Dale & Keefe - What is the current relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick & Robert Kraft? Dennis Rodman has lost his mind.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, June 12th
Hour 1: Dale and Keefe and joined by Marc James in the third chair. They open with locker room stories that you just can’t unsee, and then they talk about what Brady’s relationship with Belichick and Kraft is like. Bill canceled this week’s OTAs and Dale believes that he might want to coach longer than he originally let on.

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Palin keeps you know he's going normally done my job. I'm gonna die in my that I can discuss I mean I feel so bad. I can stop. Isn't that he's alive. Arnold and Richie and I hope that's not the case that is one theory I have let's one point fears out and the other went wrong. One other thought on that WEEI Sports Radio network. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. And less than three games. Do not to interrupt keep in mid rant that you quote especially that they are not true point. I put the two part points because if you get around. The birth of John Dennis three part question death. I don't forget the second or third are you bitter about the the part that Liberia maternity broad daylight just wanna make sure. At a high heat because you need to harvest without all day you try to jump in there with what he finished I was getting upset that it's not a model and hot I doubt a lot but it worked out the night of the nice show nice comeback show me. I'm mark guy hey guys he's understated how hot hot hot spot. Aaron I don't know Beckett after he chased Clinton down the hall. It's okay axes I would just say despite the rumors guys I am not a TV twelve club you are not now now and there were rumors to that now you know like my journalistic credibility was at stake here than I did not at the I've sort of that you drink as ever eliminate any. Typically and there guy. Yeah yeah yeah Mountain Dew. It's like. This Mountain Dew that's just trigger when he outspoken you lawsuits when he outbound used yeah yeah that's insane to those during the you know calm probably. Probably one of the big green drink rustic green drink two weeks ago it it was like that it would speed it through what happens heated when it was hard. You're from sound from down side note from Springfield. That's but he spent some time now okay it's like it's like yeah elixir today NASCAR's is literally there's clearly a thing called you Mountain Dew mouth that is exclusively down the south were its teeth rotted out of their mouth from trees down uses copper. I. They go to difference I actually brush might have mine that's probably got. If it you're not a coffee got no crop feel confident that makes dollars and I was year old stay away no way cable outlet that went bad words that he not do well no probably not only have you heard some it's about Mountain Dew which I can't see that. This is not good for testosterone levels I can't tell you that doesn't. Stuff needs some good dot it's out with the sponsor level or it's like it's something else they go to for trying to advocated an all news the wall not yet so they don't have top dollar I don't know. I'd so is Darren Alli your favorite race car driver ever to get the number nine Mountain Dew car you know how to deal they'll have my doubt that in that are already there I don't I don't view there's there's two things in this world by capsule is I just did tests. NASCAR. In country music. Hell would you duel in Florida wherever they are out of the shot. In Charlotte hard I was hooked it in Atlanta but earlier got a little bit Ellie for the Charlotte Charlotte when he was doing the show a bricklayer would call the hotline drunken just yet just island La. But I have assumed that second part of Arizona Colin if you call it all the time wanna talk sports you -- if you moves in the and I definitely I actually broad in a limo with Ric -- to nature boy to a Kid Rock concert real Verizon Wireless in the -- and shortly where one of his robes and he was not okay he must not and we went backstage afterwards player was let me just say this when he gets strong. You wanted to steer clear yak and one is able hockey is you are now low blood and let me just tell ease ease the real heels. Agassi all anti evil if they let the matter who it is like he wolf yeah he's not an anywhere from some means wrong so now that it's Clinton all I got asked and I got asked notes because according to Tony Shibani. Everybody's seen it have you seen that no Micah. I know you had that well and I. Like you gotta match and all that how are not strictly the particulars you're negative ads yeah I didn't make that big. Yeah yeah we've by the way I I I don't doubt this is our admits there is a valid permit I cannot confirm and probably quite frankly I don't want to your fund yeah. The thought of autism is better off is when you have to go in a professional athletes locker rooms after the games. And like the Golden State Warriors this past December and I it's something I can and see him dad why are we talking about the us. Why isn't it ironic that we have decided not to show I nuggets they knew but I something I can unseat in my head is something I will never get over. It lowers the throat closing credits RO you know I had doubts in my won't that we're talking about a month off for al-Qaeda I had to provide. Actually kid on the college review group in Philadelphia you as a ball boy for Villanova. Roberts Jason Lawson wrestler Terry can arguably Kerry kittles FEMA to begin with Jason Lawson and how big an edit it edit seed though Alvin Williams album that team yet apparently Jason Lawson. This kid. He would have the unfortunate. He was in the wrong place the wrong time and he's and he's never been able to unseat them and sometimes I can give you one when I was in the Miami Dolphins locker room. Look at that are out. Basically daily it coming out like it's like Jesus and dean. Hey I got it resign unaudited sales of town now part of the imagination run wild now over to Edwards stopped there but wait are you think guys it's I don't. I don't love it I could not tell that Jason Lawson story you have not told the story of there's like five people died around that Jason Lawson and have a deal would allow me keys just a little moment to exalt in the broad losing. And remember on this apparently wanted to open dot how many days go to that. That matter why don't let. They held at least a top down style if I don't about Wiki kudos I was gonna I was I go what I what was that also what a moment the other the air cast doubt to well he does it play with sort of almost broken alternative may have a brokerage most brocade could tell there in the game at all to laugh. Don't know why legal sports gambling in America could be an issue there at all. Exactly that sort of thing is it broken as it now broken easy is it okay is maybe playing games 23 and four with. An injury impairment that they're trying to hide. Does one gambler get a tip from one single clubhouse kid. I mean that's the exact item that causes people pause about legal. You don't want formula to assume it's going to be tougher to sample lines right today and read armored look at the Vegas lines now and other places are gonna try to figure out that you just play off of Vegas to get your own oddsmakers and it's going to be. Can be confusing and it and the more more people doing it the more kind of instead information that there's going to be now more and you know how important that is is going to be yet how many which state do you think your New England is Connecticut Rhode Island in the first of I guess Connecticut I thought yeah there's a lot of Marty got two gigantic it and knows he's in either one they'll have a and so. I'll be down there L Jackson and we I think a lot of us ruled that bill that's ideally like I'm not the biggest I don't know anything about poker or blackjack. Sports gambling. I Al that's that's my advice I wanted to arm and it very much. That soda. Soda and that's restructured as a quick team ma old Mountain Dew that's guys and you right. Nine so I think that what Bill Belichick is evidently decided is he's figured out a way around. Not having star players and optional OT eighties. Just cancel them. Our ultimate today he says you know what it's in gratitude and other core hole one day we get we're gonna do that covered that practice Thursday pride which like you have all you kids to one home. On apparently they've had a really successful. OT is too good minicamp I guess what besides the Cornel you get a salts in his older age now he's done this sort of thing in a he has taken the team to that and I think at first were you hear all the go to Fenway there's certainly run the bases it might take it to more Fenway Park avenue place in hell yeah. The united Agassi Islam and that's all right we sit the dugout and I got a gun advocate self neatly goaded out of it you know knock yourself out. But they've taken refer to vote on the team. At patriot place going to watch a movie together like a high school team would do you know a wee weed that they've done some of those things but. Canceled the two days of the puzzle bit surprised specially when you know you're two best players are going to be either your quarterback sock and be there said he disfigured and we maximize what we can do. If we don't have our starting quarterback there what more what more is there now. And here's the thing too he's got the at this point since that before he's gonna be sick and tired of the same old questions from the media like college arm and our cart years. EE I think it's important that you feel empathy towards the guy because it's it's it's such old hat ready it's OK they're not here data to show up. The one thing I didn't like was would crawl brought up the last vote we gonna feel all you on Twitter it was a very like sort of the do she'd be a next super moto cross press conference yeah. You know and that's unusual from well I know how a crock a lot of times is the years the patriots play book here's -- social say I care which were my teammates if it is about the apparently Jolie has put other the few times were is not know the motor cross one thinks that was like a patriot events are happening you write your media there but that wasn't you know you're the team local behind G of the monster energy drink stuff. Whereas this time as a little bit different and last week when he's asked about his contract can't go into detail or anything but. He did the you know who wouldn't warrant a contract early who wouldn't want that rather than right the economic and talk about how transparent don't know what that does does very clear. But and yes of this stuff about the Twitter I think there are certain times where. He can't help himself and it's right now where he's probably in a weird spot the fraternal worked out a contract. He avoid. But all of the voluntary stuff he's not that so please go one foot in one foot out kind of thing but once the season rolls around. I think your your back the cliche ground. So there was an event today down it to lat and it was for the Myra Kraft community awards. And it's an annual thing. Robert Kraft in the name of his departed wife gives out these awards to community leaders. But but Robert Kraft can't stop he wanted to say today beyond the event stuff and out he stepped to the Mike in and he let fly. And I guess where I'm on your team is good people look for. There's there's a bunch of horrible. Yeah. It's. That was never that was ever in the worse it's just completely made up. I think we have to care for instance. People just can't come out and say things. This illustrating. Wrong. Forty measure house. There's no basis to it appears like it's. Just one. Go on leg. Today's demands from insurance that you all understand. That there's no truth. As. People shouldn't be able duke. India didn't leave much wiggle room their hogwash and also hogwash forget about this case are rose that's as far as you can go on that I know it's weird I thought that the red lover postings on the message board I thought this guy was gonna like be the next spot right. Netflix OK I had assets and took a victory lap for stuffy didn't do well I have is that grant was being trail why he did but if you might. It is pretty he's talking to Adam Kirk but his craft saying that there's never been a rock trader just last week there was an eighty he just specify their last ever been a he never beat you there at the old ones that there there's never been a trade it for him to Vito has Tom Curran who was on yesterday where it would owe them open and he said you know he reported before like I did before the draft was that the Detroit Lions are I don't know if he's had a team or not but he's a that there is on the line -- potentially more but where I've run everything before the draft I think until I have to do I think they had to especially win. The weekend all of the third day of the draft was that the next super motor cross press conference at Gillette Stadium yeah one thing. It bothers me and I and I got to tell you I'm still very mystified in worried. Brady Belichick and Kraft are clearly still not on the same page. This all these lingering issues have not been resolved as a lot. She dearly because until you idiot you gotta be something besides you can use well I. I mean like you are operated out Ian there well yeah are obviously the only runner up Harry so is he's not on the same pay money money money all money was targeting its money was pretty and that's just my brain than maybe you got some that I don't think it's just my bracelet I was there last week deal when he finally spoke Brady. And all four minutes that perhaps I doubt that to end it conspicuously five minutes later usually gentleman thing broken. You can just see the sense of his personal reasons. And just like saying that he's saying it without seeing it. Personal reasons there's there's obviously some bad blood between him and built check yet at. My issue isn't that you make the claim it's that you got nothing to back it up. Well I mean it's it's your and your gut tell you I don't know an institute an interview with Jim Gray. And he said why is it. I plead the fifth ha ha yeah I thought it was time Gisele and Ali like. They admit yeah him being the only quarterback not item to gaze is not good I robberies at the very least of all back out there talked about what equipment do you think he's not there because he's got a beef would belt arrests and craft. Or draft I don't think I've said you don't north Ellis there's there's only well no Brady craft Belichick saying right I mean they all the mediator in this whole situation is going to have to be robber crashes a contract hugging he's gonna happen at our own together. This in Brady is the fifth crafts you know for all intents and purposes Brady crap they're fine Bob Brady Belichick. That's a big number craft and fine he was extort him replied that that there are good they don't ever have to everybody to happen. Right so so both Belichick and Brady told you last week how is Nolan then okay they tell you so you don't immediately select the line. So no matter what they say unless they unless they affirm what you believe. Their line the what I know that all's I know what that there and I knew when I said Brady and Belichick both said. Their their relationship is fine yeah. Well we drill I know when Brady said there's personal reason deal you don't think people ever get open for the microphone I. Of course they go they said I do it every day and four hours that they had a couple my point here is unless they form what you believe though that you think everything they say is a lie yeah not just Cuba right right right anybody who thinks all had their obviously got issues so if they stand there and say now are our relationship it's easy. Right this this is the for lack of better term page eight to go out there at all yet not a problem bill because he. He. Bait and Al's career all from the practice on the team plane from that the facility to sideline. Not save that he's gonna see the right things but he said. There are personal reasons that's right ready to get out don't know you'll read that Batman politics. I've read it meant. Am almost at its very adamant hangout is failing this whole time of his golf isn't a lot of it but he's Guerrero I guess or affect his family and every era aren't the Super Bowl ought to be it yes OK here before. The year before that and he made a point in Tom vs time to say. Your your priorities changes you get older I sort Jimmie you can insulate the Monica oh is that he's got to go to Montana like there's definitely other times where he's not going to be by the well and and we want Montana two buddies working out with a right he's not maximizing his time right you know he's he's still working on football he needs to prepare for the season which you don't get to do. They just not gonna do that with the team nine years ago when team in Gisele we're building a about moving this beautiful place in Brentwood and LA. He was here. He's here for all book quote voluntary. OTA. When his son was born with Richard White panic he wasn't he OTA but only because that Miley that was personal right that wasn't. A beat with bella checked that was spam my themes of change outstrip vocal guerrillas don't I don't know you're you're exactly right. His life has changed. And I don't think it goes back to the illness suffered by his mother which got him to go wait a man. The football can't be my entire life fear it's a big part of my life and it matters to me but there are other things that matter as well. Well obviously I'm thankfully Gwendolyn his mom is is better matchup got much better and especially after the Super Bowl 51 win over Atlanta when she's there in attendance but. I eat this and that set wicker (%expletive) article now if you could go if you go back and read it word for word. I mean he looked like he looks like the master prognosticator in all of us it looks almost like eight you look at it. I just feel there solely on resolve the issues between. Can embellish hectic you can tell clearly he told Brady told Robert Kraft I will be at minutes remaining Kia Freddie was there any laws and wanna yeah but like. To mean that it's obvious now people say no we don't joined on the video girls are gonna get back in. I don't know you know I call your local Guerrero I actually don't believe this had anything to do with TB twelve I don't think he's gonna change. Mind on ground does of the boroughs that he probably let him too close to the team to begin with Israeli I think that was an area Nobel sectors and we talked to belts like last year about it and they're Guerrero had statements about it yo I don't think they'll check in Guerrero necessarily even. Hate each other I don't think there's a big bad to tension between those two guys I think it's more with the training staff and how. You know maybe you don't want an ADR was in your tunes at yesterday's talk about don't want every single player you have going to. Outs Guerrero use your firewood Brady donut but now all of a sudden. 2628. I if half the roster going to see it was now. Things are a whole lot different date they don't go for the same things either some literally just go for eight. And Ninkovich talked about to get a particular massage I've got an issue with. Heal this muscle and and they've got people out there who can handle it we also real doctors here that summit didn't want you to do that when these guys are my point is just that but yeah six point seven guys. Are all. All in on the TB I understand that I I get an adult training up there yeah Adams sang well I I don't I deafening about part of it bothered Brady a little bit and I'm sure he wants to hang out with his family I'm sure he wants to do you know his business but. He's he's but he's on record saying how important literally everything is with the team what you. The whole it is the that is yesterday that's still a team event there's a lot of new teammates is lot of new offensive. Teammates get a very different looking offensive line is you have different wide receivers used to running backs. The gist of being around those guys. Normally you would maximize all that time and this year is not doing do you feel that everything's been rectified it's been very Belichick. Now they're not I don't know nobody said okay let's Weis are lies. You make it sound like let I don't I don't think it Brady and Belichick have been close personally. Ever maybe ever right I don't think that this one of the boss won as an employee now they've got a closer relationship than. You know Joseph Carr don't it does with Bill Belichick I understand that but my point is I don't. I don't think they've ever hung out on the vineyard I don't think they've ever you know gone fishing in Costa Rica Kentucky Derby none of those things that's not gonna happen. There's there's a divide here. I don't think Tom Brady especially liked Bill Belichick a person the way he is. But he loves hello to Bill Belichick football coach. But will leverage the point or one wants to leave now for the other I don't think so we don't think that's ultimately doesn't actually you are overstating all of this well there based resolve the issue is hope. Because of Brady retires in a year to I think it's gonna be because always 42. Because he is coach that's I think now maybe that maybe if he loved his coach. Arabic mutiny of fight another year a year that you're 43 because you love your coat tree as they have a two more good years are gonna I'm gonna hang out either whether this is my. The Faber drive a coach of Iraq horrible horrible worst coach of our you know deal and I'm glad that you brought up the difference between. Brady deciphering between bill they'll check the person and Bill Belichick the head football coach and understanding it. Bill Belichick the football coach. May had to make him talk about Tom Brady into this ultimate winner because that's gonna define Brady's legacy on the field. But I think after 1819. Years that when you have the same guy probably. Brady feels so maybe that he's entitled to some latitudes that other people art and maybe one of those with just tapping elsewhere around out if you're Bilbao checked. How do you capitulate. To going back are you getting outs Guerrero from the team facility in the sidelines in the team plane he can you go back in and say well I. I gotta be honest Padilla I I thought then I think now. The sidelines thing the plane thing is soul all over rated and over stated he stood on the sidelines he never touched armory. He never was treated by Tom Brady he stood there he didn't thorny thing. They that the plane thing all god forbid now what Tom has to do is if he wants it on the road he's got a final. Last playing let's tell our I don't think it's necessarily hey he's gonna run over and say hey what whoever they play cover two cover three look I don't Eagles are now I don't talk toreros hey Alex this is irk me what why do it doesn't it let's throw that sold it for their business that there and together when the national story everywhere in sports that are right everybody is running it is Brady's guide banned from the sidelines. Does that look at 1412 and ID band and JD oh yeah I knew it added the whole thing was as I said even the word band was overstated that I think is honor Tom he's not a team trainer okay. But he wasn't allowed to be there that he does and you got a problem Tom can't do this anymore we we can't have him standing there he's not a trainer he's not a teen employee. He doesn't treat anybody during the game but if we have trainers who do that but it just looks shakier dog and what's even more she eighties the fact that you know outs Guerrero allegedly had this cure all pill that could stop. Diabetes heart disease and cancer. And that was proven to be false column level is that. As a wild yes do you think now the web design resonate it's it's still there it's still area that have to do with this I just say I think it just brings back write more again if you if he gets banned for people are gonna do all the research out there are gonna figure O Leo what was going on Mosley really doing their. There's gonna see. Tom Brady's doctor we thought we played all the national guys at the time that happened view might. Shady island what's going on within an hour without papers and I want the woman he's out of there they don't get all the information so just nationally it's looked at as. This guy who shady and if you do little to do one bing search you're gonna find some of the other the other the cancer kills everything else here's what is go Obama this. Meanwhile that is supposed to be his business after he retires yeah and if obviously if this is proof is there any connection Julia when I'm giving. Yoko Guerrero the benefit of the doubt there's no connection at seem to TB twelve and what. You know. Join the popular little nickname but have you seen any indication he's gonna split that the married here and some athletes understand. Asked him not if you overused habits I'm just curious is there any. Hey there any evidence you have that he is dissolving the merry Joseph did Belichick and Brady ever have any perceived problems before outs for. Did they have disagreements. All the time and disagreements on what big deal he's talking about to exit obviously there's a fractured there's internal strife between east as a fracture and internal strategy is third. Stated or anything a year ago LeBron I. I don't know that there is not really I got I don't want an accident not a life. I am glad I was broken here yeah ranch or a 6177797. You know tennis. Telephone number the text minus 37937. We'll talk some Red Sox baseball as the afternoon goes on as well. Are on my notepad. I actually have two words and then an abbreviation. On my note that I wrote Dennis Rodman on board WT app that's all I could come up with that'll come up later on as well. And from from from my honor to us good people look. There's there's a I'm Jim Harden. He dropped the hogwash. To overhaul law. Undergo physical although I would try to group them. You know I don't think there's wrong trade rumors last week. Without I don't believe me if I don't think Tom Brady threatened to retire you have an hour of the I don't think Andre Robb Robert Kraft. Said bill you can't trade him no you can't do juicy. It's very juicy argument that it's very you look at a guy that they now John whole lottery tweets that now that it got you a statement from the team. How did your tweets written statement from the teams they've got I don't get go right there not. I'm sorry they'll meet other out of there are tweeted something and then had the franchise have to says this is not true now there's try that there's you know somebody out there is going to be ready and there's your good way to get around it yet get a red eye. Other god reddy's is basically the sort of expose himself and said hey. You know what I'm nobody I'm just I'm just I saw something out there and I went within people wondered why am means I'd be better national media it's like he out. I'd say so. And it by his stuff either and it out. It did he was taken a victory lap for company didn't say probably the admitted it so Adam Kirk chin had the two tweets right the one where he says the bill the meat. Yet our authority they had a deal and offers on the table. I closed door meeting with Kraft Brady threatened to retire everything you could ever possibly ones and one tweet that got 4503. Tweets low actually. It's an uncorked but at the big story other people raping her and now has 4600 followers of a few people that have set many more retreated Sully they follow up tweet from him in which he says statement from. Stacey James none of that is true none of it that one. At 434. Between NASA is kind of tells you which one complex ever want to meet at like the retraction and newspaper. And Rowell yeah I've thrown my way don't read it I forget it like a pullback in this out of here without truly. How how amazing is that diligent on this world social media guys it's never eat all that the second inaccurate you know first and wrong to be free be for. I guy you're right and wrong delegate mogul like surrogate mama stuff but that's just amazing they they take the four. Biggest names in the franchise and there's something about each one of them and that story that is amazing and outset couldn't get his way because of Kraft Brady was a retired grounds and we traded that. Now he's gonna story and I. Policy that none of it's true. And I mean. Is does it feel like the entire offseason for the patriots. Has been centered around the beginning of the end yes and an idea being that we can come up with arming us I'm saying that it in the media anything the media can come up with. That that is further evidence that this is the beginning of the end. Brey does wanna play anymore Crocs and retiring and wrestle for a living in all of these things this entire offseason has banned. See cracks in the armor told. And I know it's a nose Brady and spell check and prog rock and there so it's going to be the biggest story I completely understand that. You're also going I was forty goal on 41 and 65 going on 66. If it was thirty and 55. If you were saying these two guys are coming to the end and oh my god why what's happening what's gonna prevent you know another 510 years of this. But you're all you're on bonus time. Let's face it your bonus time with with Tom Brady he's the MVP last year there's nobody else you'd rather have. Priest forty so every time goes out there he's setting new records for the oldest player to do this knows what to do that. So if he's gone in a year or two. I don't know forever in our our answer to that is it because of that that tension and the friction. Or is it because he's 420. Eddie and he's outlasted every other football player at the position ever bother you a little bit is that Brady. Never played this hard if you will when drop Lois here the last three and a half years he did. In this OTAs before happening but like just keep wanting to ignore that notice. Not a good you don't deal the not an unfounded saying that the he's done anything that's what I'm rob time. Brady associate we're ground I didn't really I can't remember our four yards so you're saying the only reason he skipped before. Which Rockwell. Not when he when he skipped OTAs the last time you sing grow because as a position was sick for Anderson on the late in the position wasn't sake of it really well started before I just think Rob Lowe did motivated he can say self motivated I know I'd I'd I'd believe he says he said this wasn't saying self motivated. But I think we have. Second round pick where race things in the next guy that's getting you know how you got your job would you you'd that's gonna motivate you dealings bring this up it just it sort of make an analogy here. Tom Brady. Was WW. Half OK and then for. 83 straight weeks double ICW beat him and so he took backlit. Now Tom Brady he's WW yeah we know should the problem is. WCW never beat Tom Brady. Didn't even come close to beating Tom Brady but there there wasn't even a competition. Right but there wasn't put it in his eyes a nice try but no doubt. It is not deal you remember the reports and when he fourteen metropolis taking in the second round Lisa Brady almost has lost his belief he was asked. Was this thing to drop later when he fourteen. It's not a plan should drafted position they could drafted terms Landry is pick right after that I have a well I know is this just seems that now he's got the power in the leverage because who we need to Brian Hoyer Dini. Number 58 by now you're on the show opened the week one right fine I mean really it's his job it's I think it was amazing the job before. I know it was never not going to be his job. Listen know it you're the biggest if you are my Tea Party forgot six you'll never thought Jimmy drop always gonna I don't know bush Tom Brady out of a job week for 2014. You don't think a couple people Butler Kansas City at the monitor yeah. Yeah and did you see the look on Belichick's best. About think about setting the people there obviously are. Now that nobody would have thought that guys use that even my Jarrett got her about life about I don't think it was even after I asked the question about why at any job outlook on Belichick's face like. You know that rolling of the eyes thing that he does it did not look very good night game are horrible expert about dale like and you see it you know I mean he's not everybody else out there wanna believe all the Nate that's a but there's apart you. It's getting this this situation too much of electoral holding hands singing we are the whirling nobody said that at all OK my point is I don't think Belichick and Brady never been bonds. I don't think that's ever and figuring that same as it wasn't like oh wait a thing. I mean other then then Brady probably like every other player in the locker room is wondering what the hell happened with Malcolm Butler. And apparently everybody on the team is wondering about that. I don't think it's a lot different I don't it Belichick yelled at more last year than he did the year before that and Brady sick of being yelled that it wasn't patriot of the week. Yeah you know that ideals and values of the news the past week. I a lot dale I'll I'll I'll extend your wrestling analogy are some guys don't need the belt yeah I'll answer is that the belt to be over Tom Brady just needs patriot of the week so you're saying he's on strategize and everybody got me the well piper. It's going to be I add I'm gold back and forth watch or Red Sox last night would tune of raw occasionally. I hit CNN at one point last night. And I see Dennis Rodman sobbing on my screen of the wealth of the path I. Have here yeah obviously they got I and now I had I had read. That he was gonna go over there. Not a ambassador he keeps being billed as the only person who has met with both Donald Trump and Kim young own OK great I understand. Wasn't this just a chunk kicked it to get pot calling dot com's T shirt. On as many TV sets as we can possibly do a thing of popcorn is doing pretty well today I don't know what it is I did note was yesterday and noted is now about I can say this our Mike princess of the bowl one. He threw it out sixty hours ago are watching Dennis Rodman as the pivotal figure in this historic summit T make it up. Now he's right except except he wasn't even a figure in the historical summit he didn't call unions aren't the guns and then I was ending was on Good Morning America this morning. By the way I think he was wearing the same teacher and same hat while that he was wearing last night Ali Adam out here a couple of coins for those that don't know what it is it's a peer to appear crypto currency which exists with the aim at. Of becoming the standard form of payment for the legalize candidates industry well I'll let that. Clears and Nelson person that's been going out about it was first introduced in January 2004 team. Is due to a lot of banks are national base and it's still class one substance of banks can accept monies from dispensaries etc. etc. you don't complete. There where. Putt on and I'll select those who shout out Chuck Daly and Phil Jackson and union buster yeah. That's what it would Obama and abolishing it seemed that kind of update I asked him a step I have something to say from what Korea. He just brought the ball. I didn't hurt me. I still can't get one back to point that I kept going back. So Lorton Lex was worth it to this country. Not six Eric lesser good tool we'll open. I remember you saying I remember you sing at the masters and does this here's a bit of English as the main thing. And you differently if and when I said those things. Let's say is that the youth. When Albert back home I just saw green wrist. Vessel which was what was it that protect it everything. Not believe that we. I couldn't go home he couldn't global need to. Put the case. Got killed by a pot probably. New things originate I knew what I all the you all and what I've never know what they hear me and I'm glad to see me. What tripled to talk to all of that what took everything I want. K let me of students study the Tibetan clicked it but everybody single port. So he'll try to everybody at some great to. He's fine and very emotional when there are he's dead but in the NW low ball yeah. He's only like connect what I can plan to Dennis that Donald Trump didn't talk to about this either. Down now and August says. He said Obama wouldn't wouldn't listen to him well even talked to Donald Trump about this either in the trumpet the alike. Well let's see that people polled. Why would he listens known why would you must request a filly and that is what we saw the pictures of Kim Kardashian and I in the Oval Office that. So you're famous you're just assume like your qualified probably things now well there are a lot of people that sort of I don't know. Have a better chance of getting something done that you'll write I don't know apparel. Evidently not Bailey not even one of CNN's though the Obama do you guys remember back totally years ago during the bulls' second three. When the bulls had an off night in between finals teams and he showed up at The Palace of Auburn Hills with Hogan Holland acts as a member the end of the low during the idle this act act. It is old stomping ground where he won back to back title Reagan without paycheck is doing this ends. It's hot so I love this rod I. You know he is what he is saying black can do he's all the aunts and he's tapped any sort of sounds like maybe he's you know use in some of the product. Yeah music a lot of the product. And about a week that eagle at DL I think he's used a lot worse in our eyes as volatile fairly safe that and on and on again OK why is CNN put them on why is ABC put them on CNN puts on anybody else like they got applause all the I don't care but today he's on spray cans interviewing on Good Morning America and they can. Because there were so many unanswered questions from CNN that's the law we go active what is Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman is. House. With a murderous thug dictator. Who enslave millions of people kills people in his own family and can John don't expect. An awful awful horrible hole I'll and it and it and says he's now I don't know either of those Johnson must either resign I I'm proud of our other wow collective that so I'm. Some think of why it's yeah as I know why he's there because he's got a chance to take a junket trip. You know completely on pot point and whoever else there was another sponsor to a forget the other one of course he was wearing this thing close is Good Morning America today was. I'd I'd radiating from our efforts they started it now I would think pollinated coming up money for other I Vienna knew how to. No I don't think make America great attic and I didn't sleep it's good stuff. You know Hollywood daytime there now because you know all night here it was all day there are so early in cheated able wardrobe change. And I think it is that were act now where. Six supposedly legitimate news organizations wanna ask Dennis Rodman about the North Korean summit that exactly where we are there's no question about exactly where we're pretty a pretty soon the Celebrity Apprentice salons will be like they're running the world's. Like to Dennis Rodman's on CNN yeah Donald Trump is the present United States I mean who are both was a writer Toby Keith lets you know when he's got the placed on fox broad picture place Johnny Damon shot on the day. Yeah OK okay and count 20 and I see we see this shirt there goes he got a bit out that you got trump on the topic got popcorn on. On the bottom of the Haskell horse thing if you think there's any chance that you might have a role. In this process as anybody on the beach down to you were giving you reason to believe that whether it's the north Koreans. Or it's the Americans that they may reach out to you. As some type of resource here something that is part of this mix going forward. Well you know an exodus somewhat about I wish that the fact that people could put me in that title role of the fact that. I should been. The ball this whole politics stuff I wanna be in all looked at what this was asked that. And up about it is big news in that direction may back out some took come assists to to so so at some level was political in North Korea. It won't want to miss the bus and these default figured out today and I hope he does what you wanna ask me 101. I wanted to do it. So I look at some a lot of things. But telling us that this is won't. They killed Wednesday is the world stage is not wanting that is chemicals I want to see you face to face of my own eyes so they can doesn't have me on in the world that you guys. A little more important things on a roll please well status set behind me. Like in 2013. I'll Rodman was in Vatican City there reflecting the new Pope and this is the trip organize organs that organized by the by an Irish gambling company and Robinson quote I'm just promoting this website it's a gambling website and it's about people were gonna bet on the new Pope and if he's black you get your money back. Dennis Rodman now found out I'd gone to pot avoid setting a mere somebody gets them somewhere else that you it is arguably that Dennis Rodman you could make that case. Is one of the top three rebounder in NBA history jerk. That's what can John Allen says wolf when he was asked okay Maria Soledad that that it's a fact that dale brought him zone drop of blood he won't resign no I believe Portland players Rodman the basketball players it's the international diplomat and I have a hard time yeah that's that's interesting so who's gonna win the eats at. Like I can see if that's when he when he tweets when he for the rock vs Mark Cuban for president next it's it's I'm going with Iraq. I just go in all sports stuff and ultimately they got hit it the rotten runs he's going to win. You know this. I mean I don't entail a debacle on audible. Is there to vote for him. Brooke and I did add that I'm I'm not going to go up and what are what are her struggle to activate. I guess it's called the with 617779793. Sevenths. The first all star results throughout by the way in Major League Baseball will run through those little bit later on the programs. A Boston Red Sox player. As more votes than anybody in Major League Baseball including my crap about that's about that. We'll get into that as well as the as the afternoon goes on let's get to the call to you guys to 6177797937. Georgia is in Medford pay Georgia I don't. All sorts. You guys talking what you know Bryant or you're not mutually out greedy at all that back quarterbacks. Before you hit a button to be one minute because even people won't bring you first came in the first and only one. They have an offense of touched on before Brady got portal and what shall came in and actually won mecky. And that eight crew it will Grady was suspended. Outlook and the import to basically from rookie quarterbacks didn't want to re out or games. So what culture shift them in this march will make you think that for you or anyone else except only Corey. And what's. Yeah I had I I don't feel that they will be successful if if something were to happen at Tom Brady this year so they've Tom bruise on five Super Bowls he's the MVP in your saying because they went three and one without on the they're going to be. Two years or rather undefined. You don't want cat we want all of them are pretty good miss the playoffs. Yes patient number eleven and five on the scene and I did it in the playoffs though it's sort of George I don't know how much stock you wanna put Nancy Xenia laying a Bryan holt right now on where he's horrible it's. They thought I know maybe pick someone else on the ground I mean yeah Brees the quarterback George so what are you doing it didn't Brady you know two hours. What I did they get where Brady yup they are but even it's great to get her object like she got suspended for them toward games actually get hurt that. And gets caught 06 bags checked like telecheck is Smart or not. Where he's picking quarterbacks can assist them that they can rule goal eleven at 512. No my god my gone all watched the ball for the lawyer or at now pot stores like if you wanna say I don't know I I didn't spell check a cooling off excellently in any doubt he's grow best coaches ever threat but there's only so much you can do. My unlimited talent pool here let's it is his credit he would never be the colts they would lose Peyton Manning and go 115 that would never happen with a Bill Belichick team but there are going to he was still here that I could say. Maybe 510 yeah six helped shirt Jersey let's get the shots and we can do now with what you have right now it what do you think would happen right now. If Bill Belichick called John Lynch the 49ers sit altered Tom Brady for Jimmy grapple. Why would he do that I did say what looked like a hang up the phone a challenge that we're going to be here I want it now and we you're throwing two number ones that we don't yet we RE leadership for. I don't think so. Let I I don't think even belly check and obviously he would never say this he would never coach this way even he would know something happened to Tom Brady they'd be done. Did you got to DC people every senator begin and he can get healthy he's still stinks. MC announcement this today and it may mean find a way but now it and so apparently has a complete when we we already know lawyers talk to us that income you know is is some. Hidden gem. Late that draft and that may be of a chance but now I'm an immigrant wanted to bring up with some of that. So the last two times the patriots lost the suitable course was the you know the 08 season Brady it's hard against Kansas City week one Bernard Pollard and an eagle 115 to miss the playoffs. And then of course you remember the 2012 season. They make the playoffs and they lose to Ray Lewis in the ravens at home there are so. I mean listen it's gonna be tough as it seems like every team in doers the Super Bowl hangover. The patriots are one of those teams the possibly overcome this and be able to get back there an excerpt as you mentioned. I mean Keefe who lets look at the at C the only team ICC in the SE collected two teams that are gonna be. Cool like pre season picks to get there are eight and this tells you how much you'd you wanna invest the chargers the titans are. It's dirty the wanna know either one of them. Well with re angry without Brady would break out yet again every candidate throughout right on the phone without Freddie I'd be worried about the -- Guy while I don't know I'd go that far but yeah I mean let it. Everybody. Is is of the understanding in it has always been this way during the Brady era. As long as he's healthy you get a chance. If he doesn't stay healthy you probably don't have a chance pretty much that's it. Part of the reason why are the best is yet Belichick and Brady muted their best buds and I Grover realizing that they are not but doesn't matter you of those two. You are you are above everybody else in my depending year to year that gap a little bit closer. But you of those two guys each one individually. Would be pretty successful. Put together is what makes them that degree is doable time who do you think if gambling is legalized all billing but specifically the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and there was a prop bet today. Who's gonna walk away from the patriots first. Brady or Belichick who would you put your money on Brady Brady early Brady bill and now you could you argue they're both at the top of their game now yeah. Yeah I I probably see especially Brady and just when the NDP forgot that expert but he's the one taken and it's at least two more seasons for Tom I think he walks we have to Tony nineteenth season and we had a for who but this was not an idea that I had a may have been Tommy Kern a Frears who came up with a during the season but. The idea if family is is really important right and in Tom Brady that's one of the reasons why he's not having some of the stuff. Bill Belichick on the other hand dollars kids older. The staff. And others like you could continue sell bit longer enough that you're just sit there and you're you're hanging out one on one the entire day but just haven't been around the whole different thing so. He 65 but it doesn't look like he slowdown in under the comment years ago about not wanted to be Marv Levy who was coach when he was seventy. But I could see him still here for five years might have changed his mind about that I think yeah right they don't come you know out east. And I was there certainly and when he said that on right. But I think as the years have gone on and think in July 18 pretty good parent I feel pretty good. You know I've I got an owner who for the most part let me do what I wanna do. If you wanna believe that he's now mixing trades although. Apparently according to the on our one of those nick stories was hogwash a lot of hogwash Johnson and overtake John. I got I got to know what he's done. They had just let us say that you know for all the hand wringing and you know the pain and anguish it was going to be volatile book is Belichick great stuff. You know she is about to they're going to be noted the good old days oh smog yeah. Yeah I mean I mean it regardless of the drama going on I just kind of they'll enjoy the fact that we don't have radian Belichick as a it'd be a part in the digital. Probably be miserable illness and doubled to look back on this and say holy crap did you actually have that. And now you're definitely right John. I we we are in the land of sports spoiled children here in New England right now Heidi but everything by Edwards saga about you know how it how would Belichick be without Brady and vice Versa when they're both. Forget it. I guess it'd be terrible because good luck Josh I like these teams. I did you go through the legally 85% of the league I think starts at quarterback that they drafted or whatever the percentages it's really hot read against quarterbacks that they drafted so if you think that's going to be the case. You're not drafted again in draft form this year you don't besides Utley in the seventh. So maybe next year. And then when is he gonna rate ago is it going to be mcdaniels probably balance safety Evan him. You're gonna turn into what these other teams are when Jim Kelly and Dan Marino and these are recorder Rex laughed. Those teams couldn't find a replacement now and they just became a relevant I can imagine though that this franchise that would be combing. That word relative west and you think you you really hope that it's not a Brady Belgium walk away at the same time because that they do than you might get there quicker than you want but it Belichick sticks around. He drafts a couple more classes and picks the next quarterback you'd better chance. It and I I see this facetiously some bearing mine I obviously know I love Tom Brady I love everything about the guy I said some that would kill last week and a believes we view it yes and in a silly he's the most revered sports iPod and this. And a new England sports history and people like came out all New York okay whatever I get I understand how Bob viewers on tougher people under the age of 43 who never got to see Bobby or play. The thing about Brady is that. He also it's he screwed this franchise's future conceit. Staying good unless he is the future unless if he if he plays for three more years okay that don't that you screwed him but okay if he's done after this year you could looming you could make an argument about. To the Boston Red Sox have the best player in Major League Baseball on the roster. Possible talk about that coming up next dale and keep Sports Radio W media.