Dale & Keefe - The Triumphant return of Keefe's Keys! 7 Questions for Stanley Cup Game 7

Dale and Keefe
Wednesday, June 12th
Hour 4: There will be celebrities at the game tonight. There are odds on Conn Smythe. The final hour opens with some talk about the Red Sox’s. There was an official statement made on David Ortiz and his current condition. Two people have been arrested in connection with the shooting. The guys turn back to the Bruins with 7 Questions for Game 7. The ticket prices for tonight’s game are high and could price out die hard blue collar fans. The guys do a segment called “Keefe’s Key’s”! As usual the hour closes with What Else Ya Got? Today’s topic involved Raiders Hard Knocks, Cora’s predictions on the Bruins, and Game 7 predictions from the show.