Dale & Keefe - Why Dale thinks Josh Gordon’s struggles will continue in New England; will Brady be willing to help Gordon off the field?

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, September 18th

Hour 4: Dale thinks Gordon’s problems in Cleveland will continue in New England but Keefe thinks the Patriots will put in the time to help him if they want him to play. Keefe thinks Gordon might have less pressure on him individually than he had in Cleveland and Dale thinks maybe Brady will help Gordon with his off-field issues.


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Fourth and final hour daily key Sports Radio WEEI. A lot of talking about a guy who apparently is even remember the patriots act. I mean at the think officials think he says but he denied him. Physicals and all that stuff women I know today we may not. Tomorrow is the real real indication especially if you think there's any chance that he plays. On Sunday. L by the way that the patriots get that conditional seventh from pick. If he's not active for what canning and guests. And so they have fourteen regular season games left if you set it up this week for her you know to get the playbook you count up to speed reared me close and on the number for a quick analyst wondered this is a short term. Relationship instead of a marriage in other words. Julian coming back and after the next two games. Our agreement here for a couple of weeks the out goes from the I don't know shoot one down the road now I know I don't think I better not be that. Personally wouldn't give up a fifth round pick for totally play and act giving up a fifth round pick here moving down 35 spot so I'd understand about REV you do that for two weeks plus. I that would make it says it best when he joined us earlier in the show you're saying you don't need the Russian actually he made human quoting Reggie Wayne that he's on the show while right right and you don't if this isn't like. Hey get ready firfer Saturday Troy it's our let's see how this plays out long term I think that the goal specially because Gordon and cattlemen are such different receivers the idea would it be to have Andelman Gordon and wrong all the field the same time that could be at night. For defenses wanna see you may keep them very happy boy here on the field and economy yet more cell Nate Burleson. Loved April's have played briefly with Josh Gordon. Played with Randy Moss played with Calvin Johnson on some good receivers I mean it's a pretty good receivers they have nothing to sneeze at an audio and it was pretty good himself so today on good morning football. Nate was willing to go there. Josh Gordon being what the patriots. It's great for just court and it's great for the patriots now expectations. I expect just to comment and seamlessly fit in and follow the rules and regulations that unwritten rules of being a patriot the written rules via patriot. If anything does that. If he does and I'm going to be the high football IQ individual steady years. He would have a season. Some walk out there making us physically for some of compare to when Randy Moss wins the patriots yes Alexander right now and that's how good Josh Gordon's. It's operating him. Let him I think I would go up. Some I'll wait bat like me this four out of a player played multiple seasons in the NFL played well Josh Gordon play with Brady must know these guys he knows a minute now it's that he says that it's got to be true right. That he benefited seamlessly. You said that I haven't said that yet I'm like well let's see how well in there he's gold right there is that he's going to be could be a perfect fit. They're like to hear. From girls that which has been brought up and Balkans. I think rightfully so you're wondering if he's going to be. If you are past drug tests easier deal to stay on the field perfectly legitimate question raised questions but he said something there that he says Josh corners are really high football IQ. Like to hear that that is great because we've seen other guys that up about Randy Moss is what went mosque LS decades say has said after Randy Moss got here he didn't realize. How great his football IQ is is the smartest wide receiver he has yeah veteran and so that is very high praise. That's every federal solid receivers though about around thirty of them just this year but so he said that have already Moscow think about that he goes back he gets acquired. At the draft. The leading into that season doesn't play at all in the pre season. So nothing he wasn't there are so obvious he's around the team more than that Josh Gordon is Dan. But it's a key Brady were completing passes against a real team that whole thing that whole pre season that he goes out there and is breaking records. So for Nate Burleson to sort of compare him there I think that's that's almost too much. Pressure put on Gordon to say anything about Randy Moss. But any the other receiver seasons that that Brady is have a some of these guys I think that could be realistic and he's just that physically talented. But then that added detail that he is football Smart. That it that's great to hear. Soleil Mike Lombardi. Friend of dollar check as we known used to work when and it's not pull over the idea what he's just or he's just weighed in on the athletic. Off fourteen minutes ago he wrote a piece called can Josh Gordon last in bella checks program. Every day will be a challenge and he's talking about in the patriots trading fifth round pick. The question needs to be asked once again can Josh survive the patriots program. He says difficult but not impossible. Joining the patriots will be difficult for Gordon in every facet of his life. They'll be required to work harder than he's ever worked on and off the field. He'll be expected to arrive at the facility early leave late. With not much downtime in between there will be no putting the play book back in his locker as he did on hard knocks this summer claiming quote the plays have not changed I got yes. This playbook is not easy or ever holy gotten. So he says yes it's going to be hard he's gonna have to put in more effort than it's ever put in in his life. But he said it. It could now he also said throughout and I'm quoting rod Gordon's entire playing career there have been two sets of rules for every team he's been a part of one set for him once after the others. Allies like happening right now it's not now but wouldn't that be. What what you're saying about how he's always it in the playbook and I got to show early leave late if he commits to that is not the best thing for him. Yeah a lot less time out there yeah like that debt that downtime here be dragons isn't what brought him down my debt that is. Definitely been the case so if you is in Cleveland in grammar that's in hard knocks you sit there after if you're talking Callaway are talking with some receive reversal putting your locker. And his foot and thorough. If he had been away for wise because this little seminar got this but if he knows that he needs to spend a lot of time on the playbook in trying to get on the same page of Brady. That maybe that's the best thing for. Mike Lombardi wrote yesterday quote past performance always as an indicator of future achievement and Josh has yet to prove he has his life in order. Getting his life in order far outweighs football. He also says I hope I'm wrong. He says I don't know I hope I'm wrong idea and he said this is by far the most important thing of all here. With that said we only to second chance and our lives we've all made mistakes. What is essential for Gordon to embrace this new opportunity in evaluate his life not just in football but in full. So I know he's played in what is it eleven games in five seasons so it does. Now a kid is a very small samples that you go hadn't laughed at me if you want okay. But of the last seven games that he was eligible to play he has played six of them and I'd even put an asterisk by saying that that seventh game. He would have played if they were portrayed them they order trot him out there when he gets hurt and Iraq and they'll trade at all. So he played from week thirteen on from last season and I understand them on twisting myself a little bit to make excuses form. But it's a small sample but that's what you need to deal with them you say art go from here and now how can you expand that to you go from playing five games last season. 215 games this year or ten or twelve games whatever might be Arnold Jimmie active on Sunday. But can he play. A number games this year is is it possible like a Kenny Kenny puts some of that stuff behind them and play. And maybe the change of scenery will help maybe the commitment to the playbook will help maybe some of these other things will will help them kind of go over more on the street Merrill. Look all of us are rooting for that because if your patriots fan I'd be noted the incredible game you know you want this you want this to work out I'm just looking hero quickly. Hasn't Downey returning has a I don't think so not that I was just looking I do not see. Any. I see no returns at all so now. Story about that so it's not a package just stick Ambac guarantee punt returner Sunday night they got Patrick jumps in order to worry about that Josh. But I think. It's an April that a thing like he got the season that radio Moscow and that is is high praises possible. I think it is fair to say if you just look at physical talents. That Brady has played with over the last forty years I think only moss and crawl or on the level. He would have a season. Yeah some walk out there making us physically for some of them compare to when Randy Moss went to the patriots yes Alexander right now that's how good Josh Gordon. It's already him. On Cox comes down thick but it's not it is an oil wells that a look at that but just straight up skill wise. He's better than Ochocinco he's he's better than. In some of the guys that came in later in their career as great as you know Wes Welker was virtually entitlement or whoever like cordoned. Physically. The only other guy can really compare to Israeli mosque that rock obvious Toobin if you're just a mile wide receivers. This is this so the chance to be the second best guy that. Brady is that replied. If they ever actually get the deal. I know if if they ever get that they dug and then. Belts or want to talk about. That slalom here just just maybe tomorrow talk about it say some tomorrow against press conference tomorrow right regular weekly press conference hopefully by then and it's got a lot of down to tell it like yeah he's out there'll suited him. Right now. Texas' house. Testers just can't we just get him to stay with Matthew Slater that might make it that might be the move on my but his job I don't know if Matthew and his wife and their children are. Willing to take that he's Matthew for that fans might make Iran more worried about his children and I John is in Sutton hey John I don't. Well John. John. John we we hear you there John. John you're messing around here John. John. Jolly an area of east Dillon I don't know. It ended in and out of the car into the car shuffled some files. Bring out some documents. Running that he's running. So did you says Bleacher Report did winners losers and take aways from patriots browns trade involving Josh Gordon. Brad gagged and from a Bleacher Report. He's pretty positive on this winner Tom Brady of the Patriots offense. Loser Tyrod Taylor the browns off and half winner Josh Gordon loser. The cowboys 49ers jets Redskins Seahawks etc. Winner Antonio Callaway losers Cora Coleman felt source that I do agree that says losers. Gorton being at the owners with him mention one. That sort of take aways he just says that. He thinks the return says a lot of what the league thinks of Gordon yeah it just being a fifth round pick up. And say that now a lot of teams were really there wasn't as big of a market now. Teams are well there's more of a market for Josh Gordon and there is Dez Bryant and Dez Bryant to give up anything yet he remains out there. Whereas at least by the way still remains out there for every other team to that is that's still puzzling one because look at wide receiver and if I had an indication though that. Inning Josh Gordon has some game last yes a lot of game left yes. And as Bryant doesn't have any game surprise calories priced himself completely out of the market. The wall that's the thing I guess we don't know how much he's asking for is the browns didn't want them coroner reports there are regular five million dollars to Dez Bryant. Aimed. He said no so I guess is a team that wants them but it is one of the right price. Is too terrible by any stretch last year. I think all of these guys and we don't all the roster transactions. For the other teams schools has did the patriots but just think of Watters who were four or five on this roster and how how many times that has changed over. The outs on their teams from the league that wouldn't say. Hey let's let's plug in Dez Bryant gave him a chance. So are noted last week we talked to Michael Irvin he was saying he he hopes he goes back to the countless. And it is some of these teams are just evidence and it'll look like wishful thinking because even he acknowledged. United and Dez and Jerry where the concert together and I'll let but he did he acknowledged. I don't know how much Jason Garrett would like that idea. Writes yes no doubt that would be a view we're on our allied death I like that does puzzling and maybe just comes down maybe it's as simple as money. Get even if he's not the player that it was three or four years ago. He still better than a lot of other guys that currently. To the taxer who says hi do you guys how are you saying the deal isn't done yet you're the only one saying that no our point is well. We're going to talk about checkered Josh McDaniels they won't say it now obviously both teams have announced it. He's on the patriots website listed on the roster listed on the depth chart no number given yet. By lights while youngsters yesterday with a all NF. He wouldn't talk about it said you know there's still things that have to be done today in his conference call he wouldn't talk about it Josh following bill on the conference call. Wouldn't talk about it and at the players are all talking about it. You know Jason according talked about on quick slant the news a former teammate let them in Cleveland he loves them. We played it earlier where Phillip or set Jacob Hollister in Toronto Harmon were all Chiming in on on the Tom Brady even talked about on the scratchy last night I mean everybody's talking about all. You know it's been awhile so Stacey. That develops that way no you know how it comes along here as weak as ago afford. We don't know hey that one cleared at all he strung together about two words as that was his response. So this all indications are that the deal is done and yet the head coach in the guy who pulled the trigger on these deals. Refuses to talk about the player because he says. The process isn't done yet. You know where oh where are the same place put him that we were yesterday. So we're in the process of working through. Loans at Zia goes. The other words you're not completely ready to have. Talk about him being officially added to the rosters are correct yes that's right. He's not officially added to the roster nodding to Bill Belichick officially on the roster that you might want he's the guy who would add him to the roster right about wanna tell your team website because Arnold is the on the roster is also the depth chart. He's ready to Graham everywhere. You everywhere the patriots video. Cords like to act like this on. But that. So he likes it so that whole he's got pulled out he doesn't wanna go somewhere else he's got to go he's ready. If you re scored. For. The most. That you know. That it is hard for me to say that I know you know there's been a lot of conversation about that and no coach in coach said. And he he reference samples things so had just you know it's been awhile so what to see. That develops that way and how you know how it comes along here as weak as we go forward. Okay well I don't think we can get much more information they met him the highest paid coordinator in the league. East. A solid head coach in waiting to meet bill that's on flake. The absolute head coach in waiting here on says about two words and doesn't answer any question if he can't answer like two different question at first I thought maybe he misheard the question is who's going down a different road. Is it was as coach said like coach was asked about it as a perimeter player. Coaches just asked if he's hot he basically he would say. So it's viral problem more clear indication I couldn't be more happy you know offices. And our Rob Ninkovich has got to be really upset he thinks it's a terrible message to send the team that tells will get over it. And I think Josh Gordon is going to be good fit a lot that all of the Alamo the patriots are willing to take a chance on anybody in order to help the team. You know it's a calls yesterday that said. You know would be why would do that there are gonna do that patriots patriot way true patriot Bob above our place that I mean that and that our that is patriots fan boys now who say aisle while so he'll be here nearly all better place. This is this is an it a problem and he's been. According to volume. He first started. Abusing drugs and seventh grade. This is the GQ story right with xanax. In a class Roman I mean seventh grade he's been battling issues. For a long long time to suddenly think that simply a plane ticket hotel room. Now suddenly gonna turn his his life around not as not going to be the difference in the case of our school can we just call it what it is is it. Yeah so I mean I guess RO of this deserve more from Stephen Hanley did she get into it once or not but they're fans of Josh Gordy can we just call it what it is. He's an addict. He's an. And so as a result when you are an attic that means you have an addiction and it means that you need all the hope that you can get. New England doesn't strike me as accountable and I love mister Kraft loved that man ideally I respect the hell out of Bill Belichick would have. But they are in the business of winning football games and making sure that the organization is as upstanding as possible. So he says they won't help them. If they were if they want him to be successful on the field they pick it how they know they have to help him. I don't know to what degree they I don't know how how they do it that's not my job that they need to figure that out we. We got a guy and Bill Belichick they didn't play Malcolm Malcolm blah outlook. The plane than 90% with Simpson this I don't regular season to run an episode of the stats in the playoffs and in the divisional play that game against Tennessee obviously chips like eight against Jacksonville north of me and I still afoot to global it would have been here all he wasn't feeling well. He was hospital lot and he was late the brackets and you do what you and those all because a lot which actually caught the look football championship. But somehow some way you thought you don't have the patience of Joseph book. What it comes to Josh Gordon let's stop it looks just not true. I actually agree with part of his I tries pastures where does have a either the part that you know if you think that bill is just gonna because this guy so supremely talented. He'll put up a whole bunch of crap from it and happen. Why you might mean Chad jones' high out of his gourd on synthetic weed and he played. Stuff I mean I guess yeah he also now I'm talking about a guy who's been suspended for. You know multiple times is one failed drug test away from an indefinite suspension he's not gonna put up without stuff here but I also feel like Chandler Jones didn't happen like a drug history but I guess we disagree I think I think there are different rules for certain like for good players of the Rel Riva shows up late. You might get sent home pretty aka miss the game on Sunday if Jonas gray shows up late you may never see him again. That is there's a difference between look at all pro player and the 52 third guy on the roster I think I think. Josh Gordon is on his. Literally his last his one and only chance with the patriots is this one he won't get a second well on the reality is in the NBA NFL he's about whites do you know and I need an hour and about it Gordon. It's his his want shows up late. Thirteen meetings are shows up late for the walk through. I think that would be yet prevail. I think that while. I don't know I think if if Gordon. Play I can say he shows up late in week ten think you'd be happy about it but I don't think you religious tolerance that if he's playing well. I think you have to give the guys the good players do deserve to consider rules this is how does. And as Michael Marty said his entire career college and pro. Josh Gordon's played under two sets of rules one for him one for the rest of the team. I agree with Lombardi here there's one set rules are don't think so all I absolutely don't Brady you're wrong showed up late the dollars and soccer player and class they never do. Under the if they'd sort of agreement on how to throw Revis showed up late in the department any and then and it gets an open practice the brightness on Monday. All but don't somebody else that he doesn't have a history this guy asked. This guy's got a few preset rules or not you're saying that there isn't it out because of the history I'm telling you that they shouldn't be and I don't think that there is. 6177797937. By the way out Adam chapters got tea an explanation for Antonio Brown. And that back to the calls on the other side dealing key Sports Radio W media. Sports Radio guy. I wonder if him around reasonable way she brings us let's break this down. It up again like I said last week. That an openly talk about a lot of things that occurred in social media we could. Chase and had always I will say this. It's important. Dads that we understand opposition. Like this ad onus of responsibility that comes with that I've been a couple of instances now. We you ask me about Antonio regarding some social media like things I'll address their needs are addressed that compared directly with them. But I'll leave that we hear guys. I'm not gonna utilize this form form to address those things that just don't believe it's appropriate I think that this form is very professional one. I was Mike Tomlin talking about the whole Antonio Brown situation for those of you moves mortuary he got to dust stuff on the sidelines in Sunday's loss. Had to be separated by a position coach between he and the offensive coordinator. Reportedly left. As soon as the game was over with his agent Drew Rosenhaus. So Adam chapter has spoken to Drew Rosenhaus. And has set an rosenhaus as you've. My aspect is trying to calm this thing down insurers. Quote the tweet yesterday. Talked about the one here that you just heard Tomlin refer traits in fun out other tweet yesterday was not in reference to anything other than Antonio. Responding to a person he knows it was not directed towards a trade or wanting to be trading. Any idea he was asking for a trade is not accurate. He goes on add in this parts a little puzzling to me Antonio had a personal matter. I talked to the team about it is issue what's on related to the tweet or his relationship with the team. In other words is missing work yesterday not showing up and that smells to me a little bit Tomlin was unaware of said personally yes exactly I supposedly rosenhaus talked to the team about it. Third AB has an incredible drive to win. He just wants to win that's all that this he has. So are things I'm. That that's not anything more than an encouraging his coaches and teammates to win by announcing that the future. Okay. That's what its entire focus is on any notion any speculation otherwise can be put to bed. This is a non story that's been blown out of proportion. We can end this right here in now at the scene here Steelers are fine Steelers are happy. Browse line so I'd and I understand agents have to do what they have to do when they can't always tell the truth rose houses get is that he's great and a he said. Remember. Every team in the NFL shows up to work on Monday after a Sunday game they watch film they had meetings. I think it'll work out and and nice he didn't show whop is up there rosenhaus said Antonio had a personal matter and you wanna be there I talked to the team about it since personal his issue was on related to the tweet or his relationship with the team. And yet Mike Tomlin said he didn't now. That Antonio was not and that's also great to Antonio on a personal matter I talked to the team about it Antonia didn't. So is the practice televise got a thing that could top of data into a brown. Little longer. He was no I'm looking for visiting with him today. Discussing that some of things. Our Michael get into the details of why you would hear the word on whether he was excused an audio things are constantly ghosting and house. I understand sometimes get some negativity you know we've also football game audio some negative exchanges on the satellite and there's frustration associated with not playing well now winning. I understand all that is opportunities for us to respond to a particularly early portions of the year. To utilize negative experiences and things that occur to educate our team on this point in the journey so to become the not effectively move forward. That's the only approach that we take in non football related things. Such as social media decorum etc. since you know be left them I'll be discussing. They exited that. It won't be. There is no chance they'll be the last that we discussed that it is amazing anything about the best wide receiver running back duo in the NFL. Is Antonio Brown a Levy on dial. Dell's not reported does not plan on reporting he doesn't sound like he's eating a hundred or 800 plus thousand dollar a week week by not showing up and he's willing to do. Don't think he's the best plan Obama as their veils in the barging. But he sticking by his guns legacy got to get credit for that then meanwhile Antonio Brown. Noticeably upset in the loss on Sunday and an absent on Monday did not talked with coach about it. The straight and the pictures basis dealers that are there absolutely. It could we like it we applaud them being amassed. Are disconnected the call to you guys to 6177797937. Villas in holy OK don't. Well and they're gonna actual problem on. That rumbling Josh Hamilton nor the Rangers have a lot of government got 24 of those Buddha weakening but that was years old was a lot. And still didn't work you're right. But for a few seasons that it hurts for consumers right. Do you vote that would reverse years ago quarter and Google and you'd. If you wanna commit to those guys being equivocal Randy Moss was ball and certain market short term issue. Yeah they're going to have a vote construction. There's no are you considering that it would be about content. It would do you call. No I think it's an auto thinking yeah on the liberties if it's yea not comparing it to some of these other guys like. You know Haynes were there at some other wide receiver and it's a brown or talk about right now all you know he's obviously very upset you know there's no I don't remember any examples of Josh Gordon. Losing his mind on a quarterback or screaming out office coordinator doing any of that I think he is dealing with a whole different set things. Well one last minute you know what I'm unforced harder goal we've been around as a column and so forth. Walked into classrooms are walking to work and when someone's heart. So for the browns can demagogue that their luck will control the majority auction in clinical and so on so for. No I don't it will reported a couple are committed to this problem. Clearly there's so completely that the troops mantra wondered out. I am adding to bring up an excellent point now the the story out of Cleveland has written by Mary Kay Cabot the Cleveland plain dealer. Was he showed up late Saturday for the walk through. Said his hamstring was heart which allegedly part of a photo shoot which the browns let him do at their facility in Seoul they haven't OK go see the doctor. I started late. The doctors. Tell the coaches that Josh is quote unquote not himself. And given his addiction problems in the past that set up all the alarm bells and that's when they decided we're gonna move on now. At no point did they say he's high as a kite they said and I got himself with. Would it take after I guess whatever that's worth. But also there is a little bit something different about Josh Gordon on the browns' Josh Gordon on the patriots in the sense that. If you watched hard knocks at all. You saw how those guys talked about cordon right who's is it a different kind of being a good on the big fish years big fish years you know Todd Haley and in hue Jackson are trying to get updates there's a waiting for this residents to return to their team. And and obviously the most talented guy. They have been in you know they've invested a lot of time to him in there or just. Waiting for his return any kind of real holding them hostage in a way because I'm really wanted to know who we out on offense and do we have this guy yet you Jackson like not yet not yet. And they're getting reports that already look like did you Siemens in shape and all this other stuff. Whereas on the patriots. If he works out great if he doesn't. They were so that there's still one of the best teams in the league anyway so it's a little bit different how they can view on compared to Cleveland 6177797937. Bobs in New Hampshire about. Yeah I got its own. You don't let Josh or if you're shot in the way to what at least they got to get a chance. And you know don't look at that also will be published just not echo what doctor ordered there or atmosphere. Or are they just want or where they expect that we think are they don't settle for second best know the players are gonna follow him like they did it when it went. It extra the whole situation is gonna have eternal and see how we handle that situation. Well yeah you're absolutely right about the the change in atmosphere in the change in expectations I agree that all of that Bob. But I'm not sure that that has anything to do with his addictive personality. Now I reviewing their old Europe now people that are winners. In your well he won't let that call each other accountable. It's a different atmosphere in India just wanted to that it male or. I can't get our act everybody's kind of count matter there's 40 guarantees but it it I guess it can't hurt you know may be a new group of teammates maybe maybe that's an awful a couple of guys or who knows. I don't but again I think it or oversimplified view words you know losing atmosphere winning atmosphere though changing light that's that's not the case. There are other players that may be a different kind of issues that that maybe. That may translate to more success for them but by year. And that's a cure him get another we're right on it that it started it he's okay he's not gonna he's not an addict anymore now that's for sure because the patriots are a strong organization it's just not how work now. Now. I'm sure they're committed. To a support system which will help this guy. Become a productive member of the organization that would have required and if they weren't willing to do that but I do wonder and not that this was necessarily gonna get through to Josh org or someone like him anyway but you wonder if now these on the patriots in the show my list of players that they've had they've come immediately in there that were gonna move on organ define words the browns. They got all these different head coaches he had to be a star would not have yet to be a starter if you screwed up there like I wish you didn't do that but. Don't do that again like you're still on the team hate and they even if I go back to it hue Jackson hard knocks with the Galloway stuff is that everybody here gets the ball again. But just please be honest about the Mulligan and how it wasn't that play I don't applaud floored everybody here so it there was really not being held accountable at all there. And so maybe that change could also potentially helpful I would assume at some point. Whenever this thing becomes official and all of that stuff on the physicals past and everything's. Everything's done at some point it would be a conversation. Between Tom Brady and Josh scored right. Mean I was yeah I would there's got to be a lot of talk between the two of I would very much like those two to talk and and you do you would think that that would also be part of the support system not that I'm saying Josh corn gonna. Move in with Tom and Gisele I don't mean that I'm saying I don't know you know that hey I'm here to help yet bloody. Money make you better Leo you can help us we can help you that's great it is this Tom Brady willing to do that would you be willing to put in even more time during the year. The work we're Josh Horton. It is years ago you say oh yeah first got here last night out there all that till all hours of the day and night or is he doing just what he needs to do admitting it's at a DC think elk out another new receiver now I gotta spend more time with the sky. Hopefully he's still will but on I don't know if that's that's a guarantee. Well if he if he's not there and it's probably not gonna work right. I think I mean how in his latest C is right you know no old TA's no training camp but per also point out that Gordon is a really Smart football IQ type of guy that helps like that that definitely is is. Could I don't think people or stand out about about Chad Johnson. We care a great player but I don't think the with a one of the things that Johnson was. I he's he's really Smart but I think he ran a handful plays and got open in that that's what he did whereas I don't think he was gonna be somebody that was. Regarded as until the couple playbook where he'll be guilty of it right there and he'll get it. Whereas Breaux and it's just April since April take him out as word he says he claims that that's what Josh ordinance hope he's right mats on the cell pain that I don't. As a young guy. Oh. Caller Bob. Brought up Powell had missed it it seems and I'm calling today. I'm an addict in recovery. And I think that caller had a good point Ed blared in home. So it bites and in in Merrill and and you know on the Cleveland brown display. Starter at. Every team on all the ones didn't well. Legal age outwit and they're bright lights feels good you know you don't need to bring you home. They'll all in and beat them back to that mine but at least now he adds something. His mind Zoellick. Stay away some you know I think that them my album a little bit. I I any I hope your right now it might concern is here I mean at least initially I'm sure he's going to be in a hotel room somewhere. You know until they decide is this gonna work 88 Joschka get a place to live now whatever it is. You know when you do leave the facility if that's what you button which are gone back to wall also to it we've heard the stories how he is. Deeper prayers the first I heard from his two Brothers. And one home is that it could influence the marble is it bad influence right. And so is and they want the the bad brother to leave the hell out of his life if they don't want to move in the Goebbels like come on get out my own life than the bad brother like is the bad brother also on the first flight. To Logan legacy going to be your little time to I don't know I don't know either. I mean in Cleveland they wanted him. To command and needed wanna do it for the good of that though about a legacy of fallen here yet to the narrower make it a flight with him. Hope which if your Belichick and the patriots and yeah unity Kerio I'll. And the program is what else you got I got a couple and I'm gonna but also I am that I kept them tonight and that's all I you have sue because I can't. I can't decide between the Joker I might ask Lucy did not listen to one album but I got also coming up next here on Sports Radio WEEI. All right and the program. Some things that we might not have gotten to him a little portion of the program we like to call. What else you got it off you guys still look up to god I gonna start this once I'll legalized sports betting in New Jersey. Fan you'll operatic and operating out of the meadowlands has had a little bit of an issue on Sunday I don't know a man went to the wind out. And he got Denver plus 75000. I'm sorry what they were down by two points with seven seconds remaining in the game. Now clearly doubts here that was not the right line yet fly hi so he'd got a 110 dollars if 182610. Dollars a day which the sports book says. They don't want OPEC. They said it was obviously a glitch in the system. Also they offered him instead of 82000 dollars while. 500 dollars in tickets to a giants game I don't think that's gonna suffice at all this and I don't so badly he should get its money that was that I mean and that the mistake was not hit as the mistake. Was yours while maybe they'll find some sort of middle ground can 500 tickets for the giants as aggregate on 40000 Sanders isn't my style of quarterback now I'm I think they'll all right your turn what else Uga blogs I what I thought fail she got that area so illustrated that their top 100 NBA players for next season you of course remember that illustrates you got all upset about those Al Horford was their best player to make a whole lot of how -- party got upset about yes so Johnson mossy up point out ESP yen is doing the same thing now they have not revealed the top thirty players yet. However a number of Celtics have already appeared on their list including Terry rosier 82 markets Smart 55 who was on ranked by Sports Illustrated. Gordon Hayward forty which seems painfully low Jalen brown 37. This forget that you're seeing Al Horford checks in at 34. Meaning ESPN has both carrier ring and Jason Tatum better than Al Horford we don't know where they rank yet they're gonna release their top thirty at some point of the agency where those guys finish urban should be top ten in my opinion. Tatum probably somewhere in the other low twenties I guess. But at least ESPN knows that those guys are better than Horford. I got one more for AF. It's not a sports story but I want sales you guys sounded interesting stuff man was arrested at a Northern Virginia grocery store. Today after allegedly dropping his pants and rubbing produce on his backside. Hopefully this spoiler dramatic positive now that near that just today I could but it news story of the but I did see that police were called to a giant food grocery store in Manassas Virginia yeah after a witness reported seeing demand picking. For off the shelf sites rub it on his blog I'll go to the fruit back on the shelf outlawed. They are they are things that that a pineapple I don't that would be back at the on organic I guess that's what it is they arrested the guy charged him with destruction of property and indecent exposure. Now the desire indecent exposure while he had his pants down hopeless Patriot Act upon that fifty odd dropped his pads or get rob guys up not there so the the giant food store had to destroy. Several pallets of food. In fear of contempt and there's definitely contaminated there's no way it wasn't contaminated I don't know sometimes you just got the urge step. How rebel big juicy Erin your backs out of you it's it's it's it's at put it orange and rubbed it on the backside I think the oranges really damaged. Yes he would need the orange and there you would you at our heritage want to necessarily but I don't think it's ruined like an apple pear appease those things are rolling so I think or Dubya ruined not watermelon cantaloupe watermelon kill good ones so you know whenever I'm in line ever somebody gets convicted and they get arrested for lightly serial killing his stuff they always give all three names one here that usually the suit yet. Like John Wayne Gacy assumptions in this case they actually gave all three names I wish they'd left the first name off what's the what's the as the guy who got arrested was Michael Dwayne Johnson. The rocks on the ground there and felt an urge to drop is pants and rubbed fruit on it but from fruit you know sometimes you get those are now is that tough ones my guess where the builder or historic opportunity to be done. That's rough route rough against myself. All and that is all the way in they had committed today to they thought they were getting an afternoon off to open an account. It's and tomorrow Tom the current will join us here. Rob park on. Is that factoring out par after factory made a deal out of nobody wanted it and in vitamin and what we did he wouldn't c'mon when anybody. A fraud. Good luck to them talk about god we'll talk you get points on him and they did. Maybe now he'll he'll talk even more encircled the LV. We were buzzing around so it. I mean. They stuffing. It's okay. It. Things you.