Dale & Keefe - Was Brady worried that Jimmy Garoppolo; NFL prospect Derrius Guice said an NFL team asked him if he like men

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Thursday, March 8th

Hour 3: An incoming NFL rookie was asked a rather inappropriate question during a team interview at the NFL combine, reminding the guys of other times teams have asked personal questions. The incoming crop of rookie QBs all love Tom Brady, will Tom Brady love them? Bruins forward David Backes can’t appeal his suspension, and doesn’t seem happy with it.


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Yeah yeah yeah. Our number three dale and keep Sports Radio WEEI. Johnson my seats in the house we're all sitting here in the studio watching. Boston College in Clemson so yesterday. BC beat North Carolina State. In the turner and down and I read yesterday that with the wins. Boston college's chances of making the NCAA tournament went from zero point 0%. To zero point 4% of progress or. Could ever be zero point zero you're in the conference tournament if you win the conference sermon I don't know whatever zero although my game today I don't know. I chance that they didn't. It hit it could not have been zero point zero airplanes there is you've been eliminated your heart out this year they were and it is sure to that point one yesterday and again it was bad players here want an errant I don't semantics but if you're in just the whole idea is you can get to the cut that the real turner. If they win out they're not going through but. Given clumps in the game and on so if if they win today they'll go from zero point you know what like one point five or something you probably have some like 3%. It's yet the sort of went to war games against against Virginia next if they win this. When is this the only month. In which college basketball matters in the city in the city yet. Yet for sure the only N and I literally two weeks there's the full month yeah I was gonna take this doesn't matter. You know the be conference tournaments don't matter anyway till Sunday to print your bracket up and you bet on it you do pools in a small or large and that's the extent of confidence there. Although I think years in which the Celtics have high picks until there's a little bit more of a buzz like go back a few years ago the marks it as a whole lot last year. Well I and they had the first pick until late traded away all that's fair bet it was yeah I think the problem of us who wasn't in the tournament you know you go about Washington. Wasn't there seat yeah right you didn't think it at that point you thought it would be Marco faults but then you go back to the market Smart year. And the team was bad to the pick was even more important is like you've got to get this panic. He didn't know what is going to be and you're looking at Andrew Wiggins and Jabar Parker who who regularly get. And open markets market that year I think as the last five maybe ten. There's been the most kind of college basketball updates that that it's just been weird because the last concern and it's you had no bent Simmons and Nomar helpful so. Two guys usually have been the drive for that crowd. While on C the number one pick but Agassi yet that goes on there. Yet this stuff. He sees him as permitted. The National Football League is taking some heat again today. Apparently. A team we don't know which team yet asked Darius is it juice is that they say it. I think it is Jews G lies at the RL running back yeah will ask our fires yeah exactly are running back Darius jus said in an interview Wednesday night on Sirius XM NFL radio. But a team at the Columbine. Asked him if he liked men. Pro football talk. Separately confirmed with a source with knowledge of the situation that the question was indeed apps but pro football talk to know the team are good days and I think it would have named agent they said that they confirm that the question was asked. Our former patriots offensive lineman Ryan Callahan. On WEEI dot com today. Now this is a guy who has admitted to thinking about suicide when he was closeted. He said that if if if eighteen had asked him it would have scared the bleep out of me. Oh Callahan said I played football as a cover for being gay. And I thought that kind of stuff would have never gotten asked in the NFL I always assumed the coaches would just assume everyone was straight. Now the NFL it's gonna Huff and puff and and you know we're gonna find out about this that was totally inappropriate and nothing will ultimately happen. Are you remember two years ago Eli apple. Said that he was asked a similar question in an interview with the falcons. And then the team was named at that point is Eli apple came out and set it may be Darius juice will say who it is he hasn't yet. You might and is so this was due do you like men and it was also a similar one that we've heard of the Dez Bryant was asked I say with Miami. That this was the quote he says he goes hey I heard your mom sells herself. How do you feel about that. Chrome OS great. Those oil averaging from and so they're going back to your mom's a prostitute and now I guess they're asking. If if the players gay and I guess they're just trying to get a reaction from the players the other responded out but it just seems ridiculously that's about the part of the the interview process. And so what there's a there's an appropriate answer for both of these that you like hopefully they say one of these savings and if they don't rock gonna draft you. They're questioning the sexuality and you know if your mother is or is not a prostitute. Unnecessary. Now wouldn't I'm guessing the is your mother prostitute question was literally just to see if you could. Get a rise out of him right. A fix yes but I'd also want to win no doubt on whether I know I'm not trying to justify it in any way shape or form month. I'm trying to think of what this person was thinking in his ad. I'm gonna under. Knock him off lists that ultimately sandy comes across the table which I think he probably should get our story like that they're probably I can call his mom like but what you are delivered daily on a company that I don't know what they're doing their butt. This isn't the first time I mean we we've heard some of these over the past few years that some of these interviews that they do. And clearly just trying that. Get a rod I think that's what it is and there's just trying to get the of the player to freak out NC how cool collected in the was some of these questions like what do you what do you look for a better chance entity to the falcons. When Eli apple said yeah I got aspect to this was couple years getting an ultimately happened to them I don't I don't. A member David Edwards aren't honest or crowd the crowd and it's you know. Maybe go to sternly worded email it is kind of amazing noted just a juxtapose here and and I'm an NBA guy and I'm one of those people who says maybe Sunday basketball be bigger than in the NFL even though. That's probably never gonna happen in our lifetimes but. Compare you have Kevin Love coming out and and DeMar DeRozan in the span of a couple weeks. You know I had depression night battled anxiety attacks it's important that we talked about this because may be can help some people out there. And then you have the NFL last seen guys even guys they like guys like guys your moms that process is terrible if you do it that yeah. It does seem like the NFL in that regard is 1020 years behind everybody else. At least one of these candidates will be another one yeah August and and some of these guys would probably say so yes. You know I agree. Now nothing will happen the NFL so I think only and will enter the NFL will investigate they'll find out okay it was this guy from this team who asked him. Because they'll probably ask Derrius Jews yet. What's that tell me you tool wasn't a problem. And then they'll go to that team and they'll say come and you can raise. Don't punish. But act now. We punished for taken era football stats that I mean you'll go to the end of the year they go to Supreme Court that he had a woman efficacy here we go eleven on tape okay our ass that's a different story impacted. But I was glad it's not a new court case that seems to be everything to do it again now. Over the last several years but what's going on or can somebody appeal the appeal now les. Not yet will will that person. Jerry Jones appealed yesterday and lost he did not have those but that's about it for days is two million dollars to the F up at all coming out of parties are happy with the arrangement and I don't think that they product I paying the two millions that happy conclusion there. Two million dollars on that was that he couldn't fight it. Anymore via Internet. I appealed that Roger and I appeal again. Is it Roger Fenton yes OK a lot that's how that's how they figured I'll just pay the war million dollars bail outs. Those things that happened in the in the National Football League which frankly. How awful all of us speaking of of adjudication of of things David Backus. Said today that he would he actually can't appease. His three game suspension ridiculous the collective bargaining agreement in the National Hockey League allows you to appeal suspensions of six or more games. Any games like these Lou I now you are anything less than six you're not allowed to appeal now he made it pretty clear by the way. That he didn't agree with this am. It his agent actually did the numbers over the course he's played over 800 games never been fine. Never been suspended in his agent actually ran the numbers according to the NHL's official statistics he's had over 2400. He hits. Legal official hits in in NHL games and has never. Had to pay a fine or suspension so the very first time because of all of NHL law as he gets three as anyone. Ever been suspended for interference before. That's the weirdest thing you know if you suspend it wasn't. He was suspended for cross checking and that things are for whatever you in his elbow suspended for interfering with another player period and in the vicinity of and I interfered and headed still death in our audience. Is he paying a price for my stance sentences if she's just association the association. It's it's it's very bizarre that their goal all the way to three games for a guy who's never. And suspected a first time offender right would save or point out that video and do you know again he's government is better before it will did you guys factor that is. Well a lot of them until March into the exact same thing about it like eight games like if you didn't attend that so would have been 50 yes I don't know I don't know why it would have been. Eight me just what they'd just go to denied his appeal or something. Billy Jaffe and and we've talked about this Billy says that what they're saying now on the NHL is. Two is one is the new two. And it if you get any sort of ahead penalty of any kind it's two games. Well a Nielsen did hurt too well and and he said there Nielsen being hurt avid game. So what they did was they said look at the head infraction you get into games. At all by the way he apparently was can cost although Detroit's calling it the dreaded upper body injury and because of that. We're not that we're not backing down from this we're giving you three itself once the nude too that a guy's hurt your tack on another game is this do you think this is working. They are is this gonna help take out unnecessary head injuries there are players in the adult this is this the problem now. I don't think sullen and as we said David Backus is a headhunter anyway all this was just one of those things so guys are gonna look at this and say was just a mistake as. We're they've said so in the video play yesterday but they he says though. They try to global try to avoid and the players never done anything all three. That it just seems pretty pretty random like if they. If they were in a bigger risk of say missing the playoffs or something like that maybe be a bigger deal with this. I don't you know back is losing out on abortion money three game checks but. Teams are defined in usable but arrests that have been held back the clock in the world it was just when you watch that had happened the products that was great. You know his head injuries so there are concerned about when they when it happened I thought it was going to be a fine. Yeah yeah and and lawn and hour no one not knowing yet once the new door to the new one without anyone apparently that. But when you look daddy if I don't OK I mean you see these happen all the time right. The fact that he stayed on the ice. And Billy knows them I don't know Billy was in the islanders organization when he played their Billy said he's not a guy who fakes things he's a gamer. A you know we've heating come back in that game it was legit heat and and they've already said he's out. I tonight's game and you know at stake in Vietnam days after all although you know they don't have anything left to play for anyway but. So so your faking it to get David back has suspended that makes sense. I just think in this case you guys might have hit on that may be that you know the Bruins as an organization have a reputation. Partially built on on Brad marsh and and I mean I I'd sure hate to think that they punish Backus more than they would have normally just because he's a teammate Brad marsh and them. Now I don't I don't think there goes that far to the Bruins have a requisite thirty team no not at all and back according to Claude Julien they have a wrap of a Florida you know I may not there's really Canadians out about it he laughed out either they're seeing any coach yeah right so many years they've now I'm not marsh and has a reputation he's been suspended five or six times we understand that. The rest of the team. I can't think of anybody. I mean literally I can't think of anybody else is got a reputation other than marsh and on this team. And Backus is exhibit eight played over 800 games in the NHL never been find never been suspended. He runs afoul of the law the very first time and they whack him for three games. It seems excessive. And so and all by the way David you can't appeal ladies Exxon. Is his eyes are on always sort of in the running friendly thing or at least getting votes that were never on Billick his name is Bergeron well. He I mean he he's he's not now. He is not a dirty player at all but he generalize cities and yet running right now on saying he'll have you know 20/20 five penalty minute 225. Now at 2030. Penalty minutes or something. Where the lady bing guys don't have four yes I'm looking I'm looking at its. Page gets votes in years in the top fifteen right now. Can you explain this is totally random areas why does the lady being get voted out so like a hundred spot how does that work and casting votes. It's at one near you for 64 fixed I. 64 out of 67. People six receiving those paying Carey Price got 15100 how many people to vote on the house that it Dana undervotes in duke players you vote. I don't have a lady being vote well I'd go to the only a lot of us who votes for the lady day as an aggressive mightily to bring votes. Which is an ironic it is what it is if the I'll just like to. She's two very fine people 67. Player no more are gathered tied for 67. While leaving members of the pro hockey assess this 15100 hockey writers. Now saint these high you know it's got to do you know when you must get like yeah like you guys for 45 guys by some than a that you get five minutes waited so first places you know hole ten points or however many points than all the way through. Maybe it's five. Down one of my death. Since he's probably going to the bottom resist any doubt already being voted 64 in the league leading Bergeron is considered. Supremely clean player but he's gonna pick up penalties that you know he's always playing against the best offensive player for the other team. Occasionally you're gonna take a hold her hooker or something you're you know you're gonna get penalty minutes I hit 49 elements couple years ago was it two ways glance those guys are going to be ready Aston you know via. I don't think Brad martians are gonna get lady bing though I don't think so and I'm fine with the bought out a little bit of and be your kind of guy anyway he's scoring goals I don't care waited on 6177797937. Is telephone number tax minus 37937. Its daily key Sports Radio WEEI. Tom Brady waited until three braves obviously Tom Brady tried an ingredient I think that this definitely does. Really want to read. If they're superheroes. Third time and talents operating. You can you can it's almost just ugly words for you all that but it got. Football is unbelievable show you do like three obviously Tom Brady in the one of the best games. That's got you have to look up to. I'm Mike quarterbacks seem to like Tom Brady Eli and and by the way I don't blame them except only one of them is gonna be a teammate of Tom Brady and all the other ones are they gonna have to explain to them. The dolphins and the colts or whoever I didn't really mean Brady I am I met Andrew Luck. I miss Sandra locked out are very long buried now I got. They love on the day he was voted what that number one player by the other players last couple years and NFL network people love Brady and it's cool to love numbers I got news from these quarterbacks are several when he was lucky enough to get picks but picked by the patriots. Tom Brady ain't gonna like you you know he's not gonna that's the question that is that that the legitimate question here in his. At this stage of his career he's probably looking at acute that they drafts and 22 year old kid that they draft this year and he's saying okay. He's not take my job. You know I'll be I'll be allies are he did lie and that way he did feel though about crop law. He like you know I Tom Brady likes he writes Brian Porter. He likes the likes those guys is back Mac cast and drags out pass the united here ever take my job about a one out and I can get real that they're still gonna have to play me. Whereas these young guys. Even though they seem to love them like that's one thing. I'd I'd I wonder if Sophie thinks she's got like four more years that would be a full rookie contract so. He could retire and then the data at the re sign that next guy if he plays three more years you still have Boehner contract that last year. So I wonder if he feels differently about whoever lets say baker mayfield for the sake of argument. If they draft acre mayfield. Is he getting at the same treatment that to me grapple oak or would it be a little below what what what's the treatment Jimmy Europe blog I don't think you as a huge fan yet I don't mean that now by the way he would dispute that. Yep but Tom would dispute that but if you listen to some of the yet because he says all the right things almost all the time Abbott I mean just go by the people who are down Tom Karen you know the wicker Sam's story certainly makes it yeah Brady was celebrating a whenever. After the ground below trade I don't think it's hard to wrap your head around like relic you believe everything working sham wrote yes he's one Alia. Except for the company ESPN had to delete and Devin tell you you make it sound like he's a 100% wrong. Don't know I guess no end in specifically about Brady. I do I think that Brady once most of the practice snaps yes I mean that is how he's wired yet and I don't wanna give up the ball I want about it you know like I am working on my craft I'm working on my game. Dwight think he's rooting for Jimmy rappel to fail no I don't I don't think that not in San Cisco is out for help her here I don't think what I wanted to clearly was written for you're gonna take your job I mean again we've learned this about radiant as one of the day comes and and all that Jimmy rubble wasn't taken is also the he's gonna give all the tricks of the trade will wait a minute though we don't know that should be grappling could have taken his job -- relatively wanted to get him yeah I mean I think there's a pretty again LA that's that's the narrative and I don't know that's true there's a pretty compelling case to be made if you believe every word separate portion ever written like ideas. That's a that that is exactly what I Brady I hear that happened and that there are people who patriots namely Bill Belichick. Who were curious about that transition I don't as well I don't think Rob Lowe would have been here as literally as long as he was the last. One of the last possible second again yeah in the whole argument against the franchising at the end but. Belichick say we did the best quarterback situation in the week for the last couple years. And time kind of ran out on but you don't keep that guy until the trade deadline of his fourth season. Most part of you wants him to play at some point yet you trade them last year at this time yet rated last year before the draft. When his value is highest. I don't think it's crazy at all this David Brady doesn't root for is back ups though I doubt that that's also part of the action I got an ISI I might underrated earlier I think Tom Brady's. Pretty secure in who he is and and what his spot but I think I think he's the MVP of the league but he's also be getting benched for the back up plan if the guy who stole. His motivated by the fact that he's a sixth round pick that you've. The best player of all time if you're the best of all that but. He needs that that motivation and number he was asked. If Jimmy grapple motivated and all. And is it really long claws. That was forty self motivated that that's the true I think Judy problem I see I don't almighty god he certainly did they took a quarterback in the second round do you think Tom Brady Bill Belichick goes yeah we all know his agent his contract status they don't. Thought it goes bella check. Motivated him early to be a rock below did but he I get a bite for Iran also has the same thing in it whether it had been in the second round third round fifth round up second round at the highs throughout the quarterbacks and Bledsoe that was a pretty big. Like they obviously we're gonna use him at some point did you ever have a chance. Jim Iran up to replace Tom Brady oh hell yeah all I all I think yep salute you eight cents. While I was here so long why didn't it say in the time he was here now. Now does I mean was your hero but will now after the fact what if he played all four games that you supposed to do and look the world on par. Don't forget these small chance. I think he would have upped his trade you. Yeah but then who knows what would have they would attack as true value I thought it was pretty high maybe it wasn't as high sea island we have we have made up the narrative around here. Did Belichick wanted to trade break. And I'm wondering what that's based on. Other than the valve that was trade Brady so much as the Iowa tomorrow and this is now all I can't I'll be able either way. Either way if you're in fact keeping Tom Brady as the back up I think Belichick just thought Brady would have retired. I would draft all I absolutely think he he's looking at numbers and as far as the actuarial tables and saying you know forty year old quarterback not going to be. Welcome back to the pretty grapple relationship I don't wanna over stated that he hated it he hated it he hated him but I also think it's just kind of human nature where you're not gonna. Hell the guy who might take your job. Everything about it at all these things the look for a might help him the most when shady financial Brady's shoes I would guess are a lot of crap for that would Aaron Rodgers Billick why he wants to keep things yeah I guess god Roger Taylor did an editorial out we'll tell what pet and again there's only two guys in the quarterback room okay. That'd it's only a couple of percent and yeah yeah well he's gone now but I'm saying you know there was two guys. So tell me what the how that plays out. Come on look at a film over your community now you stay over there I'm I'm I'm look at how does that play yeah. As simple as you know he's not gonna sit here and say Siegel linebacker here see how he cheats up I'm now I know I am despite Eddie he's just not. In daddy's not what what is the thing that Belichick wants to do with mcdaniels opened up his world so as world dome as world and you just sing again I admire you have got an out right now a little bit. A little like lion to another and if there's a big difference between him giving him bad advice and then him just not giving him good yes McVeigh hey when the safety's doing this this is what I normally do it here's another little tip. Well if you. Which you might tell hole CI president I think they're doing exactly what you just described. Every day in the quarterback room I think Josh McDaniels is in their San Tom white you're white you go here on this well I saw the linebacker doing just sit right. OK for apple said. On the on the practice field or in the pre season games don't he comes off the field you can talk to a did you tell him what what he's doing or you could not. Does that make you a bad teammate but it or are you sharing everything possible that this 11 albums playing in practice the other ones not and and then they switch it it's not like they're standing there together very often nobody I play it's offense in theory it's Alec it's impossible for him to mentor and if he won like a going out there no one because just the opposite Eddie did it. It's I don't eat out so I don't I don't buy I don't think so but so you can ask me when I'm basing my thing on and that's a fair question I'm basing it. On wicker sham the infallible Sampras M I don't know Tom parents of other people have talked about how Brady Felton you know. I think Brady is realistic about any of the sport he plays and be the team he plays more. Everyone is replaceable he's seen all of his teammates get replace you of his dad Utah and an older times that's what motivates yes but this not tell people it's everybody's Europe is irreplaceable. I got up my game if I wanna keep this up okay but I problem vs employer what's gonna motivate you more which you could be you could the wheels could fall off your better. Quarterback than Hoyer. But it all of a sudden the Max Kellerman clip shows up and crop was there it but yet the military government clip shows up it doesn't matter who the backup yes yes it does not edit it if lawyer why don't quite according to clarify ordered the clip we want to go over it. Under the cliff on the live for the live but are automatically if I just I the the narrative that I think it's been wholly made up around here. Is that is that Brady didn't like him he had one under succeed he held them back. And and I see no evidence by the way you know what I mean is locked at a TV twelve. Accepted supposedly didn't happen I just the next day they got a guy it's Ed that was one of the things that ESPN had to correct from wicker champ the infallible Seth quicker sham to mossy. Andy is grunts get locked at a TV twelve for a day I don't I don't think that's happy about it you know what is happening. I don't mean I don't think Jimmy duties are actually backed out but the whole idea here that Brady has some suck you know I'm gonna I'm gonna hold this guy down. It doesn't have to be that explicit that extremely can simply be an. I'm not gonna help this yeah I'm not gonna I'll talk in meetings and I and I'm not gonna shut them out of the meaningless to both starters would treat the backup that was all right complaining Brady if that's the case I would think that's how most of them would probably handle so when Jimmy said they had a great relationship he's line. And you have to release. Lately you know say oh well there aren't like Aaron no he said and after he left to wonder whether the what how does this game who answers that question and in any way no other way Josh McDaniel and they got along great that he's line so when solidarity client very accepts general apparently it's amazing it is probably after he got desire not or cannot connect because they're not. Now sent markets and we know is a 100% on I just said everybody is trying to accept that quicker should agree. But what about when Jimmy got traded in their hey Tommy you had a chance that they're a few days later it says the toxic problem and not yet. And I love that included tax status of yeah actually it texture there of sure there are great I mean why is it's so hard to wrap your head around the idea that Brady wouldn't want his that it. And not you know on backup who can't really take his job and a guy was a legitimate threat to him. That would. Everything we know about Brady it would not surprise me at all but he's not going out of his way you know to help that know everything and all bonds will be Tonya Harding help me oh no everything I know but Brady he is he is so competitive. He's just saying. Go ahead do what you want I'll be better than you but I'm not I I don't mind that I'm finally in our need to show you are going to sit in our view and and help you out. And you think and you think he did what you just described on that's on an album yeah right I believe I don't definite I don't believe that. Because if something did happen god forbid Tom Brady takes a shot the neat he wants the whole team to get screwed right. And keep Bryant I mean I've but I think he's gonna rattle in this scenario yes just painted the whole team gets screw my biggest everybody else and I'm not gonna do anything. I'm destiny's problem right now it's on the benefit the team loses him out there know him as a matter rehab and get back off and I and to help this team. We'll get called would you guys coming up next 6177797937. Daily key Sports Radio WB yeah. Substance here looking at the picture from last year. The Kentucky Derby is the private planes getting ready to fly them at Kentucky unseen. Tom relief Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski Danny Amendola and Julian settlement all looked Christian problem. But that was all things to write and really like them don't want him around and a pre season games away and Tom Brady be stating up away from the bench Virginia grapple just Daniels was that down and they wouldn't even addressed to them because it. When someone else's problems are going to be very lucky to. You are violated their B keep your friends close your enemies closer anybody else notice how he's an enemy that Mike is meant to a slew of enemy. C'mon I don't think threatens. Now that's different than enemy and causes more extreme but there's somewhere in the middle. On fine they were there and I are currently Ellis ran his work to let me text that would lead them wood to the patriots. Would you take it to the Kentucky Derby it was much older guys look it's no I just the folk rock and all that element of Iraq's staking task that there counsel unless that was there. Again I don't doesn't know I was present was I'm looking at picture. No he wasn't yet you start him. So in your world not only is set quicker shall never Ron you're never wrong. But I don't why it matters radio wanna teach rob pull everything so that he could then take this job I NC teach him everything worst thing that you don't I don't know you're saying he he intentionally didn't help him. No I didn't spend false and I think it is that I can't say he's not exactly thing he did not help you did not go out of his list and gently out of yes yeah and I stadiums and modernizing hinted at a -- although I thank you is like it when the when the corners officials are here you have thrower over here and an interception by now that I don't. Top I don't think he's doing that but I definitely don't think you wanted to make him a whole lot better so you really think that he went out of his way do you think that Brady did. Anything above and beyond. To help out. I guess I'm I'm confused about the terms. Do I think that if they're in a meeting room and your eggs are best practice done and out in it in a meeting room and use your example I think he did say. Jimmy you know what I saw here this is what I saw this is what I was do art of your take on that room that's one thing but what about you know for example he was. He's got Welker not Welker he's got cattlemen and an adult Montana are thrown their plan right toss out around. The do you think he's doing extra stuff problem right Al. After practice mcdaniels gone home and he is just him and Jimmy breaking out data don't. Say no I wouldn't do that's like a tree in the got to take my job rocketed it across the president Montana to shouldn't read anything into that note while the problem was and I don't think he was help room texture and practice 6177797937. Threes is Donna McKay page recent. Hi what's up died. I'm reaching can remind me of long arm pumping iron yes we're out Schwarzenegger talking about. And other body builder and I think I am at a Lutheran no problem. OK. And this other body builder at Stanford right front of and normally be not like you know help decide that he deliberately gave them information that. Might meet him the other guy getting hurt you and and I know that you know grapple teammate or wise it's time but. You know somebody that competitive. Are you really get help somebody who's. Wait wait you actually think Tom Brady would would give him information that would getting hurt. Not. All good athletes say now it's easy example from pumping iron which is a great film. I Iberia and he's not gonna go out of his way to help them specially. Here it's one thing if a wide receiver is talking to another wide receiver guess what you can both play or corners give another corner tips great you can both play but quarterback. Well they gonna open yeah and especially since this. Great. And Brady has been much. Gotten that you know he stepped in for the starter who we add. Who was as every bit as confident as you say Tom Brady is now he just signed up. Hundred million dollar and he's probably bodies big guy he did not he was not worried about that pudgy sixth rounder for Michigan and he never played. So you know I mean that's that's the reality Brady knows how do you explain Brady's dad and he. 34 years ago it was Seattle Super Bowl. The quote he he knows it will end badly because it ends badly for everybody in general just technology that that's what happens in the NFL yes and it is much more likely to happen if there's somebody like Jimmy drop below with a cleft chin and your majesty of the Jimmy Ron Lewis and I used to coming of Joseph Montana well. He's better known. But he he has yet I have yes he has yeah does not have that are ready for John but he is to look at the contract that he just got he is a a starter in the league where his lawyer some of the other guy mallet was never gonna take his job. I'm Matt Cassel obviously filled in nicely for a year but he was never gonna be a threat to take his job crop walk I don't. No thirty Brady nobody is but what you thought which is what Brady probably thinks too. I don't know if you know I don't really know since age but on the nose bloodied Alex Apple's brand is different than the ending you brought it out Brady knows you think he didn't think every day about the words of Belichick said when drop below was drafted we know about down the right and it's complex that's why I haven't read it until we want crop and you end it all up well that's the hole 200 I I think what motivated Brady was ballot check. Yeah but and goes ward what are no doubt it he took a quarterback in the second round if you took. Kliff Kingsbury the seventh or Zach Robinson the seventh belts record as a we needed a quarterback the way he should draft of an earlier than. He went draft of the guy in the second round when we're looking at that didn't seem like a team need at the time. Equities at quarterback after the season's apprentice even even if it's about I'm an improved ballots Jack Ron. Helping the guy who Belichick wants to replace he was probably not the best way to go about it. I'm I'm their proof Democrats Hamas he's not the Obama to Mayan world around it tell me what form that takes you what you're describing. Tell me what that means what does Brady everything we've been nothing. He doesn't go out of his way to sit down with the Ada does talked till he doesn't eat a lot you wanna buy it on my own minimum beyond doubt about whatever is it to regular size ever watch list I like is that ridiculous you make it sound like Tom Brady thinks his job is hanging by a thread in what makes him. I think it black by the end by the time you're forty and you have this incredibly handsome. I'll not ask all that had to be happy yeah all of the belt clip and then yeah they're good looking gentleman and I just got more better looking than the Braves and neither here that's neither here and I don't I think that's part of an expert agreed it was kind of a cliche but he is probably afraid that someone's and take his job as nuts as it is to the three of us that most of the fans. You'll look and he also is seen. Every other guy go with the patriots great players like artillery or replace you again it doesn't apply to him I don't think until that does as well okay at some point it would. Marks on the cell Kmart Qaeda. Tonight. But here out of okay. So I am also transport. And Oakland for the last six or an awkward over Carter for our like or five. We're about out nice and so. So yeah I told this comes from not give you one more a unit little. Little anecdote. I got in my car. 68 weeks ago. He went round or promote the cinema can't count Florida. Now where I would tell them that I bought it so we. Routes agitate. At this hour on identically up and parents aren't. Well I'd probably tell it's. Sort of selector and I do understand the once it does look like if I were you or I feel let but I consummate actor. So. This guy is apparently recorded and he's pretty good friends. With Tom Brady's stat. And eloquence and regularly that you do read pretty regularly shore some Ireland. Now according to a ham key US it was. Inadequate diet what is at. It's not going to be at a grocery store why you like grapple got traded. Yeah like now apparently you went up that want an accurate that hey you know you feel well. I'd be about the trade and at that point rate that did not know about the trade and you're kidding me problems got traded. Now what is now with this guy told me ended could we shorten the story a little bit and I'd like this yeah you don't mark again that's fine. Is that actually. Do. It again it was my car. Like he didn't it was like he hit his son was expecting to be traded at the end of the year that's what would that they were all preparing as we can't predict. They've done not beyond Patriot Act. There there it is marked the smoking gun. We've been looking more Tom Brady you know Phyllis I I told that I. I at whole foods. Who broke won't do any of that drive a good car it couldn't believe it. It's all done I am all right animal is gonna like this I think your he did yeah. I have a popsicle and what are they had a there's a lot of sort of thing going he's a quarterback with. I think I don't trust and I'm a guy calls me. Of course to go with this over driver of the visit I drove a guy who is in a the third shot a senator I believe and even though. And makes too much sadness does very massive he's been an assistant chaplain for some key blow people. Acted more details the better and I well let's that the NC candy that Tom was that that I had a hole and I unreal unreal can download area community panel box full of unreal candy nighter on something there it's. Thought of a friend of Brady's dad. But. A third two fronts like one degree of separation of a real close like something wicker Sheehan went right anyway I think sent that may have been sort of might have actually via congrats gentlemen couldn't talk to the over driver who had a guy in his car have been in a can of an and you were you can dismiss that story you want but it is always an everyday cargo and I just really back CNN I'd just becomes more and more factual while he's in Vermont hey Wally died on. Yeah are you doing donate. Our partner for the current period is here he's correct some number. Yeah and I didn't in this week and again it lets you assert it was coming from Lowell but the RC is lower as this ought all of. No matter how I look in my earlier in the I don't know I think you're breaking up my head out to dinner well but again welcome. Yeah a couple of years ago Alexis I don't care who says he's sort of critical anymore clothes you at all. Very close to the one man and I do yeah follow. When they offer a little bit of it says another is that this is going to be certainly you're replace. The a couple of then what systems are important note. We have worked very accurately or whatever without Erica yeah it is yeah yeah yeah absolutely right. That. Doesn't have a network. So are our good teammate but. Estimated that does not to be the best night I wouldn't be back in a statement. Feel the training room. Audience out there and that you know of the man. To let it ride. Where. And thicker older while her. Well of course what this is the think it doesn't fit your argument of medical laugh or wallet Vermont. It's at the time that is that the call and let us know that he spoke with somebody that a source close to the C closed at the ball he knows personally anybody. Something maybe vacations up in Vermont I don't know. But while it obviously is pretty plugged in with a path you guys have merely made me angry so ugly and I'm. Now I'm already batted his lies inside Afghanistan deadliest day you make me angry and I'm gonna do lock key game did you guys. These two adults and it does is it congress idiotic phone calls it 6177797937. Yeah Nike Sports Radio W media.