Dale & Keefe - Why Dale is worried about Josh Gordon and why Keefe is celebrating; Keefe isn’t sure the Patriots can help Gordon say clean

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, September 18th

Hour 1: Josh Gordon is a Patriot and it’s time to celebrate because Keefe wanted this to happen. Dale did not want Gordon and is worried about his off-field troubles with drugs and alcohol. Also, Dale thinks the Patriots might regret putting out a statement on Gordon so soon after they acquired him.


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I wanna start with the acquisition today Josh Moore and I. Why that's okay then I don't know if you've been in contact with the office but. The patriots have sent that they released patriots have now agreed to terms. With the browns trade sports. Josh Horton there there and this time ago what Dale Arnold is this the sort of guy that you would take a chance on bringing in here you know I wouldn't. The patriots here and it's definitely a stressful environment it's not easy to play here off which he. I think number well it is pet food to his back. You have what are they like it is going to be where covered well but really a patriots as well as what hit it one way or another nail in key meetings meant WEEI Sports Radio network. The lesson to you boys and girls why you probably don't wanna get. The name of your girlfriend of the last six days tattooed on your on your are some that that's commitment why you why you don't wanna get the big number twelve tattooed across your entire back. Act it doesn't mean it's not his favorite number and might be his favorite number eight feet. Place here I'm gonna guess it's not available to him now it's probably the one guy can't take it as supposedly got all business don't know I don't she values or any guy now that this game but that Zelda. They you know they commercials we run about you know. Lasting more than four hours sky possession yeah hockey capital. Can survive their real don't wanna hear it all over yeah that's a hockey just sort of hate. I've time to be alive. The main thing. This we you know there's a chance yesterday we were talking about it I wanted and you didn't Rob Ninkovich certainly did it at that you don't want to deal though Jack. The patriots want I think it's an John scored about it let me defend myself in one regard okay. It's great if it works I I'll delete that you and I don't think it's gonna work I don't think it's good or I you're being very negative about it in I don't know why wouldn't suddenly with all of that. The setbacks he's had. All of that now he's got a lot of issues and I understand that he and the last thing I'm gonna do was mock that he also has a lot of town much of it Dick is talent laden as I said you earlier this morning. Once they kick the ball off yes he's great he is incredible can you get him to that point though I'll also. I hope that he can now he didn't play this past week there are trade him anyway so by the time he got reinstated by the league last season. It was that week thirteen he was finally able to play he played in five straight games. Then this offseason he you know he had to take care himself a little bit we watched our hard knocks him he wasn't there during all of training camp for the browns. But that he played in week one and then we understand what happened little hiccup a week to. So hopefully some of what he was dealing with is behind him I know it's not going to be a 100% cured it it's going to be very difficult for that got to do that. But it is absolutely worth. Art chance a fifth round pick. And by the way if it doesn't work out you're getting a seventh so you're giving up eight patriots fifth. For a Brown's seventh. What is that the difference of 3040 picks like you're you're that's nothing to it if it doesn't work out. And with all these different wide receiver roster moves it's been ridiculous. Bennie Fowler chat and share metal or an element it's been non says they're revolving door and -- bring in the guy with the most talent I mean. A top five wide receiver talent in the NFL. So I think mrs. This is fantastic and I was nervous these other ones stupid reports they are they really want trade and the NFC like why he's not worried about bill don't that's your trip us up from getting the Super Bowl having to face Josh Gordon in the playoffs or something like there is no all it. There's no losing here in except for the don't for the draft status who. You know you bring an end. You see if it works if it works yes. I'm not and looked out I. Our alumni. Or I'm not saying he's Randy Moss but it's really really good at yeah I our time I'm with you there you can't not rest unfair Israeli Mossad that top two or three wide receiver in NFL this yeah ever. Any of one of the best seasons ever and he had been playing it. He didn't have. Seasons off Randy Moss that of people would say he took plays off but he didn't take seasons off and even though the two years with the raiders weren't good at. He was still out there on the field so it's hard to compare and Randy Moss I've heard others compare him more to. And Albert Haynesworth had a chance well you saw all the talent Albert means were there a lot of baggage with him as well and that did not work out. He was on the tee effort how many weeks is on the team but that one did not work out so they another and and I don't think anybody's ever said Josh Gordon's a bad guy. Albert paint work with the bat came to the net that the people who doesn't know he was always the bad or terrible human being that person. That's that's another thing to clear up what John scored because the name. A lot there's a lot of different things that get thrown out there when you're Josh Gordon. And from everybody that knows them teammates coaches past coaches go to the college. Not a bad guy I troubled guy I heard about that at all that anybody who's ever coached him is rooting for right. They are like. Now at the same time Jason are our producer said he read a quote from hue Jackson saying. He's relieved he's gone hue Jackson Lee thriller I fuel Jackson. We suck and are not least of a job so now let's just Gordon is guard maybe you can get his second win in the NFL maybe that's what is gonna end up doing. Please relieved why you're so we get fired there. Wishing well personnel group. The personnel. There in the first it's just like. What I want that will be too. So cute Jackson so just what the and lighters outscored about a week one he he told everybody that he's not gonna play on the first drive it was at that the first drive. The next the other just scored on the field yeah I don't hate you ever get said the isn't this group book. So you look at said limited snaps in week one right plates at 30% offensives the and I got targeted like four times yet not a target of much and yes and a conference call and searching. Yeah he said that as the league. You know please. Please there's a relief but but the bottom line is I would guess that there's probably a fair amount of babysitting going on here. I think their gasoline half his issues given the things that he's battling for the top the first other pictures brought in that you'd have to pound baby settled but more and did they don't all work out. But when it and Michael Floyd last year that the image of Michael Floyd that week. Abbott I eyed that wasn't a long term I mean literally years long you know no battle I don't. Just the substance abuse at a very unique case like you can rightly compare and anybody that you can compare his on the field skills to certain people. But as far as what his career entails first the ball. I mean this goes back a ways you know he went to Baylor for copiers they went to Utah never played Utah that Avago via the supplemental draft. Now our guys do that they play in sixteen games as a rookie was fine kind of nondescript 800 yards season. His second year in the league he's only 22 years old that's the league that we still you know I certainly highlight led the league in receiving yards. And nine touchdowns on a terrible Brownstein with three different terrible quarterback and has only played eleven games since then that letting that's next. And console it's when he sat I know rightly so this guy you think about what a career he's already have it like Indiana. On his way to be like this future perennial all pro that you know we Dow is a lost cause and now he's sort of the patriots and he's 27. And the one. And I hope I would have is we have seen game action you know he doesn't plan 151000 planes sixteen. Any doesn't play until week thirteen. Of last year but that he played in those five games. If if you if you played out he was on pace for a thousand yard season and any plays in the game this year so he's still. I don't know p.s you know Julio Jones O'Dell Beckett at the second. But at least you know he's I think he's a better option than what they have and that's when it comes down to is the patriots every time Belichick brings in a player. He's gonna tell you they're gonna try to improve the team and ask the question here it does he improve the team I think he absolutely does even if he's had decoy. But even if he's out there even if you're just setting among gold routes. Like that's just something you don't really have. And so if it Rob Gronkowski. Get single covered a little bit more because Josh organs on the field. Or certainly when Julian Alvin returns if if the defense have to approach it a little bit different because Josh Gordon's out there. Instead of Phillip or set or Kordell Paterson. Who tackled himself in the game on Sunday the key to me it's just that much better bigger threat out there I understand there's there's a lot of our concerns and there's no guarantee. That he plays on Sunday and is there for the rest of the year but I always thought it was a risk worth taking do you think that there's anything. Funnies the rightward you know a little weird about the fact that well supposedly east could go to Sunday. Physically I mean he he shows up at practice late Saturday it's as he had a hamstring that whole thing was weird I mean can they say. Dual use late that's I was not a good sign and you can't pull that with the patriots you know they'll send guys on the list and the role reversal from a practice wants what he was laid up you can't. You can't do that here. But then the hamstring and and who knows because. I don't think you can play on Sunday because the hamstring right I think may. And that Rios maybe maybe there's there's more reporting on this to this point by. He goes in there he's late he's as hamstring is bothering him Arnold was or prevent him from playing but then we get the report yesterday not a chapter that's at the hamster is going to be fine. So I don't know if you beat you want out of Cleveland. Probably the probably of one out of Cleveland but he also. But either acute Jackson went on a Cleveland I don't his career has been limited easily play in 41 career games but they've all been in the Cleveland. So there's something all of a sudden now we really want factly I don't think he's trying to shoot his way at a town. Not yet again there's a big Jacob got rid of them years ago. Based they did stick. I am for awhile. I'll be curious and I don't know if we'll get the answer to this I'll be curious about you know what the summer thing was about the delay. Now had a addresses health well what does that mean you're back in million rehab again in in house rehab. Nobody. Not matter only you were once he might be the least reliable chance Belichick has ever taken he's taken some chances on some guys. You know. Randy Moss was taking a chance talent as you said was clear yet he wasn't as on reliable is this guys pan. Corey Dylan Watson is on reliable is this guy has them under. Chad Ochocinco. Also I mean I I do I get the the rules the rules in the NFL right and if you break the rules are gonna get in trouble so you'd. But it still is another one of these examples where if he was just a woman beater he would have played more games. That's sad isn't it that's a thought I know that if you beat women he he would not have missed a fraction of the game as if the if if he smoked week. And we should point out our debt based on his history he's one flunked drug test away from gone. Yet but I think he let's that let's say one flunked drug tests he wasn't off from the NFL he'd be off from the patriots anyway. I don't know they ultimately it's aimed at letting them get their hands as it comes down to Ari this is the guy. Who has the know and let's face he's got more than two or three chances he had spot Lotta chance as he eyes as rob said yesterday. He's had a flunked like twelve drug tests right because you don't get suspended right way right votes they need to go on the list and all that other stuff so no he's he's definitely right about that. Do you believe and people can change like elect is is that something that you believe in and I think the patriots mosques based on the on the track records of some of the other players. That they brought him again. Very difficult to compare it to anybody else because you're not a line that up. They're available to miss seasons coming back all the different issues that that he has had off the field. There's there's nobody your idea whether or Floyd or or Kenny Britt. Dot pains worth it doesn't matter of along with it doesn't compared Josh Gordon. But there's also a risk if you will with somebody like. Chad Hansen went. What are you gonna get that Chad Hanson don't disrespect what are you gonna get a profiler it but even if those guys are clean as a whistle they're healthy at the box. But they can't play what if a gated counterargument that. Whatever problems there may be Dez Bryant is at least reliable. Not a drug test issue not ID you know you use one drug drug test the way from being banished I think that's sealing its tire went with Josh Gordon's bill and I think their realities in his out of this world and let's just policy played out where's Dez Bryant right now still still signal available. And I like Dez Bryant I would take a chance and as Brian what do Jeff Gordon and two weeks doesn't work out what Josh Gordon unfortunately does something stupid is gone. There's you still got Dez Bryant I think they're just take it there's a paper or take a shot. Let's look thick of the lottery ticket with the biggest chance of the biggest guy out and that's just court. In the case of Josh Gordon can we just call it what it is is an addict. It it is the truth yeah I mean it's safe it's not it's not a per Jordan term he's right. This guy's an addict now whether or not he can kick that addiction whether or not he can he can you know. Called his demons just because of a change of scenery and a change of organization. Is yet to be seen the point 98 yesterday as I don't believe that's gonna happen. I just that he. He's had too many chances I mean to be too many opportunities and he's failed every time the odds are not in his they're not you know they did they just they just are now another guy that even the most synonymous football player with we'd probably in the history of the league would be Ricky Williams right. So rookie Williams. Was honestly having a hall of fame career I believe until he retired every detailed yeah tell you is that Miami where some mountain top somewhere so two years after an 18100. Yards sixteen touchdown season. Review lives that I'm done. Three leads to other war he's 27 years old he's out of the league. Comes back in 2005 plays twelve games but it doesn't six gone. Substance abuse policy misses the entire season so this guy smack dab in the middle whose career also missed two seasons now. They were back to back there's one in between but still then he comes back only plays a one game 2000 sevenths look let's count that as well. A sexually three missed seasons and he came back at age 32. Had an 11100 yards season eleven touchdowns with Miami. And then played a couple more seasons after that. So I guess you guys can take a sabbatical dale they can come back to the league if they have that would set to get up with a rookie he wasn't necessarily an addict he just really liked it the yes I think he wanted it and know that right there I think they they they are a little bit different how it in with Ricky was just. We'd as far as I know as far as words recorded it we are already tired cold mean there's there's an there's that there's multiple problems. But our point to is the guy involved with something that the league is not a fan of the that is gonna suspend you for. That you're able to overcome that and even later your career I mean Ricky played at least 34 years old he can stay. Are for you let's stay off the weed but he found a way to sale on the east I know it's early when he when he with the runner for over a thousand yards and 2009 Ian smoke weed idol season. I was out or suggesting that regulators that I've done so far to wait it we'd. The 33 African lives that it's probably the whole time when he does his ass Ohio all the time. He also big he was early in his career that he came back and he was a lot smaller words Josh Gordon see him now. Interest and position does. Over humans yet you because the hair out he was a smaller if likes it or for smaller Josh Gordon still looks like an absolute beast 63 to 25. You know Ricky Williams Renault smoking weed and teaching Chinese to play football I really. Edited out real sportsman in the tumbles and the double double he seems like a real yoga guy. Ricky Williams who's who's strictly as a rodeo. But it feels a measure of credits pliable as all that but I. You know I wouldn't rule out Juliette can we do one thing here and eliminate desk as I've seen it on Twitter I've seen it on the text machine. The Smart ass while if you played for Cleveland you'd be taken drugs still. How do. We. Yeah that is balanced though he has an addictive personality it doesn't matter what he has appear that married it's a question of whether or not he can control yup he's still an act. Right audience had nothing to do with the fact that he played for the browns in the browns suck. Yeah now he I don't for the browns and had a 16100 yard season well that and Guinness guy you know you can Trace that back even colleges have some issues so that was well before he may be ever even visiting Cleveland like you with having some things so they'll marijuana. Well I mean yeah you might but. I don't know and again I know this guy think all the millions of dollars that he has lost. If he just just lit a match to sorry that's a bad analogy on all things being very sensitive and finish up as zeal and and didn't get suspended and was playing at that pace. Now what do come a couple of years earlier to look at the money that O'Dell duck just got yeah Josh Gordon I was on that track yes could have that now I don't know. And again if you're you're talking to an act they're they're not gonna be reasonable I don't think would what you're telling them but if you say let's and you have a clean season. And then next year you play pretty well. A team a team we'll look at the recent track record they will the other fellows that way I mean look at this guy he's there are other teams that wanted to and as well. They'll take its chance and he still does. Have an opportunity for another payday because he's so down. Let me just get this part out of the way too because I was listening. To Owen asked when Bill Belichick came on yesterday I wanted to hear it is well yes and I get all I was anxious because I knew that we're gonna ask him about Josh Gordon the release was I couldn't agree to put it out of browns have put it out was it got so Klan or way. Gave it the old college try. I wanna start what is the acquisition today of Josh Gordon and talented incredibly talented guy but he's had these issues bill how do you see. This guy sitting in here with what you're doing. Yeah well it at this point. Really I can't comment on on any thing and soul whatever we do it but there's also. Can't make any comment on that right. Okay then I don't have any contact with the office but the patriots have sent that they release some reading a release by the New England Patriots and it says the patriots announced today they have acquired wide receiver. Josh Gordon and trade with the Cleveland Browns. In addition the patriots have released Corey Coleman. Yeah and there there conditions that go with and so until everything gets. As you know where to work in progress we're not there yet. So old salami and and that I don't have to defend Bill Belichick here you don't need me now here's the deal. Until the physical is taken. There is no trade. It's been agreed to a deadliest reported at the Dalai well somebody made a guy the guy all right I think that's the Jesse I think that at that point. Telecheck is actually right now until he. Meet with the patriots doctor I don't know they fluent in your last night if they flown in here this morning. I get out answering check out Josh I don't they like and and I and I know he doesn't think there's any issues in that regard. But until the physical is taken there's no Trace. But I do think it's they can't he can't have balls you can't have that team. It's weeded out and send all the media members of release that we all got the release I understand Gordon in Coleman out if you do that well that's an edict officially Coleman released could have far out obviously not an issue let's say for the roster spot out. He was on the team so that's official. So he had it isn't actually now how is not allowed to release may be out. And and the patriots website might put out an odd depth chart with his name and number on it. But he's not on the roster he's on the run well unless he's passed his physical this morning and it and they've done it. That's the part Belichick was trying to say it and until it's on the wire. It's not done yet yeah but so that's on the team I guess than dale because you cannot we out and post an email patriots acquire one wide receiver Josh Gordon. If it's pending trade are pending a physical you should write pending a physical yet it's not all of us they probably should have said that southern not on the same page or Belichick just didn't wanna tell those guys that want to talk about just scored for some reason. Because it was at that it was. 45 Mitt all I know I don't get it right look that's why I want a dead I wanted to hear what he had to say to and then as he's talking I'm realizing. What he's trying to say in a nice way here is because he can't talk about the player toll has them on the roster. And he had no physical yet now my guess is by now yes so whether or not last night or whether it was this morning my guess is that's done everything players are off today obvious when we get a press release shall we just assume that's not. Through yeah. What can I take that adds that deal is done and it whether players Ben Tre signed as a free agent or player has been traded for. I usually take those because you'll get chapter and you'll get Rappaport had a time and that's fine but those guys are usually right anyway. But then you wait for the team to announce that but dire tone and we had to wait even longer. Like that that does not seem like a process well and we sometimes joke about this that you know the patriots always released things you know three hours after everybody else already knows it and apparently that's not a minority and and I. I just know for a fact that until the physical is done there is no trade. The nation posted I agree that that that's on the team federal last year we were talking about check when. They brought in Kenny Britt for the first time. And we asked the McCain Brit tonight show after rapport about it is that while it's not official and like semantics here right right right but we had gotten email body as he walked now we got the email that it was official. But that's that's a new one right because that's usually there's that. That that in between time with a team hasn't made it out so I don't think it's eloquently and not let that I wasn't trying to be a jerk. Wins with Landon and Louis Christian but the somebody he would try he was trying at least my reading of it was he was trying to win here to the letter of the law here which is look. Theoretically it could happen eakins and take the physical on the patriots team doctors and I don't know this he looks really bad I wouldn't do this and then. You know you've you've talked about this big acquisition which you didn't make the what whoever's in charge of the press releases may be just as excited as me for just court it sounds to me is there and it's something come up at the last second. Now. And nothing came out of the last how is that not a thing happened on the physical and at the time he was talking more than its reckless that we that's the about the really it really is yet got to put it on them if it either either Belichick just didn't want talk to about it or the team screwed up mass. Because now what with a edited that sent out another through the next day but just getting site delete email it's a picture to acquire Gordon. Summit amid. Third prop. Acquisition goes through and we're in that normal prop and we're not there yet and until I think completed on. All the freighter commenting on and. False start on the media guide. The screwed up is he's sort of a depth chart is doing well again that the that the patriots website to put it on the depth chart he is on their he was yesterday. Last night you knew all that. There is no trade it's not official until he passes the physical. I would like the team to get it right then from now on. They usually looked out we don't know maybe they don't know who Joseph material most of the X they're all older always talk to all are behind. And somebody they Uri so you know I'm saying usually there they're so far behind the actual news and it's because. I did Belichick is a stickler for these sorts of things that we got the news show after rapport avenue just after 4 o'clock right and the patriots email and I'm probably on the alas the email also I get the ball for 46. At and Belichick was on 530. So. Somebody screwed up or he just didn't want farmer Jones scored yup that's the simple fact so. Let's hope the winds bring you guys and at 6177797937. Text line it's 37937. Just short today. Feel good about it they'll feel real good outlook if it if he's conquered his demons this is great. I just fear that doesn't happen. Quite as quickly as well and hopped a plane and flying that salad for a negative Nancy. Trying to be realistic I guess 6177797937. Is telephone number we will talk to Willie McGinest later on a space program. Daily key Sports Radio WEEI. Bangkok Post you say yeah act yeah I think we'll look you can make it makes sense you've got you know one of Kobe plays an entitlement you know on this loan program. I think anybody who did have this good man and earn the right. He notes due to political bonus performing. You know that doesn't it doesn't put me beyond my book approach in February. Cat has just affected everybody yeah. All that down there. I'd be back what was that we'll. Use. Of this room. Our roads. Josh Gordon did an interview with GQ magazine last November. Kind of an eye opening interview. And and I'm just gonna read one paragraph. Quote I used to make a ritual of it before every game. If I had already been drug tested that week or the day before the game I knew I had a couple of days divide a clean my system. Even before I was getting tested for alcohol prior to my DW I in 2014. I would take the biggest bong rip I could. And try to conceal all the smell off all my clothes I'd be dressed up to go to the game a bunch of guys smoke weed before the game but we're not talking about them. I would have these little pre date shots I used to love grandma and yanked. I could drink it down smooth. I can usually drink a lot of it. But it wasn't that it might be whiskey or something and I would drink probably like half a glass or a couple of shots to try and warm my system up basically to get the motor running. That's what I would do for games. They went on to say how many of your games would you estimate that you had something in your system for quote every game. Probably every game of my career including college. Definitely college. So you're saying he had problems. He's got huge issues that he's also he's an unbelievable talent and why oh why not take the chance auto I don't. Why anybody would argue against you guys given the parameters of the deal yet. You you've got to photos got a big that you don't worry about just don't look at what point it was trying to make was. The chances of this suddenly getting fixed they're really slam. What ever that she got as it's worth it if you think it's 1% you know others might think it's 10% others might think it's 20% whatever it if it's certainly not a 100% now that anybody is suggesting that. But just taking it a chance on a guy like this with all the other receivers that have been in here all the receivers that may be available out there right now. And I think who won it's also saying it's the first two weeks even with settlement returning in week five. The water receivers not good enough. Not good enough Chris Hogan and eaten catch a pass every once in awhile filled dorsett look pretty good in game one grill Patterson's more kick returner that's that's. You're also assuming that you know rock and cattlemen are going to be able to stay healthy all year. That's another risk now I know that's injury that's out on the field that's not the same as grunt but my point is those guys don't always make it through a full year. So they saw an opportunity. Suits you grab a guy who is not he's worth more than a fifth round pick when he's up there on the field. Now I under these are always up there on the field wants an ally and once you kick it off your one year ago right here your good to go fees if he passes the test during the week. And he is able to play now you also get the conversation of this offense and players picking up the office on the fly. Not all of them can do it if he would've place Sunday and according to Adam show after his hamstring is is okay he thinks sadly enough guys out that answered so let's let's play the game out and innings on the field in Detroit Sunday night. I would guess who would be a very limited number of plays I don't know that's a very limited OK you can do this this this in the S yet not any of those you know you see so many times where. Sarra these option routes where Brady kind of read Brady and like chemical element of the best outing rock but those guys sort of pick a way to go. And Brady had some that you're gonna have that they're they're not right there barely gonna have practice time together but got today there's. Patriots don't practice today but if you have a couple times and say hey Josh just line up all the way on the right in run on the field. Just on a nine rout rush that is always Yugo and if you're single covered Brady might shock at Optiem make a play if not great maybe two guys covering you in and you free up space for Hogan or proper. James whiter or whoever. So I think he can definitely a key. He provides that were like Corey Coleman I don't think it ever was going to be able to do or some of the other guys that brought it there. Would never ever going to be able to even take that kind of pressure off other guys always get the attention from the defense. So. I think this is great and the other thing I was thinking about is we're we're going through all of the players but the patriots have brought in and take your chance on. You can never rule anybody out but he could never do effort there somebody out what are I don't know where he covered the team from but. I yesterday or over the weekend because this with a new about Jeff Gordon came out and he's at 0% chance goes the patriots. Like earth two EC 0% when it comes to the patriots. They will bring in any although take some chances they no doubt about it and then that track record is mixed. As it would be. You with a guy like that at all hostility and I'll leave it home runs on yes Cory Dylan Randy Moss seek a typical channels couple have been abject failures we'll pains were cultures all over the city you know one hand this year and it's just like all might god. And and I said yup of the other thing about Belichick not commenting to the physical done. In my opinion a big part of that physical gonna be a drug test yeah I would imagine. And I don't know the rules on this once you've tested positive as many times does he have the he has. He's got to be more regular has testing right and everybody totally random I think they can make all literally Ingram yet no other object on egg that literally come to him today and say hey yeah ego European Cup match. He he's got no options in a penis is the test it's a failed test right with him up for. And and he is a he is a failed drug test away from an indefinite suspension by the NFL. Yes I know that's the terrorists take into partisan it's a pretty. But again it's it's as simple wrist I think it's it's forty draft picks or whatever and end up being forty spots in the draft. For an opportunity. To get an all pro caliber wide receiver for the I'd be debated Thomas. Let's get to calls have you guys mature response 6177797937. Joe's in Plymouth page I don't. Don't be a great deal Leo doing great what's gonna put it. Well I just curious what why Internet so obvious to. To 1 this morning actually after that still wasn't gonna talk about this because of the physical it's like nobody. Nobody saw only got so much to go to the physical that's white guilt didn't say anything. The guy what he's not on the team yet and he's got some history that we. He's not gonna cast a physical store opened there was anything malicious and oh boy I'll come. Term how come bill could at least make a comment I hadn't canceled and circled yes. Why don't we needed while on this show out of periods well on this thing because I agree by the way I I think that's why he wouldn't answer but on this thing there's a difference between patriots and browns agreed to a trade and patriots acquired Josh Horton there's a there's a difference in the wording that we are to dwell on it doesn't matter next time. Spell check tops you will be asked about just accordingly answer it really doesn't matter are only care about yesterday's interview them on a conference call today. That death is today or tomorrow I I think he actually the a I believe it's today. So you won't hear from them but my point is. If it if they just agreed to a deal say that you don't say that he acquired him and then you say well we didn't acquire it was your team saying that you did the browns put out the release first the good as they got to deal with and I know clearly that littered the patriots followed with a release and and I'm just guessing here. All things being equal. Stacy kind of wishes he had put that second that you'll be the release that came behind the browns released via kind of waited wished he'd waited up on that yet ballots checked into Daniel's and it even Florence adults are gonna Daniels and more importantly as a relates to Josh Gordon they do of conference calls somewhere in the 11 o'clock hour. So we get and we will matter is and again my guess is by now. The physical is done might have been done last night I haven't on this morning. And there's been no update and if you failed that I'm guessing show after Iraq four and a half regarding all I think I think so we get that or get the release that you think 6177797937. I text line is 37937. From. Eric's calling from work Eric. They're dorm guy what's up Eric are important. You called us at W called us. It. Well. At that worked out well 61 back and I was our biggest thing I violated. What the what was that you noticed the hesitation on my part the other was levitation rightly says I didn't feel this was gonna go well in the long and how different. Bradford normal at this time and something. And 6177797937. We'll talk to Willie McGinest get his thoughts on the patriots well we think acquisition. I'd daily key Sports Radio WEEI. I'll marijuana the most talented receivers out played against gonna get some practice. I'm Emerson and a few clips lives. Ms. duke can still play seriously he would definitely. He gets everything contract he can be one of us receives. And how it compared to a guy like Julio Jones big com can run. Still has quick hands on definitely on that type of body that type of mole sauce calmly was there last year does that work on time it was working hard. I'm releasing my he wanted to get back in and do everything right away saw hopefully come here got to be the same attitude same approach coming into. Knowingly and not come into our lock. That's Jason according talking about you know practicing against a guy like. Josh Gordon green Julio John LT and Julio Jones contreras. Let's say Julio Jones has been slightly more reliable and it's got slightly. I suppose but when he's up there on the field and I think. The more important takeaways in there too is. Everybody knows what John scorned in 2013. And then he in that everybody points out how many games he's played since that which is obviously a huge part of the story as it relates to Josh Gordon. But Jason recording was there in person within last year as a teammate win them after missing all those games. The beginning Ares I while he's still out game. He didn't walk away and then lose it but keep in depth stop playing out of shape to the masks aren't out of the pictures you see them yet he got to shape though so maybe you still smoke a lot of weed and drinking detail when he without maybe we don't know but it definitely still working out like this guy didn't look like you know he wasn't in football shape anymore. Back to the calls let's go to while mics on the cell phone might. Say. What's up Mike what's up. I kinda career on the sloppy. You know it's like. Smoking already and it hate it. Yeah oh yeah he he looked like you was look on us it looked like varsity and JV enacted. Exactly yeah. All that's. In blindly optimistic law. You know security beyond I know what I don't act like just having Erika and Il I. It could help while not as big site and it won't. All just happen out there guys aren't you ought to watch I'd like like I realized how pat you walk out pretty well. Yeah he's commodities is a monster for a receiver it's at 6:3 days horrified I am let nobody's ever questioned. His abilities to play the game. The only question anybody's ever had is his ability is a bill historically I'm available yet it is his ability to stay clean you out so that he can continue to apply. And and this is not. This is not Ricky Williams to make an archer Ricky Williams was addicted. I think this guy's an act or. Get out and eat again and he he may be but I don't know. I guess if you go through the history of the league you know once the guys an attic is that it but there are they done or they want I don't always like I just try to get the chance and a I guess what I'm trying to say is that I probably wouldn't be real optimistic about this working a lot of people seem to think. But the minute he walks through the doors at Gillette Stadium his life is turned around plus about a hundred room that might that be. I think the better hope is. RA he's 47 he's not 43 and I know that might sound stupid but still every day you are you guys get a little bit older. Is he is he gonna finally realize and he may not. But is it finally realized that. I need to stay on the field to get game checks if I wanna get paid and not be suspended this the skill that I have racquet make millions of dollars all with. The next few years now he's still 27. So maybe if he if he's able to stay clean its five years I don't know what it is. But he has given up so much money already. And he put it together for the next few years and then after that you hope as a person he's able that the figured out. But he's not gonna have the lead there are you'll suspending him for for different things that he's doing Kenny Kenny keep it together and if the patriots you're thinking keep it together for. Three months or four months whatever it is right your children for the rest of the season that that's all you're really looking to get up brands and hammer state Bram how you don't. And all of our first policy of course obvious Tom Brady at quarterback could mean it's to give and so it just Gordon never had a quarterback let alone. Somebody like come ready so he can do really well like dust and the beast. Stay claim which the patriots are good about keeping guys in in order to what you won't play at all because so they can really. I expect that and what he'll nobody can stand out or are bought and Linux on the Red Sox a redskin fan. That this day would. Earlier you know it organization there that look. Yeah I just don't know at first of all the the idea of having a good quarterback. He did it it doesn't matter where it was he can have a bad quarterback Gordon's going to be great so I don't Avery is worried about if he's out there. If if he's going to be yelled at put up good numbers and I don't think that's really gonna matter it's just if Vizio uniform Sunday night at an 8 o'clock and eleven touchdowns and two up right. It's just. Yes is that the quarterback things not really an issue and then to say that the patriots through good job of keeping guys clean like. Is that true. I think a lot of it is I don't let the player I don't know what their plan is. But you have to have some plan in place yeah some support system in place to help. Keep this guy and straight narrow but ended the biggest key there is he's also gonna want that. Or he's ever wanted to be able to listen to that and be able to. You know I don't know if it's a couple of the players and you know not that they have to turn into chaperones or anything like that but. What is this what you almost have to be counted to Bud Selig that responsibility of a player maybe I don't know I mean he sucked so again this is just from hard knocks but. Antonio Calloway the receiver that they drafted who also had issues of Florida and had an issue right away camp. You saw Todd Haley talked a Jarvis landry's like listen. You gotta do you think we need this guy you'd need to be there with them and maybe he'll do that I don't know. Do I who are the patriots. It is can't do that it would be willing to do that I guess the big question 6177797937. As the telephone number will talk to patriots hall of Famer Willie McGinest at 1130. No Red Sox afternoon baseball today you're just joining us. The game has been postponed until 7 o'clock tonight because of the rain it's going through New York right now so what do we get told to. Daily key Sports Radio WB.