Dale & Keefe: Why Bryce Harper’s last minute heroics won’t save Home Run Derby; JD Martinez gives less than stellar answer about staying Boston

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, July 17th
Hour 1: The Homerun Derby was full of drama and during an All-Star Week interview JD Martinez dropped a hint on where he wants his future to be. Manny Machado will most likely be on the move this week, so who is left for the Sox to grab?

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The speech that Palin keep show Larry unity has. And now. It happened and it happened to go over the fit. I have been to go over the head up and I come on dale Arnold and Richie. And I. Tonight they'll be enough I. On the WEEI sports week you'll network. Our hospital that's all sports show every day and so I think so I think you like a significant in if you see sporadic but it's a golf cart. We look around here like he's evil pretty well I think we've got to end wheels that stuff I mean it's like that that statements like this debate hasn't been great. About it a little too hot guys batted it out of it a little breeze out here the reason god to hop a cart after that shot is equal right off we RI here. That we yet to be fun celebrity golf tournament here at the beautiful pine needles golf club. Others too great courses here we are on the Jones course it's awkward left as we look at here this hold this post about it printed Parker. And the witness were wise everything teed off at eleven. Richard L group's eleventh. At about one. We didn't do our groups that we the week came back games we do that show yes and at 2 o'clock they're carrying out or wait and Fauria. Take our places with a our respective groups I don't know that that net gain or if that I don't know again I don't know yeah it was I think my group probably better off. Tomorrow workers. To speak to their games budget issues that are. I right off the tee it was just god awful short it was pretty. I was also able to contribute you know. Now the greens and on the greens but. Look this is a great event for a great cause. On a host of celebrities down here hockey world well represented right now it's summertime very well ray Bork he's here Bob Sweeney Reggie lamb Michael ruse Sione. The idea that there's a new law. Oil is down here now it dies so there's hold on to guys that it there's former patriots here some. Former Red Sox here. That's several earlier that day off he's still out there that. It is the day off it what it is that he was able to start drinking man. Yeah there was a couple hole for hole for it was tough to pass by the Gosling rum punch I definitely did not have a dark army that would have been professionals but did not have on that the rom monitor. How there there there are also several your holes which I was very good about that you know at ya Jolie via the show. But there's no doubt that those bigger holes will be out there when we're done. IP visitors can bring in my group will be the case that's gotten a good job saying no it brings them. The lead out of it I think so we shot popping management's listening right now. Coaches are on a plane equal Kenny baloney culture art in his eyes the bomber on the golf. Well that because we started. Artsy there sixty poll. Played seven the whole nine holes there was that like many other very little of course are now at Alaska native and slaughter the journey back but now a subtle course is entitled guys that you might address. A recognized the John Morse shot. It. If that's the black a so we're just sit around here we're on the back porch but now. Out of adamant that this nugget and yet where the like. A thunderstorm warnings hailed Portland's. That talking about hill 65 mile an hour wind gusts now I just Ellen approach for men. And he said I don't want at seven. Like hi we are undercover we are oh Wendy we are trouble. Are unaware that his dogs but I mean it baseball says were in the clear that the government files. And allies appear wants him. It's it's real. Short straw traveled as it finally got a chance that out of a stroke. Out on the row and be threatened means that he's now back to him that there was sort of threats of violence. But it worked. A huge group died today for an incredible cause that Jimmy Fund. And almost all of the money that we rate goes towards picture programs yes and execute this spring training and in the girls' night out a bad that they too. It leases God's gift humanities arts and possibly do to help current health. The cause world to do it at all by the way to spend in a really nice golf course of course this world. You can tell about my swing I was I was hustling first album been out all year well that's not it's also used one of my drives more mud pots I feel like I contributed my job here is dugout they let off some thought about great fanatic here you replace you and I noticed human rate senior cooling now yeah going to help push back of almost got the about it that it reflect back or Italy or they. Yeah so this ice water always palate and what I think it's one vote but that's not bad. Cut down this let him get comfortable on comp. Were good but again there's the little breeze went out sign. Which is good because I'm not a couple old boy it was making they so I. Exactly what I promised you wouldn't last night and I like I knew he would I knew I don't like to break my promises to you. But I gotta be honest with you rob was a little disappointing. The slovo rock and once once Paul Raman was finished it was like OK it's the only time ago. And so I ended up. And I tell me what I can't say over or otherwise you get you know I'm gonna watch one more guy in men and medical. And then yet he comes downstairs like almost eleven she's what do you do when a race Harper's could hit you yet many cancer in the jail rights are. Or a hobby by and come out and I stated Kyle sure it's a number of those guys that I would have been able to pick out of a police lineup that Reese Hopkins. Hoskins was now a lot of they got a lot of takers but and I'll say this while some people may have overemphasize. You know how good the ending at the home run derby was well brits and skip Bayless now may have over emphasized that it's slow weak exports that what it's not the next one or in my as well. Excised out there so skip may be you know called the greatest thing in the history of baseball sums little strong. But it was. Are there because they could not auto maker based look at not ask for anymore because Bryce Harper the one guy every heard of it it's home or. Dad pitched tool and it bought it can't wait back it and I do it all night at a road. Yes I had any got a thirty extra seconds because it a couple of 440s or more that sell out right because obviously those that his ninth place it was like keeping a mass exit velocity of the so woody is ninth in a row it was you know at the buzzer basically type things out secret most sports which worker or Al Schwartz and so. Short it is currently tied with Jon Lester. Apparently there like house. Have more columns that American League guys I don't know that rhetoric a lot of sense but so so you know it it was great harper gets the guy that you do. A storybook second swings Saturday hailed the walk off double hand back. Let I like it American flag get up with a sleeve. Of my. Okay. It's. Okay. What's the Ramon the I was up I was actually were. With that I'm finding the plate for awhile I asked I think. I was pie. Is yet. She added it's eight or well they actually think we're in Bryce Harper on the testing that. I looked up if your topics they want that he. That is gore like you might now have the best you know. Seven trouble find it for a while and and as a result price with ball and behind him in the final round. All of a sudden Natalie by the law but Bryce Harper fantasy that he or shenanigans. And what about all more. It separately Jews ball higher right there all all of the ball all all of that wages. Pull out your way back. Yes and speaking or. Was that at well over that broke in super ball flight out of I. I happen. It is not fair flatly buried next. If people want because it was it was aptly what baseball needed dramatic ending in the big star at a park all of that waiting. I need. Really do. It all on so many dads got to find the plate. And yet he did eventually an art got to hit a home run the yeah. Short as you say making sure Bryce Harper's ball more juice than Welch workers. At a baseball Smart to figure that part out probably. And I think that this. This keeps the home run their own all the others a little bit out this year especially with. Judge Stanton and that's your meal. Although I think no way. It not a lot that are out long ago laughed at the end slam dunk contest. It's your off. And then at a back earlier sent. Out you don't know I usually. That I don't know maybe it's been seen. It's a little tougher sell home run derby guys you don't know. Just write all the fans but last night you know to close matchup and he couldn't really. Exactly what they wanted you know. And they Craig nettles the guy with the metal ball. These guys and so cells so. That with flying. With marbles. Or. So you can actually say he lost his marbles. Or do you say. That. It's. In. Sport. I think you know it did seem almost little to Hollywood. What league baseball absolutely went over what I think that they rigged it. You had a decided advantage to you Wentz. Yeah it's it's still. The other guy you were at its. Now if you went first unit to keep slaw and are wrong seat so was the most home runs and wants it all on the line for regular season that was. You know on the while Hartford. Eighty Martinez. Not but based on the guys that agreed to do that Turkey yet forty home runs the break. You know those numbers that are out terrible contract year. He's a home run derby when when he goes to. You know negotiate you won't have that he'll be at it that that it appeared that that. On the third bills that they. Were Portland box there was a moment. Last ones I data for. I need the celebrity softball game the media's was named the MP. Give away from Russell Russell that the slow it softball. Yen. While I I got. The minute Bryce Harper's home run cleared and site writes tail light yet but it is with tweeting about it that's so it's completely. Healed the science guy that. Person he struck out you know it's I'm guessing it's his first at bat struck out. Struck out an agreement after that. Saw signs. You're your own fraud in the fraud Oval Office and I I. I don't know if it might mean I thought it was brought before he was killing the patriots on deflate you did before. Oh god. It was out and it was and you've got cast in the role. At least a poll. Brought it up a science guys on my PHZ. No rights. Groups that you beat. You know Richard. But at. Of the infamous. More release of the veto press conference he came out of turn on it all and you won't ever it is Seahawks and basically claim that the ideal gas slowed to an existing union MIT professors. Catholics aren't built at sort of screws up your does after nine that's not excuse us science guy he put himself and lightly MIT Ph.D. caters to differ right and so. They obviously invited him. These celebrity softball games that let go less than mine but here's organ invite. When else they know we're gonna move on of this to bill Knight when they say no we're gonna move on this list at that point you bring in the you know no offense that actually the problem more discipline there. It usually a couple of former Lebanese leader whose plea he's yeah it would make more sense but it's usually kind of range athletes. A couple guys that used to go out couldn TV show or something it's not a great list. Or like because that was on ESPN rights you have the eighties he Bentley networks if somebody's on some awful Chenault. It's not a wonder anybody in listening audience stayed. Soft ball a little weight but they won't it won't watch it. I. Have something else. For night I stayed up later than planned just to see Ian. Home run derby at a crowd of Eaton though there were a lot of alternative is the only game in town. Soto what else to sleep tonight at the you know watch the race. Wealthy if Major League Baseball had a brain. In the old reasoning there's some questions. They would allow men in the shop and play pro ball teams that would be nice though organizing Swiss art and game. In an Orioles Jersey and about half way through suddenly hear that number national dog dugout wearing his Dodgers years ago. That record of our schools big. Scoop yesterday. The Nazi and now the partial I said. Wednesday morning and go to the Phillies to their oil out and show regularly set. Hash out and that's happened and take on paper and it dodge exit policy here she likened Jerry Maguire would cushion that you know. NC strong oak or whatever and wasn't. Enough going Bob sugar that was not as though. And that's on the job. But the Yankees culture where it goes on. 12 nationally. Now supposedly. The hot bidding now is present brick. And you've got you know the Yankees in the Phillies in the Red Sox and and other teams and why the Yankees combat. I think there bullets actually pretty good yeah but let supposedly now that's that the next hot target. News let's get sacked Britain. I like that Britain and I thought that Britain was liked him a lot of leaders all you unbelievable two years it would have been available that we now and then that Buck Showalter didn't use them in the playing game and that is that the standard. And I all reports a week ago were that he knew something new book did you get lumped in with a much out of deals that you get more warm it doesn't sound like that's the I think the Red Sox would certainly be interested but by the sound that so so many other teams. In what's gonna happen. It's going to be similar to like the NHL. You're gonna get a hold onto deals that are done. Waited like the Muqtada deals and break the damn hole what teams you know Zach Britain's going to be dealt here in the next week I saw answer if a staff and you're gonna get it the trade deadline Major League Baseball is going to be no nothing that day or two yet that's probably true but it reflects that that's a little sleeve. If they went out a few weeks ago broadens the years that's it make a lot of sense that it got hit lefties in. It'll immediately is for it in clean up so as a useful guy. And now I think that probably do something similar they don't have a lot to give up and creative some of these other guys that. You know if you're a bad team and you're sitting on a late inning reliever in the last year of his deal to want to get something forums though that's what I meant and the rusty will be able. Well beyond the and they don't have a lot to deal. You know it would you would use my statistics so it's gonna have to be guys. But I get a hit and stinky to dealt a lot and away well it does now coming in now oil stated that level look at it don't when he took over it was great. It was one of the best in baseball but that's how you get Chris Sale today at Craig Kimbrel and you know some of these guys are starting for an also not make sense. But it's not like them the other team the Yankees they really wanted to get somebody they have like purple right. So we'll talk a little bit about baseball as the afternoon goes along. I mean there was an article that I read that that was sent to a spike in Jason knows that the studios binding to myself. It's a great job of sending out articles and stuff about you know Brad Stevens summer reading list island. Great. He's lying on the plus. Market as well athletics writing an article that's baseball Roth I can't see any case I have a member of the other day ago. Well I dropped out of the heat I got to log in second while it's slowly but it is not it's not just yesterday their talent or bright. Yesterday brought that up here. Eighties there's the story here at the elements out there this week we needed. Whatever you got everything out audit. I like funny like dale on the air right now what if that I heard I heard and rats in the book club IR IR Atlantic Christian. And evidently they've got through the month club on how that's Monday that it applies a like the guys and apparently the the producer the day yesterday. At like six pack of eight. And yeah I didn't cliff's notes I didn't want it and I did the right note these are coming. Here in your first learning like I was back in a little while ago liking to WBI. You Selig the morning show Curtis parents out these papers is why I'm a recycling freaky. Because there's a stack of papers and the PS3. I'd never seen it moves I've never seen him moved so I think that's when he was try. I'd prefer that did not show on a bill that would guys got today and it will your also part silent that market if you said mean. What Brad Stevens read in the summer around the house that thank you. Share them lately and nobody would care about let's actually re. Well look I am I and I I. If you set if you said it long handled it matter at all. I read the headline and without a prop CL over that line every time ago that night to move out I don't know how a vote navigated that blows or couple books Rossi. The streets. I didn't language wardrobe yet he was it wasn't the Al commencement night. Now the outcome of the articles are those are brought out a way to met these kind of close. But I should have bottomed out. What else there's some good stuff in all those self help you can be better that you wanna write what else. Well now the only route to make the cut would that he'd be twelve that would really it scoop hands. We'll statement that the well is successes that you are some hidden. I bet it is great that you not I hope not. This book that while it's 617779737. Telephone number I get a text line but frankly it. So it's you know just call Rossi can go right to do it and he backed this city who gets what else it was Shannon. I got I got some some app turns interns. After that for. Promotion I do like the guy who's like part time down the hall have turned down with us easier means doesn't sound all that promising thanks not sound like almost. It's like half wit it just it's true it's not exactly will come up some better. State. So for me is a long time die hard baseball fan. Last night was one of the most electrifying baseball moment moments I have ever witnessed. He is all time box office if on the flip it around on TV while on the treadmill late Saturday morning which is. In the east games started and I'm looking for baseball game to watch. If I find this guy I'm watching this guy this is lightning rod I I hear. Too excited about Mike Trout whose numbers scream much more loudly than these numbers. And I know they're judge can be electric it's that it can be electorate that this is the guy I'm watching is this guy's got later. He's got swagger you guys got there aux office he's got it all he's wearing a headband last night red white and blue shoes in sweat and. Told him sweat. Well that won't kill you with the other what it was guys let nobody else was sweating and in our nation's capital on July I know what it says box that house are without Washington's way skip it and like that size without too sweaty but it's just a little bit. If that had been the most electrifying baseball moments he has ever seen as an apple Joseph Carter home run that won the umpire now Tirana hold David Ortiz Grand Slam into the bullpen that I now he met last week with the theater to grips with a lot cooler that home run derby. Left with one of the most lecture by baseball moments ever witnessed. Witness a lot the watch a ton of the game I guess I just think that there's a couple of different arguments that we had if you want to say that Bryce Harper the most compelling case although. They're fine don't go for. But it. You'll go critical my wife and I like it was the most memorable moment. In objection from white headband look stupid wrong he's wrong about it was it a mile pilot and bigger mayfield where's there's like when Johnny midfielders com via the wars as well online where. You know what I think I will I think I'll start from now on the great it's not that I showed. That's where it went out on the golf course that I'd go to. What a lot of fiber or whatever it partners that idea headband that they wouldn't that you make fun park boys Hugh not a hit. Kevin was like I've looked pretty. Notes that now it's an outlet that here. Our great guy with a big black had been undoubtedly are Vanessa but it's a standout could hope for years people made such a big deal out of junior forward without that. Our. It's. A fine if it's different different. And you know baseball basal or were doing televised reports that. And now Bryce Harper wants to Wear an American flags even ahead but I don't see a bit yeah like I area. They'd be at the patriotism angle narcotics that split the nationals after all so excellent makes a lot of sense but I just. I thought he was great and if you wanna say Adam you know doing the whole don't hold me full week cheek thing about the fans want it appeared watching it. But he should he should be market that he should be one of the stars in baseball. But the home run derby even the best moment there is not a great moment in the history of baseball. League baseball. We think that that you know. Admittedly a great home run derby. And let's go to our sport talk. Couple that I was there ballpark that over critical and an even though they were hitting super balls I mean that's fine it's hitting the saints super at that point yet. But even admitting that last that was one of the great home run the moment the ball where where's that rates of Major League Baseball get a glimmer of a blip. In the second half because of that now thanks so the big slam dunk contest date. For a point shoot it's awesome it's greatly if it's harder one to 2000 it's very very memorable. But it's not the the game like this and let's is that it's so different that you could think of cool moment you'll remember that if you wanna compare to other home run derbies were other. It'll all star weekend at a festivities all the other sports I'd go for. But only you can you can have a hundred playoff moments the overall weight more memorable more important my buddy Terry craft correct for ESP. Really good baseball. I think one of the better baseball as the country at an interest in take. And he said take a look at the rosters for tonight's all star. And isn't it entirely possible. The pitching is so damn good right now. That Major League Baseball is suffering or. And he was just talking about the list of pictures here are tonight's game sure loser and her Lander in sale. And Kimbrel. Yeah look at the list and you realize this is 21 game. Well I think that you know last year we saw more home runs it would seem for you including stereo I think I have different approaches now. Where it's all wrong walk strikeout in the pitchers there's no doubt that the roster that these two teams that I. The pictures are great you're probably a vote in May that with a Blanche all they are that this group. We're going over the a lot of yesterday when if your ego that helped to Bates wrote Martinez one through four. That judges and outline which out of the lineup. It still were still very present on the hitters they have a lot of guys. It 3040. Plus home runs this year. So I think that the hitters are right there whether or not strikeouts are up top but sore home runs so we talk about this launch. And you made the point that it may well be that if you don't care strikeouts don't bother them now eyes for I take it out and care it used to be back in the day you struck out it was you know of the urgent drag your. Back here miserable so you don't care now you're hitter now they feel well and sales without my shoes and say they allowed out to center field size. Counseling out of my issues. Is is it that they don't care they strike out. Or is that the pitching is so good they don't have options like the top five to ten pitchers are lights out. Most errors they are now there was a run there in the nineties where or late nineties early 2000. Where Pedro Silva rather there was a lot of you know like a one half times his duties and that was when it was too skewed for the hitter oral Jews and they were all just smashing fingers it was a different time. Where is now with the but the ball might be accused of Mormon equal playing field it feels like so those top talent you know pitchers. There have multiple tenth strikeout games all the time. That might give up a few home runs because those guys now. Doesn't matter who you are there middle infielder the Yates outfielder you go one for four strikeout retired we have a home run it's a good day for you yeah yeah all brought out fear and therefore we turned it does not yard. So I think it's I don't think it's necessarily this error of unbelievable dominant pitchers I think we're seeing a new approach. You know the shift all that's up targets want to theirs well it batting averages are pretty well. That not just on the routes we talked a lot about Jack I hardly Bryce Harper is low or just look at the holder that the Red Sox face. And they're lucky to have won 300 hitter like you to your series after series the averages are way down. But there's a lot of rough sport. Is there's some runs something ensure. But in the Red Sox are either Red Sox are the best team in baseball as they score runs but they also they score runs they Cuba. David Price or respect him but for guy he hit double digit wins ERA is four point 40. So that also goes to show you that you know certain teams. That are there they're gonna win game five or their you know you're still again that I think. That's what's going on baseball more so that all of sudden there's this new era of pitchers that are too down but they are dominant those top guys are sure yeah. Chris saleable probably won't go out there is a stuff tonight what's the outlook in mind though. You know he he might just thought there aren't strikeouts accident they can Libya. Now that moment. In 99 we all start off that way. What's one of the now I I will say this to skip Bayless that was one of the great baseball moment or experience because I was there because like that one person. And watching what Pedro was doing. Even though it was hurting himself in the second half the season and it's it now but it will always have that moment but that's at least more comparable to say a time where a guy's dad was pitching tool many home runs the best moment though that. That is such different exhibition at the Austrian itself as an exhibition at. But this is warmer showcase of a certain talent it's cool I mean that if you like home runs great that's fine. But the all star game itself whose real competition at the chance to see Pedro strike out. Five of the six best guys nationally. And see that any other place except colonel's. That's the thing is you know it's real baseball what you saw last night is not real baseball now the slam dunk competition isn't real baseball. In all of those phony baloney. Exhibition brings a certain entertaining to certain different varying degrees fund the fund. They also benefit that nothing else while if there's a regular season basketball or hockey. Moment Serbia I don't know how many people out there. I wonder how many I've seen the numbers. And it's also they also benefited from the fact that roe is very that raw. Problems oil the raw report anything still want to tan. Six. It was a hot start he had seen no it's I think I get a hot start I'll bet a nickel out. Now the thought I was. Must watch them or else nobody else really cares what's going on Brock Lesnar actually that merges the other sports weekly UFC the chants OC what he's gonna defend its title. Will officially yet. When that couple weeks August 18. It. It. On I I I want him also listeners don't rise of yours let's at least in the crossover appeal and wanted to go to UC it is the well. Although if let's talk about he won't he might lose that might be the difference. Is huge difference in the bulls Lesnar has the cut down to 65 which is the heavyweight Cormier is a tool champion so. Basically heavy weighs just 65 under light heavyweight is 205. That'd be different the cornea has fought most of his career to a five. But it probably weigh in so fat has played against the day at its growth but he won so what. That's all we care at 617779793701. Calls you guys just minutes. Broadcast live from pine needles golf club down here and it is the annual WE yet to meet on celebrity golf tournament hosted by Jamie Parker. I'll sit here right idea the practice. Green and the practice tee right over there. She's here with eggs. Do you think will not seek out that. He was gonna tackle on the vote on it but it doesn't like it golf course official was an old guys in March 2 in one of the news. Really matter it was a member US cabinet. Pine hills golf club in and a side of the annual WE yet Jimmy console of all tournament. Had no idea where there are ground based on where they were when I left there probably about animals and charity event. Here in the scramble goes up to their districts and every other hole but it. That's well as well hydrated out there until LA Rocco like she thought Miami Aaron. Let's check but he was five that's ours. You know that's about that makes. Started just after eleven yeah the bills left Poland or Christian whoever replace me with my group speeds things but those lines yeah. The if the Clinton. Now. I those little legs you know from the cart after the ball hard. In that. I know because mine early and it's. A foot so one of the big stories coming out of Washington DC. Around the the author. He is folks talking to Judy Martinez there's there's a humorous picture I've read on W dot com rat post story. And and the media's all talking. To eighty Martinez about whether he liked it. You know guys they long term the Red Sox and immediately over his shoulder. Is Scott Boras standing there with his arms full accounting must -- be fair value it this way I'll tell you actually say in what you can't say yeah so let's let's listen a little bit of JD Martinez talking about them and he liked to consider staying longer term. Maybe your field. It's. Actually it's a guy wanna talk through it there it's. Hard. Sense though it's. Wrong absolutely wrong. Madison has obviously lost what's being discussed. You know later. Yeah I mean like my time there and husband and so far so I don't see why not. Yeah. Com. You know like. Fossils like you know the managers like everything you know power everything the way it's run I think it's. I think that's trending and really get it away and I go to my CNN. He loves it. The option wasn't quite as ringing as I actually liked the managers managers. Expect that managers. Great. Good thing Alec manager Alex knowledge did not say that now but I that you had that you like survey that here's the question would be if you're at the Red Sox. There's by the way this is that deal he cannot doubt he absolutely will opt out. Plant after next year Knight bachelor this year right after next year's weekend and he will weakness quite frankly he's grossly underpaid but you pay him you you give a more years in more money after this year. Or do you see him do I win. You would not know why would give it to and I this year if you know what invariably happens. The player gets pissed off. Yeah ultimately he's the exodus a measure of disrespect yeah right edit out all you the opposite the bottom and up about me yet to do it. After the first year and that it was Martinez and sell them yesterday that it's the next thing I go to Korea that LT David Price up in and got him for the rest the way. But I hate to browse he's running franchise in Colorado hours that you never know but every he's he's in his early thirties I would not be opposed to giving them another year or two in more money I think he fits in Boston it's only been four months or whoever is but he fits. And Fenway Park. That numbers that he has at Fenway or are insane so. I think that would keep up he's also a guy at the ages if he's just the every single day DH so be it. And you see what a difference the lineup is with him minute compared to last year without it's it's it's a no brainer so I think if he'd be willing to do it. I think the Red Sox should the question is what's the what those price now the question is will not let it. Scott Boras wants him to opt out wants to get into a bidding war with a whole bunch different teams including the Red Sox by the what he would be happy. Although everybody's got a bit more last year Dayton in the edit unbelievable year would with their owner or what if Detroit and Arizona but now he's sort of the anti he has and right now he looks like he's the American league of the people what do you 45 home runs like sixty something games with a whatever it is that that. Here were were real silly and opening of oil that it just it. It's like Arizona and in Boston and then Boston ultimately give the ordered ten million over five years. But you could tell it was a very obviously a two year. It was opt out 234. Lead and he's got though but the Quetta for two years. That's that's the question is is that something that he really wants to do and if the Red Sox don't do it then the do you lose the player after next year. Yeah. Com. In my life. The front office like you know the managers like everything you know everything the way it's run I think it's. It's trending and really get it away and oh my CNN. Good enough for me like the managers that I wouldn't mind staying there. Solidly that loved the place. That's the contract eyes like that the editor this year in one point 75. Yet mr. and that and it. That can opt out after that. 2123. Point 75. 2001 he won its nineteen point 37. In 2022. It's nineteen point 375. So it goes down. After. 2020. But the opt outs in a five year deal is saying how how many of those other. Every year player option with the exception of this first that they have them dared to two years. That you give a huge raise after this year that what if he falls apart next year. You don't have to give them money. But they also coliseum block out the door so I I get out in favor of it I don't think you need to give home you know thirty plus million. Every single season eighty knots the fight if you game in a two year extension. Now it's like essentially he signed a seven year deal the Red Sox. Any plane was there that's. How I would I would be that. Do you think that's a bit of an analyst you know he's not. Yet. And it's going to be very high out there I think it's got to be him and it's got to be sale there. Gisele whole bunch of money sales go again. The couple of those and equal big time contract structure itself got to get the price treatment. If he doesn't get the morals that that's the I'm an analyst pressure. But both those guys were a contractor this year are upset for next year's well. But would not hurt that it that it here early lessons while I would absolutely do. If by the Red Sox. Now I have my doubts whether Scott Boras will. Yeah that'd Ebert it's really wants it looks beyond that cut does not sound like he's done I'd do without some sort of joking about him like human and I thought it was a edit and it's fine and in the company's you know area deaths that whether it's that she chorus where Boris is getting their you know his arms folded like yah hey. I'll handle that with as a it's been negotiated deal with a right now. I wanna talk through it there yeah are. Let there who we did not have to meet just hired last offseason fires it's difficult and yet it just hired him so. Yeah he's gonna look if you held them the other comment that he made this offseason that when he signed he was pretty disappoint. He thought with this season that he had in the market for other hitters that are available he really thought these action. Crazy and I mean. For most people he did but forgotten on a 45 home run season he dotted line more and more years from. You do to write I would you know I definitely think he's he's a great feat that 88 get a guarantee at all. And you've got to add years on it exe eighty tell him where it got to count out the right place so scared you don't open. That you can't have another good two years that we go through this'll straight again. I would rather go through. That can opt out stuff with a picture some waved more afraid of the picture. Getting hurt at being dominant that the problem is they'll never doubt that it won't Belize but there at what price. That's on the table and there's a chance of happening. Where's the hitter I wrote a lock this thing up. Because I think he is gonna be good for awhile maybe he's not going to be you know was a pace for 49 in 150 years and name. Today that that every year but he still going to be your power bat in the middle line out. If you're able to retain. Deaths in Bogart the better attendees then all of a sudden you're really serious one through four for the next. You know 56 years. And you got to wrap your thumb of Estonia or any guess on sale and oh by the earlier close were they able to do there's a lot of money and Felix. The clothes. Using real money he's never other years. He's already making good money for relief pitcher and then on top that would mean it's a market. I don't know I don't know about let's get calls the 6177797937. Wally is in Fall River and while I don't. Well good afternoon guys this couple days elected and you guys are talking about a strike out throughout. Well though one statistic that really blew my mind when you consider I think Joseph DiMaggio or nearly fifty. He struck out nine times the less 600 that back. I mean Aaron judge right now like nine times in the double that up. They don't care that players today don't care judge hit more home runs in the Montreal good of that. An episode that that you know it's remarkable feats by nine I took political. Well understood before games scheduled. No I don't think I don't use literally could you can doubt he'd been in that dog out. I it's slow months with them we're taking a much trading Kelly trying to get him but Kelly. Not the stakes. And ethical thing I don't want to Giles was the one. That that is that the miners Rossi yes he is the one problem but those yet city do you see that when your case you missed it can't Giles. You know meltdown on the mound. Of the Astros are greatly by the law I don't think it is forgetting about them that you of that bullpen now part of that can Giles. And yet a meltdown in aid to hit you yet and he dropped that huge. F you and stormed off the ground next Davis. With the lovely and Giles and efforts. That the juncture will discuss that they'll have to get along it. Especially if you go to a good thing quietly went yeah Kimberlin did that click here are your. Don't you know that passion there your competitive I would even mind you stink and you're still treat the manager. Yells and punched himself sneeze on our member of that cap. Like three total intensity there that's that. I actually lost the weight and this. Is the bat smashing his passion is on the face home to little off maybe. Yeah the punch a wall or swiping photo for a hotel. Now that they were like let alone all. The big guy. No I don't know big guy who was where's the and then all of that you're really sample also noted here when. Studies at one point he said this is really. Broke. And I said all that it. Motions no. Critics. He says I doubt they're out of five birdies as I regret that the mistake console I'm. And they say it's it's hard for lefties by the clubs this. Oh no replacing the five iron and it. I don't water about baseball players when they snap out of it and if so that though I don't care about half a all of the other thing the other the telegraph. That's fine I have it for one of the great baseball cart's all time the ball breaker were boat accidents now that. Those. He struck out but still the guys that that that other guys although there had over their helmet yet now they don't smash but they and it's now over their alma. That's special ops. Team that it's a waste of an apartment that. But yet the Ken Giles stated so it's the Wallace questioned now a trade jokingly for. People. People run hot Coleman Joseph Kelly a cult like Oxley they hate him nextwave woody woody this fight now one guy everybody loved it Jodi Sally well holy smokes Google's popular in the city when I was in Houston with the reds whole bunch of guys running around the clubhouse players. At Kelly like a teacher. Yet they still sell those. I'm guessing now again that's a lot cooler we knew it he has not been very goes their bullpen still but it Cuba something. Every single year this time you set it on every team that July it was that the what is it that you need a little harmful than. It's true that many yankees may get one team that if they didn't add anybody there that be okay but everybody else in the Astros. The Astros are Red Sox of the co favorites right now with the world's leaders were at Vegas. And I don't think either one it was the rope. There especially Houston. There's no way. It's just entitles them to think that it will ask you quick question before the break your football question. And and you've probably been following this Levy on belt thing yeah Albert so lot of couldn't reach agreement. Beat them plan franchise tag which is how much money battled the port screen and apple on them. So according to Adam Schechter the Steelers offered Levy on belt last year. Their offer to him last year averaged thirteen point three million dollars per year. Multi year. Hit their offer him this year and tried to sign here in the Aussie right averaged fifteen million dollars per year and he was an interest. He he says that this has been talk he shouldn't be paid as a running back. Wouldn't see where he she believes he should be paid as quote an elite offensive weapon. I don't know what that means at satellite went titans think that yeah a lot of Taylor why. See that lake there Robert house he should make more than say anyone in the Asia. Solovyov policy Hitler who now and it looked an elite offensive weapon. I think fifteen militants. What that seems somewhat a leaked to me if you look like Matt Ryan money with what we get sick that I think he's I think he actually feels like the quarter even though I'm running back not quarterback neighborhood where. Nobody's gonna do. Nobody is but I also read that he was upset with the guaranteed. Money partly it is competition made yesterday about these stupid NFL contract these guys must be solved that every time they see another player of the sport signed a deal. But fifteen million a year is pretty good for running back. But I don't know exactly what they offered geared to equalize vs an outing of you know see the hole and the contract. But somebody somebody will pay him a ton if he's healthy this year at the biggest lesson that position and at that date and that it but he is some real pay him. And it's him the next year. The team you're seeing more and more of that in football now where guys say I know that the average tight end and I make my not my not mean that any type it in football. I should be paid I'd. That's the position like a Democrat or Ronald although it probable that night and you're happy to accept the the bonus for that yes but I actually I agree with Rob Gronkowski which he says that he actually said Richard it's not that forum. Is it will he really shouldn't be okay you're the highest paid tight end it used to be but if you're better than to the receivers want it more than them. But that all is offensive weapons out of nowhere let him though they'll. We'll just say quarterback has the right up there say it out more important then Joseph Flacco or Matt Ryan war. Film more important in them. Then all offensive weapons that we weren't rock props go off and the piece it. Well that's what I thought about it that the other. Ohio State. Well yeah. I.