how the shorts get bunched up like you do between your legs yet don't really get tight but or those sometimes you do but sometimes that doesn't and I don't want to think about it he earned a total 600 Mickelson got to be also definitely that's why they develop the but if it on their office they get they they stand that was sticking Vasily currency can nipple you gasoline along. A little bit and we're around whatever route I took a couple of athlete students at a well and it was an accident and you have. People are very it's a good idea how little idea what you read. All Yemen killing me to vote for these things I don't know like you don't really understand I don't wanna know our top. Your body. Your shirt. Well an off. Pop the top or no I haven't had the week we're talking about a public leadership. In the marathon world we don't say that so I that's why it was yeah sure it would. Marty being grossed out morally an hour into the program plus the wind Dail today you know that probably won't win does his sports I mean it blows zone. I got it thanks. 6177797937. As telephone number text line it's 37937. It daily key with Andy art Sports Radio WB.