Dale & Keefe - Which teams SHOULD be interested in Marcus Smart? Keefe is irate over LeBron next acting gig; Caller claims to have played at a high level for 40 years.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 3: Teams are interested in Smart but maybe they want him from a sign and trade, and apparently the Celtics are interested in the ancient sharpshooter himself, Kyle Korver. Which teams should actually be interested in Smart? Tomase seems to believe on contenders like Houston, Philadelphia and… the Lakers? LeBron is apparently under contract to make a comedy and Keefe hates it. Mike Francesa is back and has a caller who played baseball at a high level for 40 years.

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Speech that Galen keep show. Dubai and it Danny Ainge doesn't care that LeBron left the Eastern Conference and you know. It's it's ridiculous like he's not telling the truth DL Arnold. Ricci my back there yeah. I quiet problem here to get it they're definitely a problem doing that after that I on the WEEI sports we know. I. Our laboratory Palin keeps Sports Radio WEEI Johnson mossy is in for jail today. When he gets some of these Celtics news and notes and rumors and things coming up but looks get back some of these phone calls on David Price the start up this hour would Bryant in Pembroke what's going on Brian. Yeah on the Orioles. Our site is no. We don't. Need the great. Peter Cook turn out okay. So here here. Cora got it out don't move right inaudible and they are really. At the all our great. Leah now you have it at night here. In coral. I know I mean I saw you'd be down a starter so like who who is taking price is spot in the rotation. Suddenly you have this you have sale or sell Rodriguez that you feel good about and then you're waiting on the health of two guys that I've not read that Palmer it's in right now operates in those guys you have no idea where the united there themselves they're not healthy now you're looking at Brian Johnson. And Hector Velasquez. Started Giambi 40% of your game. So out of me that your interest I think you should be able to use price the rest of the way in the rotation assuming he is healthy I know is that too terrible starts but. It ERA in the mid fours not ideal for an ace or not ideal for thirty million dollar guy but fine for a guy in the rotation you can go a ERA he's amid force. It's the play I got the job would take that question and say come playoff time let's say everything is roughly equal to the with the way it is right now. Maybe pom rants comes back and he's you know what he was a year ago. What do you do then I can you movement to the bullpen now yeah I don't think he's go to the bullpen I think the best you can hope for is that you ride really steps up. And prices of fourth policies I think the only movement the bullpen and we we've mentioned this a little bit yesterday. Is if there is an injury if there's a bit of a hick up and mayonnaise on it back but we don't think he can give you six or seven innings. So let's given that role than that there's don't hurt feelings that way there's no fielders have been demoted yet the only problem with that is last year you remember. He. You know got into the post season was a reliever. And then was kinda like guy wished they had I wish we could've gotten me stretched out in all our out he was a little bit sour about that so if you go through that again. And you try to do that again. This time around he may not be as acceptable now do you think we're way ahead of ourselves but if he is slightly five is number will be retire leaving Saudia people who is a good start so far that if he is hold these the game four starter. How that's. I get a mat on this he's starting. It probably wouldn't be tremendous and go and eat right has the really out pitch him out even be a possibility mine but I'm just saying it is a possibility. I think right now he's probably counselors are number three guy definitely right now it's sale or sell price and and you really can't argue with that. Because he rod hasn't been like the world although. This time tomorrow maybe spit and a different soon it may very well priest John Keller turn off your packets go do Peter did you make a play without Peter. It looks peninsula reluctant to demonstrate an actress in a little bit of that. Bit operationally it would be. Your phone is terror I had a heart attack and I haven't a very difficult we can't make -- Peter Chris Sale is better than David Price we agree Chris sells much better Chris sells everything. Differently. How did last night for example talk about the fans soon after the games down arrow fired out the best rarely very simple personable and do you ever see via a camera guys Twitter on it's a guest residence or excel bill Messina and going Gleason death moves in gland yes and the one yesterday and who sat down with. With sale and joked about ripping up uniforms and cell was really funny. I have some history you know I terrorism is an altering of the things that are as great an Arab getting a personality they are and Salma anyways opposite. And we knew that any right from jump street legacy you know Red Sox fans get used to David Price for a year sort of what came with David Price again obviously worst last year. But you saw the kind of personality he had. And they bring in sale. In the first thing error reading about it was designed on Twitter because the first thing though that popped out there yeah he's he does it how to order counteract all right away and as a direct order in America Ken Rosenthal John Vollmer rose the doesn't matter who you are. You don't have his cellphone number as he hasn't given out to any reporter it does give it out so he. When he says he's you know focused on and on to score out there and pitching every fifth day you believe it was like that's that's always that's the only messages ever given you. And he goes up there he works faster than price the results have been better than price. He says all the right things like that they're they're opposite in so many ways price the last two years or year and a half. Wouldn't even look as bad as he did if sales all the White Sox because you we wouldn't be able to compare the two Sokol although he would be the quote unquote ace at that point so he might look worse because you'd be saying oh my god we have nothing I guess reports seller would be here aside I don't delegate could have him back but I would point you would be counting on him for more know that you fare you'd be relying on them for more bought. You wouldn't have the guy that's pitching that day before him going out there and doing everything right saying everything right and also an example of a guy that came from a out near pitched spurt team not the Boston Red Sox and then came here it was able to do it. And it's not you know it was awesome and eat you know you said how they're different think about. That image of sale walking off the mound in Yankee Stadium after shutting down the Yankees in the owed Enron outings yeah. He shuts them down and that video of him out of you saw walking off the mound. Staring at the fans he's just incredible he's staring into the stands like I am better than all of view and there's nothing you can do about it and it was so. Defiant and nasty and just. You know Miami bad bad man Gabby is the closest thing the Pedro and there's been some great pictures of between you know Beckett had an unbelievable season Lester was obviously very good. But it's. As far as you you got to watch the guy you can't wait to see what he does your look forward to moments in big games that's like the playoffs will be huge for him this year because. Was not a good performance last year. But a lot of people given the benefit of the doubt because of the first time that he was a let down in the playoffs and he was just so good during the season and didn't make excuses and didn't you know I did have all these these these nonsense press conference while the fear with sale has nothing to do with he's gonna shrink in the big moment now it's. He's gonna get to the post season that nothing left because like you said he's been polls these hundred pounds a little bit of a guidance is a real guy he's six foot six has a box tonight anyways now. Let's go to Paul in Cambridge he joins us sex what's up ball. They're rich they John. And yet we still to be careful on which released just so intent. He knows no other way to patient and honored I am sick eating European in this case you need to gamble and I love when he wakes up amount we might be a lake. The new sheriff in town. It was open. I'm I just pull them albums talk I wanted to talk about teller Elijah I listened to that station when I shaped. And I heard him talk about but also that the fellowship of the miserable oh yeah and you know I do go back on the little bit and maybe you guys but. I remember crying this which hidden game seven what book gives him when he motorist out for some reason 75 I think we won because of this whole month. And certainly remember having a little transistor radio and in my head and Bucky Dent just quiz want to let them like this can happen but yet as a less so woman when the game. He pops up and of course 86. And then 2003. Driving back to work cash in my reduces Lucas non yelling so I. You know the bullets when the Stanley Cup but they smoked in game six I could kill common the Celtics one and a seventeen but. Trying to get eighteen with a thirteen point lead that would helper I know we will go into in me it's still rude I'm sorry I'm somewhere between Stuart Smalley. And that they'd be down. I don't apologize at don't apologize for Paul I'm I'm Whitney just because they wanna titled great enjoy that title at that time and that's great and ended is gonna change you a little bit as a fan base are no longer the the loser of the lovable loser were ever really YouTube wants that things are a little bit different. But that doesn't mean every year after that it's hey we should be thankful for that title all those years ago it might not really worry about this year everything's gravy now what you should still be super into the team and and want them to win at all costs but also. Question I'm a little bit we saw the last two seasons ended for the Red Sox so why would you go in blind that they can win the division again and things for. Now they're gonna be different viewed as just say you're just go over same so bad I think Bill Belichick. Exactly and it's. A bell at second still answering questions about Malcolm Butler you know are not answered questions but being asked questions about it. And then you get dual though I would like to be a fan of the browns I'm not yeah I don't read it first thought it not like to be and I'm not I'm not from there I was not born in Cleveland I don't I don't need to know what it's like to be a browns fan it's fine Amal patriots fan a Red Sox may have suffered Bruins fan it is interesting noted here fans like Paul who are who are old enough speed on to be that much older than us. To remember. 86 or that's probably a little before your time but still. All of the near misses that Boston had Tanya and to think that there's a whole generation of fans who know nothing ignite the air sporting memories start with Brady beating. Ari coming opera gets finally Davidson is all nonstop promised we'll get to what's going on the Celtics is a guy that they are interstate him. Who they played against in the playoffs us are surprised to hear his name brought up. Also the markets are update the jeweler we just we sit around and Norway and I can you imagine how he feels. To stratosphere where he's gonna go over a couple of teams linked the markets are in the idea of a sign and trade. So we'll get to the NBA offseason specifically with the Celtics plus more your phone calls 6177797937. It is dale Keith Johnson mossy is in Sports Radio WB yeah. It's Daylon keys to mossy in for dale today Sports Radio WEEI. Is this for me and it's on for me. Nice to get the John Popper thanks a lot when I'm at long fairness on anything else is Treo I'm against John -- it's been awhile to their job by Andy rating that was kind of a Psycho those in the he's react. Like a decent mile track people down yet is their house on Twitter that he had a troll and literally the guys address the bloom off on Twitter and that's gotten ought to go to property different. That he Jennifer Aniston of them well now that's in about the guy called that let's back up about the Counting Crows back up we city looks like me. No I don't want to acknowledge that some of these these rock stars that none of it'll play masters it's fair arguments tiny tip before. Treated very well I don't think I have ignited vapors cleaned up now. But he's again that was our game rooms and sex and. Love them. Guys. The red haired guy. He just had hard times I dormant oh now you're a guy with a bad hall yeah I just a cameo. Man idea where his own bad enemy that wears though about how edgier and she's experienced not I don't doubt it looking guy but yes he's who has just five sex symbol ladies like them yet honey and his voice there. The young Celtics update it sounds like I did not see this uncommon John but it sounds there are reports from the where's that Sam amigo hoops informally yeah he's like USA today OK it's that it says. Core sale of Nikko of a meego hoops. I can think he used to be US and fair enough he says that the Celtics have expressed interest in trading for cavaliers sharpshooter Kyle Korver. He says Korver stirring. At least some interest. From the Toronto Raptors Boston Celtics Philadelphia 76ers. It's kind of weird and all of the quote unquote top teams of three best teams says there's all three are east contenders are Korver did major boost off the bench for team looking to reach the finals bought. All those teams are hesitant to surrender a first round pick for Korver of the Catholic league hold onto them again those teams could change their mind he's thirty sevens like why would you give a first round pick for a man like whoever is a good. Shooter being shooed him not much screens which I give up your own and her lunatic. For Korver. The days ago what we've seen third Robert Williams so far I don't yeah I've got problems losses wallet the view that he's off to a great start. This guy he would pick ever yet first if the baby sitter now. He maybe he slept in for the conference call and miss the team flight he hurt his knee was fun and welcomes other leg issues and losses wall. Opponents that's. And while it's it's necessary and so I think it was Dickerson was in here the other day and said three years he's union Turkey but maybe two years. Critics no well I got a lot of guys gonna last. What would I think their pick next year that their own panic and they have other picks their own might be number 29 via. So would you give that up as part of a deal for Kyle Korver and it's effectively a second candidates admit I mean in your party have the McCain's pick and isn't terribly spectacular late first round picks over the year you make it the clippers picnics here. But to the year. Attempted kings pick obviously yet which is gonna be great yet. And then the grisly Specter the grizzlies Tony toy aisle that could that's protected site think it was about seven rein in its top eight next year and a navy top six and analysts and other texts that actually also I think the clippers like top fifteen or some like bats you could have. The sixteenth pick from the clippers out of values he put it that way all of a sudden I'm counting how many it like how many of these images and Kirsch time you have a selling you really need odds I'd take a shot account Korver he's gonna get seven and a half million dollars each of the next two years they if you do that you saying you sing about a Smart and now I never missed I don't know I had no idea that the captain hunter to being manipulated -- slowdown in all sports but dusty bullpen that has some of the latest on markets Smart as well and it just seems like. He's saying again in the Boston Herald of this thing could take a little while this could drag on. And he says it's unclear now if the Celtics would be willing to revisit their extension offer from last fall. Which is reported in The Herald for four years at more than twelve million her a chance or whether that would work for Smart the gas. I would that should work for some Smart it should work realistically like looking at the market yes. But from the Celtics perspective you say you missed you you mr. chants when he's really doubting himself. He's edited on eleven real to go out there as an unrestricted free agent and make a ton of money yet he's betting on himself that he wouldn't yet you're right and he wouldn't sign Matt Ford twelve he'd take six point one implant the air and then going to free agency that. It was like the David Griffin stuff we had yesterday from Jeff Goodman's podcast yeah there. And we've made this point ever gonna bust despite markets Smart. Is only valuable to a team that thinks it is on the cost of competing with Golden State. You know he's right he's no look it's very content and he's he's the guy can put a contending team potentially over the top. While the dirt dodgy stuff that he does dad to go out and Fiat and you know all the Trot Nixon that that is gain all the Trot Nixon that he can Muster. And a team like the kings you see what is what is the yeah let's just let's unless you think that they need like a veteran player but even that I think you can finds all of more years owners felt like I'm still leads in Asia. Just finishing up his rookie deal is Byung yeah I mean outs only three teams that should be calling market Smart. Rockets yes sixers lakers like those three teams anyone of them lakers. Lakers makes a ton of you lakers you're going after all of these bombs are as deep rock they admitted that the bronze idols guys yeah if you you're probably to. Quest elect and his fab five is that a bad news that is the sixth man five he Magic Johnson just admitted that yet LeBron. Side Stephenson McGee and Rondo. And then point also is that that this lakers team is designed to beat the late the orders did you hear that yes so if you wanna beat the rule warriors you need someone like markets Smart but it's not a bunch of who we. There's no way they could beat the one out but they haven't beat the jets wanted to play as there is RB there's a budget personal kick to pick the warriors don't what they're doing what I can build outs quorum so you gotta get masterminds that he and Stephen a though that's it you can't beat them by outscoring them how did beat them the Celtics always beat them like are keeping them. Below. They keep that they're I think they were one of five teams to keep them below ninety points last year they won a fourteen to do it the year before they only play him twice a year right. May play defense against them markets Smart is that a hard are asked are so if if your the lakers in your talking about what you said Edward we're not gonna try to let's go army you know what that's marked as you can't the problem hill and -- problem as the lakers aren't gonna give anybody multi year deal right now it's mark CS title one year deal play for the lakers if they should give him a multi year deal like that means but they wanna make sure they can make. Whatever they wanna do next year whether it's quite Leonard and cousins and who yeah Weber of Jimmy Butler again wanna make sure all their doors or opened a candidate but if you're liberal line and you say and I guess it is given the latest look at JaVale McGee all year that's I think he's punting on this year you want to why because he's making a comedy film. Did you see it yes LeBron James is an ideal but Paramount or is he wants to star in a comedy he's gonna wanna diary that was not. The carrier movie I'll player right now Harrier was moving our local drew it's got to make more money than the stupid over. Movie and it's gonna have a better ray Rossi and I'm better rating on rock alone although I'm. Train wreck Amy Schumer LeBron was the funniest thing you know it was not in front of us know LeBron well we've been really good he was in the world I want why even the best at Toledo that's on being number one knows better and John C I didn't play John Sina. The Bruntlett abroad but no I love you but no he was it was good like he was not it was terrible as you anyway they don't Bill Hader later could do was seen with a mop into incredibly but I can mop should probably get them they win the Oscar. Watched T can't even give him that he was good in trade act on the Bryant is to license it was a trade all of us do what matters and who is better and train. Opera Ozzie I don't what you need at least you've reviewed the infinitely Somalia pulled out all right let's make an answer does airport in the corner you have to answer who did you enjoy watching on screen. LeBron James. You know prices. Well he's but he saved consumers easy wouldn't give he would not give rise to the status back he hired the I'm not a big game humor plan to do when you watch a movie which clearly did on the ice on train wreck that a big Bill Hader and get nominated for an Emmy for Bay Area or as an area for everybody that doubted for a bunch of stuff. He graduation bill later I was very answer the question is out there that they right now can you hate both of these people so much it's like a Sam Kennedy soliloquy where I just hope we forget the class. It was also rated at a movie. Aren't I also say the answer very eager to hit. North by northwest. God. Yeah they complain in the you know you're an empire and where. He can't you have the accessible accountable for the media card from the. So he's sobered Jim Irsay. Beat and after a quick win and but yeah I don't sing at the hole and work. The hold advancing he's like he's out all Masset out went on our by the right and nobody answered that question let's move on another course and these guys were miraculous regiments. I don't think I will sit LeBron was better and I'll say the reason why he wasn't in it as much. Eight insurers in the every seasons as part of the body to my broad array yes she was everything good Schumer fan okay. So I was good enough for me I'd like she's really do like that movie about the moves. About everything about the bad parts of let's get back to what I'm talking about just. We will I trust is real quick do we have any of like I think I've seen them online where they have like the mashup of LeBron ends. I've just a bunch of his comments in a row where they were actually add living. Add living hater fentanyl line and may be dead but LeBron still had to deliver them and they were legitimately. It's and ended things you're Cleveland Mike Scioscia played awesome in the gonna play LeBron James in the movie early Zia play different character. Yeah he's it's like I am a character his name is uncle and yes a a minute. He goes old face and he goes the Rucker park sounds very similar is that it's a Coke movie in acknowledge that kid to a Coke will be. He. It's. Drew is not okay. At the box of Bosnia and he does not either side but last check it was doing. Ethically it was seventy spit it at work. Now life. Is like six years Steve. Bonds yet there's daddy. Everything they should. The site. It's just a so 65%. On the critics score four a cauldron at that bad because there's a certain number critics who just arc and again it. Ordered hate this movie vertical or greatest sportsmen is they're gonna hate the just the conceded this like how many times you have to watch these. Old old guys dunk on unsuspecting young guys. Some of us could watch that for three has not wanna see LeBron movie but I think we're gonna get one and that's one of the first base and goes out to LA. Besides Rondo McGee's Stephenson may be his eyes and it was a movie. Made it a day though it answers in his movie like John Wallace and Walter McCarty he got a game of the access those guys to fill up the roster with the cheeses and bogey. And who there's one other guy maybe in detail right there to fill holes laws. John wall's fall to work hard. Dahntay Jones it's a real sort from that Nixon like he had a one for me was blue chips include Jerusalem and olives that's I love them. William penny plan but McCray yeah. Ricky rode there is an Shaq playing the onboard now. There was the Indian attack them blanket count now while cal would change Robert Cheney when I was and he wasn't it announced they can somebody else. All the other players they're playing a dead end. I think coverage yankees that was in the early ninety's so that he had no no he was definitely an a but there's somebody else that I was thinking of it was light. Sort of be like. Crew cut added. Typical not James stadium then now now he was was was he was on an unused Minnesota on their side and I don't know there's a guy who is the guy with the almighty Matt know over. All Matt Novak. Matt Novak having played. That over the mattered over without him out yet al-Qaeda that's the one he made it because Georgia Tech at him you know the golf player right yeah available to coaches Bob Cousy was not lose it ends then you know the middle of 2000 theirs referred. That's so that's docile moves of all time. Here's the thick heels. Jerry Tarkanian Jim bay hi I'm Kevin Garnett which they do not remember. Allan Houston picked by pal George lynch Larry Bird Travis Ford Rick Fox Calbert Chaney Matt Painter. Rick. Nolan Richardson. My coach yes yes for a lot of dirty coaches and they're all like playing up the idea that they're dirty hit yeah Ali savage is a full. Fully embracing it at 61779793. Sevens the phone number from a cultural and Jason your best seriousness of my life it's called back to the Sam Kennedy and who's out devils side by side of good. Person put myself included issues. And. It's. Same voice in this then boy dies. Those. Guys guys. Albany Acxiom Kennedy Bruce. Eat at. The account and use that which is let's first put myself in it again I'm out. Yeah. I think since overs of bird understand it to sound very proud of them sounds like if he grew out it's just like the Ellen Jerry Upton VO Richardson were voice that they sounded the same these two sound one sounds like a bizarre O war version via. Oh yes you are a little off the senator here there's there's a lot of good ones on a lot of voice. Near matches there. Are we get your phone calls here also I wanted to mention this before but the yeah. The home run derby John might be back bigger they get really the who's who to participate mess plus we have the latest. In the Mike princess interactions with a caller one of you want another one they can we can add to the the hall of fame. Well it's all that coming up next here on sports rated W media. And Paris. Okay. Don't tell me the home run derby is fed job they announced the participants say in the bracket last night and like a bracket format first of all brackets are great second only to power ranking that's right at midweek even power ranking the home run third participants so there are eight guys that are gonna sock some figures next week Monday night home run derby. I know OK Betsy said no thanks JD Martinez who leads the world little runs he also had the past John Carlos Stanton. He said don't thank you Eric judge who had a million albums last year he also does not want to and for a month about it it and maybe maybe directly due to being in the derby and Jackie Bradley. Off him Mike Trout not in there as well bucks. It is a regular who's who at a baseball fans out and tell you these guys are. There's first hole seven national leaguers won American League I don't which is so we don't get that part of it looked at all about as those before enforce that you couldn't find for American leaguers zone they found one. And he apparently is the four seats at this is the this is the bracket which is announced last night in you can kind of see why I moved to vets would say. The home run derby yet though 18 matchup which I'm sure a lot of people are are a sudden there their clocks for pays is that guar. From the Milwaukee Brewers. Verses Reese Hopkins. Philadelphia Phillies yes oh god yes yeah you don't do that because I guarantee they're people who don't out rule are. Yeah that's right that's right everybody arrival are Hoskins will be the opener. They will face the winner of Alex Bregman. Loan AL gas the only American League guy from the Astros and Kyle should barber. Yeah now you do you have this is the money Brothers the money match up in the first round. Below is gonna be out right away Bryce Harper who's really only doing it because it there at their home his home park yet. But that's about all he's good for. Yet just fingers. And Freddie Freeman who's a real all star around on the house super popular areas of baseball fans definitely don't party Freeman he's he's been but the Braves a long time and he's a good player. Either in the last match up is Max Muncie. You really think of Freddie Freeman knows like an overwhelming and he's he's the first baseman now ladies usually in the total amnesia like low twenties right yes these outside that I think of Freddie Freeman is is just that yet and they get a good player in fighting in place finish in baseball and probably would known as walls do. And in the last last matchup with Max Muncie. Great story is a nice story for those who don't know what he's Brian Daubach. Brian Dunn back if back came up for two years spent got released Heidi aids or even weren't even at the time. Spent a year in the minor leagues and then came out. A couple weeks into the season it all twenty of them homers that he would usually it over full season yet to be at the men like 180 that's right and done Javier Baez CF who can't you more clubs that you do American League back. Tackle our is leads yet announced this morning three armor on the spot press Harper's point two months months is 41 home runs Bregman is nineteen. She warmer as seventeen. By as as eighteen Freeman has sixteen. In Reese Hoskins. Has fourteen home it's got to be the lowest total. In the history it owns and operates fourteen over especially now with the home runs back the ball as Jews people are at home on some but at the end season totals are still really good. And this guy's on pace for under thirty home runs. What would the alternative settlement or B&B effort he policy skills on items in on skills company what are the skills that you do on that if filing at all yeah Drew Neitzel who. Yeah Tom may have skewed bucket I can do that that's an obvious one now you have. I don't know what would be if I'm always got their home but first our first the third or something like that note be a good rated him do the dike. Home to first for one guy home to third for India currency gets there first the passage unclog. Something like that the than some speed related thing. I don't know how you do late making catches are fielding routers don't usually doing that. But who has the best outfield arm like accuracy things like again. Pitchers to be terrified to do it progresses and as humble hundred students at that looks like. Yeah block and it has a guy arm a little this couple hundred a day they got figures about I don't think they should get rid of the home run derby. But I also wouldn't be opposed to Condit on you know four dudes do trying to bring out harper Aguilar Freeman in you know Bregman in and out you know or Muncie if you want because of the story yeah I hear the four guys in there were words were good. Or in the in my shaved on the rounds and maybe get more guys to do it if they knew that a worst case scenario. I'm taking two when he swings on them like I have to tell you and all the things that you'd cover as journalists. The home run derby is one of the worst fans it's auto like any year that I was at an all star game in a red sock with and that there. I'm old want no part of this like tutor tees to it and Arizona on Ortiz definitely did a homer and editors that may be is that I just number one as how a couple of because thing out so repetitive arm of the few people who who likes the die. Most people don't. I I don't mind it but if you made that a three hour events via everybody and everybody is doing the same Duncan that took almost certainly in times. Brett and I think also that what park it's it really is a big difference. Watching at Fenway is pretty sweet. But while I'm a big fan of watching me executives' kids directors Jack in the libel it's Friday and each other to that's yeah it's totally rooting for one of those cute aren't they usually headed into the wind out of me not be there are a little bit being that I heard just embarrassed me yeah or they look apparently it didn't want to do that Ron's like calls her body off eventually drops behind don't honestly know we can make a play is always wanted to just never moves. Yes yeah that's always I look what just tell these kids running it's going left the U street and it's just one it's usually don't know there's also like the random sixteen girls is out there a parkinson's tricycle and a whole lives and Holler hey look make it plays like today. There speaking shaving. Braga are gonna go there. But there's over there I mean there's probably the least amount of interest for this is there's been made it very long time I seriously gazes at below market hits. 35 homers out there known here that nobody cares or no I mean the jaguar Hoskins matchup is one for the ages that reminds you of Griffey Thomas the wire very similar gaffes on McGwire and they've they've. Now we haven't had my princess on the show awhile as far as some of the audio from the show he's been back he's he's back and bit better than ever as we've been told yet if you days off that are from four that makes his view view that makes sense. Now Andy you told I've not heard this yes I'm looking forward in this you said he had a collar very similar to a caller that we have had in the past yeah I think we should compare them some of guys bought our first or hails his front is he's a rings bell for a cat. And there's it was a bit. Eight my image board at a very high level for forty some odd years weekly initial adrenaline levels in forty years away. Good answer. A high level for. Forty years the season student of the game with that in their current ideas here that run these things a student gamers studies the I'm certain elegance. Yeah are not supporting some high level to play political level for forty years when I get my name is satchel put the fate of a parcel Cologne and a there was music on. That is really impressive stuff. All the Clinton political level for forty years where. Well I'd say you know from walk away from Little League all the way through college for years our city and so and so forth and then. Picked up by slow or all. It's our Google and you don't have. That doesn't count volatility here. This again if you look at men's league baseball photos of the same sport yet so you want your hockey league till I was fifty so he could threaten that if you play. Well I would say you know from what went from Little League towns for eight years our city and some won't support and then. It's so I saw oh yeah you. He's got the part warriors host the Saget drafted I've played in the mind else before yours so Little League that's for years to high school that's four years college that's four years still got a ways to go to get a 48 years of softball. That's a lot more. Societal or I'll continue to talk about a candidate must appoint. A bit like going to the last eighteen games which is roughly three weeks for the Yankees. The Yankees. Our nine wins and nine losses against Tampa eighth and we antiabortion Atlanta to Ron Paul Batista and his son is an incredible they would do for a bit Ron. He's definitely again by the way does the iTunes are nine wins and nine losses and hit a Philadelphia Boston Atlanta Toronto and Baltimore Miami and settle this right now again colonel they would do for a bit Ron. He's definitely I was on the F plus Hillary's waited hang up on the guy immediately when he said god plated a high level Hillary's attempt monastery together through more chips. So does that remind you thought that it's very clear who reminds me to go back to the phones we get to Rome in that situation with the trauma. Well good real good isn't. He's solid intelligent well I am I have been these guys are making me crazy. On Tom Brady and nobody out or history or completely forty liked. But it is something I played high level myself Greenpeace. And you might. You had to leave you words you don't want to live BP has thrown at Mac with where we're no where either the hot high level where residents. Always. I thought that adds that. Go ahead I'm done with them in my mind was it melodrama that back to back years or did you have a year between where you were robbed. It back to back. So us. Network. Now. History and no intelligence though. I. Words or retire what we're just how old are you are Albert result play. You think Brady's not gonna play your car. Hired its morning Brady's secure around you don't think he can make that he was able to do something that you're able to do you got to give credit. Partner Ali and I can't seem to. McConnell creek in. This campaign and into certain forward this so that our. And into. Really hung up on the avocado ice cream DEA you like daddy's Sutton about you know you're original credit for his diet everything else he did Lincoln like myself. Nice Braintree girl flight Braintree flag findings about how ridiculous starts socket which is a Braintree guarantee by the that'd take him down remember there as an hour. Borderless that we actually looked like online information nothing Bradford now football league so we can get some Leon who remembered Jerome fondly to Rome on. He called them his and I feel like as I said last night as well. There's not many drones and situated we certainly he backed authorities they talked about some bells recalled back after that call. But I feel like he's he's like he's got friends down there and our coverage reflect full a well I mean maybe it's not what it used to be. I'm sure he was out there swinging the ball. Rounded out. You know it is probably event that I really miss something unfortunately announced on oh loss will but the luster. But I love that that that sit with. Let me tell you some they would when somebody called it did it and they start with that the most thing among early years and listening let me tell you thought I played at a pretty high level. Are you sure but a lot of shots. Important order content never got certain. It is credible diets should Hamas and they retired it's morning and yeah Barry Sanders Jim Brown seal that they went on top category. When I fighter myself. I'm more impressed by Jerome. By. You know leaving behind though George Costanza. Compared to this other guys is hanging on planes always. Here's a game like this board at a very high level for forty some odd years I applaud them on my levels in forty years now I'm with you Mike while I could say you know from what away from Little League all the way through college for years our city and so and so forth and then. Picked up our so walks all continue to. And it might out of my wasn't his launch your hung up on him because he's that high level any included Little League. I've Milo there a book I was blue in the Major League team did well lit all star team there okay the high level given that. Let's see with you you left Iran Montessori consider themselves yeah you know like sort of the same thing because Mike was eating I didn't really notice it. So all OK you don't got a little little point. What's the point of judges while violently that I gotta gotta finish this this solved. That gonna get back to the show. All right it's good it's always good detective would like princess that was solid enough exchange there's the it's the same the same great show still Eaton who's still eating on the airs and Oprah no naps recently hasn't taken a sneaking capital while. That should ask about it. Now I'll brokered I would I'd never heard out Alberto Albuquerque and at all I don't know Allah Allah and I call now. 61777. I 7937. We get the money our company Norway next we go back to the David Price awkward dance show on C plus in the key for madness to and the program here until key Sports Radio W yeah. Go ahead I'm.