Dale & Keefe -  What's worse a crowdfunding LeBron statue campaign  or LeBron’s comments on it? Do people view LeBron and Brady the same way?

Dale & Keefe
Monday, May 21st
Hour 3: Dale and Keefe talk about LeBron’s postgame interview with Doris Burke. Keefe elaborates on the laundry list of reasons that he has for hating LeBron James, including but not limited to his obnoxious answers to questions, his pursuit of a double digit scoring streak, and his reputation as a coach killer.

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Yeah yeah. However three ailing feet. Sports Radio WEEI. Celtics cavs game four tonight. After Q Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland three. Game five back here on Wednesday night no matter what happens tonight the question is. Will the Celtics becoming home with the opportunity to close out the series and get ready for an NBA finals yes I don't think so bad guys I'm very. I have one game your very very ill play totally swayed by home court. Yeah home court is wholly swayed by the Nvidia pretty important so far the only thing that matters it is now we had a cut for you there and in the opener of LeBron. Oh my god post game with a just I don't know why we do this I odd fact that we spoke to Doris Burke last hour and enjoyed talking with her. Should be working tonight's game. And I cheated talked at the LeBron sponsored dead. And then lets you talked and talked and talked issued and allotted now so let's let's give me a couple of these let's start with number one Andy about the you know. What parts of the game was with their price in ballots. More more than. It's really weird guys fly the guys making its labels regular surpassing. And not give it won't play that we did they wanted games themselves. You know the deficits that could count fared even get a lot better yeah. By we I mean them that's any huge that one an error like you know OK that's fine that's sort of the normal post game response write a big turn around they were down too low and now they get a big win at home. That's fine when he'll he'll take that but then. But then Dailey goes full of Ross well let's go to let's go to this next on on on what he see what abroad and yet has to do for us to listen to this list. And. As saying much. It sure does get a ball. And I animal they would fit I'm soiled there was that also have this farm out they raise you know be better you know sold. Reloaded I had. You have so called another time in all my good. Did you miss the call on game one and let's go to call LeBron the as a college imminently neglected now pick up the fault auto about it do you do you feel better that he's OK all his responsibility or you feel you feel better and he's OK with it. He needs to score he needs to rebound he's the defend the needs that motivate what he's OK that I got. I let Taurus and say that Ehrlich just go to your heart Jack Zelda like we understand you have a lot to do on your team because it's the first time in eight years but you don't have to other. All stars playing when you see you have to do a little bit more to this is on you. This is completely W which is why you dropped in the Bob Hope that he knew people we're gonna flip on the would you set this team up for yourself. This is what you're left with that you treated carrier reported child this is what your team is gonna look like I need to score news affinity to motivate and bills that. Obnoxious absolute obnoxious while the big question here of course is what unlocked his teammates almighty god to be playing better. George still phenomenal from the starting this across the south. Even though Kevin what to make a sudden earlier was claiming glad this dumb witted and he was very active bullet in his sort of ball ball moved JR doesn't overlook so we'll be able to knock them down. No we were really good presumably was great what is and it rolled have been able to finish around the rim and give that extra possessions. And everybody okay above the beds as well was this you know we had our focus no president defense we've made it was. Yes he even when he's compliments to everybody did point out right yeah. Doesn't shots that. And I don't love was make shots early is the point that you won by thirty is an attempt levels let's shots. The worst lie over the worst of them on the we've played in between he just goes on and on but all the things like yeah. All the players have to do a lot UK it would take one aspect of the game off we knew the team's best player you can't do it. And actively defense at all I'm gonna do this at all which you know you have yet that you yes what you have to do a little bit everything. Gotta motivate. Netted him defend against score I'm OK with that I'm finally back into Amman I don't Lorena. He knows what kind of opponent the south doesn't. You know there will do well well that's where again it won't be you don't bread is gonna have those guys credit at home Oregon has felt like none other. Had we didn't do the same so tomorrow's all about how badly we could recover. Nobody's loved my eyes and also for the time resident tells us and as well. He knows Stevens is so what's better than Tyler but he knows that even know he had coats like that all yeah he's everybody compliments Stevens which is great ideas that is before them what he wants a coach like. Brad Stevens like Gregg Popovich does he want a guy who's as none and LeBron we're not doing that play I think he does the does now I'd edit it almost a pleasant so be drawn up for LeBron but there's there's no doubt there will be. I think he. Realizes that it a look at what Brad Stevens is getting out of terror rosier and Marcus Morris in markets Smart and and you know even jail brown who couldn't certainly developed into an all star breeze not their right the second. He's getting all that so. Well if LeBron to improve his teammates and then he has a coach who's doing it as well a pinkie at this stage of his career definitely wants a good coach. Now techsters taking to task for asking why it says is there another player in the league that has more responsibilities. Than LeBron. So what's your point keys. Don't keep out the votes he's been looking and it's only a homer would have an issue with that that comment an hater. He was sorry so anybody in our responsibility yelling hit the front and that's fine how are coming out on the LeBron haters got a guilty. But anybody who has the rattle off all their responsibilities. Yeah yeah. It sure does get a ball. And I had a mold they were good and have loyalty there was that also have this farm but they've raised through Kobe better you know so. Reloaded I had. Maybe hasn't called another time all my good. Sold. Nobody don't know moves like Russell less broker Anthony Davis agree treatment of those guys in a lot of smiles another attack on the score rebound do everything all of their teammates and ball out and just fire only LeBron in the history of the game has had to do all those they inspire. So we need to I apparently didn't do that for two games he would be decided not to inspire you inspire himself in game one. Let alone anybody else deemed too I really see much of that he he played well. But nobody else does that's gonna. The score like forty tonight. I probably probably in the thirties and low forties. But the thought that sort of proven that that's not gear and that's not a guaranteed loss for them if if LeBron goes notes. He went nuts in the and game. It's you. We're total points the first organized the one I responded that it's a hole and I'll say this bronze defense does that apparently is my lot in life you're when I'm sitting here and it in rooms you effect. Kevin Durant. As a top five player whether our top ten at least half the staff curry same day James Harden same thing yes Saudi got all the broaden this but again lower on the net a top. When he player on the team with a yet the thing and I view Kevin Love maybe not funny anymore but. The last seven years he did in the place you I'm sorry not now yet on all those things he lists that are true because after all those he could but he did all those things anyway like he. Did he not score and defend and rebound and motivate what news with the heat what he had wade and bosh or even last year it carrier ring. I think he does solve that. But then the teams down Odeo Oates who he wins the game and now all of sudden it's about all these things and just do what okay it would by the way that he's averaging almost a triple double in the appliance. You know 32 point nine points. Eight point nine rebounds nine point four assists. So not that far away from a triple double it. So he does kind of have to do all that stuff that team and on top but yes tell you about it in on poly ball and inspire you asked to conspire it's Alan. I was just relieved that he was okay. Which he said he was go to Ottawa Canada thank god LeBron had yet to do all these things and you weren't okay with it how would you go on yourself. What a thirty point loss was. The worst part of my Saturday night. But that night for some reason stuck around watched the post game at an outdoor I had yeah. Oh well. Let me have a rock they you for being OK without going out there played basketball. Doris is appreciative of you hang around yes I mean that's what she does that. And now and so I asked her if she would ask him about his future. But you're right she's going to be interviewing the Celtic Celtic assuming they win in Miami LeBron and hang around out on the court and out of the post game average Alaskan there. For short. But she had a boy Bryan win horse Alaska yeah right when. When she actually would or that where I'm moving to but can you tell me where I go out and I'm kind of attached here but. Army doors that he really has to answer do you think LeBron Jimmy Cleveland next year but now the wouldn't tell anybody who thinks that he's going to be yeah. I active funds in the person. It nobody is commander in like a big Cleveland like nobody's talking about Cleveland it it just seems like that would be the biggest upset now as if he did return there. Nobody knows for sure where he's going and that's because. You know yeah I just wait and see how it. Shakes out and you know who could go to the lakers went him or he's he really wants to go to Philly or Houston or whatever else but. Yeah right now Cleveland would be an upset pick that's for sure. You just despise him so yeah much talk. I don't know how people like him now I really don't raise his game how could you know so you just automatically like all the best players on Soviet leader your sheep. That's what it is they've installed as the only like the best players. That's kind of at the front runner. But don't you also that we get to hear these guys although I know you tell me other top ten player in the league the hate. Top ten player believe that I hates. I mean Iran curry no pardon old west Broadway those guys Carlin that he town sales momentum. So so we played I hated Dwyane Wade is with the hate that it close to top double wedding or run it right he was he was sneaky shall we pretty much determine that that the only call me later well ultimately great player in the league now that you hate is that's why how many of those guys that you named him the future losing one across the appropriate point Andy. Probably non doesn't need your help and yeah this odd though it probably non nobody's but I also don't know about it. What law of those Oregon saying. If you are a fan of the Celtics or if you're a fan of any other team other than Cleveland. I could understand how you watch LeBron and say he's the best on the floor but that's fine clubs already met that's fine. But I don't understand how you vote on loan idea and a love what he says. Lied about not saying that that's kind of part of it when you would you like certain players especially in this day and age you can. You fall on Twitter or answer grant if you want you can hear every single post game press conference like you. Spurs in the NBA like you get what the personalities of a lot of these players are in LeBron James just absolutely does enough do you think. Your hatred for LeBron is slightly irrational. No notes very rational they'll I think. Part of it I mean again and grown up around here and rooted for the Celtics and having him go up against Paul Pierce and most teams and everything that he's gone through and you know basically breaking up the the pierce Garnett Allen team and all that stuff I don't know again I don't understand how anybody here specifically. Whatever whatever like him and I don't know alone they're they're plenty of people like you Stephen as well. Plenty we don't seem to get them turned on line but not like you're got to your level other out there they're out there you know bills on the cell phone Heytvelt. Adolf howdy. I. Guys now are I want to responses that your commentary on global. You made a comment a little while ago about. On nobody else has to do that LeBron appeal as the rebound and I would expect a good arm. We'll compare like Kevin Durant that line should look brought back life. Correct I think the other night at like 38 point like carelessness and three rebounds. Particularly perimeter shooter but blocked out exactly all those things that he responded to door. In saying because. Look Kevin Durant averaged 467. And five during the regular season but seemed that you draw those and that. Don't quote Solis. Out there. So you think LeBron only player in the league that does a lot of different things and then you also think he's tell you about it. Cut twice in the government about being the only. Easily players that that mentions that right you're gonna ask. It was a direct question I adore about on what the difference was. He was just doing what the difference was one. What the differences YO. And so he was like the difference was he does everything for the team Donna. Makes me like a lot more. Yeah you're you're. Once you tell me what it is than bill. And I know he just asked what she does he doesn't like he does everything he does is like every other guy. Are. Correct because. What. I'd. But he'll tell him trust me he'll just tell you about it. Which he does all the tired. Phil this is little RR we don't delay. Was. We will. Problem and he's gonna attempt to find Doris his question with LeBron downs answer bill probably just heard my last questions and so we have a little a little more attacks yeah. And at. I didn't hear the the post game interview like you do it paralyzed stuck around for a third point drubbing I had enough by that and I smells like oh my god this is worse but it is much worse. That's much did you. Mark Jackson. What are you looking to rely. Losers club today. A ball. And I animal that would fit I'm loyal there was and also there's twelve months they've raised you know be better you know so. A lot of guys. Another side. Was responding specifically to her quest right she was like name all the things that well and and she accidentally Thailand said yeah Mark Jackson said you have to do do what they do you have what did you do inspired team and he and I have a lot of responsibility on the steam iron to score after re about out of defend an active front and I'm OK so all of that and of he's not to answer that most guys go to you know whatever it takes whatever I have to do to win that it could drop the really good whatever it takes. Whatever it takes and as definitely seal team has played really well now he just went right into that he's ready to go. Mike's in Connecticut and Mike yeah. Hey gentlemen how white it was a lot of favorite thing keep I think I have a grunt work you do all nice out right I actually got invited water went left on argues that they're. Oh. I don't drink I don't drink sprite anymore either that level where I mean listen I think a lot of their hatred to people like you and I have a LeBron. Let's be specific here we don't like LeBron James the athlete are quite frankly I think he's. A fantastic. Humanitarian and I very so I'll probably use here in the with a guy that's been ethnic father. So the front in the guy at nothing but respect for that the athlete version of LeBron James the king Jean the chosen one. They got that people were calling the great small affordable time before he ever wondering. That's the kind that's the one I don't like India here South Asia yet what in the Graham close or something congratulating himself on scoring thirty yes. The guy that has you know. I think a lot of bad it would how like you know. Talk about like Mark Jackson nick right treated him in the media I think the fact that the guy is. Yeah I don't dale disagreeing and hope you don't like Internet but the fact Eagles protect its started yet he had ever seen when it comes to officiating to respect statistics about early in his career. How he was called for less battles. Yeah he's did you have like 67 games in a row you know multiple times in his career without being called her out yet people segment most aggressive defender than offensive players this. There's so many different like things that are happening this earlier and down. You can make you not like him as an athlete. It's again I think it's. Error that if he plays and I everything is geared towards making guys like him. Ya come across this super human suppose. You're back in the eighties and nineties when they actually you'd get punch and it wasn't it was pales regular crowd now if you look at it in the wrong way. They're slew of clips of him on YouTube you know flopping in the rest buying didn't. And you see like in terrible Chris Byrd you're getting slightly doctor. And it was as innocent between that the fact that he's put on that same level without having actually earned being on that same level I think that's where a lot of it comes from. And brought it was the guy behind he was the guy behind the one hour decision special let's let's not forget that I can't defend that and it never defend that. That was a mistake of epic proportions. Stuck in that that's my sorry about what some might point I mean he is scandal free. At least as far as we know I I don't know anything I haven't heard of anything right and Rollins when the law. You know he trusted journalist client players who we do have a laundry list of things that they've had issues with a he's not want a moment like that. On the one hand that's great but that I also. With our callers defend him before there was ever ran the prison went well that is such a low bar than that we are setting. For athletes or celebrities of any sort I know there's a lot of them that do get in trouble. But I'm not gonna just prop this guy up because he doesn't like that's what that's what you should be. I thought it interesting that that might. Was was able to laud. LeBron James off the court apparently was on the court that he had a problem that is I think that's what it's more like how how he handles himself as like the athlete as you rightly be you know his charity endeavors and things like that would who's who's gonna rip apart that but it's what are you get these post game scenarios or. Great woman he mentioned when he scored. Irene on it points 30000 points and have a this whole. In some ramping like congratulating himself as the various odd to some of those things that that he has done one. You know after the decision specials and maybe you thought thousand mistake the bank goes and it they've basically throw parade for the Miami Heat that's. Wary guarantee either gonna win like eight titles all that stuff is absolutely obnoxious. I do think that as a player. I wanna money team I ever root for is very good he I mean he he is unselfish she. He plays hardy the plays long minutes semi me. Well who's run and he was walking up and on the court in game one so so you you've got and you were quick to jump on that because that's what you do well he did I don't know that are OK we quit do you foresee at least licenses is well let's put a bunch of times a whole bunch of games Zach Saturday listener which is very nice he sent me but he word document or he is keeping track of all times LeBron James has quit. That is in his career he went through a whole bunch of different things whether it's against the spurs of the mavericks of the Celtics. There for those guys press down on the cape hey Chris. And got a lot market at a neutral party occurred Ella outlook aren't gain. But cheap ticket and a little too obnoxious years archer eight aren't you block more out of like. Those radio station that she hurried eat so much and there was a knock the year at that level but I haven't gone out. OK art my dad my backer. And opened. I'm out of here you beat a baby I am I having a baby I think the bridesmaids obnoxious I think I'll let her phone calls point about you know probably other people talk about Brady as much this I thought you talked about no dates all brilliantly. It didn't think he's obnoxious I say right now I don't know what all about Brady what do they say ray player but. None of their think there's any specific thing they say about Brady in most places cheater. I've never called the brunt of the cheater while that they had and the cheater thing is more recent but but that's what's next to break and bitching about Tom Brady for years right he's always whining to officials you always look at the calls right. Indicted EOK fine job paid union I'd I'd just let it Tom Braden played the patriots opponent wouldn't like him either. But he does not love him but it goes that's that's. That's sports that I thought tonight I ask you it it it you'd be okay with LeBron coming in the south but no not now. Not now a couple years ago I well I never liked it by. Obviously you would have improved the team. Now we're covered this last week. You don't need them your your world of two teams in the entire NBA. That doesn't need him if you're getting tiring Irving and Gordon Hayward back next year and by the way if you brought it abroad yet to get her to carry Erving he's in the Auckland with them. He didn't get out of Cleveland just silly kid. Go to Boston and play with the LeBron you have to move on from him to. Now the Celtics would be better off in a crazy way without without that guy. 6177797937. This telephone number. Apparently keeps there are some folks out there. We appreciate LeBron more than you do method that would be hard yeah LeBron James for start out real time so there's a goal fund me page that has been created. Yeah with a goal of raising one million dollars to put up a life sized statue of LeBron James and Akron. You know he's leaving after this year again right well that they're trying again to our ally and I'll keep them. They'll forgive him anyway there are for him once thought to forgive him again he was asked about it today. And now he sort of laughed the opener last Ernie says he's the first ball thank you that house or not warm already he says it would be cool not only for myself but for my family and all the people who say anything to do with his journey thus far. Just appreciative even of the fall but not so evidently a saint Vincent's saint Mary alarm. And Aaron Kerry. As put this goal funny page together. He would commission a sculptor named on Marie am running I was also created statues for Michael Jordan Shaquille O'Neal magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar op says an elegant. That track record he said the first fifteen dollars a third of 30000 or more so I think there's still time for you to get out about two off. The first fifteen donuts of 30000 or more would get a miniature replica of the statute signed by the artist. You know who also at the saint Vincent saint Mary although only for a year to. Michael Holley. So maybe they're right they're reaching out to him and ask what is the big LeBron guy. Mom was a member of that that grandmothers clobber sump and I have an Iran grandmother's cloth and so evidently there there try to get enough money together to get a statue of LeBron and Akron. By the way I've. Puno also look. Go to radiation doses are you know thus far song. The first two. Well babies than. Continue. Any meat packing my bags against Italy. As pillars of physical count yeah. So there for them to remember me by while playing for the way. Her next year. A break it's gonna get vandalized the soon as he leaves we'll live nation waited years to your point but the last caller Mike. Especially in Akron he has been yeah oh yeah credibly yes involved in the community and charitable endeavors and paying for college educations and and all that stuff so I could see what are Akron and why does it is very famous figure for mackerel no product yeah there's no doubt about it but I understand the timing is would be tough when he's gone. Well you view when he retires if they say hey we're gonna put up the statue of LeBron. That's fine because they can remember you know the his high school days in the cavs days everything is out for the community. Not him bailing on the city of Cleveland in the state of Ohio for the second time in in ten years. I'll let's go to mic in Beverly had nick I don't. I don't. Have kept bill Whelan on the brought many guys took. Help me in the dispel. Or support something that to happen in the last game of the year with Cleveland. And I had that ten point. Ten point streak going on May have a chance to catch. The sixers. My right or wrong and he ended up getting the ten points and taking himself right out of the gate and soon they got the ten points. I don't know I don't remember 810 point streak but I will say that he did get to our you know what. Against the knicks the last game of the season you had ten points in just eleven minutes. Yes yes and I'm pretty sure it's. A billion largest. They would've flip flopped so I'm just trying to reconcile what did the guys so much. Add to the last after the pile Mac that's good stuff those that don't like a bizarre reason alike on weather go good eyes and I doubt even during unknown reason to like. Not once not a single one the other thing was he wanted to play in all. 82 games because this is the first season that he's never Baghdad games so he's always healthy but he always needs his rest rate and so he's never played 82 games ever until this year. But the 82 game he played in just eleven minutes they lost to the New York Knicks and apparently like it but at ten point streak. It sounds too silly to be true but I think mic is on something because you scored double thing. All are how Favre got back there was a ten point streak that mattered. I've brought it does every I don't know that that little brawl that there are some. Record he was try to keep goal and if it was simply. You know why did you Rondo did that 1015 minutes and an end Leo let's get out and get ready for the playoffs did you like what Rondo did that when he would would pat is so I don't that's I don't know that there was some street like the caller play I think there what you just accepted as gospel because it fits into your narrowed audited fits perfectly and it's true wild when he played eleven minutes at a loss to the next justice scored ten points. Prosecuted if they were you looking of that of the internal and that this ten point streak if I was in that thing on. I know I think more importantly was it's if it was a thing at me and the thing I admit it was all over nick. Picked up the phone I would one day sale and he does not lie and all the streak continues you know. Nobody wanted to play 82 games now I just remember hearing that he'd never done that in his career so he played in that game but it wasn't gonna play unit. To score eight points god forbid hadn't scored just eight points he wouldn't have that streak that caliber yeah let's strip and ray Roberts on no one knows anything about I I'm telling ya there there is a lot of smoke around this is exactly work that you do in northeast Ohio thank you and welcome. Thank you for your world. I'm telling him Mick knows the call that day nose into so far yes Josh is up in Maine hey Josh. Hatched out a giant Jeff I apologize. That no one meaning actual amount outlined it very well thank you appreciate you call Alfred and outlets and I had little luck but it. Umbrage to what changed it a little while ago. I he finds. A LeBron archers and people in the country trying. A rarity. There wrongly asked the Brady because. This cheater while I think a lot of people in this country. Fun parading your actions and I'm a scratch and let's. The baseline parade here obnoxious. Or where it appears. Here's my prayers so to sit out it's weird they were just shell. On these fashion shows that so I think there's a lot more. To finally rate your obnoxious than just that these are trigger. I think they're excited and I'm trying to or Detroit or in fact. Yeah there's definitely some of that I I I went Brady is and you know merits of the most famous supermodel the world and look at the stuff that he that he sponsors there's there's definitely some of that. But he did in the year a lot but he gets thrown out theirs that is the cheating stuff that's the Philippines. But it shouldn't be ready. On the idea think people consider a little obnoxious at times. By the way LeBron broke. Michael Jordan streak of consecutive games with at least ten points ago long before that. But Sony still has the streak going straight is active. The streak is over 870. But it and that is the record he'd broken he was. He broke the tie with Michael Jordan back in light and late march a guy but but the point is that the street is active so he wasn't gonna play in that game and then lose that streak the all important. Double digit points in game streak. That everybody knows that. Jordan did it 866. Straight times so once he played because he wanted to play in all 82 correct he had he had to get to ten and then as soon as he did it's a amount. Next tell why else you quit eleven and that's that's what happened. Move add that the analysts I got up there is so once you all in NBA record guys yet. He was concerned about keeping that record alive. Why. Ask I don't think yeah I don't baked out and says that's why it's like her as just another example. Great job I'd mix. Of that bridge lottery Tony. You guys still on on. It took it almost acts of auto what are we it's. Our sailors. And that's I. Sit user quite like you know it's gonna take everything away at what is Scott back. You know. Who would outlaw. Do you think that's going a little too old fart on this I'll go to hell yeah passion Tony. Are. All exports. Start. I wrote Mike Brown. Wrote the weatherman on NB CE. Oh yeah to bury them what you saw at all. Discordant score. Every every putt I watched you oh yeah. You. Are critical one for. They. Are it was quote. Validated our schools are those balls for an. And they had David blatt fired an empire to it's always what laws it's because you don't have to you know we don't care about what it where it's maybe Pete yes. Spirit like. It won't it won't stop for this on you ever figure out why lots. We can't pick up that way almost out all but these are Scott back. I love it I know Tony I know two in the club that's good stuff seems a little harsh I don't know that's how he feels. If they gonna gonna gonna know as a way to I can think of anything to go against that it's pretty good. Princeton New Bedford and Chris. I. I it's so I got a cute shirt you Wear blue let's hear it. How well our whole person violent the city you know future. Keep that person or didn't care if you're at or assembly looks tired right bumper come around I know it's our job. Love should thank you thank you very much and so I can beat people with these quiche there because it's probably what I. If I was liberal art which will say a lot of on the no I don't look our I would try to come to Boston one. To get urban doubtful already said on mountain how to play it would so we could win put all our people and most importantly. Do you like it could Q can match CU than she looks. I liked that part I'm please. There they are to be back here what's our whole entire life in Korea or whatnot that define a new team an antebellum but they got a 66 Larry the next kicks me in the groin. That's brutal. What he'd have he'd have a good team he would if he went to the Celtics. They would they would be the favorite for the medals publicly at least and have a good team were Koreans that the last I mean whether it's yes it should caliber team I don't know if that's what I don't think it will be Eagles to the lakers that's and he finally out of the lakers that it'd be him and Paul George with a flurry says and that depends on who that third person is. And gold states still better but could you beat them and I don't know what they mean Chris Paul's free agents or there's not a not a guarantee that easy back with you why we give LeBron such a hard time for for building his super teams where. But we never give Kevin Durant a hard time. For joining the biggest super team on the planet not and debit. Immigrants more likable than the brawn and also the league it's sort of garment direction I think he deserves. Wherever criticism that it got maybe should've gotten a little bit more if he literally did see you can't beat them join them. Alias LeBron formed another team might heated joined the Celtics after the Celtics eliminated from the Ian as bodies went on Miami. That's actually one thing that most people assume I hated about LeBron I don't. They were allowed to do whatever they wanted to use a free agents that he wanted to form a super team go ahead. But again how he did it like with the decisions in the parade they threw themselves promising eight championships all the stuff. Going back to Cleveland and making it look like you're just going back to Cleveland because you're gonna you know fix an error that you made and you're gonna go back into the hometown hero when in reality you're just trying to get back on a better team. By the way I'll ask don't buy that Tony's point. Yet she dole NBA players have never been involved in getting their coaches fired like bill Fitch here though with our bird was that Obama and all just how LeBron Kobe he's never gotten coaches fired back Erica Michael Jordan no no don't never out but he's the first player in the history of the NBA who's gotten coach's fire added to the piles opt out of the reason to dislike them. If you don't abide any more than he doll lot of guys have them all of the superstars have the ability pretty much to get their coach fired. Yeah yeah pretty much and you pointed out to me. Not your carrier hasn't you're dead flat wrong when you said this was but you said that you would take bogey cousins over Brad Stevens RIA poitier in your life I've changed my opinion of that wealth die but I met at the time. If that helps. And I still think the topic at the top. Ten top five virtual war. Like if you get to choose between Kevin Durant and Brad Stevens sorry I'm pigs have direct it if you're in in if you're Golden State via and you had to choose between Kevin Durant in Steve Kirk. My guess is you take Kirk because one without Kevin Durant anyway you're gonna without curled through. They're almost out wall not a now a tiny little thing about it. Well no I mean I guess depends on how much of a drop off it is but I think you have to go the player over the coach. Again if it's one of those elite top five top ten maybe top eight I don't know what the number is those guys you have to go still it's still a players league. Rob in Springfield Iraq. Hey I go aren't gonna. You got that character about. Run in the yesterday. I forget what you know you look like you're saying he could not understand. How it is or why is that that Ron could. Make your team worse. And are you gotta do is look now at hand. I mean. You can go on the morning show and people around my eyes except for our hands on at the same everything would LeBron and ego districts right I'll go. I've I was not prepared for the the broad right hander apparent ahead embarrassingly we might have him promenade on the outside big. Audits is much like this like LeBron outside of carrier ring who has bailed out why don't they run to without away from that's what was so unique about carrier rate was because he was. He just spend the finals for three straight years he's like no I want this guy. That's also why I love carrier very and it's tough the but nobody else is built on not just the opera yeah so I don't know I don't know it's I don't see that compares yeah I I I think that the caller was attempting to get a shot and minute man. Houston ill advised route. From LeBron jewelry at Dreyer and they're the best current NBA clarify exactly so so I guess I was saying is that in column. Evan drought like is like hiring Irving although drugs like or mutt but keeps going back. He does he's in the morning more this week everybody zone night's show there's a full nice shot and make sure. On the maybe not as he's on three we three mornings as we close out this morning around them while. He's occasionally and I never keep. Which is why it's called Retief Anders we met at six Johns on the cell phone Rajon. If you. Good. Are the 11 quick point oh rock band and got all the armed surgically Larry yeah do a lot of Great Neck. But when you walk. How. How good a program that make you late. Like I zoomed in Atlanta all the time you know though jet John that's exactly what people say about Tom Brady. But what. I want to have more respect and relationship with the NFL officials that aren't Libya special. Based on what based on what. It. Aaron isn't John where I I don't at Fred and John I think this guy is overall point like I like where he started there but. I don't know I mean that point is exactly the one. Outside of New England at the football fan's point of radiance that he always pagan or call is always solid Audi is that so again but if if he's on your team you're gonna look the other way on certain things I think that's definitely the case would Brady. Over the brawn and you know four point that out that is one thing that people see that bothers you that that's fine. And then him and I the way he's not the only superstar in the NBA bacon for call seat but you're not the like all of the doing what you do like all of them who. No actually. This I don't exactly love it hate it the top ten players in the game. All the ones you hate I news is on current guy or unhealthy to hate all that well that I can't really differentiate with how I really feel about the broad. But out of this good law back some of the other guys there's really really. Hate LeBron didn't use doles out you don't even dislike any of the other guys in. Plotting to rent a little bit little Lutheran. Don't you just making stuff up and why go another way way away Dwyane Wade I can't stand willingly doesn't counties anything I have contact Lorena modernized now. Those non. I don't like Denish rotor. All you got in there there's a top ten public entity. Think he should. Battle of I don't care remembered not at all al-Qaeda and Craig got about I don't like to play in the first quarter of that double against him out of the one of an ever in a conference finals game again.