Dale & Keefe -  Is Tuukka Rask a Stanley Cup goalie? Brad Marchand tells all in Players' Tribune; Caller of the Day

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Thursday, April 19th
Hour 2:  Brad Marchand speaks out about how he has made it as an NHL player. He may have a dirty reputation, but that is how he became successful in this sport. The Bruins potentially have a few Hall of Fame players, callers give their thoughts.

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Yeah yeah yeah. Failing. WEEI tonight in Toronto what's the Bruins in the Toronto Maple Leafs game four of their best of seven series Bruins. At this point to the best of seven series. Two games to one. Something surprising happened today from the Bruins. Opt for people who don't know generally speaking when the Bruins get to the playoffs bagel and a radio silent mode they do Walden Media things the you have to do players are available after the game players are available after practice. But they don't do anything outside of what's really required right you know you don't PA can't make it a one on one with Patrice Bergeron no known around the camp it's that it's playoffs. So today the players Tribune. Had a piece come out of nowhere the title of which is built for Boston. I'd Brad martian. She's really good. I mean I think I'll tell you this. If he didn't Wear a Bruins uniform you hate him. I mean just one yeah. Its a couple it's as though he says that one point in the piece he says I was meant to play for this city. I believe that and I think probably people do to. But he leaves talking about how it if if he didn't do what he did if he didn't play the way he dies. You wouldn't know his name. And he wouldn't be in the national hockey glee. He says. And it it goes back to what he was a kid he's playing on a hockey team with his buddies and his dad is coaching the team is one of the coaches. And during the game some kid on the other team took a run at brands brother. And and Brad words he smoked him. As much as we messed with one other one another home if you ever hurt my brother it was like a red light went off inside me I'd fight you. He said my dad was one of our coaches he tapped me and my buddies on the shoulder and said next shift. I want every one of you to take a run at that kid every time he touches the puck. Policy of the sport that doesn't say. It and he said but he's he had done and I think it's more like the day well thirty he says so we went out. And every time the kid touched the puck one of us took a run. He got so pissed off that he took a slashing penalty right at the end of this year after we got a power play. We ended up scoring the game winning goal with him in the box and I kind of had this realization like okay. If I have a zero point 01%. Chance. This might be one way of getting people to notice me. And it was like that the epiphany that one off and his line and he says he says I know there's a lot of people who don't like it. I'll be the first to tell you it's a fine line I've done things that have stepped over the line and I paid the price for but you know what. There's a lot of people out there in the hockey world who love to say winning is everything it's the only thing. What do they really mean. How far are they willing to go. Maybe it was my size or just the way I was born but I always felt like you have to be willing to do anything literally anything in order to win. Even if that means being hated. Even if it means carrying around some baggage. And here's that here's the key he says that I played the game any other way you absolutely would not know my name. You wouldn't care enough to hate me because I wouldn't be in the NHL. The way I played the game got me noticed by junior teams and it got me drafted by the Boston Bruins at five foot nine inches. I was meant to play for this city I believe that you read this story if you don't like them. Analog and even more. And that's the first arches goes if you like me like the story if you hate me you'll love it. A bit and raced at those serves and he knows that he is hated around the league but he is loved and forget liked you lobs. In Boston but really what it does is it obsolete confirms to me. That he's not gonna change. He goes from being a fourth wide a pesky fourth line player. 21. Of the five best forwards. In the NHL a guy who at 85 points in 68 games this year. He's still gonna be that guy a could frustrate you because. Could he get suspended again next year probably easiest fines for something stupid probably. But that's what it is and that's. You you have to accept that when you have Brad marsh and and maybe that's. Baby you're you're you're hoping it quite guide this skilled should change his game but he gives you a little peek behind of this started very young age and Iraq can be altered to get it out of. So he's in in in the kind of style that he passed. Marsh and talks about the aftermath of winning the cup. He says now I know you've seen the pictures in most of the month shirtless. He was shirtless and all that I saw what in my defense I was 23 years old and I just won the Stanley Cup whole week was a blower. Get a message that our guys are pretty legendary most of them can't be shared but the back story to that week is that right after we won one of my buddies told me that the blacks but Blackhawks and party for sixteen days straight when they were on the top. So we being competitive. It was my mission the top of he goes on to say he says we got today seven or right when we got a phone call from someone who shall remain nameless. Every player who was still in town got the same message. Alright boys time to go back home it's over. Leave the city here. He says you're done to stop it he says we didn't make it to sixteen days but I'm proud of that evacuation order we earned it hallmark. So he's basically try to one up on yes and Patrick Kane I'm surprised just trying to party more than him. Andy was probably able to deploy off it ever have jet black and yellow dirt like for the parade started her that the end of the parade. Yeah he is he is out of control but the event it's a music good player on the team but. I don't think anybody really knew watch and say that most people didn't know that users return to this player couple weeks ago. We talk to Marc Savard plows all the questions we asked them was did you know that marshy and had this at him and he said yes. Now maybe it's revisionist history but I'll I'll take about a word for he said. It was the year only marsh and made the team but those early on and he was skating with a right you've aligned Savard said would Lucic when marshy area and he could say that you this guy's got some open. And he may have started the year with in Providence or ever. But he knew that when Marcia amendment twentieth when he won that he had the skill to become this player and he has he he's one of the best guys bought. Again that we we said it's going in the Toronto series if you're a Maple Leafs you need to constantly. Beat try to go. Martian into something like nonstop you gotta be gotta be shoving him around and take that chance because he's never gonna deal to take. That part of his game out of my bet that's going to be different. Our team he closes the story basing the luck. If we bring the cup back to Boston just know that I'm washed up for real I'm 29 now and I have an infant daughter at home gets up at 7 every single morning. I need my sleep. The sixteen nights general thing that's up to a whole new generation. That's always gotta gotta try yeah top. If you read the piece and it's in the players' tribute look I'm surprised my guess is. Other PR department for the Bruins did nobody and didn't cooperate in it. This is evidently written by Brad marsh and but it's called built for Boston. It's got some great photographs throughout the course the story including him when he was a little kid wearing is too important hockey sweater and a lets us but it's it's really good and it it really does give you an idea. Of who this guy yes yeah we set up wasn't the best player might Peewee team. How was I gonna make the national hockey while any realized that there was a line that he had to approach and at some times at some point he go all Brett. But if he didn't play that way. He wouldn't be here. Yeah I mean it's it's true that's why again you know he has developed into being one of the easily elite scorers in the league. But he kind of has always be on that edge in part of it is being being 59 which even points out in the piece like that's something that a lot of these guys I think that's kind of I'm sure Brian Gionta felt that way of Sergio other. Smaller guys in the league and always had that chip on their shoulder I mean Dion Lewis remembered listened to him out of that. When he signed that deal with the titans about nobody thought he could tell it it you know because of you know his height all the other stuff like. That's with those guys MR Sheehan has probably seen. You know how Sidney Crosby and all these other violate Canadian. Cult heroes are sort of formulate this is gonna do that god has been the number one pick in the draft and he is gonna be the next generation of great players and that was never. Put on Brad marsh and you know he he had to do it how many of these guys we look at the top when he scores in the league right now until how many of home started this fourth liners. Or were they nineteen years old number one pick boom you're set during the first line but those guys were were already made. Marsh and had to do at the door at the hard way. This is a guy who if you weren't if he was not wearing a Bruins uniform. You'd hate him. I mean you particular anybody's short all yeah I cocky guy and in this town appeal was wearing a a Winnipeg jets uniform you're drug in knots and or even worst even if he was where I'll call you form. I mean you would think he was the lowest form of life but he's wearing your collars yes. And he has as you correctly point out turned himself into one of the best forwards in the national hockey and I think that you know and he points out the end of this piece that he has matured you know these are gonna if they win the companies are going to be party for two and a half weeks straight. I think on the ice. You how to make an argument you know whether he has or whether he hasn't because he still has. So are those cheap shots at them I don't think he does raise slew flicks is maybe he did before or some of those things but. It's still. There may be it's not as regular but. We saw him this year get popped for a suspension. Another time he can't find again I could grab those same conversations again next year but that's just. I don't what you get when you sign up form and you just have to have your fingers crossed that. It doesn't happen in the playoffs or an in a very meaningful game. Read the stuff in the piece when you do get a chance to read it read the stuff where he talks about the researcher. He said you know do something my brother I'm gonna fight you but do something to Patrice Bergeron and I'm gonna fight you yeah yeah I mean he just thinks the tree and and he gives credit to quote. Close said you do everything he does you won't be the best player on the ice because Patrice will be the best player on the ice. Which you can be the second best player on the ice cream and he he loves the priest pursche. Well and that's one where I mean he's out of they played together on team Canada in the World Cup that it won his separate them and evil of all the additions at the Bruins made the over the last couple years. Those were two guys that you knew we're gonna be on the same line. When you're trying to figure our who's it gonna be is it going to be you don't was on his Bjork at the start of the year was going to be posture not which candidate being and that's great because that is that in the the bass line in hockey but. Those two for shortly you put that that in pending aren't what guy keep keep up with those two. And he'll he'll go from there but that's gonna be a duo and while the way things are on a trio that hopefully stays together for a long time. I wonder if when Bruins fans read desk as they get frustrated with martian I mean he's he's a frustrating I sometimes. Look I I've gotten frustrated with the Menard said you can't do this. You've got to be smarter than this the the team needs you out there you can't beat. You know get suspended and at. What you read this and you can't get a little better understanding of who we is. I wonder Bruins fans who read this who may be on the fence about whether they like with this guy is. What what he brings to the table what he brings as a representative of the team I wonder if they read this and think differently about. I think the premise is it's it's. Probably something that you didn't know and it do you assume some of the background and again because we've seen this guy kind of grow up and kind of sneaky ban on the team for really long time it was a slick is. Eight year ninety year rivers with a with a broad so it's it's better wiles of mussina and inform transform. From that scrappy fourth liner into a guy that's playing in almost twenty minutes tonight and lead the team's war. He also and just a tidbit for you Bruins fans out there. Says that the one of the reasons the 201011. Team won the Stanley Cup. Is that they had a bunch of guys who would do anything. For the other guys on the team. And don't get the sense the Siemens he said this TM is like that I think you mean we saw it though one of the last games of the season where. David posture knock in two grass or both. You know stick it up for guys that are that are trying to fight basically the last two guys in the entire roster that you would expect that from. So this rosy and has had a lot of that they're more scoring there'll be more skilled at 2011. But they have that that same kind of thing whether or stick aperture 6177797937. Its telephone number Jackson Rhode Island hey Jack. Hey how to god let's go to. I just wanted to talk about that I read the mark shot archer yet as well it ought to talk about. How many good things used to had to say about Bergeron and whether you guys think bird I'll be all America years. I think I I didn't used to think so I thought he'd be one of these great defensive forwards you know but he has upped its offensive game is his career has gone along. Guy he he was named a finalist for the cell. If he wins the cell key this year he will break the NHL record that he currently holds win Bob Gainey. I he will hold the record for most silky trophies won it five. I'm beginning to think he might be considered for the hall of fame down the road. He may be in look at. Bruins fans loved his game anyway yeah and they think he's under appreciated around the National Hockey League I can tell you he's not known around the national hockey these people via. Rave about his game. But I got well I didn't think he was a hall of fame caliber player because I didn't think he had the offensive skill set worst. Hockey hall of fame as far as the basketball they and everybody gets like literally every single person gets it. Baseball and football a little bit different baseball as he's dealing with a all their own issues right now. Football we know the voting is it seems like guys to kept out for weird reasons and then they get they get voted in. But basketball league if you're a Horford will probably be Yemen were joking about that last week but in reality he probably will because everybody gets in the basketball game. How tough is it to get hockey off. I tougher. Out it's tougher than that and and generally speaking in its the reason I'd I'd been on the fence about whether he was going to be qualified or not. Zdeno Chara. There's no doubt in my mind. I always thought Bergeron didn't have the offensive skills to quite get there. Just being a great defensive forward like Ozzie Smith is in the baseball all the pain because he was great defensive player and there's no other reason. They don't generally do that for forwards in the an idea. But I think this guy. Has has such as you might as such on land you know he's got he's got more years left if the Bruins are also if you combine some some more team success. That can help getting. Today add up the other stuff to it passed balls a catch all the basketball Olympics matters college matters all of that is hockey the same way you know when will they look at. A news on two Olympic teams and yet is on about health NATO on the World Cup that. Always a bunch of gold medals so that now it doesn't have a chance 6177797937. If your Bruins fan. Are you still on the fence about Brent marsh are there's still times when he drives a little nutty are there still times when. She played differently. As I think if you read this piece that he might think differently from from the. It's fair workplace because. When this were to music you know today. Can refer to do when you win custody in the national hockey we humans walked it seems into the wounds himself and 52. Towards big game for us to be one reported the biggest when you sleep each and proven player he's. The last change. Within the moon. Mike Babcock. Ever quotable but that last change at that last changed a play hard. Seems to have made all the difference it did working game threes that addition Marcum is dead on about those things. Help them well we'll see and and Brad marsh and will be a marked man is a market every time it was like yeah. He should be. Tough question of furcal and and tough question I mean terrible questioned further ahead coach who like golf we lose we're done hey who wins this hit that it would listeners that you don't expert or words please I think it's very fairness we're doomed it's the most fair that you're possibly say yes so. Don't play the rest of the series tonight crowned the winner in game four words to one bulletin tomorrow. Eggs those two to exit of the you're gonna win it just means everybody is one at home that's all it means. 6177797937. Mats in Wilmington and that. What nuggets are you about. You talked about Bergeron I think we're pretty lucky you think about. Well what we're watching but he plays at three guys possibly I definitely two in my opinion at their numbers retired at CNET and working immediately in one stretch a point you get it for a long time it yeah identity of the Bruins got Chara mr. Reid and raptors. Bergeron thirty cents. But there. And Brad marsh and can easily donated and out for another you know or 56 years and should create here come close is the bickering will be up there. And I think Bergeron would be even more. But with the goal scorer not from rain reached on back. Yeah and and unfortunately your your cell at the end he's referring to Randy Jones and hit that march in that Bergeron took the game in the concussion. Outlook there's no doubt that he. I also think quite honestly he could have been more more prolific goal scorer but he just didn't really shoot all march. Now there are no he was too busy trying to set up other guys in the news is second. You know full seasonally at 31 goals you know resident of when he hurled so you're look man I'm there I'll discuss in more goals for the audience I agree with his his first point. Two with a numbers absolutely positively will be retired death. Chara and and Bergeron numbers will be. And I as I said one is in the hall of fame in my opinion one is inching closer it year by year martian I don't know. Not sure about him now Marcia that's a tough one now they're probably as a team. Have to win the cup one more time I think that's sort of puts you on different levels to it again if you that two time cup winner. And let's say he's the best player throughout that series or if he puts together another couple years where he's one of the elite forwards in the league now you look back at say while this guy spent. Twelve thirteen years on the team and he was you know an all star type player. The navy would be the other two guys thinker or their lives for their numbers are concerned that what they're up there but at marsh and keeps putting up the kind of start our viewers yeah years yeah. In LP does this sort of as he says in the piece he's 29 years old. Guilty does this for another five years yet and you'd be hard to have heard argument. May be well 6177797. ID 37 Kristin took spree hey Chris. Diego area what's going on. And how much it is going to touch on our Brad Marchand. I do get frustrated. With them and but it's up puck protection is amazing. I've seen them. Just over column being too raped over and constantly like in the corners being small guy we met to talk. And he comes out a block in need those remarkable things I am. He has made himself into a a really. Plus skater. He's strong on his much stronger on skates than people think he's going to be. And he's much more elusive I think than people ever give him credit for I I don't know that that I can remember seeing a Bruin in recent vintage. Who's done so many things to improve himself as a player. I mean he is EE he is so far all removed. From that guy who was on that the cup winning team in 20102011. It's like he's different guy. Yeah is really get it is reinstated. It has improved in the game and tenth 2011 which he was a big part. His release is shark mean everything it's just. Yeah I don't I don't think it will when he gets himself in trouble and he does from time to time he lapses into this thing where. Aren't gonna beat these four guys on the ice and and I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna beat them again and and then I'm gonna take it down that when I'm you know went when he uses his line mates. Like we saw in games one and two when he and Bergeron impostor knocked picked up twenty points. In two games that and looks like they were unstoppable. Right bald any one of the elite players in the NHL. When he gets a little more individual when he's thinking I gotta do something I gotta I gotta I can score a goal for this team. And any starts trying to wind in and out of everybody will then his his efficiency goes way down. Yeah out but I think that's one of the things is with the him being on the the same line as Bergeron at that. Parity to check and it keeps him in check it in a certain way but just having that kind of influence with him at all times. That is allowed him to become this this great player and not about to say are we seeing games without you know Bergeron and Marcia is still bad really effective. But just that combination has really helped vault him into being one of the best player originally 6177797937. Ryan is in Rhode Island hey Ryan. I am going up. I let it eat or you guys ought to I don't know how well letter to Iraq is. Really what it is. Her tour or the legacy will go down and some guides and as a potential all the dating site. Goal if you look at someone like John way. Pretty CM at sort of I rocket fire by not like oh. IIII I I don't see him as a hall of fame goalie right now. Now tipped it Rich's point earlier you win a cup nearing the perception of you changes volume if he does that. He's got right now the fourth best save percentage in NHL playoff history. So that's pretty and and he's got back on form but to your point you know it if he had won a cup and quick one a couple. Now if you haven't won a cup it's hard to be considered you know in my opinion hall of fame worthy and even though it's team game yeah if you're goalie you have to have a company. Resonated you have to have a cup as a goalie does have a vest and and so that's sort of gets you onto a separate list right away sort of OK art what else this guy have. His overall numbers like his save percentage and goals against Forrest NHL career are also both very very good. But better than he gets credit for around yes now agree that by the he has definitely when the company if you're tired like the best all time goaltenders that the true. Hall of fame goaltenders. I would say almost all of them have at least one cup he certainly was not the reason they lost game three on Monday he was good. He wasn't very good he gave up a bad goal in my opinion the the second Patrick Marleau goal was not a good goal now. I don't know how much blame I gave him for the first three Eagles. And he didn't the bad gold that he gave up wasn't the game winning goal right. You know by the insurance call I think it'd you know Frederick Anderson his game three it was probably the best goalie performance that we've seen and yet he gave up too soft goal DOT about goals but he had these yeah crazy other already faced a ton of shots about for the most impressive. Who goes definitely steady in the first two although there support summary goals that almost didn't really matter so he's not related credit for that unfortunately for them. But he's got the 21 lead and you know maybe he has one of those crazy games tonight where even if the offices are rolling he's able to you know keep in the game it is amazing to me. How much. Hatred. The name took arrests. G ends up in some islands as polarizing as an. I mean they're people who think he's good goalie very good goalie out you know does great job and then their other people who chest. Hate these strikes me as a fiercely grating out of goalie late. I feel like you have a BB plus school. I got it adds I feel like with with him and I think it's it's better than most. But maybe it's not the best and so by I think you can still special would that make up of this team. I think you can win with him and that's really. The most important thing might can you can you win the whole thing went to grass is your goalie I'd personally think yes. But until he wins one. He's got an eternity you know he lost game six of the Stanley Cup final and you know that was his fault in some people's minds but I mean he's the guy. The audience he's the David Price of the Bruins public gone out of is that if these people I mean he's the one guy who who. Even though he plays for the local team yeah he frustrates spends so much the way price frustrates Red Sox fan that's true Al Horford. Is sort of an act sorted nymex where EO. You asked one person about him and the good it's glowing review and and you know somebody else you know we socks and it is is that true. That all of I think the other consistent thing there's all three or are. Very highly paid rent to dress on a contract. He's a beehive state goalie but he's he's in net tightens making a lot of money is right up there that that the factors that would be for the patriots this cow ski. Low. Yeah I am where even the always good kicker very good kicker. So many patriots fans are right at that point yet navy and he's also the highest paid kickers and so if they think maybe it is just don't speak. Tuukka Rask does get people's dander up for summaries as Bruins play game four tonight in Toronto. Take on the the Maple Leafs and they lead this series two games to one side of the. But is that he is something that we would talk a little bit. Everyone has sort of fight so to get that puck back and that being said you know I think their defense of his few things we would talk to go to adjusted. You know try to deny that speed do. That's mostly for forever basically on the transition you know not just rely I think everything we're trying to. We're trying to work on them tonight their speed is much schools. Great Bergeron talking about. Game four tonight. Which as we know. Is the only game that. The coaches the front of me police cares about it's the only game that's the game the winner of this game wins the series is that fair to say. Probably. Now those need to be tied. And if the violence when a salute to further with the series even after what happened in game three Andy they're definitely the better team. But he just does it because the troops who doesn't lead the series is over but growth out the best of three now and you've got home ice advantage right. 6177797. ID 37 Danny's in Rhode Island me getting. They're on a little doubt. Almost thought I heard yet are you earlier I I don't want my apartment. Arm to it but I don't wanna camp approach you've got beat you in great. The years. It's hard commuter city about you know he came out after comments and they're two different port with a critical. Palmer has it buried at cherry and doesn't worry too much about anything else going on. You just plain the lately about it a particularly. And when you out of that at the Fred do you but I kind of always you know you. And I think this year that would account or Seidenberg point where he will be out sorry. Yeah and look I I I agree with you that there was a time when the Bruins defense was not very good. And to commit paid the price for that but I think there are also times when people say they wanna look at took and they say Al all. The Bruins had a three nothing lead over the flyers and and and they lie that it point. Right now anyway the point more of the playoffs thing in the regular season you can make that argument either way you could say there're a couple of years. Where they lost some of the guys you mentioned the award is good but what about. There's like three or four year stretch where. They did have Chara as the best defenseman in the league it did have Seidenberg and they were enclosed system which we hereby closest glove system but the reality was there were pulled lower scoring games and all the more focus on on defense and the goalies even if they were very good like two grades and Thomas their numbers may have been a little inflated the year that the Bruins had a three nothing series lead against the flyers and lost in game seven of the forever he was 22 years old Brett. It was eight years ago. It was the 20092010. Season it was eight years ago then there's those along time ago and that was not all on him like yeah you don't wanna be the goalie in a series of blows a three nothing lead. But what about the guys are up from nicely there there's definitely plenty of issues going on there and I'm looking at the at the year that the Bruins lost to the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup final in game six. For the entire playoffs he played 22 games all 22 games. He had a one point 88 goals against average and a 940 save percentage. Yeah it's. I don't think you can look at it series by series and say do you know do the Bruins have the best goalie in the series that they definitely do but Frederick Anderson. It's fine and his regular season wasn't as good at 90 his. Defenseman aren't as good as what that what the Bruins have bought if you had to pick a goalie for the series making it take to come in through the first three games. First two games you definitely would've game three and personally bounced back with Dell said the goals that he did allow your life especially him Quaid Canada head scratching their gallop out wanted to that you're going to be making crazy you know stick saves everything Apple's the year that the Bruins won the cup Tim Thomas. Had the exact same save percentages Tuukka had. His goals against average was worse he was one point 98. But the final two rounds of the playoffs. He just he he was other worldly yet he was he was off the charts that are and so. So took it the year they lost the cup to look at stats were better than Tim thomas'. But Tim Thomas did it. He finished it. Cracks Tuukka Rask didn't finish and then that's why the playoff matter so much more when debt that it that's like having ten great seasons a few of one really good post season run into the Apollo last caller point. Basil were comparing him to. And as it goes further away. Liquidating deal he gets a little better late next year or talk about Thomas of the battered and our bodies buried nobody ever play like that their lives and this is the greatest. Goaltending before small town so until super rats wins the cup. It's you're not going to be able to surpassed Thomas in the eyes of all stance. He was unbelievable and and you know. While I was gonna say he's one of those guys will never have to bide your meal in this town now that changes like that changed a lot for him. For top whole political thing changed a lot others that Tim Thomas and Curt Schilling worked two examples of guys that would just be called heroes around here. Then they get into some of their political stances and that sours people pretty quickly which is crazy can promise didn't really go to the extreme killing them but no he has don't know nowhere near over there and he did make some people Matt. Yeah I mean there were some folks because the Bruins basically. Candy Lee and and others within the organization basically said c'mon she you don't have to speak you don't have to shake his hand. Just be there just you know be there with the team. And get Monica and we'll see the way that he was characterized by several hockey writers. Always doubt in his bunker he's the unabomber. Didn't really do many drugs that did not know Joseph Hagerty for one did not help with guys. Yeah he's he's definitely labeled as just them complete wacko about Allen that he you know he he responded sort of on FaceBook. That's right easily even as opposed but I refuse to talk about it right and any he'd left teammates in a rather uncomfortable position of having to try to. Justify. Why Tim Thomas did woody did and I don't think they were very comfortable with having to answer questions about him because he wouldn't talk about it. It is always sort of an odd duck it was a very odd I mean most goalies are atheists. Got to be a little different vehicle and feel like he was moon more different than the present and take that you're that that. That subset of people. And that you count that paddled you intensify it a little bit and that's an ego with a Thomas Arthurs on the cell phone hey Arthur. Yeah hey guys that at all and I don't always want to mention too that. BO didn't go to White House means it's the media on that atomic habitat that no that's fair that's true that's right. I do you not having had even have any insight to that guy you know I meet. It seems to me it would gains when anyway going to mark Jala near action meet. He did not play in those gains it all seems any team is trying to protect them eat he comes across as kind of regular balance. So that Aggies sent that in effect you wanna say they didn't have played in front of him well that's why you're making big money. That's what you paid big money because maybe you defense is as good. It's going to be subject okay what Macon beat what I take goalies so result is that excuse and then it. Eight big gains as you know part of Finland and where this. But the Bruins there Egypt's sentencing the play. Without that Simon consult what I know I wouldn't want to do it either I suppose but. Let me get things that yeah. Make you not feel good about took any complaint about it waits in a row. I. And what I know now obviously he didn't complain you know people complained on his behalf but he didn't say anything. And like trying to protect him why they don't strike. So what can play those games and Montero each patch rival beat and they didn't do well but that's probably why soccer there would get. It won't play Montreal in March or B you don't do well how could possibly be all of it goalie. While the universities often goal. But I guess I don't ya I don't I don't I don't think he's going back no not right now he's got he's got to win a cup first day's gonna have some more. There is ever consistently has more good seasons I do a group your point about you know you can't just say all the the defense or from Mark Grace though. Just write it off your right if you organ or of the highest paid goaltenders. There's a reason for you need to make up for that it's not just a plug in quietly went. You could argue when close team was clicking at the best and you had. You know the Norris winner yet the silky winner in all these guys. You could probably take an average goalie and make them look pretty good and then what happens is if you have a really good goalie Dan Dowell sudden. You're even better than that maybe get a seasonally you had with the with Tim Thomas. But hurt. For Tuukka. Yeah that's definitely a part of historian and base or call them fluke or grass because he gets sick and there's. Must win game late in the year your fault out of playoff contention and you can't go. Yeah that's that's worthy of criticism or narrative change in this town if he wins a cup yes will everything be different yeah. You think yeah I. I guess but I did there a lot of folks out there were saying right now and audit and now what you'll always be soft I mean all that's I mean if he plays and every game which Allred goaltenders do in the post season and they win the whole thing. You that's the greatest trump card of all time McKee what how they should be Philly will guess what they want the company team there on the cut whatever your quick that's. That's the thing that should change her boy's mind we said the same thing would David Price. Their prices first playoffs are the Red Sox was atrocious. Last year had to pitch out of the bullpen. If they win the World Series. It looks a whole lot better at John Lackey you know they if you win at the highest level then that's that that's all you need that's all are asking him. Chris on the cape pay Chris. I thanks Rick might call your let's not. I thought a little hypocritical they got they're confident our lack deeper in the White House but lol lol when I lol oh what what we said once people wanted for skipping the White House today and professional sport. Chris what all I got a president ear you're not listening Chris what I said was people in this town. Were upset with him when he didn't go with his team. But then editor rich code Buick Cadillac. It's kind of wacky because I think is odd that you don't go to an odd duck out when it doesn't wanna interview of his in these odd duck. He might it not there ya go you know what you say. You know you are because he's he get that way that's not nice at all honors at the terrible job listening and apartments is all that is. I never I never equated it to a terrible idea you were terrible you did a terrible job then you decide Colin bring up a terrible point. How'd that terrible. It because it's not it's not right I did it because he's at the white outs he's on adopt but just better respond Fritz we all have all have different issues. What's up. Did we mention Sarah audit that's you that's what do you you obviously want to talk about from the big recall another show where that's not what we're doing here is a nothing to do try I'm not trying to re I'm not trying to you literally brought in my Connelly not trying to be your beautiful dads out of that as well. Yard aren't parents and hang in there Chris. Terrible call. I in in a row really rich all right rich you don't need my defense you never once said. He's an odd duck because he didn't gold White House I was thinking of some of weird I always manage your outlook. Critic and your overall point was goaltender senators general have a little different any I would say screw little about the on the the most normal most golds and Eddie anybody's a little another if there early in his career. When he's been out and throw a stick Harry asks all of that that's great and I think most goaltenders. Have to have that I'm saying that as a negative. But by no way that I equate the tee and say that it was because he missed the White House is an odd though it was on the way before that trust me. He was a little different yes and that's. Also great. The couple out of that your out on the absolutely do not win the cup definitely not. And I will tell you that there were people in the organization who were upset with him that he wouldn't just go. Don't talk don't say anything don't shake his hand don't take pictures just stand back. Because we want this the owner of the team. Called it one of the proudest moments of his life when he could take his hockey team to the White House yeah because they wanna Stanley Cup. And yet much of the story of that White House visit was the fact that Tim Thomas didn't go right. On area and I understand that it has become the norm that's not really what we're talking remote of those is sort of a side story win it with Tim Thomas we were comparing it to. Theo Epstein or the Golden State Warriors or. The patriots who recently had no apology does not go well two years ago so that's reloading it quarterback record in the opener of the apple watcher just come out you know you got you got a jump on that opportunity had to get yourself an apple launched and he was not mentioned in the president's speech because that's news in her feelings on the matter and we're on the order that'll but all I remember it's gotten at no point where we equating. Know anything about that from white house with we were talking about that at all now. I was there and our senators to do what you want I would go I don't care who's in who's in the office are there to I voted for or summary I didn't vote for I personally would go my team won was invited. But I'm not gonna freak out if if somebody doesn't. Op by the way we've got Red Sox tickets the way I'm learning today. Help Jason what game we talking about. And the race not a good record rays team. What. Maybe go where there Devil Rays uniforms that cannon. That I don't like. It's really all day it. Took effect this park is that stadium it's that enable oracle little banter there's one that a couple weeks ago on blankets seats and I'll hang up you know Arafat cannot collar ten turns out our caller then that's ridiculous and tomorrow that we have more tickets anyway. More now we're gaining weight rule. Yeah for game five Saturday night at the garden.