Dale & Keefe - Was Serena out of line at the US open or was it a gross display of sportsmanship? Why the Adam McQuaid trade is bad for the Bruins

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, September 12th
Hour 4: We continue to discuss who was to blame for Serena’s freak out at the US open. Don Sweeney and Bruce Cassidy weigh in on the McQuaid trade and did the Jets know the Lions play calls?  

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Fourth and final hour daily. WEEI. I don't know how we quite cut off funds but you know we really are talking tennis to be honest with you. To be honest we're talking about Saturday and answering. I played that played. Match only Osama stop gap above what we really exciting about it say is a a really good actually. A really I mean one of the best tennis players in the history are the best female tennis player ever chords that Nike ads she's the best athlete of all time well in my field in the history of the world. I might feel lean and strong signals from little she's very very. She won that major away. From what tying. The most all time tying the record most of 120 would have tied Margaret what better. Both monks so yes very very impressed but she just lost her dam mine Saturday. Edited and she's getting I mean it's interesting because there's so much reaction coast to coast. And it's kind of split. Like half the people are defending Serena have the people are are you know taken her to task the heard Chris Russo or bad dog is not on her side. Mad dog is strongly on the other side. But it's as simple as. It is is it taller all hers or is not out in this case it rolls can't be paid both word dope in my post but the coach method that's the dumbest rules again for somebody doesn't know anything about tennis that is the dumb rule the have a tennis coach. They're but they're not like on there on the bench or in review. They can sit a crowd they can't coach you he was literally sinking boy sitting in the tax roll. She's getting ready to serve at one baseline he's at the other baseline in the second row. In Ollie does as he takes his hands and he goes like this in other words this guy play closer to the net it's all his all of letting him entirely strange fire coach. And other afterward course she was saying. I don't cheat them. I just if you are so added after the medal because there's so yeah I I was coaching but these guys go to all the time. Yeah but he sought a fly on the final c'mon now when. Carlos Ramos is he has learned in the game that guy and you're not gonna run that by may not on his court I Dan it's in Newton mass again I don't. They have the gone yeah. So I'll just hope and make two quick point about this numbers game right you guys got a lot of outlined to talk about the line we're serious says all of you this piece. You really what set off. Kind of the route but I think NGOs you'll never work on one of my court again I mean think about that and any other sport. Like they catch opinion I don't pint car they catch him cheating and then he told you're never gonna on one of my game yeah. So I mean I think as an odd and kinda my court you can't talk to me like that. Under relentless immediately she said more than just the your thief he actually. The Europe the line is the one that apparently pushed him over the edge. That was that was when he hitter with the game the game that I. I should I think as a ref get a deal you know meals take that again thicker skin as a raft. Are you very confident in our situation yes the other side that says I'm actually a big fan of the no coaching rule. I think tennis is really the only sport where you got athlete out there on an island I mean they're about themselves only. Golfers out there caddie you know boxers got their corners and a big part of the game is analysis. So this rule only the is. In plate in the majors in the smaller tournaments you can get coaching and that's players like Caroline Wozniacki who. Win all those small tournament 'cause you get coaching and that has trouble in the majors could want the mental side once you're alone like that whole different sports. How about that now that's the vessel test an hour right I don't act on us that off coaching if he stood up and that. Well slice that. Let's get back adds not allowed what he did was a hand gesture which was doing out here get up to the net William clay rather rules or you're not and just Abbas it's really silly to me it is a dumb rule tactics and there are others note. I think it's a dumb rule understand it was a day that I understand. Why he's bringing that up. But I think if your if your coach and you think that you may try to communicate we have your player. You can't they should probably go somewhere else it's as simple as that. We now tournament I don't know how they determine. What's coaching north I don't know where where the players groups that she sitting. That the coach was sitting with sir you know her sister Venus Lisa watching on TV I mean he can't control put on somewhere else and I there. But the broadcast team means he can offer some insight tea. Bobs in New Hampshire has about. Yeah hey guys. I know this is probably the first time that you guys are talking about it and guys it'll probably it'll ask. Yeah. Let me ask you let me have a Golden Nugget to this show when she I'm a big tennis town I was watching the match and when she first. Was nailed for the coaching he comes on the Carlos Ramos comes on the on the loudspeaker and says panel if I'm not warning. Were coaching warning not not a not only that I'm actually right you're actually right at. And she comes over to the chair and it autumn or you can hear it like bikes everywhere. And she says. Listen I would rather loose spent except coach and now we're never cheat and I understand that I totally understand that she says OK good I'm glad you say that good thank you and I think at that point. She thought the penalty or their warning. Was simply. In her mind I think she thought the warning. No longer access to balance sheets that students last Iraqi manner. Yeah that she thought ought not get a warning that's all essential at a point penalty and everything went haywire there. You might be rightly you know maybe she thought that he was gonna take it back there was no announcement that said that so. You know it it would be her own belief by guest. Let's listen up giving officials a hard time. Is kind of the norm in professional sports you know yeah I do you see your his umpires. Out now they've they've changed some rules up like he can't argue balls and strikes right argue balls and strikes you got you're automatically gone inside makes little bit easier for the for the rats and for the managers edit one players but they to sort of know right away if I'm gonna run out there and say. 8000 side then you're gonna get tossed but I NFL IAEA. It happens all the time and so on have you know they just hate certain players. But Rasheed Wallace. And cousins sort has some of that now Rasheed Wallace if you just look that a raft we get teed up. And then there was Joseph Crawford hated Tim Duncan and with a passion you like him up one time you sit on the bench laughing about something else proper thought it was about MT about. These guys have these vendetta as it makes no sense that the drugs are the most knotts is in baseball. When an umpire stares down a hitter Alex stairs and back to the dugout. Ari hard ass wait just just call the game please. The guy's system do you Brees walk in ways of showing you up you don't need to take your mask off and you're gonna fight a death that is the biggest joke ever there's not they're not all like that. But a lot of these arms and routes have these big egos it's like you weren't good enough to play the sport so let's just stop trying to pick fights of these guys. Now Ramos did not do the that the umpire thing you know hours sterner. Thought it got office chair yeah I three and I know he eat he didn't do that now but he also. I think missed an opportunity and this is one of the great things about officiating when they understand. I gotta I gotta back the soft here I got up. DD accelerate this a little bit good umpires know what to do it good NBA officials no way to do it. Good NFL officials now because you couldn't tell what you could have done my guess is he'll let her really you know give you the business there but then that. At a certain point would be like delay game socially you gotta get back out there that are rights they got to get back out there you know finish finish the match. I Johns. I don't know were White Mountain is but side. Online. I hang on and the White Mountain all the white mountains beautiful country there added that Leavitt. That one little comment about actually it will launch a court turned down a bit but I don't think about you'd probably I think a little bit about how women are treated and planet. Compared lucky girl had a shirt on backward had a lot of bad. And then you know when are you going to get a little shorter all of a sudden what are I think and you can't stop. I gotta be honest I think she always looks he was trying to make that point. Post match when she did a press conference I don't think that entered into her mind at all when she's in the middle of fight with the sky. Our maybe I'm just saying you know my. Event at at so she tried to become like a hero of the women's movement post match. And something could come line. Moon really yeah. I don't know I think I think it actually post match to be honest you might add more. A leg to stand on that in match were here when you're screaming about that and I think afterward she could've brought up some of the other things that we we discussed you know with a wardrobe right penalty in these things that. That they have been screwing up in tennis they've been a bit of a talker but is suggest that no. Man would ever get penalized the way that she did it. Turns out from the tennis people including mad dog that's just not true so that doesn't really help your argument 6177797937. Paulson Brockton had Paul. A plot I mean and so I behavior outside the I don't know are discussed that I apologize he did but are you Icrc in all. Now. Re not leading US policy experience rap and now returned. Eight. Yeah I I I understand your point there were a lot of people thought that the Bruins should have exposed Kevin Miller instead of Colin Miller. I gotta I gotta be honest I think the Bruins opinion of Colin Miller who was that. He was an up and down player when he was good he was very good there are a lot of times when he disappeared. I I think they felt both Kevin Miller and Adam Quaid brought more to the teams and Colin Miller did. They had offensive minded puck moving defenseman to say anything rate our toughness or or wondering if proving grizzly can both. Being routed right same time Saudi column Miller about it until March. If you are are loaded all I got it welcome. Maybe. Yeah bit like yeah ID law also it's easy to see what Carl Miller was able to do last year in Vegas you definitely get more form now but think about van. I don't know if you got time for baton. Just to sort. Out everybody there are not fair idea of adding they felt there was great potential in Colin Miller as well. They were just sick of waiting for it to come out. But he but so his point so last year could you have traded Colin Miller after 12 seasons with the Bruins could you traded him then. And gotten more than Steve camp for a fourth and seventh. Probably yeah estimated at I think they'll when they were making their decisions back then they weren't talking about two years from now we're gonna trade this guy. What they were thinking back Danny as. And they were right in this regard our team was too soft. We were easy to play against. We we have to have guys who will make it harder to play against the Bruins and that's where Kevin Miller an animal quake came in and Colin Miller. Is not to give any toughness at all. Know now you'd have each each defensive pair would have a guy probably. Not super tough rated crew down on say the first pair of video Colin Miller second and resort on the third. Then you know teens can probably take advantage. Without the playoffs even with the two of now now you can look at and say well see what happened we're talking to a year out on the orderly huge return is not worth freaking out about thought oh my god could have gotten a first round pick for value of it they'll have to expose an expansion draft. That's you know that's where that's sort of where he was on the roster. In fact as I looked at this defense. One of the things that breaks my heart. Isn't I don't think there's a spot for Adam Clayton and everybody's healthy and it kills me. Adam Quaid is one of my favorite Bruins ever and I I'd love this guy I love the the passion he brings. I love how he sells his body out every single shift. He'll block every shot he'll fight for every teammate he'll do anything and everything to help this team win. But if I look at the defenseman were on the roster right now my theory is that may not be a spot for Adam played in that normal six man rotation. Allergies. Alan you router tolerant allergy usually sit out here toughen up a little bit by the way that was last year and unfortunately right. Predicting what I thought was gonna happen cells from the award winning zero pox given us from the pot yes from last year nice wouldn't mind that Rossi and snagged that one right out nicely done. And that's why this trade didn't shock me no it didn't and I mean that the value rather waves late. That's probably fine thank you got you got to restricted free agent at the end of the season they work on re sign him my question is do they do anything with the money that they saved. As one of the things like for Steve Kippur the fourth round pick cap flexibility. Ari what do you do that is there's something to beat him I mean it's not. Cracked on money the two million bucks while plus you've got to pay campers say noted that's the difference it's like two point 75 and that campers like 600 some thousand. So yeah let's just call two million you get. Depending on where you're hurting Warburg and off him or not going to be here. Now he's for me. Well not yet weighed would have played here before Stephen camper does not campers just you have two guys get injured. Which is a possibility surely on me about the playoffs two years ago that the five defense immigrant can't forget your second pair seem like all on the same night that I have had a ready get down. Let let's get to some of the reaction here 'cause we talked about the trade of McQuay. Happened yesterday. And Bruins management weighed in on this we'll start with Don Sweeney. As he made the announcement yesterday about the trade of my equate to the Rangers. Again very difficult day for me personally and for the organization as well when we wanna thank Adam. A tremendous pro and to. A tremendous teammate. Very as I said difficult decision timing. Before leaving for China for an opportunity for attitude to get to. The Rangers and and start reap from square one with with a new team I think that was. Part of it. You know we've gone back and forth from a while. It and then defeating. Whether or not we are gonna. Stay as is and and feel very confident of our group or to. Allow. You know some of the younger guys continue to push through. And feel okay about our depth minus obvious that if we have injuries. So that's kind of been you know conversations going back and forth. Some teams had reached out to me right after. You know around July 1. Time for him so it's sort of things that it's. I've export. There's a perfect time thing that you could just presented itself. Late last night. Maybe it's isn't it. There's a lot thrown into it I was airliners step of the way as I said it was difficult decision to you know because of what he's meant the Boston Bruins and always means the most. He com. And I'd I know I've I went back and forth with folks on Twitter. He is nowhere close to being one of the best ruins of recent memory he wouldn't claim that neither would his parents for crime and a lot. When I say he's one of my favorite members of the Bruins. He's days shy quiet unassuming guy. Who when he puts the skates on and steps out on the ice becomes a piece is beat your face and overtly say he's on your favorites of the vote. He's not always you know but I'm pretty sure is one of my favorites like you navy telling your favorites. But he's also one of the favorites of the guys that he played with all some of the and so that's going to be tough listening to some of the audio I'd Nestle was playing on rod marsh and Marcia and char. Charlie Mack a boy you know talking about what he meant. In this organization. Another guy who talked about what he meant the organization. Was head coach Bruce Cassidy. Yeah I'm going to the year we are ready to. Defenseman six would play so. It wasn't. Automatic that would be one of the two what. If it were worked out though it would be difficult even for the one now it's going to be difficult. It is tough to see engrossed in ten years you've been here we've doctored provenance. Hurt him with Matt Wile Ashcroft went back and Dave came shutdown defenseman forests and she played second power play and return to girls offensive game so has been a lot of work over the years. So what's it today is a tough morning but. Hopefully gets a great opportunity to plan New York. In moments of as of and mostly as a person as a teammate. Yeah I mean it made definite and missed some boxers not there's a ton of fighting anymore in the NHL which is. For me I think it's too bad. We know Chara nobody really wants to fight charge Charles is and fight a lot. But I Osama Quaid. Was the best guy they had sensed short left. Kevin Millar is pretty close up front so Kevin Miller probably yet set on him I have to fight a couple more time you've got you've got several guys who were not brilliant and Kevin Millar will take this on back is canola Chara would take it on pump Bacchus I avoid it. But I he's been deals at all talking Koch on this line including you know bad concussion last year. I would prefer he keeps his gloves on samarra tar would absolutely delighted on. Nolan Chara is another guy who was more than happy to step in they've got enough team toughness yet that won't be arrogant again. Acquittal and played in just under half the games a year ago Sasaki is always on the Acer patrol and for that for the team but. They bail loved them he's got a team in a long time he's on a cup team yes he's been there alongside his whole career here. He is a bit of a fan favorite for shore announcer new weird seeing him play for the Rangers. The one of the one of the people who took it real hard yesterday. Was of a buddy of mine Leon the fist bump kid. Yeah I had a McQuay had become best friends. I mean we're pals and Adam was celebrating its this is coming up in the book November 60 yeah it's so Adam was celebrating his birthday in the north and with the Stanley. And they called up Lee yemenis famines take on down and join us and how I was finally M was there with adamant and the family and celebrating Adam's birthday. I heap probably took it a little tough yes he's probably would become a Rangers fan now I don't think Saddam. So I think he's a Bruins fan through and Ezra. Yesterday it's OK to have guys on a team. Warrick stars but are important parts of the team. We're not gonna have Ron Paul is not a star as an important part of the of the Red Sox they are gonna have to when he all stars are Everett is here even even on your starters are going to be all stars so you have to have guys that that have certain roles and for awhile. We'll Quaid has had that out but it's artist speaks to their talent levels too. Which is actually a good thing he's much people like out of a Quaid will now all of a sudden you look around there's six maybe seven defensemen on the team better than him. The good side of the unfortunate Britney gets squeezed out of out of an opportunity and the team has the dribble we're not gonna play here and wasn't. But isn't that good leg. Before if you know he's been on teams before where he might be the third fourth best defensemen and is that wallet you know ideally you'd like him to be more of an enforcer type in you know that. Third sixth defense I don't know let's say you're good but if he asked that take on a roll bigger than that cast speaks to the talent level your team. And I think they're also hopeful that one of these younger defenseman Alia is gonna make a real bid to make this team. The other guy who's who was gonna play ahead of him and I know Bruins fans don't necessarily know much about it yet was John Moore he was one of their. Want one of their only signing bonus anger about it they signed him to a five year deal payment about the whole mess monster yeah. Has about a two. You know he they signed him to a five year deal they're gonna play. He's got to play he's a guy he's a stay at home defensive defenseman. They think they've got an a offensive defenseman with Mac avoiding grid slick and crew. They wanted that that stay at home defensive defenseman type they signed mortified your deal. He's gonna play. I think that's a point to where if he wants that Kevin Millar out equator are have you know sort of a similar game normal Quaid is more like Kevin Miller that he has any of the other defenseman. Even though Kevin Miller drives fans knots at times. He's he outplayed them he's a better place he's added defenseman anatomy so bad at choosing get rid of one of home I think you know. They made the right choice now the rangers' depth on the Blue Line is not as good as the Bruins as. He's gonna get a chance to play there. Yeah and I hope he stays healthy chances are good that he won't but perhaps you know you hope for these days helping out and maybe gets another contract out of this 'cause. His contract is up at the end of the year. He wasn't there resigning here. I wonder if this is the roster in the season is just around the corner so the answer probably yes but I Warner. Then there's always the trade deadline that he gets too if you doubled to more flexibility cap wise that that can be a good thing. They're always active weather summary decision Drew Stafford or that somebody much more significant there's always moves to be made. At the deadline. But see how the young guys do particulate that the wing spots because. That's the one area that you thought you know Rick Nash they tried it didn't really work there were in and is called shock that didn't happen. So you wonder if somebody becomes available there if that's on the that they would jump on. Back to the calls the 6177797937. Craig's in Brighton hey Greg. They I don't guys let's make. Back to this kind of well ago. Is that was under the jurisdiction of the judge. You call to officials and have the coach is removed from the box. Before they wriggle out disarray and looked. It's odd is that I ever knew this about tennis and about in the majors and also the nonsense but. I don't think they can tell the coaches were to sit they just have to assume that they're not gonna be coaching at their daughter all of the rules that don't think that's on us. I've got an emotional but Biden is a little embarrassed all out. You know they they go to marriage he's got a goal we got to go until the until of the cosmos as it's ever cures and certainly they're kidding. Once again gonna die you're an idiot. They didn't accuser she she tried to make it back yes determined that seek she cal lost to the bit from that he was just saying that you know your they're there's a rules violations going on right now. You know warning and then she kind of lost her mind she met touches a mother added it. I hadn't. I get called apple why go after our first. And I don't worry or saying is there because you'll she's the player as a there's an infraction but he didn't say you're cheating usually you can't do like you the collective view you and your coach can't do this as she took as a personal attack. Now I don't earlier well after the they showed us split screen. And it as he would give and that's say no wouldn't and superiority voter at the box. Well I don't know I I mean and that's what she was claiming I I don't know she saw I'm not. The gesture was so it just happened to be that the cameras were on him. When he was doing I mean if if if they hadn't actually physically seen him make the hand gesture. Nobody would know what the heck he was doing. Yeah right. Love it so he's he's was started this but that was the other sue both Serena and the the chair judge that kind of turned it into what it's become. I Dicks out on the vineyard hey Dick I don't. I'm good bank and the sculpture that just wanted to let you guys now that it's very clear you're not campaign. And you haven't been following Serena you're talking about a woman yeah. Look at this very same canopy open and threaten the problem why. We're calling a football. You recall that. I know I I I I. I've been saying I was number I don't I don't Dick I've been saying all along she her career is filled with the instances like this she. Exactly and keep in any way at current highest court we and that wreath and Becky threatened that lives are so what does the football. It can't quiet it was beating the crap out of another no bother all went beating the crap out of that's what it's about nothing up I have never seen him albeit at the quality can. Along capture you know that you know the bad guy McEnroe said on is even that but yeah up from Romania. It in the loose. And I have never. Dean and now ready to away. As to what she did at its US open and bat I'll buy that there I walk yeah as no. I'll went a little some will disagree overall not and that's fine out what the rule yes he he could have he could've let her get away with calling him a thief. Yet he says is yes and Arnaud de yes it'd be so panic I I have an odd that you could edit a lot now all right time I don't know if he would. Today it's OK to disagree with things yes he codec. I heard it in her point the one point on agreement there. I certainly heard male tennis players. Swearing a blue streak at the chair umpire thought it was a mine was like I kicked realists like the bad boy tennis so. Well. I was just Christ his doctorate there then you had how shall myself out of this conversation. We will see what else you got. Coming up next to what LT got. You know we get we get to the four hours and as is often the case there are specific stories that we haven't gotten to. Maybe we forgot they we didn't notice. And it kind of brings about the final portion of the program which we like to call what ails you got. So what else I ruled again thank you very much dale and now we we didn't talk about Matt Patricia and the brutal start to his head coaching group alliance we talked about the Bill Belichick try to priority turning their turn on ice to bring back something that we we didn't mention as a regards to back -- he was downplaying it today. At the press conference bought. After the Monday night game a lot of the jets players were saying they knew the place. They knew what Stafford was the owner Rhonda and odds are just that comments like well teams know what plays are probably get things like that like oh my god. So me of like the roster really are the players don't like him there's talk my careful saying that he may get rid of some of the guys that make room for guys they're going to be on board with him. They get smoked on offense defense and special teams against the jets at home. On Monday Night Football. And apparently the jets knew all the plays so Patricia my warm take Wednesday. Matt Patricia last less. Less time and temperatures in Detroit that Josh McDaniels in Denver which was 22 games. 28 total game to get fired after twelve games in his second season I think Patricia alas. Less than 27. And a half toys that it happens Rossi 26 from. Yes. Yes because he actually inherited a pretty good team. And with some expectation rights and a decent quarterback they had rocket greatest offensive coordinator name in history for Roger bunker there. They got the did the team like him about want him it's. So about it right now. So that that's a math team may be a bigger mess the goddamn auto sales go out sometimes those of us who played sports growing up. Don't know when to give up you know like we think that. I still that's an athletic ability sure I've still got some game left yes and so there was a there was a gentleman by the name of Richard Peel these 35 years holes. And you know maybe he should consider another way to get his athletic. Endeavors while what's his problem he was playing disc golf. In Clearwater Florida brawl on Monday and is that what they call a frisbee golf is very little golf that's what was he going disc golf. And after he suffered some minor injuries. Playing disc golf on really well out of apparent. He was retrieving his desk yet formal upon the apparently is that -- must've had a bad as hot off the united united ponds get bitten by an eleven foot allegation off. An illegal loan it'll it'll how much as he got iboxx gotten. Final leg and foot foot alligator Ed Siegel retrieving his desk. I lost time that is aggressive. It is just throwing arm perhaps they sent trappers and local officers responded to the scene caught the alligator. Item up thrown into the back it struck. Mr. peeled Richard appeal is expected to be okay so evidently roam the streets weren't that gracious I would have had a heart attack on the past eleven foot alligator tactically I'm dead disagreements. Liquor store. That accounts like eleven foot I don't think he can let this thing I sectarian act guy in there that's that's partner so Ross we've got entering. And yeah. I'll. Today. Okay. I was on generics the don't you mentioned. Rick. Yeah I'll main. Yeah all I. Didn't I yeah doll I was gonna do that then there's fifty people back to Elvis that. I've stated our meeting with yeah coming in Shaquille O'Neal at the same time to calls you suppose that picture you could probably tell which one of us wasn't the NBA player. When you see it or happy Powell is 33 years or thirty if that sells all of she. I'll see reflect for years area and it and and rob really nice guy profitable on an all they hit a bad record you think they'll also realize every terminate its argument that it is a passed ball everybody's not the NBA well it's are we get out of here all that is up next Eric Bentley park that means the manager Alex Cora is on at 230 right so we'll be listing in the back you guys enjoy the rest UD we'll talk tomorrow I'm. Please nothing. It's. It's a news news.