Dale & Keefe - What is the future of the show;  Danny Amendola addresses the Brady Belichick tension

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, July 19th
Hour 2: Marcus Smart finally re-signs and immediately becomes ill. Keefe thinks Kawhi won’t show up for Toronto. And Dale and Keefe discuss Jimmy Garoppolo’s date with pornstar Kiara Mia.

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Yeah to. Are pretend ailing team Sports Radio WEEI. Itself. If Williams has said. And I got Lou Lou stomach and I go on flu like symptoms flu like symptoms like mark mark mark did you know the better off. They're also all three when he fluids hope you're feeling better soon died miss my alarmist left the road I've missed my plane. Las my wallet but why race. Or might mean the chronic leg issues media relations department for the Celtics had a bad month at that I think that Google would noting that's not the markets are. Lets you think of something else that Ricky spears is what now. I don't maybe it's something now with him now he decide. It's a 52 million dollars in the film pretty good. Although not go for maybe another thirty mile and really good at you know Tuesday night you know you're saying they're on something again it could've. He's been model is that tempered at the best of him before. The body was Indian more than 52 he did then. He's should be pretty happy 52 of the diocese in the and yes if I thought you were gonna get like sixty or seventy take the fifty kinda hard to look at 52 mania. He also could play for six this year. So playing effort you know there are little different yeah probably OK with it I think he should be this is this is the right amount of money for Marcus mark. So a year ago the anti blows to team up. Ships out eleven of the fifteen guys on the roster moderate during the course of the off season. This year. The band back Brea mall all back in I was a little word that they might not with some of the different trade rumors and some of the things are going on aired Baines was unrestricted free agent. He came back immediately and again I want our player. Marcus Smart but maybe he would go somewhere else not to bring him back. Carrier ring on the one year deal all kinds of different rumors flying around about him but he's back. It's the whole team and I get Gordon Hayward who really wasn't a part of last year's team C got him back east or Europe addition. But they shouldn't have to do anything that the best team they've had so many injuries then the next best team. Lost their best players they suck now so this is this is the right move for the Celtics and I'm glad that the bringing everybody back. I'm happy about it I mean I still think that the best team in the east yes I'd despite mild we assumed a wise crucial to turn on I don't assume that. I don't supposedly. The raptors in his representatives have been having conversations I saw the word positive. Wouldn't cover I wouldn't trust this guy at a return a text message let alone shall opted for to play for the raptors this year. Do you wanna go to Toronto. Last I still am just so blown away by everything that happened last season there that what we have heard from quiet Leonard one shots. We the got a gag order he can't say anything he can't tell you how it feels. He can't commit stamina play with the raptors this year he came to that can Canadian customs keep is on a lot of the contract of the raptors probably opened so. Working on that part of the deal handles shady thing to. Orgy just hurt and if he has just her it's such a mess and for one year. I think Toronto they did just. Now to him. What why you're perfectly willing taken bookie for a year and he's a bit of a mess nobody plays he at least plays he was out because he got hurt I understand he's a bit of a mess he is more the heck is replace. Actually I take it back letter Morgan had case. What the hell's going on with while he was not a good it was a good organization. The markets cousins but for the kings for years. That ended celebrity play and he put up great numbers and as with the pelicans and was good for them. At any got hurt you about a 12513. And five with the pelicans that he gets hurt. And now besides the warriors are clearly winning is important to DeMarcus Cousins so Chris Broussard and on the undisputed and talked about this very topic. Like a bargain agreement article eleven section three says if a player and a five year deal which makes your require. Which holds its services more than thirty days that it started season then he can't with another team. Until his current team releases so basically his free agency at 29 T will be in jeopardy right I think he plays. I think they play here great team. I think they go to the Eastern Conference finals. And lose on the put them at a Philadelphia I think they'd lose in seven to Boston guard. Eastern Conference finals predictions for football I don't understand what I what he says makes sense if if I if coli Leonard says. You know what folks I don't like to Ronald I'm I don't want play I'm not gone. Well he's not a free agent at the end of the season why. Because he's withholding services on the last year of his contract his contract was legally traded the commissioner approved the deal he can't now sit out. And then saint like I'm just gonna sit out the bottom and then I'm gonna take a walk at the end of the season at the end of the season -- to be released the got to understand that iffy iffy with the ball doesn't like serve got for a primary not the play's end of the season he's free it freeagent go to LA which is what we think he wants to do now that actually makes sense and let me ask you this though some say he shows up that says thirty days what a from the start of the season there is that if he's if he withholds time. Whatever was what if he does a similar thing to last year where he shows up he plays me like yeah I'm I'm kinda. But if so then that way maybe that avoids that I wouldn't rule that out. And if he's there wannabe major arm healthy and good to go for the lakers because you've medically cleared to play in March. But I didn't even play in the playoffs. A player enough. But your good deal which makes your require which holds its services will more than thirty days after the start of season guys are very busiest with another team so he hill held its current team releases. Eight peak he would do. Till the raptors. What he did that the spurs or he will not be a free agent at the end what does he does what he plays the first month. And then leaves and they wink wink quad injury again well that's where if the doctors say no look we've examined he's fine he guys they two in San Antonio. Now he's cleared east could dull. But then it. At some point they're gonna have to release them right I I don't wanna get it all the minutia of the salary cap but. At some point if he's not gonna play for them they can't have his money on the salary cap either so eventually they will release them. I don't know TE or you just try to handle lakers which they are maybe just the elitist to a sign and trade and do something I had on a ball but the biggest thing about it this the guy that. Walked away from the super Max deal. So this is that a monies that you most guys that are holding out or unhappy most of the time it's about money and you can understand that. He is walking away. From the super Max that nobody else can offer him. The spurs could have given him a good David Price like contract but who ordered something million dollars he can't get that the raptors he came to get out of the lakers. So the fact that he's with a walk away from that and he's very unpredictable. I think I did the raptors another wanted to blow things up. But they always lost to LeBron and the brawn has gone so to try to do one more time if anything yet critic Kyle Lowry was a lot older than DeMar DeRozan. And it now they're gonna order and a salary cap space and a couple years we gonna get your go to Toronto. Mart rose a really good player and those are great the playoffs they're one guy wanted to stay and he loves there are on top of so I I still think it's a dumb move for them I don't have them better than Philly. And I don't think it's a seven game series Chris Broussard for the Celtics as to backed the call 6177797937. Jakes on the cell phone paging. Welcome although AJ up. Our real quick allow luggage show expect a hell out of what they'll do they'll Q truck and look what you've done over the years. Thank Jake for the for the wrestling industry our news is you're at work is your middle and last name does snake a ten article won't be out there you go back. Immortalized or. Other points yes. I still look Putin afraid battered for a couple years ago let your quit quit straight. Uh oh we have heart and I hope they were there when someone to a great. And about to win but they are the end MacPhail it's called. Now tell me this is your race keep. Link tonight not only in the night yes yes incidents and yes those area. I priest at all yet what ya got notification an hour ago lacked. Granite are competent parent and open Knoll hasn't really and we're still here what are 'cause we survived it. Yeah okay good does that do every little edit. It was just three Chela then they Beckett was Roman army general only for what you got a year ago. Not in altitude special. This three Skelton on. Hurried out kind of let down news of the guys three skelter you think there are buried in their lives Jake. No because there's been pharaoh who wound on one of them so that they were killed in battle ends. Since carpet. Hurdle also for aliens will be honest I have our. Thanks for the update their of that date that's our profits are talking about yesterday with fifteen ton. It tonnes or Taiwan that was the plural they have tons tons. And so they they say they're opening up a lot it was and they shouldn't opener of this is nice huge. Hope archaeologist opened the gigantic fifteen tons sarcophagus share. The and his estate market's gotten netted him a it's done done so it says. Archaeologists open grant granite tomb buttered dismayed at the state of decay after. Sewage leak boy. And I'm looking at a picture and there's a lot of stuff in this sarcophagus that does not look. Hasty in yummy if you know it's like filled with this brown. Brack issue water. It's it's the old Barrow septic tank. Could be. I could have a concept acting lots of real life down so they can stuff three bodies and their two weapons and nice well I had this great big box and it was lots of Rome one person per sarcophagus. Over there or at least friends those three. Or do you think there are enemies. Dollar. And you don't bury enemies together and he then I don't know our through approval point and I don't analyze the the three. Mommy's yet identified their ages and causes of death. I mean this kind of gross to be honest with listen at the picture here along that like how how did you have this gigantic. Black marble sarcophagus and it leaked like a sieve that was built well. Ego goes shoddy relevant there was not a brave they're just so excited about how many times it was a bit internally seal it up well enough. These ads on the picture they're showing workers. Removing water from around the three decomposed mummies. Or would you like to have that job description of with water either. Well in the past it's water mixed with some others passed on a costs at a mostly posh Richard yeah I'd. And my dad went there are gas spills is correct about a half I'll discuss our jobs on the cell funny John. They that would ruin lives and done. Good idea award the first off thank you for. And there are no vacation and apparently it's beautiful place it would drive all around by. I didn't really know anybody would have moved out there for work and forward back get bored but. You guys really got history yet. Boat that got a call them that Justin Jackson would be called George. On the pollution in the right as long it's definitely. At a time when I I wouldn't say I'm. First and foremost you know it's it was a tough movements like going to the cleanup spot down the pixel. You know but it's all. About it's I'm shocked the there was only game one though it exactly you know you guys are armed. Aid from the other random comment I'm actually blown out ought to see I don't know you're caught yeah. But I you I just won the sweepstakes. You go out and play and call of duty or black got Gordon. That you talk about fit are you upload Gordon Hayward no kidding yeah they gave them out there's. Put up on the audiences Graham I I wasn't sure if you going to be there the league jackpot who outscored twenty grand prize winners cheaply. You're supposed to be there I'm not really sure. Yes fingers crossed. But this stand Watson prayer does somebody else is standard for. But yet he put up on and clearly talk about a game right now at a comeback for so long ago certainly oh. I'll be sure to ask them you know what he thinks about mark Martin's. Life at all that you know what all our. John Allen or retired air report Baghdad's volatile reaction yeah if they receive can get him to move lateral Lila ever John don't whereabouts that's just a mixture so can pick up the stick CEO he has the kind of player is if he's got a little Leo sidestepped Cohen now about an hour about the I like court here or there every gust at fort night he's over here playing call of duty haven't sweepstake. Sport that for him keep your big fans via call back to. I love call backs that collar couple calls go mentioned when his favorite key ceremony yes I have the original sound from them and we recreate this only gets in the night. Well it. Great plays services in the eighth in the league it's night and militants that was those. I'd be hard to recreate the real accurate that lives that you met I think it's I would art and art that all the open with a race walker from the got the Olympics as a whole issue. It'll prompt well ahead debt and a great shot by services in the eighth and then. Leakage and now. And he lets talk about sarcophagus though it was not known as. I'm forced to listen. That school with Glenn after the morning. And make me cut me have both come I don't Walter. Giving a little warning for you replay that India was hit a drinking again as the dust. Thousand best that you marine for that. But very much I hate to think what I don't dare leave the room could not lord knows what marine says about us one or the question we're not around authority goes to north. I tiger finished his round at the at the you know it's the bridge only to not at all in open championship and he shouted even par 71. And the leaders five under so. Horrible now an honorable. I smiling. Post match interview here that both girls round interviews doubles my dollar and I guess he's got that done it KT take on on his neck. And that Darren rebel talked to via the president of the company and they're saying how just just today sales picked up today because tiger was wearing KT tape on the heels. A lot of projects on. Its TT tape yet does that help. You know this is not a good idea. Are off like that at that obviously that now rich even if it's psychological and if you drink it helps it helps especially like the entire TV involvement that's. Hey and ads are Atari. You're in this particularly Tom Brady camp aria. What I I art ice yesterday I can't call anybody else dough that's the direction violence going in but I think that's. I think I think metals department if you believe that than they do that works for you. All. Honesty pact calls or Ryan from parts unknown Altria owner where I've heard this or is this. I know hey Ryan Howard L. Although Richard Wright gave them at your door or all of doing just fine how are you. All look. Oprah I want to let you guys that we don't want a job a little show and get a little little shelves it's condescending yeah I think yeah. Let the look in the part of the show and I appreciate what everybody saying but I think we're skirting the most important issues but the time change here let's not and batted. Well I don't know got a big social media guys are to be checking Twitter during the show but there are literally. Full of people who need to know how I'm Jane technique. All yes while you record door podcast at 2 o'clock now and then another cannot keep your record at 7 in the morning guys that got to be either early or like right after a launch that's what that's basically I'm available now. I bought out. Erica good. An anti trust me he's like I'm an artist added that it is not gonna wrap up the figure this thing out I know because people need to know the answer this. I doubt it and I'll. Why go there that you guys could make plays there we go there. I think we're okay I know you becoming angling to be the third man but he had to stop asking me units or maybe go above me you gotta go to somebody else break the news to him he still thinks he's going to be the third person and it. Third I don't that would kill. That would ballots Lucretia I'll tell Andy if you tell him. Get by I've got an artist yeah part of that about outlook and tenacious that tell and the heart act you know after. Yet he wished me dead he's actually bad news at all. He's not delegate. David Thorpe who live on the zone on you worry about it which of the you know no one's gonna fall popularity more than me. What would I get text these co hosts on. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Have a case that you lament not Texans that only one. The neatest sixer also probably your initial rate zone products are probably had the idea I notice like but when this all side and we sat rotating people it was as he Nina what's going on he was going on the third. But he's the third person he thought the lie is wrong is wrong. It's like wrong more than lied in the YE reveal that rock he revealed he thought it was going to be. You're on the air yes he did it one time did we not listen I'm a submissive. If you if that's who he thought. Our he would immediately follow all the intimate Houston eight he said he came from the com on people there heat illness or not this is on the at all about airs at. All he's really trying to push to do radio and yet her that Austin you know so yeah I mean but things you hear you got to really take the heart and is echo of the week after Michael left. I'm hurt their foot while arsenal amount format. And appeared for a well what we were told by somebody who was co hosting our show aggressive time where the that might happen but I'm like OK news debate. But then it. Very much we all know who's gonna take this part. The driver out of Draper. Now after over and I think that mark mark Mark James that sent. The ideas. That he hates glide. And plans an afternoon drive rig when it hits one more Mark James a marine called a a similar more even more things that or better Burton content five seconds than marches of two minutes. He had an hour working up to throw. Mean apparently I wasn't here which still leave it took him with a lot of prep time it took a movement and a programming note yet our teams will be in for tomorrow. Zephyr real. Now on I'm not Cameron tomorrow. That's land know that also doubts in Portland they have this big announcement of Al's wild why it happened on the important show planning stuff to do it's true they got to get ready to rock here and it tip you off here now. The show is going to be the same as a while yeah. Middays on the hole to hit two to six I think it's going to be edgy here. Real yet later in the day. Though you have. And there. There are a rebrand and my guess is that all I am convinced management that they need a good couple weeks that yeah you know polish it up a little bit and work on some things. Get some bits put together on bets are all without headed for the beach with Lou this afternoon but I still one of our producers are reeling at the answer I've heard and that's next week's. They'll work in progress awful thing. Can't see that. Now develop the news at 830 every day to update I say this item and you know we haven't gone through the text a lot today probably for the best that a lot of producer tax. Over what does this mean about Indian chase and the producers are great question that's my condolences and my name Andy. It's I it's all when it's an Indian Jason thanks mom tries to muscle it out that. Nice. It's a terrible probably I don't know about I know they're not joking that we definitely. Those guys decide before. That's. It might be at from a wrong about when I first came I was intent to waste on maps of the rat like sign understand stood a little bit and he has a long history England. The wireline back some good some back at you guys good yes some positive I just felt long relations I'll let his letter that that's all right then Tonys in Bridgewater Daytona. Is still trying to. Automatic Larry and what's that about all. Wanted to let you saw. A report. Oh ports. War on at all if you would what would the additional. So it's. A political. Couple or. What form or or who does it all right well. All. I want. All of wants people. It could be in its apps will. But it at what he. Did it wouldn't audit and it. I won't I won't. I won't let it. We are. Yeah I don't think I am they keep the cut high. Quote higher a higher road why aren't out the lakers or I mean I know we would we're not happy with. Well how they've always of a job so you don't so don't wanna sound like idiots when you know were working. Sports talk radio and at major market radio station gonna bitch about it right. We we bitch as much is going to be etched his guess what the Mac and on ring the bell here I was gonna happen unless Glenn fills the physical. Well Dell's data channels haven't been exchanged yet that's that we are sent to commissioner Linehan hasn't been made the call as he officially signed often that's Jack that's not. We got a latency. It's like when a guy gets traded at any find out something happens a snag they are back on the team and hey we always wanted to do my job along its delegates out or something along those lines. I mean did the differences I do think it has it's sort of the Tony's point. A familiar feel it yeah I'd move. But at least in this case. Nobody's losing their jobs so that's what's very different because whether it was due to jail or there was clan the but even with Michael before all move timberlands that moving guys around and things like that it it feels like a move from years ago that that's. You know it's almost like those gates is one of the guys when the boys and an end you know you want you wanna fight hard for your your boys and that feeling and it's almost like you know yes principal the principal office. Shots fired shots fired ice. Danny Amendola. Was on a podcast with Casey Smith formerly of NBC sports Boston. But down as part of the the bar stool crew there comeback season Regina and Zell and so you you heard Danny Amendola there saying you know. It coach Adam case is one of the boys. Generally speaking I find that doesn't work that usually does not work very few times about works I'm actually surprised even if Amendola thinks that I'm surprised he said it because he also knows it doesn't work in that I don't know. I think team. I think you meant it to be a compliment but it really does not mean most coaches it's not supposed to be used that way so as Christian said earlier today you know you get you get released from here and you feel like you can say anything go anywhere do whatever you want. So I Amendola on this on this podcast with Casey Smith. Was asked about much truth areas to this Brady Belichick friction thing. There's not really much cheek. Eight issues there's there's always going to be some friction between. Coached by year end business in that business. Whether peak contractual. Whether playing time or. Or whatever by. Something or share in this game in this business something are there there's there's a lot that goes into it. It is aspect of this game the average now. Thought. An interior. Belly as a player product. Organization you have do what's best for your family. That your body. There's certain line that cropped shirt and alcohol and personally I can't speak for Tom or build oh. I know that. So is there no one I have known about how it's done their I don't. Coach Belichick you know the best but what about touched an all time. As all of us that. Ago. And call them and our how to go about their contract. Change their ever. It went down. You know that. All my friends and know that. You know have a lot of respect. Yeah. What was the question. Without any sort of got off only smokes tangent there. A lot then there he started talking about any truth to the Brady Belichick frictions and now there's not much and actually you know as saying he and rocker good team exercise if they get into the hall he's like a patriot doesn't love the way to do business down doesn't sound still like a patriot that he isn't he maybe a little bit more than had he been on the team but he kind of talk in circles. And he's saying. Hey there's always friction that others no friction. But there's always friction is it whether it's playing time work contract and I don't think bradys were about playing time. And if he's worried about his contract you know he's been here very long time and the inside guy that's really upset about his contract. But he's getting into the business part of it there. There's a lot in there that but the without. I'll sleep much cheap. Played issues there's there's always going to be some friction between these. Coach player in the end business in that business. Whether peacock contractual. Whether it be playing time are. Or whatever by. Something you're fair in this game. That easily send me now are there. I don't these things matter of Conan circles because they think there's no friction or note you. There's it's overblown basically you're saying but they're also there's always friction that two of the examples he brings up would really. Be reasons for Brady and belts acted yet so each other. So you I'm sure you would think of this too if you were talking to a member of last year's patriots and who's now somewhere else there. And you feel maybe a little more free to speak his mind and say what he really thinks. What's the most logical question you'd wanna go Malcolm Butler isn't that you actually don't wanna go. And stage so. You know I look at it these are guys for some just a game. I know all the way. That are in well you know the coach I can't make that decision can only do my job. My job. You know gone so well. So that Apple's. And in the business side of things. In the NFL in particular. And Eleanor. Contractual standpoint. One knee injury settlement. You know concussion protocol that where it's getting better. It. This guy is all over the map page you know why doctor Butler didn't play yeah utterly Anderson the concussion protocol. And that probably art. As soon. Easy had a little trouble focusing he was all over the map Mickey was playing video games volleys on this Thursday he had to be doing something else while he's being interviewed because he was just bounce of around topic to topic. But he doesn't know why Boller didn't play. The veils and says Julio what agenda are we on. Though is that. That's sort of the issue out of the outset I think that there was an agenda he must be on it sounds it I think that he is. So he's implying a Belichick you know but he doesn't know the answer. So would we thought today you players in the locker room. Might not have known right away but at some point they would have found out what laws. We fully seated because you always assumed that if if two players in the locker room now and everybody's gonna know sooner like. Maybe two players don't know. Maybe just the two coaches know. Any one coach may the only one who would close right Eddie didn't share that with some telling anybody he's not gonna say toward. Some cost me where are gonna find out. When his career is over any writes his book maybe. Don't Belichick will ever ever sense I really don't get a feeling well. You think so yes ma'am I mean I think you'll red eye late years out there yeah when he's all said and done. He's he's a real student. Of of the history of the game is it's why he respects NFL films so much in the job they do. I think it went when all is said and done he's gonna write a book and I mall where he will write a book with someone I would McCollum maybe. You know there's another author of available I don't know if you notice I've not heard of and Jerry are about a couple of areas yet. So could redundant with Jerry but I I think he's gonna. I he will never Berrian play that's I think I'm Eric you're gonna have to do because I can you can't hear all the amid tall receivers the American empire that won. Are these it was early in the game plan or the first game all season long. It almost have to be something kind of crazy which he would then be bearing the player. I don't that I had probably should revise that to say is as long is him telling doesn't bury the player he'll tell if it if it involves. Well and I'm not saying that's the case and giving an example for a while he was out to LBO 3 o'clock in the morning and the fact that I don't sense that you know it if or if he would never do that. Yeah it's not so I think we may just never know that victory the whole coach's decision thing is not good enough answer. Meant to get in a match sort of and by that. But yet may be mayhem and all of wasn't as forthcoming as I thought he'd be he's still sounds like a patriot doesn't mean he went like he started to say on tennis anyone they. Yes it did signal Nancy Grace they'll yell it even though among the dolphins now but he is fixate on the business of football's. It's like Isiah Thomas right now. You know the last couple days he's been fixated on the business and so let's see a whole thing and again I like Isaiah when he this year loved and Emory law of the Marlins here but him talking about how like there's no loyalty everything else. I usually side of the players I always sound the players and football based off of the contract but basketball. So now he's upset because Toronto got her to DeMar DeRozan has DeMar DeRozan light in Toronto. Bumpers are Tron want Kelly he's not the only player. Now it was expressed that. The hard but so Toronto. Eight years ago after they wanted to keep Chris Bosh but Chris Bosh got together with the bodies like I'm living alone in Miami. So it works kind of both ways like they drafted botched they signed him they were gonna give him whatever he wanted me that a couple of bodies. So what do you do you just if it highlights plainly the the silent forever like I think. As it has gotten that count ball was the doubt and it is covered him for nothing to immediately improve the team. Thought I understand ways of set but especially when elected its individual case work. Yeah he was going from looking at the possibility on now signing a Max that deal with somebody yeah. To basically signing for the veteran minimum his best beef is with the injury and him them clearing him to play it and staying in the play and then losing money that way. Not just getting traded that's why any less certain hold medical staff. Is that can't be up like when elements that there's got to be some yeah I'd but there's. Something there. It seemed as if it was honest it was on a train staff for like thirty years is always there yeah. And that's a pretty big case of Isiah gone down so yeah I think I think there's some something there. So that part all happened the the NBA stuff there there's been no official word from coli we for the stuff about all of that banning contact and it's. Positive camera I don't know about that then wasn't it the sporting news last night was saying that he doesn't wanna play in Toronto put that Chris Broussard hurt played the audio before. Talking about every player in the last year of his deal with holds playing services there's this whole thing in the in the CBA. That you know he would even be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year there's some of stuff in there are so why is probably gonna have to show up. Boat what he can get out. Why does he does he show up as you all and I don't think you're gonna see that the player from two years ago I don't think he wants to be there at all so maybe does just the bare minimum. But that's quite a risk to take. And so things I think are still looking up for the Celtics obviously LeBron leaving was usually the Celtics and now wave. The raptors what I thought which were certainly better than. But now you remove a guy who's who is very consistent if nothing else to martyr Rosa was gonna show up he's in the all star on the east may send him out west. That I that also good news for the south. So there was one other thing that you've probably seen this this afternoon because TMC of course has all the video talk about this for us. Or them. So so Jimmy cheap. Had a date. He's sure dead now there's nothing wrong with that the young need to look at single dial a lot of money when you artist Nazis wants -- wants to take young lady to dinner in Beverly Hills that nothing wrong with that deaths. The in the late in the young lady in question her name is key our media. Yeah not only were not familiar with the work we share warrants stars in the war that's right. A strong I didn't say there was anything. I have a doubt there's a Tony yeah atone I was just curious if there's something wrong about so he's in Vienna and as time based on the video. It'd there. You're doing is in effect DR media and video in the same sentence. The other out there now this fit just fine there in the restaurant it's fine it's a pretty paparazzi guys filming it live where I don't think they want want them to go. But either way yet made their decision they're they're all clothes and their cheers and merchant then she she has been India the cover model. For such hits as cougars gone wild to. Who cooers don't want to was was actually a rare sequel better than the original and brought busters for she has brought us personally and answer questions. And brought busters three bill like is there a lot model I know is now so you could see why should be in that film. So at S somebody tweeted out earlier today I nominated for a bunch of Avian awards over the years including Milf performer of the year in 2015. I think it was she RD tweeted out it's you know you can you know GR he's not happy about this or is he very happy about that he's he's he's wondering if this is Jimmie garrote blows Tara Reid. Phase of his of his life here said that that is such revisionist history is marked brought that up for two of Tara Reid had added I'm like god it was off after van wilder an American I wanted to got to be a bit of a mass savvy guys are comic con it'd foxwoods a couple weeks ago of a mess in the great knowledge of the little weathered. I would say look at their does the law also won the skinny is people have ever seen in real life. Like an unhealthy skin yes yes the face yes she's she's seen better days. But. It's it's probably aren't we and not look skinny. She looked so. We can Schuettler. I hope all hold your thought yeah. There word out that the as a very attractive young lady Laura she's all that young nation the Milf performer of the year to three years ago the work. You describe her. That to seize. Yet you are. You know she's 41 year's world. It Jimmy going for a little older like more experienced woman cougars though what is my job it's almost. Eligible bachelors and Americans it is laws seems a little below members girlfriend that he is there the photo of him and his girlfriend that and I'll partner means you RD three guys that Dorsey he's he's got a whole issue is. My guess would be like mid twenties like him quite a stunning yet. Yet this is though a little different but. Now my question is who contacted who. And you know. Another one in my immediate things going on I think this is sad I think somebody put these two together to her I think it's her so why did Jimmy play along. Hi I'm glad I don't I. Not good on aghast that Jack has other options yet is what options they were just a scenic dinner to. I feel I guess I'm really what you're looking forward to be seated dinner with the Forsberg and if he wants something from the sports are there might have been another way to go you know so you think like her agent it's college Aggies probably the agent Don happy all the time. Eighty and today all the time this happens this stuff happened at the alcoholic apparently two people are seen eye to some did interview for Tom cruises wife was there are rumors. A crowd of about. Both of Lakeland Jennifer love you with like they all genes that should that be seem to be all the time I was always publish she's still a problem for game. She mom that's terrible Hewitt at the grade one and on this mandala that supports this is what one of these situations I think that her people are saying no one you know it was hot star right now is Jimmy Rob Lowe let's get you down around me. I am still in the widest this probably helps her career. I'm I'm just in time right now you know at some point in the very near future one. She's going to be doing a a video with a a Jimmy Rob Lowe lookalike. I mean I'm delegate this is how they do about half of the crop well jurors the -- there'd be the same fallout from who was that I was in BB BB Jones. At the prompter. That people throw that. I think this is bad at all for him grow at all. I heard Clinton saying that this was apparently he's not going to be good anymore. This is gonna I don't I agree with and and for this piece and at your very anti crop global war I don't see how this affects how he plays one day I really don't panic or other work. Leads reaching here we think that's gonna affect him on the field. I am. Single guy no and he listened they're both. Single. If it was one a young it was the hottest porn star in the land and ideally everybody has their own tastes. You're suggesting she's not the hottest sickness and he could've done better but at some of these shops. Well it's audio memorial. But out yeah. It was nurses' outfits like it anything you just don't work as is the show we're talking about right now on the float. It puts on these new what are some of you and Helio I don't think so. These are great to be with. Below. At Walt Allen the go to discrete job from a video Edmonton. I don't know did executing both its second day when these birds. I think these two kids get a chance to check that I mean true love is blind so whether it's an age difference. Height that you much taller than she is that taco stand in the way. A lot of photos of her that turns out without the watermelon. Her out about it or for Inkster Graham. There you on there I am I figured her get it there her hurt inks to Graham which had the blue chip mark but she's the real deal that says. Health and beauty tour favorite pop their sexy make over guru. Well you have more than one job with that image nobler for it begins to make or. She was also in the keeping up the card dashing and porn spoof back into those fifteen. Arnold she played Kim perhaps. Maybe. It was Tim's mom Crist now Courtney maybe maybe core Khloe she's physically close. Stuff and that fix it stopped their fifth. On. Andy's word for that they apparently I hope these Tuesday together they're there and I am getting hammered out and out jest that Jimmy's not Bernanke are a meal home to meet mom did you see that the of the headlines do. Jimmy drop low takes huge porn star opt out I don't I. That I got huge for the unsafe thick pour another targeted a huge ports are to be one of two things guests as you very successful ports are just. She herself future doesn't that it was again the Pentagon there. That that would paint the other cheek post your daughter and sister Michelle please she hopes that some stuff from last night always on our little story thing there you get a read the capture of dollar okay helpful. Actually at the one about the scratchy and I don't out there and it's.