Dale & Keefe - What we learned from Tom Brady’s sit down with Oprah; Why Brewers pitcher Adrian Houser pukes on the field

Dale & Keefe
Monday, June 18th
Hour 4: Keefe and Dickerson discuss Oprah not knowing who Bill Belichick is, Brady’s hesitation when answering the question about his relationship with Belichick, and how much longer Brady is going to play. Also in this hour, the guys talk about Pedro Martinez’s opinion on the differences in baseball today, if Belichick is going to outlast Brady, and a Milwaukee Brewers pitcher who lost his lunch on the mound.

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You're just talk. This way. The one now. Money our planet. On Sports Radio guy. That's right bracket it's the money our. They'll keep Greg Dickerson and for sale today Sports Radio WEEI. For the Michael Kay show for the my Fred says the show for the Chad to show and certainly for Dionte. This is the money now. Heady feel about now putting added pressure on him. Bill O accountable for that money out on the money over for a month on month some. You know Johnny completely behind the ears Johnny come directly kittens or accuse yeah I have done me any money out safely you're not from Syracuse now thankfully the next start coming in a live Awami. Is a Syracuse. Healed yet. My well my thoughts exactly word for him. Well about the street including the podcast a flight network television audience to a better. And Mike Dee Christy Barrett then Mike Dee Christy add on yes that both are taxed. That week. Paul Archie Donald record salad on the router out early effort on the ground it is and it is fired up they're probably trying to or race or in the money our he's mad at the New York Chad Finn on the podcast of course is basically what that rent out. Okay. Right well hopefully Greg get a nice Father's Day your sales and all the dads out there are nice Father's Day in video. And I don't doubt the appellate editors are so yeah it anyway. They. Maybe you spent maybe an hour of that day yesterday watching Tom Brady sit in Oprah's backyard. And discuss. A wide ranging topics of the order to. Thirty minute bows like. You know our humble thirty minutes watching and that I was not cuts here and doesn't become the rest of the kind of show prep right faculty behind the curtain realized how I'd. How volatile like to get through on and I saw here idealism he didn't stay for the little musical acknowledge it. Was like a thorough loud and they explode again that I know I've watched on traditional television among our bodyguards FaceBook watched them a lot of cool hip is the fifth. And it started out very confusing is as Tom and Oprah held hands walking down on the path. I don't know where they were there was. And an odd scene babies are forward sooner Marie decided hey it's all over well over his backyard they had two chairs set up and then they decided to. Have an interview aired last week we noticed that Jim scratching gray was there. Think he wrote a bunch these questions including this one. I'm only doing telecheck. Is or something but I wouldn't telecheck Billiton. No I mean I love I'm and I love him well you know I love that he's incredible. You know coach mentor for me. And he's pushing a lot of ways and down like everything we don't agree or actually everything else that's relationships. That's relationship yeah. You put to rest of the country. If that guy is here next year I'm out. How about deleted that legally all I know that was not been an error that lie after a debate that's relationships. Great job by Oprah there rather it's following up with what you guys eating real dollars right there. As simple what do you guys disagree on she drops a good that's relationship expert and an absence of the completely different act that is. On fat and happy I got plenty of money wired network I'm not Cary Grant ran finally it's not nice. Likely he is what we wait wait wait a router. Air right now and I know little something about that's okay quit algae down about 32 pounds on what you wanna be an eight weeks thank you very modest relationships. Well. Six of 8000. I need to make a full of that question Jim Gray. Gray hair Syria output. She's put effort in anything anymore. Now now and and I wasn't sure why he was interviewing Tom Brady then I realized she moves books. If you wanna sell a book Greg you might maybe not right now you'd probably write a book. My my days on the with the 2008 Celtics they could be a hot seller it it would prompt about it probably be a cartoon book anecdotes like the Family Guy thing with Garnett got to deal. Some argue it's from penguin publishing just heard that that music heritage are dependent public policy against that prevented. The that he put. We that we could use we can use that story I could use extra care should further supplement to schlep in and year a couple of days a week but they argued it should all be fat and happy they didn't mention the book. Oprah read from a Pope was earlier I incited that he was the 199 today. That's why I go back to this I don't think she knows who Bill Belichick is hence why she called the ballots. Just think she can't announce the name should know it is just something violent and Belichick whose Billiton. We all announce names wrong I don't I don't all the denial but yeah it is an hell yeah. But she doesn't know him first mean bill last name but I think that's what the process. Would you just if you're an interview and again I don't think Oprah knows who bill chicken isn't something wouldn't Belichick maybe she does but most of her audience probably doesn't right. So would you to introduce somebody. I know you're right I was at your head coach the old. Belichick that's relationships and that's true like I wouldn't take regular problem Rossi. That you have a problem we've producer Jason Rossi if you're setting it up for a goal and in the answered I don't know yes she would be idiots for US. As one can be your front now. Yeah she just went jeopardy and this should jump right into it and that he'd drops and everybody has looked at this in McDonnell over was. You know magnifying glass. Mom. Know. So we did you know so for those you that think everything's five between the two hidden appointed to the dollar was a little bit and that all but for a question you would have to assume he knew was coming. Did for a reply it. Forum ball from multiple reasons one he's been asked that and two as you know we have the questions at a time or at an inkling about Sam what was going to be asked then let's behave or either or or let's talk about your book where talk about the flaky or is not what your head coach Brad talk about you're on your wife your kids. And it in your relationship with Billick your book down you know you're you're scouting report was actually I found pretty interesting when she was reading through all. What does scouts were saying about them there in the draft. And barely just ripping him apart at the David Toms like yeah that's pretty much that mr. Buffett agreed with most of that don't. What was your big take away what will play another one of them that she cuts from Brady later on about. How much longer is gonna play what did you think of the of the overall view all. You know other than me and and we'll get to it yet. Number of the the length of time and I'm talking about the you know loving the game one yet the round. I hill a lot how does it mean that I didn't think it was a lot there but I also winning into it knowing. I didn't think I was gonna get much out of it sure does. Interviewing Tom Brady. How much too I think I'm going to guess I'll really get into it like he's being introduced to a a broader audience and a different have audio it's a book by audio if I got if I got. It is just because I'm look at them but the affect their case and we thought whitlock about it Edward and it actually made a bunch all about you art humans that you lose thirty. I don't shotgun yesterday. That's yeah. In fact just like now I doubt that they'll do that good but it went lockdown clocked Howard somebody's thwarted something like that and I'm expecting. A lot of projects in rapid growth engines you know not so much to optimize scratchy. Maybe some questions about Morton's and yet bases so far but a sports guy yeah. I'm expecting something with a open hole good settler sports guys. Bill Simmons had. Carrier ring on his podcast over the weekend radio talk tonight fifty court in more power and how about an hour but because they had a beautiful connection with the audio quality. On this podcast is off the charts so he's there a big to promote uncle drew movie comes out this week but he gets and all kinds of topics including. Just what it's like they're in these. NBA offseason it's. Friday afternoon. West Coast time. Just anything he NBA gets quiet steps I was happen. Two hours before carrier ring comes and cool weather becomes he wants to get traded. He's never ends this is just the NBA announced 1212 my teachers expect this stuff happening you know the burn this and she and bill season. Last summer. You were in the middle lived for like 67 weeks when that when it's happening in year in and you read in the tweets are you read the stories read. He tried not to it it's it's coming in waves when he announces the waves just the fans. Needed a loan to some ways it's common does not become the center of attention. And also the value UConn notice like how great you are isn't clear from the good good. Six and we saw it seems like he's dangerous and says is the possibility of the mocks her aides and and knows as it moves the eagle bit so once it's it's. Pick in the situation Ambien bush. Nina hope for the best does it bluesy or sometimes it's like our man now where when that car. They can do both again I you know it is a tough position of being because. And in the day on the speculation from everyone else of why you wanted to ask portrait is gonna come out stories of what you what you were doing behind the scenes and leaking into dislike it is is becomes a mess and I did they just wanna be happy for him as well. So I mean that was so I get their record that Friday late afternoon so out but you know we were off the air on Friday by the time that went live. So they met in a matchup is quite letter but they get Irving's fox and one or more then moved on pretty quick yet he can't do this don't unfit. A thing Simmons moved on a pretty quickly adapt to his experience I would average about the same time realize you know looking back on what are some to wonder that differently because now we've got somebody rumors some involved. Hi re being treated for Hawaii while others involve them being teammates would you would you like to play with Kyra with YE coli electable without that a fair trade you for him brought him to San Antonio river walk so that's not going anywhere I wonder if this would be. Settled by the draft you know especially if the spurs are making a deal. With a team that has a high draft pick on today wanna use the pick this year to give an answer by Thursday to or could you see. Coli Leonard staying in San Antonio until the trade deadline could see that happening I could possessing that's on out there before yeah sure and I think it definitely could. It seems like both LA teams Boston feel the there's always hear that a surprise team I don't know. New York non the government so you can get as much well I mean just again not if you're Watters and Antonio or not are you gonna get as much by dealing him I. In February supposed to now. Oh yeah now yeah that's a sign away your San Antonio but they could be stubborn about it and if they're being offered like wants a ball and a pay and don't walk ons that all of the borders of that that's all the getting offered made me just say. Forget it will will keep on because that's the thing is that he actually play use what he does what do these disgruntled look like I I'd definitely in my waksal problem. It could be that it held about both the letter and if yes if you're San Antonio by a I get rid of Manson's right now dep I think they're doing the right thing their trailers and then we could make this work with out of right now you don't leave that but they're just doing that so. You know teams aren't saying what you have to treat and even though that's probably the reality I did they or we ought to play for you is a page Martinez. I don't grades major Martinez was out on OMF today. Eight he was asked about some of the differences between the game then and now. We are Pedro Martinez. I totally agree I I think the game has changed. You know on low load up much. Through baseball. Like like we use. I feel a lot of young players coming up a lot of injuries which you. A well a lot of kids that how would be immediate and the proper time and a minor leagues in and it's sad to see the bitter sometimes. Also double tight side I do others because I'm always you don't look the feel pictures and probable which meant to run with the ball. I do feel like double the bit tighter. And yelled at horseshoe. On the on the on the seams of the ball if salute big. The story. I had to get those have been zero because the speed figures and it's a more simple wolf would mean to get. Great but people. Seem possible and not. Either going to vote in the theme of the bull which is something very unusual. Before you if you were able to get a while ago coupled with him and he'll probably beatle the state of play. Now on days it doesn't seem to. To top it all the bulls a really tight in. And victory and influence well you yellow eyesore on it you miss it GA guy rate below. 95. They have and the role of the brawl on loan lower raw pitching in the big leagues. Narrow horseshoe I know it's funny he says that to the notice the same thing I don't know you're tossed them on the evidence yet it's also hard it's like she's my my god that's skinny fingers to our guests and director Tuesday rested Aaron the ball is definitely Jews and it paid. And on and on the back of the players are nice those are you David they're not at the ball is a perfect they'll lauded the players probably asking you to death will most likely so add that to the mix as well below we come back really. Is the biggest take away from a super Seoul Sunday which was actually the name of the special with Tom Brady and Oprah Winfrey. Does he sort of tip off how much longer he is gonna play it get to that next. And then he start ready WEEI tail off today Greg Dickerson is in the back your phone calls here in a moment. Also something happened on the baseball field which I'd never seen before I saw recently in that. College games all of the road and equality everything before Gregg and I don't look I'm I understand you're not exactly you don't watch a college game division barely read an article about it I don't that are backed. The Tom Brady interview with Oprah we we've played a lot of that throughout the day. I think the most important bit and we we joked about the other the bill check. And I doubt pretty important for us as you know sports fans there you know his relationship with it would build what you completely agree Morissette or not whatever a thousand Portland but also. How much longer is he going to play a one year ago one year you say once they won here Greg Anderson the key is done after the once a year on the glass. Almost one online sales Bill Belichick. Is giving out bad I think it's that bad and I I think he's a lot I think because of bill. He's lost some of that desire he's using the kids in the family is you know. Yeah Aurora I excuses righty but I really thought Brady was going to outlast bella check because when Josh McDaniels returned about belts or was gonna have. A year too because that in the accuser I don't wanna wait around five years to become head coach. But now certainly go the other way and think that maybe Brady will be done. Before Belichick Arab it's just one year like you I'm still leaning on two I think part of the the deal. You know and when they traded away drop below the had to talk to braid and how many years ago employment committee went through to me it would if they get a at least we're still waiting more than three yes it may help maybe you you know just felt that I want to play one that. He now wants to play more media meet the middle maybe at the being too proud to help dissolve. Militias they say in the no I just. Why she want one thing I see Gisele. I you could make himself happy normally enjoys it dominance of one let played football why well I think I believe again that does enter what you're talking about a guy if he enjoys it that much what is it that much as dangerous game. He's a dangerous. Gonna happen to their belts are really down player that did well heart surgery can get you through. But again. Last year he doesn't interviewed Peter King Maurice as he has the answers to the test Asia play for five more years ago while splinters that forties he feels great. Then Tom vs Tom the documentary comes out the last episode. I think it was six. Comes out after the Super Bowl. And he's talking about. You know to the more Duma globe feels like you know continue you and I were just. Reading a Tom current article that came out in the middle but I didn't. Seeing this. And Tom brings up the first episode of time yes right on active and reads this one quote on it which Brady says quote. If you're going to compete against me you better be willing to give up your life. Because I'm willing to give up mine and I sit this EU earlier on and I think I I asked the question earlier on the show. What the hell. Happened. In the last ten months because this is not. You know I don't we hear quotes we read quotes from Tom Brady for 20122013. Or twenty on nine. But we're talking like ten months ago what the hell happened to death that Tom Brady to the Tom Brady now in ten months especially because you have that quote from episode one and then you compare that episode six where San quality I don't find it. Like I you know I gotta I gotta make sure that I'm motivated and get this from the Oprah interview where she finally asked them about how much longer he's gonna play. Have you thought about. What happens after football. For you. I think about it more now than I would eat that I used to yeah I think now I think they're armed seeing. But there's definitely an coming. Sooner rather than later beaten. What is saying look like he's at forty. Three's and 45 yeah it sounds and still love and it slows your loving it you're gonna do it yes focus on some unloved in the training and preparation want to make it's that commitment. But it's also on. I think what I've alluded to a lot in and you know in the dark you series was there's other things happen in my life to. You know I do have kids that I love. And I don't wanna be that that's not fair. Drive my kids that yes they're games and you know I think kids you know my kids are broad group perspective in my life you know because kids just want the attention. You better be there and be available to them yeah Europe's third look back on her life and go hey dad didn't really care. And it is a big difference too between. You know things just love in the game because these guys flow of the game forever greater and they'll play in the game but he specifically points out. Training and preparation. And this is something that we've always viewed as sort of separates Brady from others and what it and what's the what's the sound that I know have been played on the station a bunch of times it seems like from 2013. Were Brady talks in OTAs. This is the foundation every building our own building blocks towards you know bits in the passing camp in the training camp where did that go. I don't think I would do fuel the way that I feel about what Brady said yesterday. Even in that piece we just played. If you Bennett OTA's. But combine that with the fact that he's got a note DA's. And basically it was saying now the news wasn't going to pass he wasn't gonna go to the passing camp either combine those who do things together. He's lost. The love for football. At least now at least right now and I think that. That the confusing thing to me is keep that there's no doubt in my mind zero doubt in my mind. That when training camp starts. He's the people's the wall and a regional and yeah everybody in the passing you by any means I think it'd be reigning MVP. Although a Super Bowl loss he was great in the game. I don't think he's going to be bad but yet Tom current headline is Oprah interview underscores Brady's wavering devotion to football. Are high here view anyway anywhere else I think if you take. Just think three examples Tom vs time the final episode the Oprah interview and him being absent from all the optional stuff. That's does a lot doesn't it that's really speaks volumes says it's aware he's at right now and how it really could be winding down and this is I. But come on this is a shock it's a shot right to toss the ball at the end of the article. When he. Currently do not break out to have a car outside the rays are well aren't half we're were current. Writes about Brady got quote too if kids that I love I don't wanna be that it's not their advocates of the games. Yani Yani got. And then Tom writes the very end after printing the quote. So I gulf. That's that that's as big of a shot. You're gonna get from a guy like Tom card against somebody like a Tom Brady or I would need when I mean. Hearing is talking about and I think basically what he's saying is you know pretty psyched about it kids don't want to the data more broadly gains in this in that. And right is it still my goal for the fact that though which Brady brought up the two to Oprah and the guys and he was he was out on. It was on on Long Island last week before the before the open playing golf. So this could be this could be it can be won last year for for for Tom Brady I don't think you could be shocked now lake with a with a all these guys whether it's wrong. You know we have doubled at all to hear the odds are definitely a year to a year and before I thought Ron was going to be the first one on the three. But now it's looking like next year at this time we be talking about a team that needs a new coach new quarterback new tight end. I don't think you can rule out well. Now I gotta thank. To a three made I think the outset of my career longer I don't think I'd make your own I do I do think he has multiple years left but even that is sort of common question a little bit and it only makes sense. Again if there's mid sixties the quarterback is in his early forties. It's bonus time in Santa for awhile it's like it's overtime but he they've gotten such an incredible run out of these guys and now. It is towards the end it was sort of PC and all these interviews that's another thing. That is different from Brady you know his first ten years in the league. How many. Public type interviews that he do but obviously editors press conferences and yet what is importing foreigners these yeah he does local media availability so like the feel the mini camp down last week yes we can have whatever. That was what three and a half minutes yet has already ordered the reform and efforts on yes. Thought he used to doing those witnesses they sit down 45 minute interview. With Oprah. Indeed the documentaries are something completely different degrees or anything like that and I appealing started two years ago the mattress commercial role they started it all the army did SNL financial years ago any title yeah doesn't sounds like good every so often reduce yeah yeah we've been in a week and Peyton Manning like inundated know about the umbrella too also the feeling that the Tom vs Tom's not done. I agree didn't didn't hear that confidential probe was either Morocco with a homers site Orkut potter was there with them I think what they're yet a guy I thumbs up in the back and the value I thought I I kind of remember. Shall road mentioning. At one point in time a couple of months ago that I finished the front runner right now or whatever I don't know but if he's their eyes I've I've a feeling that Brady all intelligent primates just hang on scratchy coming authorized county and use. You people the birth and it's a real candidate Thompson's water drought now. We're almost as bad as the straws by I don't think. He said. So. It was frauds are plastic straws. I used the paper straw the other day and we're just terrible. If you're absolutely terrible way to cut the senate Russell awful now. Evolve and that vacation in the warmer places where you take it to the putrid taste differently. Of the African. With some. And one arm and broke her to do operated cotton growers on alone does see it you know maintained in great health for awhile I'm pro worth as long as it doesn't affect the way in my different pace than what do you do we have Sean did. I told wired. I just throw at a problem and it's also notes that if the entire bag out at all by the right that's and a pet peeve of mine is people who letter. The draft and to begin pro or whoever owned Korea now. Never now nobody brought to a Robert your buddies in what are our good news after the event McDonald's open window that whole salary that you are the odds. You. Blow on Arab leaders I realized yeah. And are good that I did it it's not as bad as you liking onto Raj but it. That. Pretty bad yeah. But I am about what farmers time to do I think it's gonna happen I doubt that for guys whose career has been as successful as it's banned. Do you want the last episode to be used losing the super bowl of and so clinic at the Reagan alone. Hopefully we do to give us plenty to talk. Aren't you care about something happened to baseball feel that I've never seen before but Greg apparently has seen it once before. Rated was little place to grab a you keep yeah I had our eye on casual on the global thing all the time big steal these things on the thing. Repeat of that all insurgent and got an argument that's where I go there so we have a a crazy story. From a Milwaukee Brewers reliever. At a bit of an issue we got sacrament that. This is our final drive portion of the program has brought to you buy cars for kids go to your card up child today schedule a free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids. Dot com. This is dale Keefe tails off to be back tomorrow Greg Dickerson is then. But it shows and read it sucked they'll be much better tomorrow margins. Many. You know not made eagle nobody does it will be better I promise you I don't know it's a negative that the money I don't really like you'll find out yeah it would have run the table you brought a very witty anecdote about Kevin Garnett went separate Garland when what you had to bowl you got hot take the Tom Brady's done after this year him. Anything else tried this fellow worthy you couldn't tell you more relatable to the people thought I also not a spy and often there are. I just idealized jeopardy game which well I despise. Supplies with a capital DI ES. Soccer. I'll put her out of my guy all my cards optical. Body CE OR. I don't know about yesterday Greg in a and a Phillies brewers game. There was some action there out of the bullpen here come here comes Adriana Hauser. For the Milwaukee Brewers are eight did right by god or death he's had a heck of a season. ER race subs do well he comes into the game and let's ballots allow the guys from the Philly broadcast on WRT to pick and body eight. We go in new picture on the hill for the brewers it's right handers Adriana Hauser. And it appears he's sick. You. CNET reports noxious and right on the field between the mound and second base. Trainers out. Now for him. Never seen that on though. Got now Leo water in hand for the field to pull out right there on the ground so I doubt on theories about yet. I. My grandmother and I guess 67 there's evidence out there they're called the game here and here comes the reliever he steps off the mound. Rose up trader sprints out there traders get on the scene. Then another guy comes up there with a Q a water. I'll take care there we have a flop without any reds out in left field but could they do not play without their. The fuel have you ever been an announcement announces Q can you smell. You wanna puke in orbit there's a word for that. Sympathize against the puke sympathizer. But not in the I'll go back the way and used again would you want that. Market multiple global. The law is a slow roller and you're the shortstop coming up that one that I had all of the roles appealed that natural grass in Milwaukee. That's liked her for infants turned out scrap the quick pickup program Ali did you run up and you throw that sawdust on from elementary school and I don't think they I don't think they have the elementary schools saw that's why not Miller not only their they don't expect people puke on the well this guy of the of the burner and by the way if you if you your media grants you don't grants and can only imagine what stomach. Worse problems and again particular that's sure these guys are very particular about their lawns a bigger problem with the play by play in collar guy with her property Anchorage act a little bit more like. Practice Thursday Tyler's inevitable. These are more open there's there's there's a lot more programs. Plus there's claim that did it take care of what's. On the field. Traders who have put the gloves on doesn't gloves on yeah well he's picking up now to show where it is. Are watering down here you are. Truly a traitor now using. The glove. All. I've ever had to do right and the binoculars out to get the better let's gaffes that if apple that at the east leading up. Is it they keep it up by him I. Mean. I do with his breakfast on your guys. He literally. There's things. Putting it on that now. Hobbled now. Burned man. To hear that this is what's that. It's that justice has just Davis singled that is code visit he uses. Universal sign for hey that guy just threw up. Until that. Through. That's figure that out of Arizona the bigger one of those throat that was. Lads have all been pharma and Latvia Latvia I don't know if it proves she's open Lazio was the shuttle out of a plug is a funny guy at the universal five or throw up so they failed to clean that Nazis they are the guys throughout. Probably come out of the game. Does the economic game stays in the game again is that an eighth year and you know thousands it was a close game they were there Iraq had to keep him in. And so he continues. Als or deface stat came area I think he's gonna get sick again which consume literally trying to keep it now. Cost cuts and Dario option and without you know they're scooping. There are different but it is going to be the whole literally try to keep it down. You Purdue that we are gonna throw up. Close to abolish it down some of that to just hold on a whole group. No you don't wanna catch it and slaw that's not war I I use while hold us down now like to throw up you butterfly atop the letter fly at the sawdust later on getting you know couple water whatever oil degraded dad on that we have to let it go you're never it's never accurate or the phenomenon zones of the you're close pleasant attitude sympathizer of all profits. Pretty close but so he straddled Desi this guy by the way who is pretty good you've probably never heard of homebody but he's he's had a really good year. So I can imagine just like nervous nerd I mean he hasn't pitched much. It was at its third outing thorough in my third outing. They raise a really good yet mentioned that are merely cute and he's pitched several times disease you can't tell me that this didn't happen actually numerous time he pitched three times this year and there and they've been separated so I don't know if he's always on the raw slightly as it all the luck they just call them up on the subject obvious that we'll get as game log he had two scoreless innings in April 2 squirrels and in today and in the senate just. But they just call. Mop yes the never buzzard face Scott came area I think he's gonna get sick again looks like he's literally trying to keep it down. Just a kind of standing you know watching what they're doing they're scooping it. Spoofing. They are bigger plan to talk about it. You know we gave him. It came out of its kind of Nixon you know Borneo far. It doubled its velocity. That it that it might have been the same exit velocity is what we saw Hauser. So I think that what's his. The exit velocity that the and there. So the grounds crew again and yet. The watering and he's gonna stay in the game watering can and that but if we could see him when he was look at it for the sign. The last written word that last pitch. To see who's trying to. Yeah suppress it. As the years in fact they're big smile and students issues. All I got gladly does not amount hasn't done that they're not tower at that mound visit is that a clean up the puke but keep him in the game. Hauser ended up getting. Three outs he allowed two hits and one run in the game. Ultimately lost they brought their closer and he also gave up wrong so that they lost the game. Yeah I was quoted saying it was a combination of traveling this morning and not having a lot of food. I was trying to stay hydrated in the bull pen and it's pretty hot here compared to Tripoli Colorado Springs all combined. The throw a lot. When year when you haven't had a lot eat yes what are the other way around via happens to me when I get the rally when I get a big. Sometimes go to weather and its when he opted not they can zoom graphic but and so if you ever need anything you throw up what he even throw up. Water Bible. There is yet and landed it okay. You know months early and sometimes you can imagine I don't I don't ask you ever. With global what's the word called and fake on the put heaved dry heat thank you never dry heat of the battle cry it's dry and I told draw and it's there and well regularly on a high notes. That sort of laboratory has actually trying to think if they don't but Puerto force for good with Barack let's say I don't think Gil could have we all know him out of there. We're gonna replace most of it tomorrow or out of very was listening to them what's the major and Albert goes down along with the players like Stephen Lee being in used to throw up all the time but any given Sunday with a minute arguably have the suit McNabb in two minute drill at the Super Bowl beat rabbit. Before they are rap battle there that are going down he broke both out in fact his mom's spaghetti is human voters thing to go vote thrown out there. Not spit bile. I know them I didn't like dollar bill aren't. The Rio I did an entourage. These. Are attacked us and I doubt retired army is not go to our.