Dale & Keefe -  Who is the most talented player Tom Brady has played with? Can Troy Brown name the 6 players that have thrown him a TD pass?

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Tuesday, March 20th

Hour 3: The trust between Brady and his receivers is detrimental to the team's success. The NFL going back to old school NFL catch rules. What does Troy Brown’s future hold? Could he coach? The guys look back on Brown’s numerous touchdowns from numerous players.


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Yeah to. Our number three dale and keep Sports Radio WEEI happy to have. Patriots hall of Famer former patriot wide receiver Troy Brown in the house with a talking some football this afternoon. You once said to me if I touch the ball I should kept. And we've got Andy we've got to turn tries Michael and I got the real you would say to me if it might touch a ball I have to catch yesterday. Then there. No matter what matter where it. They are being born your ticket the makes quarterbacks happy you know yacht best I possibly but is it but is it fair to yourself. I mean if you're diving fallout and some quarterback is cutting you would have been graces your finger might have been able to catch that one. The figure. Anyway. So got a Villa but in my day you could money and ajar for that went through via. So our guys have made a lot of plays for Brady in the in the playoffs Danny Amendola he moves on he gets a big contract some of the pitchers are a match that. But what type of loss will limit dolby thing. But I think it'd be it'd be a significant loss. It's kind of hard to replace a guy that exists. Whenever you needed to start making those plays guard there and make a right but overall numbers don't jump bowed out here today but they don't yeah especially as regular season are off you know but. Just seems coming down the stretch of the season in December. January. You know early February Super Bowl games from gases found a way to make plays he was always seem to be that guy that was always open. And those of the united I don't his third grunts or whoever it is. He's the guy that Tom started to turn to make those plays you made a boatload of them you know over the what was it for four years he musings here. Yeah it was as soon as he can't tell so this is kind of hard to replace those kind of numbers and those kind of situations. You know now because not everybody's built in oil price for the course that situation and annoyed cause we caught him in the band's playing you know he got to make those birdies and a and then dole was that he was that gap that that says he made those plays and head out of the top part to replace. I think as far as like every game of the week game and began as an MBA via the B gap. You know that you got to pass a piece is the kind of replace what he bought at a table bit that was he was a dependable punt returner. Got to get Baghdad really good hands on but it was in both upon a fumbled upon. I was about what's I don't. But not off the face mask very dependable OK I want him. Suppose the good news though and is getting back. If you breaks if that's that if I give it your brain gets out of Iran about the crime and I think you get a good place to purchase up to. Now salmon Paula. Immelman Welker Troy Brown all wide receivers who developed a relationship with Brady who he trusted. He trusted that if you put the ball in your area you were gonna come up with a how come some guys don't develop that same trust conservative bunch of them who have failed and flunked out of this program. Because they inconsistencies. You know I think a lot of times that just listen to Tom talk about evil we win the meetings he was trying to explain put used to. Certain players he would always bring up examples. You know. His trawler was really strong commands a break I can really tell what's pocket so where he was gonna do. Before leaving David in his by the way his body language wasn't way can have a great. You know thought they. It became if you're consistent with a kind of stuff. He gets he gets to know your body language and you get the same page with them he learns those kind of things and I think those other guys. He just don't trust them because there's always something different and then movement something and the decision make it explicit ban on inside when you get basically freeway goes by the lieutenant. You know when Anna my dad can't muted defense that are forgot the does is gonna try something different here. And not be consistent then he's gonna have a hard time trusting you. The BI guys don't turn into a course as we're since. What they're burning cook this year 'cause he was a guy who the stats looked pretty good if you're watching the games Saint Louis is some pretty good success. But then if you were watching games it seems like. They weren't always on the same page again it wasn't like get a bad season but I think everybody has sort of a different opinion on how the year went with. But I think that would Brando was he came out of the box and it came out of the box pretty good. And was make some big plays for this football team and politics in his league is one person. Figure out how to slow you down. And then if you can't figure out how to get off of that. Then every president keep doing it to you and what happened here was they figure well being get a hands on because slowing down. He's not a he's not he's not a great comeback rather anchored when he takes into when he steps the gun come out of his breaks. And it's doing that and that's what team started Billiton was time to start to put their hands only. This afternoon you know and he wasn't able to get up there it is uses speedway about people what most polls Rouse. You know have his way out of it and come back grounds that he could win against the air out there so. But you suck on an honest or just out of broken some of those things in a scumbag Roscoe a little bit better. He was good the most separation so there was about a 45 we went to win that way he was really not effective put his football team. And his sort of his numbers to some but this Watson and thank you said the numbers that they popped out because he has so many big plays. But that typical brought some things he needs the work on this offseason they get more out of that you're looking get part of yes here's fun especially. And in immediate about when and division. So. Because that that's that's going to improve cause of teams are going to be able today is owned in just up two games in the bill long season for you start with business. What is Tom Brady's go to throw. What's the thing he wants to do with the yet if all things being equal this is what I wanted to. I was say he acts will become all. Missed those things will be called start there. And it basically. If you know you didn't cover five something like this government covers. Gives you the ability that he give you the ability to face a team going down the middle of the field the same route to split safeties. Mean you just pull back out of it you know but you gotta sell it they get our guys can be won and underneath you have behind you because it got up over the top. You know I think what that play a few times and in a few crucial situations where we had to have us on fourth down situations. And the commode with some big plays that we had to have and who's the best thing I think other news about the run that route. I kind of video that you think if there's the Troy Brown what's called the turnaround for the sake but who haven't you read out if it runs that the vast. Is that it exclude in. You could throw what we want tight and seeing her I was I was a. And then build the brigades of western companies announced he meant a few times. Did a pretty goods ever wanted to they're ready because there was so many seam routes for the football team. Then you know you can't help but it would be good at at the what you what you gotta do good then yeah fair position because that's. The alternate route. You know and something you commitment to saying that you do something different out of it so. I was think that a pretty good job. Can a receiver. Who has fallen out of favor with Brady. Work its way back in this hour. Flight what does whatever apple owners reason is as I've. Ochocinco. I don't think he came back and with the everywhere they have the Honda and I kind of just out from from the get. To a Galloway. Those 'cause that was kind of favor wasn't. It kind of got rid of new middle of the season. You know that's not the galleries know the guy when you ask a guy. That now work to do something that he really wasn't accustomed to Dolan a stoppage. And what do those comebacks of speed guys like that. You know. At least branding cooks a steal you know he can work on that front you know it and get better at it. But he does overhead did did this like twelve years becomes your knees as in the went comebacks and other stuff that was probably would be difficult for him to do Kaczynski was an audience that those two things in Dallas. But. Don't put the returns as some of the guys that are. How the hell does this coaching staff not know that before they bring an end. These are Smart people and in the head coach the offensive coordinator the receivers coach they know exactly what you just said. You know he's done a stuck in Dallas he doesn't he doesn't do this now we're gonna bring him in here and ask him to do it. Had they not know that. Maybe because. They feel like. You could use that speed. To possibly get some separation Gaza will back off a beaten. But the Randi that with a Randi you can see where he started team has Martha berg a little bit he could stop but it was great to stop and anyway. But. He used that speed to his advantage when Gaza backed off book. And when he closed that cushion with their back yard guys weren't out of it so. You wanna you wanna come back and be wide openings what would agree come. There really wasn't as he's just stopped you don't look at it as one in wind out of it was going to be gay so. It is but in those kinds of things that happen. You'd like or Ochocinco one of things that most about him it was a terrific run. A lot of things we did here in New England. Out of big return us like to anchor us and coming back down a little things that indeed in Cincinnati. And he got here and other reasons he could get on the field. So and that was because of Tom and coaches and everybody else couldn't trust in the right thing. So and it is page six million dollars to justice the and sit there and we. And do all those things but that's got out some of those things happened but it. This. You gotta you gotta gotta be willing to put an extra time in what Tom to be able to those things and now with the way the rules are. As vice noticed gas plant to California. And spin into willing and without them doing most things they would go on a Californian and Spain in the week or two up there with him. Try to get some of the tennis that now so. Which I wanted to Philly to do this year he all the stuff from the Stanley donor if that's even a trip that he takes this year somewhere around in. And a couple of guys that used to live in a while his column is is gone maybe bring you other guys and now I'm out. I could be one of the differences this offseason it beat Rios too cold right now of doing things right now with a spasm Pickens yet here is that kids in school. He announced it was kind of hard to get up into that kind of stuff and packed up and go to California work up the two weeks and come back but. Yes this is gonna take some idea of a deal with them and they'll go we see what happens with nominally comes back from his knee injury. So what happens there. But the rest of his guys don't think they've really experienced only thing not commit to have a chance to go out and experienced the hold California where company. God rest his guys Kenny Britt. He never did it. No I think adding the only two guys were Ammann Dolan and gentlemen an intimate sometimes saws I once and it turned it around him on the and it was just those two guys out there with them yeah which by the way if I was a wide receiver on this team. I figure out a way to get out there. Yeah without a doubt because that's gonna make you believe what you want a bigger contract next it and you go a Democrat Tom Brady for a week this week you know. It's given the weakness go a bit so we can come back you know that. There are those things are important you know but I can we play we were able to do it. You can go out pimple as long as you want to you know not a got so many rules that you can't have all the Caribbean and talk to the coaches about football stuff whatever it is. Though source and NCAA right now. Now nothing is worsening and I don't I don't know if they're the worst that and then that everything is coming in line with those guys right now do you think public fifth at. You're as big a fan of the NCAA as I am which is non yeah I mean I just think that is an awful organization. It is absolutely. Discussed in another billion dollars when it billion dollars in 2070. Yup. And you know what to do with the money we don't make anybody we don't we don't make property we don't do this. Yes sure you pay a coach is ten million dollars a year to come coach he's he is. You know. This could go about and that's all of the subsequent exit. I've taught us by our I don't enjoy that another day of the NCAA and we can because pulpit for hours straight 6177797937. Thompson cellphone hey Tom. Now don't let's not. I wanted to know why he felt trying to ruin their own product. Since the but potential source over r.s 61 years old. And the potential is very simple rule. It's coordinated so watch across the plane the O line it's a touchdown nothing to do it ground. That they were anybody else. Across the legal go why did you sketched out. Well so I thought that. Well you're gonna be a happy guy because they pretty much announced today they're at their scrap and all the and the new catch rules say an angle back to the old stuff. Any other even the schedule going on undecided or if you've got to PDF and you can't control the Alter a schedule that you figure out. We're becoming a disgrace upon the ground. You have survived the ground yet that's without the ground afternoon alms race to begin with I evidently they're they're gold acted the way used to be well I think may soon even though you'd be a public testimony that it people about it because of the widow caucus rule was. You know. They're the the the rules are on a goal hours kind of weird anyway. You know also he got a guy that would happen to. Pittsburgh gather it was Smith did this he did use Jesse James he's actually the fallen down on the kits. And yet this about the ground even though the place have stopped when the ball crossed that the cost to go out and brought the plane. The whole. Act of him cats and a football was all an act of him falling down the same town team. So. If you really into the rule book you really like those type of things you can so whether that makes a little bit since then you know but as the callers are stated. Was the ball crosses the plain plays over. You know also. Liked the test on the Super Bowl. You know that was clearly got to collect eight steps and olympians and it took him. Our figure out. But that it was a test and it's it's in social earlier than a minute it happened and it the first replay US okay that's touched as a touchdown and it was like ten yards past. He had broke the plane along time ago right with the ball in his position. So to me that the play is over. At that at that particular point you know so. I'd give it I get some of the courses you have one and a window as lay out there has quietly and I put a ball tipped the ball is to ground and it pops up in the air. An act of making the kids. You know he's going to the ground whatever but. You know. It's it's a rude and have a wanna get right but at least they made a decision. We go Mexico rules and is as the wind is going to be. You know civil until they changed their mind and that it's changed that Max what that guy you know what this is Smart enough about some of his 677797937. Its telephone number. Browns and house to the top of the hour is dealing key Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. Its telephone numbers and fun talking football this afternoon with Troy Brown he's until the toppled the hour. Bob and Fall River is next on the line here Bob Oreo both above. Hey good to have Leo doing. I always. Super enjoyed watching you play. You are one of my all time favorite. Really appreciate you got a ticket I called gimme the typically I would Torino that. Now that that's a pat on the back right that's very nice that's very kind did. I feel I feel I feel right now. I would really good problem to have wonderland and if you could not yet ready to go to Portland and played the premiere at the latest here. And I think it what a fumble inside story here with. That maybe nobody else about Eric. Todd and about it and nobody else knew about it but I think as a football player. Is probably. Probably one of the most talented guys. I've I've played with. We talk a bar or are running. He was a little bit unorthodox in the way hop into his brakes. But when the way hop into the so quick and the way came out of it was so quick even have time to even think about. You know him competent to Bradley did but he carries so much speed into it in and so much speed out of it that it made in just a though a phenomenal rot when he was the got a heroic comebacks. A guy that could when slant routes and I got I can run past people you know I tell everybody yet you know people forget. No big game you played against the Steelers. Was at 96. As a rookie. Was the game is sent rod Woodson to safety. For the risk that it that audited you know and he was just that there was it was tremendous football player. I was secretly kept that same work at that. Throughout his entire career because I would love the scene went into that. You know but unfortunately there are things that was amount of the Nagorno within. You know we didn't he's thinking this thing work ethic throughout the course of this period but I thought it was a it was a very talented back. You know for us that he was he was little bit lighter than me but he was. Out about six foot in nova just a tremendous talent. You know on the football field for the patriots and other teams they play before as well also. A lot of respect for that part of it is it is game like this so but you know I think you know I think other things that you know he was a pretty troubled are you troubled guy. You know outside of everything else you know consider and everything happened tool and as acute and easier to witness and grow with that. You know he was here taking care system would note through the senate and put up through high school over in Walpole and and then senator off the columns and those types thanks so. In a give a lot of credit for being able to do those type things of the as a young man two and it couldn't take care of himself price at that particular time you don't have to do that with his his younger sisters so. So I was it was just an end that they get the new rules they came out you know as as someone was just it was just a horrible moves to. Two. To receive. You know and I was just thankful that I got its chance to Siemens suitable down in Houston and be able to talk who have been with him exchanged numbers and those things. And be able to chat with him men. Solomon a different place nestled down in Houston you know he was you know pretty positive. You know I remember correctly they were party in an even in Devin Wyman. We're probably the last two guys I expected to be. On NFL acquire so and there was an enemy America corps are so one of the reason why they were in town. A stop by the pastries part of it there's ignited salon. Solid I was just thankful I got a chance to talk Thomas missed some time with them tentative with him with a bit. At the legacies of the. There's a full choir. It doesn't because like you're retired really in and out it's gonna have a thing. You know getting loosening me in real gospel they look at CD or something opinions and did my. Were they any good. I haven't actually birdies I've heard the saying means that nicely as well I don't know that I have yeah I haven't heard of which is all about us. Fellow acquire it if those guys on board I saw the movie does detract from a man all right they they were involved in human uncle who is the who was the best offensive player Tom Brady's ever played. The best offensive player. I was they Randy Moss. More than grunt. Most talented and I say mosque tell us is probably the most talented but eat it even if for the time he was here do you think team that he was. As as you said he wasn't quite the same Randy Moss anymore 07 of those was raided mosques that was spent an awesome shall. Drunks. Box right there. Affect your system are things you you're able to seek wrong do. You know there was a case admittance of Cobo it was a bullet that was that the SEC championship game about Michael is used to earnings that was the Pittsnogle and Gaza because reverend was unbelievable positive and I mean forgot has been hurt that many times. Gotta be standing with six foot seven. And be able to run that far down the field. On what 2530 yard pass down the field in Libya has been down to scoop the ball you shoelaces. And a lot of good receivers. That could make it right you know and I think largely a seven. So means council our success and you know that that can't make pick it. And he was able to do that neighborhood you can see him do all the things at times indeed when you're doing scooping. He got to act and to NASA owed enrolled in an episode of man in the and you back sort of bought it pop out he did all that has six with seven and multiple surgeries so he's. Pretty darn talented you know for a big gas. Notes we talk about some of the losses talk about Deon Lewis talked about Malcolm Butler talk running Amendola. But dates older mid pretty for the most part is that to left tackles and there's been injuries there's been reasons for other guys to play that spot but it basically been that late inmates older. How do you think they go about replacing him. That is going to bring a much of bodies in the Aston and. Right now you don't like the winds blow right now got one guy has so far. So I like to see at least about ten guys on this in his back but as far as mr. Brady wants to play till he's forty. I've always I don't I don't think I don't like is gonna go payroll. And I when he retires than Obama and that'll on the nose tackle. That's that's the internal management are at a Connecticut have a bit of her impact that yes indeed yeah I mean I. Solar was the one of the departure Len knew Malcolm Butler was gone we only that I'm in for the Super Bowl we knew. When Stephon Gilmore got the big deal in the fall and they couldn't get him signed to a deal we all figured OK he's gonna play out the year he's out the door. Of all the guys they've lost its older is the one that I think's going to be the hardest overcome. He will be you know and hopefully Dante is gonna just sticks around so he's access to be is slow now and they keep the morale that they way have a chance of pedal probably one of the best coaches the coach a position. You know that it does bring a Milan. But yeah that that is a huge loss you know for afford to pay interest they sold out there and I was a big contract that had the Mets. Keep him here you know and you can say whatever you wanna say about Soto avenue value the things he was going through with his kid. In everything last year at noon being distracted or whatever but he was still. Out of one of the better left tackles in the league and to have that not there anymore. If you're Tom Brady. You you were probably looking to be looking over your soda went to pre season if you played any of those games and what these guys that Dolan. Around miso and an independent thing now is that there's going to be limited chances. Put those gas to prove to him into Scarnecchia and about six with a way to practice schedule and now. Probably once a week when anyone's today doing training camp that they have. This has got that without pat I'm powders ethic that net out out the gap what is cartons out to. To preserve Brady's dream of playing forever. Is. You wanna put your deposition. Not gonna have a whole lot of opportunities to earn that trust. Among them all the people that matter so it's going to be a tough the tough seem to feel write them and so. Good luck derivatives content at a as as the fill that position. I got a feel of the doubt there's gonna make is going to be that did not discriminate you fifteen years ago visas can be. Written and it can chew on people of my gosh zone. It might be the most intimidating coach I've ever seen that today. Yet not to at least get a few times that I do an elephant I it was a special teams coach and that out of the opposite Lanny the but it. He ripped it to me if you tie has been like you know and and and threatened to kick some dignity class and everything else. The call and coach player do I get in my life. He's mass. You know I was like a hundred beat the bows looking wit. And when you get Jared who isn't innocent and thought he liked it mainly. Due to poppy good to that I. Yeah like I say about. Half a second thoughts about track doctors though I don't see what he says it. He says that with the authority and he means it is so good yeah but everybody respects guard because he's he's like that you know saying. Heading into the day you come to you whatever and do whatever and and I got me a message is little. At the end of the day but I was lazy and Matt Light had an interest in relationship I think that would would go back at him. And it and Andy when he would do practical jokes on it kind of takes time so. They then they have had a pretty you know pretty pretty good relationship but he really love those guys he would. He would MF. At the end all of just saying so and it was always it was always great to see him when he was in those close and lose them like the man he's as good on those guys the real tournament. You know as a rare you see that you know again when you've got to coast on into a guy like that unions and tell them this and that but at the same time. He would go to bat for those gas. Any day any day of the week I think you and they knew that and they knew that you know that's seen them do blame things on the silence. But it'd go about opera's coordinated. And his guards Corretja. Like be my dad's alone and tell him to have been up for the U he's put the ball better thought I don't. He would take it pours gasoline additive reloaded and respected him lock that. 617779793. Several got a segment left with Troy. Troy Brown's in the house would Daylon keeps Sports Radio W media techsters who followed Roy's career maybe more closely than I do and his friend of mine texture says did you break your nose in the Super Bowl against Carolina. I don't think it was a broke but it felt like it. That go bad enough whenever you have a guy like the distinctions. Falling to face it at all. With the knee on purpose is I think to do openness Abbie could you could aborted me but at that at that time when it was early it was at first it was outbursts drafting. He's just came into the rest of the game when yeah does the politician and knows it and everything the cubicle. So please don't you forget all that stuff you don't is about a time again at home in mass all black and blue underneath him. Yet it's probably liberals and though that's a good guess I'm not a hard test of broken OK yeah I think I was at the worst it ever got hurt on the football field. No I had a hat was. Rain. Back in 1998. Then. I ordered the motive was broken in that particular point so. And it obviously to be part of the bed I'll break it could have been put it in the cast I would have been trying to walk around wanted to get back on the field. So why don't they just put a cast that I've known Ed in a walk into you know not a cat so he. I was going to I was they can like you know the next thing I can go. The next day I'm I can go to me you know there was like you know I just keeps going like I'm going to be tried out he is keep missed that worsen again so. But yet abyss and it could have done for me was put in the cast. That's the fun game I've played this Christian Fauria and he did not do particularly well can you name every player that three UA touchdown pass. I think player not quarterback because and revealed in the hands trick question there. So can you name every player outside right now they're 66. Different players through you touched on since he drew bits that yes Tom Brady yes David Patten. Yes. Adam Vinatieri yes arise though I think everybody remembers Alan. Vinny Testaverde correct. One last one other was one other player threw a touchdown pass. Another player. Player not necessarily their quarterback. In what we've found out about the skies he's a terrible person you get it. This guy's just an absolute terrible grant you get one from cast. Don't counsel to us now now now. But he wasn't when their value out or I was diagnosed I was I was OK when there are familiar yes as the year I was then you want to adjust to overdo it to. I mean I guess is the budget. Two. Terrible person. And I feel confident saying that two of them I've become a thing either terrible person and it was number six. For the condemning what she's seen give it to me Dave mega. Dave magnate make it could attest it's what it says here while a quality. That out of band I know I know my very first test on an NFL was open date make it kick off return fumble. I was blocking Ford wanted to in jail when guys hit on fumble. Appendages and in all Foxboro stated out that in Ronald balls and on the ground. And I picked it up and Peres said Netanya some of first test. So. As that and nowadays they'd make it had to thrown him that's just that's what it says that the 1997. Did make it through one past 35 yards and the touchdown than most of on the U. And it's 97. That the ago. What an interesting group though patent maggot what do detonated a theory here at a bit of either the kicker or running back receiver and quarterback from a touchdown yet that's gotta be I'm gonna say it's a record. Anybody it's a redundant. Muslim go back to. Moved on three's dazed some announced he's got seats you skin feels that the movement on the federal question is did you throw one. Know how with Al Ahmad have been all for tumor in my career pole and overpasses and so it wouldn't work to work of the quarterbacks now that no arm wasn't quite what you needed in the pressures and the press is only you know like a pop one of the growth of like the 2000. Sort like Tom Brady trying to be a receiver in the Super Bowl saga. Out eight he touched Detroit it's just he's got to catch that get into getting fit and reallocate our armed but I also gave similar drawing to an Amendola as well. Because he got nobody wanted. Also when it does and went back and there's a fullback over you to want to you know make him keep went and did you stop. With the ball you make it stop at the turn in our unit. You know it can today. What is it easier for Italy Italy can catch it in the right out of bounce the right and delicate and it definitely want to. Upper eighties he did not that I didn't go to ground as a go into that Ron Allen progress on Warner. I was an absolute. View. I think you're making excuses for Brady I did they clearly without I don't know it was a must from a necklace and that's it. Big powerful bay. I terror. Yes of the new muscle bound up there are some ground and help yourself out of doubt so terrific about coaching. I do there and do all the ten. So there's a feeling you can teach some of that stuff McCain. So. Lot of hours at the NFL a lot of hours on the senate probably a few spots though to the front of me going and at a few teams that might be inclusive flow. So not I was not mean that. You did you get to Saturdays though that you manner. You only sleep if you if you was there and I'm not a lot of that just like a mid day nap and something. On the Palestinian arbor when I was younger. As to about two hours to feel better. Now buy tickets in the net in the middle of the day to get a good thing of sleep much again. Ten minutes against him right to have a healthy to me is that the minutemen and it'd be great and I was under. But it's in the pits you know off to sleep ten news I'm. Happy to get angry. And so. But and optimized does me good that was old man seen I can't we honestly I've known a long time I can't picture and angry Troy Brown. You don't see that not not very real I haven't seen I've never seen Yang and very and so I got I got angry. Two times. And it as a player. Maybe three. Well Chris Jenkins need your face probably would admit I was scared to death about and I'm. I doubt that I thought of regardless of oh yeah. I don't go to our god. It I don't agree with Pete Carroll. It was like a significant accomplishment from the guys sometimes what would be appreciated. For about are yeah also won a pat on the bag and yes in the way out. You know but. We doubt it repair Minnesota and I'm I'm out there and a block and again. In a time and that's not a good on a cutting. And they want those rebel arm around his latest thing and they caught the replies yeah. And repeats just like game hated man in my stomach for the fifth receiver got like forty kids is something only years of with a receiver. And he's never really said anything to me. So this particular plagues me happily on the field. Whole team's opinion though you wouldn't go to get a Politico. Hello. And it is that out on the bids for a little bit and I got his ticket about that I was like. Bluntly put. You know any military legal gonna me for the birth thought about a hold until. Silent I was going to talk to him and they'd be innocent management agree and you're probably better known to be every somebody big like shadows and says so yeah. And then assignment that one another time it was a win. I got. My second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty now in Tennessee win. Trump card player I Tara Conner yeah that was the Quantico infinity. Or that all he got that Audrey Johnson violence on the fight each other we just thought to take on many items that he's got to put this guy hasn't the it. So we thought we already knew he's got to play obligated to play dead had Corey being tackled and I'm like. Reason that's been an around nothing that's been around he's like if they tended to have you. Yet and acumen has kind of act swiftly so I. Don't modest narrative it. Griffin lights yeah I'd he would throw us out any payment of the tiles cussing me out you know you don't know who go to sound Latin. And in bills to the that I what's going on duty time it was me it would pan out either reality that we heard Rodney at. You can't do you can't that we went to get it and he calls it the hours. Look at the unit and what's he gonna do. I look at them just openness now because he'd never see mile yeah. It's about who's it's not a got an opinion on penalties about it but. It nice and won two games after one after the court infineon did that the most players yeah that kind of reaction on both what's yours yet so he was he was. Not a very good person. The agency's digit Rodney Harrison was a dirty player before again here. I was a body was dirty as but he was very aggressive and I don't know how to how to have a problem with the weekly. You know he was about players and aggressive that was kind of paying back we play but I think have a problem with it you know it's illegal we got into practice. What that he hit me. But he pulled it off like about that whole story I. Giles had to fight and that's about it I did it with well I think that you know you spotlight to them is big news the food and there was that one time after his victory. And now. Is Kim with thirty years old and these that maybe mail too yeah it does have a cell phone doesn't have anything he gets an airport this information in this. And that this is baggage claim ground transportation. Bogus or ride with thirty. One of the best lines I ever heard unsupported Freddie is the Bobby Valentine Arab product anything's an Iran that Troy Brown's success haven't plotted out I don't know despite evidence can about your gauntlet. A week later at that to boost their confidence element in the UV in Austin. But this missile spears lip and I might have been only patriots play you're exposed to clear this. And he's there to sell the fact. How come I don't think you heard to say you know I think appeal the verdict might now through all the heck out has no right at them. That was Dustin Pedroia it was fun talking football fans who doubles go about it already out there a live will bring you back another time zone going to be great this and he brought brown joining us here on Dylan Keefe Sports Radio W media.