Dale & Keefe - Vague news breaks about Hanley Ramirez; Baker Mayfield's attitude incites differing opinions; A new twist to Keefer Madness

Dale & Keefe
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 4: Dale, Dickerson, and Hart discuss Brady singing at the U2 concert, Brad Stevens talking about Celtics draft pick Robert Williams, and Baker Mayfield’s showdown with Colin Cowherd. Also in this hour, Hanley Ramirez is reportedly being eyed in connection to an ongoing state and federal investigation.

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Yeah yeah yeah. The final hour dale and he Sports Radio WEEI Andy parties here along with Greg Dickerson. Riches off for the day he'll be back here on Monday is a movie. Now that I don't think there's any big there is is in Jurassic world. He wouldn't skip the date that intentionally Star Wars type stuff and don't talk. I don't really like them. Please let's. It's it's right there so it's just that I don't play much personally that turns that into something that it's not it's a joke. Now the morning shall run. Your bunker so he's on Twitter you know interest and theft marry him things with ice and he's in that not on here not on them no no no Jim you saying that. He's hearing that there's a major story about two we know what date ideas say what days today it's Friday news dump day. But also saying wasn't at the Friday that the whole wrong. Parade you know than it was eye on red product to a front tooth right Liza I think I'm. And yet there's all these people tweeting about and new news rumors news looks like sounds like some out Hanley coming. And interest and I want now. I'd like to know now in the money our. It would it could talk about it somebody can write the story between now and 615 would be preferably. On yeah I don't WB and that's right and wrong I don't partner in these murmurs for the last I days that there is something brewing regarding. BP in not his aunt and not good and on its Sino nodded as he is unsigned and yeah there was some Orioles rumors but that sort of it's it's all petered out so there's to be a reason that he is untouchable who else but we also at the time when he was released. Something else. I you know obviously you don't know what makes sense in terms of you don't want him to get to that well. Yeah I played a parent I was gonna lock in the contract for and what you hear and they they could get a were alma that they could just write a mean and it got a hold court early. Right it's not like they were within one yet that's right and is there a long way to go away you are not at that time you're like okay merely out of the plane and they pulled the court found. And the way at and. Actually thought this the first time we played it during the open but as we are playing it in the open their moment ago with Tom singing portly and my dad. He's giving his best now I don't know I think he'll say. So Hartman Eric Hartman says and and you've been using views this as a listen to it I just thought of this. Easy taping himself. 'cause that would indicate some sort of pride. Fair or something out it's or your seat recreation a kid I don't know saws they get all right you know his body is tape and a need to know or is outlining. We saw that thing in the with our amber got a lot of issues that she's an argument there and member going to the at the met gala and then it turns out not to run out off. So she like it wasn't used it themselves. All was not gonna sell me to sell these products you know that sad if you Burton first of all the fact that you take these bad now because let's be honest scene not that that destroyed but then yes exact. You don't I'll stick. But because. You can not take a cell fee of yourself singing. He morally and and post it to any sort from a well yesterday or today not healthy mom to a lot this yesterday with salvage day yesterday that he did on so he always. He's very big in a social media so he knew was healthy to you guys have a good time rooting for Tom Brady I'll be rooting for Brian or an extra thank you and he's lost me. The flip all the football if you want to skip OT if you do that you have lost me for going. I'll be rooting. You have a good time with that party route from my boy Johnny man's ultimate Canadian football. At a time. That's bad. Who have that's something like. It's fine when you're there with your group of friends in but make no one should be recording like this is just we have our our new joint of the -- but no one needs to see this. And that's that's actually the recording of what I mean three out of practice field man. I'd so as we mentioned during trending now Celtics take sophomore Robert Williams a powered. Last night out of Texas a and M the any calls or ball right now. Two time SE site column I called a future all star are engaged in Turkey two two time SEC defensive player of the year shared the award last year a rim. Protector and all that stuff so Brad Stevens. On this little outpost pick press conference right here right next door. They're branded facility unifies small practice facilities Unix are gorgeous we have enough room here is that I have never seen one this couple astute as. Accurate or not sure. It works out that way sometimes the but Bret Stephens talking about what rob Williams tested you attribute. Right away. How. Will that. Atmosphere help a guy like Robert Williams stepped in right away contribute whatever is wrong might very well I think that the app in the atmosphere part of it is this in this is the responsibility of those guys Jason and Jalen. The other young players when Robert Gates here for some relief. When he sees you know. Al Horford and you know working out and they and in the weight room like he was today or Gordon Hayward do his rehab like he was today like other guys in and around the gym. I think that the biggest key in the environment is he's got to come to work. So like. Next Friday when he gets here and does his introductory press conference is that breaking news. Now is now. Because when he comes on Sunday you know all the hoopla I'll be done his time to get to work. So everybody just quick update we are having some issues getting older rock at this morning. And anybody I won ten does Buffalo Wild Wings in Shreveport clothes why he doesn't. Ever gone to great place. I'm sure it is our restaurant and I knocked out and I just I'm proud of Shreveport that are close or all of those and those gift cards that saw last night Boston sports today course they had extensive post draft coverage as you might expect. Among the guests former Texas a and M coach Bill Kennedy. Talking about Robert Williams. And that much disabled trailer. Very quiet on. What are NBA analyst tonight said no went when he was on Robert Williams on he was incredible. But there were some nice see he didn't show up one. Do you agree with that assessment and if so why did he show up every night. Forward. There's a lot of those troops. Yeah Kentucky was also what this. Brazil load because or over. Inclusive person. Let's just lower their growth but also learn how to play caller is. And all the other countries. Everybody. What it is they're going to develop businesses. That don't cover up. Distorted her work then we never heard various news we'll report court. There's room prior to go to Pakistan was created this world war is here if you'll hear us forward. We just go around complete trust of the season. And then there's the workload square little portable. The to they did you learn. You're sports with great cultural diversity of experience. Coach coach screwed this is it your kids who. The coast Lou because. The warfare could they have their ability to cope with the thought about what Robert Davis it is the end of the barber like. Who have put on the tour. Don't really care if Phil bought his and are ringing in Doral and I out of every organ on his underwater basket weaving you do have those people who do have a problem on the court and he didn't try applying moral all the time that's a problem that the that's an on court problem you know. He's a coach he's coached a lot more of these kids then certainly any of us in this room but. Is that something you teachers some of that how you're wired. So the tiger one arts I figured and I will I will say this we've all seen and some kids there are kids who do grow a lot of it we do see that there are kids who were. Immature as hell it when he 122. And a Tony Allen was in the most mature acute. 22 years old the first on the Celtic uniform get pretty mature. Team leader kind of guys you got older but it don't always work to do more grow a lot of bitter drew more stay within probably say it's a it's it's 5050. You Willis pick one or the other okay 6040 they don't while thank you doubt I was looking after want activity so far I just got to do whatever you want Turk a minute you're right up there and I just say that I. I hate baker may feel a little bit today. Because baker mayfield is almost kind of making me like him a little bit. And I don't think I don't even run my second I don't especially want alike baker may why why don't England brown I don't want it jerked I think he's that your tuna and I don't really buy some of this at all by watched all of it. But what we're gonna brain sees opening scene so lied and Jim Everett Chris Everett and what's his name on ESPN and that was stayed home this feels staged. Well baker mayfield on with Cowherd yesterday in a way they went. And I saw this I'm like doll maker. You play in Ohio State I watched every snap you were you know gloriously talented guy right. And I see this play right here watch this maker until a touchdown and does I'll like this until right now popular not walk. Or you don't or you don't there. Our band is over their student sections are at their and then straight back to our sideline. While boy did you watch seriously and I watched the whole game you did so you sought to celebrate our team it's like three touchdowns before that of like. Now okay you pulled the one clip of me running right there to our fans and people that traveled willed that game first of all. And then you didn't show the rest of clip of me going door sideline. None and you go to have to go to the site identical to the hospital. Or get a go after the trustee not gonna go Dracula got his ran away from everybody what you did but then you came back encircled the sideline. This is that what does a 52 clip of your show I mean and I'm off the screen or there and like you to be your teammates had watched the rest the game was. I know you went back to this site nominal on go watch the other touchdowns and a very accent and Alan. So you think my accusation that this doesn't this is a fact I feel like you're going for the fact that I'm not a team guy. I'm selfish is that we measured carrier com it is say no I don't think I think duke I think sometimes you judgments just a tad off and all of that decision all of the celebration. See what people do in the league now celebration once. City and county honest you know I'm back. And I like it I don't think states at all I act I did not and it was scripted by a producer pre here's who we're gonna do it gives you the opportunity it's okay takes some shots Colin it will get indicted CI biggest fake and you know what is it sounded too real I don't think something's. It was fate in scripted it. I think you what are Hurd got out of baker may feel I didn't hear fake from him and I is that why you won some other people feel that way because as you see on the scroll below. Baker mayfield dry out your power for the draft and whatever else called promoting a baker me feel special on at best one yet. Now I don't I don't think it was all hype I think he handled himself Lori and I I will say this I think I may have told you this dale at some point. I've been to the come by now that 1516 years. And he had the biggest fear of just hockey news. On like he walked into the room manages more than just unlike that it was or what was it specifically who's been out walking the crowd he was the biggest crowd I would say this year every year there's somebody you know it's T votes came noon to whatever he was a big trip. And just walked and just look would disdain that people waiting for them to move in a certain way just like. Part the Red Sea to great speakers. I can't necessarily. My exact finger on it. But as I said he was the worst of the worse than I've ever seen into that room and that's me and sell that's new nets a scene of all come through and he just had an air about him that I can flat out tell you I've really got it doesn't tell you when you think if you if you believe. If you believe the stories that are out there that say something to do that Bill Belichick quantum. Was actually moving up to draft them I don't know how much troopers it sounded a little bit like Josh was convincing them that he wanted to work him out and you never know my trip to the giants if you're one of the order ala the agent. Yeah I know the story you know I'm not so sure about. And it that well let's see if if baker army field in Colin Howard took it to the next level let's get the stuff I don't like. In L sidelines drab and stuff you know of throwing whiz in football's. Kamal you're gonna be a franchise quarterback will what do you grab and stuff that we'll watch what what. What's going through your mind when you do that during games have you played football school I quarterback and I saw past our school. Well no not pass nice team. Football is a violent competitive game yeah that's the way it was always meant to be played you're supposed to play with managed. You're actually trying to impose your will on the other person the winner. There's a lot of trash talk Lester that is not. You know. There's stuff that's on the field you can't repeat no matter where you're. That answer I love the accurate and absolutely because we've all been arguments fights and you'd you do something say something gesture shot something that you know is wrong and you look back on later and if it were happened to be on videotape and aired on the news you'd say. Emotion. That the F is all the right outward like arbiter of all that he's moral. Right. You've done and set a lot worse things in some of the things I see done. On the athletic field you're not the moral arbiter of all that is correct and all that is right yeah I have no problem with baker mayfield the player. It's the little bit of the add to getting caught Eunice and all that and then the marketing he's clearly going Evian I mean he was all around he had a camera crew when there's a documentary and a table if Brady does that year eighteen that's one thing I don't know that I like you and everybody's Tom Brady to I don't is that he's an all a lot of everybody is now on the other guys that flame out because the focus is where they I will say this about baker may feel like I think he will. Succeed whether he's at seven time probable I don't know I can QB game good quarterback in the NFL is. He's not just peace flash in the and you know like a UPC. And basketball has been. Don't give me every all of Brady is nobody was six years old. The freaking can't. Walked in odd he walked August ownership. At Oklahoma he he battling he fought to get where he is. Nothing was that his career is something you know like to make a lot about the Brady and drew Hansen and all that baker mayfield fought far harder to they Heisman Trophy. Starter who school's football career in called football in radiant or did he went to Michigan. You know he personals. Not that and a low blow rung on the ladder to go to Michigan quarterback until the fifth on the depth chart or one if you rat Michigan energy and yeah in the door giving it a scholarship I had a at a high level. So yeah baker mayfield has fought for a lot of things I have my doubts about his playing ability in size and his arm strength and a the free Lance nature of the way he wins any QB in the league for awhile will he be a journeyman who. You know Ryan Fitzpatrick said and bounces around and has one good year in and somebody says you know he's a starter I don't know. I don't these franchise quarterback. But he's he's a competitor you that is one thing you can never question do you believe the reports out of the CFL it was June Jones. Who said that he and Johnny men's old beat back in the NFL little taken two years to get probably as I don't know quarterbacks or around. If he can go two years I ending June jones' it's gonna take two years that's about what it's gonna take. If he can stay clean. And Xena not money doubting whether or not he can. And that's and a legitimate question told the straight narrow for too that finished that's a challenge for alcohol right I mean news is being able to do that and now having your career in the spotlight and hinge upon it. Of these only gonna get. One mistake he's not gonna get a mistake if if he has a mistake is probably over. I think he probably will be back I don't know first for whatever reason I'm buying into the comeback story and because there's none of quarterbacks or around me and I say maybe I mean it's right it's I know we signed two year deal. But for some reason I thought it's awesome with it was an ironclad two year deal which I I thought was. Not the case with CFL contract it was paid he signed a two year deal and got a chance to go to the NFL a year one rightful anger on Hugo laughter year one I. I don't know maybe I'm being yep that's right. But if he has a Goodyear keeps his nose clean so I was gonna play first two joking like I Claudia not playing enough he any is set up. We cannot get over which is that I think eventually he will be content out once somebody gets hurt and entertainment filming a writer and I'm from Baldwin is stylus on I doubts about his abilities to its ability to perfect for the Canadian football it's like Doug Flutie while its longest somebody's on the other end it because Mike Evans plays in Tampa now he doesn't play in Saskatchewan where that aliens where's. That's the name Hamilton's son Hamilton any matter you can tell anyone and I could tell ya that's a Toronto made it. As long as it would be a city in Canada I was gonna play a little rough lies about the rough rider put the Rough Riders. That's not Saskatchewan. No it's that there's 2 am Hamilton's missed too Rough Riders there's the Saskatchewan Rough Riders and Mary's because this football league where everybody it's Saturday. Two tickets. Because it was why was rough rider. And he wants Rough Riders. Two words two words one is one word of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders as is this what jitters he screwed on tight angle of her blue bombers the Edmonton ask him really we're gonna go through all the candy you just figure it out not elect him. Michelle McPhee is an investigative journalist for ABC news writes for Newsweek. Used to write for the Boston Herald among other places. She drops the first she knew about. All these rumors and innuendoes and shouldn't give you much for details. But Michelle make between about seven minutes ago. Hanley Ramirez's former Red Sox she says infielder okay PH former Red Sox infielder has some well issues. Being eyed in connection with an ongoing. Federal and state investigation. Stay tuned she writes well that's not it. It's it's had its incredibly fade it incredibly. Well there beds are involved it's bad. We as soon as it if she had just had an ongoing investigation and it's OK it is and send it. When she combines federal and state investigation. Tickets will be anything from but from everything. All the things we pieced together and have heard secondhand. Instinct we didn't heard from around the lie that they. Weaker so. We knew that there was something large. Smoke yeah where there's smoke it was going to be a major. Fire and it wasn't going to be good for and we remember those bright and it's explaining potentially wide use all I think it's a former Major League Baseball player and I think it's done exactly why. He was released by the Red Sox when he Watson YE a new picked up life. Well I don't know what the other teams would know it may well be that his agent. And it is if the team did come calling at Detroit after Miguel Cabrera went down today. And he wanna play for us it may be that the agents say you know what made between needed just chill for world that's an issue is we're trying to work her way through this we'll let you know we'll we'll call you obvious what things we and a percent a week ago we had a discussion about him and Ramirez was. If you're Hillary or help you wanna play for anybody in major June. You're getting paid and what you wanna get paid league minimum to play in June and July you tell somebody I'll I'll I'll see August 25. Policy of that but it's been a while now fast main battle up front exactly you know I'm have to Wear a little braids around my ankle don't mind that are all our double play itself out that quick idea. I just your Levy we if anybody who goes on Twitter there's various things and you just wonder could be anything. Well I did and this is worded so vaguely it's anything I mean literally anything that the thing that jumped out at me obviously is. Federal and state investigation. Now that. Puts a little more ominous tone to it. Again if you're just joining us Michelle McPhee tweeted out Hanley Ramirez former Red Sox infielder has some well issues. How she wrote mammy right being I in connection with a an ongoing federal and state investigation. Stay tuned. I am. Literally that's all end and we as we've been hearing these vague rumblings rumors innuendoes. Or drop the little old men heard some I want something. And Atlanta and when Kirk tweeted out I'm paraphrase and or heaven for me right now ice that something like I'm hearing. You know of a major story is about to and somebody responded Tuman said Hanley. And Kirk responded gee why do you say that. I don't know. Because it's been out there and never would there's been rumors on Twitter in various places have been able fit at all and border altogether and that's what how is interested like if teams know about it how did they know about it by. You know no journalist was able to to find out about it known nobody from the globe and herald or any of these web sites are TV's the Asian Lotta times they do know bottom but he can't get a pain down 100% you know once I got a little careful ride these I mean Michelle late fee is put this soul. Innocuous slaves that. There's really nothing. Unless there is literally no investigation going on state or federal. And there's something going on somewhere one would assume that you know her sources are generally speaking pretty solid not and then he started. Throwing things and start thinking in wondering and asking the questions. Exactly did the Red Sox know about. Whatever this is what they don't win today. And I don't know what march that it wouldn't vet or did they wait until well and and he didn't do all of ninety and had eighteen home runs at the time what yeah god. I've worked well and Greg you can even say. Did it happen after the reds while Carolina then yeah I'm legal we literally don't know he's got a lot but a positive spin I. I don't know parallel I know what I'm trying to point out is we don't know anything that would put the best yesterday's. The reason the Red Sox dropped them at that time that they I'll tell you the reason why don't agree with the because dumb brows ski kind of throw this into the lap of Alex core. If it was in fact the Red Sox are here and all of this is what's going on I don't think Dombrowski would have done that Allah war room. I think you eat just put it said you know the tub of organizational decision. And he's the wanted to set Alex had this idea he came to Los whether it. Leads me to believe any data and know them perhaps or. It happened sense that right if a major arrest or something happens I don't think he needs Alex the condiments and here we might wanna consider the eyes of the almost that's their story unless they just talking to on know unless that's their stories real trees just on this out about it and we noticed. We got to think of something we can't you know hey Alex I'm just gonna say that. You made the decision and it's it's your move. Here's here's the story that we all know we're all on the same page okay that's what we're running out and he's asked that by next Wednesday Wednesday right Alex Cora. Joins dale and yet on export trade I'm Nadia at Fenway. Guessing you're gonna have some wrenching questions asked by then I'd then I think we're gonna knell for foale. Four plus days of digging now doesn't like the last Edmonds and I'm just using this is an example I'm not suggesting anything what I'm saying is. For instance if it was. And OU line arrest okay. A federal and staff. It's not it's more now if she's right Brad Ott is not to say you know what I'm not downplay its not domestic by no there was a demand would not be in general and saying we would've known the he crossed state lines. I was a bad thing and much of crime shows do something that you cross state lines that's involved. In you stick with one state you know I'll have to remember. Apparently both of you have to remember and I just say you know what else got out but check you list your role you'll learn from TV. Watch a little law and order something and try to not for a little letter I say let her somewhat more TV it's got to learn from you pick a few things. Along the way 6177797937. Bobs and Albany hey Bob I don't. Dale. Question and apparently being. It comes out the state is I see that. Yes but they can it that it does that lead to a violation of anti and we contract morality caught the free of some. I'm luxury tax issues with the red. It could and I am I'm not gonna pretend to know enough about this row lawyer Fred Mueller Michael -- we have in the area we just Michael I get out get in touch in touch with Michael in the time we have left feel the after core on Wednesday. Kara what a manager notably Whipple if in fact there was. A violation of the morality clause and and there is some sort of claws and all these these contracts. You would think then the Red Sox would be in a position to try to recoup. Some of the money that that fail. I I think if there is the Red Sox will do everything they possibly can to get as much money back from Hanley Ramirez as they possibly can as the issue yes. Not again we have no idea liquidity you know anything happened we we got a single tweet from Michelle make feet which indicates. That he's being I in connection with the investigation that. Switching that is being put that it would Aggies Steele the first. Really on bill rack yeah the thing that we have heard there's been plenty of smoking conjecture and behind the scenes on him can't they this on the air can't say this in the right on the record. But there's been plenty of stuff that hasn't been sad little bit young showed you this not just. One single Michelle McPhee tweet but in connection. Doesn't mean you're the centerpiece of said investigation. Could revolve around somebody else in your urges and you just you cross Batman yeah you know glory years somebody they wanna talk to about it. That's why that it is sold vague. Animal little hesitant to say it well he's I he's done some might think it could be let's throw out the tie gala at ease up on. Trafficking. At late eighteen different really really bad things will talk vaccination. Is now I've got Ronaldo for. 81. Eighteen million do you think if I Handley paid his taxes I don't know could be an if you skipped out on state and federal they both beat it wanna we left the country did. When he's shown in the grammar something down on them as men in the Dominican. I mean it's interesting is that lamb by. Well we're gonna battle against Colorado a lot of the country exactly that they have an extradition. We're pretty I would think they probably often trump an office. Two years ago gas water but now it's off you I'd be in Mexico. Where's which is Dominican American. To ship him back. I don't know it would also depend on what there if there's an ongoing investigation as she says and he's being. ACP peace part of this ongoing investigation. Does that mean the feds or the state. Authorities wanna speak to an angled aired today they table have baseball and maybe they've seen some Funcinpec entailing the show's tale. And these. CEO of crime fighting shows are. A lot of personal experience of this stuff that you think when their talent is there one guy go and pay him on trying to help Al Assad is all my partner dale here you agree that can't be dale would be good viewed tobacco no question you'd be works. That's probably yet. I didn't I just want to smashed face against the best friend. And now we don't doubt QB Michael checklist in the in the hall oh yeah. Blowing all I have an angle up. Listen I can make this go away for a certain amount of money but it's hard to make it easy and hard. Comes out I don't want him when he's there. Final drive sponsored by far. Guys to understand the whole red light comes on them all. There was some guys a lot of and other areas I think the greatness of buffalo wild winds well yeah that's fine except when the lights are coming on at. Sponsored by cars for kids don't make heart healthy child today schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids. Our cars for kids dot com we had to get that commercial freak out about it didn't take creek. Self normally keep this week in review here but he does off. Watching a Jurassic world Jurassic world or something we I don't know nerds. It couldn't keep refers to so club playing the part of rich keep from this afternoon's performance. Is none other than Jason rocks. Right now I'm. You're always Mikey so it's rough. I'm gonna charity thing that night that Ross well he was of that incident I shot the what you there was I don't. I was like no that's my thought that he wouldn't it. Listen to while listening Greg its purpose with you here on Monday I want. What I hear sound young and they write me at all and I had to triple a here on Monday night like anything the third man that hurts right there. You don't like the old does Greg I wanna keep you went. In the Rio is no different manner there they didn't get how to win three year difference. Anyway Greg was in and he had a little bit the difficulty. Spelling words idols fine. Supplies with a capital DI ES. Soccer. But I know World Cup is going on in England with the leggings and one. Nil nil to all record you're at right now I know wreck happening. Now I know of yet. So the break I am I am not try and Hugo activists that I know we beat podcasts. Soccer. The rest of it I don't have spell check in my brain we don't know sweetly you more heat community behind your kids overreacted at all obviously not. Right and he had putting Paul and I and the guy and get the best and it was. After Rossi and Andy pointed out YE well thanks to a number of factors and and whatnot. And keep all. Wow has not told you the story of when he took his SAT scores to his college and the public with the football coach somebody when every played there. And the coach that is what you take these and hope and he said what Jimmy had. No he's not a bright well we don't don't take offense that there is any reason most of us do radio related or have been written and with them that's more now until Wednesday this is on the gray and any time orderly when it comes coaching and the frustrations. And I know great gonna trap them who make some moves to make you move out here a little later on this evening. Jobs and Lou angry little made a big return this week on just about that. Meanwhile turned asserts we get right to give those to be at 530 on Saturday I don't know the Bradley changed. The bracket chase not 530 on Sunday I got to do the baseball show on the Nicklaus has regularly at 630 so what do we do. We all those you've got it that's straight trip to Tennessee I think it's basically back. For a multiple of 34 o'clock to like it just most kids it's all about the picture of the piece of fundamentals the all right so what do I get I don't know. Oh no. Though we don't audible. A little whatever he had taken the parents refuse to navigate back to Saturday or you're going to force thirties we could have a coaching staff there. Extra pills every refuses to move to a gain of eight year old son to remind you can't. Eleven banners. Is it you do. Ever as a longtime. Youth sports coach I can say. We've. All the fervor might being no it is not always about the kids never is it sometimes. I'm on off and usually and now once we also Alex Cora in our cities on bonus. An interesting analogy when it comes to baseball rumors and somebody's favorite in. It like where you could impossible you know it is you grab the noodles and you wrote to the wall yet and some of them stick and the other ones don't stick. I think that the wayward comically and I saw that live there so one of the guys ask me I can go I can go by to my. Media experience you know audio CNN I can only had a words you know like sometimes. What you see he's not the troop. So Alex Cora says it ESPN they just throw bleach and a little bit yeah some of them stick and wants doctor. You. Now now. He's the original estimate that not a box outcry against. It constantly I wanna I am not one against you know I don't know I've done. In the past just take one little noodle I just keep it. You choose what's right now I can taste it got all the wall one way one ED I can and we did in college we just leave it there. It was a race. And yes there was some copyright and going on. Taking a shot RT a part of options. Or did you hear your keys to this game but only do it accused each entity could hurt us a lot shorter version eagle flaky and McCain there are these renegades immediately and it's got like I don't important it's good when he what's the I runners in scoring position. By the outfield grass for the knock him some advice and act. Fighting gap jumped in front of the ball to wait a fifth ads. I think it. Is hey it originated like him like he's the keys don't work. With baseball. And talent. Truthfully I think that's why he's not here and he was so upset when he found out they ripped up his gimmick yesterday. I ripping all totally ripping on is giving all the way keeps Judy's imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But in this business it's you it's been infringement all of us who don't steal everything I say is the original 100% reply that Yankee game on yesterday to one count them but this conversation and it took him. Only two all drafted players have ever. Made an all star team. And Wallace and rat no fifth. Brad Miller had a tattoo of scrappy the laws are. Of course it's movies that you scrappy would help them solve mystery. Worst part. No he's not. I brought ruin to know ruinous you shut out scrapped ruined the show already make it better if it jumping the art twenty years earlier it was that it should relative to the bratwurst it. Scrappy it was incredible integrated vision. I guess scrappy consent of a lot like Scooby Doo dad don't know he was noisy they don't look odd. That that you. Adam that you don't you. Super fight if he was shot great volleys very feisty US happy he didn't mean a whole different. It will be added that you. Wanted to solve mysteries of the product in the van and he he had another comedic element to the show which they needed at that time. Armed Afghan poppy power through rubble poppy I got a little crazy at the end and that's fine. Public power because our parents did gable wanna. Wrote about it that might result but yet I want and have my if I'm at Texas suggested this segment is like that he. Toddlers at night but it's out there and I. And it's a lucky bogey impassioned I've heard of them I heard aren't those just facts. Keeps back well sometimes their act but there's going to be important their key what I did he needs to put on the players are always on sticky backs. There's also no liberation. Act I'd like him to keep it to keys and not just kept back I would proving yet successfully articulate that were performed agree to be back period. I didn't expect them. I'll violently like adding cousin Oliver to the rate I'm. Hopeful that good Q melt Canterbury. Oil candidacy again is an element and go coached to a two dollars here I'm here I'm doing this or hear what minute little thing about how are you less than that ever day ever ever did. You just focus. My bag.