Dale & Keefe - Tom E. Curran says Tom Brady’s time with the Patriots will not end well. Serena Williams proves the double standard for woman in tennis.

Dale and Keefe
Wednesday, September 12th
Hour 3: Tom E. Curran joins us on the program to talk about the opening week for the NFL and the fate of the Patriots in the 2018 season. In Noon 30, Serena Williams throws a fit at the US open but who really is to blame and is there a double standard for woman in tennis?

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Our free daily keep Sports Radio WEG I Bill Belichick has had his Wednesday. Press get together with the folks down there among the attendees. Is our buddy Tom. Doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew oppress the T care doctors have Tommy Curran at 1800. Get there hello Tom how aria. What's up still very bad hole Richard hello Tom. So look at him a voice that good coaching today. I think there's a level of can store and consternation is Wednesday Mo used just absolutely. Vomit all the information about. Since we are straight slow this morning album you know specially on one at a football on the other quest but buried there. Now one of the notes he had was jailed rams Tuesday tremendous quarter one of the things he typically does this fall around a number one receiver. I don't know if the patriots have a number one wide receiver anyway what do you think Jim Ramsey does on Sunday. Well it's interesting day he. Has done that a bit in the past but he didn't necessarily do. O'Dell Beckham last week at Ramona zone and you know Beckham had a good day I don't know if you singled out one on one with Ramsey's entire arm and and rim settled the summer accurately. As. Irritating as it might. He accurately stated that Rob Gronkowski does not it was good job yet more trouble corner. Denny does any other 20 I was the Jacksonville Jaguars wouldn't you might say. Chairman chase camera have a nice matchup with them in your. There was a tweet that came out of Dallas apparently Dez Bryant in Jerry Jones took in the beyoncé Jay-Z concert together last night at AT&T stadium. Crude and one of the I know one of the local broadcasters on the home of the cowboys and Rangers wrote. Dennis and Gerry were hanging out but a source tells me. He meaning Dez was letting other people at the concert no he's probably going to New England. You buy in any in this. You know what I mean things can change. But I've been told on multiple occasions. I were you wouldn't spend a lot of time on that. Okay yeah I mean that's the due diligence to do wanna be. Hard to ask people. Bomb. My resources. This will never happened right because things do change what I've been told. Throughout. The world and a lot of time on probably not. So I mean which comes to show court Coleman doesn't work. Didn't work round Karin didn't work now. Is it in case of emergency break glass and if you want that nuisance here maybe. ID. You're you're television right you were an analyst at home idea it's hide it better it's great relevant. Here's the thing with where there is war O'Dell dot com or in later decides that they want to wide ET. You don't control where the ball goes so when you were turned on the sidelines or terms like you're the only one on the entire team always and they. What do every single layer. Got agitated acted out. It's the ashes and they're probably about to pass out you know now we're at about everybody health care nobody healthcare at the Olympic if we give him an order to make yeah. You know here's more than it just shows the national adult back of its management that were kicked and punched cows allowed him but he should do that we'll look at. Only do that talented kids get labeled the more natural I just don't think he's got talent didn't. Does Corey Coleman Bennie Fowler or Kenya or bartered to any these guys finished the season with the patriots. Number three or number three in on a pet parents. Com. If you look at what he did last year. He's out of a job currents. He's irreplaceable kind of guy that 27 year old flat 909. Third down back clash. So when it comes out from your roster. Linemen and linebackers. And guys like him on Biron out of work but if you look at his track. He's gone from so he's been there twice and Carolina. And chargers he's a good guy to have around. And especially in the case the patriots who really. Tied their hands in the return game that we would Iran and Karen out there and I could tell Gil owns before it was out there. Now can on Monica did his job with the Eagles last year after Darrell royals got hurt any good your return and so that that I am guessing will be Jiri. One of the things Belichick talked about today is how hard it is to join a team you know like that these guys have done. Is it possible to even get these wide receivers up to speed by Sunday. You look at a guy like court said no I mean you have to give me training. If this then that. Type of playbook not the option routes if I come back and you see this'll and you're gonna bring it up now we berries. So I mean you had three week mean this is what's her court. He had three weeks with the bills. Who accepted a 3.5 five million dollar guaranteed salary. In gave up a seventh round. By the time the final cuts came the bills that we would rather swallow the 3.5 five million. Can give a seventh round pick and have Korea. So debts discourage. Now that the bills and they're not as good. They can't make the browns or the bills I don't love that not to mean that you know I can't make it was some team it is that's not a great thing to have on the old resonate. Good. Flip side to that Keith is when you think about it both teams and on north tremendous decision making right right right. This could be to dynamite and face. It is bad decision making but also a first round pick for Cleveland after two years elect parents not worth it and and the bills Brigham and you mentioned the money angle yeah we just in the you can't do it here. What are those that are goes there. There ultimately some in the city's you know and there. But it is very economic mess contribution one of the things we talked about in the the offseason. Was Matt Patricia going to the Detroit Lions AM I believe Tom. From our conversations. You're not exactly shocked that it has gotten off to a poor start to my right. I didn't think we're gonna suck on offense or that I had my dark quartz empty days Matt Stafford and I think he's gonna have a long way to go he does that was a little bit of all there now. Definitely swimming upstream. Com. Like yeah. Well I think Matt Patricia news. Very much a buy products and some aren't some are. O'Brien. Had a job. Wherever he's been. Houston included even though he's. Told us that by the quarterback and drivel be a good head coach. But I'm not a big Matt Patricia buyer. At all. It seemed as though Bill Belichick was in full blown Lou Holtz mode today. Talking about the jaguars Blake portals the linebackers. I he just loves everything about this team does make. On the linebacker stuff. Miles jackets opens measurable way they have great talent sang this song last week. And under selling how bad they would be on the back and make it optional cover Clark but these guys dale. You know we sudden in the playoffs last year Berry church. Com with Ramsey would create on the other side Mets in the secondary. And then the second level you have those guys myth and Mac can and Franjo pro bowlers in. Arm will reach Jackson always Campbell as the Yani got up way I executed and Saddam they're good I mean. Like you still are the worst thing we could ever happened was late portal putting up 45 points. On Pittsburg in the playoffs. And then having the jaguars ahead with eight minutes left in the AFC championship game. 'cause they signed up for that network for another however many years yet for years. And he's not good. Kidney can they win with him now over is is the defense good enough where they can go all the way would point portals. I don't think so. I really don't know if he's just. Because they lost marquee sleet. Linda foreign that is 1983 tight money or their value because you know both watch me yes we were when you can't have that. You can't have that I'm out 245. Compact. In my estimation like quarter when net. And not have that kind of breakaway speed some of the bigger backs to the total dates from means zone. This trend means is don't know Pete Johnson. So it. And he's hurt this week usually they just don't have enough. Yet to really threaten. So as a result you gonna put a lot more pressure on guys does indeed they were second in the NFL last year points allowed. Per game and I would imagine they're going to be a traumatic image. Was any had discussion was there any discussion at all about travel plans given the weather that's now looks like it's headed Mort. In the direction of Georgia and even northern Florida and whether that would have any effect this week. And I haven't they had no idea I honestly I'm an area you know it's absolutely worth asking about though because. You know that's the kind of thing when you look what happened last week with Tennessee in Miami. That's the kind of game that I would imagine it's hard to come out from. If you're the road team. Specially New England if you have messed up travel plans going down or going in there so you know it's definitely question we're asking but I don't know what I mean it's now or at. Thursday night. Well now there but now what they're saying is it's gonna stall. Or as the latest forecast it's gonna stall offshore and then sort of turn to the left. Towards Georgia and Florida. And and it's gonna become like a 24 to 48 hours thing. You love whether I do it whether god I do you do for a big fan. Of Thomas Moore the big picture nothing wrong with that. Don't like yeah yeah about your hobbies and and things like that. This is whether I just don't get real what would you ever like this parking chase dirty somewhat. I'm really afraid of most things via Smart nice and house. And I guess talking good game and I'm pretty much yes I'm just living in fear every second Thomas then what I really like your new Twitter videos from your dog blow a really enjoy those almost trading him to. He is like the real killer he looks vicious is there. Does he ever like get up off the out a check back at a I do have to get him a little bit more more about we got him. A great as villainous. All the guys who. I can't tell him accountable encountering you know do that later on that it's I think he's like six or seven but I can tell he's not now he's nothing secret safe with him barely breathing this is that month but it's not east and I hit it. I think it'd obviously a lot of parlor yeah. And call. Take it a little quick plug yeah it sure will allow it all right I gotta do a thing today this is docked wanted to document. Prince's court six here won't let I'm going to be over he's at noon on. With the Nissan Rogen on orchard could be your road and it felt prediction of data to order she's number one there that are at least a normal little yet. And I can do that call I get a better understanding if for our panel like anybody. I'm going to be yeah bring Bob. A long ride but I am about it but. Go out of people and there's one thing or another we've worked the plug in can I can I work in another football question and Erica if you got a good enough up my life. According to stats that NFL matchup came up went. The patriots put the most pressure on the opposing quarterback of any team in the NFL last week. 53 point 7% of the time. Jacksonville by comparison puts pressure on the quarterback 35% of the time did we underestimate. The personnel changes because I don't think the the scheme is appreciate league different but they seem to be putting more pressure on the quarterback. I wonder how much dale I mean this is an entry agree with me we need more data. Then developed a lot of data on that chair because if you look back of the Tennessee way off they sat marionette a tie was under complete siege. So I wonder a lot of it or waited too. They had excellent pass rush discipline I thought as opposed to earlier last year where they were weeping gaps I mean they came in. Pocket like it was post in terms of being worn it seems for Watkins. Group on. But they do have their occasions when a quarterback is. Either slow to make his decisions. Or. Uncertain. Where they can get to the quarterbacks though. I wouldn't underestimate under rate the importance of Stephon Gilmore. Regardless what happened the last five minutes I don't care that guides it could now and know what cadet Adam. Because I think that's secondary recovered really well last week. Tom last Sunday he joined us on the pregame show and you wrote it you knock my socks off when you said that you think that 2019. Is gonna go last year for Tom Brady either in the league. Or with the patriots. I should ask you is that more your opinion or is that sort of sourced out. Committee senator okay. All right he's been after when I got an idea I just. I don't think he went past nine team and I do think there's two sides. While. Brady would like to have realized more money in the incentive contract. I don't think either side. He's right now agitating. For extending. Past when he nineteen. I think that you know if 2019 comes and goes. They don't have a remedy quarterback. On his continued waiter at a decent level. With a Bill Belichick or not maybe they talk about. But I think the base they wanted to leave eruptions open when they had Jimmy Barack. They could've found a way to keep them so I don't think they're going to be in a rush to resent radian and I think they're in over the course of time. Tom is in mind where. You know what I didn't love the way it went over the last eighteen months wide what I wanna re trying. Right now. Why don't want things can change that my suspicion. Replace that only nine will be another. I think you were the one who wrote this originally. Others have repeated its sense that that Tom Brady is at the I don't give a bleep. Our point of his career right now. And gloom and you kind of get that sense. With some of the the things he said and some of the answers. Does he seem like he's happy around there is the just that I don't give a liberal position would would you guys most guys. No yeah it's yes exactly he's not gonna get caught up in one you know your own keys have to say about how his press conference. Demeanor was or whether or not on current finger away some because of some video Wi does with our children to care. He's done with Waring a boat. You know how it's gonna be received he's done without worrying about. Even for instance where it's in his contract. They're supposed to be on Kirk and injuring more patriot Monday. She doesn't like it and I think that's the the best example doesn't like its going its modest march in. A rebuke of of the questioning. It's as much a rebuke of you know what I'm supposed to do this you guys that I Arafat don't wanna do this meeting the patriots on contract. But if I don't wanna do this I'm not gonna do. And I'm not giving them judgment on right wrong I'm just giving you this is how I believe in. This juncture career. Not getting caught up 41 we're lowering our. All the way. With elbow with Robert Kraft he's gonna try and satisfying to people close to. Domino's appreciate time we'll talk again next week and good luck at that big appearance this afternoon. Are right grew itself to the weather channel. That's what we'll do pack thank god those sites electric Tom. Thomas we said has brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew oppressed state. The care doctors have Tommy Curran at 1800 get here. So he is still absolutely convinced two years that if Tom Brady is playing after next season right. It won't be here which is what its contract is he's got two years left on the contract we were always we I thought anyway. That one of the things they were gonna get done this offseason especially would Jimmy Rob Lowe gone no backup in sight of of their extended one more year. But that's gonna happen. Edited they get the incentives he can make five more million dollars in these top five all both categories just for this year they haven't tweaks next year's yet. It's so. I met solidity wildly impressive enemies and play age 41 and at age 42. So I understand that in our guys are playing when they're when they're 43 that anybody's gonna do it. You'd think you'd be Brady says she somebody's been adamant now for a while that he wants to play at least 45. And I didn't know if he would take that as. Sort insulting that they're not willing to extend them. But according to Thomas sounds like he's done any Harry either both sides are kind of OK it was that sort of let this play out in when he years in the NFL. And that it take it from there it really is kind of comical what what what these guys are Dylan. Known thirty is coming up next and we there's a story I know it's Wednesday. There's a story it happened Saturday that we haven't gotten to yet as dallas' deficit to single. And now media react. Do this myself my name is. Chrysler for new thirty today. We're gonna go back a few days because with the all the patriots stuff from football stuff and baseball flock going on we we haven't had a chance to even mention this yet and we're not gonna do the whole second better. Take calls on it necessarily but it it it's got now a lot of national flag. And it was the US open the women's final which was Saturday afternoon. I happen we got to Mohegan Sun get ready for the hall of fame thing see it right arrow had on earth so white I happen to see this whole thing. And it was Serena Williams. Who let's just say she had a a bit of a beef gap with the chair umpire. Player. Here. She should be serving. There's some confusion Osaka was serving at 43 publicist said he. Carts so this appears to be very import early on. There was a point where Serena is coaches in the stands he's actually in the second row. He's in the exact opposite end of the court from where she serving who give her tips and they show him. And he's making hand gestures which was. Get up to the net can up to the net now Lavoy technically if you're not supposed to do that final might have happened had all that time but you're not supposed to go pointer right yet I cannot post coach at all so coaching. You know. I'd wait post game he admit I absolutely was coaching. I don't think she was looking at me but I was coaching you can't turn off maybe after Saunders wants the coach always occur so the the chair umpire. Gave her a warning she went crazy. Because she said the chair umpire was accusing her of cheating he wasn't at all. What he was saying is that guy over there is coaching but he's a guy if you thought I was like oh you're you're ripping my integrity. Is really wanted to which is why it's ridiculous. So. So she says she called the guy at the end this is like on OK I don't whether but it yet Aziz she screamed at him for what that first warning is coaching coaching with rush which hitting coach admitted. He so he wore answer now there's no there's no penalty at just a more no coaching and she's a little crazy out your bureau accusing Iran and not out the passion so then she gets her service broken. And she smashes her racquet. It just Roy's attitude fire now that's kind of automatic OK I get penalized for you crush Iraq so so yes I do now and she was penalized a point. So now the hard part was where you heard her calling him a thief you stole a point from the F while Europe thief that's like verbally abuse the will be third infraction then. Is a game. Now there are couple points than this one ias. The coaching thing happens all the time coaching and lay its lame it's very high as it's like come on here I mean really that is down itself is not the coach in the building that if he can't even get real late. He's sitting in the in the second row give me tips like month so the smashing the racquet thing is automatic but if you hadn't already warned her about coaching thing. And you would have warned her for that room and yeah going so now. It kind of compounds because the thief that's really verbal abuse like c'mon what she didn't swear up and down don't she also learning styles as we heard the whole thing she didn't swear. Her point is that you know male players say a lot. More analog front running back. The crowd into it there crowd all the sudden sensing the attention of the match perhaps. Sony should be right but I can always count and get away for an order see she had he lost it. So as you know why she lost that if she was getting our butt handed to lower because she's fighting Naomi Osaka who set out year old kid right who was playing great. And Serena had her whole script laid out had this is what's gonna yes I'm losing you I don't write anything good to come back here. And and she escalated it. But I doubt that we also what's wrong he's via the whole coaching thing okay fine you know you'd you can call it almost all the time. But are heard then and she made this big deal out of I don't cheat I have a daughter I'd rather lose this you said that you were cheating right he said. That guy over there cheating that's one of the listeners I think it's a little too close to home you know if you call somebody cheater and they freak out. Guess what. Probably a cheater. Who's. Life's not fair. That's count the moral of the story is that she kind of lost her mind she lost her mind yeah and it's about eight Reynolds actually just. John McEnroe he's the center of channel nobody would see on this might point he has she's done this her whole career. She had tried to intimidate chair umpires I'll she has pitched in moaned about stuff she's whined about stuff she's the best player on the planet. But she has been kind of a pain in the rear but I'm sorry but I still I I still a weird way take her side because nobody is there to see the chair umpire nobody is there to see the baseball umpires is there to see the Basque rock Jorge Ramos could of she didn't swear she can use all those words he could have just let it blow off steam and ask get it over with c'mon let's keep playing and right. He then she escalated it originally he then took it to the next stage. But I think that should be part of like any kind of rough freeze jobs just to sort of defuse those things and move on like what the person's. Remake you let via let just let them scream matches and Eric. You gotta serve let you go get back in there we have got to move this thing along now what are the biggest tennis fans that I know. He's talked about tennis on the radio in New York on TV in New York is mad dog terms guys that is tennis. And and my guess is he was there. Probably so mad dog of the film opens and he wasn't very happy. She. Iraq did did you did you have to match this is nice boarding up X auto all. Other solid debug an alcoholic so let's. What I asked by ER angle agog colleague got up got to manage your mother so. I. Hard not that snake inside but he but he drops that went on yeah. David throws and a Kim Clijsters just for good measures while I told him man knows yeah that's not an analyst as though he is right about that just warming up though. You sit at a mother aspect is ridiculous this has nothing to motherhood. Is this did not match what you think about what. I don't have. I don't let Alan I would cite history a little bit even though she'd lost. Her her mind but Matt our brings up some good points likes those same. Up Pete Sampras that's my sort of tennis knowledge they Pete Sampras was getting fired for this is that. Other yeah. I got to block them out. Erica predicted. Out of my face. I care less what you're fairly tree looks like certainly you heard. One of serene as big things was you know men would never have this happen. They would never be treated this way yes dog was all over that. While I was Amanda's one. That I'm mad at least it odd that all got caught violation lost quite a stretch out Djokovic true edit two I did so why. I. Other so what people are calling. A secondly bundle as well Ali though that is acknowledged because it's always was having her her fit in was agreements and that's what happens that the men. Got to end it as a you know what maybe she's right and I don't really follow tennis and I don't don't remember hearing any of these things but it dog is right and those are three of the best tennis players in the world if they have all been penalized by the same judge. Then that's another argument that she has that is wrong I again I'm mistaken doctors were writing and into the research here's. Part that bugs me the most. You've got this twenty year old kid Naomi Osaka who's winning her first major ever she never better and a finals of a major Aso resumes out and error and you know. The fans again all cranked up because Serena is an animal Golan. You know at the at the post match ceremonies there bullying. This kids crying you know part of the real and that it was a remote ass run and hide that and believe me dog knows about tennis fans at the US open. I can't recall worst behavior in a big spot then I saw on Saturday. And gets up at 4 o'clock that morning to watch Erik wireless open finals which time if 3000 people in that building on Saturday who got up. The bull. Ring up right up all of my job. Bet it does it it's a big deal out of did you name. And you don't get seats and sit there but the celebrities at this at the US open final which the displaced accountants and. Religious he's not up he got up. Got a point to about a you know they're there for the event yeah and especially with Serena trying to win her fur is Manger scene on my back. Is is it like a but it Kentucky Derby crowd at the preakness crowd yet that's it that's a good analogy you know it it it's the place to be it's the event to be at. It's not necessarily big tennis and I wake up at 4 AM to watch the Australian Open the Australian final not dog he does he's a tennis guy. Guy he now all I've known as you guys and on point you are an area you could be different. Just sit there and defense and a dozen other quote asks. There you go why that quotable quote it's I don't often applied to put that quote other so. Called on us the vast. That Nikkei closed about point and you're put that out there like to argue with tennis this gentleman he's he's you know he's talking about. She. The first part. It was just worn by just the morning he was coaching which by the way he said yes I was coaching. I I am and he never say you work he said. I was doing is he'll if she did it a little bit differently I'd be more or side is alternately in on her side especially if it if it's between horror and the chair judge. I'm definitely on her side but to add that point bring up the good double standard with men. And then. Mad dog hides the bobcats. I just could still serve a crying to well. The man this one that I meant that these. That's all that plus I must point to approach. To edit two I did so why. That's why it. I mean so they go on Gaza is in full Dutch I bet nobody thought that he knows it but again that the chair umpire just you know. Shut up and just let let them play and that's that's really what their job is I think that what Serena then turned this into was her being a heroin for the the women's movement her post match press conference. Talk about you know it would have we won't help me but maybe it'll help the next young girl coming up. There there are there have been instances here of late that have not looked good. Retirement professed her professional tennis her outfit at the French Open that they said she couldn't Wear right there's the other young lady who would be earning her shirt around it. And and they even admitted you know we screwed this one up via. So you've got kind of examples we certainly have heard male tennis players. Say at least what she was saying if not worse and not get the same sort of penalty. That's work Carlos Ramos typing has an issue is that. Is that he should have just let it blow off steam you know lack. He she didn't he she didn't colony bleep bleep bleep thing let's elections aren't they used all point three you're at the right. So a lot of blow off steam and move on those seeds in the cheater she is a verbal abuser that what's she got penalized for smashing a racket him. My. That's as good competitiveness yeah mass trashing the racquet thing was kind of an automatic data to our problem was she had been warned already because of the coaching. Which her coach said yeah I was coaching so that Scott's articles on the back out. He is sent away if he was my in his business and see a popcorn haven't champagne that none of that happens. Because she doesn't get the original penalty for partake in coaching. Which how stupid is that he can't coach. They're gonna lose anyway after she went crazy from that the initial warning. It turned into that you know I'm a mother I have a daughter I wouldn't cheat it's like. Calm down here aren't easy he didn't say you were cheating he said that guy over there. Don't Brazil raising a child abuse you are very ugly events all. And sister of a daughter sense. I'll and a thank you point Don nonsense then there's been a yeah a cartoon that was put out. What they put -- the wanna Australians they put that we're now years ago I think or I forget when will they do you did it and New Orleans are very regional verse one it in this room is sort edited a little bit but it's more her applied to you know it does not agree no it does not an and I would otherwise they have now doubled down. They put it on the front page of their papers today and said. Who's gonna tell us to be PC like Aaron really about that would fly here. At all. Much replies in Australia but that's that was the story for the weekend and we had he would dogs react in dog eat dog out worth it holy smokes good it was just. The fact is that's. Kim Clijsters. I'd he he had me from you bungle on call so let's Kim Clijsters. From that point on me that. Other so that I'd. So let's just step bill with. 6177797937. As telephone number as we get back to the calls with you guys. Before we're done here today will play at some sound from yesterday. From my general manager Don Sweeney and head coach Bruce Cassidy about the trade of Adam McQuay. My buddy Billy Jaffe who in a pretty darn good at what he does and you know one of the best analysts in the business I thought put it perfectly yesterday. He said and I'm quoting Adam aquae it will always be one of my favorite players in the bids. It's calm kind and shy demeanor belied the absolute warrior he was for the Bruins scary tough man. I get the trade and agree with it. I held salt like how Adam now has the potential to play more and earn another. It's a use the eighth defenseman on the scene and is a contract was up after this year adding a new ones we're not out of re sign him. Because they've got these young defenseman percolating throttle. He'll get a chance to play more with New York they were actually trying to. At the same time do him a bit of a favor it because the any also at two point 75 million it's too much for just the depth defenseman unity is he is. It was a healthy scratch a bunch last year he would have been a healthy scratch a bunch this year assuming everybody else was good. So he moves on but they are losing a little bit of that. Bad ass toughness up there on the I got a guy who you know you got your I think twice about messing around posture rocker martian because you might have to answer the McQuay I listed to the calls back to the calls that you guys are 6177797937. Greg's in Boston hey Greg. They went out now I ran dogs. On dog are you believe what you are talking about being that you are saying that was it was a bit on fortunately you guys had never played kind of I had. Great credit. What book to be a mother and jet gate part. And came back to beat a level of play to see it yet to reach out all. And they. Couldn't be until she couldn't be upset about upping their being treated tour you've been noted that technical socially and it a whole lot of ink. We'll get all the all the drug testing and all that there's a lot of particulate under an equity walks and a lot of it is not a I don't want to diminish what she did it. Why why does he do wise you'd say she's the mother got on her side when it comes to her vs the chair judge what does it matter. Let people they'd work people they were totally I don't know I don't know if that's not a great response my point is why bring that up what how does that help. Had you seen Hewitt and it doesn't matter right so why bring it up that's that's also what you're saying I was and that's also came back and she's she had a child OK I think that your trip aren't yeah I don't I don't think it's I think when you're when you're playing on the nobody cares what what you just did in the earlier in the day and it doesn't matter what you did. Lipton very if they would get our data quality big. Or you dictate if she didn't she whining already. He tells you usually watch one week you're you're watching Saturday she did throw. It our all our R&R block other other people do work yes you know. And there and clean and then there's no doubt about that. And and nobody goes all you've got a look at it could pick it you know get McEnroe being. Honest and McEnroe was thirty years ago so we haven't talked a lot recently Null and it. I hate it if male males throw a fit we say they throw fits right. But here you would just make it on O'Dell Beckham earlier in the show live with Tom Kern about when he had spotted the kicking posts and all that's we're talking about and I think it's Serena it's are asked the right to have to lose or mine but we also the right to make far Merck which is out to be let out a mom and like I doubt it ever cheated that this is. Fare like that. But the point about what I did we can come content. If they are intricate level right we don't even give you don't get to meet to talk this vehicle. But what we limit whatever they say it is irrelevant to our community could you not going to whatever they're going to let when they set. Like I got out I say what I think she was going through she was it or button and those who are down by 20/20 year old kid. Who who was playing great. And all it ended up doing was taking away from. Hurt glory at the end and the fans are bullying and is announcing in there I don't say this Serena did during the post match. Remark she wouldn't answer questions she told Tom and all the American answer questions. She was too upset but she did say no more Boeing okay great well. You're the reason they were bowling natural gas you're trying to ratchet back help it was a mess now and I'm trying to take her side on the I don't mind I. Player vs rough. I mean elicits a real extreme case I'm thinking the player and every once the app and every dime and look we said Carlos Ramos was the guy yeah who should have the escalated it he should have allowed her to let off steam I didn't. The third warning the one the cluster I gain in this in the second set he's got a letter just get an offer chest skidded over width. And let's move on yeah but I couldn't do it he didn't do his and he definitely made the whole thing are significantly worse but. It's out of some of the stuff that she's head just as ridiculous or word of the former spot. Packaged or less that she's a mom she got zero kids you got ten kids I don't care putting regrettable that was that an and that is very awed by the way that's how she started. Now her first remarks when when her coach got called for coaching ya which he was doing. And she said you know I'm a mother I have a child I'd rather lose than cheat. Really well than the other yes that's bizarre and then the other one I'd much maybe she's got a point here when she's saying. Page you know meant you wouldn't penalize you wouldn't penalize a man for this. Well turns out. The pack I what you apparently he had visited and Matt I might be a little thin skinned by the way Carlos Ramos I yeah I might be a little hands on him yeah exactly. She started the thing with the you know I'm not a cheater it's the coach which is really knows the whole thing started back on Mike's on cell phone Mike. I would look at Ohio so. Well Dell you know I mean I'm I'm standing here you know I've ever called you for years I had to say kind of talk out of both sides are now on this point and you'd eat it's what you see that ball this year and you're able to kind of appalled by it but yeah so let me do my job I think both at fault. Okay well well it's also real quick he gives her a warning. For coaching because I guess today she's the player which. Which by the way that's ridiculous because it happens virtually every match. Yeah you know what I respectfully I hate the well everybody dug a cute thing you know because. You know I'd like they'd like the guy who get caught doing eighty and I 95 to protect it well everybody driving it equally valuable to got caught deal that ended had not only is really weak I gotta be honest reaction was even though there. That there are you what they were the week called we call it a report issued Oprah should double double triple warning by. Then she broke Iraq as you know automatic Naji automatic now they'll count okay now what if. He hadn't given the first one. The breaking the racquet just would have been a warning not a point penalty. OK again that that's that's fair but appointed she continued to escalate and Kerry gases on and I absolutely want in your in your estimation how long should be allowed her to. Global blow off steam and why should you have to give her a novel look younger I'm gonna tell you look. Why I think you're wrong Mike should she had she had blown off steam she had walked out to the court to begin the next game. When he then hitter with the the main panel. Oh no no sir no sir I'm sorry she was standing on the baseline and when he made the announcement. Dale hole I think you'd look at it a case he would not debate question is getting by the bad she'd gone to the bench. Replace the Iraq that you'd mask and that would argue on yes and he job with the giant giant then she went out to the baseline she was standing on the baseline when he. Doctor the game. Right and he may not know about sure I'm quite yet look at video get out. He made a comment actually walking I should be walks record keeping it out Taliban and being happy about when GM at a Q what she did you are helping. He might need to answer they can sit think it was a little weak on his part. She called democracy. So I'm I'm gonna take a I'm gonna take a game away yes second set of the US open because he she didn't column a grouping. The word you could tell about a couple words used by my issue would is how long it went. And and people are trying they all leave this would never have to miracle coming up what do they are slightly to the McEnroe what his ridiculous but I think people linking to other videos with which heated conversation between the player and end cherub happens all the time absolutely I have. How about why the Giffords speaking if it's not the third instance that that you know to be penalize my point was it shouldn't then Ernie should have been the second. I did they let next fight I'd think at the end of the day foreseeable complain about eight or coach for starting the whole thing. And be herself for getting out patrol inspiring kind in Idaho and to throw out any other accusation. I'm a mother died in fact that's what about everybody else that you just it's it all week not. She's the one who carried out and she wanted to analyze for moral behavior our own fault no matter how you try to sugarcoat. Not CI I I think both third fault here she absolutely took it too far and I said she deserves that part right but he also. Though the first warning was sticky tack in my I'm the president is sticky tack I mean literally see the guy. In all he's doing is making hand gesture which is you know down closer to and get the whole thing was just got out of control then you got to look at the chair judge and that's the guys that needs to keep the thing on the rails he didn't Serena did do herself any favors and always sounded ridiculous at times she had to just calm down half. Now I also staying debt that Carlos Ramos has got a letter blow off steam yet. She's gonna I'll use keep us and she's run and hot she was Ronald. Hope she was state you know she's not swearing. She called and a thief all my god say it isn't so it took appoint Roland. Nose at that point it was I don't know I don't like to the point out was that that's my calling into the got the game taken away it's just. It's all very solved one of math test I got people talk about as though we thought I noticed nobody is they're just thought I ought to speaks in a ball Opsound. Yeah I don't remember anything else about it but does remember that in the house now's the big story line they said that the name of the one who won him notice. And she by the we've played this is all that's also one of the reasons why. It's a real loss to Roger boosting that. How many times do you see somebody freak out like that when they're winning that's been out there and yet she was up a set she probably would have level little blue ribbon that should look like reaching your your Kanye cheater years shouldn't matter but she wouldn't have lost at the woods did Joe's in north Smithfield page up. I I I. Eight dale yes. I'm sorry to tell your body I'm a week's agreement in which are wrong on this one okay wouldn't let things go. I suspect seat she wouldn't anecdotally all but he's got a he's got a letter blow off steam. While you slept like a blow anybody but she she if you looked at him and this last call it said he calmly. Calmly. With trying to refute the whole thing which he wouldn't let it go it was premature to smashed the racquet. C'mon she's wrong on this form body. Look I the racket and that's your body Val that Joseph the racquet when is automatic. I mean that that's automatic I said that that now that the racquet thing doesn't happen if it wasn't for the first let me doesn't give the TT tech coaching penalty warning. Those smashing of the racket then becomes the warning. He took it too far to begin with it she took it too far at the end. Yeah I I think it's cute quote their mile. And let it all I don't blame the guy that I thought they'd do a job that she would elect Obama pick any of it anyway. Off I appreciate that guy's job is also a big distilled to let the players play here a call color as he sees it but you don't need to. Get sensitive and all he called me a thief. Take like a verbal abuse went on that your. This should be almost no such thing as verbal abuse to an umpire you know say whatever you want to an umpire tonight on. Anything you don't always know that by eight well if she was swearing it be different she wasn't. She didn't she's you know we we played the whole thing you'd you'd have to. She in NAFTA because she was too busy call but if it's it's hard to say. That of fully support her because she really lets it get away from her little bit in her bag ought to get you like Garrett at this is. A lot of interest. Thought the summer there's that's another problem that I would have that she goes this is happened to me too many times maybe that's a huge Natalie. Some other way with her collaborator is littered with instances. Of of kind of verbally abusing. Chair umpires especially. Right she so good she just steam rolls pretty much everybody should play early on and a career you wouldn't think she'd run that hot but she asks what it says she's moment when he three. This would have 124 major she would have tied Margaret court for the most singles major title that's insane. But yet but the save this other Saturday too many times it will that you probably should. You should probably learn your lesson learned at that point right again what's that say go ahead scream at that that revved up but if you're always getting in trouble short. That maybe you gotta you know changed up the best Joes on the cell phone hey jump. All right guys all due respect neither use it. Right historically you know I'm how dare I realized I was born and I was watching it Saturday specifically because I wanted to see I had nothing on target. All right so I grew up watching. And not only with people on call reference great Margaret Court who he is the owner of the 24. Grand Slam record it's Arenas tried to break. What a mother almost her whole career took her little cute on tour. Husband does well also. You know battle but I completely agree if you guys the one thing that I disagree with is. The whole issue about not coaching okay stupid rule but every idiotic. But it's and all around player though. And every one we'd get called for. The fact that he only gave -- warning is actually available compared to other times they give penalties but OK so while it's stupid. Few way over reacted. And that of course these slamming the racquet that's automatic. The coach goes to a nose bleeds them like that the coaches poll what are you doing it you know the rules agree. What I do at an eight cents. It's to me the whole thing should be overhauled they should allow coaching yeah it would go to the block. But in this particular case I don't blame the chair umpire pretty much at all he was calm the whole way through. The one thing I would take exception with his. If cause she's is. Your beef. You took away points from me right and I didn't see that article that was part of a litany that lasted thirty seconds. Yeah no she sees it you want me an apology I demand an apology as Albany since where though now. Yeah yeah he couldn't let that go I think that's only part that. Maybe you could just allowed a little or go back your play off or warned her hey you don't go back to your place. You've got to get back. That probably would have been smartest thing to do whether she listened to ordered not it would have absolve him from the criticism that he was overreact. I I think part of it too was there was. There was a thought that that it was so noisy in there and she was helping decree outside of that no I. That she didn't understand. That she had been given warnings for the coaching she didn't understand the point thing. In other words when she smashed the racquet. She didn't understand okay that's your second infraction you now lost a point. And then when you get to the third when you now losing game. You would think that some internal thing would be same. Maybe I need to shut outages thank you because I'm gonna lose one game and if I don't shop at just really it's sped it up. Has gone that way your product hi I am aria he certainly was you know a little bit about that respect that cost down Babe Ruth played her you got a daughter that young man. I had just care I care a lot about.