Dale & Keefe - Why Dale and Keefe are split down the middle on the return of Gronk; Eovaldi had a promising rehab start in Pawtucket

Dale and Keefe
Thursday, July 18th
Hour 2: Rich Eisen says it’s a 100% chance that Rob Gronkowski will return to the New England Patriots at some point. Everyone will be essentially disappointed if Gronk ends up staying retired, but Keefe still thinks he won’t. Brady would be the push that moves the pendulum towards playing if he tells Gronk the team needs him. Team Dale (Gronk comes back) or Team Keefe (He’s done)? Issues with the Red Sox are systemic of the starters, Red Sox need to start taking care of business against the bad teams in the league, and how bizarre that they have a losing record at home. The Red Sox need to be buyers, update on Eovaldi’s Pawtucket debut.