Dale & Keefe - Who we are not looking forward to seeing in ESPN’s body issue; Keefer Madness

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, June 19th
Hour 4: It’s the Money hour and the talking heads want to weigh in on Brady and Belichick. Max Kellerman thinks Brady tried to come out of the controversy as the boss. Shannon Sharpe really thinks Rodgers is better than Brady. Where should Berry Trotz go? The ESPN body issue is out and Keefe is really excited to see Dallas Keuchel. Mike Hoffman got traded twice in one day and could Terrell Owens actually come back?

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Yeah yeah yeah. Fourth and final our daily keep Sports Radio WEEI. Mark James is in the house with a says well big topic that we started out today where it was Tom Brady now we got additional information is the day went on because. Tom Brady when he was on with a Oprah over the weekend she asked him about retirement he's sort of sounded you know it it it made us feel like. A season may be too with what he had left in the tank. ESPN. Ran a quote on its program he responded to the quote with. Our rent at east cinco and a little monkey emote geez there out leading us all to think that you know he had been saying 45 he told Peter King 45 back on the podcast after the Super Bowl win. And apparently he he still believes it. One of the things that Oprah did talk to Brady about. Is leadership. And obviously a captain of this team leader of this team and she wanted to know what Tom Brady's leadership skills were like. How would you describe your style of leadership. HIV very positive. And I think once I developed a trust. I feel like I can be tough on them. We that I can be tough on before they develop the relationship and and the trust so that you are your shatter the screamer and I can't be Jackie Kennedy but it's only a few birds you know we care about obviously you know I think a lot of people as they both fighting the other youths took good care about you. But I think that's. And get that different forms of motivation I've been around a lot of guys wanna got some guys don't like to be of that some guys like to be. Tormented and way and I think he's got to find the right mix but I I. I love that aspect of of my position you know they have to listen me on the quarterback on the moon you know I'm don't call the plays so naturally they're looking at you and I think the greatest things for used to believe in yourself. Well you know that you don't believe in yourself who's gonna believe insurgents look at your eyes to. That he be easier to establish trust that your at DOT is. They got helps a little bit yes yes I did not things that we've had up at him in the world out of the guys are going well it'll look out and still see that that's Tom Brady. But the leader of the team. You know deciding that while that's optional that's it's not for me he has been the epitome of leader since he took over for Drew Bledsoe yeah. He I'll be curious to see if Ian Crocker captains this year Brady I would be shocked if he is not ideal every quarterback almost by default level on the wrist or racquetball not a guys struggle here and I eerie New England they don't whittled seize on the south Jersey and -- rather -- announced the captains and you know I think break you'll be one problem not not a problem not be captain of Brady has been the quintessential leader which begs the question why has he done everything that he's done. Since Super Bowl 52 and it because it's just sole. Anti Tom Brady on characteristic you that question silently it was red. She ought target anything that has to do with football and how would you describe your style of leadership. Yet there's no way she came over and Jim the rate auto about the Kerry by five and most positive agency that uncomfortable cartilage in grain and as a result of Accra wasn't grass grows like where the hell is that I had like a lot I think he produced it and. Edward and going back to our notion that obviously when we're talking about football stuff as opposed to squishy soft the Feely stuff. Let's be honest Oprah's you know knowledge base is a little lacking shall we say. I think he's an idea but we'll build a check her and I'll back him I know this question where she wanted to nobody's training. Is it true that you have a separate training place where you don't train with the rest of the team. Now I wouldn't say that produce on my own techniques differently than the rest of the team I mean all the team as I would say like most teams are very systematic. And their approach and what I learned. I guess is different and some of things they're systematic but that worked for me. So on. It's nothing now talk about with my coach and owner in this what I wanna do is what I need to be the best role player I can be and you know hopefully you can support that. So it's sort of sounded like Oprah thought that Tom spends whatever the teams practicing Tom something as well as CBS twelve. Alex were our doesn't quite work that way in football now. Now green yet he does have his own separate trainer and but you know it's not like he obviously has to be with the team at some point yeah they're yeah terrible yeah yeah I remember there we need to get the opinions of the great sports minds of our times and Rio I think well one guy. Wanted to weigh in on. Brady and what he was trying to get out of this so we all wanna know what Max Kellerman thanks. Invest at a certain about developing Brusett. Even more of developing grapple they're both god that the cabin is there and now Tom Brady that he has his team can say. I don't know how much longer I'm gonna do this. May be just long enough to demonstrate it was really Brady led to the patriots success all long good when he's got. Belichick won't have the resources there to continue to be successful as a result of great behavior. Now guys I don't believe that's what pat. Happened crude oil that sword dies you don't evidence Jordan does fit that. Theory. Lots so I think if you're sick all of that right there I don't believe in but that's just out there you just out there said that's my job to tell the truth out and that air right now in Iraq actually humid and he really set up to be like the big jumper on the shell easily the Washington generals is that Brooklyn brawler crawlers Steve Lombardi. You know the multi brother I mean there's now one of those guys all the surgically percent part of the argument weakens the argument Jolie decode but that's not very good. They're gonna cut him. He was gonna be gone there Thursday it was the swing at him as they Kevin O'Connell swing animus. So what they did was they traded for filled or set was also gonna be cut by the colts Souza swaps so both teams look like that in you know draft the boss doorstep even worse because he's the first trumpet. They make that flopped that doesn't help your argument is that they they waste a lot of time to percent while. He played because he had one quarterback was suspended while quarterback was hurt that's why we saw percent I think rob while again we talked about it until we're blue in the face. But it more a contract thing and everything else going on there. So this theory which he doesn't even believe in it he decides to needed to throw out there on TV the only voice that I'd really like to hear even more than Max Kellerman. Opine about Tom Brady on the America no matter how empowered. Shannon char all. Wow a lot. There's nobody rolled it Tom Brady can make bit error Rodgers cannot make. But there Lydia roll good Aaron Rodgers committee but Tom Brady can only base didn't dream. Google. Let's keep it cool. What are what are you what what does that mean like veterans to wide open Tom Brady can only base didn't dream. All right so yeah if Eddie is his point here and it's a little sometimes hard to tell us yet I'm not sure is apparently Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Tom Watson that he betrayed braver Rogers. Is this something. So OK at that point. It Brady at least in Shannon's eyes. Is he the second best quarterback out and it's so. Isn't that pretty good let me ask you this what what was the worst headache I gotta get from both the guys was it Max Kellerman saying Brady's gonna fall the clip a couple years ago. War once it. Trent Dilfer during the 2014 seasons said hey guys I take friends of the show Trent though for you talk a game the paper just aren't very good anymore now. Those motivating them available consumable that uttered out of that mentality now. I think they're both equally bad trends would transfer of words is is actually try to get Max just on the land. Max try to be the only one saying like on the excitement but all the 40 quarterbacks suck it appears to yours go here between the Supervalu BP knew he was wrong but I but but trance was. Probably more their body rolled it Tom Brady can make out at the Ares rockets cannot out of it out there play your role that error Roger committee. Betar Brady can only. It didn't dream. Enough that even true and I don't Iraq is more mobile budget saga about throws and maybe some of the throws on the run. I think Brady can make every throw Robb's committee yeah not Rodgers is obviously more mobile obviously run better nobody on and on that. What kind. But Blake how many six Ryder bombs you thrown out again right who did you move it. The flea flicker are not flea flicker but that hail Mary in Detroit beat him two years and then you got knocked out a first round play brutally more durable than Roger he more durable yet. Rogers who 2009 was a long time ago it is what would anyone assume that 2010 seizing security but mile long time ago Richardson's ago stupid argument to be having the time operating analog to play and everything else mitigated Rodgers better find their 32 starting quarterbacks. Deserve more than one better than Brady both physically fit into its inability who was mortality dale. DN Marino or Joseph Montana. Out. It's not the greatest like long balls spiral he was but dad I. I honestly don't care about how pretty that that that's that's you know would be welcome skittish about Monty and it was better yet yet she and sharp eye and don't because obviously he Adrian he yeah the only debate it's the patriots Brady eagle please and in you can tell they're preserved body rolled it Tom Brady can make. Bit error Rodgers cannot. Then and oh yeah that's a very negative right there yeah I grant. So maybe he's actually right if you Kinsler hitting out what he's saying when you actually did you ever wonder about certain people who make a living talking in front of a life microphone and you wonder how old Zach. For me at the top that was a shooter right answer thus. They yelled at my desk series start for me is the top down are his where children really are increasingly you know. America I don't this year anymore Collin cower and I love the shows have been better this year Sharpton is is really bad because these Ray Lewis I find entertaining absolutely I'm not really entertained by nations and the next thing that's in sharp says it's compelling yeah the first round there everybody rolled it probably I make it thank you bet Aaron Rodgers cannot me. All right so let's. Turn our attention to the Celtics you've got the NBA draft coming up and get yeah agency threatened sports we are not gonna talk about that guy who played the Cleveland Cavaliers this year. We're not gonna talk about him. But Bobby marks does wanna talk. About Hawaii letter coming to the Celtics. In 2019. They can have to four picks. They've got their own. That Sacramento pick right here potentially could be in that two to five range if the kings missed the playoffs once again. They'll have a grizzly pick that could be in a nine to thirty range. And also their own and and those are your assets. What they thought the treasure chest of assets. And if you include a player like Jalen brown that that something now on I think if you're RC Buford and in San Antonio that makes it appealing. The hard part is how do you put together deal Leonard is owed twenty million dollars you've got to get about seventeen million dollars and the likelihood you'd have to put in Kerry here Marcus Morris along with wood brown and maybe sip some pillars. And at I'm Danny Ainge and not including Jason Qaeda that is eight that's non negotiable for me at Tatum would is basically untouchable right now. The he sells anything we don't worry now. Mean I don't even know whose spot like Bobby Marcy and ESPN he's the news out there trying to days Rockefeller office sign probably yeah. But that's perfectly that there are more potent form inside right they say woes is the gospel closes Saturday and he goes crazy when I was asked have a day off sometime house Watson they're like draft prep show yesterday and the body marks a million dollars from buy marches on their emotions on there and they're talking about the Celtics they're talking emotional while honored obviously. But even woes and so. Maybe having to apologize to collars that we have just immediately car all they talk about your illness be in the bigger and apologized because Adrienne bush aroused he even said. If down the road. At the Davis becomes available as he's is not suggesting it now now they think maybe even next year later on he said he brought up the name Anthony Davis. And he said the Celtics will be there are waiting for the stuff it'll have the assets if there becomes available as an art explosions and even mention his name and correct then fine little I apologized on an apology there now everybody says again I. If you call you know this week or next week I don't think it's realistic now on the wont to say that either but say. The pelicans who just made the playoffs and walk around. Let's say get off to a terrible start or whatever only things happen in the Indian they have pretty quickly. So at the trade deadline or next offseason. If they're looking to sell high on Anthony Davis then the Celtics would still because of all the young players and picks that they have. They'd be just as likely landing spot as any. And news from the NHL has to do with the coaching change. Very truck wins the Stanley Cup championship as head coach of the Washington Capitals. SAC. Greg wish Hinske ESPN talked about trot departure from Washington. Well we all do that very trucks did have a contract for next season what we did know is that if current contract had a closet if the capitals won the Stanley Cup. There was a two year extension that kicked in. Problem being signed that contract back at 2014. That's happened just before Mike Babcock made a bunch of muddy believes. We're still quite a bit about what it Blackhawks Phillies hit 300000 dollars what the current salary so trot sat down GM while McClellan to get a new deal. You want about five years that McClellan just before. And the capitals at one meet that price of very trucks resigns after bringing cup to Washington what's next for him maybe turn the landscape of other teams well there is once you that it's the coach of its New York Islanders who no doubt would like to change the conversation that in the trajectory of their team. By signing in recent Stanley Cup winning coach obviously trots knows what his price tag is that the outer seek to need it maybe that's a that's an option. So I know there's Amarillo you pay five million dollars a year for Barry trusts enough. Announces it is so bizarre unity you win that you finally what you win the cup there a point four years they've been. You know in the NHL with nothing to show for it you such a bad look you have the parades. Nowadays later heightened yeah I'm done I'm out there on auditor. I can that you caps fans got to be losing their bleak right now it's is such a bad look maybe it is looks really bad upon ownership make to give the guy what he wants and what he said dale. And he would top four. Ice of the fourth highest paid coach if he got what he wanted so it's not like he's saying hey make me number I would say guy who deserves it nasal delivered the only NL. Cup in franchise history. They won't. Pivotal Bible that you gave me yesterday you heard him give me that don't hurt them that well I'll be giving you birdied your 42 and 380. All of that how peak day. And what they gave me yesterday of live birth. And we bought the middle so. It about a Baghdad will be back to back. How do you want to go back home to that war well it will be called in no way we'll outlawed due to go straight from the wiggled story develops low. That would I'll tell them I think it for the good of a billboard of their notable impact three weeks. We pack that was. We who'd get this. With Google wallet dot. I'm low believe that's where he got that dealt. I got them on board dull stuff out of the cold out do Iran of this you've apple Apple's real people real doll. While the full real go to that led. You're Bayless they're very active. Well. You are alpha owl book. Real for real little OK so that that that's a different land did level he's either apple apple real for real doll. There are sound and people I just incredulous and mystified who may be living in front of a live microphone we'll. It's tough but that would see it and sharp. Right skip yeah let's get. Little. So next Monday ESPN is releasing the body issue you are excited though I have the the complete list. Apparently and it's in the body here we go to edit and I. I don't understand some of them why I just than just the ones willing to do it. All right maybe that's the part I do understand. Some of these people I'm gonna beef very frankly I don't know Obama. US SS a pride infielder I don't know yet never Chamberlain I don't know that mean I don't yeah we're supportive that's. What are your I think it's softball okay I'm not solved Clara right up pop all right and they've released a couple of our early photos and I can tell you say one Barkley has a twelve pack. Sic on Barkley is ripped that he all out. Peace he threw out the first pitch the other day at a game and he was wearing shorts he had the strongest legs if you've ever seen and he's gonna win rookie of the year he of them now monster so I don't understand that I can't wait to sign of those hours so Carl Anthony towns made it patent velvety goodness tall fellows some of the consultants would continue to explore forever yes sealed we made a couple of gossip wait awhile we just it was just 2014 or this year hasn't. Okay yeah I don't ask Michael. Well with the injured Sharon as beer Dallas title will be part of it he's a hairy man I'd I'm gonna go outside now expect and much we are gonna find out he rich deep down you think he's a different thing about Dell's Michael being in the that's that's a question I would probably not answer hair everywhere just it's locked on. Now here's a couple that I don't understand okay why do understand Charlotte flare. Does Charlotte we superstar made the cut that's that's a good get for the agony we actually at her real name excuse to fire at an OK now they teach us trials martyred exactly pol. And Philip I thought I was just exits and that's a real uptick pigs regularly there are other women's wrestlers that would appear tonight but that's yeah that's my that's my taste so Jerry Rice made the cut scenes they. It's a Jerry a Jerry Rice yeah Jerry Rice Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver what are we doing this will only work if they've got stick them on his hands Seattle up. Or the taste mask from Paula I like that he's learned that made the cut but he's just eating wings that. Greg Little Greg Norman Y. Doing a night Greg Norman is shark Greg Norman is Greg Norman in the Boston what's he like 75 he's going to be the shark. Like I don't wanna see that. Greg Norman ma and and 63 finals 60 degree aren't I am all right Greg still like you think he's in good shape enough. I think probably is yeah I spoke once again. There there are others on elect as I don't know I don't know all of them and crystal Von never ever. No well at least she's on the the United States women's national yeah so beyond little. Have a former UConn players who Byrd third out about Megan repeat no from the US women's national team are but. I I guess what we really have put out of work on. Olympic skater out of rip on the end there they go on. Littleton are gonna ask if he's inheriting it and I know that he's not been bouncing a little well you know the guy who just ran a four for the Ford detainees 44 years old is TO now that I should probably that guy still we now see I love TO by. A 4440. I'd to you call BS do you believe it was actually forty yards I don't I don't either way it was on track or not on a football field until it's answered with a hand time. Yeah I hit us as a guy as that's different that's all one of the guys was some. Was dad's. I was that as other town as their as their time the other natural product by the way he's turning into the handling of the NFL on the once touched on it's death of years now. No I'm saying Dez Bryant all talk about it I don't know quite what a Carolina team and yet as weird Dez Bryant like Q Massey plays article I don't know where it. And skip. Active listener now. Yeah that shows that you that you can maybe give a little home care creepy to bridge the limits to TV show out there watching you inspired that shows actually. Had an uptick in the ratings is you appreciate it's what's his name about Richard. Die each said that he's not gonna rag anymore than it loses to my little pony reruns because they that they're actually topped my little -- they're dealing that's not why he's gonna stop doing it he said he got bored do RO OK it was like OK I got to stop rag on now you just that nobody cares yes it was ala the bit they are beating get out. But then again when isn't. And you know outside ratio now. That's the understand the air as they'll show a little bit about it. All morning routine one other final note here. We we told to his trachea that a fourth both and I Wheatley told to this story last week of the turmoil on the Ottawa Senators loud data center of the soul so the the star of the team Erik Karlsson. And his wife. Lose a baby in March. A young babies stillborn. I mean can only imagine the tragedy. And as it turns out according to the the Ottawa paper whatever it is. Mike Hoffman that's another star on the Tina you know his fiancee I think girlfriend might be fiance you want to Eric. Was basically. Torturing these guys on on social media so those are suggesting that the reason the baby was still born was because. Carlson's wife was taking prescription and it was elderly and as bad as Netflix stocking and I hope and Carlson to get her on and off I was knocking is there you're probably not gonna be shocked to hear that Mike Coffman got traded today. The San Jose sharks' second time what we and then and then he was there about an hour and then he got traded again there today pictured the sharks virtually every met this guy there and they let me have you looked at whole lot of seconds at least go to fiance and yes they are trading again. So that got traded to the Carolina and Florida panther also are there others. And that evidently the big GM of the Panthers said that he talked to some of these team he would be pushed back on it. About acquired Brock firing this guy like the senators are probably gonna trade Erik Karlsson to. But they had to trade Kaufman. She'll fit in very nicely in south. Idling in his girlfriend or fiancee Monica wherever she'll fit in nicely she will not fit in in Atlanta now team out. No no I players why oh why room and NHL yeah I just can't imagine debt. One humane. Would derive enjoyment in an actually stock and other human in terms of them losing he PD of all state and it's actually eat today it and you know post artists are all that's up Israel it seems like it is. I don't really understand how much coffins these weather like I don't know what his son he's sorry he doubled down you're came out this it's as if our sound man. F and I should root of this it was not Diaz who was one of the timers yeah what does it it was so Julio Jones the only entity and via a falcons are concerned about the relationship between Jones. And CEO while the mandatory minicamp what's the ticket well I feel it's healed and I think what they're worried about his old bending easier saying hey hey hey. You you deserve more than this to local gold back there and sign and he does deserve a lot of luckily I should get a lot of money just got a new contract two years those who now we see any once and no more gap right don't Volvo gotta do yeah. I don't I don't mind that this is science you know Britain and so I they shoot well they just they distracted Calvin really held a lot of receivers and they got Mohammed seduced alt on the right and so it's that's a male partners nobody would be Pro Football Hall of Fame after rescind. Its invitation if he suddenly signed a plate for a team and active hall of Famer actually believes he can do you want the do. I think eke out an ugly hit towel yeah I think he could eat each of four for forty would you you don't believe and I don't take I don't out of the four or forty. But he was even good at his last year at least it wasn't one of these things were he just completely fell off if he was on bad team. And he was still pretty good now does a long time ago. But if you're looking like he's no longer be the number one or two receiver but this last year really played in fourteen games with Cincinnati. Had 983. Yards nine touchdowns du TO could still be playing right. He can't get between fifty and sixty catches I believe I think he could make it doesn't mean there's another number one or two out. If he comes as a as a bit of headache he had issues with teammates before. And do you think that he would consider himself to base anything other than a number one option for any quarterback in the league I think figure if you play if he's bodies with Julio Jones are these bodies with a number real number one maybe you'd look at saying while 44 your goals. Yeah he's been out of him along time it's a bet that was plastered to them and I do not believe that a guy could come back eight years later and play in the NFL. People especially more veteran players were out of the league for a year have trouble making the return this stroke eight years yeah widely. Four years ago somebody didn't take your chance on or five years ago as far as its arms first I don't no problem I'm not that bad if I have no issue with him skipping his policy and he's basically saying this is that you from making me we'd all be. That had no I don't know I want I don't know if I I I I actually think both of ISO of Sony Pictures for years about narration in. Now so that Letterman and don't anyway just what complain about it or you have you have the stage Google to create what we got Florida. That's your stick with so doing he even makes a bigger than I did not dummies too much class no no doubt about it what parent would. Happened was this is embarrassing and apparently. Usually you know a team throws like a party for a good team that you got it there for but he played for five different teams and none of them Wallach host him none of them want a sailor had a steel Wednesday. It's I think he probably easel embarrassed by that and so recent llamas are gonna go at all. But that's so much worse you I believe that. I think that's what or why I had that that makes the most sense to he should go in just rip everybody wants to rip. That's that's we should do he would be our look even better he should just gul. And and in a classy manner except one of the greatest honors in his sport and take its place alongside the other members of the hall of fame. And just. Be a normal citizen. I wanna hear that capable of doing now he can't I wanna hear what he would have that'd be if you wildly entertaining now he if you want to do that it would be great yes but he doesn't. So knee out he's gonna make a statement by not showing up. I mean it is Wednesday what's the statement I'm a secret baby now Dyer out of sight out of mind like here's your opportunity it's going to be televised your own you're going to be up there and so you know Gaza made great moments before her in the hall of fame speeches I think you'd be great but no these governments that are. Don't pout look. By the way he hasn't even yet said why he's not gonna attend his own Alipay an induction. It is easy editing we can all draw conclusions here is the problem whatever conclusions we draw may or may not be true. If he's got some statement to make make it. Right at the induction ceremony all or even now great audience here is the reason I'm not going. Then I know they don't want him back on. Final drive sponsored by cars for kids donate car help child today schedule your free pick up at 877 cars for kids. Or cars for kids dot com. Yes you are ready to keep her madness. Racked up one up for Iraqi tremendously and he talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like keys are mad. Good deal of rebuilding of the men who love you so nice he's a nice guy and so screw you keep yeah screw you guys. Yeah yeah. I hate which he's got sick of Baghdad making well. I don't think that's one of the strongest segments. And if the Celtics. I didn't consult with any medical profession alive. Your professionalism stinks. I question it. I was doing Google you know she came up from dank Enron problem. I don't Aaron. Where where. It's Kiefer madness in the alpha actually. But he managed revisited. If you remember last visit symbol will do. Part of it does closer best candidate and it. Is it a drag but again. We we don't find the key for madness madness. That's known as the last week we had the lady who had the unfortunate. Experience burners on sunroof and and raining down. On them just felt like something wet hitting me it stunk I. It lets them groves really idiot a dirty great week could smell the smell of the. Susan Allen and her son or part of this very intersection. As they watched the liquid cover of their vehicle and fall all over them. Yes exactly right broke down enough that I advance and so base that it was planes and that is planes overhead and as a result there was another theory though. The airport as a theory as to what might have happened to Alan's car on perhaps say could've been some birds that Allen isn't buying the bird theory. There's no way it could be thirds. There was so much that on my car in order for it to be that much he had been 500 birds thinking Paula the same time. So yeah we have. Playing the area and we had birds here I only to god those coverage you don't like either one good and they set the plane thing Dave Abrams noted there was no planes in the in the air and I'm not by and the birds the birds out planes out goods we have a new story that could uncover what was going on. How strong as the roaring wind at this park in Denver. Strong enough to lift the support of bodies on the line here. What I thought that I'm poor I have seen the video of the flying Porta potty let's move it looked like like a house in wizard Abbas saying. We've house as a news or maybe it lineup everybody. Like that I mean it happening are like 6070 feet and then they came back down all jeopardy right under the line. Porta potty at that exact moment maybe budget it's in this guys that the that you think about I always afraid when I don't know more potter party. That's some Smart Alec is go and push it. And push it over and land on the door and then you're stuck in there. I'm always the part of an irrational here he's got probably CKY and Jack asked they would do. The different things in the in the Porter parties do it they launch my premiere but that part of it as a practical joke if you push it over. Every chemical in their hallways of looking and obviously if somebody got out pretty kick it out. There yet to does that to or your pushed down on top of that the war. So that you would have to do it all roll a couple of I don't what do you do you go inside this I don't know I don't get up unless the bottle washed around with a little claustrophobic as it is again that at bats lousy I thought I'm always terrified of Portland I think that when they pushed it over they push over she could get out no don't know I don't know didn't go very much the other way all and that's what cop. At that point now. Strong enough to lift the import of products so them. Here's the worst part one of its rates. Found all over the place. You know if you geragos. They don't gassing are what is your first there is raised some and today Islamic Annan. That you do some. Those port of buddies we have the 300. It also. Activists have to report in the wit you tell us. Yeah just goes south the where's our Arnold Clinton and I don't know acts in the parents. Protect their kids from my own. Yeah decent I think so yeah they would you know liberalism. And the from line. And we got it and are we actually we have we have a bonus here we usually do once or we have we have a bonus all the stories here this this happened not too long goes well without beavers finish. They haven't found yourself in the wrong place at a phantom menace that music festival. Where it makes you found yourself in support of mine from Kathy maybe maybe. Market yes. And immunities of that yet music festival probably inside a a circle of everybody doing that perhaps of that process. Map out yeah shorten up circled the ought to with a portable and arrogance and scale people do drugs contracts but it just you just in the circle here. Yeah out of they're clerk about circle. Place at a sentiments that music festival check this out. When asked her Esquire how she got here vet this woman's car got stuck and the exhaust high or else. Opting had no it has not all but yet there's four of them that don't you all. Photo yeah I doubt we re all that router if he had that right okay each of you out there is an old way a human head yeah. Fits into an exhaust pipes is smaller head but there. Exhausted my thoughts are there. This have another website music festival went dead and that. Clark county sheriff's office says that they cited her for under age drinking. Those part of that too. But the lesson don't drink like one immediate goal wow isn't there. She is currently not in an hour he's in there. Our department's called and then they had he's a power side to help. In their dale yeah powers are there are a long shot field goals we have to have all the the honorees are able. That's almost as good as Eddie Murphy's banana and I thought I think the father thoroughly. So yeah. They like to have to elect them a lot of fun field for the young demo that's what they're doing and I have a little fun. I am sorry but I don't believe the human head fits into a tail it's one of those in the large huge bag you know pipes you know where people can hear you coming from blocks away deal right here see it. This have another website music festival instead and that. Scott county sheriff's office says that they studied her for under age drinking. This is today yeah. It's all real putter head out of the tailpipe and immediately joined the mess circus has yet to get it there all right. It would have made more sense he she went to the mess circle and then put her head in the tailpipe incidents that there's nothing in that they'll play integrity. This have another website music ya we got we don't know that we don't know. Market to see you again next. Item you if you promised us months in the Belmont is here. Mostly I personally haven't seen them record here. Around the neck because. See guys tomorrow by. To be detailed as it's also miles like feces. And it started crying and it wouldn't ruin. This all the woman that marching stock. Yeah.