Dale & Keefe - WEEI Week In Review 6-22-18

Dale & Keefe
Friday, June 22nd
Stepping in for Keefe this week, Jason Rossi brings some of the best highlights from the week that was at WEEI for Dale, Andy, and Greg's listening pleasure.  We have everything from completely embarassing misspellings to food analogies to the return of Angry Lou and someone tried to steal Keefe's Keys?!

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Playing the part of rich keep this afternoon performance. Is none other than Jason rocks. Right now I was here all week like you so it's well. It's gonna charity thing that night that Ross well he was that incident I shot the what you there was I don't. I was like no that's I thought I'd be better wouldn't it. Well listen Greg its purpose I would be here on Monday I want. What I hear them found young and they write me at all about this triple here on Monday night actually the third man that hurts right there. You know I want you all his Greg I wanna keep US. In the re no different and a runner they didn't get how to win three year difference. Anyway Greg was in and he had a little of the difficulty. Spelling words idols fine. Supplies with a capital DI ES. Soccer. But I know the World Cup is going on in England in the leg and one. Nil nil to all record you're at right right I will note wreck happening now I know yet. So the break I am I am not try and Hugo activists that I know he's the podcast. Soccer. The rest of it I don't have spell check in my brain we don't know sweetly you more heat community behind it stiff overreacted at all obviously not. Right and he had a putting all I and the guy and a bath and it was. After Rossi and Andy pointed Al Mahdi well thanks to a number of factors and and whatnot. And keep all the at all has he told you the story of when he took his SAT scores to his college and the public with the football coach somebody when every played there. And the coach said it what you taking these quote and he said what Jimmy had. No he's not a bright well we don't don't take offense that there is any reason most of us do radio related or have been written and with them that's more now until Wednesday this is on the Greg and any time orderly when it comes coaching and the frustrations. And I know great gonna trap them who make some moves to make you move out here a little later on this evening. Jobs and Lou angry little made a big return this week on just about that. Meanwhile attorney asserts we get right to gates was to be at 530 on Saturday I don't know the Bradley changed. The bracket chase not 530 on Sunday I got to do the baseball show on the Nicholson has regularly at 630 so what do we do. We all those you've got it that's very true that I don't think it's basically back Saturday. For a multiple of 34 blocks like it just most kids it's all about the picture of trying to piece of fundamentals the all right so what do I get I don't know. Oh no. Though we don't audible. A little whatever he had taken the parents refuse to navigate back to Saturday or you're going to force thirties we could have a coaching staff there. Expert Pillsbury refuses to move the game at eight year old son Juan who gets. Eleven banners. Is it you do it at home at every longtime. Youth sports coach I can say. We've. All the fervor might being. No it is not always about the care never is it sometimes. I'm on off and usually in now when we also Alex Cora in our cities on the phone speak. And interesting analogy when it comes to baseball rumors and somebody's favorite dinner. It's like where you're cooking pot luck you know how it is you grabbed noodles you brought to the wall and some of them stick and the other ones don't stick. I think that the wayward comically and I saw that live there so one of the guys ask me I can go I can go by to my. Media experience you know audio CNN I can only had words you know like sometimes. What you see he's not the troop. So Alex Cora says it ESPN they just throw bleach the tables a bit yeah some of them stick and wants don't. I now now. He's the original estimate not a box broke up against. It costs and any time I have not won against like I did I've got all I've done throughout. In the past just take one little noodle I just keep. You choose but I didn't get a taste of all the wall one way one ED I can and we did in college we just leave it there. It was a race. And yes there was some copyright and going on. Taking a shot RT a part of options. Or did you hear your keys to this game but only deleting keys he's actually deliver and that's what sort of heard eagle flaky and McCain there are these renegades immediately end. It's got like I don't important looks good when he puts me runners in scoring position. By the outfield grass for the knock him some advice and act. But it gap jumped in front of the ball do anything. If I think it. Is hey it originated like they like he's done the keys don't work. With baseball. And truthfully I think that's why he's not here and he was solves that when he found out they ripped off is gimmick yesterday. I ripping all these old Lee ripping on is getting all the way keeps Judy's imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But in this business it's Italy it's been infringement all of us who don't steal everything I say is averaging 100% reply that Yankee game on yesterday to one count them but this conversation and it to him. Only two all drafted players have ever. Made an all star team. Ben Wallace and Brad Miller. Brad Miller had a tattoo of scrappy the laws are. Of course it's movies that you scrappy would help them solve mystery. Horse cart. No he's not. I brought ruin to know ruinous you shut about scrapping the ruined the show or did he make it better he. Jumping the art twenty years earlier it was that he should relative who bratwurst it. Scrappy it was incredible integrated vision. I'm against crappy consent of a lot likes movies did no he was noisy they don't look. That you. Adam that you don't you. Super fights he was shot great volleys very feisty. You scrappy he didn't fit the holes yes. Did it will be added that you. Wanted to solve mysteries of the product in the van and he he had another comedic element to the show which they needed at that time. Aren't back the power of the problem poppy I got a little crazy at the end and that's fine public power because our parents did gable wanna. Wrote about it that might result but yeah I like that might I add text suggests that this segment is like that he. Toddlers at night put it out at the height. And it's lucky bogey in cash and I've heard of them I heard aren't those just facts. Keeps back well sometimes there's actually there's going to be important their key what I sixteenth two whatever and the players are always on sticky backs. There's also no liberation. Act I'd like him to keep it to keys and I just kept back I would proving you can't successfully articulate fat I would prefer to be back period. I didn't expect them. I'll violently like adding cousin Oliver to the rate on. An awful good Q melt battery.