Dale & Keefe -  What the hell this the new Massachusetts state rock song? How the Bruins found out about Bergeron injury; WEEI Week in Review

Dale & Keefe
Friday, April 20th
Hour 4: Riley Nash and Bruce Cassidy spoke about Patrice Bergeron’s injury and the Bruins following the team’s game three win vs. the Maple Leafs last night. Kyle Draper reacts to the Allie Laforce - LeBron James interview drama. Plus, the state of Massachusetts had adopted an official rock song. Final Drive: Keefer Madness week in review.

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Yeah. Fourth and final large hail and keep Sports Radio WEEI. Kyle Craig for NBC sports Claussen is in the house with a says well. Celtics didn't play last night they played tonight as you heard rich say just a moment ago game three in Milwaukee against the bucks Red Sox did play last night. They win because they always win. They. An F sixteen and two on the unreal sixteen and school. Endings at this pace they'll lose eighteen games this season I'm gonna ask waddle and say that might be hard. There'd be a record there and you pretty event would be as good as what I thought about it every bit in the home runs are flying out to him Oki bats Odyssey had all in the game series eleven in the series and we thought the angels were. A real team nor I would Dallas Braden use debt ought to mean. Marlins staying the race thinking he with the Orioles terrible. But that's at two withdrew from the Yankees and and they just destroyed the angels like there was an Everyman a competitive team there was. The pitching was great hitting was great and they dominated a team that was thirteen and three. So the a's are the toughest challenge but still odd angles seed they can keep this wagging go on and they're getting one of their four best pitchers back tonight. Tight Ret of the Bruins on the other hand did win did play last night did when he told you about that. Now Big Three one win in Toronto against the Maple Leafs did this with out Patrice Bergeron we didn't find out until warm ups that Bergeron was not for the plight. Listed as stated it would an upper body injury did practice today but didn't play last night and Riley Nash talked about having to replace Patrice in the lineup. Seles lost time that happened and trying to achieve it's much pressure on myself. You know find time place and that's never gonna work he's one of us defense scores on most office workers members this year. In the league so I think everybody in the lineup because of their responsibility to step up their game and I spoke percent better. And just they'll play him. I'm really just trying to get him give those guys as much possible pretty talented guys it's not in my hands so. And really just trying to play mind games and getting out there. Think it is pretty average job and I do not but when those games there was a period hands behind them. Killed an average job does that averaged out regular Riley both that's just for Draper I threw that in there regular regular Riley had an advantage now finally somebody else we could people don't at all baggage Riley defenders cannot what I am. But what would have happened if because this is either played in morning into rallied Ashton so once he had his ears rang back and figure that out so. In a way they're they're fortunate that he was back in the lineup he could move him out but. You'll wonder what would happen if no Bergeron and know Riley Nash but you probably what does it what happens he did not tell me some points in Ryan did not. I don't know why why Canada and and I don't know if you move creature I don't know what you do that but. The real that the united and Nash been to form all year they'll step up so we are nests and who by the leeward doing the game. Yes we didn't know about Bergeron and being out of the lineup until they skated out under the ice for warm up and say there's a Patrice Bergeron out there. Bruce Cassidy was asked post game when he found out Patrice wasn't playing. Just before game time tonight as we said he would provide injury were managing and was named was also will be classified as stated it all plays better and ready to go senator. He didn't find out until just before game time. Is pretty wild. I mean it has to be something pretty significant that it costs Patrice Bergeron left him my first thought last night was the sky place through everything. And I don't miss games in the regular season but again you're just below the regular season but there playoff flies right are we heard about you know what he had gone through. The play in the playoffs over him to miss a game. Had to be pretty significant although you here today he's on the ice so that's obviously a good sign and they still there are gonna commit fir weather guys have a play tomorrow or we'd see he was on the ice earlier today a warrior and that brought about this update from Cassidy earlier today. Skated this morning. Oh that's a positive says though along when guys are skating closer plan so we'll make a decision immoral not so we won't rule him out we won't say he's definitely am so. But it is a positive as darkness. Somewhere Q self. And we'll and they had this morning and is a more of these. Things. The the windy there admin because everything he might have just run up as if there was a whole lot of ice level. And does it Dana Chara asked earlier today as well. What is it about the Bruins that they can apparently 125 into this year when Bergeron hasn't played when without. For sure we have some more maybe then we had. Both you can replace a player like the trees. You know I think you guys who filled a role and both positions it. Outstanding golfers when he was of the lineup. So be creative and it's. That. Those situations that the trees place. And they will play tomorrow night a win this series is over they get a few extra days of rest get ready for the next round. I noticed in the NBA today they announced that if the early round series you know and early they're gonna move up. The schedule for the second round. In in the NHL they're gonna wait until all of the first round things are done but moving up some good thing yet because. There have been times where. You have you know. Teams often like a week before their next playoff game or something like that and only make sense in. You know that they can't do that for finals. Obviously. We would. TV travel international travel and things like that but I to me it makes sense on moving up of both teams are not ready to go. Let's get this thing with Obama that is it isn't the NBA finals start date set yet that sets so that's tricky if you move auto update don't have active in trying to have you know we are offered a deal yet and can't catch up to you that way but and there's always time off you know again the Celtics didn't politically Tuesday and Friday so even within the series even if you do move adopters. It obviously is no back to backs and then there's even often two to Iran. Sooners well. So those big stories of the day well that of course he skis but and it goes a little thing about tonight to watch again. You made me feel you'll know what he's just glad to see just as long as you your keys out on the desk. I had about an sound effects yet that are important part of the post you bag of chips. I thought eagle sensitive about that a body chips yeah I would we noticed that I. It was our board patio. First we that he used to work here Demeco viral and that was that he was one of the guys that about it but it was a positive Tweety was a there was some Catholic it was kind of cool moments were all pro ships because like who's in his bag of chips. The that the of Enron and. With that that you know with Twitter to go either way it definitely and it. Highest in the toilet I guarantee viral got a guy that took it to farms and poor performance tonight yeah you'd have a that it had to do just going to work. But relax you know you know the guy who did that that was my boss so you've got it how. I respected European open yet. You know when it first happened on the down as one viral in a negative way. But it can't actually look at it wasn't that yet so in the back of this I wanted to ask you this the Al we will force LeBron jeans yet on this a little bit yesterday but I'm curious you're perspective you've been there after game interviewing players right after Wayne. What did you think all. I probably would not have done to be you know. I don't think there was anybody clamoring to hear LeBron James is weak on great pop pop and his wife error pop it in so. I don't think evidence that question. I wonder I don't know the answer this I don't know how we will force. Does she come up all wrong questions or is that something do you wanna play a little. Ryan very last game ever really devastating news has learned that I found that air and that's hot and it's his life always sleep. Close to pop any words of thought he'd like to Sarah's hands. Okay. Hello mom and I. It's a tragedy. And so he goes on governor my personal answer to it everything else but. Now say this he put out a video yesterday I says yeah I'll look force was kitten her butt kicked young crop social media right. And and he put out a video. And emotional social media right now but I was put I was made aware of some friends who takes the better question was nice to meet pulls game. And a lot of people select double blind sided. Hum that is absolutely pulls out in the force. Told me that she was gonna ask me the question it and if there was OK and once I started talking about it most rural air. Actually my emotions just kind of took over. I wonder if Allah force wanted to ask that question or if TNT is that are here already better Oscar or about Popovich is now I I will say though it in and lets it for the sake of our argument let's say style on the trip he's not just try to take her off the right. She says to him in case you didn't hear Gregg Popovich whose wife died. Is it okay if I ask you about it nieces yes I want you'd asked me about it the feel differently about it if it went that way which is what he's as app I want you to ask me about it that's that's some guidance. Hourly different you know but. In my eyes in the peoples and maybe it's a producer inner ear you know there's an old trick. And we give this away. Sometimes you can act like you know here to produce our eyes too loud and act inferior aside I I probably would get I would get away with that something like that but. Now. Just blind sided and I've I've I would have been really know here's the thing though in a post game interview after you've just won. It to me it didn't fit in with everything gals and so you know I can understand in a press conference setting like even at a press conference setting to meet. That would be one of the last questions. To be asked you know late yet as so I go to timing and I just didn't think was good you know they had I had I went there I you know. It's a bit didn't add anything really to bid to the now interview you. Our nobody's played for pop that's a team USA but it's not like. Yes they Tim Duncan was on different team really you know a guy who played in the spurs for a long time and then maybe maybe you wanna ask but even then. You know to the news come out during the game. I greatly dirt while the wrong and it may be right before it is my right or India maybe I not editor I but I storm so either way delegates. She's the one telling them about it and then they got a camera on them and they Mila asked him even if even if he did or even if she like I gave him the heads up. What thirty seconds. It's the spotlight. You know a lot of our process parenting and I feel like TNT may be wanted to be the first I added that quite definitely added there are being out you know that's what they were trying to do well I'll say this if it if he had said to Allen look force known on under the don't ask me that. And then she's got a producer Turk the matter and she doesn't anyway well then it's on her. Yet that's that's a tough spot for her to be and so she'd out of all the people the world she's the one that's gonna break the news to him. Right it is that would there'd be somebody else that would be sort of the the messenger there. But so I I admit she's a tough spot I personally would not have asked that question not. Not when the news came out so soon prior to that and as Kyle said after a cavs win over the pacers in game two of the first round I'm opportunity and of that interview to say oh Iowa I want what is comments are on coach Popovich is why I'm not. And ignore offence you know take a Popovich family in no disrespect that you know if this is. A player you know that passed away or you know the commissioner something you know bin. You know it it's a guy's wife I don't know I just. It was just died and it was all right well yeah it now keep does not like. LeBron James not even a tiny little hater now yes Obama and he had made up my heart how to make sure I excel at Seoul. What did you think of the video that he put out probably modernized it autos who's. Pretty yeah pretty class yet those Smart because she was kicked out it'll look force was getting absolutely crushed in Jerry's. He says out of social media people that are based all socially democratic social media right now. I bet you are but that's fine but I thought. Because it was got to take. That from him. To get a solid golf again and even still insured people are still being negative towards her I'm sure she still seen him on Twitter or wherever else that she is. But yet that was that was good that he did that because if not do it would have been on top firm. We have Boston Bruins playoff tickets are cant wait it out when things get. Yeah call and ask him after yeah why don't want to make that all while you see all don't like our guys are they start at the next. Thing it's coming up if we get ticket giveaway for tomorrow night's game five could be the series decider. Between the Bruins in the Toronto Maple Leafs will tell you how you could possibly when those tickets coming up next. Text the word stick. To 37937. Right now to enter for your chance to and a pair of tickets to see the Bruins against Toronto in game five of the 2008 team playoffs. Come experience game five of the first round 2018 Bruins playoffs presented by jetBlue Saturday Bruins take on the Toronto Maple Leafs. Limited tickets still available at Ticketmaster dot com. And the Bruins mobile app today text the word stick. At 37937. Enter for your chance to win tickets message and data rates may apply. IG gets gonna have to help me out with this because somebody got on the little baffled by this evidently because the Massachusetts. Legislature has nothing important on the agenda now. Sunday. The house of representatives. On Thursday yesterday. Gave it preliminary green light to wait long stalled proposal and reading from an article in the globe to make the song road runner. The 1970s. Owed the cruising around Greater Boston. The official rock song of Massachusetts now than we we've had some superb rock and roll musicians come out of the commonwealth Massachusetts. Jay Guy Hal's boss then harassment Eros and that every state of the song I'd never heard of official rocks on the Massachusetts. So I I I'm gonna just be honest Leo panic. I have never heard of this song. I have never heard of all of the artists who supposedly. Made it's not the the song was recorded by a group called. Modern lovers who who a Boston bred band Allah and a native of Natick by the name of Jonathan Richman was the head and we all remember Adam I want and I'll never heard never heard of them no never heard this on. Sold all the songs that you could choose from Yemen to make the official rock song of Massachusetts. This is what. They cited. I said. It was thirty I'd rather. That's a good. Usually cold. I know that there are a lot of modern lovers fans listening here and now. This is awful but and right back. This they want this to. The official rock and roll song for messages and most days you read the story could push by one person in particular keeps pushing it pushing it. Pushing everything back. Is that your boss sound. They've reached today cover band via my noted as the father originally aired this. What's called road runner Gary go one videotape or odd thing. Actually I. I've got to. Don't know why there's nothing good about that this is. You have to get to you my history of the artists okay when times were like acting you can't take your heart out and top down again now herbal black convertible that. That's where the wound up so I hair blowing in the wind my. He's pictured as the east side of me crucial states on the back. This. And I hate. I told this was a very big deal back on BC and back and he this early ANC. I would go with the voodoo by gob smacked. I mean the song those rocks Boston. Or that impression that I get the mighty mighty Boston I don't that is. How about this is that back the office or the masters clone. Over played it fits literally killed the CM Islam this is what I feel that they. They played it nonstop and then next you know there were a sports they don't see that's the thing this is like good intro music. Apple by you know got on al-Qaeda over the long you know it's. That between now and the departed it's he had played it's it's run its course John and re out of Jonathan Richman Ernie Brooks Jerry Harrison and David Robinson. They made out the modern lovers of modern lovers. The worst is played Lincoln but it's not a house it's not a terrible song but it's just how can this be the recognize. Did he died I refuse to believe it. That's a different question altogether like every state yeah and a state bird yes the three get a state. Fruit yet it has. The states Yankee doodle. While they weren't real school. And right now on a steep rocks. It rocks and it gives it credits is not the song and it's fine it's you know drapes likes it good for him yeah. What we are talking about the official rock song of Massachusetts and that's going to be yet though there are other sources. I mean think about the ol' ball a long rich rock and roll history of actual official foreign amounts uses a song called all hail the Massachusetts student. On you know out of I don't think I went out of here. Ourselves not gonna work in more than a wanna hear roadrunner. News. I just I mean I think of all the great rock general songs. In house party by Jake isles I mean giving you its. The eighth as. It's. In. Your. It's. Them. They needed to do was clearly an island out when yet about when worlds collide apartment five and we that was adopted in 1981 is do you want anyone's well yeah. Ask him. I just feel about drug fueled by Rob Zombie. Just over any Massachusetts. About it it's been awhile by stained. State. Left like out there Springfield event or can we do some. Sugar on clicked and I had a little run down nearly 100 patients exit which is to be an additional meeting on ways Massachusetts yeah yeah that was a good. Since you have an ad that. Officials. There for a bit but this my it's pretty. Were good words of advice smack it with Robert. I don't think that's at war thanks for the good song you broke the younger generation dale. Thank on the cell planning. Yeah I don't know big fan of the show I'm calling from New York accent and I just I just wish you guys to do at least a Wiki search before he started raging about just enrichment. And edit it or raging and all we do it justice that's an artist song isn't necessarily should be the official well done. Didn't do a little research on the bent on tells them to do so on well play a little bit David Robinson drummer from the crisis in the modern lovers. Jerry Harrison Talking Heads this horse is gone and who. You may hear me now. And so it's a pretty prominent. Punt and and there were very influential as well. Joan Jett covered broad money could play that there should be. Sex Pistols covered as well. And covered so anyway. It's not covered on Robbie roadster owners I putted ADU business generally mean probably not use it on there. Likud opponent in the in the short list. Nobody is hearing gets garage for him and the don'ts of rock and roll is off on by the official talks at all rocked this state of Massachusetts he was very upset about. You deal specifically ripping on the modern lovers. You know and I feel the victims and their unknown in their their underground and you don't get their property and I'm always a fan of bands like that Padilla. Not official song the state that is even better minutes later I am very fresh. That got everybody calling you every step. The bottom half I. I thought this is incredible. Arm to the song chart is my question. Now should he should do is just a song of the state are probably. I'm happy to match. On some of the lyrics. No I just like yeah fight anyone. I'm in love with modern moonlight 128 when it's dark outside. I'm in love with Massachusetts. I'm in love with the radio on. If it helps me from being alone late at night it helped me from being lonely late at night I don't feel so bad now in the car don't feel so alone. Who got the radio on like the roadrunner. Hold on and need a moment to color. Myself I gave it and I himself in the car pretty good. Now it says here Wiki search which is what the last caller wants credit. The modern lovers was an American rock band led by Jonathan Richmond in the 1980s. The original band existed from 1970 to 1974. But their recordings were not released until 1976. Or later. And it goes on to say another drummer was later in the cars keyboards doc had a lot of influence from Lou reroute that respect yes parents. I really should be a putt for a vote for something like this that's what they're doing their voting that that. What's the competition some people as they'd vote yet to have ballots would we would never come out politicians are sick of this same person pushing his agent bill for. Fifteen years in our rivers next time you vote for like a senator you go in there Nelson is full of state song and go from there. As far. But the people at the people voice their opinion and also from Wiki you have the picture via wild but it happens to be V. Netherlands singles so you know most charted big in the Netherlands just animated in war. This is how they spend their time. Upon Beacon Hill. Broadside deciding on this. Involving what when he went dark. There's relate to it. Nobody likes to spend a good song. They're sort of like I'm still not that it states. Yes he's ready to keep her madness. Yeah racked up when I'm directing tremendously and I talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild of the men and not think so screw you keep yeah I drew you got. Earnings just. Got sick leave into Baghdad thank you. Hopefully this is one of the strongest segments. Disguised in a bowl costume one ZU professionalism stinks. I question it. That is never good to me I had a little bit cheap laugh at that I've. I do listen general manager who's just trying to just see how I'm part of caused her emotional. Year ago it is. A shroud and that means he format this week in review time dale have a lot to get to pilot a lot of he gets it and let's start on Monday it was Marathon Monday anti heart and I were down at globe aura by the the finish line daily we learned a little bit about. And you are that day. I think you're right you're surprised you know I thought this Fella felt somebody if it's. A father figure their way. Well are things out of view of their fellow voters make their way and soaking. It all about you feel you guys that you did you know I dumped hail I don't know why and I never will. If you get a similar ovation when he came in today properties the now that I think I know who ran it down with it never as bad as this weather watch now now. Through like Ricky assault on a two block walk from our policy team open all over him gently I thought he'd open. Plowed through obviously on they're better than I had a good thing though. Some of the key issues that nothing happened today I can only imagine you know how to shorts get bunched up like due to emulate yet don't delicate tight but one of those so what did you do with sometimes that doesn't pay and I don't want to think about it and he earned a total 600 vehicles and got to be also definitely that's why they give out the that created an office they get they they stand out was excellent that's legal entity can nipple you Vasily belong yeah a little bit anywhere around however it's arugula to gobble up athlete students. Is Google block it well and within the next few. Both are very it's a good idea how little a little idea that would be written. All Yemen killing me with both of these things you don't know like you don't really understand a lot of no hard to top off. Of what your body. What is your shirt. Well at all. Pop the top or no I haven't had in between talking about public bigger serve and in the marathon in world we don't say that sort that's why it was yeah sure I don't. Club without any heart he was full marathon harder he ran two marathons you wanna letter read all about it we just find more marathons that I will ever run. Don't nibble your Vasily. That kind of threw me for a Luther you did go to. 46 point two sticker that he did do that he was wearing his marathon sweatshirt throughout the entire product yet again I can't really hate on that he's he completed American to marathon so. Yeah apparently it's from those that you new rules you know apparently are image was a disaster yet you can make your Naples we else. Yes you can thank you for that experience with the roof. You need to prepare you do pays himself a new book all that stay hydrated yeah Basilan in the polls but hey hey hey art. What you said it was OK it's not you know I would prefer you didn't we do not gone there about it they've got right now don't feel like if this. And I don't yards. I. That's a good answer if and I just thought there that's there. Always you never you know you're gonna get when it hard as I guess we don't and that's kind of what we were able to get their so he learns from its first marathon two. Basilan and an old little gasoline dad's pretty much what you decide to do. Now we already went over some of these. Earlier in the hour if he's he's such a success but let's take effect until Tuesday. And you can find out just how on point. He skis were back for game two between the Celtics and bucks. Deer are the only group of animals in the world to have it in Hitler's. Plus yeah what about mole and I includes what Bennett yet published the what are. At Avalon had no makes sense almost floats are actually three more months of the year and put. I have not yet final are antelope. It's a little bit pointless all walk public spectacle ice at it like now people it's no I don't think I have answered antlers yeah. Moves are incitement dia I so they're not terrible tyrants that the apparently. I'm an expert on here. Obvious that to let go real real what kind of wild card while there. Thought this most dear we'll bed facing downward they do this or to cover their rear with their nose. What you mean Baghdad do you mean sleep where do we mean the other me. Now a different answer on the terrible thing refer to. He say whether he visited the type of the year committee is right may maybe he's right about the atlas could I outsource some of the keys no kidding I come up with a lot of home but I have ideas and they held out yet though they had sales well below that as well. Yes the terror group also known as the rain here. All that's right. They go in here and all those. Did all right so Lucy who produces some of these shows she's actually producing ever Keefe tonight. She when she's on the mid day show like a big step offer. I don't midday show she was on that Sheen was. Last week she did trending educated as one or way we've played that warrior. Well yes she did her best Glen or when this week dale she took a stab at doing trending as Dale Arnold. I don't know how this is gonna go we'll find out. Trending now on WBI. And WEEI. Dot com. Well chef there reported this morning Freeney has not committed to playing in 2018. Even now people know him believe he will return. 177797937. Point by attacks there. And at the week's game four is tomorrow hockey and make up the night signed 37937. And. It's not rates. Think in the text Ferrer now. Cadence welcome right I don't know if he's at all. She said she didn't wanna do it should suit Bob Johnson bullied into doing and I think that they might interest in bed bigger concern were what they think it was it Lily Ellis on militants. That was very impressive. Those who was that he was dale. You think you guys yeah those our wow I mean it seemed like a lot of bill things yet within those alleged bill accent right there was no. At birth I know you're doing dale you know but it was that. I'd like the input on the next line with some creativity poll numbers I need I need you to integrate into. The deal voice. 100% go don't don't tiptoe around trending now on W yeah I'm. So it's. Innately bad he didn't. Ahead at the constructive criticism there slaughter of that's gonna be an ongoing thing or that just killed it with the pizza duties here. The one gonna put the very next I don't think she likes to witness now not a fan not at all he's at it. Out and she keeps it real with a downfield. It's distinct voice he just like. Who put it that quickly added that just becomes an impression of other impressions that that becomes easier and she is a much you can do a month per bit. Knotted it may be that she's handling it he would keep import a key impression. I'm sure it's on the docket. Definitely different counts the count your boy he's all right well that without help you started and they get the energy going on Wednesday we have Rob Ninkovich in the and yeah he really wanted to do some different things he thinks that he could take a stab at some live reads which he eventually did it. But he was telling us how he gets himself met in that month space but I do any type of late Reid or like some type of any anything that I am reading I instantly think of map life. And why say that is because the way they admit they. I've known known Matt is really good at all so mad is really good he's got great pipes too so yeah that's what I did today cargo they don't like. He does. On. A Matt Light and he like really like changes as you know doesn't really and you know oh were rules of investing and it doesn't like wolves they're elated that he got to drag in LA. Well Susie his wife. Walk a turbulent world and that's. Please stop yeah. Really strong on a map like this Matt Light and he like really like changed his tone does it really you know were rule of investing. World of investment. At. Any spot on I would say. So because we heard that we were able to all he took what deals libraries are the commercials so it's the other ones. When your battery goes dead everything come to a stop and it always seems to have been at the most inconvenient time. Don't take the risk on a dead battery it's not worth the hassle luckily or Riley auto parts provides free battery testing across all of their locations. So if your battery does need to be replaced. O Reilly professional sports people can find the exact battery that Fincher or truck with pre installation that's right bill feature tests or test your battery. Free installation. O'Reilly auto parts better part of water prices every day not bad I was going. You're not Floyd Mayweather gave yet you know my those are not thought dissolves like aria on art and panicked a little and I try to finish your real quick count on on messed if that both Internet and you put it on the put the pressure on me yeah like our Robin and Anders first order. Ivory need to. The people's opera that that's about it it was he that at least that was like and die. He. Really did not. And he did run a little trouble that's right they'll feature yes or tester battery free installation. O'Reilly auto parts. But that not that not bad at all last thing we have we have a caller yesterday Chris. He called in and right away dale the usual for a fight we were talking about Tim Thomas you're saying how he might have been a little bit of all odd character. We brought up the fact that he didn't go to the White House but we didn't equate the two necessarily Chris heard something different Chris on the cape pay Chris. I had at my call Georgia or what's not. I've got a little hypocritical they gathered all of them are black and quiet -- lol lol I went well what what he said what people wanted for skipping the White House today and good for our board Chris what all a lot of president here you know listening Chris what I said was people in this talents were upset with him when he didn't go with his team. But then at an Rezko you can't whack. It's kind of wacky because I think the odds that you go to an odd duck out what I mean listen to one interview of his stated these odd duck if he might be an odd that they don't you know. Arctic he's. You get to wipe out that's a guy got it all ours that's a terrible job listening and your party that is all that. I never I never equated to kind of terrible guy that you were terrible you did a terrible job then you decide calling her a terrible point out that terrible is because it's not it's not right I did it because if the white out he's an odd duck but just isn't better respond threads and all of it all have different issues and office. Flat out. Did we mention our audit that's on you that's on you you obviously want to talk about fraud it called another show where that's not what we're doing here that nothing to do trial I'm not kind of ran amok and you've literally brought my putter you're not trying to be your doing a bad job of that as well. Yards aren't currency. I hang in their growth terrible golf. In in a row really reach all the outrage. You bothered me you know my condolences. Yeah. The Uga Uga he'd bother he got out and got a bothered me a little bit you know our current and hang in their press. It's already should give me an after party and I did buddy pal just friends guys those crisp Lugo as we can do. Final drive resulted cosponsored by cars for kids donate our health child today schedule your free pick up at 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. Great thank you very much anyway thank you Kyle CU like game by about right off the back. I tried Sunday. Enforcement is an oral sex. Every time they don't explain how coveted like that that is nightly and that's that's I think that the message the question isn't will there be a bag of chips that I forgot how stripper at Georgia that it is Jimmie Johnson and by the way in your Monday. Yes in that chair out of there. Greg Dickerson always Greg Dickerson is huge bill Roddick we're excited he will be in here on Monday kind of glad it's combatants and one. Among reported seeing Greg forget that Richard in the papers. Postage of against her. Ever keep it up next whip it is that Patrick Gilroy pay go about that. I can hardly wait I'll deal with Lucy producing that's correct. And probably do imitations of votes from those you guys all stick around for what. About the high. Sniff your vessel and did feel like it might yours I. And on a map like this is Matt Light and he like really like changes as I don't really you know. We're rule in domestic. World of invest.