Dale & Keefe -  Why Carson Smith season could be over after throwing his glove too hard; Lane Johnson trashes the Patriots (again)

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, May 15th
Hour 3: Dale, Keefe, and Marc James discuss Carson Smith’s bizarre injury, potential upgrades to the Red Sox lineup, and the media’s infatuation with LeBron James’ memory. They also debate the greatest theme songs in Wrestling history, talk about Dustin Pedroia’s rehab stint with the Paw Sox and Lane Johnson’s chirping of the Patriots, and Bill Belichick’s own history, or lack thereof, of trash talk.

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Yeah yeah. How whatever three daily team Sports Radio WEEI Mark James. In the house with us so he told you during trending down we mention it you know that it and the last segment Carson Smith. Goes on the ten day DL sub blocks in his right shoulder. When he fired his glove in frustration at the end of an yeah that's right I might have a dumber and force him to get dumber and drew made it possible. Jolie bottle suffered back tightness. When the earthquake rumbled through eighteenth back god does a flaw there Eleanor. That he gets yet. Why are how do you think they're our partner back some of bottled suffered back tightness William nervous obviously from that would make an ugly though but I'm an earthquake. Persons with there was glove when he did he had a shoulder he can throw his club all of that might be better off without them. It's our listeners that I want to point you just can't wait to get him back in the fifth lap back in the vulgar about the specialist thirty's he's. But that's that's tough isolates let's hear what Dave Odom browse he has to say about. What happened with Carson Smith. That we are placing him on the disabled list effective today. I'm with right shoulders so like station and Marie com Bobby pointer. For tonight's game. Much to talk to because it's here. How we heard it yesterday and I've probably talked to Carson very apologetic he's feel bad about it when he left the game. Was upset. Through his glove and when he threw his glove or shoulder so publics. And that's how we got her. Wake Forest. So this one picture addresses situation with you it's unfortunate. It's. Steak that. It takes place but to unfortunately but I'm on the disabled list. And he went on to say ready for this. Yes it's got the potential. To be in major injury Reeve or Mike no way over Carson's been of course serious harassment there properties are of course those. Now this yeah he said. Day in day out he went for MRI today. Needs a second opinion. And Huskies that it's got the potential of being a major injury. Now you're Carson Smith goes you have to kind. You can't go out like this don't yet the way they are gonna get a little bullpen in the on tomorrow morning or something and about the road. Out artists that are real bad. It was a good thing you did it on the mound. It's it as a going into the body through your club in 88. And ire out for a long time now that's not a good look that's terrible SI you know what happened one time when the greatest by the grace lead off hitter in baseball history Rickey Henderson. Fell asleep one time. Without winning those ice packs on his foot is up 3-D C it's got prospect and a story. Yeah prosperity not the case across Bristol doesn't baseball injury that's that's not a good look I think what the left to come back out do you think would Karstens references glove he has an awkward delivery as well well well well I doubt I bought a bond that's a good one he'll be here all week yes I hope I hope so yes. And actually get that we got the job of the way he throws you these getting her all the time anyway. Number rusty on the other way to say that the bullpen it's not an area of concern. Well my good about it EEE yeah I thought that it made up for David Gergen idiots. A slight concern yet Stefano strength as thus pressure. And by the way Jackie Bradley junior and not playing again tonight. He's batting like 17 well. I'm I mean in the in now can you can even O'Malley. He's got to be the odd man out because I mean do they have better options yeah Audi JD Martinez is and he's leading the majors last I checked in batting average guys having held the year he's. Earning every bit of that paycheck that he got in the off season mean he's going to you know ultimately. Fraud upon itself there's said that. They want John Carlos because the baseball Saber metric peace prize ticket JBJ was better in center field and it gives that in getting spit. And I don't think so Hoosier I mean because guys are deciding which brother Jackie Bradley junior in the lineup or Mitch Moreland or and its moral and its age events and the lake of core assets Orleans this is best left handed there. They don't yet and that's why client and so it makes sense so at least your DH Moreland at first. JD Martinez's and laughed I don't love bent into Andean center but that's where is again tonight not a neither but I guess rather than you know churkin will he vets around too much you know is it a little regularly and a man and right field at Fenway Park he went JD Martinez out playing there no he won't know you won't do that. And that's why you know you've seen him. You've seen him play to be played right field at yankees stadium just for his life so easier on rights as all the different rights of they'll move him around or whatever it's easier. I don't like Tea Party hasn't slowed me outfield he's got disasters he's probably. Average maybe slightly below average but deluge or at least that's the day about. Judy Martinez in the field at the plate first teaching at the pay and I saw somebody had broken it down his his batting average and whatnot as a DH and his batting average when he's in the field. It is. Markedly better when he's in the field is just like you and we get to fifty hitter and I'm. All this stuff off top my head he looks like at 250 hitter is a DH and like at 370 here when he's playing in the field you know. Seems that's a sports therapist thing likes it seems like it's you know psychological appear by questions this. Who's going to be the everyday catcher because. Are you gonna put Blake's wife are in and sacrifice the defensive because you look like they're going on there lay on it Leona and investing is right now they can't hit the weight. But the pitchers are pitcher while their happen with those guys that I think they'll take you out meddling of Iran won't rally at least there are two automatic outs doesn't go to Bradley. 89 what happened to him. Yeah I think this is what he has OK I think he had. 02 unbelievable months a notice career wobbled out of our all star team and the other one got his average waist well. At 230. Something career hitter I'm not admit she needs to be Abraham I'm but they were saying that he won eight GBJ over potentially getting Stanton. And now you look at AG BJ he's open nobody's. Oh used. No he was told Brennan JBJ than he can't pay I. I've ever Africa if you I don't know I'd that was bets bets I could you know don't make the argue that there aren't that there's argues saying that we do what he's defensive prowess that there was some talk it. Something like the baseball Siebert metric analysts say that keeping GBJ would potentially be better in acquiring Jon Karl Stan. I'm I'm just saying I don't know it doesn't look like Dow right now. A SPN's to a pretty good. While as Pete Abraham by the way points out today. Six times in the last ten games JBJ's and out of the lineup. Today he's sitting against a right handed pitcher he's been three for five against. He can't play against this guy now. Daniel manga and yet who's gonna play who's at the Raleigh fingers mustache yeah that he's at the WB Mason and Ali yeah that's yeah I think what you have days I get credit when you girls like that that's not a rock and a dedication. Dealt Judy Martinez the updated stats per position OK so at the DH is now up to 750 good. But. As a right fielder only four games 353. And they left fielder is hitting 418. So let's keep them laugh I guess I hear that he's locked in Ortiz and feel sure he wants to be so. And you know I'd east right now and just I has EU that was the first down but you don't know until you reach out to all all for a while they needed that they needed singers this year and they gotta know who's the voice of Steve earthy the have a good. Smoke to the letter along the eleventh home run yesterday fills a big fare better as the work. But that are you not are they ultimately not gonna find that in every late. So why heart because what he needs you because that's what I mean he's had the potential terms of his back the what do you do out in the you're gonna sacrificing. Put outline every day with baskets early own. You know I can puts why heart and I think art's own Pedroia comes back he put him in over ninjas that upgrades that spot and now your second baseman tonight that's that's an easy they think. David Jackie Bradley is Al lineup you feel pretty good about want to race. Yes or having maybe put attach rate you know got better hitter hit nine or whatever but you're 88 of your guys this year than I I I feel better this year that I get shot for sure so it's Hannah clocked in gotten you know all those guys value as more bodies seven and at that he's as you off the plate appearances he's gonna get him but to his credit it looks he'd eat us east of the catching equipment on he's on a great town just over the weekend while only the paint catching equipment that seems to via. That's part of the same access not looking very very dapper but at the catcher's spot is your only weak spot in the lineup you can get by Alan especially if you're starting pitchers are pitching well in the light thrown those guys. Because you're right up against that luxury tax line like I don't think they're gonna go nuts at the trade deadline and I don't think they're gonna. The silly bring in a catcher if they did that would surprise me now that they couldn't upgrade there but. I just don't. I don't know who's readily available to to trade foreign and bring in an hour of everyday catcher GC potentially Zach could see in and I don't know I'm just saying that as you get towards the trade deadline perhaps that moving JDJ. Yes oh absolutely yeah because I don't sound real low hanging out what your life a little bit if you get if you could trade Jackie Bradley junior for the eighth inning guy. I think he would definitely do this. What's happening Nigel Kelly Jill Kelly. Aldridge and the opening game here against Seattle as usual sort of doesn't he's been pretty. Arts or seventh inning gaga Oregon decided that he did you feel just as confident and young adopt grew over Carson Smith yeah they just comedy elf throngs if I am a real thing that now that and it basically out indefinitely out definitely throwing his glove. Well what dale said it concerns me the most is that you you're quoting the Nebraska say it could be right major it could be did that this is to browse he's speaking said this could be a major injury and well armed since that first call why you put that is classic Red Sox failure to give. You know give you more specifics and at first off I like it again you know as as a medium amber or is it fair use the more information the merrier but they contradict themselves a lot or they end up having to go back there. Oh we sit tag today and you know it's it's actually now sixty day are of the season ending injury that there was. Mover around where if you go the Bruins route or the patriots rout you don't really say much and then you can't be wrong about it patriarch is nothing without them nothing yeah yeah nothing and I knew that stuff. And the Red Sox have a tendency of you know. Kind of over share over share. And and you know they generally I've always said that whatever that whenever they say guys out the ten days I was make a point sure they say guys on a month that make it two months. Tactic at that he's on the ten day DL but he is out indefinitely they made every good thing majoring tree off I've I aidid he's done for the year it got a couple days later. Calm down. I'm sure at some point we'll get a second opinion that is great but. I don't know this appeared a bit but it's not a I'm Lyle and I expect him back in ten days by any means at this point it's well we'll see how severe bands that we've got to potential major entry. He's basically had one year in his career that he's pitched. Like all season he had a one year right where you ended up and get some saves in Seattle two dozen fifteen. He appeared in three games. In 2016. He appeared in eight games last year and only got him at the at the barrier of the year and in the playoffs the men he has pitched an eighteen game so far this year. And I like it here he's always are and that he's always hurt you guys at the funky delivery and it just. Our strong glow it depends on a beast on a caller glove what is delivery looks like right. You talk that a guy 66. And he's gonna be on the DL for. More than likely extended period of time for throw what is the hope I think the key flight was classic. Electric is our core business don't live through it probably one of I those ago and I. It's Sox the lead until now. It felt like he was great though either I can't acknowledge your Luke writes general filing your lose and somebody who who you're really relying on. They need to know he's a Joseph Kelly is a better option. A Matt Barnes probably a better option but I wasn't I wasn't really wild about Bob Karstens and by. You're right Dell's very about a pointers out and obviously a better options that. That's the one area I think over the next few months you'd like to see them may be turnout grew when you mention hypothetical trade scenarios for JBJ you're talking about going out and getting seventeen guys that tells you the value that you're getting in return because that's where is market. Equity is rate. And it's not 6177797937. Wicket keeper madness to keep the madness that I thought we did we shouldn't. Anatomy and ask if it's about poop and stuff because I screw things up for elect has not fought harder it is not I cannot begin with an ace. It almost was we went a different direction although there is element of this which is really grow or the option of Judeo. That I was the class that a political support of those options now well that's coming up in about 545 or so Sports Radio W media. They let it come down. I'm sure at some point we'll get a second opinion. But. I don't know the severity of it but it's not. I'm Lyle did not expect from back in ten days by any means at this point it's we'll see how severe incipient. It's got to potential in the future. Mean. But they all of it is never injury of the potential of being a major injury. I give him credit transparency let me add that doesn't sound good no not at all I'm idea I think he's cups I would dale said. I would be surprised I don't seem again this season. I just I would be shocked at all or with your sophomore this season in the previous two combines so. Who's come on house money himself yet you Namibia human Nazi persons more. But Bobby pointers ready good he's ready to a lefty depends yeah I get it out there should help get that ball son Steve since August a state. Skype guys Horry he's great. Good good a couple of things I'm. I'm concerned about starting pitching. You know bottomless sale and Rodriguez pitched decently. Sultry particularly appalled run churches. Killer and Little League last year it looks like he's Bacharach. And you don't know we get out price and Palmer is as good as last so I mean I I would think it. It's all right how to get animal I'd advocate stardom Robert you think that might be the case. The food take out. I would take part went so right now and eleven settled down Figaro he's door locked because he's not gonna draw like ninety or ninety Bible as usual like 88. So he's lost a lot you know it was her. And you know that's my thought on the other factor is it makes most in the bullpen I think the title corporate. It was a mask the media passes. This minute he'll ask they have not been able to get another. Other than Barnes and Emory and Kelly the company would have caught a relief pitcher which is still not a joke really. This event tough spotted you look at Smithson or bird were both supposed to be easily led read out a little bit rusty give us an update on Thornburgh Alia with. Said they're giving him a few days off he ramp up of late hasn't been sharp so their backing a welcome back at a is that your next expected to roll off on Friday for Pataki of maker. Well welcome part of that I always think about trap shot when I think barber chair always think about what could have been wood and I was and he got devers solar it's fine whatever but. What concerns me is in no let's talk about a lot at the Red Sox guys is that it just seems like. Kimbrel sort has emanated from Bledsoe comparison were Drew Bledsoe was always good to clean pocket but you know in the NFL it's not always clean pocket. That's always seem to Kimbrel. He's got a Khomeini in the ninth inning and it's gonna be completely clear on the basis because when he comes in an age jam. He's a different pitcher he's much different and that's the thing I've seen of him. Especially this season and aids a little this. Concerning yeah you know they edit if it's a clean save situation he's dominates he's there is a division the best that bill is more fine. And I think the bags you know my oriental Rivero reliever the year like we are we've seen before you know the teams trailing and they're trying to get an inning out of him or the team if it's tied in its early death still in the eighth inning although I do like the last time out. He didn't make any excuses he agency you know decelerate stuff afterwards when he went in couple runners on. You know top of the line up is is up for the Yankees and he got smacked around. But he's a dolls all on him and so Lucy took the blame for that but he is. He's still the only guy can really rely town which used in some bright spots in some moments whether it's Kelli or or how embryo farms but. Like most teams you know you get closer you got your couples starters that you like in the as everybody else. And that's cut and you know Karstens that removes himself from that list but the callers question about Steven Wright I would know Barbara. I think it's going to be in the pen you do now and that's that's what their plan was when they when they added him to the active roster they said he's gonna work out of the pen. You know he's that the break glass in case of emergency starter somebody goes down so -- to Pomeroy it's a couple more goes addicts I thought two starts ago against the Yankees where the bruising fight is figured l.s new volley like he didn't have his best stuff but any doubt if you went six innings gave up two runs. That was last time out was not good really last four innings that I understand you know ERA is is brutal on the season team worse than David prices. We saw what he's capable of sciele brother I think the ceiling for pom rants is higher than out of steam right I remember. I sure Palmer as he got. In that spat in Oakland we John Ferrell right now this time of the year and they turned it all around. So I don't know maybe after Memorial Day he'll turn it all around and hoping that's the case but it. He was lights out after Memorial Day last year after that study it would Ferrell when he thought Carrollton and I'm thinking too early. But he's got off to a slow start but you're right a big game against the Yankees he sort of stood there what was your one guy to quit on the only they don't know of any of another guy who didn't have his best stuff but he resembles sort of got an out. 6177797937. Aaron's up in Maine haren. Hello I let's go about. A gala as sort of the main loud and I miss you and lord. Thank you appreciate it and Jackie. Never knew I needed you weren't here to highlight black eye here we are you. And I work aid delivery company. Argue. I did today but under shot today I can remember every shot every person and competitive whoever. While you're LeBron a couple of geniuses his stick once again an ovation errant that we can do that right now let's go to I want it. Innovation I'm getting about your bow. Thank you talent and your talent and how are looking and acting like little encryption are talking about it. Why is that such a big EO it is critical brawn. Yes. It it's because it's LeBron. He was asked sort of a not a great questions in this of what happened and then he gave you three plays admitted he sort of waited for the response these I don't mean what you think. And and Al pointed out on our Twitter feed yesterday and he sent an out. We were pretty sure he was reading it off of the game the post game notes and has been a lot of those sitting there looking the other at the box score but also with box were then view of the game and I saw the play by play is all available there are some looks like you're reading that it says he's left it out yet laughing about it is journal issue there. Which is always there but there and so blown away by itself with the errant that was. They're the most overblown thing I can remember and an element abroad a lot of things can be overruled overblown but this was. Right there at the time you think it's is this the fact that like the Cleveland media know that there are gonna have to brace themselves that these to him they got that this is about to turn into and they apply in Baghdad. You'll laugh without it well to be maybe he'll think about us I mean we will only Wear well and she she and you reflecting thin bullies. Yeah like it's like this again and now we we got somebody who was in the Rome told us yesterday. That it was Cleveland media and national. The national lap magnet some not obvious are all now but that's only Cleveland media either they immediately brought even more than all they do love the talk where this is Moxley I pray for Christmas songs like I think he's on the bronze paper he could be won't win of course it is yeah you know that Woodward that. And that it was not funny and it didn't deserve a clapping and I don't get if so. States in game two no matter what happens I win or lose alcohol on his post game let's say I hope I'm wrong I just have Cleveland win tonight in this game I just think that they're gonna come back LeBron it's taken all this criticism that he's gonna come out have windows epic performances tonight. Dale 303843. Points comes out wills the team threats and you took over when I said 43. I'll take you over the field uproar over at the ball thirty threes the Vegas number and wants to go while the Amex Vegas might now aren't very aren't here for a gets a lot but I I think is gonna have between the 35. To 45 points tonight and it isn't enough to win hope that isn't. You know all of that picked the cavs. I wanna be wrong I don't want to do we like listen it would be great for the NBA to have LeBron vs Golden State for the fourth Europa. I don't see the Celtics get there and I don't want this happened a wannabe. And I was wrong answers. It came down and went nine for fear that you'll step in the right hand Luke timeout. You're like look to the ground alone. Bill that and ask questions Steve and that is unamortized hands up like hello last question any fallout about idea idea possibly follow that question but I reversal LeBron run sees me. Brian went hoarse. Instant how are you saw Smith that I'm sorry I just probably our. He's quit my my a couple of times on the tea garden for relic before he left Cleveland the first time he's had you looked and it's an IQ and beat these guys and I'd have a go team. And then yet supporting Israel off the tossed the Jersey off but he also I get as much they hate to give credit. He had a game and I remember specifically so I was there watching 201213. Six. That was the one that you still look back on and in the stands either get credit or crap depending on what side you are they're getting blown out of the building and Leo let's go Celtics chick on non. It's a bit. LeBron James Brooke 45 points fifteen rebounds five assists. He practically didn't miss a shot from the field he just carried the team wade didn't do really anything Boston I think that was all. The brawn and they dominated that game six and and they went to Miami won game 7012. Now the time he thought wait a minute but the Celtics get back. To the finals would this group for the third time could they be LeBron. But they couldn't they were up 32 in the series. LeBron had it on the name of the best game I've ever get sick out in games and causing close look at Dodgers dominant app and and they wanna game seven government. You guys only at the idea it's important. Maybe things that we discussed during the commercial breaks kits are cheering topics we were just having this whole discussion because I found this article during the break. About the 34 greatest. WWE themes of all time. In order and we we have so we were out that's too long pop up and I had paired at the event there. Bobby route is number nineteen to all that's the great law. Spot route. There that's not 34 the all time all time on it's it's as bad as the top 34. Although the wrong status is all I don't think he generation next which is the theme music for all NF should be no. In night. If someone's has all generate shots like Hogan is. No he ran there did it do you just say yeah it's. GX was a great mother knew all of there there really needs to work and by the market that we only really took this to this topic on the air. Because James showed up today wearing his ECW that's worth it now you know. That's not right well the WW. EI wrestling podcast coming up as righteous rock the eighties got a great and let's go wrestling fans unite we don't spoil anything ambiance of these on the by the end of the week and yemen's unity you're a guest in front of they would allow. At an interview that I agree wearing ECW Africa. On a limb here and there could be don't stop him the bills. It's going to be Tommy don't need tomorrow. The entire violence Caylee C a that's very good to hear that again the greatness of if you include WC WB and WOT they actually the end WL in here. Out that it can't they make horror where they have them like. When all that's wrong that was arguably the greatest pressing the music amber at all and I've become moderates you know very. So a lot last night and and I like the fact that they keep this tradition going Dustin Pedroia goes to play for Pawtucket last night. After the game I'm reading from a Brandon McGee errors a Twitter feed he covers the pos sucks for the Pawtucket times. He said Dustin Pedroia treated pos sucks teammates and coaches. To a lavish spread from the capital grow steak lobster reckon she's green beans Caesar salad potatoes the works I like that they keep this this tradition going. So tonight the pot sucks put out their lineup card. Number one leading off is Lynn. Number two was Tavares. Number three is capital grille. Tape edit list is. On the plea could never had a light of cardiac aren't I. I hold on guys ruse they should be daily and then I think everybody is are you doing that now so I like capital growth at the bit about that you do have frozen now and every every new my third host usually springs for yeah capital growth by the way I think Cheesecake Factory on according to Alex spear. Pedroia is gonna stay with AAA Pawtucket this weekend in their road series at Rochester. Our rights to some good swings themselves so you're Golan from you know. Traveling to you know New York City and LA in Ali's other places beautiful rock just spending the weekend in Rochester. You have sort of have a dinosaur barbecue on third and about. Good news and other it's sort of makes you have an appreciation for when you do get back to the bigs which should be coming probably hasn't appreciated how he does right now that that is a great thing that the U. But the amazing though if you had cut. A major leaguer who went down there and actually me what those guys in four or I mean what event before over a wallet and yeah I believe or not I have another tie into wrestling for all its allies Adori fitness is a great cause you'll remember. In the aftermath of the Super Bowl laying Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles the right tackle took a few shots at the patriots talked about how to not have any fun there and everything may be right so because lane Johnson is now a member of a Super Bowl winning. Football team. He appeared recently on Steve Austin's podcast. With. I think I. Can I download the pod the other thing what the Steve author all the while laying out on iPods and light. Yeah with similar raids and owner Billy Kidman and I thought is Perry have them online. Raises Salt Lake Johnston appeared on the Steve Austin podcast. And and and actually revealed where some of his ill feelings about the patriots comes from. When you make statements about you know the senators Warner records just this was your service between Philadelphia and papers. A saucy don't respect coach. Just because that went on and we'll do. It suits. And what's not. I. At a Airgas rpm. Or are part of the war on error error or call our you know. Our current board game yeah arms I hit a you know. Off the ball well at all. I'll pretty dark out and Robert you all let. Don't you are not. You know. By a car or don't know all the rehab program. He totally made all the and a personal great sound quality yeah well we're both guys that aren't province and the rights sort we want the NFL films footage. Of ballot check talking. To the Eagles head coach and yeah. I don't know I'm gonna stop having nobody else has stopped all your life I mean. He could have been more glowing so we're capable of that body's craft talking crap about Jeffrey Lurie who's real good friends when they are right Jeffrey lorries from here the IA. So since you don't let that thought football player Macon snuck up. Let's say worst part don't you think we all several Leslie Johnson talked about before and then you're kind of get the sense eliminate he's on something has gathered Yemen dole are leaving and cross town be happy and free dollars other players are leaving in the they don't seem to be all that upset about leaving the lingle and so. We were pretty quick to dismiss Blaine Johnson before what he said hey I'd rather be happy and when one than you know be happy and fun and what does zillion word ever. So I don't think this doesn't sound right but are are we going to be looking back above 1000 away and admittedly Johnson was on some their. The art of the war on or or or call our you know. Aren't important you know I'm on it. You know. It. I'd like he has he has Macon yet and that's why I don't I can't I swim I promise you Robert Kraft did right talk bleak. To Jeffrey Loria he'll tell whether it is the sound ever talk trash to a coach full year does it it's a week with NFL films I've seen it and ZEB couldn't. I don't know how we're gonna stop me nobody else is they are behind closed doors inside. You went when exactly would Bill Belichick be behind closed doors with the Eagles head I don't know if they want to the Mall of America together and and it's time that we can they start talking trash. You know the amazing thing it's like you know how the whole thing act like you've been there before obviously clearly. The Philadelphia Eagles had never been there before because they're not acting like it because. You can tell that like it they're not used to this stuff they're used to know our broken used to being bridesmaids and now they wouldn't want me like they don't know what to do I was in Philly this whole weekend they. They're talking about repeat repeat this repeat that'll let our schedule. He left it and I don't want to seriously if you don't believe she's in the next year who knows like. Maybe the Redskins with Alex Smith. Could could win twelve games they've giants now have a reinvigorating his sake one Barkley goes on to win thirteen gave it. I don't there's no guarantee Eagles even make the playoffs next. You know like at techsters exactly right. This is something the offensive line coach for the Philadelphia Eagles made out rightly gets all fired told them in the mile and a guy I usually hear this stuff craftsman San about your owner about execution here to stop the checklists and about Doug Peterson. And at home it's Almeida nobody who's gonna go with hey I played with Chris Long who care blog they both played over there enables that it was it sucked or something like that sucks so bad in between Super Bowl the last teams play army and I doubt it I thought that's maybe where the the fund comment came from and it's Wiki sort of goes a different direction because he was saying. Have wanna have a lot lot of fun those guys don't have farm there. That he turned it into. Allows just mat the patriots because. Bill Belichick Robert Kraft for talking trash. I think you might have been onto something with the no fun things are steering completely away from it in here and it sounds like you make something up that hatred hatred never stops its its Italy Donald's is Tony Forsett and never stops he keeps coming even the nit witted this year. Eight it's like and eat there's still as if they won three and last for it never stops they'll never. This would make any sense the end here. I. Are all the ball well at all. Already are aren't there yet Robert your let. And. We saw him on his own profits and nobody thought. And he admits he says you are not county ghostly pale president tell the music's all we had to do is contain Tom Brady which we didn't do that of them as the one discount him. Kind of confusing he sounds like a relieved that he's calling in from all potato on the I'm. He's on the Brad Photoshop it I thought he had the lead of about Russia I mean it sounds like that kind of thing that that robs sometimes gets firm phone call that was operated by. Not say David thanks a I thought those are Jonathan Jones is not a whole lot you know the serve without one's. But let's odd. Yet first don't gold. Leaned his son than most other connect. They were probably don't thanks forty minutes before he got the football. Being in dotted all sorts of you as well I'm trying to download that seven cataract. I get out of. All lower you know. You are or. How mountainous it. For the game. Not a chance what was he saying about the last thing I mean Bill Belichick who says don't say anything about anybody don't give anybody any bulletin board material. He's gonna talk crap to Doug Peterson similar tournaments overseas deal on the line coaches like these could. The only thing I ever remember was Belichick talking trash about someone after a game was when that guy who. Was with the Steelers is they was like Anthony Smith that he talked trash about Tom brake on priority and torched an enemy and Belichick eviscerate state. You know we certainly goal. It gets a lot better got that guy in the Mecca and it was on again tonight is that they don't ever doubt that yet well. Out there may give you a quick handshake at the end of the game but become an icy handshake at the end again. But talking trash about ever gonna infect people of the other way onto the ice is the wordy little holes and our GAAP this guy's unbelievable and look at the assistant he's got schemes they're well coached that there was someone whose name will not be mentioned on the show because I don't wanna get in trouble Michael Holley Nell now and out of someone who used to be in this market. And this person asked Bill Belichick Michael Holley know I don't want to I thought. It was a Michael Holley. A first name right now and ask if this person ask Bill Belichick at a press conference in 2011. When the patriot you get ready to play the colts. Said you know Belichick sit near extolling the virtues about apple today this person said well how these cease it so nice things in their their only and ten right now. And Delhi checked destroyed this person destroyed. Her yet I don't I don't and presented you noted I'm not there are not well there but she's on national TV every day only other avenues you know. Not go there Saturday and runs for stealing. And LTC well Lee you know they do have future hall always and that's good because that was Dwight Freeney Robert Mathis debt load what do you mean that they got these guys these guys were all the today to elect their Owen thirteen or whatever they were at the time of the teams stinks I was just talking about talking about though. That makes lane Johnson moved even more supposed to know that I knew that we do what's that about right out half. Speaker pollen count I was there for that I'm not asked the question. Yeah Arnold really so yeah does he got Russell quit I was cooperative. I don't think you can digital based on how player blocks the way for Iranian operatives who who else would you gauge it against me what are you kidding me. Recovered Reggie Wayne and Colleen arsenal you don't think you can gauger coverage based on those players. I don't care what their record this occasional theaters better receiver around and then better pass rushers in Freeney and Mathis. And you know mature games are watching here. All the links you dropped by the way are always do that there's no I. I never actually heard that until and he just played now I know Bill Belichick even more for two of the global that was great those last day in Boston media good jobs. You all well nodded and I don't veto message should I. It was a bill will occasionally. And we we've heard evidence that he will occasionally crap all over a player during warm ups you know. Offer God's sakes look at the scoreboard you know that's our during a game on their race hours ago and now Freddie Mitchell and you don't occasionally. Talked rational but on the field with a player but their chances are they started. My day they're trying to get Derrick I have definitely definitely started it. Which is why we had their based on last year you laugh about it though those hysterical Freddie Mitchell is such a loser either. I wanna be ready right hands Fred Jackson delivers on Sunday well now now he's substitute teacher in Lakeland Florida got arrested for something so he's not delivering lots and our that's all right you know in the Freddie Mitchell hit it wow. It really easy at the least of them often play right I was never. Time NFL films shows Belichick pregame. Talking to imagine talking to the other coach it's like they're the best pals ever now in the case of like when Eric Mangini was coach in the jets he Engle talked to. He go anywhere near a million or when he blows Parcells when he's with the cowboys thought when he does talk to coaches regain its eye off got him what a team you've got here man what a job your Dylan. I mean he goes on and on and on the ladies I'm not talk crap to Doug Peterson yet. Like a couple of things. Right but he does but that he goes so far the other way that a current discounts them like it deals right you can just hear rated doesn't take an FBI or CIA agents we have with C Eli he's told he oratory what is leading some DS that is offensive line coach is fee but his first point about how hey there's the patriot way but that's not the only way. I agree or like you don't have to do it that way it works for belch I am by the Brady nobody in the organization ever says those words. But pitcher they don't say the patriot way out of it that's fine but they don't they don't say that's no but I the but. What they do what goes to say how how they go about it is not the only waited too. But Pete Carroll wants to horrible doesn't do the job Debra wanna prayers go by is the gold standard since 2001 but it also like yours that's the best coach and that's how he chooses to do it he has the best quarterback if he chose to do it another way. And still was actually no draft in the players the same way that he could do without it so yeah that's are just that works wore them it does work for an even all right you know deal doesn't think that this is right but I still believe that somewhere deep down side. Belichick wanted to win one would drop well. They I I don't like I failed. I'm telling you he wanted to prove the candidate without Larry Hughes model and with the best quarterback what is already done that I've done a bit here. Events that should have been 607. After Super Bowl 42 you're the aerial likely opponent to get me started Gray's team average in when I when we come back in just a couple of minutes. He year. The trash talk Bill Belichick he died instantly with the game we will he'd done that Crowley you know god and he talked to Doug Peterson that's coming up next.