Dale & Keefe - What did Kyrie go through during the Celtics playoff run? Why Kawhi Leonard could stop the Celtics chances of making the finals next season.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, June 18th
Hour 2: Keefe and Dickerson discuss Kyrie Irving’s interview with Bill Simmons, including his future in Boston and not wanting to play with LeBron. Also in this hour, trade proposals for Kawhi Leonard, the relationship between Brady and Belichick, and Dickerson’s love hate relationship with Abby Chin

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Yeah it's. I haven't seen dale and keep Sports Radio WEEI. Dale is off today Greg Dickerson is in. In the first hour breaks that this is the last year for Tom Brady I think its fullest here. Don't think that probably doesn't highlighted per hour the weight. A lot of violence in the for found. That's a pretty big deal I even see the breakfast it says Tom Brady told him that he's done after the I don't wanted to. One another Mike Florio essentially they turned out you figure out and I think it's gonna be two years I think it I think we're we are definitely approaching me and for both but I think that's. I don't think it's an obvious statement ever written trying to predict the end but it's what. What George undermines that no no Brady and Belichick the coach in place for a cottage and I can I make a caveat to my statement and had a great. If Belichick decides to go. He plays longer and you play all out there yes plot thickens. Because you don't think police lobbed you on here I allied I didn't hear that I currency. And authorities say that before yeah are. Like necessarily believe them. I think he loves them in the also tolerates and many also. He you know sometime but that's it little by the love hate relationship I have a right I have I have heard about that part of any of those of I got myself at that yeah. Ed and I it. I think it is it a wonder if any would anybody yells. Got out of the interview yesterday from Oprah Winfrey. That Brady is gone after next year. Ensued maybe forget I got I've got that sense after Tom vs time that it was going to be pretty soon a year to about the leading source to. But then also after yesterday evening he had just went like a guy who had one foot out the door so that is very much on the table for your 61777979237. Another interview over the weekend with the topic Tom Boston aptly carrier ring. Was on the Bill Simmons podcast. He's like an hour and he's got his movie uncle drew coming out in dollar weaker to. I'm of the small adults and people are very out of management's advance screenings people should be pretty excited about it this Friday comes out. Russell how we we get an advance screening are there to show I've worked on every night talk to agent celtics'. Recent interviews of everybody but us. I don't wanna you know you can't even get an interview lot of automatic answering yeah try to even do it regulator Robin and that's all I discuss our. It is asking that a little sour grapes on my part sour patch kids but we can't get this guy for the life must meanwhile every Tom Dick and Harry is interviewing carrier. It is just five minutes at a time but really on the ground running like who. I mean Simmons is a pretty big deal double sort of is an hour I'm saying they had a whole setup where anybody can go over there for five minutes in and it gives everything that's really radio every theater for equity for the bottom Donna that's a lot of those minute that I tried all the president and the guys they have got to might she might sound out on the that every. Beat writer has had like an exclusive with them now they're asking him some more questions but everybody's had a chance to talk to carrier ring to show up a phone in his face for five minutes as I have a reporter out in a phone with and we can take it into it later we whittled mosey on the phone has alleged or possible during the show house we wanted to pound Colleen. Five now averaging about of all or did you spend a president down. And that's the fun while we goodness for you grow weed that you are to go far to the church and Victor she thinks it's going to be area Academy Award winning movie. It is the problem. What I'm doing the problem once and the other problem with the hearse with. It seems like yeah we took a cheap shot there just to show how could she win an Academy Award for interview parallel Amish ice and I'm sure she thinks. The movie will we miles out of meal now you're insulting your intelligence knowing what it's complexities let's call it's like sarcasm it's just a little joke you are on my sarcasm there's a little bit of truth it every day if they're not what. You are. Don Rickles also said why don't make funny here yeah you know. That's right but that's how I'm not care about chances appointed coach Burnett yes but I wouldn't do that like what Brady said that. Brace on his first hours ago I yell at Jennings about it those are relationship right after all I don't have a lovely on the love relationship when that it does she look how does she feel I've really on shirt blue books. Talk as if lol yeah he's at each other large candidates may have a sense a carrier ring or is trying to figure out. So it Tom Brady it's how much longer ago at play here earth just in general and a carrier is how much longer is he gonna play in Boston a pink. Could he certainly hasn't given any indication that he definitely wants a long term deal he hasn't said he doesn't either. We just know it doesn't make sense financially from the sign at this offseason that's fine we'll look at that. But the following year is this a place that he could be and one of the questions this is also pretty conversational silly demented couple questions in here as well. Robertson has basically asked him you know what's the most important thing the carrier. And the entry you look at the combat any area. Oh so very singing on it. Just got to be in place where Agassi muscle for a few years and composition myself with some other great players. You know you don't that's when the on the texting and calling starts happening hey man liked yeah trying to do this sense. You know the ship and the leader of our generation is like. We you know is the for me personally I'm speak on time in my in my viewpoint others like we all wanna play. Together one point you know whether it's now or later our career. You know we we we come wanna have fun playing within you know we all. Can't spend time and live in LA were New York we all see each other so it's cool when you get to have like other great players on the team another. Great player teammates and then go for championship no it was one you have now wanted to happen if anything. So first off when we Jarvis Varnado. Let's start who're your best friends and when you deployment and that's other right well I'll lay out all that well played together let all of you like but we're talking about. Who who are his best friends in the week. It seems like everybody like serving on the way there we didn't get that sense this year after every game. The best player on the other team would always call home Tyreke and it all star weekend like diary is there are others like it they all hug each other than us when the and the text and caller starts happening had amen and yeah. Most of the star players all on each rod though. I don't care or fewer exceptions there are the only Celtics. And how anybody out each other even edit others. And hug anybody that ray would bowl regulars if they raid rather hated each other right there you can tell you got to go out and that's true I yeah. I guess I else I was a little. Boy guy is a pick me up a little bit. Some of the things he talked about in terms of staying in Boston yeah even higher interview that I wanted to play short played for a few years yeah that's not too. But like I felt better about what but any also let you know we all hang out new York and LA doesn't know. Yeah. Not minorities that is New York the rumors is that acts black now here's the other thing all. He did make me a little mirroring nervous talking about his knee injury a lot of times yes we always find out. That a surgery or an injury is worse than what we were led to believe night. Eric kind of seems that lack. What was it like. Sitting out the class in a much in the make around sell itself and the Suggs knows his supportive. Leader veteran guy did it the same time her bed there for sure absolutely absolutely sucked in palm. In I came mr. Cody was it was tough. Not from. Like how watching the guys would of what I was doing with outside of the leg I was believing in games and have time for that eight hour shifts of antibiotics take out of gas station out of decline in my arm you know for two months and I'm disliked. Every day is like OK you know I can't necessarily lists I can't run I can't do anything about and have my. Kind of decline in from eye infection and I'm I'm. We would have definitely gone after trying to be ready for at least the Eastern Conference finals really clear for sure but the infection was just. I know like I got two surgeries in a matter of I think it was a three week span I got this screws taken out than you know. I had to take out everything completely I got the wiring to and offers using an item screws taken Elsie fell you're playing new found she is a constant agitation via a Philip my body was time rejecting the screws a point. So I mean he obviously was doable. Now you have concern that he's not going to be on her persona gets back yes. Right just just because of that you know and because of these few street in general. I do get concerned I shall walk and took on young Al mustang normal lot more than we do. They do fair you know seen Disney ride. That's yeah yeah in this you know. Recovery room for a but it is okay yeah I still want them to sign him long term but I put my trepidation is. With his availability in his ability to play. Seventy plus gains over the next five year that's why it's kind of a win win in the sense that the Celtics had not offer him. You know 180 million dollars this off season. But they probably would once you like they would and wouldn't wanna see him play so it's a slap in the face of a player. Was eligible for this huge contract and you say that we want to lies either approve it first. Or they'd literally can't do that and so carrier who's gonna sign anything so he's gonna have to go out there and play this season. And if he plays as well as he did last year in just stays healthy. Then you're right definitely Yuma Condoleezza offer around they'll offer on the contract I still think it would be trepidation based on his history yeah he is. What is. What's right arrest. One year with Irene his injury history. Or one year with a Y Leonard and what happened to him last year I think one you require Leonard is a bigger risk because it seems like it's not just injury. It seems like that's what's going on upstairs as well I don't know where he's got I don't know. Where does he wanna go if you already packed arteries arteries where he ally right I that's what I do is go to Boston and he's a bag out of the year in San Antonio. That's different than a sand. AA play for Sacramento and I wanna make sure I'm healthy my free agency year our makes regular trade. Still selfish but least understand it he's a really good team. He's won a title for that team it's the best coach in the league all of the stuff. He can't make it work there so I don't know yours you can make it work here we talked about Brady having issues on the lows Belcher but did you sit out. Because of those issues home run all but may be at some point in time. Co Weiler says OK on a double Popovich admitted he was ticked off that. Tony Parker and some of his teammates basically called the amount he feels like a camp played with him again yeah although it's funny I had forgotten about this land that brought up. And an article from a few months ago when Leonard came out that I'd Walt wanna be. In San Antonio for a long time one way or whatever let's do I think that that's a lot because of the super Max though I think you'll hear that but he's lined up yet that's also at the spurs the other stories that say they wanna keep quiet Eleanor. I think that's only for trade but you can't say we're definitely get rid of this type war on San Antonio I do wanna trade on the golf are under you do want to trade him I got out of Iraq every day and you won't be here right you have to you have got to play played up that usually either. Are we have more carrier ring on the Bill Simmons including. His thoughts on playing with LeBron James wears those really the reason. Why he left Cleveland to begin woods and as a lot more there as well. Yeah. Guy. Spectators sit is in today to join us 61777. 79837. We start with Tom birdie on what Oprah we'll get back to that little bit later on carrier ring. Was on what Bill Simmons both interviewed lengthy interviews I would say. Both we're a dollar total sense now the Rudolph messages and articles you write that carrier ring was on for awhile. Now pledged some of his answers before about his injury about where he wanted to go last year. Or try to figure out is this guy if they if he's healthy and they offer him a long term deal next year. How good you feel about him taking it. In eighty and your questions on both sides are you know. Do you think he will take it number one and not go to New York wherever and on the other side do you trust him. To stay healthy. And be worth thirty million dollars over the next five yes it's it's tough for other reasons why I love carrier is because he is the first guy. That. Kind of went against LeBron James. Everybody in the NBA loves LeBron mail and in May be a German green but everybody loves all of this teenager all pierce love them but I think that the time definitely getting more now seems like now that the younger. Guys younger than LeBron they got older the older they all look up to. Right middle school and write a 1007 it's a book carrier ring same think he's what seven years younger than LeBron and he doesn't. Look up to LeBron in fact he was annoyed by LeBron but he played well he he played all of them but I've always maintain that star players. Have to give up a little bit more playing with a broad because of your star player you want the credit which so many of them do they're not gonna get playing with a bronze which is which is weird because. There were very few or had been very few star people all star players. Who are more selfless. And the project cigarette on the court the way he plays it shouldn't be that way but the attention they get pre and post game during the game everything is LeBron LeBron does everything even though he played with. Dwyane Wade who's going to be all Famer Chris Bosh might be all Famer Irving and lovable great Irving. Had a forty plus point game in the finals at the big shot in franchise history. But is a footnote went out about what on winning a title isn't that isn't that way with every super I'm George I'm sure that Scottie Pippen had a triple double and a finals game at some point in time and nobody wanted to talk to Michael parts of but my point is if your star player how many are comfortable be Scottie Pippen. Bread like a and since god I just was although I can make a ton of money out and win championships. OK I finally I don't know why he wouldn't and so one topics and obviously came up was. You know. Were the challenges of of playing with the project. To do you feel like your skills. Had become underrated just considered playing with the brown has our of those shooters players about time that. Some people can't take it from grand in a little bit some of the stuff you're great at. And not necessarily I think. You know Lou the authentic fans about slow understood. You know what I brought to the game I think that you know playing another great players of you know in case another day of how to stand out within that and you know and just make sure that. Your confidence and you're working any gaming units in your showcase and again you know and inevitably playing with a great player LeBron is this going to be. It's going to be a lot you know and inoculate Derek there's a test and the greatness of how you adapt to those situations you know instead of kind of you know woo away from the challenge of fading down and adapting in you know like wire run away from it sought out one full force and just like took it. It took him by the head in. There are tons is really really tough. Really had good stuff. But I mean most of last season I have in the volatile emerges that spotlight that he brings not I would say. Leahy. You're you're being tested on on the biggest stage in front of everyone likes. All the time yeah all the time I mean like there was not a time where it was like. The eyes wasn't on our team I am brawn was on me was an entry love like our team it is organization whose dislike I went from being Cleveland to. You know having. Have you know half the fans show looks now Broncos that not every night as fact. Yet every road game is like you know somewhat of a home game for us. Eat anything about the media attention that comes with all of that and just that the elevated pressure of like okay now it's championship or you fail. And you know and then you gotta fill you figure out how he fit within the system but again I ask well as assistant assistant game so how you build a strategy how you finish with that that was tough. Problematic there I don't I don't know about that on retiree it's a lot like dog gave what mattered. And I know why we. And a plate Portland on Tuesday and everybody was very it was an important game and everybody was well doesn't grow on national day all like. High home mad city like playing in front of half empty in the crowd say apolitical. It's sounded like it was much more relaxing and easy going when we were Dolan. Don't want me in sixty so I'm sort of. Again it's probably unfair it's because I like carrier ring the do you think it's it's easier for him to say that if he thinks that's a better answer than the LeBron would pat me on the head and say nice job hated and when we want is guzzle abroad and only loss it was because of the team. If that's likely to actually answer probably but I mean you can still. Given non answer to that question. And I have not sound as bad as that and thought that was knocked rate that does not sound super competitor beats him he could get wouldn't now the Celtics you're going to be playing prime time games all the time Euro on an NBA contender but I did today and it in the and I think the issue was simply. I wanna be guy I want and I wanna be number one guy. I want the boob. Ball in my hands when the game is on the line I want the focus on myself also don't. Coldly as long because only has he says basketball the team again. My kind of less than the great players and the guy I wanna win again I want him to thirty takes a shot at the end what he'd be against quiet Leonard coming here. There's quite Leonard if he's held it quite well after two years ago he's better than Irving. I would sing don't because I think if theories such a thing as a system superstar. He says the super eights are probably coli latter Ricky he's very is. Repeatedly anywhere yet but that's but no monetary assistance system without the eurosystem quarterback I don't know I don't mean that I mean. He can play with in any solace and he got almost bowl is adamant when you watch pop up why is this the player that pieces late I think is that I I'm not I'm not it is a great player I'm not saying at the right way. He'd blazing wherever he goes he he's not why it doesn't actually stand out Kevin Durant stands out if Karl yeah on stands out. Leonard you know you watch him and you'll say she had. 32 wouldn't be as well even played lockdown defense and you know he does not want him like the other guy's guy yeah that's right in the sure sold strange with him I don't know what what was the and Italy and the thing about it is it the attention it wanted the attention. That he's he's big ol' thing like you don't Tyler her voice sounds like because I don't I don't guess you heard his voice right now our own military with him now right as the army market before if you for the post game press conferences and you've seen some asylum interviews but he's not for a guy is good as he is. He's not in a movie like a local drew he's not you know on every single commercial abroad and curry and to Randall's guys so I'm part of that has to do with. Don't know what happens in San Antonio and who knows you don't want to think. That's what he wants and media and in the end. He started out a rebuke he wants that he just dealt would not happening at San Antonio and play along with Lou the game that the spurs play and now voices now one of the NL I wanna be the alpha wanted to admit although if you go to team up with LeBron. If Olympia for the nobody did a lot of butchered get a lot and you'll like closer to the alpha dog and you were in San Antonio now that's that's probably true now another topic of conversation came up on the Bill Simmons podcast with carrier Irving a was losing Gordon Hayward. Five minutes into the season hey you're the favorite of five minutes and a big and I was tough those so you're you're very you're effecting you in the next and it took you like a week to shake that out that's in my view I just was pissed I was just I was pissed for our team and more or less for Gordon. You know I mean it was like she was just now starting to get a rhythm and this season and then you know. This is news is tough and so often on the one that threw the pass so I was like you know for value panels whales hold onto that. For a while I was psyched and broad. That at that time line you know in not I'll take responsibility I take part of the bar responsibility but he was. Who would really opening us all the way to or there and then just came down like wrong on site. At that he had managed that knocked them off balance there as this man and then as it's I was I'm still sick about it is this was like man we. With his we had of really good training camp but it's really did training camp and the pre season games weren't even going to be good. Like the the the factor to determining how we how great were going to be I knew of from the first day yeah like because the challenge of forming this team. Wasn't really hitting us. That's the clearest. Audio podcast sounds like Ross and never heard my life that likely what did you like a Mike yes Kate type yeah John Paul other other than I re correct that it released vote. We figure out what they what they used for equipment hash tag or not someone. It would also have some level we Uga program. You Leo we got to get to the bottom I just. Kind of guessing the budget a budget behind him for podcast less than not quite Lesnar has is that a lot of vehicles from Richard of how long your typical plot gas. All one hour they are and our specialists and but typical pocket let's. Talk about Gordon Hayward he was on the threw the pass and we dissected that. You remember right he probably took phone calls back and and I earlier Rafael people prouder push drives opening all the time we got hurt unpopular and he's right though he wasn't. Really open. And it was it was such a freak play though it was disgusting I could still remembered vividly watching that play happened and it was just it was as gross. Of these sports injury as you'll ever see. And obviously. You know the open is he will be good to go when that when the season rolls around in fact because the injury happened so long ago. He's probably going to be more healthy and healthier sooner they are carrier yes it ought to feel better about him to start the season yeah you do with carrier what about the Gordon Hayward. Trade rumors do you think that there's any and all you can bet I don't I agree you can I don't think you have not trade. Gordon Hayward for pilot Richard ones don't for one reason and one reason only. And I always traitor and he and do whatever and he said he'll trade his mother doesn't matter. He tree illustrate his mother Bernard Gordon Hayward because this is all. Baghdad. On Danny Ainge and on the organization. If you've signed this guy. Get him to make a gut wrenching decision to leave you taught and not go to Miami to come to Boston then that that gruesome injury five minutes into the game. What the hell are other players around the league gonna think about you and your organization if you trade Gordon Hayward you cannot trade. I I agree and in so too mossy wrote an article on WB yeah I'd dot com with the the same idea and it's. You know you wanna be you know aggressive you always want to improve your team you want your guys that earlier improve your team but. There also is a legal limit to back if you want some of the players to feel like they are going to be a part of the process to steal a phrase from Philly like it. Like Jason Tatum you're going to be here and not that. There should be guys that bomb on tradable only you should NASA have that attitude either but if you're building towards something. Just because Weiler becomes available. Do you have to be in on now do you have to make that move you've got the tie for sure but then when it comes down to. Are well you know we want Heyward or we want you know Irving or if you take it weighed. Big pieces from this team. I don't know he's nobody's there really wanna stay and they all look let's say you treat let's let's please say you come to an agreement with the San Antonio Spurs. And you trade Gordon Hayward for awhile and that's the that's part of the package and part of the deal I think very Irving leads. Forget about high I think but if you are about are you sick Tyree are a lot. What's colliding also about what are they increasing and that they just traded for this guy blew out his ankle a year ago yeah and other additional money or. I'd sign him to step. I merely wanted to play with Gordon Hayward in Cleveland before the broad set on coming back on the moment and cue the music. He was trying to recruit Gordon Hayward to Cleveland and he's wanna play them for a long time they got to do it for five minutes this year. It's our big part of the motivation snowball these guys on back is playing together. If before the season starts Hayward has gone. Even if it's for somebody as good as why Leonard tiger is it be looking at that fan while you're you're really committed to this group like UB euros. Gone I bet I bet he's gone so it's just another reason not to do I think the only guy that use that you would consider them. Do you consider a number as obviously brown considered the trade but I think you know meet. Feasible. On real old. Trade piece on this team for you when you talk about wrong when you talk about while Leonard is carrier. He only won because the the cause of the contract contract because the activate it because you're not your injuries right the issue is a sign united and so it's one year of one person wanted the other I do feel better about resigning Irving that I do Leonard but. Again because he's here for a year yeah that one guy and you know the LA stuff is out there with would Leonard and might be it but mostly that's evident York's upper retiree but that but next year let's say yeah letter comes here. What happens in LA are they gonna have enough room and again the on that they gonna have to jump through hoops next summer yeah essentially sign. Polite welcome. I was I was surprised by it was when we first out Friday were taken around the idea of cool why letter to the Celtics I assumed Irving or Hayward would have to be involved because of money. But there are all ways and it's convoluted as to sell its Isiah ice general but yeah. Perhaps that you can have what. Five yeah would be. Idbihi no beef and brown terror rosier Marcus Morris got to sell the in my nadir of saying I eat I don't Max contracts are yet to thirties to twenties. If topics of either but some of the scenarios you know bring back anyhow symposium in Kendrick Perkins he did out of that I miss all those guys in there. Tom in the car he joins us next heroes were treated WB I want to Tom. What the public view in that interview wish Oprah. Said that I'd love Indonesia. Immediately I loved him past tense. When apple don't object. So what do you what are you suggesting you're Tom that the law does over it does change that dynamic conversation completely just past tense that used to love but a lot. Right there were playing the fact I didn't hear that the first time around you could be right I don't have the best hearing we know Greg doesn't either so. Exactly what let's hear that that one more time position than what I would intelligent. No I mean I love I'm and I love him well you know I don't hear it from I don't hide it sounds like present tense. You bills. And he wrote that. I was dongle for Enron. Sort of screening process he said that after the interview may be sons on the FaceBook watch he said love afterwards. He says loves and then afterwards later he said loved. And the interview after he did the awkward hand holding on across the table golfer. He said I loved I'll check back just out of nowhere. Now on how old now I didn't hear that it's you know did not hear that the bouncy that I you can debate. You don't want this relationship yeah no doubt. If you isolation is at such an answer is two questions. The did you ticket trash out today. Relations he's just I don't know I don't I just say. Rational detect track and you just repeat what you did you the June and will die tonight did you call the bank. I all the backlog of about one political and economic all the while. Relationships. You you don't always get out there in that regard. That's relationships I thought the I don't mind atomic collar not Tom Brady trying to really pick that thing apart that's we've been doing as I was most of the first hour finally here's and there's like Atlanta disappointed that it could work on the hook just yet that it was the bombed pretty quickly now as it did not really. Have much of have much of a life. Do you think it's funny and he pauses again goes on though they says I love my problem like. She's asked is there something going on and he immediately goes to. Surprise you eight are thought that question now is it Oprah definitely yeah we rehearse that live picture scratch you've had scratches differ about five questions that there I would say. It connects to a guy go back to absurd to everyone has something. We talked about Brady in the interview with Peter King. Lots whenever was march or April by a and then through the did dichotomy. Between the two interviews. Things happen. What happened. Six seemingly at least on the outside. Radically changed Tom Brady in the last year. And from you I'm all in 45. I'm doing it all to OT is no I don't think optics failed was a big part of it with a global what's been the family was there a year if any thought of adding these keep pushing it and it's like Gisele thing we'll have let you go do something and I'm home the kids oddly you know I have visa and turn down you wants them more time indicated I think. Maybe it was the flaky maybe you was. Seeing Belichick say hey ask the quarterback about it a little out of affected him last year though god and all of them then at that point in time. In a whole thing with the kids and and I inner I'd wanna be careful with this guy in a it would try to be careful with that. When I said it over the weekend as well. I truly believe that yes he spends much time with the kids tried and you're golden gains do this had dinner whole nine yards. But as a professional athlete. Set up an almost the most perfect situation. We're not talking about. A baseball player those guys are all on the road half the time and when they play a home game I'd odds are good point all right at 2 o'clock and I don't till midnight it's a good point it is it is a bit overstated it but dissolved as far as like him how much time to act as a friend that lives here and that's 25 minutes from the stage to answer. 61777. On seven I three senator Tom Brady also carry Irving ball on the table also. But he saw this the US open happened over the weekend all people are losing my doubts are brainwashed or relatives was straight you are no golf. Well one of the corps ball hitters and I wasn't what people are losing their minds they're mad the course that Matt Phil Mickelson asked for something they did they think Phil Mickelson needs to apologize people are upset. About golf typical golf down without that. Philippine sports record WEEI Dale's office Greg Dickerson is if we'll get to people lose their minds about the US open here in a moment but it's your phone call 6177797937. Tom Brady was on with Oprah carrier Irving was on with Bill Simmons. Let's go to. That's who's a noted let's go to Joseph in Dorchester let's go out on jump. I don't know I think your particular all our problems job. What about our cited radio market mark generally those are the responsibly here at 836 million. The spurs at that mark is Smart for require Leonard even Talking Heads on the part of the package. Yeah I saw the odds are at some got back that they won't let possible to at a didn't want him yeah. Don't know. So that's on the job you would do Jalen brown Marcus Smart Memphis pick whatever you know if Hillary is you'd you would do that for one year while under estimate. What are you wanna. I've ever but if you don't win the championship team and wanna check it out there watch on the I'm not even the biggest Jalen brown fan but having him on the rookie deal. And even the Sacramento pick which. It could end up being great I didn't hear I know what everybody gets old like that he grew to about how else can keep that matter. Keep that going all the top of it gets back to keep that able to try to get a draft on Thursday night which people are saying it's gotten worse and worse by the FL draft every every day Cuba all. Couple good players at the top blood. And like I don't think the eight pick is he going to be earlier in specialist it. To me hey you dangle out Sacramento you don't let the openness I don't want those an MR I don't need them. I don't I'm kind of his 41 budget the rest of the recchi chipped it to me I would. You just. He's on that rookie deal. I'm keeping him and you know what forget the pax got that can be real valuable Sacramento to be that that that number two pick next year. You got that number one pick in a few years from Memphis on an awful team but. I'd rather deal those if I'm going to make a significant deal. Like polite but the thought of a carrier ring in Hawaii Leonard Jason Tatum Gordon Hayward Al Horford starting line not gonna happen it's pretty thing is not gonna happen. An audit geologist at the trademark Smart. Now that you need more than album art in what what was that I read that somewhere there was clearly got to sell outs Ali Nader it was I was Marcus Morris Jalen brown as the main piece in the entire rosier it was like. Everybody you have. But that doesn't start and I don't have a bench not that as the most of you figured out I understand that but. It's basically take everybody on the team that's not a starter that deals sports and general manager move yes yes let's deal all odds don't crap and traded for Sampras Kevin Garnett Carmelo Anthony accused trades have happened in the league words like let's just add up all weekend mob boss of that for the Kevin Garnett trade yeah you wanna make it that you. No I wanted to McDonald on the same coach every sort of player on now but in this case Joe Brown the player Jim Brown is in there. More valuable than. I don't know a couple that you only what some of the lakers yeah as far as as valuable I guess if you're thrown in if you're talking about one of the two picks in Jalen brown. But I guess if you're San Antonio. You you comb through the other track that you said OK he brood you know renowned it's like yeah blacked out there I would cut and it beaujolais and it would cut a couple of guys and then and they imitate what's left. One of the too terrible to be Paul George. One year left on his deal no guarantee you Simon yeah hoping likes it but there's no guarantee one year to get to the players they got to rook all the people so that's not the time. It did not look his own people was not an all star you know. So in that regard you know it didn't get any picks and that deal is it too young players one turn into an all star immediately the other is no bomb. And committed you know to the Celtics have something like that in what would that end up being look Weiler go for it in the latter is better. Then Paul George but there's more questions with Leonard based off how crazy last year what's the market what's the 500 what's the market right now for awhile and how many teens. Eight can afford them and I am I think there are certainly more teams that they are they an Albertson's and gonna Fordham but how many of those teams. Can't afford and are willing to take a chance with a guy on the last year's lakers clippers Celtics can all offer him something in the celtics'. Could offer the most. If they wanted to do this can offer the most for. Anybody anybody about it by investor bucks and Philadelphia is thrown out there the lakers you mentioned the clippers I don't think San Antonio wants to deal him to the lakers edged. If there was a gun pointed that there had editing may not the big fight at the most return to they would feel a picket sign them if quiet underdog does go to Philly. Does that make them better the Boston next year. Depends on one other filler is there by the U puts me and the converse I read ultimate I anybody in my of that Simmons and speed. That's neat citizen can't shoot and you know and bead is is ought I think Andrea Harris at what's in there yeah. And I get what will just assume that wanted to great but he he bought heated and another audience during sit out we don't know but but yeah that's the case they're pretty good. Let's go to Ryan in the car what's going on right. Guys are you look great Mario. And you have to ask what changed between Belichick and yet. I'll wait and Brian let me stop rule quickly. Don't have the question I asked was. What he's changed specifically. With Tom Brady an opportunity not between Brady and Belichick over violence you specifically Tom Brady what's changed with him. And his is beliefs and his mindset about playing in the last year. I think some have to do it very dynamic idea that you ran well apparently taken out to build. Brady debate is basically written to it she Nobel uncheck that it would not open heart surgery. Yet I go out for 500. Coal and Belichick Padgett Butler big budget and let it added you know. You've got shot coming. Sheet of solitary practice is eminent. Like I didn't great shape this shot editorials about been dealt and that's what caught up. That's what is viable and argued as veteran but I that I hurt by the in my and right now I don't think it's one thing you can't point one thing but even a simple was that we talked about this on the shall blanch and in some people think it's a big deal civility it's a little deal. But you know oust Guerrero having field access and play and access and now he doesn't. I don't get the world notably at its lowest level like hello I'm Ryan adds those things out and all of a sudden Brady says. Until I wanna deal with this in now it's another thing what's it going to be in Trenton man. What's going to be next October next November but let's go to daddy in Rhode Island what's going on Debbie. Oh hi and yet I I you know Brian details. And yet know exactly what I was I've been thinking Vermont actually mentioned by her that. That I look EI every day we they talk about Tom Brady. What's changed what changed and probably just as human as you and I. And typically tend to get back. And I think that he's gonna you know Malcolm Butler he he works. You know hale looked or he act has struck forever and as well it looked the other lane on the G. And arm and then they'll spell check for whatever crazy but it doesn't play Malcolm Butler. I mean at the end of I know you guys feel the same way we never gotten it explanation. Literal still waiting for that. And on Tom Brady is human and I think it's a combination of the track that. You know that happens with Malcolm Butler and Al school Lara and I think everything and you know such as yeah. So age exactly would you glam as he walked away after next year. And probably that they had Brady CN. All I've never heard that before yeah I don't know yeah daddy I don't know but I would say that. The this is rolling mill. Hired about Butler offshore he's quick version of article is that what it than your number the liberal I'm a dead yet issuer at at its analyst and I'm sure it absolutely bothers them you know users. He was commenting on knuckleballer it's a grants are motor great player teammate and friend that he is in the I'm sure the bombs the got to help win him a Super Bowl and now you can't use them and another one and surely as night and this guy just cost me my six of global yeah by doing let's say yeah he's definitely definitely and he won't tell Eddie Eddie. It's funny because typically media fans were like we're down but whenever a final ballot check. You get the sense from the players that. Yeah they have delighted I IDs are.