Dale & Keefe - What moves do  the Red Sox need to make? Criticising instagram models; Was there more behind the Hanley Ramirez release than money?

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, June 19th
Hour 2: Dale, Keefe and Marc James begin the hour by talking about how Barry Trotz leaving the Capitals. MLB Power Rankings come out and the Red Sox are ranked fourth which doesn’t sit well. The Sox are linked to deals but do they have the ammunition to get them done?

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It's. However to get linking. Sports Radio wc guys will probably touched on this a little bit later on. It is a little weir who we say that a little weird to have a our culture head coach of a championship team saint. Totals simulator. On one now here's an here's an interest in things very trots his contract very briefly on this vote backed the call. Very trots his contract a eruption came in the minute they won the Stanley Cup. And so he had a two year extension that that was locked in the minute they won the cup. And he said to them now I'd I don't wanna play I don't undo this and so they are theoretically letting him go but they could also. Aim for the next two years now let him coach anywhere. Allows he would. He he went to them reportedly. Ask for five million a year for five years which by the ways a million and a half less than Claude Julian is making from Montreal Kennedy this. Create such a nightmare because if a if a coach can do that. What if a player had a dollar two year option kick in and they say now on player anymore. It doesn't that create a whole thing like you because it's Brussels trots revealed a coach next year. Well here's our odd thing on it if they had been eliminated in the second round of the playoffs it. At about the time there were cut you know teams out there looking for coaches he'd gotten a job and about two minutes. Mature worries could go now but on that but so they have him for two years but if he just says he doesn't wanna do it. This apparent yeah yeah right has yet to him does he was the one who decides who walked out to the only and that money. Well I think that probably why they're letting him gullible and that's quite as president and let's just say for the sake of argument this wouldn't happen there but let's say the Pittsburgh Penguins won a very trots available we're gonna get rid of Mike Sullivan. We're gonna hire Barry trots at that point I think the capitals could take now on and a we have a two year contract extension or he do it will pay to stay at home but million Politico reporter it is that they were that you trade him. Ryland dot Doc Rivers went a little trailer we have them for two years but he probably wants a much bigger contract right Federer is his option. You know of shares climb but it's not like. Some of these new coach's salaries of thirty to divert some more money so yea like I. He probably felt result that they were gonna reward him after winning the Stanley Cup he wanted five years I'd million yeah. Which would have made him about the fourth or fifth highest him coach in the NHL. Was Bruce castor right now a lot less. Now weighs less than deck is the typical for close right after. The patriots won the super ball up operate day. Anglo left here went to Montreal and at six and half million a year and he sucks and is always it always does its case studies docs now. But his team is awful yeah he's still good it was good coach years. If you give him players could be it could go to Carey Price though he isn't that team is off it's a state all the sand yet is bad for it you know it's it's better when Montrae the Bruins Canadians that app rival Compaq. I also feel bad because I screwed up Mark James whole conspiracy theory it's OK I don't know I don't know I thought it all the Colorado it's not it's a listen 888 dale dale has my all my credible source is Gerald me. That that's how the season began which again makes more sense to me that certain accidents somewhat the pre season they say and look Tom here's the deal okay. He's going to be at the sideline he's gonna travel with the team this year. As opposed to you know two months into the season sent Tom a shift things up here I'm just surprised nobody noticed. I'm you know. Nobody noticed prior to that. I mean would you bet now on the sideline and it was balk with Chris Hogan that one time why don't we did see him on the side four. Maybe not written but having a pre sideline pass is different from being on the sidelines during the entire game yet so who knows Alice connects the calls you guys Jakes in Boston hey Jake I go out. Or. What's gone on. So my theory has tool he just got to have to a probabilities. And possibilities. So the first is that you don't Belichick doesn't wanna get rid agree it has always looking to do. What he does have a track record of moving people applaud it all optical. Just knowing that Brady's pushing forty at the time you know we can noticeable when. Any second MVP season that he's planning over the next quarterback and Brady's interview last year we dropped a bombshell played a 45 what about it until the Belichick's. Our decision comes up like a little bit you're gonna be still here at forty. So that's improbably won one lost. I guess I'm guessing that they had everybody's desire to do it wasn't a surprise to him but I think that Belichick is also gone. You may wanna play to your fortified it doesn't happen now. Exactly so now an actual is that I don't believe Brady wants to play anywhere on what other than the win. But he's made that are pretty clear what if you were to ever play like if you get Belichick leg yet you're done here whatever reason. Embree want to continue playing I think the one place. Would be hometown San Francisco 49ers. I didn't and that's a little tough to do since they just signed their time and their quarterback for long term. They got a guy. That's my point. Belichick straight drop below or second round pick to San Francisco. Because of the rift between them like I'm beauty and yes somewhere else not accomplish my goal. They just sort of nice I like it's in the diabolical really cute as a Brady is that. The one place he would go eat and don't want so is now block. Yet the only problem that is that means he could to stay here for as long as he wants to there's no actual baca. But I'd like it because it's it's sold diabolical that he would do that so the one other place that you think it who knows but the one of the Boise beat you wanna go. They now quarterback but guess what. They're have a backup and all your there's zero competition forum here you can play out as long as he wants effect right now they needed to played there for five years that's. Perfect if he does that. That's also him but if he doesn't that's reward of trouble. Also. It's. Think about last year at this time or even midway through the season. Quarterback who just won the Super Bowl in was having an MVP regular season follow that up how on earth do you trade that. Come on I did it's easy to say that now because we've heard some of the comments that he's made it sound that may be on going to be their one more year. But the best quarterback in the league and I understand what is age was or is. But you're not going to be that's that's a tough one to sell its one thing to get rideau Logan Mankins or Wes Welker a year earlier rather than a year too late. But the quarterback who just won the Super Bowl game and you're gonna do. And you wondered too a lot of Cuba ask this question does he have to do with his contract situation Angel I don't think he does too much I mean this probably east. You know a little bit truth and there are some sort of veracity but I don't feel like eaten Brees never been about money. The top three high speed quarterbacks in the leak now he's always restructuring he's always differing into the future. Brady's gonna have this Bobby don't you deal with salts and Doug like I'm Bonior and the like that we're getting paid until the year 2086. Or so and then but. I think he's just has to do with it's been a grind each eighteen long years and you know what I mean let's be real here you work for the same guy. Deal I didn't like EU works EI your entire time you read yards he was the there was a little vacation it was right yeah about a bullet. After a while you work the same guy even if you have a great relationship there's just things I heard it. Familiarity breeds content. Hadn't TI I just think that big skies whenever pals anyway but I think professionally. I think Belichick appreciates obviously that he's got the best quarterback whoever it. And Brady appreciates obviously that he's got the best coach who ever lived a lot of what they know they each have their. They both the old city that's a quotation fingers he didn't need to do that now now. They both need each other too and I think they both realize at the end of the day that yet I need him and archer the same guy told me each of them wants to see if they can all without the other I can't tell you don't need each other and on saying they've realized the needs of I think there's a part of me though. If Belichick walked away after the season that Tom Brady would say I'm here to 45 the very least does he wanna play for Josh McDaniels because that's his guy but he still has the business family hang in overtime though but he does is we already can you talk about you know you don't wanna be the data doesn't driver is the sports or wherever you are saying in the office of the business so important to a so even if he likes the head coach a little bit more about scenario. I think they're still thinks formal way or out again yet but I I think it the chance to play for Johnson deals with a Super Bowl about telecheck that we'd be very sweet forum six what is that this deal doesn't believe it. Buyouts of think that he's Smart enough to know that his chances of winning a Super Bowl with Josh McDaniels are considerably less than they are. And winning with a Bill Belichick. That'll be an act gonna suggest that Josh McDaniels is gonna slighted seamlessly into the head coaching position is the guy who tree to get back in the first round draft him for Tim Tebow COLT you're I mean Brady knows all this stuff and by the way there but he you don't think he's got okay I'd really like Joshua Lott and I really wanted to be the head coach. I don't want him to do it at the expense of this guy who I know is the best coach whoever. Brett Johnson deals to Brady would be Tyrod LeBron would be his lap dog. That's the case then fired Josh McDaniels now and then I don't recipe collapsed on anybody he can't yet handle that job done and on mats up in Maine came out I don't. I am gonna it's gonna. Well an official on eight and but it's been tried and and driving not to sit on the spot all these. Different you know keeps your season has been like that. You know the truth is much more warning but it's it's. You know all the all the great things ultimatum. We're actually and I just bottle that it's. But it's all a lot less true it is. Her first weeks. You know grapple with the ripple Guerrero a week you know culture. On all all the yolks and then also. You know there's so. You don't there what do you think it has not I don't I think that. Waksal did the Guerrero thing is on. It is not that they don't circle or have you ought to be understandable and probably no conflicting we'll we'll. You know the ticker strength staff and and he just couldn't happen any morsel yeah sure there. Also you know Belcher never. Wanted to treat it. Operating in network in Kabul have rifles and create. Is Lisa and everything's fine or or do you have a reason about what I'm not the only thing called work right now as. Pretty want to conquer. Everything mobile on it always it'll never about money yet yet picking it now because see you end of the union common. In note that. You know yeah you know looking at your your twenty during early thirties and that in like forever that oh don't hate. Doubled and so little that your son you think now you think he wants to be like Ohio State quarterback now for the first time in his career. I think now we they have won so I want you. You guys to show. You know they can't district that. He sang about. I want judicial me that I and you know aren't important. Good deal of OK so if he wants that now then why is he doing these. Interviews where he's so ambiguous about its future. It really is in. Arts educate so we're out of course and I got it. We urgently clear it was a guy who has not wanted every last drag me in twenty years all the sudden wants that I don't know why that's clear it would. If they sign him on two more years it is his future is outside of Ohio State quarterback and belief. It would be there at all carry out our culture. Bought the speakers and their non. And they're not picking him he's just aren't if you lock in and you know immediately caught our expansion. Aren't gonna make some extra money and I'm gonna do it on my outlook and do all of my time anymore obligated trying to acquire YouTube based only on track. But the all carry on our men and that money another way. And I gotta be honest I I think you're kind of completing in confusing. The quarterback in the tight end. I think the tight end is absolutely concerning our all our contract on. I think that Tom Brady might like another couple of years added to his contract here might. Simply because that it makes it even more likely that he's going to be able to stay here in Italy wants to leave here I don't origins that I don't think this is about making every dime he can make out of them may be the highest paid quarterback even though he deserves that. I want it now never once without volley he's taking these huge pay cuts in the east play doesn't story right lets not make it you know crazy with all the different signing bonuses and different things that he's got he's made a lot of money. In the NFL but if that was the issue if that was the only issue would Brady right now I think there have figured out they Don me adults acted to stereo would have figured it out. If you have a new contract. 6177797937. Its telephone number dale and Keith. Sports Radio W media. 617. 7797937. This telephone number are Red Sox manager Alex Cora will join us on tomorrow's program. As he does every Wednesday on the team is in Minnesota they begin a three game series tonight against the twins Chris Sale on the mound. And the Sox went into Seattle split the four game series. And it's finance all of these. Idiotic power rankings things that don't have an antibody go power rankings already got an idea what to have had the Sox fourth. Had the mariners' forward in the power rankings. On on war the worst powering thing I saw the other day it was next season's. NBA all yes I doubt that an episode six all the voters elect a lot of Celtics that whatever you do yeah yeah I think the Red Sox are better than mean there are like I know they just slipped there you if you're comparing rosters of vows a seven game playoff series during the five game. I'd feel pretty good the Red Sox I told you go on into the series last weekend yeah SP and was doing a story male priest series' story and the font on the bottom of the screen set. The Mariners the best team in Major League Baseball and oppressing their division I don't hardly that I convinced that team just won twelve straight after at least it has yet to use their day together rather app role so they had the Yankees and Astros won in two Seattle three Red Sox for. And going okay what do you base in this. I suggest rob Bradford over the weekend I I just don't understand something. Watch TBJ still on the active roster GB because what's the alternative well he has an option left there and what's alternative. The alternative is you put G eighty Martina is in the field everyday the OK and so that's I guess that's on my point is who's getting the at bats that. I mean about the issue of its Morton has more hole I guess I'll take that I'll take a hole the fifth hole it. Everybody thought the played a lot right now we know what to do well here goes more union and should probably right yeah and you know hope Lipitor comes back next month and then there's less of bolts Nunez and hold on to saying. I'm with you I don't think Bradley can hit and it stinks plus not hardly play right now but they do that the pitchers like out of the Satterfield and I don't you're not like paving the way. For real bad right now tremendous glove I cannot talk I cannot doubt his glove he just he's he's just CNN beginning at Adelaide it's just. I mean the way people and adults alike with a 183. On an atlas tonight I don't disagree and yet you're saying I don't anything all all they want it I gotta give hundred point mark anybody every I think the key question is valid though OK you do take him out that's fine who's gonna get those at bats. And I can tell you I RD think they're playing practical too much when and we saw what happened in the past when they played rock COLT too much. Did that and our own union and whatever they governing illiterate like Justin is currently are more it's art it's what clicks are also thinks he's young he'll probably Smart guys and not a problem it's morally and getting them more at bats disease certainly better clobber him yet but we carted him that he was that well earlier -- was the little helping you just gone out now -- thought I understand I didn't want him to get the 490 sevenths we could best is option for next season market back to the fact that nobody else has got complaining here that tells you all you need to know you know let them play. So let's get paid. I get paid either way yeah it's funny bit eat a lot of Red Sox are paying him or worse yet premier perspective is he wants to play and nobody wants him. At 230000. Dollars which is all it cost the team to bring an end. And they don't want him it's crazy. That's that's those are a bit the what the impact of that would be now for the Red Sox is our year you're giving Mitch Moreland more bouts which is great these earned on yet if he. Goes back to what his career averages. I can be wowed by that or final keep him in the lineup it's something special. And then Bradley has to be in there you're you're rotating second baseman threw their LA and by the way hits and I think too and I love Boston it's it's the best now in baseball town the sports town but. Is this trade debt which talk stop with that stuff let's stop it on peace in the trade. Gulbis has the right the lone bright spot on this team that and they really galvanized everybody went for Machado at least there's a conversation I don't know that it Machado was not gonna re signed the others you're going to rental I was real you don't traits are what I believe he's a real god now Brad hand the reliever for San Diego item Ramones talking about Camelot today he's a really good relievers dogs are doing. Even be cooked but about what are the Brad had there's a job in a row seat. But believes the artist formally known as John Paul were also. The guys got it inside or outside drop I drop the bottom bottom rung of pollen buds or at all so job growth he treated earlier today. He said hash tag Red Sox agers that it upgrading open. But in order to acquire San Diego left hander Brad hand sources say the hash tag Padres. Likely asking price of BA young everyday player. Such as rough feel that no way no money from odd way I mean you know they have got a rental so you would have been I don't care but I went and he hardly ever for reliever the last time the Red Sox in his field. What was trapeze Shaw how that would work it out now is great yeah. Our group yeah that's how former house networking he's there cause a back move that we're all that hard to yeah yeah Travis shall have been really good third baseman. When he left that out of my out of Basra that Travis shop that American on city it's a dale I don't this year now he's an idea what I. I I. That's okay about how does the doing how's he doing they're doing great how is he deal out so you wanted to play third base every day I would be gone all right it's 24 lately that all of saying don't trade debt worse to be 466. He's got fourteen theaters though Mary ago that this means that he's 31 and 101 last year yeah. It's a great match here a lot of things are I'm not trained divers know. Fourteen would you if they don't have a sharp plant there no everything I'm saying that they did they traded for Thornburg who's been a complete Boston's spent here I understand apartment right. Do you wanna play at third base are every player coach and I don't know how I listened yeah I know devers is a liability with his glove that there I don't I think he's got to position the what are unit or positions. I took I put Mets jacket maybe I don't know. I don't know I'm not a problem created the aids should be OK fair I don't know over the third baseman out by Jesse is in grand B hey Jesse Aidan. And you good. Two questions there Warren. I wanted to know. Your thought about it as simple the Red Sox are gonna go to get out of jail or they say. Are in the it makes some moves. And then second part. Call on the all hang out that pretty random but over under Cleveland Browns are winning this geared three. Andre under laundering under god again you have Andre another added a lot that's guys the guys there are slams me yes I liked arson by ABBA album and I'm going under there at 81. A total of one in the last two years of certainly going under eight and then and then four the Red Sox. The Astros and the Yankees are good and that the reds aren't like the Red Sox team but I think there are gonna have to add something maybe it's another reliever and I know overall the poll numbers are pretty good at. But who'd you really feel good about. Besides Kimbrel had that maybe a TV Kelly yeah like everybody else it does you we want somebody else and why maybe it would be huge that Brad hand or somebody like them. Two of his last three outings now Barnes is not good and he was now silently until then I and then. He just and he looked really pedestrian those last two to three outings so that scares Marley and the other do anything though because what you saw Pereira just get traded here that do the Red Sox have any. Ammunition to Paul O'Neill know that their farm system ranked 24 by baseball folk it's not a system browse to get it wasn't impressed he's built this team. The only team in franchise history to win back to back divisions. In in the Red Sox illustrious history so they're obviously gonna make the playoffs they're gonna I think they're gonna went under in three or more games the problems of the Yankees and went conjured eight. Have so this result in the Red Sox are beetle one game playoff against Seattle where he's at. And would there you know Chris Sale after the playoffs might look good they are Christ government in the playoff what he is plastic commendable open I'll count it right I don't get enough. Thought I was arteries not so yeah I agree that there aren't there a good spot that has happened there's two other really really good teams the American League so I would like to see them still. Add something to the team buddies and George down anybody. Great the governor got to change our not. Operating and all that so others go on ice water and maybe he's finally convinced themselves. After being at all for the last ten yet city's the greatest. Of what we say degrade it. And number two I think as well and global etiquette dictated all of modern rock mile per year. Like bodies here going back to Alaska at making our body. Money I'd I'd not thought I edited by what this sorry it's I don't it's not driving our spouse can never has spent by the way. And you talk about you know out seeking his coverage Brady out kicks his coverage not only in the looks department. But in terms of finances she has more money thing he does money is is a brand that pretty handsome man. No not that I could this coverage pretty handsome but just cells got so I don't shoot well some might sabres got. That I heard it well like nothing Zeus and Tara they were saying they had I think neither poll one time that it is on the Letterman show who's better looking notre no no no no don't they did a thing about I think just self edit your colleagues up everything different taste back to see thousands they ask most women in Wisconsin. Who like he would like to cheat on the husbands went. 78%. Said Brett Favre they asked the men who they would cheat on their wisely in 83% said Brett Favre. That's outside of mad at rap like I got here we are absolutely right the delegate 85% of the men would at least he on their wives through with the popularity now I don't think the money they would be a factor at all unless they somehow you go back to the drop bloat they franchised him yet he wouldn't play on the same team with a quarterback making more than him that he they let him write it but that would have been saying it would have been really difficult for them that. The pull that off anyway but him playing on another team. There are a lot of got to Matthew Stafford makes more money right ago a lot of quarterbacks. Make it as a whole idea that Brady segment on if you give me one more dollar than Jimmy this will all go away I don't see I have I don't think he cares off. So while one of our Twitter followers taking up your cause for you here. Prints out rob feel devers stats 268 that's 239 average eleven home runs 35 runs batted in a PS 705. Fresh off 2018244. At bats to 46 average fourteen home runs 45 runs batted in. Well PS is 835. Telling me you'd rather have going forward one thing and I just want this job. Do better but devers won one point and a inking just just turned one by just a certain lunar want and that's one of the things that if you don't have a good farm system and the Red Sox don't write you go look at the Major League roster and they have a lot of guys under 25 it's not as big of Duke's all I did have a good our sister is either to make trades or. To get those guys have these home this homegrown talent which you do would devers and Bogart's and pets and Bennett Tandy and Bradley outlook Bradley drugs they would all those guys are homegrown talent and their high ranking highest ranking prospects is just endured Tommy John surgery G-8 room. And the guys guys did a pop for Royce ride yet top two guys right there hurting or suspended and hear how he's in single lane now. Yeah it's like you know they don't have much down there in Pawtucket and there's not a lot on the farm. And in the interest to try to get this is accurate as weekend one weekend. When I said that Alex Guerrero. Was switched off the sideline and off the plane it was in September it wasn't necessarily at the beginning of the season. I thought the Hogan thing I thought we saw a New Orleans tweaked it we got two in New Orleans when Hogan went off the field we we thought there is a video of him Ankara and by the way that might have been what did it that I could that it had it where where the trainers up. You know that the TV showing Alex Guerrero escorting Chris Hogan off the field in the trainers at that point. And I'm theorizing obvious though I know I'm not say stating a suspect in the trainers then go to the the head coach and say reapply. This guy has even work here and he's taken injured players off the field what does this. By the way Jason Indy that's the news conspiracy and I think this is actually something that could it. I like we don't think we don't know what we said we're just saying. Theorizing here but this actually could be true I think we deduced it on the shell. Deals inside source we've got to Obama and then ending keeps saying it'll in the text are also said hey when Hogan's coming on the field career was like that might have been it. The end of Guerrero cuter than that we're letting taxes now determine the experts. They help you after. There has a big part of it probably do it but they are else happens the text open for a guy that he spears. He didn't have a good reason to look at the facts of feedback. Feedback you're read some of the press. Yeah yeah. You that is feedback by the way deal you off we've got an hour throughout the season nice to say one. This guy said oh god is about to Zell wow I don't get it look around you probably pass pretty women driving to work I have a feeling I heard that guy called perking Callahan inaccurate caller make a similar statement ought to just prettier women every day no I don't know I don't know where I live right good for I don't know how to apply right out of that ever put your rehab the -- at the Playboy Mansion I mean yeah yes yeah I don't think so yeah doubtless it. Personal preference I understand the idea of people approval Robert Plant and that's all right well and good but don't tell me that you passed prettier when he's out every day she in my top five. Steel smooch probably not. But she is regarded as a secret supermodel ball and she and he's a legitimate supermodel she's not only people she's not an into Graham model gets blown out of exile 833000. Followers and probably turning tricks on the side while mark that is a little I ethicists. And it showed just felt very hard at turner 33 questioned thing invoke at -- they asked her about late interim I don't remember recently won the 73 questions about turning tricks heavily outside America there you guys but you'd asked a question about like advice from models today and she basically. In America she said you know she wouldn't do with the way that some of the insert cells are doing it or not bottles additional talk torrent. Yet I hit a rocket because that oh my god that she's throwing shade at all the young models are you saying that that's not what they should be bigger picture themselves in like in bathing suits and things I. I don't listen Gisele is a real model let's lawn is a real super model she's Janice Dickinson and it's super model what it checks would definitely the first one yes let's get on an accident that ended up on celebrity re not doing well now old now I choose copy victim. I feel about that I'm saying that would Gisele sole legitimate a lot of girls claim their models in down southeast of girls that she's a model mean she's a high price escort. No we aren't yet really just not all like I'm the knowledge tell it like it's it's true life. Yes it sounds more to this story Thursday a delight that's just let's just say it's a common thing down and sell for. How high price or retired I don't know whatever hates. No I know you look at my humble drag on. Hillary uncle day I don't have homeless guys I don't know. Waste my money on wrestling paper reviews and it's not on anything else that's it. I think Nobel mark out right now it says 77797937. Day and is in Cranston hate and detonated on camera right. I have than humans are reflecting that there's been a couple calls the nose at bat and he wasn't so that. That bill attracted never want to grapple to his quarterback if you wanna listen to Obama's than they've ever heard on the airwaves at least top five. Wait he said he didn't want to be is Barack yeah. He did god haven't we have not all right I her terrible to jump into but it. But then I couldn't police say it and you're absolutely right and so stupid right. Gospel we ground zero for everything would still not cut it in this. It goes by upon reflection I I do remember one of the other dumbest things I have ever heard was what Michael all of that he'd rather have. It comical look carrier. He's walked it back though they had good rhythm and I was an area we had a critical yeah I think you've got a call that a lot of all that we would you say you'd bodily. The caller from Peter in Jamaica Plain who also said that Isiah Thomas have been reported carrier ring I just on the ponds Michael Holley islands. All I believe in Denver right before you lefties and ice it. I him. Okay yeah tonight I felt few hours lobbying effort you know the roughed it awful and had. But he didn't let where's my Little Rock yeah it was not a good thing I know the guy who just freezing cold takes by the way down in Boca. Allred I guess that valued at outlawed for the alone takes expose yes that is the takes its best Anders down on the cake pan right on. Eight yes as attractive as Gisele is gonna talk some red socks okay so patrol. Red Sox they are doing great coming up on Tuesday wind but they should have taken three out of four against the Mariners they could be better. I've been saying that since you. They celebrate a split dude c'mon three at a forum went I girl gets on one game I think it was Saturday night the only the only got two hits that's an act that was not even even right. Steven Wright is not being wasted his performance point in seven strong give up one run they couldn't get anything and think about it right would have been last year Carol that ruled he might be their third best pitcher this year under recognized he's that life. I. Invest here. Pricey sale Yad I've now tails and I'm on prices and comment on it 17 robes starts so yes you're right price have been great I cannot but Steven Wright has come I don't get is started three games. Pitching and great. Way to get better is insane and it may Jackie Bradley has to come out of aligning all the artist yeah you know what I'll I don't I don't like Bradley and what's the alternative. Who's they can steal if you'd be doing broccoli or Pedroia hit to one side are you don't have Pedroia the right now. What when he comes back so a month public event and a month by Dick about it right now that's gonna have to play them. No huge actually Jackie Bradley. Yeah you know done little so. And then get brought Cole oracle complete check in Apple's already. Oh yeah by putting it in our. And it's but I thought out argument you know eight and running is not that good. And Ordonez he's not know. Each other but of at least Brad and I hates out of the Bradley defender I think he's stinks but. What you have with him at least a really good center fielder JD Martinez not a great outfielder and I have that Bradley admitted that he brought. You know the problem is Andrew. Major League Baseball hasn't implemented the designated fielder yet. If there's a debt capital are I would she JDJ gay or not happened it'd be great to meet with the painkiller Colorado. JDJ is garbage this year I he I would I think JBJ I think triple AJ BJ triple that's what I'd want Nunez every day in the lineup. Yes I would I think that's not only is this a matter as good as it in the field. Economic and up toward a plate number there was no lawyer also doing. I get this a a we are spot to be at senator elect Bradley but what you're doing is not geared to your outfield defense is worse senior infield defense is worst because your playing Nunez and your playing Judy Martinez right. And ever acting unions is better. Yes my older more experienced but I don't think he's great now Zachary. Mean but you know and we've down. Get the mortgage at the bottom of the lineup and Oki is really dragged into more BI. So Andrew that's error that the Red Sox have the best record in baseball at 4920. They don't and and and your complaint as they're not better than that publisher take before you. Daly won the division last two years and ending up balance to get in the first round without talking about playoffs now I know but don't work we're tired at this team where they are now on what they've got Paula but I feel like in the playoffs the last two years who's the starting pitching down. And it's going to be the same guys they're gonna have to do prices and price and sales sailed just last year but those two guys are gonna have to be as good as as. Advertise that they're gonna have to carry you you're gonna have that's gonna Martinez no team has nine guys that hit you right that'd be great if you did. But you don't and let's be real who is one of the guys last year who performed in the post season at the plate and went bingo he's gone. And ever ever since. You know he's not playing for your arms Ono and all I gradually I love that represented about but did it but dale I'm on the to tell you this too. An idol and I don't know from some. People who know a lot more and inside information are Red Sox that I do. I wonder if it's for extraneous threes off the field I don't know this I wonder you're making stuff but no I don't and I'm wondering I didn't eat there I'd just look 'cause how could you not sign a guy like Italy Ramirez when you Jim Brooks song for 230000. Miles tonight what I think the reason is. Among play. I cannot tell you for 230000. Dollars somebody would give me a chance if he wanted to play I don't think he wants to. Even as a DH I told me he wants to me now I think he wanted to play here and right because he wanted to get the if you wanted to get the at bats he wanted the plate appearance at that Hollywood a lot of but I that you wanted to and it went my ear for people or wondering backed up that. Part of the contract doesn't go with him in other words once the Red Sox DF bait him and cut and that thing about the plate appearances disappeared right it's not like he goes to Detroit gets in the total plate appearances gets up before 97. Of the money kicks in no that's not how were so late there's no motivation really for him and that's not that's concerned but yeah obviously if you plays. Well the sign another contract but it's not going to be for 22 million dollars. That's this year. I don't think he wants to play anymore nastier next year any other year I dance on the truck on paid him. Hey our Barbara. Couple points. Never finished 41 years old he is going to be already a superstar the next morons shares trade. He kicked it key while I was real little charge that's okay all right it's hard Doritos. Every hour bring it on the heels in July and you. Lowered into the atmosphere is that the or the board there were things nobody's ever done or let it do it ourselves each. Each part in real interesting point to operate. Equity or whatever it is it there are six you think that they'll. Our pick is partly the work our artwork RT. But now that he. I can't imagine what happened to him when you're ready. Yesterday could play corner all of his teammates last Monday now that that is because he didn't do go out on video and direct she got that he's not very good out and he's gonna be good at December now because he skipped run the bases there at Fenway apparent theft. Got it. I'd just like maybe you're right maybe he's thinking about you know there's only so much gas left in the tank I'm gonna save some for later in the I don't think that that by the way. But what's ID I think he's just decided I got these other things I got. I got to go to Oprah I got to go to Monaco lie out OK with the late you know. Save some for the season type of mentality but I don't believe in applies to OTAs I think you'd be more you know pre season games which he always wants to play. He should kind of knows now I can't rock she is ROC first week of September that's what it should be. But that's not what it what it is CEO he has a plan and how he prepares for the season and normally it includes being an all these things lose. Now that's the difference its debt that seems to be the disparity of the years to this year ray and I'm hoping it doesn't show up the residual effects. We get to September that first game against Houston and Shawn Watson. I Tonys and Bridgewater hate Tony I don't. It wants on the Tony. Auto out all his fault. Quote what office he's. It is a big article. It is it's all. Swear he's swollen all's. Well at. All or wouldn't it. Wouldn't. So some trouble or or they need at all. Or. And it's. All. In all its flaws. In that and besides it's not like they're. What which is. Sweet grass. So much on that saw. All who will always thought we would all do its work are used more and more. You don't work for all what. These these ought. It. I won't comparable sees when he says on any other editorial make those guys even but there are guys that that show what he said he regressed but don't guys show up to have success and I have a sophomore slump amid a number of players that that can pass and then they've bounced back later on. And also some of the book what as the but I'd say it's a fox is quick outs and that's. So Obama's weakness he's got crap that there so I went out and. I got bought Jay got to fourteen errors Delgado on the chair I got lucky not to defensively I'll agree with that but if you look at his numbers where they are right now. It projects out for the season 33 doubles 24 home runs and 78 runs batted in. I'll take that gays are like 21 year old third base and Al thing if he's also projected probably about 32 errors the way he's going to right now all hit look at offensively that's not good night. Completely agree with that part and that is something that's fixable in my opinion and it's also the come playoff time maybe there's defense of replacement and again that late game forever or a maybe portals -- be down the road in his career we find out that he is a DH maybe maybe he's just later he focuses on that. Or you moved the first based on the road or whoever else if it doesn't get better but again he's so young now that I don't know why chances you will not trade him.