Dale & Keefe - Which league has a brighter future, the NFL or the MLB?

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 2: Keefe and Tomase ask which league will be in a better position in 15 years, the NFL or MLB? The guys also discuss the competitive balance in the American League, what rule changes baseball can make to save itself, whether or not MLB banning the shift would be beneficial to them, and why MLB has such nonsensical policies towards social media.

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Yeah. Are covered in dale it keeps portrait at WT IL office today Johnson mafia did here at Fenway Park area kids speak with the manager Alex for a Red Sox go this week while the Rangers tonight will be their ninth straight win it. If Chris sailed through the Bartolo alone. With a pretty good about job and hey that's why the play of the game that's outside it. I knew that the bought that 61777579%. Went back to your phone calls here in just a moment. Here's the question back him up on my own job I've got no help no not that anybody at all. Let's say this week we read the article you don't Shaughnessy talking about. Baseball the Red Sox are great people of the Red Sox here but baseball is in trouble you know with the whole bunch a reasons. For the last several years we've heard a lot of reasons why the NFL could be in trouble as popular as it is right now. A lot of issues that they basically get it all those different issues. So let's say this in the year of our warts when he thirty Hillary fifteen years from now. Who will be in a better position. Major League Baseball. Or the NFL. And so hopefully if all things go well John all of them have this job WEEI from two to six I'll still be on in the afternoon grass not obvious is the goal if I'm not something's gone wrong. The gold he'd be on in the afternoon that I am not in 2033. Which sport is gonna be a better position and a search ads are one of the critics think by the time we get that part on the road. I note note neither one will be extinct the NFL be a better position only because. It's got such a massive star I mean I pay out front it's way out in front. I do think the NFL's problems are the kind of things that are gonna start revealing themselves in fifteen years where you have a generation of kids. Whose parents didn't let them play but because I don't want you busting your handle well both the two things that jump out purple sports we took calls earlier in the week. I forget which town was we had a guy call in said. Pay ten years ago there was twelve Little League teams in this town this makes the knighted while they're twelve teams in the league he does now there's two. And we've we've hurt you those stories like that so. Football kids are playing as much because parents are seeing just how dangerous it is Celeste kids are getting in the footballer is the rate is not growing the way that it was. And that in baseball lets kids are playing it you hear that it's boring like it it's boring or they choose to play other spring sports like lacrosse or eight you hoops is still going on or soccer or whatever they're playing something else. In the spring so those two sports ball. Clearly two of the four majors and really to the top three sports still in the United States. But you wonder with some of the issues that they have now different kind of issues the on field product itself. You know NFL if you if you you know ignore some the other things nickel wanted what school Leo with the with the player off the yield or even you know they have to be taking in the on the field that all these things that you ignore that. In just watch that three hour game on Sunday. Not as many issues that people have. Compared to baseball where you're getting into. Three plus hours for a 162 games. The but in the shots article the Topper UG stat about an average of three minutes and 45 seconds in between balls in play but action is almost four minutes apart. That's pretty damning. But those opportunities today. Our rate. If activity change are we gonna still be talking about this in fifteen years yet but I don't think you can ignore you said I mean you have juniors. You have done and I writes I don't ignore it outdoor or at all obvious thing if you just. The first thing you do to compare the sports you just do on the field we'll just that you know what what's the time between snaps and football. But you know a football game is like what it's twelve minutes of action at some point that they're all about three hours they both end up being three hours obviously at halftime in there and you know whatever else but they're all about three hours. Yet seen all the different from the patriots knocked the ball pretty quick when their their office but the idea is there have been those studies and I don't have the numbers for me but it something like the average NFL game has twelve. Actual minutes of game action. You know our it's not people locked in back to hardball war. But night but it it's well wind like clocked forty seconds so I mean even if you take it all the way down from place to play it lasted much less than a minute. Where you're talking here you have a couple of guys strike out analysts think that's super exciting like you might not have a ball in play for long yet no way it's different day. There is there is some dead time in football that they need to address of that's there. But so you're right as far as as far as all concerned. People are playing it as much because you know concussions or concussion would have to be one of the biggest things you have to take away from it CTZ. What that leads to what the players' lives like after. They stop playing football. That's definitely a glaring issue with them. I think even the over saturation is the problem I think I think. When they want the Thursday night and continues to shut down the third and product that's the crawl exposes the bad teams we see. That that the guys are prepared to play on Sunday and play on Thursday I think that's pretty clear. Even when they mix in some good Thursday games eventually it'll catch up to you I don't think that's ideal. That kneeling on the sidelines a lot of people are upset that now you know there even Nam. They actually filed a grievance the NFL created about this so that's for knocked on the fact that. How many players go to port would that would that would illegally definitely I think that's a black guy accurately and whether it's something as serious as domestic violence or something silly is the latest football's. It's still a headline in the NFL that Roger Goodell is now on the court with Tom Brady or the Elliott or wherever else. Other sports are doing that and I think that's a bad sign and that comeback by. And I mean just look at the last couple days and NFL you have Brandon Browner basically shocked with everything. I don't even know he checked off every box in thing kidnapping and it was attempted murder I think right now is an upgrade to death today so that's legit. Shady McCoy his name is shady probably longer reason. You see the pictures that woman and we don't know the full story and he is completely denied all of it. But that certainly I don't even wanna say it's a black eye for the NFL because that's of terrible choice of words it's the aisle to it is a month you know I I haven't had any contact it's like okay you might physically about it it rate for Ruth. Yeah ideally you could still hire somebody and then the details about. How the intruder or intruders. Were demanding certain possessions and they are happy possessions that some oil water before and and the polices or is that just a random attack with the news at this house. Randomly. And in going in just. You know viciously assault the woman that's not the case so that's another one and not that you don't have. Bad guys and every sport or real criminals and every sport but it does seem like there are so many of them in the NFL year after year. On top of that how it's handled by the lead I think also discussed the long yeah culturally the NFL has a problem there's no question between the kneeling between these domestic violence. Between the impact of concussions and brain injuries and things that people. You know you just say this feels dirty wire and made this point before people don't follow me for but it's too late. Used you don't watch I don't watch football in the same way and edited ten years the carefree like wanting to see the biggest possible hits wanted to see guys get lit up. Now you see that happen you know night. I wonder when he's gonna films are wondering you know I would not popular like another artist I still enjoy it but I understand where US that fifteen years questions so get this conversation we're having now. What I do you think attitudes are gonna have changed in fifteen years when it comes to that. I think there aura of the already started to change. With youth football dialogue like before. You are when I was playing youth football there's a couple of kids in my class that they couldn't play because their parents out of tankers. And it's taking cautions that it does not really trigger word in the I don't existed I'm aware that but it wasn't like a trigger where it was just an all kids parents words the but the football players it was. They thought that they are more afraid of like broken leg while all that's the most that you should be afraid of now I mean clearly it's let's head injuries every guy he can breaker like but. Gordon Hayward that it NBA and like guys do you can do it walking on the street that it can happen. But that is more more of law of an impact now gone on youthful ball high school football all of that and eventually. It's gonna play itself out that. I get fifteen years maybe not go along at halftime but twenty years even. I think baseball and football the rope product could still could really impacted. By just like the elite players at that level. If there's not as many of them playing what you're just the best of the group that's the plan. Yet again that's a long time that to happen where everybody plays basketball with everybody does so the best possible players in the world it's insane like all the people who they beat out to everybody chocolate apple one point eight that apathy there isn't for me I'm gonna go to the lob eventually. Cut it he can't keep going yeah but the insurance but before College Baseball article in from a smaller. Group of players what one feels yen and a bit bigger issue for baseball to move in Florida is your audience is getting older world. Yeah that's a huge issue for baseball football still has the younger demographic pressure. NBA about putting them different category because baseball and football are the ones that you most often. Read an article about what changes need to be done. But a game of baseball it's gonna speed up the game he got it yet advertisements are players that any got to get to all this stuff. Okay but then if they don't like eventually overtime on people's gonna say you know what they're there so many other things to do we have so many other options. For its average kids that long baseball now. It's there are some don't or you might call it day Mikey likes baseball bat I understand people like baseball though they love this parks in the field tonight but. In the United States specially you don't have a first place team you know in in your town. It's just not popular so that's a question I have in fifteen years did you argue baseball like I'm trying to think they did better off that baseball better off because I think the one argument you can make is the health concerns of football the people who like boxing is not popular anymore you know I'll not say what the terms and a toxic gas and and that's now. You know they have other issues all night and know Kirk has argued that baseball is going to be like boxing. From a health perspective from the standpoint. I don't wanna play this because I'm going to be injured and on my kids playing this because they're going to be injured. I don't wanna watch this anymore. Might also wonder if that if we ever reached that point and also so maybe the question shouldn't even be which will be more popular because as you start the conversation by saying. The NFL is that it's so far out in front of it right now. But let's say on the popularity scale of the and a ballot that a hundred and baseball that he 55. In fifteen years but who loses more of the popular yes I would. I would say NFL because they have nowhere to go but down that's the thing it's like it was a two year or whatever year you wanna pick if that's the highlight for like a team fifth because if did you go too much further than that. People be it. At that that's mostly football and go sleep football player has after the death out. Game this is playing the he is. Hi cal oversight and in my section. That's exactly from last night Ed Johnson offseason or dale today I mean he is the opposite of some way the old school baseball I liked it Goose Gossage and these guys yet. Currencies like this is just used to it this baseball now because six innings fine laws strikeouts fine. Although I guess you can also indicates that all the strikeouts. You know strike out homer on walk all these guys doing that. Home runs are up in baseball which is a good thing but then when their jets. So money you know. Dry patches of actually you know 510 minutes goes by what what were we seeing here that's the problem yet the game has become home runs and strike its intranet it. And that's the problem let's go to the phones are now let's try this for a try going to the phones we have Jeff in Wisconsin. He joins us next what's going on Jeff. Yeah right this they now work. Yet to prosecutor and then they go hey Jeff this growth in the trash dumpsters with sorry Jeff go ahead. But that I think the injury to Christian that's as and that she could perplexed why hurt because now he actually gets shot that can hit big league talents even spring training on the C. A major like asserting MLB pitcher maybe one or two aliens and spring training so he's gonna show that is enough. They were the Red Sox are beat potential trade bait. And I think Brandon Phillips could maybe come up to the big. Say what the joy has gone down to Arizona for rehab and whatnot. Yeah I don't what Jeff and in the likes my heart that the timing of the basket injury news wire artsy but we're gonna find out over the next month and a half if he's any good at a trade deadlines at the end of the month so they. Look to move him. They're gonna do that sooner but he got to have a chance to do something last night was it was a good start for him. And that's operated Phillips to mossy you got him in the future of the Red Sox here at all. Now. I mean here is that you know he. He's at he's still at lol is he still Lawler he moved. Rapper toxin all be okay that he could be a tripling its line. I mean it's it's adapt thing you know three years ago yes now he's kind of via that dude BP disease you a better chance than new union as. Or. Holtz at this point. Yeah I mean if you did both unions and Juan Nunez get injured last year. Holtz has traditionally worn down when he's asked the plate full time see you at least have a situation where you can have the two of those guys plane neither one is mindful. Yet that that's probably the case and that adds or of the topic that we start the hour wave about which sport it's gonna be a better position in fifteen years. I think there's the baseball. It's also better all round them all lot longer write a significantly longer period of time that it's had some some droughts without the spikes. But the way it's set up right now. You know it's there it's Euro level that it sort. How much more popular Kennedy and yet but in this day and aids equity attention spans the mine included late how much popular can it yet or it just need to sort of maintain this popularity because people are trying to exit strategy to try to do this but the next thing you might have a different sport altogether yet hard to envision baseball having this kind of super surgeons where it's the national pastime again it feels like that belongs to football when football falls down a peg the NBA is ready to step in GAAP. That said. You know this NBA has gone through some major piece of Dow is pre nineteen Brodie they worked through broadcast in the finals live on TV you know down. Bird and magic came and rescued the league then Riley vol came in the ninety's and god awful yeah I was just yeah it was an ounce re well just like a off a lot of stuff that turned off. Big portions of America it is popular summer now and now it's back and now it's back is big is so hard but can you picture. Baseball. Experiencing back kind of resurgence. It seems hard just now doesn't seem like it's a sport of this time and of this generation and of the attentions billions of people and all that I'm old I love baseball I don't know if young people feel this was that like the steroid thing was one word game baseball picks by everybody enjoy it at that time and then afterwards. Some stills they file I I can tell us about the move on and take great you know that's still there or whatever just that's positive it is evicting her that's fine. But it did turn some people off as well you know that that they probably at the world you stop and there's there's going to be. You know issues with certain things like that the records that were so fallen for baseball fans who tracked and watched. That's that'll Europe like that they know the old 500 home runs the severe really significant milestone nanometers media and and I mean. If you wanna look at a sport that has pretty shrewdly turned a blind eyes steroids or TDs. Out they catch. Just enough guys every once in awhile cattlemen seems to be sacrificial and this time around retailer we have policy works yeah we police ourselves and work it out reality they have such an incredible job to make people not care about it soon. Thank you yeah I felt like if you find out that I got pop you said at manipulative girl because that the patriot outside and knowing the people. Well point to it there's another example banning their thing they do like I don't look at it on the pile of it a while but it has is that Jeter but you're right it's not like oh my god like a baseball suspension before him you know when when me and your Iran or somebody like that. Let's go to our paerson rock's current owners. And look good. Of Alamo although go to a noble Welker FaceBook all of going to be more well thirteen. Fifteen years now yup I'll think about it it's going to be baseball as baseball. Well based on the big game of the beautiful game Bridget you lucked out all of all of you brought an infusion of black. Technology though no way they became more modern. Little tweaks here and that's not what have you watched football. I don't think about it it's slowly committed to it every day here but look like they're. And what they are not a lot was a couple years you know she BA all four all coming out and I don't want strikes. And you know it gonna get ugly that you noted a couple of expression issue and everything like that yeah ordinary day. And even though you know I'll talk maybe a office in two years or six years. You know and I'll play. Everything if it darted out I've got to look again when they go much stretch you know how is gonna get ugly again I think all it is slowly. Elements and it it's not. Did say that multiple all JT fixed what it is you're. And they're all it would be more over here. Well no thanks for the phone callers I mean it's just one of those things where baseball they never reached the popularity of the NFL right what they've been able to do over the last several years but. Are they gonna get a better position they'd be happy we're where they are now than rocket raucous much which I think it I think there's a chance of that I think baseball. Again I think I think all sports are gonna have. A tough time with just the way things are now a bit like that technology at the number of choices that before when you're comparing certain numbers of sports and in the NFL Sunday. That was three. You know being able to stream everything that you never want any movie any TV show anytime you want and that whenever you want. We've talked about last week with the with the that you gave stuff and I I have to edit or staying out. The younger demographic it's got so into that and not just beat the gaming and watching all of that stuff but that's another thing on top of all these sports that are that are commanding peoples times so big ball. You know have their work cut out for him as far as you know maintaining the level of popularity they've they've each app over the last couple that. Yeah and I think the one thing we haven't talked about which would definitely favor the NFL is the expansion of legalized gambling yeah 'cause you never want to he's got to watch baseball you might. I remember like reading the odds as a kid in the paper in a dispute like. Minus 200 mind whether I diabetic. And even understand what I'm betting I know a guy who bets on spring training base. All you'll definitely yet the rats probably a problem that as army by the way that somebody that I know but nothing real failure of us that well you know frequently actions Olympic going on that's got to be in college basketball doesn't sound got to be something else 6177757937. The other story or wanna get suit coming up is. Rob Gronkowski still does not have a contract extension and Greg dart roar article this week talking about how there were multiple executive saying. Until he signs that expensive or they tweak its contract in some way. Maybe there's a chance that he is available Eddie goes it in depth about don't even some teams that might be interested in him. I figured the absolutely insane at this point to trade away Rob Gronkowski. Feels like that window past president I Philly or selling out that was your time yet draft day exact route and kind of move on from him whether or the week before the draft or somewhere in there would have been neat the ideal time I would've thought. To move off of him. It didn't happen. For the Red Sox fan base. Conceded defeat. Great they're great for Boston based. We're. People are watching and we got hold me oh punter back home in the Caribbean watch in the red. I think is it's a good team that I. Offensively. There's a team that. If you watch him again it was cool to see you know updated at home he's doing same time with books it's. Run the bases and steal bases completely. We're race. Sox manager outscored joined us earlier in the show and tell us that's you know the Red Sox are batting. Baseball are critical state warriors. They are not they're not there not there yet. But then they need to follow up you know what the Yankees Astros and Red Sox being sort of a different class than everybody else the American League. Is that a bad thing or not. And I agree with them especially when you have two teams that are on pace for a hundred wins in the same division. You know it sane one of those teams didn't exist it goes to the Astros in the Red Sox are smoking everybody. You might have a little bit better case for but the fact of one of these teams is gonna be that wild card play in game. And so you know that they're every bit like they can't just coast to the finish. But that the playoff race between the two teams in September when they play to the six times it's going to be denigrate stop him but here. Get an image and so when you get to the post season this is where will be the opposite and yet the NBA yeah you get to the playoffs and you know Houston gave Golden State run and they Oscars Bob knows him of that but he like that series but a series of calls the game to game games are terrible at a slow acts like it both ways so yeah. And we'll be at least you'll have when you get to the post season you're gonna have some pretty amazing matchups that hopefully be one game wild card since screw that up in Oakland and you know visiting New York or Boston. For the divisional series. But. You do at least have the potential for the playoffs to be exception that we're talking about today is yet the future of both baseball and football and that the professional leagues. Who's going to be in a better spot or who's gonna be closer to where they are now. In say fifteen years a sober back after the phone's got wrecked in westerly towards that separate. It. And yes getting to be grateful that. At all that generation of all right. And the big picture of the suggestion. Now. It. You can go I've. Yeah it's look it's all all yeah. All. Right we'll count well yeah. That's that you've done it now yeah that'll that'll that'll help again. It's. The Arctic. And got a. I don't know I don't know if they're not part of it. Let's injuries. Yet well so if you try to likes a right outside of the game that is just gonna create more strike spots right now those I don't I don't follow out. Yeah I think was it Brandon belt and it's 11 pitch at bat and yet artists here so. That doesn't happen that often and those are actually kind of fun like when they get Rowland outside and I'll lose Oregon actually not bad and cut them and injures them understand. How well it ain't that managers are told hello by the way this is random overtime vote Democrats. He had. Is like five or six years ago. And I stretch and gamer he threw 38 straight strikes really doubt that record I don't know basic tract that's that's right yeah particularly is great band like there's a YouTube video of the strike strike on its popular view it's here in the air and it strikes but stow. Oh to 100 that's pretty impressive we got dog in the car he joins us that they dug. Say eight out that's. LO LA you're on the air okay yeah that last caller is pretty much said what. Does. Right in at about the engine in May quit making a mockery of the game buys. Switching you to seven innings or outright that. That's not the answer. It's reduced it. I don't know about football it's gotta zone old set of problems. But baseball is just gonna have to go through recent. They're gonna have to say don't change it gain because they needed just alienate your base. But you can't just leave it the same continued or or is it just hope that people are gonna change their attitude about it. Yet but it is trying to make it more attractive. To the millennial sort of generation actors who have never watch it anyway. It kicked in which is ticket that they don't watch if the game has moved down to two hours. Now. I think might help but I think it might help that would help tremendously I don't know what the how seriously you can't force people. To do something and it just you can't say yet to say millennium goals and I worked well all I had I hate that word but if if yet if your marketing we're really honored to care all about the younger demographic. Well that your sports just gonna die with the people who are at daddy's like it in the when they that that they're not going to Watson is no more Democrats. Right to that you brought up boxing before and boxing still thing at once while there's a big fight people get caught up in it but. There was a time where you could probably make cases one of the major sports right everybody I've talked a great boxing was. And then all the different issues that happen it's not just one all the different issues out of together and coming out of sight out of mind problems and a lot of it was like graft and corruption and you wonder if to go back to your original question about baseball vs football football has a lot more of those kind of issues out the baseball that has. You know burying studies into whether can cut how harmful concussions aren't that kind of stuff yes it has you know all of domestic violence cafe on the Uga anyway and then you bring in. High powered woman who. Is supposed to and it makes suggestions and for reports and everything about how the leak and clean up its image in regards that kinda stuff and she gets ignored. It's a she quits and so the NFL has those kind of those of the kind issues that will road league's credibility right overtime and they haven't. You know this week would grounder in the Browner and McCoy all it's awful yes just it it's just like sort of a never ending cycle and of course you know trams tunnel at the kneeling thing goes so. That's a little bit beyond the least control that you in the way they've handled it. Has been pissed more and that's how you end up where you are now about two actual potential changes the pace also. I'm with the public the last caller doesn't forget about the fallout or the seven innings with a two out runner jacket on over and extra innings forget that stuff but the two out of I've actually been brought up and discussed. The pitch clock. And avoid in in getting rid of the shift the two different things. Our personal pitch clock. I'd be in favor of that because we ought to be good pitcher doesn't matter Chris they'll get the ball and goes. That that there's enough guys that aren't that that would impact them that for everybody else. Just get a different guys they've wrecked it and go cliff Buchholz Dice-K there's been a lot of with a Red Sox get the ball please. And pitch it. And and I know some might argue. While the game's three hours and now it's 245 is that really difference yet it it is over the course of a 162 games. I don't not a right watching every single inning of every single game. What you're gonna get an effort to answer your watch more of it if you knew the game starts at seven it's going to be over. Forte and you just are if you take fifteen minutes up every game that's forty hours over the course of the season that the work week it'll likely that you will say that's that's the point and then the getting rid of the shift and I guess the reason why that gets brought up. Is that people who are in favor of that think more balls Albion play it will be more hit of course then action yeah they absolutely would attend but I don't actually uncommon around and it's nice to say just hit it where the field is not that's what I was gonna move out you do what you have to do. It's apparently not that easy that's an hitters say it's not that easy whatever. But that's ironic yeah acting like if you if you say elect and the ball the middle will play up the middle. Right except that now what's next it's outfielders like hey don't shade to the left there I don't the pole hitter but he got it you gotta stand or your thoughts there about the look. That it was like the NBA illegal defense of them you know where. You know you can't just play yourself in the lane yeah because it's in law they wanna do shoot layups I'm gonna put my best guy in the lanes of I can't shoot layups anymore it's like it's its own college policy that much fun for ism. And I don't India not fit on the thing like iPad but it turns it happens after the second the Mac there are rules about where you can't nobody made him one problem and no one other idea it's been mentioned is infielders have to be. Yet the illegals are these the grass. You know that this is this is about entertainment it is not entertaining to watch somebody hit 197 miles an hour into right field and have a second baseman. Be standing there. That's not entertaining so I am. I am far less militant about back. If you wanna take that out of the game yet you're gonna put some analysts departments out of business yet were brought resort guests are doing good stuff a year and and that you know I understand my teams would the post of that. But from a pure entertainment standpoint it is not entertaining. Just like it wasn't when David or season's team started doing it in ten years ago this frustrate watch it sees it these line drives that are groundout like a lot of ground Mikey bought it down at third base line to stop because I don't know but it basically if things capital that you're forcing them to decide whether they want that because that's not what we are talking about changes to make the game more entertaining but my point is so a lot of the shipment David Ortiz shift in the -- on chip layouts are with those guys the team told me. Where yeah the second baseman playing like short right field shortstop played second base you know the third baseman times playing like it up the middle. You you have that. So I understand that that would be ruled out but. Could the shortstop for example play you know off what Novo. Right of second base he played that far the middle yet you just have to maybe you have little zones of something that they take Astoria you have to be this is if your heart stop you have to play with in this zone. As long as it's in the NC but I don't think that's gonna cut down on strikeouts that at all after the problems it may now has the right now on the so try to hit home runs there is trying to beat the shift they're trying to get home runs. And there's no stigma striking out it's been several years now where you look at some of the best players in baseball the end of the year. They strike got a zillion times you know whether they're judge harper or wherever it is being beaten. They strike a lot don't care that epic deal you struck out ports on there that that don't work out yet we so over the weekend training and I were just we're talking about. David Price than hated Boston athletes who are the guys write you rooted against actively when they were on your team. And somebody coupled one guy called and it's a belt mourn and remember that no one was hated it never made sense to me it's like a hit a game winning over among girls here he homered in game six and seven of the ALCS. I was like why did it and be in a guy I don't why he struck out too much struck ally yet he started out on he looked thirty. Any replace Todd Walker who I loved that they had good you love Audi is only here a year out of it figured out yet and it's like well he struck out a 177 times did you even tell me who leads the Red Sox and strikeouts right now as a hitter this year the most strikeouts. Check back with. See I would guess that too but it's actually devers. I'll catch. Yet yet devers and Angie Martinez. Also that's a great point about Jackie Bradley Ellis and Martina about the prize the devils got that in its results it's still at 330 yet but strikes out on because those guys there are trying to hit move shots and so that's. That's fond memories of merit you know every Nicklaus it earlier this year at the five strikeout game. Errors pollen on but what I do right in the Atlanta area to look to the first week he's like OK get booed and all that the you know he didn't wanna plus homers that it doesn't have to be that big deal. Let's go to Steve in New Hampshire what's up Steve. They got poses with her because talk about football first baseball and I think in fifteen years baseball to get a much better spot. Football players are on record not equipped for all that's probably not gonna all the whole lot. Now it definitely it definitely not especially when you know you you look at ethics of the call Steve you look at the NBA. The last eighteen years there's been a player drafted whose father played in the lead. But it's just so wrapped juniors you've seen now it across hardware there's so many guys that play. And that's that's a good point I don't punish football players who still say yes that you know it should place their kids do play. But it if those guys are saying don't do guys that have made billions of dollars are saying you know what. Maybe this wasn't the right thing. You're gonna cut down on the the overall product again because it is the best players which got a solid that it we're gutsy good examples this year when. The ex FL is that the next year and he won the alliance weaker than other called I don't want. They're going to be available watch Heidi think they're into ratings on yet it's not football knowledgeable. How they're not the star players and I think that was the start of criticism. Of the NFL where he got 32 teams. How many quarterbacks ago. And then you're seeing all the bad quarterbacks on Thursday night football news and you're seniors. And this is. Not that it's really changed over time we're seeing more now you can see every single team play whenever you want. You realize that while others like less than ten great quarterbacks in the world. And yet the big game this though. Focused on the quarterback and if those guys are good it can make for a pretty ugly form will we we always have this conversation you know baseball Mike Trout know he's the best player in the world nobody knows who he is. When Tom Brady retires who is the face of the NFL. Aaron Rodgers. In his mid thirties though probably the Shawn McCoy or he yeah yes seriously it's shady McCoy fortunately his base I don't Beckham yeah back at the base of the league. After radios. Probably brought him. This right athletic quarterback and then it's okay Rogers by the time Brady retires you know any year to whatever it is Rodgers would be like 367. Warriors you know so he did faces of the and the face before that was Peyton Manning who couldn't even throw the long face the lineup based on anticipated Manning. You know so it's like the NFL may have a little bit of a individual marketing problem as well. Let's go to Dave up in Kenya Hampshire native. Hey guys good sought out. I don't want to agree your boy. And I say we get it this year. And I think honestly make the game work and people. I mean I don't hundred bucks an opiate that I would like thirty bucks. I didn't doesn't have cable. At the period. 00. Lou we're losing it Dave but I get your overall point about. He just wants to to have a more bill what is pretty available there is one big east today at all he has. Is that they're trying to really relate to younger players are younger fans. A terrible job of showcasing their product is if there's a highlight in the NBA you know easy and quickly you see that. They give the rant or curry or the broader Harden somebody does something our random Tuesday night you go on Twitter you see it immediately. And they're not gonna get upset if somebody else takes a screen shot of it or takes the video off their TV and post that they think good. You're helping our product and enjoy watching and consuming our product. And it's probably a lead you back to it wears baseball's freaking out again you know Twitter account suspended I got there he showed that home run you don't have the express written consent like they're not helping them. Cells by any means on socially now I think the NBA so far ahead of all the other sports and how frustrating is it to be on Twitter. Or you know social media some form social media and you go to click on something to watch it. This has been removed because not a cop on the parents constant. The NBA let's that go even watching the World Cup which I know nobody cares argued their heads Croatia or other drivers doing the whole thing may just headed the ball off the line one awkward extra time we are an extra time but if you try to find World Cup highlights it's a pain in the you know while box as the exclusive rights to them on line and so you can only watch the little fox. Highlights. And you could eventually search and find something else but it's a pain it's like why are you making this typical night baseball does the same kind of thing. Don't make it difficult Mickey easy teams and leagues did this right from the start of the Internet become really big like fifteen years ago whatever they realized. Our highlights are going to be valuable. We want to make sure we on the rights to them and it's a pain in the ass you go try to find some famous player in baseball history of the clock it's hard to find a lot NBA you can find anything you want whenever you and its sports. Gambling is another part of that's who were the NBA's all in on the NBA's they would ever gonna work let's do it let's counselors talk about that for awhile meanwhile the NFL's how we get money now we reveal the monetize this that baseball. It is a more difficult sport to bet on the even though. They should probably try to find ways that to get things going just get more people through it.