Dale & Keefe - What kind of impact will home crowd have for Celtics in game 5 of ECF?

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, May 23rd
Dale, Keefe, and Tomase discuss the NFL’s new set of rules for the National Anthem, and how those compare with the rules used in the NBA, as well as the NFL Player’s Union potential response to them. They also talk about the effect that the Celtics home crowd can have in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals as well as LeBron James’ reading habits.

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Yeah. Daily key Sports Radio WB yeah giants must use but as well. We are and your Westin Johnny's 130 or its free outlawed from the garden which will be rocking. 830 that you know took off media planning a time pre game Lanny it's gonna start out here yes well let at least there rule against or several Etsy he jacket realities that I. All right fair enough we'll let me if there weren't so we could you start right now with a little Ireland. While while we're down here where everybody else is well and pulled the party began. Stop and in and grab an average. By the way the good folks Budweiser the folks who make it possible for a year and we wholeheartedly endorse you. Had a Budweiser condemn Iraq but I will tell you there one or two other options as well with a lot going on but like other instances it looked at those two so we're talking obviously about Celtics cavs those that want to can talk about via. The NFL's deft handling of the National Anthem I solved at all that guys that I think here if I didn't work now and now look this is just. As if somebody put on Twitter earlier today the NFL it's grew up one car funeral they absolutely if there is nothing that the NFL can't screw up and outside but he color. I think was at that was timely your exactly right current pointed out that its group one car funeral and yes they. Now we have you know I like the idea that you know telling guys if you're not comfortable standing at the end that you can stay in its late. Again we unless they go only if that's the bottom of the hour boat you know. Honoring or not honoring the anthem about trying to that's due to cause it was important that. You do that on your own time in the sanctity of locker Nolan will know you can do it alone will be at this. That's perfect you have a voice. Makes those that are let's get difficult you guy 6177797937. Eaton Texas if you like but I won't see it. But here at a of energy here but I just so they want tomorrow I think I got a FaceBook likes that up with a text messaging and I'm gonna act I don't. I don't really care about the tax all that much anyway. Oh you've got that it would probably Xbox of junk that was passed tax technically it happened it. I don't not Rossi are just you know watch out well it but it what are we get and the ways that attacks even if unlimited plan. It. Don't know it's another day of alcohol are pretty at all but out west that's even better one down. I skipped the calls that you guys Mike's volatile cellphones and play at the right button near MI Qaeda. The right but all in place yet it wipes struck again. Open to all very tough fight because first already got these ready. I would say don't count but we play our intent is it like active all the I had a real real quickly you know yeah I'd be a US request keeping a wide yet the NFL just you with the NBA are doing at. It went all I had a wider than that the problem another sport I think if it's really it's actually really simple it it's just into parts. Are they caught the error approach capping what do you agree there are not as congress for another day. Is EU unfair treatment of minorities and specifically black. Are people fraud by law enforcement right so what's your league have a bigger. Population demographic or that you. League to have that the highest percentage of black players are obviously yet about India right. I'm now extend that further. If the NBA it was trying to make implement that rule today I don't think it would fly what they have going for them bait and a rule. He worked so long already if you pull I'd bet you'd I'd would pay good money if you pull the average social act. Active non sports and that's about all but it but if you polled average socially act would not work and I bet you they wouldn't even know that BN BA already have a rule in place or why it was implemented. Why is what are you play in the NBA was trying to do today in today's our political and post climate. I don't think they would have been able to get it through without a major controversy. You might be right. I but I think that John's point and I I just think the relationship is it seems to be so different between. NBA players in the commissioner and owners. It's also reported it'll it'll at all if LeBron James took it needs. Writely which would allow you to hate him even to agree on even like I think whoever wanted to speak it OK just for the sake artist niceties stance is an order form that every now. So if he did. What would it be aid. Rep that so that's a good point is if there is a rule in place but that's not the only reason why India players are doing. Rather idiotic thing realize our that's gonna distract from our moral point or if we do feel passionately about the issues we can voice the minute and a different way. Because what's the penalties every note the penalty is. It's not what brought it to eight yards it's been yeah I cannot forget dot Celtics are the ball it's not it's not like that's a maybe there's the fine I don't know what it is well with some of these guys that are making it thirty plus million dollars a year. That probably take a little bit fine if they felt like that was the most appropriate thing for them to do so yet the callers right that rule is or better place but that's not the only thing preventing them. Yeah in the NBA and its players have more of a partnership so you recognize okay this brings unwanted attention on us in a way that's unnecessary because. You know you have. Guys leading marches out Carmel Carmelo leading one of the pretty great marches in Baltimore you know you have LeBron being very outspoken on. You know this socialist you are that you have stuff are you the coaches they are dimensional so the NBA RT has since the their players can already get their message out and they don't have. Have to do it. NFL players can get their message out without me it hasn't worked the same way well that's what I try to. I don't know that's a fair question but the way the league is set up right now in the way the players view it it seems like that is the one thing that has gotten them the most. So drive was that Doug Baldwin and Michael Bennett stated that the CNN roundtable like they've been out there who have stuff and I guess if you look into it now what people do what they're doing a ton of stuff in the communities in Seattle. It's of sure there are players that we vertical well Chris Long is doing that becomes the story but it just seems like. I get I think there's a couple with a lot of issues going on around because that allows the players are taking in need. You if you asked three different players are taking me wanted to take it means they might I'll give you different answers to that horrific case of column in Uganda that you get a early on he give you anything early on it now. Now he's out but I also don't think the rule necessarily if somebody's still feels strongly that this is what they wanna do. Tells us that a locker room there while they're still drop in the Dow and the people who are most offended by this. That's what they want to have. That that's why I think this whole thing is fraudulent because the goal is not to get anyone to stop yelling the goal. Really put especially Italy's top gas to make sure it continues. Builds up in New Hampshire. This is working both have lurch again today itself have a time. A power. Play their final bill. I take every day they'll. Ali okay yeah yes yes emotions playing a big part of it especially the home team and make here goes here lately that thanks Emma. But I maintain that LeBron. I'm stops. And spa well bronze whatever he likes in that works against emotions what are they gonna. I have a serious thing that's ultimately it's these that good is that good at the home crowd here is really it's so. That your down there to about fifteen an eagle on a quick 60 Ron and he cut it to nine if you're Cleveland you're not getting any extra juice words here you're still down knives and also the crowd's going insane. And that sort of pushes some of those. Younger guys to ride that momentum so I know brought in and Iran like with a crazy dog or unbelievable pass or whatever else that is but. The crowds here they they know how important this team is they've been doing throughout the entire post season I think. You're still they're gonna wanna be it like they're they're down when he lost the really put the product yet and even like who's on the Philly series there'd be announced later seen or whatever it was. The crowd stayed in it yeah and like they scored two baskets in a row and the place is going crazy and and that they rent it first now. The one thing I will say being in Cleveland for the last couple games and being here. Much and this is not pandering it's true there are much better. Rina experience here it's all like everything owner myself I don't mean you know I did in the eight man who comes out between lake every. Weekly and timeout I don't let out which I've done well fired me up the other pocket shocked I was amazing hole I it's I've seen the video of this guy I mean pretty good he could win Beers and every bar in America aren't it was a setup they have got a Celtics are made like thirty immediate pretty and they had a pro pot which I don't like back where where backward backward back well and make it back to back them off he wants the emas debates like India. He missed like three. And they let him he's gone. But the crowd is better hear the crowd at a better here in a sport it's it's a real crowd and the thing is they re means real be because it's not I'll tell exactly what it means it's not. The piped in stuff there's a lot of like. The noises and heights in a lot of stuff they are due to that end and Tennessee offensive but I'm telling you this is different this is like minor league kind of stuff and it's Yahoo! might you don't have to do this. Cleveland you know that's a historic sports town yet to go back aways yet to do it but you got the rounds I mean that they used it not now. I'm proud that this is this a he's regular LA market it's a market with a little bit history you know their teams go back. And it's it's a minor league kind of presentation here when it's loud it's because the fans. I always wonder about that like I my assumption is. Especially if the states in the playoffs you got the final fourteenth posts and bases it got to be pretty riled up when he when their teams are hosting games I mean they got to be wrapped up in Houston got to be wrapped up in Oakland. How could they not be wrapped up in London between them but it's not to the same level does it. It's unfair business louder than others and then you would get the NBA it's different in the NFL world like. How the statements it'll actually pleased with the noise that there'll player readers like this though they've got 3000 more people play without their team than we. It's seventeen something here or there over 20000 out there. But it's that it has a better atmosphere and it's a better atmosphere louder more intimidating or don't back for six. It's probably not because we have talked about that's I would about it booked a flight already and it smells like we know there will be eight games at least yeah and easy that part where so you could have planned this at a time look at Atlanta a little better and I let it out of the show on Saturday that. It's all else they. I am staff and I like to save the company money right company guy. All right guys he meets with the same mouth and at night. All this. You know you guys don't like us. Yeah yeah tackle accompanied by an adult out of Hartford OK and you know. Of us we can't yet not yet so. Biffle late you know if something I don't know I don't understand really. I don't think you can make that much of a difference so let's just say you know did you guys stand out role hole and armed. And tool golden rail on the range surface for some reason premiere of don't you think the media can go and say hey why did you ranger if they're they're still get their their point across. So I in that state in the election I had it read all the language to register and you know you you Pasco you know what you're right you know you're hearty atmosphere here straight. I mean there's these guys it doesn't. Let's say that it did it just says that if your out on the field for the anthem you have to stand respectfully quote unquote yet so there respectfully are believed that it's an interpretation. Right so if you're into all of this great company ended I respectfully yours or not exact. If that's subject to each team is it okay crypt major and it's not okay but open raiders like it doesn't. That these guys respect that they still get their point across if they wished. While they tend. And and I I'll be curious now the players association is without. Oh. Missive basically saying look at all their alternatives which means their their map and if you haven't heard from players. I have since I've read anything. Where a player either says okay I'm on supporting what the NFL says or. Conversely. You know what they do common non story about in the year and that's right now how many players that we need during the playoffs. Even though I don't I don't know anybody yet Arnold and yeah there so why the wait. That's why that John's point. The NFL had gotten over it. But the president is the one who chipped it up again and you know what we have mid term elections coming up in November so good luck in this on the back burner I mean there's nothing not a not a week or so ago again. Out of nowhere and so again guys' lives and this is all coming from a completely dishonest place. And it disingenuous place and it's unfortunate it's not gonna go away because like you guys that some take attendance. And find out who wasn't there someone's gonna raise of this than that's gonna become a thing someone's gonna say we view and Neil anyway so there's gonna be something. And the timing actually is gonna be pretty good for the guy in office is going to be in the fall. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number one out west and Johnny's Portland street just down the block from a TD garden with a self played caps tonight. Wrap up ice cold Budweiser itself ready for the game 6177797937. Its daily key Sports Radio W media. If you can story into policy we did that this morning after a great deal of discussion yesterday and this morning. It was unanimously adopted by the club's clearly our objective is only. And to all 32 clubs which was never suspect. We want people to be respectful but nationally if we want people to stand and make sure. They treat this moment. In a respectful fashion that's something we think we go. We been very sensitive and make sure that we give players choices and we. Do believe that that moment is an important moment and one that we are going to a focus on. Who's the orbiter respect for the flag what would be considered disrespect the flag and anthem. And while that we in the owners kind of willingly attempt to police something that is subjective like this. Well I think. The general public has a very strong funeral for. Respect for the flag is in that moment. We have language and a policy that talks about standing at attention that's often focused. And I think the general orbiter will be the club's been in the league and more from our players who put their viewpoint Austin. Why would commissioner Roger Goodell be in that statement. Pipeline. That he said and done all that he said the owners unanimously approved this. Then twenty minutes later the owner of the San Francisco 49ers we have stained. Curtis. It's so I mean there wasn't a vote opposed. Wage it's why so Bert Greer just leave this out com. He asked what the NF LP it was referenced it in saying that Roger Goodell and John Merritt misled the union. Eight players association source said Goodell and Mara told the PA at last fall's meeting there would be no rule changed votes. But I don't want the other way in what Roger saying it's the rule change clarification. That was a lot. But outside of follow up question on the cut real welcome back select what what's disrespectful. Well I think every knows no everybody does not know yet we backed company that we've heard the arguments from people thing will both guys were respectfully taking mutiny where others say that's outrageous. That is the fist in the air I don't know some people might say it's respect the people that it's not. I would say he's not screaming pointer and it's down and to have them. That is that blatantly disrespectful but those other ones and he wants wants what's the fine with not a fine and now. Belief has that try to please that vocal bloc yeah enemy cannot predict the original thing immediately after consulting with the matter that the first year and a moderate be an acceptable. You know I've positioned to take proposed whenever and that would be disrespect but it it's the point across Greenland you it may Boyer yeah exactly so it's not even you know. When he says Larry detail when he says the public to cop. You know our public is again you know however he worded it it was amendment was adopted by the club's. Nuns I don't know about that and the other thing and and for the most part people ample the National Anthem in my opinion respectfully. Look around the arena take a look around already unhappy at any point while we have been going on earth all people touting with acts he forgets taking off. And I and I see people all the time. I'll gas are. The second ball they're blocking Iran they're all there it's via I mean I luckily you know people about unions that yeah you can solve this. Don't play I don't know palladium they'll play the at and I mean seriously you could like what makes. A sporting events them inherently. More patriotic you know a leading man. Going to a movie or go to a play forever who you are certainly every movie that's. The literally. That I just. Regular apple. I'm here to the fifty states the greatest we have a one quick idea that would not see I don't know I think that was that was a little reaction yet as if they write in my. Secondly quick another note about about football. And we were talking about of these OT games non contact no heating in all. Well tell hotter Henry about that putter Henry at the San Diego Chargers tight end. Blue is the yesterday at the OT it's not contact Brett do and anything. If I was Rob Gronkowski and I was in fact working on a week of his contract but can't be done until May 24. I wouldn't touch a field until I had that the salary at the recall yesterday yesterday and that wise and ground there what was it like any ego even at the contract's going to be set on Thursday ago but the great reason although Beckham junior shouldn't be. It DO TAs for the giants I should first ball. Anybody could get hurt like cutter and read it. You know they'll back him junior's case he's coming off an injury yet none none of the guys all the guys that are out that most of the guys with Tom buries her to a different category mostly guys that skipped votes CA's. It's a contract related so you're gonna have a hard time negotiating contract if you theories yellow the years though. It and those guys ago and we talked earlier about trust between players and ownership in one of the app and one of the areas thing. Players to be right and not trusting Europe their owners is the fact that they can be cut for anything yet you know so it's energy money out there exactly you have to look. Honesty back to the calls norm is down on the cape pay norm. I don't the other two on our NASCAR. Very ever for the brickyard talking about how do you the only congress is kind of died down I mean even TARP covered it would be looking for jobs and you'd be Morgan Neill anymore. And then you know trampling and yards become active duty marriage I want you wanted to let you kind of just mentioned the millenium well. But back to the point of why why you recent top players and turned be a little more rebellious in in you know NBA players or any other players. Yes as much and I mean there's no guarantees you need to become any time they. It will look police power of any professional athlete out there and interviewed. Well it strictest rules in at all in you know plus. You know I think that's probably one of the biggest reasons why is it shortens careers if that don't care cheap money and you know. I'd probably be of little rebellious Republicans ownership and anybody else to told me not to do something. It is why I openly mock and have zero respect for the NFL players association. A lot of it has always when at a joke right they have never done anything that benefits the players they have always rolled over owners have always carry the kargil. And the players association is our OK all right well all right. I it's it's it's it is what is. All right this give me the same thing there that I don't like this article to ballot now. And by the way can't predict never said that he missed. He'd been hit album art came out the back up that report came out and then he said. Now that's not sure I was taken out already changed I thought that the number he opted out of his contract who's going to cut in any also says withstand it and maybe those as the headline that I rent I don't know I don't remember a time but maybe it's gone back nonsense would be surprised by that. But he got out of a hundred players even week seventeen and everybody was active. How many people were taking these. I don't think you would that be diminishing by the end of the season there's a two week stretch where it was the hottest topic it was such a big deal. But that it completely cooled off from there. By the late used to want Richie intact you know. And language you know I would now one problem there are noting that so apparently. He was. Picked up today yeah but police it'd GM in them Boca Raton I guarded about this lettuce doubted ourselves going all. Better their lot or alleys where you can't escape he's obviously can craft. He was placed on what's called an involuntary psychiatric hold no interest all right beliefs he more details them. There was another. Person working out the gym or the alleged victim on that first Richie and caught me go through a tennis ball let him for no reason and I think 08 socket Sally and agility drill. He then dump ballot and the after it. Now what I arsenal this to keep earlier that I'll have it was what's the weight at a rate that's how matter has actually it does matter working with five pound it does matter to the five or ten it's harmless that they have bigger than that after the straw. Does that sound of that if you pop the sixty outrage that. The victim claims in in cut me it was rambling about the government well there's lots of jobs though that every day it sounds like screaming at the man to quote get off his bleeping playground on quote. They they didn't arrest him. They took him into custody under what Florida calls the makers act which allows. Officers to submit a person for psychiatric evaluation when it's believed that may harm someone else. I think the whole dumb belting out I gave them their first and I Taiwanese arm the you don't wanna protect Brady. Timing is everything he became a free agent two days ago. It's available it's available on all formats though hope with them if projects he good player he had some issues like 2014. Some psychiatric issues as well as the rattle out of his text messages Piazza's say most of these issues team in these. But he's been able to channel three very good poker lucrative career bests. Yes might be a little tougher to get a gig that I love his chances now and probably. Jeffs on the cellphone since I have the right button here HF right no. They got just. Wanna make a couple comments like any response sheriff. Guess not playing nationally and before. Yes I want to play another iceberg that is not just an idea he's the words on what to what we've wider in ultimate sporting event. My comments were not one clearly at. Are you calling someone else right now that what's the problem here Jeff member doctor about four. Talking to the right and the phone. Did you look the only talking into the hearing Burton put up right now. You seem in unity to hear you at all and they're trying to dial out again if you're connected you know you know that you know that's mom and the extent to go upstairs. Right now the talk about being at home. We don't all have. If I'm takes clearest one phone call anyways. Willie had to get a shot at a Tomas and then mom needn't always really wanting to experiment it is like okay why he sounded clears that leads that might change. Yet. So what you're talking with the appropriate and the phone for half off alpha at that he let that down on the ground blocker not answer for you right now. Now that that was not the best. Six what is six walker may have been spotted what I don't know I'd like to have I don't know what discussion with him that we expect. 6177797937. Is telephone number we're down here at the west and Johnny's on Portland street just down the street from. The garden with a Celtic on the cavaliers tonight bailing keep Sports Radio WB yeah. It's not just of this meeting that really over the last year discussing the subject of the anthem and working with our players try to make sure we could get to a place where wrote all the different viewpoints could be respected. And I think we've come out that place doesn't. We as a as a group and that in the league are comfortable with. Obviously we wanna continue to work with our players and make sure that they feel that there point of view as been respected. I think the fact that. Those who are not good comfortable standing for the dance and have the right to stay off the field. So we're not forcing anybody to stand to. Doesn't feel that's that's within their. The way they feel about the particular subjects. But those who are on the field. Or are going to be asked to stand. Pittsburgh Steelers owner are running clearing everything. I'd be up there. Oh okay well wow that ring words meant. 10 well that's the other commissioner brought about for moral support good animators and wealth that there are other indices take on Cleveland's game five tonight we are live from Weston Johnny's what Budweiser to 6 PM. Ready for the game if you're headed to the game or fear in the area now they normally don't open your wealth or outward year specials of the doors are available syringe here. Come on down hang out grappled Budweiser. Self ready for the game tonight one quick note a team tonight. I couldn't help but notice oh today. What it was all flutter because LeBron James was sitting. Out at courtside before the shoot around in low light reading. Amber and he's sitting there that you can. I I like books I've read books every single day it was like a good book so everybody likes that book matching in the necessarily have to bring out port side you re just so involved he's been doing it for years weary feet read the book. And he passed the photographs. Videos it's ridiculous when you get stretched. Years ago in the locker room but he read the Hunger Games but that. And I've got knocked it up. It gave me today and probably. Easier reading if you not so you don't think he wants people to see him reading. Okay that that their credit and this one way of what today's. Light reading was the alchemist by follow awhile though the back cover that on the back cover if that's what the quote to realize once destined. It's a person's own age he soon the LeBron is that the that's the route the alchemist before the game all the way in the you may think you could see the video to his eyes are kind of darting back and forth like a once the cameras are ideologically the I don't mind that that is that some that probably what this book about it it. It Kalus masterpiece it's terrorist cells that match the story of Santiago. And and dilution shepherd boy who yearns to travel and certainly worldly treasure. I extravagance. And nobody out he has ties leading Hunger Games that he's got out that fantasy. Ethernet and hey it's not any note dumber than four promises were agreements that are pre. That he got that out and other. Lots of bots are out there it's out there other morally and I don't know who Lee movies like a real. We you to relax read a book that's for some views that go out the public rooms of the balls and it's it's imperative box and it it's got to read it's hard to find a place to escape and yes I'm guessing there's no trainers table. In the traders are looking nice and quiet it all there retailer adamant that nobody can take its. Got something here. Didn't break. And number 800 well as some on some pointed out the release the book was right side this time with us here on where you can godfather of upside down if reading the godfather to his favorite movie could quote. That was the best part. Favorite movie it is at least it's daylight thing. That you are rush out and buy your copy of the honestly I think it's all. Brought out into. Here's that's your best it and doing it right terrible to broadcast. The optimist you know we usually go without an accident that I'm just spectacles that you guys Freddy's on the cellphone. All month rate note I don't know pretty. Almighty god now critic as such why not that make me out that there I mean it is because he couldn't do it pampered they're go. It appears correct when Al. Yes what does he said recently wanted to go to Seattle. Levy visited he didn't get better if there aren't yeah. But don't speak on the national income that we've been going click I'm going to be 88. Because the independent national. It'd. It like you wake up for the morning good night. You're standing class to look like it's been going on for so I want it now we get people eat it and Jim or I'm gonna that downloading it not been. I'll get spirit major but you're her god we are glad that I've got a problem get a job again and your belt you big article and it did you wait Cha. Back there. It he America that's actually go of that conversation for years ago. All right I thought like I knew something it added ultimately says that mentally I think about it I don't believe I'm glad that he's gonna make a lot of money from the you can. You know you're opposing owners reportedly to the owners that have been deposed I I assume one of them is Robert Kraft has been deposed. But. The owners to suggest that he was starting quarterback in the NFL it though it's got a job forum and he gets the money there. But our point to it on the full road but. If your defense is what gonna keep doing something that's always been that way. Lot of examples they probably don't wanna use. Yeah that that's not what I did great in the fact that he couldn't really articulated the nation the decently. OK when ya gonna get a berth in the regency gas seriously that's the issue. And fort. Sands and Coventry Rhode that it's it's not entry can follow. Ron I get today or at several wall to wall that you hear a Sam either you do or don't read were great. OK so I mean Coventry Connecticut. It's in English I'm an English future. Perfect seniors in high school. He's you know commit every year in nice book good read off. Of it the best book I have every year say. In the best book that they never read. It's perfect it's now with the motivational Sam what what what I would describe it it is that the motivational. Allegory it's an extended outward it talks about how to live your life and buying the path to what you are going to be good act. And that he should never give up on your dreams. And it is it's a great great book it. Read for most people. And highly aromatic release them now as their chapter there about deserting a fan base with Greek third time they're chapter there. Method it there OK let's just get deathly volley eternal learn right now semi I do. That perhaps that have misjudged. Our are scoffing here might issue isn't that he's reading the author of the I party out of us leopard is great book. I just think it's it's all about LeBron if you carry out excitement isn't it. And a glancing at the book in the looking out the bad guys that look at look announced you know some deep thought it would reading them right now all that great book broad reading books before the game. I didn't wait wait if they get to game seven he's gonna have a lot about key. There could be. Or ripped it through that may be odd titles the reading that book because they read the page that I've played photographed. Robinson Norton Iraq by doing. I would probably get to get some food for thought on the protests. All good governments that Paris protests at town. Where are dollar player that wanted to protest and demonstrate on behalf of their police there's. A member of Williams won just somewhat fair about it. But other than that they quite the thing with the other spell there took a defensive based all of just let you know. And. Yet not all of letting a player Wear pink shoes in honor of his mom yeah breast cancer is something that's a little doubt. That's why we talk about trust issues right that's overtime. Not. Yet and I actually do think the other option shut this down because we're talking about in only. This one protests which actually doesn't really bother me what they're doing I believe in the cause but if you open it up that is our protests. You might. He's taking a fair today because you think you I agree with that too much protest might not be something you'll group. And that they say the players have a right to do this what do we do that at some type of love and I have the right that was well believe he popped up knocking salute during the you know. I almost tonight so I. They weakened draw a distinction between you know goose stepping on the sidelines in the ailing and you and yet to take it case by case that'll beat you can blanket police say. That these guys give up their first amendment rights because we've seen in other sports we've talked a lot about the NBA those experience feel close friends. The audience knew about saying art you have to stand but then on the other hand not wanted to be the full logged in Afghanistan studies that locker but that's so now it's there it's that leave them alone. I would agree with it but if they put in the rule now it's too late but the rule but that rule now that conservative stand. Stick with that vote on that they'll vote on the alternative while that's just in the locker room that wouldn't even know how to do it and there are so you can protest there that's not a protest that's that's nothing you to stay in the locker room. You're immediately to its recess as evidence that is if you have a bunch of players protests in the fact that they feel like it don't have a voice they're trying to speak for people who don't have a voice and Neitzel. You can do that secondly now there's going to be behind closed out so instead of honoring the end though there's going to be people charge of taking attendance. Iranians that staring at everybody that you find out oh my god you know with the backups if he's not there all the posts we've got to go find it finalize what that what would you protest for that I don't know I was out if my ankle yes well you heard her word you're you're there feeding America my kids that I smell smoke whereas the players have heard from I three burning now that I was just I was taping my knee but we're on the there. I'd dates and Rhode Island a date night on. I hear about it. Donna I can't believe one thing that I agree with mark and all long way better known. But but but I'm Sonya on what would you through the month. Patiently idiot that it it doesn't make any. And I don't understand who these people lives that are. About people knew going into this song and it's not been at. It long ago even rye and. The word. It's about a minute and a half I thought if they do what the right way and other Laden's. You can bet on. That in and I think that's her issue I don't think that's the at the position rendition. And the first. Boy if I. Who is don't want wondered you know that's pretty ticket now. Which apple won't bomb it got. I don't care. And in print. Out. Yeah. That if I think it's good that he did have some good liked it there yeah I mean it seems to me it's as much of a coward's way out. To do that. That's what the NFL's the you know we're not edited yet if you know together I'll put my I mean I opposed that's like maybe it's because copper was thousands of sporting events like why don't we do this before every game I think it's a fair question if you took like an alien to a game and your explaining the game alien before you start puberty I tumble while but they'd be on what the problem right now but at the Elliott that you. Oh what is this war. My answer would honestly be up there with him yet but I wouldn't know I don't know why they wondered or while they keep that in other than. You are gonna change that now it is out the area equity in America out of America I love it yet I don't know I need this for reasonable to me the people who yelled allowed just about respecting the flag. Aren't the least patriotic that I had to do it ends up its offers you know it's all for show and apps are there are people Colin and stated that concept is offensive to them by. I looked at freedom in this country is freedoms beat some of these inalienable rights that we have allow us to see these things and when you come out and say it you don't stand for the end of the united patriots like you don't even know it. By the way I act I kind of hope that we take in this well beyond that. We hash that all out you know months and months I was further conversation the the the the issue we have is the cowardly NFL. Coming up with absolutely the worst possible solution to what they perceive to be a problem. And now the vice president of the United States tweets out a link saying the NFL will require players on the sideline to stand and that puts hash tag winning so what does that tell you. Yes he would just like winning the your throat she doesn't 1110. You know is that I'm an offense that tiger but that's next week. Kind of a tiger blood went out of princesses or ever yes does it and that's goddesses or whatever the hell yeah I don't know I am on a drug called Charlie Sheen. Yeah that's like announced it was an idea that's tech beanie has thanks for the treatment might well look. But at the NFL. Just. Screws up again. Yet they I mean they've been backed into a corner though. Public key place to keep it to you be doing it. You are unlucky for ID you can't don't give in don't do anything you know and eventually this would go away. Except you have people like cast at winning more Atlantic knows bring it up especially whether or something more important comes out in and out distract from it you. What to the NFL where your there's millions and ultimately the people pay attention get there real fired up. And as I pointed out yesterday I don't believe Roger Goodell or most of the owners in the NFL. Give two acres stance about the National Anthem or patriotism. But like what what on what they don't care about here is money. Are always respond almost our TV ratings down. That's what we gotta we gotta save our phony baloney jobs gentle yet and by the way you know what that's fine but I I have no problem that that's American students capitalist. If you're losing sponsors then maybe things need to change if we do need to change the way you're doing so I don't blame them in matter. Ricks and Milton. What this thing is. Pain in the rear end. Iraq I feel like that you wrecked the not a director ideally went policy when he got wrecked. Hi why. On opening the controversy what are we are out there. Is your own personal opinion but it it hypocritical but pretty. At the end that Bo is getting angry about about things the show Montel. Correct you are wrong the the only time you match them well thought little simple. You know playoffs maybe their passport made but you're right yeah you're right. So I don't. They they they intentionally don't shoot. They they potentially don't show. Well I don't understand that but it may mean we don't Shalit that he's. I think one of the reasons is probably one place more commercials in exactly Ding Ding Ding Ding us. So you know you guys that a minute ago you know the orders were mostly concerned about money and I is that they have looked at this are currently. Like any other business but. You know it if they really are but impatient for a while I mean I watch what you brewers game oases that Nazis so. You know I don't believe it would Wear the but he is being late. They're they're just beating a dead horse here so that. Like you have you have hit the nail on the head by the way when you point out the fact that the networks generally speaking don't show it anyway. They don't care about it I'm not patriotic. Today by the way that's two minutes of commercials like an idiot wildly at the it's gonna you know what they call it were at a conference via the cover me cover him we're gonna put commercials and while that's it was at that moment with that two more minutes of spots. Iraq and thank god of that round bless America well and it's not even it's not a Republican Democrat thing if it was George W. Bush Barack Obama whoever. And everything that is still going on in the NFL early in the season and they never even mentioned it that if we wouldn't talk about it yeah I did Obama talked about Capra. You know he tried to eat came out from the other perspective obviously but he did not. Have the same did not engender the same kind of reaction because the motivation. Was there's also there's also a difference between talking about it and then just labeling the whole group of people that's obese or relatives that I had to like save your at a at a rally earlier your somewhere and somebody asked the question. You don't need to avoid it you can see how you feel about it but there's different ways that would. 6177797937. This telephone number marked out west and Johnny's just down the street from the garden. And it's open ice cold Budweiser get ready for the game tonight salts and cavaliers game five must win calculus all Beers I agree Paul Paul basically says this one of the next when they have to win the analysts the series I don't understand all that aren't that. I've let them get out of with a virus we could debate.