Dale & Keefe - What role does Jim Gray play in the Brady / Belichick rift? Hear the worst Keefespiracy yet.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, June 19th
Hour 1: Dale is back from his long weekend and is joined by Keefe and Marc James, and they begin the day talking about Tom Brady on Oprah. Just how committed to football is Brady and how important is his brand? A caller gives an awful Keefespiracy and Bill and Brady.

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Studies that Palin two weeks ago. In the Tom Brady we'll we'll boats I just don't think the love is unconditional anymore by any other relationship that's relationships in the Arnold. Rich cheap he's let me know people in the breeze either guy. Rivers and I've never I've never been so wrong on that WEEI sports William. A. But ultimately don't we all say that the rich at some point or another key. Keith I've never been so wrong. Yeah I've heard it I mean we all saying I don't know several time none of us mean it we'll say it of the first time I was ever been wrong in a year and a half on this program that without the time wrong and I today. And out. I admitted it without the past the other we're already to move on move forward here a forward on Mark James in the house as well balanced orient good what's going on to our DL your long weekend you're back I was there it was handled at the Bay Area I was up in Maine okay. Now Barry is coming a couple of nets raced out right now IE I'd. I have for a number of years now participated in this event the George H. W. Bush caper Rundle celebrity golf classic. And I used to golf in it which was great they don't have to do that and it won't know it's just they they said if you years ago would you mind and seeing that the gala the night before and I started to an attic a few years ago that's what they want any feedback on ice and I can't take two days off. So I I have to make a choice like neither. And seem to gala. Which I'm happy to do with her wonderful map or write and play. Which was this morning at 830 east Colin as their call as it. Don't know they don't like well no it's my call or I'll but they were decorated and we have our own golf event coming up next month yes and I'll be edited a commemorative I can tell about a diamond yesterday. It I'm dead serious Adam and I gonna break this whole thing down the exit at this guy met last night staff sergeant Travis mills. This man is an American bad acts. He was a wounded warrior but wounded beyond anything that most of us have ever deal. He had both arms and both legs blown off in Afghanistan. And madam last night he's got two artificial legs. He's got a prosthetic left arm he doesn't have a prosthetic on his right arm he just has a stub and about the by sept. On thing. And he's the he is he's doing stuff up in Maine. He put together the Travis mills foundation. He has along with the others built this this camp. For wounded warriors up in Maine this guy is unbelievable. And I met him last night had a chance talked him for a little bit. He's got for a static left arm and he said doc I'm Travis mills I said Heidi Ghulam dale Arnold and I shook his prosthetic left him he you know put out. And I said that's my wife Susan and she reached out and she took a hold his left arm and Eagles. Any scratches out the military says I was only kitten and she was a panicked for a little bit. But he is he's unbelievable and ever of people in Maine have known about this guy while it's the first chance I ever had to meet him. Well you know you you meet somebody who who hasn't made the ultimate sacrifice. It's about half a step below is an there Gloria I don't know it sounds like nine tenths of it late like he's always seen. Now that he's great I I madam I'm Adam last night had a chance to optimal little bit and he said to me on Twitter today says aces let's grab a beer some time now that's again I wanna sit around and have a beer and go yeah right per share via edge or it just talking and listen the guy. So I I did not get a chance now this I told the guys this that and believe me. I'm staying a beautiful old hotel in Kennebunkport. Around the corner from Walker's point where the president's. On this old hotel on the national historic register and all of that TV. It's battled the debt that no TVs you don't have TVs and. Hotels that have just standard death and I think that yeah that got all the way back up renowned under the age now that you what's worse is that the HDTV but they don't pay for the HD subscription all they're watching it caught off a stretch to make you at that point just Britain brown the wall I get at this and they colored sands around here are a couple of element of the overall there but that one's not. It also had more detail they have a TV in the bar downstairs okay so you know you can go down and watched the Red Sox world cup of mine who want to welcome back and yesterday afternoon when air passed through Lama went to the pool. No TV years I didn't see Oprah and Brady all wanna sit down laws today. So I got in here today and I. Pulled it up on the computer in there you know and you guys were all talking into in the show stuff and sit there with my headphones. If that I wanted to hear this stuff pretty got on you know what you like that he's getting ready to check out yeah thank you yes a guy that does he is he is getting ready cash. His chips in it is one. Or did its two obstacles they have to Dickerson was on yesterday he was pretty adamant big based on how that interview played out that this is the last you're gonna see a moment. And it's hard to argue that I did after 2019 tumor size I think to yeah I think it's gonna be to be happy if you get too. Now the way I do know the way it's going it just seems that what a difference a year makes you get and here's the thing that it's sort of as a pictures and you've got it just got it sort out. I don't draw your hires the fact that where was this a year ago when Jimmy used on the full and now you're we're it was as oh he had done an interview coming off a 28 to three. Our comeback in Super Bowl 51 against the falcons I'm sure Oprah would have you interviewed and then we it was this a year ago here's my thing guy's priorities in Brady's life. It's feeling. TB twelve I think patriots. And I AT and say this I think it's not only third. I think it's distant third. It didn't wait that came off and of course when he was asked when he was asked about. The relationship with Bill Belichick he made a long pregnant pause that Jim Rome would they Jim Rome while. I was gonna start there this is is the question all brat night she had little trouble pronouncing Belichick she doesn't know it is now said that she doesn't only doll Jim grade who got village and so on on the other side about it when that was real weird spelling Mir Conrad she wrote. Five or six of the questions I think it's pretty clear my putting that money should have put a pronunciation area and donate because this is what she asked. Is it something going on within telecheck. No I mean I love I'm and I love him well you know I've I love that he's incredible. You know coach mentor for me. And he's pushing a lot of ways we hand out like everything we don't agree or actually everything you know that's what relationships. That's relationship yeah. You know that that you know pregnant pause in the beginning and then I'm watching. You know they've got a camera right on on Brady on the one shot as we would say and this is something well they're telecheck. All right and when any idea kind of dart around and I love him off the best actor and tell. Know that he knew that question was coming to yeah I know they have this a no I estimate anything with you and he EXP and sort incest he stood out about they'll check or Billy checked in this situation don't we know that'll relationship for a long time but now there's nothing bothers of them. Jeanne and ask that project is there something yeah this was this was the first time and I understand he's got another another part of his life on the talking about the family I'm Ty about the business and you know and I understand that you know that that team B twelve stuff in the and the facilities and all Latin. This is the first time where where I thought you know what this is just flat out a commercial for TB twelve at all that the book the book I believe interview started as some of us in higher. Thing segment. Is one long commercial for TB twelfth all working a question to you got this or how how long to take you to get over at the Super Bowls but this whole thing was a commercial for it for TB but it makes sense because at that the. An audience you're you're right Oprah moves books you go on there that I got the book sells rod gonna go up on that the interest yoshi's talking to him because we're so focused or obsessed with everything all the sports teams here and so we think a lot of people. Feel the same way in reality not the case she's reading to the opium like. A 199 pick. I heard I don't count on April brought up every year at the Super Bowl like these things that we all knew what she she like deflate game. As the as the press call late. That's just she speaks for so many other people that are obsessed with sports who Brady would also like tapping into as far as you know buying stuff on the website bio in the book says Robbins and TB twelve methods though. I get why you did the interview but. That is very clearly what you did to late game. It it's a little note fluid in Oakland now let's game it was so proud of late gate as the press call it. Teach you if you flip that unheard of you figure deflated oh my god sure of the might want you why and a bright eyes. Now the chance yet. One thing and not to bring this to wrestling. I don't know minutes into the show no no no I'm not a and I told you for the second time last week I watched the Andre the Giant documentary and the thing that made me sad. Knowing that I never knew. Was in sick man divulging the revelation that he and Andre the Giant were not on good terms and Andrei passed away in 1993. Now you know apply that the bouncer at Brad I know I want these two are got caught fire weather I know I want these two guys to get what I'm saying is that and I know the Belichick is gonna live in sleaze at the 150. We hope. And I think Tom Brady will as well specially when you probably look forever exact automatically guy he looks like heat to get even better that he did when he came out of Michigan Brett. I don't want these guys to go through the rest of life resetting to I want them to get these fixed ace but you wonder if it'll be you know Belichick and Parcells that was a relationship that was great enough so great you know but that's really great now always some together doing the the thirty for thirty and it seems like they've sort of buried and I have their back on the same though. Maybe we have these strong personality that you like those guys that maybe maybe Brady may have been the same way Jillian go to see him doing your call in the closer Scott Pioli needs Scott Pioli because gas from Atlanta he save a look and fight and see what's it Nantucket country club or whatever was dad's generally say today that he wanted to appeal in this scenario him beat Daniels. It had to be somebody committed Daniels I think it's a good call you very having him. I think it would have to be Robert Kraft. I don't know if he's got about say. If anybody can say look if he's trying to I said all along either I don't think their pals I don't think the other totally alert right they've never been and a you know like buddies and Belichick doesn't have that relationship with anybody who plays and I do think now there's a difference now Brady said he loved him but you know it's that that loan. Yeah I'm sorry you're not yeah al-Qaeda and I'd like to say it but I feel and I think you guys that you feel like if I I think it was it was that type of love. I would love to have her followed up with Petit respect. Yeah or just you watch what he respects. But like what about some of the things like what what do you disagree with which issues that others there's issues that we are liberties issues he says there are guys you go to the she just repeat what he's added to other relationships. The very next question was the deflate gay as though the process associated follow up the belt check the bill checked bag is at all. To see -- scripted questions some that she came up with some that I assume scratchy came up with some that you know maybe your were team of writers came up with. But there was no follow up at all I think I don't sports interview right there a lot of different things that she wanted to cover but. The door was open there for some more follow up to get specifics on on how he feels about how well do you think you guys think that Jim Gray is a TB twelve employee because I do oh I definitely do. I'm with you he that some sort of a media consultant. Yeah things he is with her. A there isn't the week of Mayweather Pacquiao. Everywhere I saw Mayweather that we get radio row and biggest Jim Gray was the whole thing without our. How this existence how Switzerland's I don't know like these high profile athlete he just like it's looking all we talked about last week is he was part of the brainchild of the decision that's why. You know you view is there obviously did the interview but. Baited approachable guy who steal it and amnesia those with the idea that by the way I'm not saying it critically. I mean if Brady wants to hire this guy to be an it consultant that's fine. It's just. A weird sort of thing because they've got a relationship on. On air every week on Westwood One yeah rocks and items seized by we had to say that they'll ever and I don't have like I'm not and I. I'd never heard anything. Related to that. And it does call into question now if in fact he's a TB twelve employee yeah what are the chances he's ever gonna ask anything really critical I would say this but Jim Gray item on our usually listen the entire interview that he does every Monday Night Football vote we listened to a lot on the line up that it had about a I don't know what I do my life but. We end up playing a lot of it during the year and I feel like the weeks where. There's a really important question to ask. Jim Greg doesn't ask you as much like to give a crap for the way handles himself an impasse that was our I. And Edwards are but is now all the time commitment today if you put a third president not but. They turned to flake and he asked about that you know when grappled eternity asked about that you know when the when he gets suspended he asked about veteran when he got back against what. But he was always asking the questions you want to ask now I'm sure Brady was prepped for it he's not gonna you're really you don't trust them with follow ups but. The questions usually do get passed now and in the federal government to Brady boarded Jim Gray go to Oprah. Yes they got that part and I get to yeah. Yeah so yeah right yeah you're absolutely right Austin CI. I think you you know it daylight it is to ensure. To speculate I think was probably combination of both I wouldn't doubt I've got to be wanna get up in I think it's Tom Brady because what we can't reach that anybody I know that they reach up to her going and I don't this is all need to enter Brady got an Oprah Winfrey is the equivalent to a certain extent what going on Howard Stern you know you're going to get the maximum amount of listeners in case yeah you execute at all. I didn't know the show existed until this week where you didn't edit differ obvious 11 o'clock on a Sunday morning let's well you get re playing it well let me put it this way. Lot how many people do you think in Oprah's audience are gonna by the TB twelve math. Now Manning about the book. SEC. If you all the book or hand people buying it. There's the audio track record on the scene may number one seller to she me Dr. Phil explained it to understand that you gotta gotta phase outs Cabrera that'd probably think about hard. Per demographic. Who is her audience. Think I and the TB twelve Mel I don't know the other America acquire a hell of a writer and a fine TB twelve men they. They don't yes they will I think sheet that is curious why not do that and I'll buy the pay that price it by the book that how this guy he the 99 pick it that he's the greatest bull she thought there were 200 picks in the ground. In bradys and good luck I think about it anymore after that our the bright line but but. It's needs to get over with a completely yes new target demo and it's the housewife demo. Which is geared to get this is for the most part of the guys who were going to be watching him on Sunday Monday and Thursday night so. They knew what you were doing it's all. Rick I'm telling. AM I think it's a fail and Jim grace park this is the exact demographic it's not gonna buy the damn book. They're not what you are well they're more aware of it but to dale Oprah. Had anybody with any subject ever on her show and if she's she slaps Oprah book club audits everybody buys it they're all like that I don't know why you're into started on the books via thinker in the Oprah auto club blip or not I had done a lot of popular for television and it sells books advanced products that three demagogues got Gary wanna go and he's probably tally if he did that save interview with Jim Gray and slapped it on FaceBook watch. Not as many people are watching it but we are legally are getting the people listening to us your driver Ellison Sports Radio. You're aware of it but everybody else it blew her up there are other people out there that don't watch the patriots every Sunday at a sounds crazy but that those people exist. Now he says he reaches them a little bit as well and how about the. Replays on sport center are NFL network on NBC sports Boston needs everywhere wherever you go you're gonna see this interview with a little excerpts. Being played at Tom Brady sitting next over Miley. You know we'll have to specially you can you don't really notice it when you watch the clip still. Or when you when you hear Ricky your temperature in the pack it is a beautiful there are not only keep. I really like that address the RG collar Democrat Karen correct yeah very spears little city of Chicago public call Montana a packet. But but but pretty much the whole accountable like it was it was interesting to watch it made it there wasn't a lot especially around here. Was there any real you know revelations for any of us here not only almighty well and I didn't know that they did for me is that when we went through the final episode of commerce is time which he recorded with Gotham Chopra. Couple weeks after the super bull. You could make the case that some of the things he said in the what was me kind of doom and gloom attitude that he had. Was sorry just possible but you'd it's pretty fresh baby well let me answer that the week after as a boy he said on this took him. Couple three weeks in here yet here we are more months removed Eddie doesn't sound the same guy. No no no no because no because he. He even said how quick he was to get over this loss is opposed to the loss now the jelly but these are the same guy as far as its commitment to football yeah no no back I think I don't think he got over the loss to Philly pretty quickly yet what he said hey I talked to his -- -- tired of explain okay I mean I mean in in the final of the commerce is time for him to say oh I've got to find it I gotta make sure I'm motivated maybe maybe you chalk it up to it being a Super Bowl loss but four months removed for him to say. Now have an age on it clogs and still motivated as long as they still wanted to do it. It sounds similar like like you could make a case one or two more years and he's done I think ultimately guys is comes down to a battle poker faces its who's gonna outlast whom. And it's going to be Brady or they'll check in dale I said is the first time ever came on dealing thief and you like. You know that. Brady wants to win without Belichick. And wants to Ellsbury. Did I did get out of did come and market is is dumb then and these as well now you know all stood up that I don't like a little bit more now know it's just don't they just want to win. Mary Kate deal let me ask you think the old notes up your hypothetical Null Brady dollar. Mean when we're gonna go win without telecheck notably couldn't he couldn't hear things let's just here's the hypothetical. Chicks not even and Brady now don't be afraid my Brady for Barack all right I'll have a fit well it gets council. I. I'm not to drop override government would. I knew it I don't know are you doing that we're not little right back to read out more we fight that dale. If Belichick walked away after this upcoming season it's Oprah. It is more likely. Brady walks away on the ballot you know I'm saying if Belichick walked away after Super Bowl 53 at the Mercedes-Benz. Dome in Atlanta. I think Brady place at least 45 because he's got this guy Josh McDaniels. I'm telling you well you want an odd and I don't win the Dallas does have a hot off the Arctic. Hello. God it's dumb it's all I wanna do with win mark that's all that matters to gators in eagle both but I tell you what I think is important to check it would love to one with Jimmy go Rob Lowe out to prove. My system yeah that's because then he'd be what the greatest cultural. The idea yeah. Yeah right I think there's more to the argument that Brady would wanna win without Belichick and vice Versa if you keep Iowa egg analogy that's. Right. I don't agree with the Belichick grappled I think I think about it just wants to win as much as possible were wherever he goes. Ed but I I think Brady because. Of this little bit that the attention that's going on every in the issues and sit down vote yea it's all of that is clearly something within bell check. And we know we love Josh McDaniels Saudi I'd be more willing to entertain that when the new era. 6177797937. Is telephone number. A text slightest 37937. Mark James in the house instilling keep Sports Radio WEEI. Bud. Let me ask you a mile below list at all in eight motels 830 that's. In any book. You were terrible act that I know that that it currently. The question is do you speak Spanish and you have a lot of friends that are patriots fans in Mexico. Not only a week away from Christmas yelled at with your shopping. You have got so much shopping to do it started disrespect. Really care about what motivates while Boris I got a lot of government there's. Solely be going in disguise now that all of Boston will be joining you there. Expect I always go everywhere it's just got her books. Do you think that the odds are so. Has been built my usual attire. Tom it. We kind of saw you in the buff for at least anybody who wanted to you had that opportunity that Omar. If I don't ever to come out so well not what did you tell big boat. I thought I guess it would football pads back on now. I missed couple of those I told him good interview where your put your football pants back on or any other heads the champ hanging around. Before the cameras are sleeping in a way injures thing there is as part of the team but does he beat both team it is the very first time in Tom Brady's career this will be his nineteenth season I. And this is the very first time. I feel that he's playing not necessarily. To win a Super Bowl but playing to further the brand. It's the first time ever. I worry that football has taken a backseat. Yet they give it to the overall business. But they can be insane don't you try to be successful yeah plays great. But I just I I've. It's like declared a contract year yeah right like there's obviously they're trying to have the best year ever body can help the team in argued depending on you know what what they do. We get that is very very clear how important these things are tomorrow I will say this when trade him start to believe on July 26 and fox world that. This guy is going to be. I think he's gonna be all and I really believe that like that killer instinct when that red light goes on it's time to really get down to which he'll be there. It's just that from. The bride after Super Bowl 52. Tinted today it's like once Scotland on it just seems like this is like. The antithesis of everything we've ever seen from Tom Brady before in the offseason and I mean like he get a kid born one time with Bridget one hand and that was his valid reason for not being there and I believe there was some other reason. But this you could tell it's personal is that if this is this is two middle finger salute to Belichick. Yet yet he has three kids and whites last year at the president's idea you have these things a year ago when he was talking about mid forties it's used in the test all of that. That sound like a guy that was never gonna go away he said mid forties and that will say great and that's exactly may change in the in the podcast. To play out ever so I'm 45 doubles see how things are gone on my god that you know you go head trader with a backup who cares you got this guy I've locked it luckiest or quarterback of the future out there is forty. He's the MVP it is committed to it. Now after I think the combination of the documentary the Yelp review all the stories that we've bred. Is it well wait a minute this this really could be this it could a lot of these first time in Brady's career yup I wonder how committed he has. That's something now I mean that it really is here's the thing that I agree with you market that you know okay that. The football gets snapped for the for the the first day of training camp but he'll be out there doing what he always does this look nobody you'd rather have this no no no absolutely not yeah. But all the stuff that led up to the first day of training camp is different this year is different than it's ever been answer does that mean he won't be as prepared for the beginning of training camp is he's been in the past so I don't think so I do you do yes. I don't think I again I'll and I'm sure that when he works he's working very hard when he gets. I wonder if he's been working as much as he hasn't passed in the well usually answer of pictures of him on the beach products I think he's it be good shape I think easily pretty pliable and again that's also part of the Brent. Like how much how much how awful would look for TB twelve the method the whole industry. If he shows up. It'd is looks worse that he did let's significantly worse that he did org gets hurt or selling any of these things negatively affect the entire brands so. Even if he's not at OT days that doesn't mean he's not. In the best shape of his life by the way I'm not trying to play trivia here you're the last team that lost the Super Bowl media back to the solid hard to do you did you notice. That lost the Super Bowl after the super villain attack to the super low. And. Now ninety's that reflects well. Di re really mine and I and they did it three years in a row now where they lost as the -- that I don't act like the last run on back in 1983 buffalo so there's a good record to a write of seems not even making the playoffs they're raised falcons did but they say but they weren't as good but there's a lot of those in the right from no doubt the pages and make the class by falling at a yeah they did it all works out to get the job. I'm just say that. This allotted EU we have had so many variables. Going into. An off season going into training camp in a month that we do now. Now let's get the calls the guy 6177797937. Jackson Cambridge Kate Jack I don't. I did join well what's going on thanks. I want to help well which is Tom Brady to execute Mexican immigrant support. Important or very likely I am now it goes back to Jim Nicol are well. It's they Belichick wanted to assignment. Was seventeen million project Garrett EJ. It was gonna have to drop after the seizure Belichick won two that's what he was going to. None of those things you just set a real down on our Tom following right now so he. He wasn't a sign him for seventeen million out any I was there are not guaranteed. Video illiterates not with the franchise and awarded more than that and you have to make him any promises. A one year and by the way didn't we talked about this is much Jack is I pie in the sky want this to happen. Paying two players a quarter of data he's a lot that's the sides it's tough probably right away or get a clear up for us. At that that lied to our great short changed our Phil archer. Islamic. It because it be true deal. No entity would betray got rid of the backup PG. Now hope he can get it back it up career record back. Now about active. But he's saying I'll Rosie resident of any different ways god sort of get a visual on that they you wanted to have always gone. I I think he stands Jack from out Guerrero I think it all goes back that I think that was the straw that sort of broke the camel's back and it was we are easy happened. Right around its tight after it. Was the outs are being banished happened to that happened prior to Jimmy gee being treated right around there deficit the wicker chair Markel of those volatile on Halloween it generates a late October early November I think it's on all of the amount. But yet not a I don't know what you stern says there I think. That they had to make a decision on the quarterback again Moroccan or do this whole show again but it could have been at the beginning of the season don't tell and tell him over the cellmark data make a decision and it could happen at three different times beginning of the season the middle of the season the end of the season. And then a couple of calls into question to the whole idea which seems preposterous or at least it did was what they have moved on from Brady. And now you get wondered your Bilbao a check. Bigger week maybe his answer all with the move on from Brady but he was somebody like Robert Kraft. If it was just one more year Brady which now seems like a lot. A pretty good chance. That could be the case. What they've done little bit different here is that yours is sort of an Oliver Stone conspiracy theory here guys that they so they traded you know and not quite a Keefe key you know there's it all of its own right right I would go there so the Celtics trade. I see meat of the page Trajan Rob Lowe at Halloween. Of the hole they'll checked Guerrero thing happened around December 19 slime ball close to say it was almost two months later and you almost wonder if they'll check which is like okay. I had to Trajan EG because of Al Sharia and so now it takes away from you since you took my future quarterback away from me. And I'll knicks out of Florida hey neck. By the way they don't. Wanted to talk let Oprah they had yet sure about it. And and at Baylor I respect you odds yeah yeah are there. What agencies hate that that was a bad move embraced part is still short cited. Don't know why it's it was a bad move. I just and I and I I. Really aren't all no no no no no no I don't have no issues that at all my point is. I don't think Oprah's audience is out there by in the TV. Well now I like it your health or not that would what do people like we'll order reader to get it gets that I think probably about the same. And those lives are on the end of the year got there the route that needs and they're by well. It's in her husband that they may look what Tom looks like it's 4041 where you would ever. Is that what it what you look like that please try the Democrats try to get he would get for. First at a key part in not. If any of those ladies actually think that by buying bad boy they can make their husbands look like Tom Brady did I love these things. They definitely do it. It is great our people ought to agree a date presently here I saw this on Oprah please. Within the Democrat. Or. And luckily there's an uptick in sales that your your probably right it would have been better I guess in that respect. If the show had happened like the week before Father's Day and not on father's initial move product there's still there's still going to be moving bullet books and and again lake. Where else could he have gone to reach such a different demographic there is no there's no other place you know again do the Tonight Show what he's done that before he was on what was the slogan Beers with a cold there are budgetary did that. Oh you did your own documentary on FaceBook but if you really wanted to reach out to a whole different group of people this. This seems like the right move now I don't know why it was on an 11 AM I thought but in this day and age has really matter what time things are on they're going to be wasserman every one that sit in. And anything is about the replays and the people clicks an idea is getting now. And hides like whoa look at this did you see this course most people that watch law ID DD yardage or another clicked in on what ever NFL network saying here's Tom Brady's interview with Oprah Winfrey and it's. It just it seems that this is just. So uncharacteristic. Of the Tom Brady that we knew I almost wish I can have that guy back from. 2000. Through about 2013. Maybe. Fourteen a what that Tom Brady back this is a different guy. He's different. Idea I'd I wish I'd known these numbers you know week before today as of right now on Amazon. A Tom Brady's book is ranked number 689. In books. That's that Oprah bush no I I I don't I don't wanna ask you kind of I don't know if it's gone down that pretty young guy right now. Yes today the books though for ourselves and 89 spirits and now is the Bible's the number one. I didn't look a liar I don't have already do that probably aren't just up I looked at TV while definitely Gartner he is however number one in books. On aging and longevity. Number one S number one for a company books do you think Iran and a lot of longevity. Solemn look at the ample looks. You should probably reach out to Oprah over the Bruins book coming out I had all he'd jump ball over how does he slaps the over recommendation on there and remove all the bride's alleged I'd governor she didn't know Bill Belichick I think he's at all. Patrice Bergeron navy not yet oddly Brad marsh and not a lot of it. Should it matter about the who's this guy Bob Cassidy. Yeah if I take it now and I propaganda network I jays on the cellphone page and I don't. It was caught on that did you. You know I haven't had a chance to cause an the pearl island in dale La Lotta times Ali back to the beginning. If you're injured in the deal. We get so caught up in like this drama and everything like why did I can do in this in the corner and this person on the backs scared of talking about horrible this year I do have a collective. I think it is simple is that nobody's police at this level for this long and given this much should it cleared as Brady. Nobody's been this good at this stage that's for sure. Yeah in most in most people's career in the NFL is likely to average career at least three years. So he get up to five years and that's pretty good can get up to ten years that there helping you the fifteenth so we're dealing with uncharted Terry. For a while that not uncharted any Warren Moon played until mid forties and there's some but not many in sevens. Evidence that I I have a point that cute but none of them have been the best player and tell us when on the Internet so that that's clear and in which means that it would. He's not a back and not as super. Whatever the deal it was to people are starting their secondary careers. You know. Well before forty even actually have a long career in the NFL. So economists still trying to be the bat an NFL while simultaneously. You know he's got older children now in he's gonna start thinking about those are so to me it just seemed natural that he would be doing these things. Most people and nobody ever been in this position before so to say that I. Clayton marching with a yeah that your name will bury its mark since yes what you what you want to talk greetings from 2000 compared to now. I would hate this Tom Brady. I'll take any sovereignty I just want what are well I just want the guy who put football. Right up here at his highest priority that's the. You know and how do you not know that he's not doing that how do you not know sadly he saw somber audience this time it is very aggressive industry. And the thing is there a lot of times after a while you learned that less is more sometimes balance is better. Interview with me anything he says. He's talking about balance he's moving into the health and wellness industries of Oprah thing I think would be that's an idea I think all the other stuff is just a bunch of stuff to talk. Barlow guy I I don't say this. First in his life when he as a white and three kids as when he was single and had no kids. Of course it would be different like he had as it would be Freddie executives for awhile said she ran for a long time no but I'm saying back when he was single and I had no wife and had no kids there was nothing else on his plate not the LT ever thought about. And it changes over the British a year ago yeah I was at forties and now Oprah goes the 4345. And he wouldn't answer that now the resort while I think the patriots or third priority in his life that's rounds and 61777979370. Make sure you submit your Cumberland farms question of the week for manager Alex Cora. It comes up during our weekly conversation with a manager every Wednesday during the season WEEI dot com slash manager. If your question is chosen nearly editor when the grand prize chance to have Cumberland farms coffee with the manager. Oh and and I asked him courtesy of Cumberland farms its daily key Sports Radio W media. And I gained just let me know he tells me I love it so much I just want to go to work at it and so appreciative to have fun at. It's I think it's. Some remain here through these after you're getting my iTunes worked on my. You go what are we doing this sport and you know. What are we doing this for who's doing this or are we doing this. Good answers to those questions and have to be with a lot of conviction. You know when you lose your condition and you question do something else. I certainly understand that you know within a week of thousands. Gut wrenching loss in the Super Bowl that the Philadelphia Eagles. Those answers might not be there yet. It's fairly safe to say that they're now. He's done. He's the you know he's he's back keys. You know he's going to be he was at mandatory minicamp will be training camp will be there the opener of the effort you know all those things going forward. So all he he evidently got the answers he was seeking that he was talking about now why are we here well we're here to play football again. Now the question is are your play football again because you really really love football analog of the New England Patriots are you here to play football again because. Demo I got another business I gotta support. Yeah it helps do that you know that he would is directly. Hide yet his business looks a whole lot better view of a guy is 41 and 42 and doing something that nobody's ever done he's already there but if he continues to do that and harder harder. So it's arguing that bode also talks about specifically as long as they keep loving it. The preparation that training and you know they commitment there. About things not working out on a zone there aren't OTA's part of that. Especially when you're talking about you know that guys that. Danny Amendola is gone. Dion Lewis is gone you know you've got to build the report now with court able Paterson jordin now it's Braxton Beriault Sony Michelle Isiah win. And eat it immediately did for the few days he was there for mandatory mini camp but it's coming off a Super Bowl loss seat you know when Tom Brady. If if this all happening year ago what would everybody's saying ultimately none of us who Villa who cares he just won the his second and bring all the time gap because a second symbols last three years only getting bigger but now you when you lose. It's a lot of finger pointing it's a lot of uncertainties lot of discontent it's a lot of internal strife in. All of a sudden now he's start to ask these questions where you ergo you like I I could care less of Tom if congress get minutes remaining can't be your car prepare generators. To the text or who says you know we've got to stop with a nobody's ever done what Brady's doing Brett Favre had equal or better year it's forty. The age of forty get a good year they did I he finished twelve and 433. Touchdowns seven interceptions. Was an MVP and now and then he fell off the planet. At the age of 41. All of a sudden. It was eleven touchdowns nineteen interceptions five and eight record. At the age of 41 he disappeared. Now if you're and tell me that at the age of 41 Tom Brady's gonna disappear you've got your case by the way Brady was better at forty and heartless UNDP. In the league for crime. Now in by the way where's the cliff Max Kellerman well we're glad things both of Falwell URL fell off it. But Brady hasn't far get an idea I don't know. I mean he's has not yet obviously fallen off the cliff and I want a playoff game in the remember he threw two picks in classic far fashion and lost then you don't find one of them was intentional for triumph. So how did that what does he do it yet but that yes and that 41 dollars and really about that is leak the news that is gone. You know Brady's last year can balls before wanna could be mere Brett Favre more than we think knob built in Denver say they'll hide on. Doing great big belt. I don't get a little element the court saying it's not a key players Nadal yeah golf ball years. Right by Agnieszka and it would be at a couple that they'll outlaw was eight a lot portray process. Electric oh not that into. Not apologetic little act or not app eager Dunlop or embody that you know what. I put it somewhere where he wants to be only like eight or oh my strategy and I can't put up a second round second round match urged that. They're essential matter crap but yeah is this I'm. Yeah yeah. And how that goes and says now. Out on. Okay do whatever it just don't know probably built or I created that yeah. It takes Guerrero. Is. How said he did all that before he traded him. I don't know after. Another Guerrero stuff happened at the beginning of last year off the sideline yeah December of Mars December December. December 20 it was after the fact yeah I think it happened that made been when we knew about all that okay that's it was announced on sale I don't all right let's try let's cut to it here accused spears he's got a little tighter in the middle. I'd. The ball and help elegiac aggravated. Brit aggravated. So now and it happened again and so well Brady throws a great game awesome game by cheap I'll get up and out rating is not ready right now I don't wanna. So it or not. They're a game in yeah lately and I agree on our political coach bill is without Brady. Brady all built so. How are the guys that are retired just approval point you do that immediately built buildings they don't you went 3 o'clock without American years ago in the first four games this season which Jimmy Jean Karl percent. Is not gonna reach you know. I guess that is gonna make it a lot aren't built this year by not being DOJ not get that chemistry Libby does not. That now looks down on him but he's not on the same page with the guys who looks worse he'd. Okay. I don't like it there at about. There's all of the panel roundabout way to get that I spears. There yeah for certain that he wants. He thinks that Brady and oh yeah that Brady wants the seat belts or prove how good a coach Hughes. Even though he went 115 with council at three and moan crumpled percent. He's gonna really wanna stick it to them this year so I don't. I don't know I think both of these guys in the show up old Brady Belichick and wanna win they wanna put everything together I think the thing that surprises me guys it's more. And I don't mean this happened I would summon them both to my office in say. Let's get this leap fixed now that's it an act and I don't know it's happening in them. I don't it doesn't look at house. I will tell you that the Bob hole or Boston Globe piece about Guerrero being stripped of his sideline privileges came out on December 19 but polar wrote quote. Opt for reasons he has declined to explain. Ballot check weeks ago strict Guerrero of his special team privileges. Restoring a measure of tradition of the team's medical and training operations so it happened. But couldn't happen right quite a bit before that the story came out December 19 right but he had a trailer rose Halloween weeks ago is is when he wasn't allowed on the sidelines adding. Doesn't it aligned every room more social bear goes much conspiracy if you will is that. Delhi check deduced is in response he got let's (%expletive) me yet trade problem we are bogus Lisa and I think he was what it was like OK I'm Michelle who's run lazy not stop because I got to and I'm sorry I got asked. You know how. The set liquors Jim article. Okay well. That the gospel according to sap and all you got that note that deals set was so you know what we know Belichick was just about doing it. Because wicker shin told you that the deal you we we we talked about before you you discredits I know I keep asking you how you know I don't know and I was gonna but then you wouldn't win a cheap product. However you like coal and in your like you and wanna give credit. So we're not getting your elected to bring a don't know what's brought out for you at what I don't know we will credible and then he goes he's credible so I. I don't that's just because he has a list of guys summer credible and don't summary insiders summertime beer crowd I don't outsider I try to writes all yeah yeah I got around there without that that's all it is not this sets wicker Sheehan article not seem like it was leaked from Belichick's camp Helm. On -- thousand helical much better than Brady Uggla led great ideas. Ballot check out the organs are getting old buddies Applebee's has done a general needs a game don't know wicker champ on the hot about it but I'd like after that whole article he looked a lot better yeah says for you just heard -- that I don't know what else those so that mark thinks that Belichick was was pissed about it and you don't agree do you have anything at all I ask is how do we know what do you have any way of knowing that he wasn't no I don't doubt highly doubt about it. We keep saying it like it's gospel not known Marti saying it like it cannot talk and Sports Radio at all lately that you don't. Candidates conjecture and say. Senator Al quote we all know Bellic checked with just about trading apple now I don't say that Lilly. Do you think he was happy to turn pro sector. I think I think that the idea that he was gonna keep in through the end of the year is silly. It wasn't gonna happen. Great but but I don't think that this was he's. Prodigy this was he's got this was the guy that was going I think you've overstated beat her prodigy aspect of Jimmy drop below the tenure with the pay they took a second round pick on him I mean in 2014. Right the guys that demographic blue yeah ever and in dale look what he's not and he gave it. And he trusts of it well according to Tom Korean in an all the other credible guys. He can trust her yeah he'll trust his khaki and strike out and it is at a is an anxiety about current and got there no Pietrus more than Tom kerns word on the page Arnold say that much. But in an even read the whole. Revelation that we found out last couple weeks that he's a client of TB twelve but still I trust Tom Curran had Federer that's not new money so I don't know that's I trust I can tell I can tell you steal that article from Seth liquor Sheehan odds and so volume you'd like. It tattooed on your wraps yeah. But I try to not let them grow up like what do you want to because some blogger in a basement set with questions about an hour. I mean that at all I will tell you this. Alex Guerrero stopped being on the patriots sidelines. And stop traveling on the patriots playing at the start of the regular season. That's when it happened. Bob Holler polar sit it was weekly party at week's bloody months I'll tell about it months reality weeks it was. The regular season is when those bands began. So was September yes are you plus you know this. Thought you all thought you know I don't I think I'm just telling I'm telling you that it happened at the beginning of the regular season. That's how the season started which by the way makes more sense to me than in all of sudden an October hate com. Has his knee jerk reactions the by the way just killed my conspiracy so thanks a lot. Bore look at them more hours and when I'm done. I guess she's been doing just isolate that sucks man like I. I this is what my thoughts are a little over a little bit yeah c'mon you're Jerry's in Brookline page. I don't. And it didn't wanna. I'm they do it right about the fact that Oprah audience is not the one that's going to be buying Brady's where I think Brady's he missed the boat was. Patient at Panama we get too early and that is acquitted last August and president an additional tons of books for all these women that. It mentality yet there has been there were our auditors have Father's Day instead of a high. It may well be that went and I'm I'm being somewhat facetious here when I say when when Jim Gray set up this interview and I'm pretending that he did. That you know they didn't have any any out because they have they have so there's earlier when it was gonna happen they shot that way before right fathers and and I'm guessing that kind that we have to have a run on father's they can't we haven't run like two weeks before Father's Day and probably get some juice out of this thing. I think you're right Gerri I think that part for it to do the maximum commercial benefit that it could do. It would had come out before Father's Day. Oprah's people much care about how he's Balkan weather it sells probably. I think she retired the book club and that's nothing and yet it is and how much is that it's just a regular weekly show a daily. Ellen yeah our own network though David Bennett and Kyra I don't you'll get a car and you get all has given up stuff yeah there. And you look at your seat right now mark actually we Geisel some guy looks solid credit interest in four days usenet and that he had yet you both like yeah I mean. And I'm not knocking that she's not as millionaire but my point is I didn't know that show existed. Until word came out that Tom Brady was going to be on it did you know that the Sunday at eleven you can watch now now super sold Sunday. Now no I did not and I only I found out where OWN was on my ex Kennedy. After were confined now and alert it's like 857 and even know how to get the channel. 6177. Assists and I don't know what they're telecheck. Parties do this god thanks to. On Twitter on nick. Tweeted us saying that there was a jump on Sunday morning on birdies bookie at the the weekly track of bills Sunday morning boom all strike from what to what. I can't release the golden touch of Oprah thing at Chicago graphite hits with the exact numbers are registered one angle optical count on it being up.