Dale & Keefe - We call out ESPN and demand an apology for another false Spygate claim; the return of an old show friend in Noon-30, 8-16-18

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, August 16th
Hour 3: It’s the afternoon version of the money hour where noon-30 plays supreme. Mike Francesa did a twitter Q&A and it is as good as advertised. ESPN makes a similar mistake to that of one that they have made before in getting the details of Spygate wrong.

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Lot of people are interviewed me and we are struggling. We have one of those guys in their little snot out of south state you. We're gonna blame Lou for a while that's silly today stock last week because it's a pretty good week. The orders started the night for a fifth start tonight. Still aren't coming solemn places you have any which team that. Daily cheat big gains on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Out of refrained. Daily key Sports Radio W fleet yet that's correct one thing right off the bat. The patriots will in fact. That's right way to Jacksonville Jaguars before the playoffs they played an impact in week to week so Tom Brady will get his opportunity will. Without Natalie Allen Ramsey without Allen having such. While I like if you get drunk in the match up with Ramsey back you try but I feel like he'll just be shutting down. Chris Wells left to filter or sad or who are Chris Hogan oral Paterson or something that is it is ridiculous but there has been some carry over from the rim stuff and don't get to some of the things are coming up this hours while dale but the the peace nine Yahoo!'s earnings at the bottom of the hour and a third all bets are off just tell you that we will bring an old friend back to the program yes we will. It's not Michael Holland now they're not that or Jerry parks as it heads out or Eddie Andelman but I actually more popular public who left the company. Like I I love. So that the headlines jaguars Jim Ramsey is the hero or villain the NFL desperately needs it Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! and he goes through. He's like yeah it's not sportsman like it's not polite it's not nice. But what he's doing is just straight up trash talk. And he is gonna have to face all of these guys on the field you know he's got he could face Josh Allen they play the bills week twelve. You know Tom Brady literally saving battery operated he faces and we too said he doesn't suck. Pretty good third party to tell anybody I was saying by his standards outside phrase it that don't you think it adds intrigue because now in the jaguars. Phase one of those quarterbacks on the list. And Ramsay gets absolutely burned. You're gonna remember that or if he shuts the guys doubters they've meant it to him like he's he's. Backing up what he said. Sought laden I think it's I think it's great and he's obviously quite a character is very confident individual. I think it's good for football somewhat all of Wetzel. So there is out and we get we were talking about Tom Brady and rob Parker said that he won that you won the MVP a year ago by default. Would that count you know the jets they're gonna close this is a year and he might he might depicted the New York Jets. So there was an interesting statistical thing that. NFL draft insider not alas no note no NFL draft insider. They had a couple of of breakdowns they had. The most rushing yards given up by each team and they went through every team in the NFL. And like OJ Simpson had the most rushing yards against these teams are taught him so the most passing yards given up by every team in the NFL. A bit at the less than got a broken down and like for instance. Peyton Manning has the most passing yards given up our two teams. He's got the most passing yards given up by the out by the cardinals. And he's got the most passing yards given up by the titans. Don't make sense titans it was 425. That's the most passing yards they get editing number and it's of that huge big not gigantic but a big number of and and the cardinals it was 479. So you know pretty impressive. I'd Dan Marino has the most passing yards given up by two teams the jets. Yeah my sons and the patriots. How many yards against the war 72 or use this sick. A few years ago what they really started that bad but don't break they give up a lot of yards this robs Gary apparently never more than now that any any game against them that was. Probably the 400 like Boomer Esiason has the most passing yards given up by two teams. The Redskins and the rams. As an MVP and breeder or about finally he had 522. Against the Redskins d.s and four in ninety against the Graham's. Our Ben Roethlisberger has the most yards given up by three teams. The ravens the Seahawks and the colts. Other way against the colts he threw for 522. Feet. Tom Brady has the most passing yards given up by four franchises. Aka the exam the most on the list right. He's the most passing yards given up by the dolphins 517. The most yards given up by the Eagles. 505. About that take that blame Jonathan the most given up by buffalo. 466. And the most given up by Pittsburgh for 32. Now that is the most. Roethlisberger is next he's he's got that the top of the list for three different franchises and there are some weird went on here. Doug Williams has the most passing are all winner ever given up by the vikings. Yeah that's on I mean it's just guts for a rocked. Our love just for the most passing yards ever given up idea that chargers that's fraud it was great it goes to the QB challenge they would never get what the best quarterbacks to do it gusts browsers like every year Elvis Kerr bock. Her box as has the most yards given up by the raiders. Five both for the big game for or against big game bred dogs Vince Eric gobble our government has the most yards given up by the bears five on nine. I mean some of these on here like Tommy Kramer. As the most iconic train ever given up by the browns and the word on so that the point here is for a guy who you know some people aren't willing to say is that. The best quarterback whoever left yet it's hard our fire it's hard to find stats where he's not right in the top group a pick whatever that want and that's what that's another reason why that's got cows Smart guy who we have on though awhile ago. Kept propping up yards per attempt at believe it that's his main go to thing because it is one of the few stats that Brady. Didn't dominate or at least certainly whatever. Random thing you look for whether it's passing yards against the team or whether it's all time passing aaron's all time touchdowns now know he doesn't have those leads. Are those records yet. But if he keeps playing anyplace lung disease says he's gonna play he's gonna continue to pass Mort I mean it's. Really Peyton Manning Brett Favre did marine dollars is kind of a conversation that he's in. Drew Brees as well actually so the detractors would say it's not him it's the system right. Tonight it's the system in the east for franchises that he tops the most passing yards in four different teams have ever given up. It's not him that you take opponents would have eighteen years to take a look at the system might sort of change the system around a little bit hey maybe try to you know get the way of of his favorite receivers or anything like that. I have a Taiwan passing leaders they'll deal visible should question for it you know who the leader. For most passing yards in a game is most you are how who threw it at how many arts. All time as the NFL record. It's not Tom Brady. All Warren Moon threw for 527 against the chiefs ones so warm order match job both had a five point seven game and those are those were tied for second. Behind norm van Brock landed maybe 554. Yards he was playing for the rams and he did that against the New York yanks now which don't exist and probably don't have much of a pass defense. I'm York jets are all adults 1951. Norm bamboo Rockland so that's the record that's the number to get to hear Tom pre. Most in this is just because I I get a kick somebody's the most receiving yards the patriots ever gave up and game the flipper Anderson. 272. Low teaser rates do what you're is that I don't know how to Charlie and again I would not I'm not familiar that is work that you didn't have again. The most rushing yards that the patriots have ever give an opening game 250. Plug the wildcat that ignited this this wouldn't be hard for you figure out with them a modicum of thought you'd say OJ Simpson. Rent for 250 against the patriots in that makes sense. There go somebody's there are our fund some of meego. Like Charlie heading and I should I don't know where I am did you call again I don't think I did now. Public and at some of these other names on the yeah on the receiving list Brian Hart line has the most. All that he probably aren't ever against the cardinals. I was probably. With Chad Henne is he at some random game attitude that he would be preferred partner the the most receiving yards in game. Flipper Anderson yet but 336. Yeah. Predict right particulates that we're going to be top Calvin Johnson 329 against the cowboys although he's at it pretty close was not a Thanksgiving game. It was Monday Night Football out of a lot of our Watson again three touchdowns in the rear camera percentage points yeah. And yet there are those who will Eliot. Tom Brady's not the best quarterback whoever left when we were talking about this yesterday somebody texting and instant oh yeah he's the master of the three yard pass. Greatest of all time my ass to pop in the low 72 out of three yard pass that on seven and I don't know I'm three yard passes there Etsy giants fans or jets fans and there are some into England dolphins fans tonight there are understood it but there are a lot of those true. At around Rhode Island they would all know what a hot Weiner is the one hands a tip any update on the hot Wiener stuff I don't think it gets here that quick now. No update yet but it is one hour from McCoy eighteen years so I don't think they're gonna drive it up our day a placenta like that. Wall got on television our problem of what we would be a rocking our hot Wiener is gear before we leave the building with we. 6177797937. Chilies in Lexington page only. And you know little power you know. And I love the new types why you got it right thank you thank you we knew that he just to go to Connecticut and rewards well now control. Oh I don't know I'm old man yeah rob Parker you know. I'm going to be just right Campbell I don't know step outs I'm gonna tell you know and I division whose new England and New England picture Tony. There does well well done very well known while playing look. Just to follow us and you are part of the industry you don't need that back it up they do need to say it made up. At all like this a lot of well actually look joked we got. You know I appreciate that. He has much stats rob Parker didn't know he probably has as much knowledge not probably has more and other that he probably does and rob Parker density is thrown out there he feels good about the pats otherwise it is Vegas the reserve Ernie Els. New thirties coming up next it is the return. I'm an old favorite in when somebody that we've been dying to bring back to you and will do it again coming out just a couple of minutes. We are probably a little more excited about new thirty today and another ten of course this is only the fifth I'd keep a more access to Bernard that we've actually kind of we didn't even do what I Monday because it was patriots Monday we're too busy rhetoric more in the studio near the Latin but there aren't but this is our third noon thirty. And it's our first opportunity to welcome back an old friend. You'll remember that during. A dealing key for dale and Holley with Keefe a big part of our final drive often was our buddy Mike princess of the sports ball. Who's been back now for several months part of the intercom family he is sister they seem out there yes and and I he'd just recently decided. Despite all his protest that this was never gonna happen he hated Hayden he was never going to be on Twitter and then it was on Twitter they asked me your best musical guarding gore and what are we signed up and had his first week at the putter headquarters had had to do it there how many guys heard about but yes he's always sell it or not only is he all in on Twitter athlete or that means. Is very first. Twitter. Q and. I look but it would. Take some questions. From the equity university and make him good those who would want to please them all here for a couple of minutes. When and we're at the wonderful Twitter headquarters here in New York City level these little gadgets and games though was. We'll take some questions that ask France a socialist so. First off some people do Twitter Q and raised you probably don't know where he'd do it sitting here I can do it he's just like you are right there or you can also duo where people just. Rights to use a million questions and then you answer you rights questions. Or answers Wednesday back and he does do that back and forth for as long as you wanted to that's for everybody doubts he's got the almost solved or on revenue wonderful Twitter headquarters here. It's good to be yeah you're on I excellence let's let's fast tracked these babies because Francis is only got a few minutes Sierra and that's the point let's start right out of the call a lot is Joseph Flacco. And the league. Courted the answer is resounding blow. That was great that was pfc comment on wait that's it. Take a tough enough he's got a question we get there but that is a does it. Tremendous thing that they've lived on their bar stool and pfc. Is Joseph Flacco the threats as they have no idea where it's gone from Horry because it's a serious questions says now. There I mean I was collateral and at that Mike would you know. Tell you why or who is elderly residential. I guess that if you're gonna ask him a yes no question though you might get a yes no it's all right so maybe maybe this next question won't be yes no question back. Who's the person whose opinion you happy here when there's a big sports story that's easy mark. Eight so he was asking him hooted Hughes whose opinion do you wanna hear he's like a month. That's like a kitten the Little League World Series that was a favor with a fair athlete myself. Same thing. Their own personal opinion you happy here when there's a big sports story that's easy mart. East peerless wouldn't he already know he has he wouldn't exactly actually after a break here he already knows he has right they did decide the other respect anybody else in the sports. Media I got pretty clear whether you would imagine somebody else so this morning in the office. We were trying to scare the crap out of each other yes and we knew we pulled up the normally do we pulled up the national trail asked yeah I quickly pulled the trailer for the movie then down the nod coming out a few which is coming on a few weeks and and it's a little scary it's varies so. So I'm guessing that mics have big scary I'll probably. I don't watch. I think that's well you know what I like. Boy meets girl boy loses girl boy ago gets girl back good triumphs over evil. Give me those kind of movies or you know real stories of the but I can't stand our movies. I never like them to like him as kids so I don't have a favorite horror movie IEC arm. Let's rom coms. That's where he likes he likes boy loses girl boy gets girl pretty woman girl boy loses girl boy ago. Boy or girl prays boy pretty well and brings a tear to recite every single time issues a prostitute knew all was. I refuse to believe that was the only those kind of movies rule you know real stories on the chance to arm movie's big notebook and I've got like it was -- so I don't have a favorite movie I see arm do you have a favorite horror movie line the wait is longest answer so far has been on our formal BM which he doesn't watch you night. C arm hate some you also doesn't want science fiction. If you're really closing the doors off the caller wanted on six and movies all that's on his caught up people. I have heard and I saw Star Wars before and I suggest that he's probably not going to be against on the dork podcast and tunnels since you've got all rom coms. When we talk all movies on the door podcasts. I think that you brought a lot of gas mostly science fiction or a moral honest all right we have an account books. We've heard him talk about avengers the path he was he's not a huge in the avengers film probably are right so Adam we know what he thinks about horror movies let's see what is next hot take he has. Canyon coal you awards cool ever well many of you out there half hearted for that title promise. So many of you that I probably couldn't decide which one of you would get the distinction but I promise you many of you knew what he. They just timeline. For work school promises so keep trust. Everybody is. Every call every now all of you out there are tied for worst call. And yet every day he just takes ability calls everything they hate the ball takes takes the ball so let's be honest one of the things that excited us the line. Yeah I think Lucie actually brought this to our attention originally was the fact that. Mike's got a new app coming out well that's really I don't play I haven't really heard much of outlined yet he's revolutionizing the game Mike presses new app and I honestly believe it's the only reason why is back on the air in he's why he's on Twitter the cells are athletes winner. Maybe even wise back on the air I think he's just promoting his new app. Is either out. Yet though it's not out yet it's supposed to be out in time for football season I believe to coincide with his Sunday show I think but it's supposed to be something like we've never seen before. I bet it's not I bet it's more of the same event it's just the act. This is a great question will you be on the app regularly. This that will be made the right here there's and that's the reason that I came back and that's everything that we have planned this. This app is about me it's going to be. Media on it all the time it eventually will be my broadcast homes so. I will be on it be on it all the time I will be on it crazy hours I might be on that 7 in the morning beyond that who in the evening at 2 AM after a big games so. Yes I will be on the all the time I promise you you'll get sick of me LB on capsule. You know there's something about it's going to be OID 2 o'clock in the morning. Two way different route and a T shirt is underwear probably two months. Belching in suburb is back on as he ever have to go to Twitter headquarters every time what's the use that I'm hoping he's able to do it at home but I don't know. We are out we are all the ball three of us I don't know about Lucy but Jason and and Richard Meyer unabashed. Fans of Conrad Thompson yes it was revolutionized. The wrestling podcast industry. He's got three of them out there right now that are gigantic Earle Bruce Richard you know kill Eric fish off and Tony Shibani. And he's now got all of these guys on what's called patriot on. Sounds a lot like Mike princess is that they're kind of does is out on their Hillary you're up at all hours of the day in nine yeah I guess it's probably not going to be a free the and that Stuart also says it is. He goes and pretty soon that's broadcast on the audio at my broadcast on meet somebody tell David Field yeah I don't think he's gonna be the greatest long and so I think he's gonna. But it he's Smart he'll wait until the app gets really popular if it does if he had a lot of people there if he can try to monetize that. That I came back and that's everything that we have planned this. This app is about me it's gonna be me on it all the time it eventually will be my broadcast home. So what does that will be honored to fans I would say not sounds like so eventually as he's gonna do this another retirement to work for Mike princesses that could be. And then now parts gotten get the old time slot back him on other networks and another ball final one that we I don't know how many of these questions he actually took but the final one that blend elements let's be honest. This is the question that if you had been on there yes this is the one you would ask. The court. But the question is when is the last time you fell asleep on the air the answer obviously is I don't know if I was asleep on Leno was pleased. There pretty intimate thoughts from now I know there's no so last night I fell asleep. I know that I. Metal plate and I woke up from my sleep. I feel it most of us you did you sleep last night though. Did you know not as much as I would like I did ask data quality and I'll buy into that did you sleep at all and did you know that you slap yes I was barely aware it's not one of those things where. A few black out you eventually know that you blacked out while loading fell asleep talking about is trying to be creative and funny and serie did fall asleep at this. Being as obvious is I don't know if I was asleep how what I know was lead. This is an inception but you fell asleep and you woke up that's ID falsely at all what happened awed must've fallen asleep. We saw it costs and he fell asleep that we saw you're doing a Yankee interview with Sweeny Murti are murky. Who's going on and on and on and on and on about. The Yankees and he dozed off that he woke up and he looked like you know I a lot of fifteenth. Here's the profit might that you were on TV we will isolate yeah he woke up W shocking news still on the air. I arm. That's disappointing that let me in my catalog common not mark and I guess not. I don't want science fiction movies I watched caught up people you know for thirteen people movies I mean. See that was part or whole discussion this morning in the office about form that he wants south of the lambs that was not a great film there like that the harm. Yeah and more of a psychological thing they're a great war movies of all time now we have got stated I don't. How voted docile lambs is just horrible one. We need more votes Lucy got the phone talking that is the only guy who's got off the phone without person really to tie this up. Lucy silence of the lambs or movie yes or no. I think more psychological. Thank you see every movie doesn't have to have one genre you know happy yeah we just for the content of this horror movies in nominated for a cat in the port. That was one of the very few yet there's one as well as an honor I was getting six cents law's success of the and so arm yeah it is hard. You heard me. Cholera. For. Policy arm. I think it's normally accounts I wouldn't I look that's on the what does it say you're getting from yeah. I think if I had it on it found a big something. You know to see something duties Google and I am woke up at the privacy finally silence of the lambs according to oh I don't know Wikipedia. If I ever heard merited a 1991. American psychological. Thriller are. And Obama. Not giving it a point warm movie taxing it right now. Texas right now horrible they're on I'm with friends I want us to quit it's portable it's beautiful south of the lambs. On the O'Keefe WEEI. Or movie yes or Marino idea next time I'm with princess on this I have no desire to select the saw movies Knoll with thank you they're pretty good. I'm not interest Donnie wall Byrd turns held a performance. In the sack the dying Wahlberg six cents yeah active either on hormones. Yeah these are movies on it is right now movie so all is not horrible that's like a year Tellme Hannibal Lecter at Buffalo Bill earnings on horrible it's a psychological thriller. On that's got or written all over this horror horror movies can be thrilling in thriller movies can be horrifying. This is like an idiot that this does not write or. To answer the scariest movie I ever saw was the exorcist. That wins for me yeah that is those that there's areas to this. And I've seen it you know a number of times sense that yes. Still scares the crap out. By the way congratulations to Mike GRE. Yeah this is at a price on behalf of the NFL network. Mike has left NBC sports Boston we told you that we could to a golf he will be based in Boston covering the patriots for the NFL network. Pretty good I mean if he couldn't go cover Jimmy drop low that's perfect. That's true speaking of NBC sports Boston gets his hit on early edition tonight. This guy. You can do that now lies jerk and I'm all I can I can do whatever show they wanted to do now I have all the time in the world. And so probably thanks to might not be there I'm going to be at 6 o'clock tonight and Lou not being available. That's true so there's two guys down next man Opteron David and all the folks aren't well they are sure a lot of people said no again but here I am to 6 o'clock. Tune it. So there's been some discussion a broad especially this offseason around the NFL you know is Tom Brady the greatest quarterback. A lot of people talked about whether or not Bill Belichick is the greatest coach I don't know all whole Lotta people. Or still throwing shaded that argument. Anybody although people with the other guy I mean I guess they'd say Chuck Noll okay Vince Lombardi I hear you gotta go back quite a way you have to go back a ways but I think most people now. Kind of acknowledge at this point. That Bill Belichick is is the greatest quarterback whoever let itself. They had this discussion yesterday on first take right guard and it's. It's DNA in its Max. And it's Malik Wear him and I said Curome Curome your apologized just got married to Jalen Rose right about the congratulate congratulations to those two kids and and and there was something on there Jerry thorn or buddy Terry Thornton wrote about this today it jumped out at him and it's sort of jumped out and us as well. Only the greatest. NFL coach of all time he is the greatest foot. All despite heated the legit argument right if you're filming people's practices accent or don't fully. They made the deal. I think this leading thought it through those who don't know check back in Tom Brady jamaicans from him I don't want to take O'Donnell well I do other things all. Right I'll. I had people he's not running I think you know bell attacks you why. He seems really disgust me you write well. Our style makes you realize I don't yeah I got out in a good amount. That'd be radical right didn't he well then again. And so we got to go back oh yeah there is nothing there that would jump that's something Molly said now somebody recently set not recently not long ago say something similar storm on ESPN has not apologized while she didn't they apologized at like 2 o'clock in the morning and wealth try to take it back but. Molly I just want to point out one tiny little factual error in your argument you know. How about despite heated a legit argument right if you're filming people's practices this guy. Why. Molly that happened. That happened. And I got it wrong they had to apologize and a regular audacity I've apologized at 2 o'clock tomorrow morning for molecule rooms populate the answer is yes and I feel like they will probably the author of the issues that they did it for Hannah Storm on. With a sports senator wherever she said it. The third that definitely gonna have to do that. That's not true and honest to god it just becomes it becomes urban legend after awhile why you know they felt team's practices. We know and on they accidentally they didn't vote. While the spiky did a legit argument right if you're filming people's practices at center. Except Iraq etc. that covering and that does that say you're all right senator what I've met Dick Sutter apart is probably true. The first part is just does wrong she took off the block a hook for deflate gauge yeah Doug mills bought first of the issue could blame him for that to what is happening here. But that she's saying they'll bounce or maybe not the greatest coach of all time because today they filmed other teams press practice. There a little out of it's just well the good yeah she's she's upset about it so passionate said we think ESPN is gonna correctness Helm now. Although no they will though there's enough anger pictures stands that'll get after him I think in and they will. Because they had a correct one before I think they will witness I don't know when they'll do it or how they'll do they'll probably be. Pathetic it'll be you know super elated I might end but the midnight sports that are sort of a by the way you know moment here under a segment first eight. Wrongfully set of pictures filmed practices with dean's okay. So I've I wouldn't be surprised there was some sort of statement. So in and this is something important pointed out when he wrote about this taking ESP and task. And any goes back to be Danny Ainge tree Rollins battle yet as he points out the belief to this day is that Danny Ainge big tree Rollins. Even though it was the exact opposite right there's our. There's photographs of pre Rollins with Danny Ainge his fingers in his mouth. And it and it and yet you know there will be people even suggest forever. Tell you category of the danger victory erupts now this is of a second Maliki Ernst winner she hasn't treated like a week so there's no. Apology there. We'll see if ESPN doesn't but I'd that they and they don't the problem is that don't have enough viewers. Actually tell them that they that's wrong true too but now that. Only eight. That's you know the lady if I'm. But now that we mentioned David that world carrier if Jerry towards writing about it on parcel that'll sort of push that forward and the big enough people to sort of just bombard them with tweets and emails of phone called diesel call people date column. Though is something. It'll be buried he'll be tucked away it goes to move on the Hannah Storm it was literally like 2 o'clock in the morning on sports center and hit a storms opulent one but it there's. A lot of former athletes are former football players I should say that. Keep that going to do. It's one thing for them to say when it's one thing for. A random X player being interviewed about it they just thrown that out there. Bode worker one of these networks in your spouse you mention. To get it right out of it probably helped. Now this is this is the deal and I mean this all goes back to the front page piece that John Tomas he wrote the Boston. After about the president go to it's great but it seems. This all this all goes back to that which by the way they retracted right they apologized for. You're gonna apologized front and back pages of the paper ten years ago and there's a bit this was this was retracted a signal that was wrong it never happened. And yet the minute it hit the printed page. For much of America it then became fact from the state for. All that happens all the time now would we all these stories like fig about what was going on in in Hollywood you Edmonds still is but he can go back a couple months or is really going and you just read headlines just scroll through. Headlines of what these guys most that most the time guys were accused of if you just read the headline you'd never circle back. Right there was a few guys that it found out didn't do a thing in and there are others are or terrible people but they were all linked together as. As like Neil monsters are creeps or whatever they work. And the ones that come out later on Beck oh. That once or that we had I think Aziz ansari is one of them because these odds are that that didn't actually happen with him the death but for a little while it accuses the headline that the some people. Never hear the updated version in and they continue to tell that story. Bill Belichick was guilty of spy game. Right he pled guilty of spiked my deal paid their punished they videotaped. The jets. Place calls on the sideline right in the wrong spot and Iran thought after being told to not to go out and yet for America. Spy gate in walk throughs and practices exactly which by the way into leader. Now stated that the first story was they taped the rams' walk through before the Super Bowl right. In the arson in the superdome is convinced that that happen said that. That we ever overlook all over secret stuff been that they could never of known and they knew what was common. And then it became the practices they were videotaping practices right for America you are never gonna change this. Is that our guide John Richie wasn't he saying that two members and WIP without one of his big claims. Are over you have that anymore but. I think he was would their one of his ranch is probably out at me for my role on the show. But that he got into night again kinda I know that he did I appreciate that John Reid thank you for your time in the league. But he was going on and on about you know does the team that dictate practice. Practice. Personally yes I'm not a bad -- he's a dictate our practice but yet the Eagles at the time of that that Donovan McNabb Sudan had nothing to do with Donovan McNabb throwing up on a shoe and is is is his the hotter than hot take that he had now that mine a jog my memory. Was that the patriots won their first Super Bowl because it was 9/11. And then and it fell one rigged it they're the patriots. After all red white and blue spots like I don't I can't take anything you say seriously. But yeah he was there there are typically take our walk through an a for the ball. The wrong stores but the rams' walk through nine are what indoors I just taken values exaggerating you're adding year old little wrinkle to a but that does that then mean that. That's gonna continue to happen but my Curome is not in the last person to sort of put that kind of false narrative out there. Right because there's enough people that that believe it or they just read the first article or. And nowadays they didn't even all or they listen to first take or or or watching them or whatever they they hear me 1030 ESPN gonna say this same thing Long Island just keep saying. Eggs open whatever you're such as Microsoft think the over Hannah Storm and Molly care among the only ones who set it on ES an extra. So they're just the most recent right at it'll continue to happen. Yuppie guys that I went there there comes a time for our peak and this is the time or get lather up for the Eagles and patriots. And I turned the Florida you John I hand the football you know an insult you John Richie your hatred of the New England Patriots the floors here hero John Richie W. A checkered history. Practicing and we are patriots go to my teams in the patriots. Dave videotape their practices thought and I met Roger you know. The story detail others is actually via videotape their practices. The B it is in the super and after watching those videos of the and seemingly knew a lot of what we're doing really bothers me we'll never know. I put exactly on how much that helped them that's disgusting. No one other than John Richie as ever said that the patriots videotaped the Eagles. Practices Japanese saying it hasn't ever been thing he's an eighteen like it was fact. Here's the deal we have a checkered history is Bosnia on the raiders during this the tuck rule interviewed on that teams that's fine we'll talk about that screwy rule whatever. What he's saying it like it is absolute. Fact. So everybody listening to WIP in Philly it's a great station down there they're listening to him and a that the attitude Eagles practice to. So they knew what was coming. A B dot abbey on a growing up in the huddle and we don't read his hands around his neck I don't think that if you do with it and walked in Philadelphia fans are pretty stupid. Well as a guest on their radio host is me that tying review of atrocity at aha. Enter a I. My god this is fantastic. Johnny Mac yeah drop an awesome thank you Johnny appreciate that's. No this is Ambac and they've you remembered Graham doable time we were taking some of their shall playing it's an out John Richie tries that courtly despite heat. It I mean whether followed the page does winning a listen and pay a little bit in the patriots paid. Things young wrong word Barak must be an illegal thing to kinda get up based on this game where I think this you know looked like. Let's talk some football. Yesterday we're just you know. Reminiscing in insert serve confiding in one another what we do like about them but I mean why does the buyer they go on that wire they use in our show. Amid yes they need some help with content. So there actually are direct competition now because thousand we're afternoons they are actually the Mitt Idaho there they're afternoon shall we loved Leo on of those guys beside our cal finally it does not among them those were or some good news is that. Marks and resells guys. Also now or head to head with the I would John Richie and the other guy the that he is on the run by the way just because we played the audio from your show John right. Doesn't mean that it's now right. We were actually point out John that that that you were wrong right rather than others you know you want your quote god we don't want another play whoever said that the patriots tough and Eagles practice looked down their citizen to zero push back on that suggest is get our yet they did I don't. Violate the what did they saw on first take so Molly Curome is sitting there with The Who Max and Stephen and that's the show believe. Ryan Clark was and is it right all or Ryan Clark certainly of the got to correct them Ali's smokes he's fought like our etiquette are doctors do. But none no cracks that are. They're all on the pill together and they could've just said. Now Molly that didn't happen to like we need you mean you know that the beginning that signals the signals of the jets our practices but they'll just the kind of nod and oh yeah who. And so people in your right is a real limited group but that the people who were there to listen to it may just take it as gospel. And so it to answer question about will this keep happening probably it probably it's gonna keep getting brought up. You know the the longer Brady and Belichick are still the patriots the more of the legacy talk is gonna continue. And that is it's a part of their stories and I I get that to just make sure you get the facts right did anybody at ESPN. Dropped Molly at quick email on Molly by the way. I do apologize about this once before when it was set on our air I doubt it wasn't true not yet anyway until they all of what happened yesterday. I'll show them Russo that was yesterday's show react on when if you don't want to honestly I don't know which was yesterday shell. And I haven't read anything on ESPN cents. Yes so that's probably just feel they look I don't fly or you get or you get the 2 AM burial but awed by the way. Something was set on first take today that was incorrect and pass through the half truth.