Dale & Keefe - Who gets the 3 poop emojis for the Bruins; Why the hell did Toronto boo the National Anthem?

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, April 24th

Hour 1: The Bruins loss leaves Dale and Keefe to hand out poop emojis to Bruins players this series. Would it be beneficial to play Ryan Donato in Game 7? The National Anthem was booed in Toronto; Boston is much classier and will not return the favor.


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Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Possible. Love and hate something to the exact same moment yelled yes I do it every day. I think it's because I love the game sevens. On. Hey you know you don't especially Europe 20 and 31 you do not love a game seven of them are but here we go. Tomorrow night game seven and I feel terrible. Tell me why shouldn't feel terrible they'll home ice advantage last JIT guy out unless they change stage yep that's right Google for last change. I I hate. Game sevens you know it's all on the line. I've seen the Bruins lose game sevens at home against the Washington Capitals and Montreal Canadians. I've seen them win game sevens at home that improbable come from behind win over the Toronto Maple Leafs in game seven. I hate. Hate the tension of a game seven it is it is brutal and there are some good moments in the game last night obviously not the result that anybody wanted but there's a stretch there in the second period where it was asked frantic as we've seen in the entire series is back to fourth chance after chance after chance. And it kind of had a game seven feel last night obviously it's been a game seven for the Maple Leafs last two games. But you could feel a lot during the game at last night and met him even more amplified outcome tomorrow night. It actually was probably the best game of the series so far just the mastermind of action yeah it's just stuff going on in. It had everything except I don't know goals. For the bronze I typed in in the case of last night's game I thought to caress was good yeah rhetoric standards and was great. That was the difference in the game day was and they both had games prior to this where they're both great they've also had games with a both been bad fact they've they've opened Pulte. So you don't really know what to get but these guys both. You know came to play so I expected Rask to bounce back after getting yanked in the previous game and not being very good at all. He was great he had some incredible saves you don't want respect we take you now and that that you know kept them in the game at least for the moment. So he was good I know he has played in three game sevens in his career back and he was with three games you just mentioned series one and two. In game sevens the goals against is like. Almost four when it's it's not ideal but he does have that experience at the the very least. I think when you looked at last night's game and it's it's start to get you can tell the frustration. You have the best line in hockey in my opinion all season long. I think the line of marsh and Bergeron impostor knocked in the best line in hockey 330 goal scorers 99 goals between them on the one line. You know twenty points in the first two games of this series. But here's the ugly fact in the three wins. That line has it has accounted for 23 points. In the three losses they have none. Not a single point in the three losses. And that can't happen for you to win that line can't be. Without a point and I also thought you had. A deeper team than you do that Rick Nash has been invisible they had to bump him down to the third line. And they just haven't looked rightly I think going into the series you said all right that first words amazing in the first two games they've proved that out but. I at least had the feeling that if if they struggle for game or Toronto. Really puts all their efforts and a shutting down the top line. Crate she did prost in Nash should be able to score the return of Riley Nash with Backus and we thought Heidi and although he gets benched last game if he has been playing very well. I thought they had more scoring lines but it does feel like it is all or not the not too much pressure really on the first line. Barry Petersen will join us at 330. Part of the discussion we'll have Woodbury we were having last night as he and Billy Jaffe and I were sitting there watching the game together. And that when it became clear that the Bruins were about to drop game six and bring up the game seven I turn to both of them and I said would you play Ryan Donato in the next game and immediately both sit now. Oh why would they didn't even hesitate and now Tommy will angles is an airliner based on the lines today at practice Tommy dwindles will be out. Dan heightens gonna go back back in and not Ryan denial they've got done. They got Heiden on align with crate Sheehan to brusque. They've got the two Nash is on the line with Backus they've got a fourth line you know back together again. And of course that the top line but it would appear less some the changes between now and tomorrow night yeah that does not will not play in the debt behind and we'll go back. And I know he wasn't very good he played in game two we cannot get a ton of ice time he was never out on the power play in and so he didn't play in game one and there's a lot of debate about that I thought he should have played game one he didn't they've they've. Be crushed Toronto in that game didn't seem to matter even in game two or he didn't really give you anything didn't seem to matter. But I was definitely and understand what angles and and where they played him last night that was kind of an odd choice to me that almost felt more like a clos Julian move being like. A we are really trust my veteran guys are not as concerned about the high skill guys. I would love to see Donato in the game tomorrow but. They must have seen enough on my guessing game to that that I guess that's the only argument you can have as his one chance in the playoffs he did not look very good. I think I'm I'm just theorizing your Ivan talked to Bruce Cassidy about this but I think that it would be looked at within his own dressing room is a panic. He he looks in his dressing room he sees this group of twelve forwards that I just named. And and that mobile forwards or that team is saying. These guys. Help us all yearlong look at what we did but this grill what about bench behind in last night is out of panic well. Com well you had a veteran guy who you could put in as opposed to benching a guy. To stick in a kid playing his second Stanley Cup playoff. He's a guy that that you know the team that's helped you all year Heidi and helps you longer than dwindles as you get wiggles so that's there and so used you go at him but I understand he has more playoff experience but. It doesn't have much still in the not so I don't only played a dozen games in the regular season but. He looked up for that challenge and again he wasn't great in his first game but. I would love to see him put a model aligned with great you'd see if they can get anything going because you thought it was unique traits you'd Rick Nash that hasn't worked out. That you thought maybe it'll try to wiggles on the on that didn't work out. So I think the next thing you could do it this is something we talked about. Before the series began and we found out but the not a wasn't a play game one is Cassie was there. Pages of these on the first game doesn't mean we won't see him and they play in game two and I had more to do with the injury but now that you have Riley Nash back and now that you know Patrice Bergeron missed a game in the series he's going to be playing. You have pretty much your full compliment of players. And I think you know we've seen some tough stretches for a number of guys I think it would make sense to go back to your young got to give you and I spark during the regular season. Don't you feel like most of the pressures on the Bruins tomorrow night off all of that is all that you had a a two nothing lead the series as you pointed out he had a 31 lead in the series. Toronto to their credit has now forced game seven. Primarily because Frederick Anderson spent the first star of the game in the last two games that's been the difference in the price right so now you've got a game seven. You Wear the better team going into the into the series you had a home ice advantage you had the big advantage early on. You looked like the globetrotters on ice plan against them in the first two games of this series. And now all of a sudden you know your your pacing game seven eliminate. This would be a huge choke job by the Bruins if they lost tomorrow night I know is not a three goal lead so it's not you know as jarring but you're still 31. Which would mean you lost three consecutive. Elimination game to a chance for you to move on the second round you lose three straight times that you have home ice you have the better team. When you look at it and based off the playoff seedings you know this probably shouldn't be the first round match at Toronto they both should get an easier opponent that's I'll works out. They are the better team they're the best team I think in the Eastern Conference even though Tampa finished with a few more points than they did. They absolutely have all of the pressure on the Toronto as any guy once trauma mated a series they're there and and they they were able to. You don't prolong the series winning on home ice I don't think they have anything to be concerned whether. There was a moment today at practice over hero warrior arena at the end of practice practice was done. And Zdeno Chara gathered a group of players around him and it was Patrice Bergeron and Brad marsh and at tore recruit and David Backus it was. You know the veteran leaders that you think about. And they were all gathered together at center rice in just having a discussion amongst them. And you can imagine it was along the lines of we've got a lead this team we've got to show. I get this done tomorrow night. I I loved and and Chara had a lot of those leadership moments that we've seen lately there was that the animated bench you know dressing down he was giving his team the other night and he was game three gaffe. You know we're up in Toronto where you know he's gallon at them and try to get them to gulp. What they did yesterday. What he did today I should say after practice that's another one of those those moments now we'll see if anything comes of. Yeah well that's what they needed in the that's worth raven Ashley was in the group Jones are yet and that makes sense in those guys all have significantly more playoff experience and even their head coach Bruce Cassidy is only. Coached a couple of teams and a couple playoff series whereas those guys don't Charl obviously is. As wanna Koppen Bergeron marsh and so many element and they've played an atomic games. So it is gonna have to come down to them and say it's a huge. Huge gain because. You look at them and you think about some of the playoffs successes that they have had in their careers. But they also don't wanna series in four years but there's a bit of a drop down these guys as your best players on the on the on the team. So this is hugely the they have the opportunity. To win the whole thing they're that good leaders on another team in the league that is. So far past them like there's no gold say wars as we've pointed out throughout the year. So that this is up for grabs you cannot lose in the first round. Here's what you're not gonna get from may. If they lose this game tomorrow night your not gonna get. Well they're young they're probably had a schedule we probably didn't expect him to get this far this fast you know get that from me no good because all of the expectations now are totally different than when you started the season. If it told me backstop at the beginning of the season I'd say you know what you're probably right they got a lot of kids they're trying to incorporate him. But over the course of 82 regular season games plus the playoffs so far. What I expect from this team has totally changed so none of this other they're young they'll be good you know they're ahead of schedule it's okay no I don't know. Don't need that I think. Is honestly overstated like I think third they goods but that them being so young and relying on the young guys like that's definitely true they have some really good players in their early twenties the Mac envoy imposter not. But if you looked on the roster. The guys that are their best players Bergeron and martian in crate she and Rick Nash in David back to the Chara and Rask. That's more than a third of your team that's playing every night and those guys the ball almost all of them have won warm a couple of war. So that's we're relying on its not like you have a first line of all time when he rolls the onslaught. You know Ryan the not a young leaning on him to carry to a cop. They have guys that are in their primes and they have enough veteran players to move past and if you just go side by side their roster vs Toronto's roster. I think everybody. That that knows anything about it would pick the Bruins roster difference right now is goaltending. Different argenbright already opposite is the Democrats have and he had a real good regular season really good saw a lot of shots as you might imagine what asks yeah he's six. As he did here's where you and I disagree on the Donato issue. If your in a seventh game of a first round playoff series and you're relying on Ryan did not go to get to over the hump. Then you're not good enough team anyway you're relying on him but you honestly you're basically counting on him to commit a bill your chest and I I divide put him on the second or third line not relying on them. I don't so you or are you relying on bit behind and are you rely on Tommy and lingle like that bald Tommy Wendell last night that he's not complain Barnard so high in not good enough to play game six but also he's gonna for game seven I think what they were public and again I'm theorizing aren't based on what I've watched I think what Bruce Cassidy saw in game five was that. That kind of struggle yeah Andy thought I'd I'd I'd I'd get him out of there are getting as somebody else. He would much rather put a veteran in in that situation a guy's been in a number of Stanley Cup playoff games than it but it kid who's just making its way. But I've also seen kind and respond to those things he's been benched earlier in the year right and come back out and played great afterwards. I I think that if your if your if your game seven and you saying we gotta get an island there doubtful that year's group also. That game one happens doesn't it I knew I want him out there and I know he didn't respond great in game two I just think when you look at the alternatives and in this case. I guess who kind of boiled it down to the united because like the fourth liners believe those guys together in fact that you can give reasons scoring in the series so that's fine. Rick Nash hasn't been good leadership are gonna take him out news moving him down on so I think Ryan did not I think is. Worth a shot I would I would feel more comfortable with him that I would with with the united I'm not at all on them again the all first line that's the line it still has they carry your. Oh points in the three losses at bear too good to be held without a point it's those guys they can't go at last night they were frustrating because I've seen this with them at times during the season as good as they are. If they'd get a little frustrated. You start to see a little one on one stuff marsh and gets into it. Imposter knocks trying to you know do the dip see do little instead of just making simple plays go to the net do the stuff that you've done so effectively all season long. It's like we got to carry this team let's tell and led then he starts grunting and have it and then question I have is why does Bergeron I don't he's still ended up taking the most faceoff on the team and he won almost all home. And biggest hostile and about three just costs all the time what's up that they had the the linesman in the NHL had a directive issued at the beginning of the playoffs saying. We want you guys be much more strict on the face offs now this is the theory possible this is the series were watching every minute of so yeah all right you know I got it's like this and all this. Outside and I didn't know eight it's killed like you have an offense is on faceoff real version of the at the top line out there are here ago. And he gets tossed at now you know martian past the taken you know this is this is not who didn't win any of the faceoff that he took by the way. So that's just a frustrating because Bergeron that's an advantage you have over what everybody in the league when it would he's taken a faceoff and he keeps getting thrown out of there which is it for. And I know fans are who knew and Holler and that's what it sounds a lot yeah and the Los Kenya stop this. There's this kind of an eerie thing going on in this series you go back to 2013. And the aftermath of the marathon bombing. And and how you know the hockey team and ultimately the Red Sox helped drag kitchen all over you know the emotions of what was going on. That was the feeling in that building last night after what it happened yesterday in Toronto. And I'm not saying that the Maple Leafs can can cure or what happened Gerry and non what things we'll see how exactly and get that positive. You know at least for the night now you hope it isn't for longer than that yeah Bruins fan but at least for the night it's like you know. I could almost see where that they were gonna allow themselves to lose last night yet it's. People had that idea and and give people credit to look at plaza which is always completely packed with people out there was you know once again and I was one drama that's gonna affect that and I know was you know a few miles away. From what happened but no they were all out there their their cheering their team on and in offices and a great response. For the Maple Leafs after going down 02 and a big part of that into his. Is getting a guy like. Roger back but he could have swept him without Brady gets he's an idiot in game one pessimists 234. They could've they could've finished that there have they won game three. But they survived and and they get him back who is one of their better players you can ski there Brad marsh yager is on that spark yeah right he is there any kind of guy that old story if he's playing against your team by Susie it's traded here your all you'd like. And then in Toronto fans hey Brad margin right exact same ring that thing they're guys who play on that engine occasionally strayed over that ends. Marsh and to his credit hasn't done it so far in this series series concrete yet got punished for it. But it purim least Daniel of the yet are you definitely do this thing what's in the game and actually I guess the last couple games do you think Mack a voice hurt. Or do you think he's just you know over while I couldn't imagine a great question. You know I I thought. Now obviously he had a sprained NCL. Playing with a knee brace you know the first couple games he got in at the end of the regular season which I wanted him to do yeah. Any looked like he was you know adjusting to a knee brace and and then. Like the dead last period of a second game regular season game at okay now certain senior right a little more fluid late. You know Bruce Cassidy pointed out we've seen in fall down a couple of times yet in those areas and its. You know you wonder if it is impeding his player I don't know I don't know of course says not in that what else which. All those guys say that in and we'll find out whenever their eliminated a couple days later you're all the things that he's dealing with that it could be the same stuff that he had during the regular season maybe. Even something else on top of that but that's. What might take aways because. You can't imagine the moments too big for him because he made his debut last year in the playoffs and was very good put a whole season this year and was very good. So I don't think you you dispute over while all of a sudden ought not don't think that's it I think it's a legitimate question now under. You know what lies like and a burst rounds planes and something he definitely is yeah oh yeah and and you could see that at times yesterday for sure he might beat you know of the toughest nestled on the planet right given his past history the fact that he missed the playoff game in this round that shows and let everybody Italy hold my god what that's wrong with him since he played with a broken rib and punctured lung and game one time. AE just wonder you know he played like a game and a half with a broken foot earlier this year yet. Part till they discovered oh yeah look it's broken again take out of the lineup now this sort if he misses the playoff game and he comes back it's not just ice fired the old Molly loves them was really bad before and he's able to go but. Fortunately he's he's a when not a 100%. I knew we'd also get this today and I've seen it on social media already you know the of people asking the question the play who Goldman to mark held out no doubt absolutely. No dugout does the that is a panic does it that's all that's that's the biggest panic move you could ever make and that's the one thing in a game six loss where you know you have to go and play game seven. The one I guess good thing you can take away from it is of the nice bounce back game for Rask. Thirty area especially if some crazy saves kneecap amenity tepid as at a as a one goal game for for as long as he could end. That you feel a whole lot better you don't they're going into a game seven falling beat the game five performance you would not be feeling as good but he. He bounced back strong so that's I guess the one positive take away. So there was no doubt you'd play two grass yes there is some doubt for some folks in your among I'm lawns and on about whether or not you'd play did not out I would not yet so you go hide in the past you like Dana the line up that he had today yeah. Is a lot less of a panic move to me. And then changing things up intelligent auto and auto and that's crate she win the roster and Hines and write something you really young out winners for crates you minutes Nash Nash Bacchus yes there's that that's the story now. That's what they had practiced out. The line combinations today where you know the top line you know about. Did and left to right the brusque crates behind and Rick Nash Riley Nash back it's an inch color rally in an interim. Don't have any issues with the fourth line and in fact at times it's been their best site for why not a good thing they have more goals than third final thing. All I'm sure they dedicate there are you got to mop and I think they definitely do. So those are the things that we're gonna talk about throughout the course of the day as I said Barry Petersen is gonna join aside about 330 we'll kind of get his expertise on. On getting ready for game seven tomorrow night a Mark James from NASA is gonna stop in here at 3 o'clock today. But we're gonna get right into the phone calls would Bruins fans who get an opportunity to kind of vent if that's what they wanna do or react to what they saw last night are. Worry about what's gonna happen in game seven cry a little bit cry a little bit on his eyes and Armstrong than cry keep eyes as you know well the court showed out it would happen I think probably that the operative word here that's 26177797937. Is telephone number text line. It's 37937. We will talk with you guys coming up just a couple of minutes. Iran daily key Sports Radio WB. And. Okay. John Paul what was that yeah he'll pull back in a bottle left her. I was great. The good call there instantly radio her. Thirty years. Maybe that's pretty good calls like that for thirty years like Mike Lang only I'd like well who'd more I don't like Mike like on Joseph blow and better might line Wednesday to Africa. Well Pittsburgh you know he's a scratch my back went backstop. These are packed and how Alcan and pony show. Our country in a heck yeah I regardless. This is the highlights of the that the tough on. And that Annika has great throng of apple monopoly Americans who hope to bridge toll Mac and or day you're so I can change that up I agency holy macro. When I think all of a change it up now well this year's growth who voted yes. Burger so before we came on the air. Ol and a huge gap that cash and on just sit Ackerman and if I did not husband ardently this is all Fauria. Fauria had promised them Boras says he's got guys got sources he's evidently does Terry gets spread martian down before in seven tomorrow it's pretty good. I'm is stronger impressed. I didn't think it was going to be real. Those guys I know I thought it was going to be Maurice phony voice again they've messed around before with with things like that but they were that was head of the real god school here. You know that could give a whole lot at this stage in the you know not necessarily and nor should he write but you know he acknowledged that you know that top line his line. Asked to produce if they're gonna is it simple and I mean who knows this could maybe you could be he of the game. That lodges or don't say that all of that well today now that maybe maybe tomorrow they are. Probably need a game seventies provinces may but if that line to even scores a goal. I think it just puts everybody else cities and and I think again. Three games where they score they win the three of really don't they lose that's what we've seen so far so it's not crazy to say if they score they win but. I think just the message it didn't even sense of the rest the team but aren't these guys here we got married in power play easy from there. Now when we finished doing the pregame show last night and you know you're getting all your mikes often I of bees and you're moving from this studio. Into the green room so by the time we got in and got settled. The US national and the minority plate. Yeah and Ben reacted to it and I didn't hear it I I've since heard about it but I didn't hear it. Was it that noticeable. Our charity whether dabbled bowling balls are audible bowling I've heard otherwise I'd I've heard it before though and I uses chalk that up to a few idiots in the crowd I think it's probably fair you know I think that's what does it needed you'll. Get that even in America sometimes when they play a candidate whatever he does he get. Those idiots that that cry out but yeah I was definitely noticeable yours if you listen to pressure the the young lady. I can remember her name. Martina Louise Ortiz or whatever while some like that. She did the Renee ran court which she laid out. For the Canadian National Anthem which week yeah I learned a nightmare fist pumps on and on oxygen blew kisses us not as is that is that the crowds so she laid out and let the the crowd but she does that. Mean that's kind of a thing for horror in the Canadian National Anthem that they've done that before now that's what the Blackhawks it was all right of their for the anthem they sometimes too that are maybe there's another one that that paid the crowds and that's what they do is important person is not giving up now as I can't stop them now and it's somebody else of like that that's sort of what they did have some accounts started and the crowd just takes a commands on Dallas fields memories. Object. You Vegas video now hates her do today. And it's it's great. Now I did not I I I didn't hear the American National Anthem so I didn't know if this was as you said a couple of idiots I can't imagine that the crowd. Was ball locally against the American National Anthem may ape and a majority was nobody there or are you allowed it. It's. Okay it's the. I don't I just some there I don't think you'd make it through the first from American Idol I do not think god or just write a song choice for her job right you now that I've heard it that you and you know I did it is a it happens like a New Orleans Canadians a number of years ago oh yeah I don't sense yet where Boeing the American national and other good amount to no more problem or that Montreal users than that. Now I would expect especially given what happened in Toronto yesterday. That the other response to the Canadian National Anthem here tomorrow night will be very strong. Yet that there are gonna booed out here if it civilized people here this isn't as is Toronto. Montreal out of we have some Lanka but that they are side prosperity they're out there are gray area there where they got version with the boos over this version still. And and it's. You. Back. And now. Well that some people say they want a sexy version of the National Anthem and they got the NBA all star weekend they got. Now we have really heard from her sense heavily. No she had just rail outside and yeah that I apologize then she should apologize but use here to from the crowd is Marv Albert say. Those dot Akron. So that's what will happen tomorrow night here I would expect the reaction will be very respectful very supportive. You know after what happened yesterday in Toronto was horrific it was off oh one's I know that. Patrice Bergeron said something after the game. Today. Coach Bruce Cassidy began his press conference by talking about. The organization support for the people of Toronto now. Does. Yeah I mean I think I'd simply it's it's crazy about sort of a you know now and it part of that the series when he looked back on the series remember what happened prior to game six in Toronto and it and it police obviously wrist responded to that and and I did not expect after two games that we're gonna talk about a game seven in the series and terrorist sweep on the they're looking pretty good there 31 and now. Here we are we with game seven tomorrow. If you had to do gale the opposite of three stars of the opposite of a star. Who promote G. All OK if he had to give your three Obama who promote three who promote geez for the Bruins. How would you distribute the group of monkeys. For the series not just forget this series the entire series we gave and he starts with a slightly new stars on the other side as well W positive but. For how their year losing three of the last four games. Three total mode he's goto. Probably Rick Nash would get one yeah I'd give them. Or he doesn't know Paul's goal he does have all the Paula sixteen literally an adult also the only point he's got like. A gazillion shots he should pop right and Anderson yet he can't get anything done when it's on he'd probably be on the list okay. He took the one really bad game but. But for the whole series I don't think got to give it to him. Like last night he was going along just fine it was his fault Fred Anderson was really good and yeah and that was the killer last night took it had his bad game of the series and it was bad yes Frederick Anderson had his bad game of the series got pulled his well here garden. It was bad. Anderson's been the better goaltender in this series yes but I wouldn't give I wouldn't of took of one of the Pope on document approved Margie I will ago I'd go Rick Nash I don't Charlie Mack avoid an hour ago. Comedy didn't hide and just because he played in five games didn't register a point and they fell a bad adventure game six that he can redeem himself tomorrow but. I think the expectations are pretty high at the top you know and you know. Nine Ford all season long for you so O'Dowd prod put him among us. I'd I'd say those are without it mum. I mean you'd like to see more out of several different people but yes he's one album in about Riley Nash struggled last night you have. Yet true. And I think the guys it's tough because. The first line was shot out of a camp with goes through a bit of the number of the third round among the first period last night because they just had the puck the entire time they were out there they did you know it was an impressive and so. Those guys even though they haven't been. You know in the losses they have struggled of that and your kind goes without saying. But the three best players in the series might be. Those three guys in the top line. Also object Brusca is has been pretty good Dick Brusca is the second most goals you know on the team entry got a few hurdles here I'm in a slight if you take the top line get away because they're most effective guy after he's been the next best forward on other than those three guys beggars can't. Yet the rookie I am not a mature beast when he won yet he may not be and and he's been great. It media stories to point when he can drink in have and as beer congratulation yes. Jay Kim might wait till after you get this game seven win at my if you wouldn't mind. 6177797937. As telephone number Mark James will join us here at the top of the hour. Barry Petersen will join us at 330 we have Bruins gained seven tickets to giveaway ought that's very nice and later on in in the program this afternoon. And we've got a story that we tees yesterday little did we know that this locomotive was headed downhill and could not be stopped I can't believe this the return of a legend facts. And I don't mean let our wedding he's already I was up arousal another gadget and other cities Glen short way that's coming up next. Yeah let's obviously addressing. Appears to be the case and the club all we can tell you is this we're not going anywhere. We're going to be a big part of radio station for a long time. When they eat if they've accomplished what I've accomplished god bless them. They wanna match I was amazed. They want rest they give us three things. Resonates. Its longevity. Ratings. Paychecks. And our look at any of those areas. Met so many times and on and off we'll look at almost every as we'll see what. Now this part. Sometimes you well know they're between three and four things right combined one of the baby I don't know but yesterday Andrew Marchand New York Post yet. Right story we told you guys about this that says that that might princesses and Kristi interested in returning teacher that seemed to move fast. Very today Bob race in New York Daily News says. He's back. Not sure exactly when it's gonna start their finishing negotiations supposedly yeah but the the sports Paul might princess is returning he will be three to seven. Move so now so what they're doing whatever you always this is this is what's really gets. They've got two other shows now they have Benigno and don't have jelled Jonah again. They're gonna do tend to one. Okay that's their mid day show aren't they they don't tend to one hour they don't intended to now need to do tend to OK so they gonna get cut back an hour they're gonna do tend one. So you gotta take Chris Carlin Maggie gray and Bart Scott yeah. And your gonna put them on one to three. And decide animal the huge for a two hour show that that's by the way whether or not going anywhere resent because they'll decide huge deals they're all under contract for America and there's a New Mexico who doesn't do enough hours although two hours it's pretty half dollar show already dealt another. Hour that's no pale in key fewer than an hour of ever he's in our errors so five hours on the air or to. Aaron wanted to take it now you don't I don't know I don't know nothing you know for a three person show. Which. On the lives of Carlin left Philly for that job done he's now in New York announce the yet Maggie and and Bart Scott. So now's Karl that you played tone back it said were going to be a part of station for really long time and a big part of our Irish forever how long the contract ran a big part onto Soledad is not that they apart by drug ten hours a week. That is. They're they're probably gonna make them do all kinds other stuff but they're all have them podcasts or ought to do just to get their money's worth the long till our hosts. And now they aired across over every day it might have regularly like that could be policy awful. Fred says the comes then. The date as two hours you three had the clear out of my studio here a good for our Leno crossed I don't know I don't know if you like the anti Dino crisis or they won't even walked by to them all are probably right. That's gonna get kind of testing how what how long that their contracts are. But Carlin in the two years probably two yeah partly to do and what did they start I would I'm guessing three maybe three. And they just started January. Yet they were there at the Super Bowl we saw them there are couple tables over the Muslims as Amazon instant December's yup. So he's been out of the game before by the way like he he and it is his FA in Pereira like a Friday. Yes on Monday he was on CNBC talk can I talk. I don't like both of us podcast and immediately I have pretty good idea that this whole retirement thing probably wasn't gonna sell well I just I really wanted to reunite with the mad Don I was thing and that is going to be something there but that does not look like it's gonna happen so now if you'll you do mumble yeah yeah so ago. Clam well. Please Claremont. Rick DiPietro. He's got a point about Rick DiPietro was compared him in the sports that's true radio that open and these pairs of according Howell but but either way. The princess back which is good for us to that we we you know content void there for a little bit but now he'll be back. I think we just stream his first segment is headed back whatever social can just play it. We're a player only anyway nation we are as well play it live he's good take here at three. Solar alternatives were under an hour preview show that was my everything out and out I was gonna go and then all of this let's just take that first monologue which is gonna be amazing by the way. If you imagine McCall's he's gonna take hot triumph and he's gonna sound off this it's. It's gonna be a bit much but I'd very much support to a third no timeline right for this but it does sound a producers of this October rather than later. One out. Ed Coleman came on with Joseph and Evan when they came on the air today and said. In a just when you think that you've seen everything in this business you happens on gas not those like you yesterday the report were talking about was Fred says that could. Join up with the news station in Hillary's talking all the things are actually orient radio or he was talking at W wall off our signal he's going right back to the fan. Are everywhere else we got us that's the only place forum is a lot of good years left and on his need to be. Wasted months CNBC given a stock tips that's that I thought I'd do it prints at the war. So let's get it to get them back well he's back all right it's supposedly it's back. Now race men when he first wrote it today sort of hedged a little bit since assuming the Rodney glitches in negotiations in. It's athletic you know he's might sort of given up a fair chunk of his negotiating leverage there's that word again land. That is leverage because that's a desperately wants to get back he does Monty does not come back but apparently they're very happy to have them that you cited three people two afternoon drive show they're willing to move all of them. To a two hour time slot. That's indicated bittersweet for them there get paid the same to do much much less but. They're obviously getting. Really downsides there restore. So what happened yes the yesterday it was a Romer today. At least according to the reports out of New York pizzeria writes that before so he's. Back yes I was get to the calls and you guys as we talked Bruins in game seven that's coming up tomorrow night Celtics play tonight at the garden we'll discuss that as the afternoon goes along as well. Barry Petersen will join us at 330 we've got Bruins. Leafs game seven tickets to giveaway before the afternoon is out as well 6177797937. Pete's on the cellphone AP. Well we got it but your lies fly out every update beat. Pay out. It shouldn't talk about it I'm not allowed to correct. Hater however you can't give back equity gold thirty some odd second light after Regis scored two leaks are and more defense but I really change the entire complexion of that game I think a lot of court and you. You guys bought or are. That's happened about three or four different times in this series. Where the Bruins get what you think it's a big goal game brand then clocked at right back up you know within a minute or two afterwards now less than it was. 35 seconds afterwards it was a killer. I think that really gained about a 11 tie in Daytona in overtime yet to speak empty net. Slew goal yet the one that was you know taken back but I can double the speed sensor that took. It looked like a miscommunication. There at two they didn't communicate which might be the miscommunication. Right where you know he was try to play the puck to one of the defenseman. The defenseman to know what he was try to deal with that the next thing you know the leafs have got written moment SeniorNet. Is just one of those EU you can't do that and they've done an about three or four times in this series and teams that you know was that. The first five games the the team that. Scored first won until last night right and that that person I first time that the team that scored first lost again so and went to Ross scored their early in the second period your for your feel pretty good but you're you're running if you get a shifted and next thing you know it's 11. You know. How are you must have gotten a good look at it at all that was just that was I was toughness or reset the game immediately repair and then. In Toronto to you immediately get the the crowd. Back into a completely. So that was that was definitely frustrated but on the other chances after that the other Bruins in one of 21. Bruins did degenerate some pretty good chances but Anderson was really good again. The question now is if they did lose game seven. Who's gonna get the blame it's probably not gonna be Cassidy. He's got a really good job out here is yet it's probably going to be two arrests. Most likely like unless it's one nothing and and even then even then who's a bit out the bad goal. Yeah took a probably will get out get a lot of that but. I think there's going to be a lot of finger pointing because it would be it would be a huge choke job it would be would be a disaster if they lost in the first round of the better team there are up too low. If they lose that. Three opportunities to put the Maple Leafs away if they can't do it I think a lot of it will depend on how that game plays out at a macro voice struggles again if Rick Nash. And the series one goal no assists in seven games. I think he's gonna get a alone. That even some of the other guys are gonna have to look to say because as great as they are they haven't. Generated any playoff success now and a number of years and for his grit the regular season that it was there's going to be all kinds of finger pointing in in. If if they lose tomorrow Bruins fans will not be forgiving of this. No he can't beat know if a bit if in fact that's what happens right it will not be for any they have guys that are playing hurt it's not like a number rumor out so some of those games late last month where you set out a roster seven of their best players are not playing OK -- NC you know they don't have the Celtics excuse. They don't have a no carrier. They have Bergeron missed the whole series or martian missiles or is that they don't have the Celtics excuse you say hey whatever they can do whether they forced game seven that's great. But earlier the better team and oh by the way one of the best players for Toronto. Got himself suspended for half the series but he still weren't able to win the adding Celtics fans will give that team the past. They have showers and say they well I haven't had Gordon Hayward since the first quarter the first game Tyree Irving goes down market Smart is out right and even going up too low you say well you're you're at home. The best players still on the other team the second best player could very well be on the other team so. I think it's it's house money for the Celtics it'd that is not the case for the Bruins the Bruins were saying they got to get the conference finals. And then even from Mary EU Conn a think they have a chance of advancing further than that and maybe even winning the whole thing that they're not the favorite but they were one of the top favor scorer in the playoffs Don Sweeney doesn't get the blame he did his job at the trade deadline I think he did he did job putting the roster in place yeah. Putting the young players in place. Cassidy did the job coaching them did a good job coaching them is there any other in series adjustments. That he could have made it. Because he didn't try to he didn't just sit back but he. You know Donato got a chance to game two you know last night I don't guys out of outweighing those games he moved from Raleigh up there right and moved. Riley Nash down the fourth line last night you know a couple of the moves were out of his hands he start the series about Riley Nash and India to played in about Patrice Bergeron to some of that out of his hands. Problem. That's why I got in game seven what he comes up with a relics so much of it hinges on that even though. You're you're there would be four losses to look back on but so much of is gonna come down to what he decides to do tomorrow. And how much blame me but how much of this goes back to what half kick away the number one seed. At Tampa Bay gets the number one seed because the Bruins can't finish the job how much of this goes back to the regular season. I think a lot of it and ID. You are no ads and by the way you have got play New Jersey correct who's out five games you don't surveys is wait around for you because they're real take out in Jersey in house one night I thought it was important and it but they went for. So it's not like you can second guess Cassidy resting everybody and finally and they went four unfortunately. They didn't win that game. But that's less than we are Cassie more on the players because I didn't think a matchup with the New Jersey would be easier than Toronto now. They should win either series. That didn't expected to go seven against Toronto I don't think anybody did after the first two were even after the first four games New Jersey would have an easier matchup but. They they had their opportunity they blow it last game you know which we've heard a lot of during the course of this series as well so far. All the least want it more than the Bruins did. I don't know how you get there. That's true I that's that's a thing to say you have nothing else you lose say matter of like. I think it like an analyst ever says that as their number watching the ghost Frank Thomas during the World Series. And they're going through in the pregame as a game seven Revver was and who says you know this gonna come down to is who wants it more like that's crap. What if the play and nobody everybody wants I don't want to ever wants I would say it equal amounts so I think. That champion I don't patrol wants it more than liberal that from a very hard to believe I'll give the least credit they were not known throughout the the course of the season is a shot blocking teammate mark thrown their bodies around you know the late John toward relish teams do. And they were shot blocking team last night yet now and that's the thing too is you know they. When Anderson looked really bad earlier in the series that wasn't all on him he was the defense as far as what they're down they're the pros or get some wide open looks and everything else that was more on them. And that's they've been the biggest change in the series is Toronto's defense as our local the better word the bruins' defense which is a strength of a team is certainly. One that's better than Toronto as that is trying to come back down to say average or below average I think the bros gonna win game seven okay yes I got home ice and it got last change keep I don't know if you for a while there play hard and they got classic black. I know what they do lose game seven. I'm gonna back to game five. That was inexcusable. You've got a chance to close out the series you're on home ice so and you come out flat you go down to nothing new down 41. That's the game. If they lost this series game five is the one they're gonna they're gonna appointments and boy did we screw this up there so that when you end up going back to Atlanta to go yes I'm for game five I have benefited if that game five is the swing game the pivotal game in the series he was terrible in that game. So as much as we were looking at his game four performance the senate seat he can still EA game any yet then it kind of went the opposite way don't we we've seen both to grass in the series. And even I played both Frederick Anderson we have does things on game seven you'd have no idea because Tuukka was good both boys were good last night. They ought to Toronto is able to become on top the two games before that each goalie took a turn being terrible and an acting wasn't even close. Or actually ends of the roads leading to in the series but. To grass. The I think he's the easy god is sort of scapegoat but the goalie always is such my game sevens so much goes into like if there's one a power play goal. You know I don't know how you can really developed Tuukka body if it's an all these games and if you look back on his history he's played in three game sevens. He's won in two I think he's allowed 33. And four goals. Again I go back and watch all the games are ever suffered and if there were you know soft goals or they were detected or sevens than that though. Back to the flyers series that that's that when they had the three nothing lead and lost game seven. I think of it those are the only ones there was Toronto. Off quality. Montreal I think was that an on this will be his fourth. Believe there was caps series that I've done up a lot of effort. But anyway well you know we'll look at I I I do think that. If they were to lose game this and if they were to lose game seven game five is the one that's gonna keep them up nights. Because you've got no excuse. You've eat you have to put game five away on home ice when he had the opportunity and I don't Toronto desperate and they're trying to save their season all those cliches. At the same time you're trying to save your playoff life you're trying to read more Vaughn. And you had the chance to do it and I will never understand how you came out would that kind of effort early on. He has played in three game sevens he lost to Philadelphia Rory allowed four goals. He beats while he and the team beat Toronto where he allowed four goals and then he lost to Montreal. Where he allowed three goals. That's right that's that's one of those two game sevens. I thought he did the flyers series where they you know had the three nothing serious about why that it was a 1010 the fly just out thirteen to Toronto fourteen to Montreal. And then save percentage is all around like 85% or lower. The goals I just gave me all the goals so it has not been pretty and it's a stay one and two record. On the one ending assembly has the experience but it has not gone all that well. For two rounds to look at frittered Anderson's well. We have about game seven tickets to giveaway. Bruins leafs tomorrow night at the garden course Celtics are at the garden tonight we get tickets for game seven Bruins at least to give away. And we will do that. This afternoon here on Sports Radio.