Dale & Keefe - What are the chances of David Price opts out?  Why Hanley Ramirez isn’t on a major league team

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Tuesday, June 12th
Hour 2: Dale, Keefe and James are back for the second hour talking about how Betts is leading the All-Star voting. Jackie Bradley Jr. still has an option left, should he be sent down? Dale tells a story about how an interview with Cora was lost and he was more than happy to redo it which spirals into a conversation about Cora v. Farrell.

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Yeah. All I hear is. We got more GM again. It worked at Indian crew from now on. Hop out of its unveiling keep it in Riyadh is thought he is glad shortly seems to have an unhealthy obsession with. Well he told me we're very attractive man how long I've noticed and I appreciate that pretty good that's that you know I can appreciate that that's it. So last night the Boston Red Sox beat Baltimore Orioles took them a lot of innings to do it but they reached the 45 when mark on the season. They have three more wins then New York Seattle and Houston who each each have 42. Although in this weird. Winning percentage thing that they've got because the Yankees split a lot fewer games. The Red Sox are 45 and 22 the Yankees are 42 in nineteen. Somehow some way they're saying they're tied but admits beside the point who cares what we know is that that they've got more wins than any other team in baseball. Today the first balloting update was done by Major League Baseball for the all star game. And for those of you who keep track of this stuff Mitch Moreland is in second place at first base. The permits behind Jose Abreu actually having a pretty good year I don't know and I got no issues with that. Again nobody at second and nobody at third. That got nobody it's short. JD Martinez is leading in in the DH category by a lot is it really by a lot Melissa I don't Arnold Stan and I show him Tommy start. I'm shocked shown at times on runaway. JD Martinez tell Islam has just north of 513. Thousand votes. John Carlos Stanton is second with 231000. Show hey Tony is 3218. Thousands of fans almost never get it right. And not the case RJ Martinez has been the best he deserves to be there is that the first half and VP he's been incredible. But I just thought that old Tommy just people who see the name involved formulas. Nobody catcher obviously yeah. But among outfielders it's interesting not only does smoky bets lead in the outfield balloting. Ahead of Mike proud Mary and judge. His 748872. Votes is the most in Major League Baseball for any player at any position. But we'll keep that has the most votes in Major League Baseball is the most popular player based he hasn't played in two weeks either and he's been out for fourteen game has returned last night finally. But you know if you look at some of the numbers and yeah I never know what to use you know 'cause batting averages out dated I understand all of that. Let's go and a please I hate to give us safer and over aren't Obama out I don't yeah yes they do they know there's still a good I like those Italy believe me I'll take home runs RBIs batting average over OP yesterday back. Well just for the sake of argument if we use war wins above replacement might trots the best offensive player in the game yet he is but the Red Sox are two and four. We'll keep bets his second. Jose Ramirez is third and then JD Martinez's fourth. So the Red Sox according to offensive wins above replacement numbers have two of the four best players in baseball. Yes it's off the charts and the 12 punch again. They were passing record set by or numbers set by Manny Ortiz I never thought in my lifetime and never see another Manny Ortiz do blow dealt and I don't they don't it back to back in the lineup but those guys did but just the overall numbers the home from the RBI. You know PS if you wanna throw one more final all those numbers together. This duo and I know it's only. Half type the first half of the season a time and over yet but it's. Were a few months into the season they are on par with the best mania or T seasons it's it's absolutely wide Dino the most amazing thing about this. Souza moves we've seen countless guys come into this market I stink at Edgar Renteria after he came over when. And he won a World Series with the Marlins in and he struggled here each really struggled and Jeannie Martinez is unfazed. But he doesn't matter dare he doesn't give you that at this hyper critical environment he's just so locked to any so dialed in an obsessed with hitting. And the thing that worries me though the most about these team is that. Like why easing Joseph Kelly in the seventh inning he should be the eighth inning guy stopped using in the seventh and I don't like that. It is this the saudis and this area of ethnic. But after the cleanup spot that dale this lineup is not good. It's very weak app to get that 45 hitter it's very weak they have the number two run differential number in Major League Baseball second only to Houston. JBJ should be in AAA he's batting what 196. It got hot streak can upload a buck ninety something 196. By the way at the Red Sox are now first and in the American in Major League Baseball in runs scored. And all this I now I just. Told they stink after the cleanup is they don't do like this sort they put five more games in the dailies so they'll probably right that the Yankees so they're tough to say they support will be one less one per game with Al move while he was out there for two weeks that they could wind on two sac flies an extra innings to beat the freaking Orioles to work a T I don't even know they can beat the University of Florida right now. They are right now. More wins than any team in Major League Baseball and number two run differential number one and runs scored. And you're worried about style points lists in this league long term is that this can catch up to. Like I think there'll be the predator I think one through five is out I'll try ballparks in the outside they want to fire a pretty good whereas before they were looking at your same Ari. Catcher's not meaning to you rather than anybody at seven guys hitting well the reality of the second base and really getting much out of Utah Pedroia is gonna return and help that none obvious and OpenId said he will eventually. I don't know how how how I don't know he well I don't I don't have a out of there's no guarantee on that a player goes to you or to get a value we deal it's not good. An asset that what they told in New York was your good now your lie and I hope the hope we can produce on the field. The one of them like devers is is right and yeah zone and it is a sophomore slump the one thing about this team and I'm just looking at it. Would Dombrowski took over the the fifth ranked. Farm system according to baseball America they are now down 24. So I'll just. These stickers and he's gonna be easy use those things to put together this team all and it's which by the way out of that that was so the windows there the winner but. Sales gonna Pharmacia and increase in panic you don't win this thing could've really done it the Red Sox could've kept this thing going with. With a lot a young prospects it was after the won the World Series and when he thirteen between fourteen trade deadline chairing tendon Lucchino. They had an option to trade in Drew Miller Lester and Lackey for a lot of young and looked really good prospects like Keith law. Top 100 prospect the and that's why this farm system is where it sat. I don't care farm system I never did long term the farm system is primarily used to do exactly what the browse he's done which is build this. Stan but the real question is also on the trade deadline comes up a month and a half what they don't have anything to deal a what do they need it only a deal together. They want is that where the money that it's going to be tough for me do it anyway a ball that luxury tax payments will be tricky. But also if you're market in the it's it's a competitive market for another reliever to throw and there are Kimberlin Kelly and whoever else. Wall or you have anything to offer anybody yet you could had not anymore but you could offer nearly. The trade deadline he got 497 plate appearance on now Arnold what it gotten for. But anyway you would've gotten in for probably nothing I mean nobody wanted that contract not known once and now think later saw Adam for nothing BC they don't hang out got a ways of handling does not been nothing but I don't why doesn't apply. He wants if you get paid anyway legality it's running right it's that so it was not such a good time of the aliens were in the catching equipment in the dugout how -- blast that wacky funds there in a thirty you know he parts look in the TV twelve play I don't mean that the notes you know doesn't really good shape that's true is generally generally good month April. And and then unfortunately they haven't they flipped the two hour well he was a full dirty trick on he was the third. Heist hitter on this team it's got to go he had. Heard all year. Your second or third the other day that it like five or six times and include the last the united this year will be the third time on right Andy dawn yet it and it's so I think missing him. Not now well well I mean my public support over the last week it went three entering the home state yet because I am hitting it well scored two last night Amos and now they just say overall they miss Hanley Ramirez southern miss rookie that's the thing that's what they meant that famous and he came back last night for what it meant was his departure meant Mitch Moreland played more. And should have. I think Mitch Moreland. Will receive your finally slow but it which morals author of great start and and deserve to play more. But you have to be prepared when that runs out down so if he. Moreland now goes over five last nights using 287 so if he hits 260. For the year to fifty for the year regrets shock anybody if students like that that's always and the average the one thing I'm interest to see how old. Alex Cora please as long term is GD PGA. Because he has an option. He can be go to triple a Pawtucket just right he does have an option left. How is that all 189 by the way what are eight you know I don't OK so let's play that game out of that you sent him down what he went Trout field looked. Well I mean it's gonna be GD. Looking back and then your DH its him. Mean like you could. I am. At what. You do general I guess your party giving up something defensively when you do that I'm not saying I Iran and saying you're not as good defense of late and Martina is once that field it's probably Nunez or devers right yeah and anyplace holds up auditorium and probably a whole lot better. Well no but I mean Jackie Bradley junior is an automatic outs so there there is that a big deal 189. And stay to have bottom saying. If if your Alix Korey got us all right if I do that then what do I do. I mean there's there's ways in an meeting devers needs to be taken because obviously you can see he's having major issues at third this year. You can tell it's it's he wasn't good defend tightly last year when are we not that he got a great defensive third baseman may be because he's struggling he's also it's kid yet he is a kid can but may be putting him that at the DH positions we can just concentrating on hitting. Would probably be good thing. The other Red Sox have the most wins in baseball. They've got two of the top four offensive players in baseball chicks dig the long ball leopard that lets hope so yeah that's the thing that matters. And yet. I haven't seized the attention for folks around here yet have the boy you know they've got a manager by the way government loves everybody we we we got that the cut we played in the open. He's laughing at Nunez who took a ball in the stomach. I might not edit out en route out of committee and you know I mean everybody loves the guy everybody does so what is it people are buying into. While an army just that rookie that's as the most votes and he's the most popular guy at all baseball Judy martz he can't allow those 100000 votes from boss not just from here bugs are those guys they're they're behind and on those guys it's gonna come down to the pitching in the playoffs and unfortunately you can't solve that in the middle of June. The operative word achieved she said Sadie. Off on playoffs. Dale first two round exits swept by Cleveland in Tony sixteen and beat delicate drop by Houston when he seventeen out they wanted to reach regular season the demeaning thing. Says David Price gave a video games in the clubhouse and took a warnings he's been he's been really got they've won six straight starts when David Price is on the mound Red Sox got sick he hasn't won them all but they have. What was it. I know I'm a solid some petulant spoiled. You know baseball and just looking at this long term because here's what's gonna happen. The Red Sox don't win a 103 games this year but the Yankees are probably 106. Race. So it's like you're going to be played in a one game wild card against Seattle. Yeah that's good or it. That's you'd be facing Trout. And it pulled toll that it's a Dicey proposition threats they're gonna get triple figures in terms of wins this year they are. But DL you know as well as I do nobody gives a rat's ass about American we. He's theaters round here mountain and I'm not suggesting that they showed what I'm saying is this a good team isn't very good they're fun to watch yup you know they they they seem to play the right way they seemed like each other that was 11 thing I was able to do. When I was in Houston last week and I was able to be in the club house on a consistent basis and just watch. Watch them pregame watched them out on the field. I didn't have a sense until I did that they really like each other and in this that there this team is really tight at it also leads me back to handling about it. Because I do think that in Alex's mind. When I start sitting him down the soccer or no he's gonna he's gonna. Turn against what I've got building in the rest of that allows feel and I can't let that be apart of and I think that's exactly why they decide. No makes sense than going back to earning it happened that it was his idea you know the further what you need to make this work each have had against lefties. Book Cora knows better than even the browns Q does as far as what he thinks the impact of a clubhouse and he. Who so yeah it earlier was the Dombrowski Marty move or hey let's get another player here this is course and I like what we have been here. And I wanna continue this and I feel that if we start to change playing time it's not going to be the same and that could be that could be your downfall you know the one thing last year the wine sort of sin and and that was to strive for the 2017 Boston Red Sox was on likable. You heard that. Off it. But that was it really there was one guy goes we'll died but but you know what else while Pedroia is worth r.s borrow one and lap like a right you don't also was a likable which is addition by subtraction as Sharon I'm not talk about Hanley Ramirez. The we Indians repeat thing they got rid of that failure of that and I think that's a good thing what is realistic opportunity though they ought not be all right he's saying now they've other people from the outside. You know your highest. Paid player. Your longest tenured player in your manager. So it doesn't matter how likeable the rest of the team won is when those three guys stake out a guy I have a hard time and here's the guy is the only manager in Red Sox franchise history to win back to back division side he wanted to earlier he did win a World Series. And yet he's consultant. Dick Cheney and did on managerial job when guys who never managed before late in by the way I'm. The only got rid of one managers since he got fired here Cincinnati. What about the battles while he will be works for some that I immediately got LJ Martinez of Washington the debts of Mickey Mickey how. Don't but they they were hired before I'm saying before it wasn't an option for him what they had managers in place. Now if you wanna say Cincinnati based fired a guy cents. John Farrell was available right they decided now we're good we're gonna go the interim report Rolen Jim read a woman and her backpack had not robbery occurred at not a rocket. Eight the one thing I will say though when you you look at Ferrell that's a big thing addition by subtraction is that. This team you can tell just by als course presents they're they're a different team and Ana and I and I'm just wondering I'm wondering if he comes back a when he does come back. If you looked horrible. He looked like gene belong and if he wasn't ready. He's now the Indy you need to keep him down there until he's really ready to get the Red Sox on the whole including this season. We that he struck back after a lifetime deal and that's like why. I just on the is going to be that big an issue Pope now short term yes he's not ready he wasn't ready. Eight tried to push his way back into quick they've backed him off he would go get a second opinion the doctors is gone and everything's fine you're doing fine. And so now he gets the relief like I. I I like watching this team. Are you that the funnel to the nest and ratings are up by the way I get a side in my life and allow the radio ratings are as well yeah I know that it's good for business right people are watching they are listening there. That is the only reason they're not talking about the Red Sox is because we keep talking about Brady invalid jacket across. I agree it was a four hours a day seven days a week LeBron and that's. Dennis Rodman. Yeah that was a very short iron ore that was that are 6177797. Since halter. Though the good leader and 6177797937. As the telephone number we get right back to the calls that you yeah we're talk and some Red Sox baseball Sports Radio W media. Because of Red Sox afternoon baseball tomorrow we will not talk to manager Alex Cora as we normally do on Wednesday he'll join us Thursday. On the program here be sure to submit your Cumberland farms question of the week for Alex Cora during our weekly conversation with a manager. Every Wednesday normally this week Thursday during the season submit those WEEI dot com slash manager. If your question is chosen you'll be enter to win the grand prize chance to have Cumberland farms coffee with a us. All and the manager courtesy a couple of nice. We're invited this year though which is when a changeup that they are now invited last year for a while only. I've path I secrets and it is sometimes chains get this invite digit date we will audio we have now they politically but I don't buy out front and whether they took our data it was now this building a there was it was downstairs enslave us they're building shut the front door you know really a set up my coffee those that haven't been there. Pacers and give it profitability and their energy could it be inheritance and they through that it was that this New Jersey really weird Writely accounts Bob May you be coming in any in we're wondering if it. Ferrell is gonna show but he did in the met with the fan that one and management and good Bennett nice coffee. Discussion about who knows what. We won there would be the class of hello. That I wanted to iced coffee iced coffee and attack those got up by the way. Noble keydets tonight. In case you're wondering what you ma Alex Cora said previously he was gonna kind of air on the side of caution about playing bets and back to back games. The member he didn't go for rehab stint that that was doesn't anybody out right it was expected so Alex and we're going to be careful whether in fact he pulled them a in the eleventh inning last night he set I just thought he'd had enough it's his first night back. He'd gone one for five at that point so no bats tonight. But the expectation is to be back in their tomorrow afternoon that's the other thing you got an afternoon game tomorrow as well that's what they're 305 start out. Yeah did you get away day Thursday that just real okay Wednesday bill the week fun and I just interest and we're who wouldn't. Yeah I got your guys are without so you guys know show tomorrow 311 in comparison to the ring. Yeah we'll be in the area. So we had fallen on those nice and outside the title let him run I let's get back to the calls you at 6177797937. Andrew's done on the cape pay Andrew. I guess so what's gonna blow less I I saw some serious issues with the reds are last night you did the serum he. There were coming up so let's lock these series against the White Sox and they needed to bounce back against this. Editorial scheme and they did just the opposite they got three hits after nine innings and they and some conduct there and ask. You know I think Jackie Bradley really needs to come out of a lineup at some point I mean we can't. We can't keep waiting on him. For Andrew I'll ask you the same question I asked mark. You're the manager now you're gonna take him out what he and it. You know I liked the idea devers at DH you put. JT. Then at ten. Uncle they're New Year's second Bogart's. Shortstop and you know hold their unions at third ever EH. Yeah I donate that hour of that be a permanent switch but I wouldn't mind Nazis tried out on an Aussie outfits do that do that for a few games and and go from there because any. It's one thing to have moved not. Movie that's Milan in the office struggled but any returns in Istanbul where else you getting it from Judy Martinez is his have been the best hitter in baseball right now we'll give Betts broke their way to prevent intended -- is right there such 13 of your lineup yet that I you're still you're looking for some help out other spots yet but here's the thing that. I can't stand is that a sale the other night was. On real. He went eight innings strong each truck out ten in you wasted a high quality start by sale. And we could hit all year long went public deal they've got ten runs the last five games and and every team's gonna go through a stretch where you know the offense isn't there the way you'd like myself in their last ten games they've also done six and four over the last ten games so it's not like it. Fallen apart here in the bullpen was nails just all the people just aren't ample ability and it's been nails hearing those guys were also there there really good but the lineup that the tricky thing with it is Jackie Bradley is the worst hitter on the team. Bought is the difference between yet so what more Nunez the packs more Holtz a path Nunez is your DH tonight and leadoff hitter. DH and leadoff shot a wild about now I don't know I don't know what they did the fact that it was was it pretty well leadoff spot that the one thing that's a little disconcerting that was the fact that this is in the last five teams is gains. One game against Detroit three gives the White Sox who were twenty games under 500 going into the weekend series. And Baltimore as I met and Baltimore is the worst team in baseball. It's like I understand the ebbs and flows of the seasons a 162 if you'd never see you never just gonna keep it up at nine all season long. You're gonna dipped to five you're gonna go back up to ten and it's just. It is the natural ebb and flow however Bradley this year like specifically direct the team is gonna go through slot limit team is gonna have you know certain series where are those the bats aren't there but rather the player. We're happy is does nothing well happen this forty years now he didn't know the law month where they'll get 360 and that throws opposite than you look at it goes at 230 hitters it will not really at only easier gang up Hillary sixty on this year's now it's is that still waiting for that to happen and as him being good defensively enough to keep him in the lineup. I think earlier in the year was and now though it is the alternative percent Ari if Bradley is out. Who's getting worn path slate before or symbol moral it's getting more pats I want to no brainer. That you know what Haley was still hear him it was heading for the first month the year went in and Mitch Moore was that he wanted him to be in there but now it's. I don't need more Brock Colton more new union and a whole had a good stretch there for a got hurt but. I don't need to have find ways to get them a little so basic question why. Did they let go of him was heated baseball decision was that he businesses file for buzz about because I started as a baseball's there's I have and they knew what was gonna happen I think Allen and that's that is Alex core while yet you don't want now that are happened so so -- so Alex knew that his at bats weren't going to be the same. And Alex I think also knew the player well enough to know he can handle it very. And also vows on Pedroia was thrown back amid the assumption that is argue for yet another guy he's going to be assault and battery in the and that's you know and out Nunez or hold but there's less room for all those guys like I don't have any issue we've the Red Sox parting ways with him I can issue with the timing of when they partied with him. I think they could of waited perhaps instill to sequel let's see what Pedroia is got which is obviously right now he's not healthy. So what do both hold you to keep handling it's well the all star break and then cut the eight or would've been interesting is if his time April may were flipped. And he got off to a slow start they stuck with them and they knew it might have been different and what have it half right yeah he's as smashed a ball all the plays and hit over 300 for the month as a PS is like 89 under whatever was. For that month. Can you get her home whereas. They get rid of moment and you look at what he's done over the last 101520. Games I and a well he's really cool off anyway in that this reminds eight GBJ's having eight BJ opt in type season but only difference is edgy BJ he's not getting paid PG opt in tight money right from Atlanta. He was getting that gap out field of dreams of him his brother Jason is where how that work out a Kyle and Dartmouth takeout night on. They don't stand trial. There are very quickly comment. I've been listening the last hour and a house for some reason why didn't you might change so much. I don't think he does this thing. And I'm Martin fanatic and they'll have to cut them off and say apple David Price would be able the only way I GAAP book what would you do. A life and I'm not sure if there's any tension. Now I. Zero. And get it out Kiley really don't if you look how I would I I presume the phone call I gotta tell you are listening to call between the hours attended to and ask lead order way Wetteland got the bigger probably delay don't Glenz got the our obsession with me for some reason I don't know. And he thinks I'm Mike salt. I don't know I get it be nice figure mark and at some point before they'll have to correct the month before it even finishes it decide to look like any comment on. I appreciate you got to the deals I've gone through early deals on that I feels like TV don't like points that I we sort of have disagreements about Kyle on the radio Calvin like that. Only a dale street protecting the I. 616 you dial 61 suspects in the mail 7797. 937 is telephone number I guess we're actually talking Red Sox by the way the the line approach quickly tonight Nunez is leading off and DH and men and Tandy second playing left JD Martinez is in right. Moreland is at first Zander is it short devers is that third hole at second baskets catching JBJ's in center field. To get them. And again. This is not an injury issue for McKee this is what Alex Cora said before this vote for even played smokey yeah right if we're going to be we're gonna err on the side of caution here didn't go for rehab stint didn't go to but tuck it and get his swing back. Started off here so we're gonna be careful when and and you've got an afternoon game tomorrow afternoon. You know I you know I can tell you I'd like the most about this Red Sox team don't forget about last year in addition to the god everybody hated John Ferrell. It was the post poppy year. And keep south is it that you could tell the post and pop to avoid paying over you know I would say my real I don't see it now not to like okay now that. This type of players who felt that too yes both he and ends and Bogart would be popping record ahead yet they are represented there get asked about a broad terms that bring it up on the Ronan yeah. They put their whole careers with the guy and he's the best player and he's the biggest personality you remove that that's going to be a weird feeling yeah I think GD Martinez. Has sort of filled out here. Well he was. It was going normally done my my I'm gonna die and I. Activist I mean I felt so bad. And in the Kansas. I can stop it. It's gone up if they thought our kind at least in my immediate blast in the twelfth in our clothes Scanlon. Those colors. Those who knows what he's not dead he's alive. Think the word and yeah. Bob ball to the breadbasket was that hey it is time I heard it last night which cracked Alex Cora and I kind of appreciated explanation by the way. Vote the clubhouse is open McKee death was asked. If he pushed back with Cora on the decision to not play him tonight. Bet well not yet steered us wrong yes that's true. These are gone pretty well so smokey said not in 5 am on it old's final we asked them actually was one of the the email questions of the listener questions of the week where. This little while ago we asked him you know some them that he regrets her decision which she could have done differently and it all the back it was the first game of the season and who is. You know how we use the bullpen there first game of the season. But for the most part. Their 4522. There hasn't been a lot of decisions were you look at the mayors and what does he do it now it. That all changed like that's going to change you can't go to roll baseball season without getting on the manager at some point but. To add at this point he's he's been really don't and I think was the best thing about that was like he was so transparent. When he goes I'd put. Yeah messed up there with lit the his predecessor would not done now he wanted to talk circles right confusing right to have a bit of thought as I messed up and I. People like oh well you know he's he you guys themselves OK am I gonna get out of guys that he messed up its right it's a disk that is actually has a pulse. A Judea and inside radio story that makes me look bad but makes him a cut but obviously a great story ought to be really connect. So Sunday. I'm doing the the finale of the four game series in Houston against the Astros. And Tim and I alternate. And it Sunday night was my turn to do the managers show. I mean Alex downstairs. We taped the manager Cheryl thank you very much he shakes my hand I leave an angled stairs. There was a delay in our engineer getting there he got their later than normal no big deal and he's gonna feed he's gonna feed at the palace or pregame show. Down maligned due. Our producer back here. And he looks at me and he says. Something went wrong with the recording it's not there. Routes the worse it is the absolute worst feeling on earth it's always give it a ten matter you're ever was announced god and and I don't know this until like an hour before the game. That's when I find out. Now it's a sponsored element in it it's a it's a big part of the pregame show. I text Kevin gray and I said look I'm embarrassed have to do this locked. This is what happened. I get a text back almost immediately since Alex has Mon now. Exactly I I don't know backed out of the club hostile the clubhouse is closed now you know no media allowed the clubhouse the guard is waiting at the door for me. Are you the guy am waiting for us and I think I should or else has come on and I go into the clubhouse cycled back where Alex is offices and Kevin says look he's in a video session with one of the guys to be right here. I said listen I'm the one who screwed this thing out you take a while I'm just saying it. That was what does it make you without me in the battle all I know you'll likely when you got back when I back I felt bad out of all terrible to your got all the other insult to our minds is so once but three dozen other understanding in the closed clubhouse at this point. And the other guys are Wacom by looking at me like. IC wise yeah now nobody's gonna nobody says anything nobody. You know is an eerie you know give me give you hundreds I don't know I don't know that I so Alice is the team and now. So Alex finishes is that he I don't know who he's in he's video quality and Martinez like as those wants video probably Jackie Bradley junior not act so he finishes up beacons in. And and I you know we went was office he shuts the door and I said listen I am really sorry he says tale stuff happens to worry about it we sit down we do it all over again. And we finish up this matter and everything yeah well it was because he can and while you're don't know I'll tell you what what the difference was when he and I taped it earlier in the afternoon yeah. I didn't know Stephen Wright was making a spot start. Of the allowance my re recorded at I I had been found out that Wright was gonna start on Tuesday so I was at last in about it. Now I can promise you that there are a lot of managers in baseball would say hey that's that tough out one I aunts and and and we move on now or. They re do it but they make you feel like you're about this tall right that you need and two word answers and ways he couldn't have been more professional about it hey dale stuff happens mistakes happen to worry about it. We do the interview the second time everything's fine thank god and hazardous through. Two. His whole mentality doesn't it from that fact that story sums up outscored a and to this point you know it's mid June and their first place. So there's not a whole lot of things to complain about it's your one you are by no means on the hot seat like a barrel was a year ago despite you know the regular season winning. So he's in a good spot but. Part of it is I think because of the way he approaches things. It's a big steal the world it's not it's say it's a pregame. Interview that you already did before and it's a few more minutes of your time so it reality not that big of a deal but Dale's point plenty of managers and head coaches would have made out to be like the biggest deal so you guys had John Ferrell and obviously your show last year and specifically wants to her shows so what would happen hypothetically reached Heath. If John Ferrell. Dot that they knew he had to do all over again I don't that you would have been thrilled well versed well if they are under no obligation to do it all over again I mean you just wait that I needed it and it's all right all right let him I don't know about this what is certain you're supposed to do it again. They're probably would've been. I feel like dale more like may easily go out in my in my down at fort Nauru is that it's too close to game time out of they're doing it right and you can finish this past its rich and clearly Rick brought in it's it's very. He does pick. Inner views a manager does during the course of the year now it's same you know he does he'll for the entire media every single game pre and post. So right there you're talking about well over 300 interviews. That he does our weekly interview that he does the pregame show with dale or Tim or Joseph or whoever. Before every single a days and that scene at a time you answer questions or other ones are passionate there. National interviews that he does or the occasion where you know beat reporter my palm decides you know choose here for over ten minutes. That's a lot of talking so if you're like hey bothered by that last ten minutes that we just that we you do it again a lot of managers say enough like let I don't want pocketing more but. Outscored doesn't catch and how little I wanted to text and say are terrible and their merry way I can do this is I've done this it's probably happened like three or four times in my life. And all four times ago all god I have to go back and that is the nerve wracking thing about record something. But it's nice to have it in you can play it later and we got we all celebrated I can better ideally you'd look at Matty out I don't get this that you wanna focus on the negative yeah. Well it's you know sometimes I. It makes for better radio that was a great segment last year rich when you just call them out you like it I don't know what you're talking about you want to read it to you and that's great but it at all it was more than anything else that I avenue and admitted the fact that I him comic outscored do this twice until now a fact but it was just to give you an idea of what this guy has been like yeah you know like to mark's point. He started out you know early on the seasons and well beyond Australia. I kind of messed up on that late late innings that was a mistake on my part does that. Then trickled out of the players. But it definitely they see how he handles things canceled a different now when you have a manager a little bit uptight and they're. If Kia after the strength of the manager who who is who is literally fighting for his job against the position that. Not just he but the organization put him in the art the players handle the tiger when they baster sort of see that they're gonna feed off that I would say even more so young guys that this team is filled with young guys they just outs choral wall that difference we've. We've seen it in a proper tablet or a bad team and your dental and vision or they're very good but he just that you sort of get a sense of that. Of the mentality into a chance to be around the team much closer than we have been the last couple months. And and you can see it and existed you can you can. Washington it whether you're on TV or for at the ballpark that you just get. That sounds yeah you remember obviously everybody knows David Price last year was just he was unbearable at least from the from the outside looking in in the whole situation back. This year I can't even if he was being sarcastic and facetious when he said I'm just soft. I didn't like that you could now I didn't why idol or who was that for you it's like trying to light. Make a media lab and I didn't know that he was taken a shot at sports talk. Radio into the anywhere into well and Twitter. Whenever I get like I I tell you I don't that's like I attempt at self deprecating personality and unknown you know he's not be okay that's not enough that I don't know the attempt at a like yeah we weren't here in another guy you can see the difference in this year I think before he got for instance he's come back is integral parts. Apparently Bogart's in Ferrell did not CI died last year and it probably because his rookie year earlier the shortstop on just kidding now Stephen Drew is your went there. These products are you kidding me apparently were some there were some issues between him and Butterfield I don't know but you know whatever I just Bogart's seems to via. He is that you renewed vigor this year yeah Bogart's cuts here. On a smaller dogs. I mean yeah I know he's pitching well right now and that's great but I am attorney I don't really have much to complain about him right now right now now now when he's on the mound in these get the ball every fifth day and that's would be. Has been no do his entire career until last season ban and he's heard that he was hurt by resorting to the target again and say but he he's pitching well. Right now is that he's at a great stretch you know there's not much to complain about I still will not be surprised if that's the season he pops out. There's a chance I've really I I I tonight I just think that this place he got his filled illicitly he's got a pitch really well for that yeah well he's he's got to have a really good yeah because then every now I'm worth more. Yeah he's got a winning eighteen at least illegally but I would be surprised in this. Scenario if you would leave some money on the table what you might packet every single penny it be gets an extra year's security but. Not every dollar that he would get if you stay here because the what's your price that happiness yeah him for some resorted to as much money as him he wants to be a place where he's not just hyper criticize every day like. Saint Louis where he was almost going to out songs on his way there he is so I could see him go the cardinals softly eating spot I knocked a video. I don't know any sports talk host who's ever been on the inner air. And I certainly don't know anyone or hard court in Saint Louis. I don't himself we'll don't bother me I've been on the you know it's. From soft. I'm sorry record of of the entire season it's. Well though is could argue that point we got a National League team to staff get out of there and you know no reason he's freaking out that's and worried about you on Twitter and also stuff so. I still wouldn't be surprised to could be helped if he stays the rest of the way or another team would give Obama a chance again maybe not every dollar he's got. 32 million dollars a year for the next four after this. I'll. Ironic that our money now the other question here obviously is how does this season. I mean if if yeah I dreamed a dream here they go on and they win the World Series. Lot tougher to walk away from that then walk away from a team that gets bounced in the first round of the playoffs or doesn't make the playoffs god for dead. Because a lot of things will be pointing in his direction either way now do you think David prices relationship with the in the media it really doesn't matter when we all talk about it and it doesn't. Mac I don't think it's it's more with the fans what do you think price has an issue with the fans to the guy. We've compared to John Lackey a lot where John Lackey. Had he was hurt but he pitched through a season where he was statistically the worst Red Sox ardor of all time. And everybody hated him they hated the way he would you don't throw his hands in the air and glared teammates that they committed narrowly key. He was hated here but any recover from injury it was a part of a World Series team and everybody at least pretend to love them but he ever for product. He never forgot it and he was not gonna stay here for that cheap year that that testing year that happened because he missed the whole season but he did it in Saint Louis so he was not gonna forget the fans. I wonder if price it's one thing to not like to be a force or the radio host that's not a big deal. But if you have a hard time with your fan base. That's what would get you out it's all encompassing he has a problem with that the reporters the radio host and the fan I think pricing on yet this year. Op carrier ring spoke today. Spoke about the possibility of heights extending his time here a local drew NASA will talk about that when we come back in just implement its daily key Sports Radio WB.