Dale & Keefe -  Who the Patriots should draft in the 1st round; Dallas Braden joins the show; Keefe’s Keys for the Celtics in Game 3

Dale & Keefe
Friday, April 20th

Hour 3: Keefe made his second appearance on 105.7 The Fan in Milwaukee to talk Celtics-Bucks, and the appearance was very similar to the first time around. Former MLB Pitcher Dallas Braden joins the show to talk Red Sox - A’s and the Sox’s sweep of the Angels. Keefe’s Keys is renewed for a third edition as Keefe tackles Celtics vs. Buck game three.


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Yeah to. Our number three daily key Sports Radio WEEI Kyle Draper NBC sports Boston is in the house where this. We've talked some Bruins today Andrew raked across joins us to talk about Tuukka Rask in the way he played last night. Bottom of the hour Dallas Braden will join us he's calling Oakland a's games out in the Bay Area. Red Sox aces you just heard Keith say a moment ago. They kick off their weekend series tonight is the Red Sox continue to be the hottest team in Major League Baseball. We've talked about the Celtics game three tonight Milwaukee against the box hoping to take a three nothing series lead in that. And we've also begun to talk a little bit about the draft coming up next week in the National Football League and where the patriots might goal while they might be targeting. I mentioned earlier now I'd probably should have I I I left out. I buried the lead on purpose I don't know I didn't mean to but I swear I should've mentioned to you that I saw on TV they were talking about the patriots moving up to draft Lamar Jackson apparent. It was on get up so. You're on hey it's odd events that I. Yeah that's all right yeah I'm not I don't know what you need you know it would give the man that I can't and you pay dues usually haven't changed and they don't allow now they have one chance a deliberate about all. What does the public TVs they only have one on sports. It was on ESP and I don't know they don't like that today show is on over here Fox News is on over there and say you're Watson you're watching get up. And they were talking about the patriots who was talking about. You rose. But the but you can't that's a tough act. Now that cricket with the daily on some of Tehran rose got beetle period Lamar hourly get right into this thing all right that canned goods at least I would over the sources from. I might not have been. Quite as strong none of those things that wish after report with an up and couple known wasn't there is no shifty report is those shows Florida's opponent not. Yeah editing goes there are let's get the calls that you guys is 6177797937. Jacks up a New Hampshire hey Jack. The pinnacle. Just I. I definitely think the patriots have got to go linebacker Clark Kershaw but if they do move book. Jack I would be disappointed but I don't get what happened. Because it is too many are second year quarterback available that could be developed liked. Long letter. But her name not trial Allen a division one talent that pretty good games for Houston while including an ailment he replaced joining themselves. In the net gain. But he get into the yet dog house. And then he transferred to Houston we had a couple good game in the in the dark and keep according interceptions. But I. Brilliant they love that around here is that after the write a John all of that opportunity and it's. Load coaching I think you get over that he had good talent there the cola ability woody thank. The article. Thing who's who was found at a well in the tournament now. You know among the next Tom Brady wait yeah I'll walk daddy's. I'll next time bring them know that pieces start of that. Let's I was really good. No I you know what I just think I showed you the definite line well. To say this if if that is the next Tom Brady that's who they'll draft but that's the thing is if you're drafting in the fifth sixth or seventh round for quarterback. I assure you that that's where the quarterback of the future doesn't really make a lot of ads unless we have a secret regular nobody knows about this guy I don't know. As its second or third round I think. If those guys can still start and I know there's another Tom Brady and others Tony Romo who was on drafted so it it's happened in the history of the sport but most of home. Our first round picks even if one lead into the second round Laker Derek Kerr to McGraw blow another spot. We just a couple years ago it was almost like a quarter of the league. Or the quarter of the starting quarterbacks and we were number one overall picks for it router to first round how they were number one overall and fix their mouth to say he's the next Tom Brady. No he just tried it might be related I don't. IE it and that's having come line now I don't know. Let's just a bit for Kyle Allan let's say there is a next Tom Brady an issue there is but let's for the let's play again let's say that there is a next summary. What are the chances that the patriots are gonna get Tom Brady and the next Tom Brady. Back to back I think there's a glimpse at reality I do I do not like the chance of that I mean I'm just saying what you heard it here first. The caller had a visa via the next robbery. It's probably only a slightly better source than get up this morning was probably out and trapped Lamar Jack. I'm on its website what he got a comment. I don't even on this night is due out and we just threw that out that site. Walter football ovals that it's bad idea bad idea yeah they list him as the 24. Best quarterback in distress sleepers while she thought I. There are called B pile out that's what I thought 800 no document when he recorded a draft that added I don't allow it out there when you. Drafts did that there are running quarterbacks taken them more Brady and I the other 199. There's certainly weren't so tasty there does as ahead as higher right now. He said 24 best quarterback available yet birdies as problem was that they have them and then he they had interception no doubt he owed about suggested a he got into some trouble I they have some Johnny man's knowledge of that here picked through the heads of committees that 24 best or what could go down lower on Kyle Alan America was out. And I'm not no thank you Kyle Allen might be third or he is the third best Allen. In the quarterback class is their Josh Allen then there's the kid Austin gallantly he even ranked higher than that of cut and it probably I'm a could be available lowly if you want him or. On track to allow more volatile and I'll get one right after the crap he probably dialed priorities freeagent McCullough Brian's in Auburn hey Brian. Courier on what's his name. So I although I figured something out here I got a friend who's eighty. Caddie on the protest war in Iraq. Really what is that you know our caddies on the approved this explore the pro dual hard to carry this problem. I. Ball I conflict at all but I enthralled I want the Blue Line and cut. Out borrowing here. It doesn't it but I don't know man up and work weights and about a serious as though they're in enthralled there's a caddie. OK so anyway what what's what's the. All well the main doing something last week and all of also it was a total mental. But saw what all results after the tournament I was with them. And TrueCrypt this call I apologize because I don't know that they don't know if they went yeah I know. They were on a plane flight out of New England looked good actually could be heard that. Behind them with a stretch other picture what the use this either Saturday or Sunday at. So it's don't have him saying hey why we're 20 yeah it looks outlook they would wouldn't fly it out of this for years how my. The first question he gets personal about eight to sort clear OC is the next month if it was just a a work in the offseason agenda and indexes little bit different but yeah okay so we'll find out. Why where was he gone but he apparently he's going to be back in Foxboro tomorrow. I just want to go back is that tomorrow or that Sunday at tomorrow's Obama speak Iceland back through effective Unita can't carry it. Yes definitely don't like and other guys it's a ringer a year in life while the wind. I'll win. Let it take up some laid the grass grow in the air discs the have to lug around and around of Disco entirely sure and I want them you know game I don't really use golf balls yeah the what do you hold me satchel at that we have or use any pac. Stuff and the gas golf bag but it. But their dorms on it yes sponsorship deals for our hopes on the site I would think so. The from all kinds of offers these. It's actually. Not for these race you called for his means what I would say hey it's OS yeah I thought. That there is a little respect on that our other friends these ideas about OK this my bow and apologize. Ricks in New Hampshire hey Rick I don't. Erica I did. I don't I was going on. Just they'll get a little. A headline rejecting it would I hope we are open Putin and I'm Betty n.'s idea to use to get used to count spook Rask who. Really went on the one. I don't advocate beyond that I game and really win that first job. He would I know he was there an outline it probably doesn't count it that doesn't that's not for him. Okay well and it is talking about the Bruins I'll play you know you. You watch pat to back to triple Lutz the other that he comes down on the pocket still honesty and somehow local and met. The third game they had no puck luck I think the third game was the hottest game this is the anti nuclear. I thought they actually I thought they played better in game three than they did last night yet they seemed to go played. Great last night's there on the way and I wouldn't. Won the game last week did yeah. The Bruins were in Calgary somewhere they weren't around. The Bruins had 42 shots on goal Monday had another eighteen that didn't make it so they had sixty shot attempts on Monday. And lost yelled by of the a couple of gold at last have a 21. Made totally different whether it twice my shots a gap there is that in game four but to go was fantastic. In game four and made up for the fact that they're Bergeron was there. Where do you stand on the term outlaw I just wanna go back to the fact that the frisbee golf well he called it fort Tony. When Lawson. Forward to running. The use high. I'm just say in the now as I understand it early are we let that pass the bill of fort Wentworth I just noticed. Speaking out fortunately I've noticed in late July 1 when it's blue we see that's so. EU had a return appearance I'm sure there Wendell thought yes Milwaukee midday radio on the fan there were 578. Straight what they do is they wanted to Celtics expert on so they obviously did I maybe humans they got any gun violence I was on last week and it went very. It's gonna go on for a minute this is not last week this news release today at the and I think I put my mind if your head out of me if I'm gonna provide bullpen and he played just about all of them before you jump on. It's still me wait on hold. Up. Okay. Program brightly hey maybe. That's key cohosts the daily keep on 937 W that you guys wants an outdoor mass in the Schneider orange outline Richard. And I. Along all right cool Brian and I yeah absolutely terrible and I called him from a constant around the and yeah. I upgraded my phone obviously is just. They're kind of burned there they complain tire through this well saga get a minute to kill it no problem with. Our money our knowledge that so my 12 o'clock hour not the money out about the money our although it's 1130. There to Milwaukee cycle around 1230 my time. And the guys even handedness that hate the boxes films are available this again next week all that's absolutely well at third element of a crotch bunch and I just me if I'm I'm looking for someone to go anywhere you in this odds with Murray when he was in caddie shack reviews on Tuesday. A cruel world and what did not improve your blog worth. But I knew well why does it sound like that it's terrible. The way you hold your full weekend to VO hands free you know or when you're here while I'm ala Bluetooth in the car that's the that it should not and no I lives and the producers of back don't care about. So that is not that's. Not in police say when we got the call will be some speakers. Yeah try to push through a drive did you drive all from the Sumner I'm glad I'm here I'd I was like car at that point in my than in the parking garage. Read an opponent always your opinion you know your bank. Let's Richie co host of dale and keep the morning on night 37 WE RI in Boston. They'll keep him or ignoring it all has and I three. So it enough crap I think bill. They hastily throw us out of that NASA. It's going to be a couple of keys through via blogs and so all of our. Well I did more than my blood in the water that this guy yeah. Lately I've thought about what. They surely. Are. And of the that you just wait what's what you what you asked did you start opera that segment that is sweeping the nation is taking up it's in Milwaukee right now because there's no surprise that that's exactly asked for. He wants the keys to the series it's going to be a couple of keys through via Boston Celtics you know win here tonight. It's always says a couple of that he is what you really hit the keys are which makes me think the L. We may need to return. Of Quito music and we mean yes we might be none of the they would pay me my empire we were all Jalen brown in game two people on Twitter said it in the long as they wanna know the people that more than that victories like the keys I think I don't know I didn't hear a goatee he might you could always positives in the browns have a monster game could you please on Tuesday's and he did O and Sid 00 style player bullets though he did. Said the same thing wanted to I just feel Mikey Kile scheme exactly but added that down and yeah. Feet keys out of all the key is that there and advance it we all did an example of Kiki I've since game two is on a Tuesday Tuesday night don't look for the same performance is game one for Al Jalen brown meanwhile he threw good on Tuesday as the governor drastic eighteen point six most of any day for him. He's the best that I don't want to I don't wanna interrupt your flow but the phone lines are already lighting up was he lied to us about Alexi. That you had the easy here it's in the background those are actually there you'll be my keys and his keys you have several you know I like it Canada. He's got like a a lot on never locked out. Eighties Dallas Braden joins us next to talk socks and eighties Iran's portrait. At W media was going to be a couple of keys for the Boston Celtics get a win here tonight. That's such a good time visiting with the Dallas Braden. Even when the Red Sox where playing the Oakland days but they are playing the Oakland days tonight opening weekend series. Out in Oakland Dallas does the FAA's games out there as well he joins us right now are you Dallas. Doing well boy isn't doing well it's. It's great day out here California also say that the sun shine in they're they're there's a bug on the street out here California. Yeah how the heck did the Oakland -- stop this wagon that's coming to town. Ole Ole hole while I tell you what I'm. I think the one thing I looked at what they've had been challenger dramas about is. While often does not salute proven to be a juggernaut there's no denying it there's no debating it. I mean you talk about you bet. People little premature world we're talking about April 20 420 here and that might be a little. Early bird MVP conversation. But they're somebody who has created one for themselves or want to be at its move that man is all on. Fired but how to combat that at your cronies while. It'll go rockets against lefthanded pitching thus far this season. If the top we opted to cross the border almost and if you're looking for bright spots were so Whiting. We talk about this sort of juggernaut awarded the talent the what if I look at is who's coming into town. If we lefties we got through public lands. We got stale and we got quite surprised still not sure which will flip flop but I believe we're to the CC three lefties so that's something that. We look forward to was well and I think one thing is the guy that we're about out there tonight to the great man who had and experiences successes. That I think we had hoped or as an organization. That he definitely had hoped or early on. That that leads for that means different for appointment and then I think. With a light up like it commended cal there's going to be a fire lit in here to perform. Yet that is going to be crowd support there's going to be it's it's it's going to be. I think it's going to be a great series and it's gonna be good locker here especially when when we get it to who the Red Sox have have matched up. Which throughout the beginning of the season. Yet the Red Sox just coming off a three game sweep of the angels and going into that series is two of the best records in baseball they LA it was thirteen and three and the Red Sox outscored them 27 to three none of the guarantor competitors rolled them so. How good are the angels or is this just goes it's more about the Red Sox rolling. I think it's more I honestly I think it's what about the Red Sox rolling at this point because that means you'd seen it I mean. Just wanted to applause saw an opportunity to it becoming a buzz saw early in the season which let talks clearly out again there's go to Bible receipt here. But if we wind it back boys all the way to the beginning of the season. And we look at the competition open to this point until this last year security is there a high. I believe it was you guys Oprah with Tampa Bay I believe ended. Tampa and Miami right into the idea we've got to tamper Axel can't you sit yup I'd OK so we took a bite somebody ball games. At those two teams want that body. 107. Or seven combined but it hit the Yankees who clearly are will be it. Two at least they got Joel coliseum. Libby get to deceive and Ed I mean where they jeopardize our David 500 that are out 500. Either team now. But yet there was a and it ended ended ended yet and yet Baltimore this angels separately. It can't let my that you guys have played three teams with a combined fifteen or so wins and you're sitting at sixteen total. It's I don't go with this. Right of the yeah. You know that support did he edit them how much. Were you tested outlook for the soft test did up until and I think that's what everybody was even picked up the it talked about the bike instead look at the seed I'll look at a huge joke is against our boys. A look at the scene they argued this quiet. Because the angels I I said it dispersant we got here. All the let it beat it AL west the angels they look they look like a team to be reckoned with it looked like a team who won't allow that separation. To occur like we saw what we keep last year with the Houston Astros so that that's why this was a big series will be. That the only that the talks were going to be rolling into account adored but I keep out of a angels who took plea at a portal bus early. So together as noted by it will what you guys are doing now. Yet in Dallas are are are the a's though that the team met that challenges the Red Sox this weekend I mean I don't know if they're pitching can hold up. Through through the weekend at the a's are going to be win this series or at least take. Two out of three I feel like it's gonna be a high scoring affair I don't think you know the eighth had a pitching that you keep the Red Sox down. All status what we've seen out of it and you'll make did. A lot about what we've seen out of shock when the Ohio last timeout. I mean shot and I has has thrown the ball pitched well lately well. Oddly he's gay it's if you look at a Cy Young conversation this early like item bookie has created for himself. I mean job and I is in that conversation in my opinion. The way you draw the baseball all but but I I would I would agree to the point that this is going to be a slugfest. Well you saw it. It is firepower that he didn't swing the bat very well liked jetlag or you start to sleep about he'd just gotten used earnestly about. There's a lot of guys that are really start to hit their stride. Here at Oakland so I don't know that we're going to seat a pitcher's duel because like I like it said we're fighting silverlight which at my job to do over here at Oakland. It take relentlessly well against lefties that's a dollar rotted out just read from the left side. Or talking to Dallas Braden co host of the starting nine podcasts along with Jared around us and also does the Oakland a's games out in the Bay Area. Much has been made about Alex Cora and the difference he's made on this team in your experience is a Major League pitcher as a manager Rick that big a difference. Absolutely you it it's about and I always I kind of jokingly says the target cheaply it does ring true you've got to Nokia got a roomful of dog kickers or dog lovers and that's the manager's job who who are these people who qualities that will motivate these individuals and are you communicating with them argue showing all of them that you can't communicate. With all of them or you hear that you have to adapt or things I wait I'll put them at a fashion that they can come to the part. And they can prepare and is there Coulter that's being created that's comfortable. Is there culture that's being created. That is demanding that success and that the answer to those questions are yes more than they are no. That the impact that a manager can have because I've been in situations where. Play quite a wide that you don't know who's going to Wear it until after BP at times you you're go what the hell that I did. And I'd been on the feel good article about where you've got somebody comes in their community. You can have the talk to their guys guys know what it was bad when they're gonna have days off that allowed them to prepare Keitel rules established or miscommunication about. Establishing roles that we would not giving you any think right now but at least there's communication and I think that's what's going on is with AC having worked with him. Side by side in the studio in the Booth calling games. I mean I I'd go with that due to all about and if he you're talking about somebody who can embraced. They do waive our information. All along with the hard nosed and great that I think the Fed based in Boston like this you that you played with. You think you've got to board. Now when you first met Alex Cora at cern have conversations with a did you think yeah this guy's going to be a manager. Other well I guess it's not about having conversations with guys who you think are going to be a manager. Use speak to individuals. Who we you're talking big gain Ed you're just you all. You find yourself. The opposition sort of lend themselves to strategic hypothetical situations and what is and what you almost can't do it to the answer. Because the questions never stopped you know because you want so much information like what would you do in this scenario well we're glad up in the bullpen. Who was hot yesterday to make it about again down. Who's on deck if I'm basing this guy who thought Eddie you don't like that's what you don't have a conversation with somebody who you don't could manage thought about this guy is going to be a manager. If I can manage an absolutely. No doubt about. Goes when you look at you know core and you don't win John Farrell came and he was some thought to be a player's manager. You know. But also a guy you know who will would hold players accountable. You think Alex Cora can can hold guys accountable inevitably. The Red Sox who hit a rough patch it and to be of interest that to see how they react to that. How do you think corps will do in that respect. What tell you what I think what everybody is kind of interest you to see is. When that rough patch inevitably comes when those to our base hit when they start definitely heals. I think the relationship that he has with PD is what is going to really help out and meeting. He knows. Would you bet. To Pedroia Pretoria knows what he meant to him. And the expectation. That eight he laid out as a ballplayer for Pete Earley our. Is probably the same but carries a little more weight the other debt and has now got the power of the pit he's not strapping it on. Side by side with you crusade in the trenches but he's obviously there are you the tip of the spear now and so I I speak out. That was attached problems or rears its ugly head if you will the conversations and the relationship that he has with the leaders in that club house. And basically the skids off the wall that he has in that city and as a as a resonate I think those will speak volumes. And eagle slowly diverted as somebody who commands the respect of his what else. A Dallas enjoy the weekend it should be fun I'll say this. Get the pom rants on Friday because not all of your chances against sale and price on Saturday and Sunday. That's our body make today's sports Claudia what they can be let's. I ended up out here is our voice. I did Dallas thanks. I south that is a Dallas Braden joining us here on Sports Radio WEEI. It's a different. Ambulance all there wouldn't don't remember you talking over the executed you know they're let go are gonna appeared. I guess yeah. Just feel like you with your bucks in Milwaukee some Lleyton just wait around. You probably knew about my phone was again he's like Arnold display in the site pictured is producer or is it is he is Andy has Andy hit the music and yet he stoutly get a coffee and that way in the brain we are not like they are now there are others out of our great. It's not it's not great. They've returned earbuds next week by that yeah I well. But you are yet to be fair while he says that we introduced a series of views here he gets at the end of the interviews like if if the series is still all final cut at next week if that sounds good and which aren't you heard that are not peninsula said. Oates noted I. It interview last week sounded just like that no and they made you asked me back. So that they must do a lot of interviews or bad cell phones that we get the impression that. There and have a lot of people say yes. In oh you know that's as far as. Now are are you dissing bill you're okay now does he he's in Alexandria that all of this they were desperate owner Artie they'd they'd sweet out like their whole show agenda they they map the whole thing out last block them on Twitter nobody to be mentioned me in like they got a panel when he wants them on the show I put that on there are people Milwaukee going nuts. They had Dennis Miller on last week. So former mom and football. You have that they have yet. And always. Vote it was a great I don't know that's good yet I I am I'm guessing you know Africa show in Minnesota that that's what you that's something to promote. They also law at 11 o'clock today they're gonna take a look at the packers' schedule and see what stands out to wean. I want to schedule they had a guy named Tim Allen but not that him now and I'm. That would have been a bit the other Tim Allen. They had I guess Jason Terry did an interview last night the were you realize that at noon oh yeah they have the whole thing. I don't know I allowed my my highlight it all by herself at 1235. I I will it buy or sell a paper they literally to weed out the hole every segment what they're gonna do 1240 EC DC means drew I. I would admit there was a day back in the day where we might have done the whole. You know breakdown of the schedule for it seems a little list of that since the bays and Wednesday's home all right maybe dad. It is a one man show though it's like get credit you know he's doing all the day by I think I'll probably run the board everything he's happy he can't beat. But yet an iceberg and it's nice mid day show their Milwaukee by friends of the fan Milwaukee. You're you're gonna be Dillon you're going to be an aftershock there someday maybe you'll like people locked doors open doors polling is bigger than baseball and Laverne ensure your and it's and I had a problem sausage races at the board and I do like it goes all right I don't speak bad about you see the one last night that I always like that ideally because sausage race after those. As. You said. But when Wendell Simon hit on with a bat in my if other oppressed trying to get caught. The girl that theater right now she went out a ton of bricks and that is being funny but he had a concussion that is open. Select everybody on the lap and he hit in the head with a veteran. Guys being funny is not I yeah I'm sick of the people on the text machine. We want cheese we won't want east peace. I have a feeling this is like to people who want the keys sees it the same number it made it might be in ninety might not be. Are you texting but I actually did that our president Ari back on the way his own as we ever get out and outgrowth of room. So where do and that's our I don't see one not there's lot there's a lot to get some schemes very. Worked so well for game 220 in the series because Arnold the more. Nothing but John's up in Maine hey John. I don't. But it a couple of key key the ink was one of the keys but he got. A lot of old the act this guilt from you know about a little bit Menem met about a turnovers fight state heading into this so the box can't score in transition. And I think another key is to get decent game going early so we cannot have another big offensive game. We had a gorgeous Colin Powell I eat did play well despite and put a lot of points. I could really need both hit and bound to come up it all out class out that you wanna Cuban boat people. Yeah it's on the turn overs that really is Kyle I mean. Milwaukee's offense from a pay raise it they need to deal and they need to run down dark yet but they need to do more confident they can't score and a half. Half court even on its and I know he's been efficiently complete Greek. But he asked to work in half quart you know it's not easy for him. And you look at games one into the turnovers. So why don't even need to do keeps these my boy did we just did what he did it it's not teacher I don't want this anymore we might have we went out why he's cute if there's a ton. You guys I think I'll this goes into the hall is a whole segment although it's easy doesn't he's in the pre game. Yeah but that's very ended as well thirty seconds well that's that's pretty you got the night definitely one of math. And please there's likely to show with our tees so that because it. Usually do like three or four. We do one each on one of the two. So you're you're basically list of light and beings out of those 104 of them come correcting your legacy I don't you get jail browser on the big Tuesday which he did. At that he nailed it sniffed that on right now. After he had a great game one also by when he was better in game two to slightly yes and I guess he wasn't you know I don't know I think they aren't here I got it out and I give you credit I don't think that's not fair will get a little off the rails to the keys there's things that's if that music again. There go. Dear please when they see bright lights and the lights are never brighter that in the playoffs this. Yeah just a year after Allen there down notes at sea now like yes that's that's that's not basketball and you know we've trotted out actually just because I acknowledge you know that about a year that's how I can't tell that about dear all right well I ever met John got everybody did the other already had that experience would be year. They that they got agent here don't look now. Who's who's doing keys here you guys if I have a one empty number three guy. You have heard of the whole segment appeared look I don't that's why do you the only stand only looked and it looks at low bullet hole to low key goal to go look up. Today that out of it. They had that apple did. At that the keys and and. Days I felt Xbox game. I ain't got rid of that bad group. The Celtics have to Batman or start bad news guys that because Friday's defeat in today's Friday none of the starting five have stepped up their games. Their combined only to average 59 points amongst starters. First two games of the series starters averaged 82 and a half points per game that he is the stars must break out their Friday Fong in order to go up three out. A little worried now hey Alan let's hear it in the right so I immediately went on I wish we were on. We're ensemble cast should be dealt people out that you should where they'll think we're TBI agent for TV created. Thought the female pair up who is there any others after having birth. Since the Bucs playoff berth they have lost their handlers sitting on us apart to in sixth. Hos there and stuff like that outscored the box the first quarter by 11 AM to twelve in this series. Continue to win their quarters you'll win the series can afford to put a hole early. It's gonna hurt yourself with a less than April 20 is national lookalike day. Because itself without Marcus Morris was that went in identical twin brother Celtics will win the game. It is national looked like they I saw become anathema forty twins pleaded out of it or did try to figure out which one is which I can't I got more bad news for and they all felt like Thabeet 37 of thirteen record with one day of rest. Back make it 38 and thirteen because that the playoff game from one to two they've had two days on this this game during the season they're just six and seven. The minute. Why would they be worse with the next today and grass I don't know I really don't know caribou travel and heard and adapt to help each other. This series the blocks have not traveled in herds or help each other professional adult. Yeah not if got a Ed Middleton have combined for 65%. Shooting while the rest of the team shot 40% would want me to turnovers. Keep for the bucks is to adapt and help each other. He's he's brought on a per game three. Eric Bledsoe needs to meet Terry Rosie here and know his name is how are you. I didn't Derek what's aren't Stewart. Second chance points are key to the Celtics victory I get at it he. At the DL team to the victory that outscored the bucks 4213. In second chance points. This series and have to when he offensive rebounds compared the boxed well. Yeah. Milwaukee both in the game in Milwaukee tonight that this is an important key as well. Milwaukee both the largest dinosaur skull in the world. A nine foot by eight foot. Taurus Taurus Cranium you did say that right horror story and they do Rachel are made that now it's two feet nine inches taller than yacht yes. Why not a team but Milwaukee can at least boast this. Thank Cranium. With smaller than young guys. Yeah that's pretty much at all I think we've exhausted he skis. I'm I'm all I want to Europe of marijuana related one. Not on your candidate natural like Vietnam not national collective. A little feedback on what it feels like we have he's he's on Twitter or like I want them as Florida and this segment so bad them must listen. Folks who look plus miles formally arrested on marijuana charges last September. Well that's a good one night that's the answer that he's he's missed I want John Henson doubtful. I'm not gonna play action I was told by bill Michaels on 157 the fan in Milwaukee that John Henson will not play. Well with what senator Larry Sanders once and I believe the Larry Sanders also didn't feel his dogs he once gave a terrible person. Letters to editors the idea that edit it out at how do not feed your dog is terrible. That is the apple he left Malcolm Cole of the whole fifth place finish in Wisconsin. Back in the war in Iraq. You've got to take the dogs away from yeah I think they did I think conservative as he also took an NBA career away from themselves. I'm happy I'm back in the NBA for a little while as it blocks shots. They go I don't. Yeah I'm happy with the heat this entire they aggregate. Today a lost feeling good about it but I'm not feeling I think it seems like or like more keys for good but they're not all positive you have others as these are the keys for game three unseemly it's probably going to be a box -- the most damning would be. The record with two days off. Celtics and mockery when it two days off. Techsters got a possible for twenty connection on a doubt it's 420 Celtics green four leaf clover five leaf plant. Lab that's got that helps that we're going to. It's bucks but I'll grant you know plan though a little poorly over five leaked plant thing no that's true. This is also sort of the other Ray Allen pole as he of course Victoria balking at a great Celtic that's also not a commodity known he had it he's more welcome I would imagine they don't walk walk. Yeah I don't really care and I don't think they would love it here. Now I don't think they love him necessarily. Here in Boston anymore but. I don't know I think I I got the Celtics in five now because I've. If China does not feel very good yes face that your eye he's in the loses today or tonight in and they win. We're back on Sunday to win Sunday come back wrapping up in five. If you change your pick it's not every week upbeat he's did not sway me it's what you are out. About that we get how low key and now these solid piece. Of it I'll get any keys on you not about the top that and things go on I have to do some re certainly Zia and you know I didn't stop him. Yeah. Well a lot of this Celtics with lucky charms. Sprinkle little dust on the night here so that's the key Celtics are what. You know lucky charms you know I don't us let's break time what yet but now. Garcia leopard time art yeah. If you just hard to do this hit you so that is. That's Brett lucky charms always rely on the book was three aren't ordained to attend rehab process and open you've had 72 hours or he's not that's an army personnel. Also idyllic couldn't do it again and that we decided I laugh at how much Larry I got married in about a popular programs serials that we eat cookies I think. I've heard this though dale this can also be key in the game the Celtics have never lost that game when Kyle Draper is eating chips logged on he got. What their camera lost about this club out at its image and its right to Celtics are picked 35 and no. When leading the series two games and who I think they will tell me about and I don't adapt you. I'm saying he's he's he's a night game ivory keys Al Horford ass holes being honest I don't I. I am yeah. Big dog and yes a year yet. Will continue to dominate because he's been great against the bucks all season Celtics are four and a half point offs they were dogs the other night where there I think they were one point oh. I'm at home at home. Only room. Richardson's. Then we got there again. It's Joseph Johns is not quality back so I don't even want him out at liberty because they need to be a sponsor of Kiki we know yeah they prenatal I think you're way out there they sponsored eat before you lead out there would be a problem public as part of a sponsorship media comeback banks. We got to come back every game. Yes that we pushing I thought I'd. And that's an article I don't know a lot.