Dale & Keefe - Why David Price is making us love him more and more everyday. The truth behind Chris Sale pitching one inning last night.

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Wednesday, September 12th
Hour 1:The Red Sox clinched the playoffs last night; In an interview with Rob Bradford, David Price sounds likable finally. What's going on with Chris Sale? Are the Red Sox Preparing him for the playoffs or is he just at the end of his rope this year?

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Now I mean I think I didn't think they would like to think that that could happen even if it is an Obama picked up by Friday. After a positive for the patriot what end and added that fights Clinton apologize. For that thing. Dale Arnold Adam equated wanna like favored Bruins ever I'd love this Guy Ritchie. Listen to get rid of it okay. Soon daily and keep. Meetings I was wanna make of vehicle maintenance and for me just a moment and pitches so it's you know as a woman WEEI Sports Radio network. I was actually appreciative. I'll be somewhat subdued celebration on the part of the Red Sox last night. I I I I think some of the early celebrations. Yeah says a lot lots and celebrate this when you're a veteran playoff spot on September 11 good you know that it's good for you guys call I have that they haven't done it sooner to be honest. I've with the pace that there on. Well I still are all well and still. Like they were talking about 100 would be tonight if they pulled off the magic number I think now is nine. Right for the for the division but going into yet because they want and the Yankees on lost of going into yesterday as the alleged that that's like a lot for the kind of pace that they were on legacy goes to show that the Yankees are also pretty good season it's just been dwarfed by what the Red Sox are doing. Yes out Rossi to weeded it from they'll keep WEEI like that Red Sox who go to the playoff public ethics pledge that above I don't like if bill thought they sorted did not exactly but it took until last night for the at a finally clinched playoff spot but. I know that that really wasn't the story of the game until now. First pitch of the game was in 97 mile an hour fastball. On during the course of the 26 pitches he threw in the first inning Yeltsin through that 79 mile an hour. You know breaking pitch that you know breaks righted your shoe tops. Pitch count was too high. I understand that he's really don't throw one game since the end of July right sell I was I came out of it Phelan OK and when he didn't come out for a second inning. I thought exactly what Alex Cora said after the game. Menace and about that for a fourteen pitches and then come get him. You know and I thought I you thought it was done you don't. Yeah. And own. No you obviously two innings and forty pitches we got 120 thing you actually got the ball. He went out to hold back any elderly arrest the lead out editing pros it game on talking about a real game real action you know and you're doing it against AAA team essentially right immunize ball does go out there and he worked and against the blue jays. So I guess. In reality what really matters is how he feels today and tomorrow. Right because that's not humble Davos gathering on the DL twice. Her shoulder inflammation and when he came back every you've met the goal all the way back the first time Chris sell one of the L he was upset about it. Yet amid the Yankees start. Ed we didn't know what was going on the it to browse these that is the change up on this earth does that the grip on the slider. Chris sales that that's not the case. That it comes back pitches really well albeit for just five innings. An estimate on the DL again. So did they figure out what it was I don't know so after just one inning of work last night how does he feel today. Based at the first pitch was 97. I think is average velocity though on his fastballs one slightly down compared to what normally would open which acts this year which I don't like it should be. Yeah you won Damon and you know the last seven weeks or whatever it is spent a little bit of a while since we've seen that we sinkers sales that's not I was afraid he'd come out there and be like Pedro in the all star game. You know thrown hot gas to everybody faced disease all crowded out that'd be back in and you know he calmed down that's better you know 97 on the first basketball one thing and I he can still throw art so he at most can get three more regular season starts a defeatist days and rotational Aires that because they're down to at least seventeen games left in the regular size and so three more turns. Don't you need to see him goal. Like no. You know. Hundred pitches that I have to be your Celek should there be no restrictions at some point before the playoffs I'll be curious to see eye and I heard Lou talking about this yesterday when he was really hoping was to seek. Forty pitches last night. Seventy pitches in the next one. You know that third one is the one where you kind of take that the training wheels La yeah and then the fourth when you ratcheted back down get ready for the playoffs and the let's go to work in and get self ready. But because he could only throw 26. Realistically how much do you think this next one is actively training wheels off type of start. Know that that's that's my concern is and so when you said yes you know you'll finally be expected some Ross that'd been almost exactly a month. Known as Baltimore start was August 12. So that almost exactly a month since we've seen him on a Major League mound. At Cesar one hitting just get some work in court says you know forty pitches when it's going to be anyway but after 26 pitch first inning. We didn't wanna have that you know he gets two out that he got to go to the bullpen there so I get a thought process. But it does lead me to believe are at the next start is going to be similar maybe it's going to be another starter by committee maybe it's. Three innings in Munich okay put pretty soon. I'm assuming he's starting game one of the Yale the yes. And I and I admire the way things are going although we go seven maybe not enough now maybe it will be price I don't you would assume that would be sale but. The one the other positive a to cut last night's game all the too. One is an eighth new ball he looked pretty good. I hired Bettany in the fourth inning of work gave up a couple of runs. But in those first three innings of work he looked good ideas he's going to be coming out of the bullpen in the playoffs primaries or a hundred miles an hour. You know and edited as actors there was talk about last night. With those guys that get moved to the bullpen if there is thinking now last thing he goes 32 thirds it's so the way they're using last night hours it was very different than how they would use him in the playoffs OP. Goes out there the mindset that. I need to get three outs or maybe six outs. You know not playing for a full game. Maybe he'll be a little bit better because we've seen him look really good and we've seen him look terrible when they're there hasn't a whole lot of thought in between eighty last night Lotta gray area right now there really hasn't been a whole lot. So he's had he's probably on the fringe or even being on the playoff roster and that you need to figure out who's healthy who's available to you. And a couple of those those last bullpen spots are probably a programs and he's he's one of those Gaza malice. I think you'll be IDQ he will be able an arm and in Steven Wright's gonna be another interest in case for me yeah and one of the things Alex Cora said yesterday was that. They're gonna get him into some games with runners on base between now in the end the regular season. C would see how it goes see what it's like. You know it's it's like when you know Tim Wakefield was the closer for the Red Sox type of thing you have got scared and in light that's half the and a little Villa and right about now a closer right. Spot you might wanna bring him into an inning with with a runner on second base or something and how does he handle that I think that's Smart intelligent pre planning by Cora. Let's see how it goes let's see if we get him ready for that while also think this offense. Gives you the opportunity that you might have some high score playoff games and we've seen where the rotation the last couple years has not gone very deepening games and that's maybe where right or ball the comes in the play you want reliable and I'd give you multiple inning just as if it's five to five after two sewage or three innings. Like might pull the slur there's no matter who it is and you gotta get gotta. Find a way to get late into the game and maybe that's for Steven Wright which is a completely different look than anything else that they have. Maybe that's where he comes in the play. But I still go back to. Her sale and whether or not he's healthy enough to beat a guy can he be Josh Beckett or Jon Lester or. Whoever it he can he be that horse in the playoffs and so that's the star released at least he's back. But he's got a ways to go clearly. The other thing that I just got a kick out of it if I had asked you before last night are at in the aftermath of last night's game. In who's the only player in Red Sox history. He hit to go ahead pinch hit home runs in a season Matt Stairs. I'm putting guesses which you've had to get before you got a Brock hundreds of reviewed all the guesses about a thousand yesterday all of them and I loved the whole scenario where Mitch Moreland is going out to the on deck circle. Alex Cora changed his mind calls them back you could see it in the dugout kind of explaining things to Moreland and it's the sort of thing it's one of those unwritten rules you know you don't bring god back from the on deck circle right now shy as yeah. You're definitely of strikeouts on just that much time mom back here you come back Brock you and you could see Brock like scrambling he's apparently he was down in the cage taken packs down there are things right try to find his shin guard and find his helmet and a backpack and Ali does is remarkable one you know into the second role in right field at the South America and the reaction of the team the teammates it just I just got to. Kick out of it in addition the fact that help them clinch a playoff spot. I'm very excited you know we we joke around sometimes decisions I made and I domain and other. We we have to trust him. Making that a man makes fun man in the same way or make fun of them but. It was it was one of those that I felt that it was right moved there. There wanna open makes a bad spot in August lefty I trust him but I do feel that you know they bring in the lefty and ran them up it was better. So we we won't drop him in worked. This percentage on like these gut calls this year is through like ninety yeah I like everything he he does. And Ferrell was the opposite Ed and a lot of it is block which is much we got on to our a lot of luck honey how off Le Brock colts not done it twice in a year Wright hit a go ahead pinch hit home run it's like. Really there there have been times where Cora has CO pinch hit a certain player in Italy this kind of Boris Arnold and I are starting guy that would start him for that is three hits in the game or whatever it is. Certain lineup changes that he has made it. It seems like it is worked out form and that's the kind of thing you need to play out in the post season also late. Some of those teams are so close that comes down to sort of a fluke kind of player somehow lucky deal. And if the Red Sox get that then they're going to be in pretty good to preach it brought Cole has four home runs this year. Told them and they stink she hit a go ahead home runs yet one of Philadelphia few weeks ago price and the one last night. Told is our grand total of home runs he on the bench and you know put it in late in the game and that Saddam and who to think that he'd be considering weapon as I certainly would operate. But yeah I mean what are also in the position you talked about this and yet you it feels like the playoff spot been clinched for a month and realistically has been. He had to make it official which they did last night but it has allowed Alex Cora. To do some very interesting things lineup wise I didn't realize until I read this recently. Craig Kimbrel has only pitched eleven times in the last 43 days. While yeah it because remember for a while there he had a stretch I wants out thought I had it was six or seven appearances. And within that he got four outs but three or four times. Which you can't really do a whole lives and it was really spaced out a year ago and I think we was just doing was seeing it. How can broad react to now a lot of game situations called for it may just so happen to be in games where they need to protect the close game in the eighth and you know the way the bullpen was at that time. They need to rely on it but they tried that out. I think core wanted to see if it would work and then they've really backed down from that and so like he's done with the starting pitchers he's really done the same thing for temporal he's thrown eleven times in law in the last 43 days. It's not a coincidence. But the four hardest pitches he's thrown all season where in Sunday's game. Right guys and it's a hundred with four different pitches before it hardest pitches he's thrown all year come in Sunday's game against the Astros because guess what. He's feeling pretty good physically right now yet that that is obviously a huge key in in May be an issue that the team had. Arnold maybe the last two years from the bottom of the playoffs and they've had guys go out there in the starters were just tax the bullpen was Tom was was spent. And then you're going up against a lineup like Houston's reliably Cleveland's. And they just didn't have enough left in the tank this year definitely feels different now one thing I will say about that is. Chris Sale they got a nice job managing his pitch count and innings. Age yet where or where we are right now Brady who Hubei had one start the month August. So as far as that's concerned we don't know that's gonna work and in fact he's missed more starts this year than last year and all that it'll all. Be figured out what. So once he gets the playoff sincerely does there and this comes from the book of god please don't make me love you. But David Price talking to rob Bradford last night and I felt like he was talking to you achieve big base that was talking to you while he has been lights out since we had a masa program so I mean we have we deterred or indices I think so so here's Bradford Q when they went with David Price last night he starts out with. What part of this season do you take the most satisfaction. Price. Getting a chance to set the win record for the history of baseball. Question how much. On that this season what yeah part of this season so far also far back do you take the most satisfaction got to get a chance to set the win record for the history of baseball. Question how about as an individual. Price. I don't worry about individual stuff. Benny goes on to say this is for you Rachel answer I could go 35 and oh in the regular season with a zero ERA and it wouldn't matter. I need to win in October that's that regular season means nothing for me. Whose idea it both Obama and I had that surprised he gets that he knows what it's what it means the pits in Boston. Where it had that bad about the last three years. Like this guy has opened his first press is introductory press conference. With a Red Sox he was talking about how opening day in the and the playoffs like the same thing in. The disease is talking about. That all the other nonsense that we put up with the last two and a half years. And then now it seems like it's clicked and when it is it is and it's it's kind of unfortunate that even gotten to that because he is a really good pitcher but. It only matters what he does the playoffs and he's right and am gravity and said that it's true if you 35 no the zero you are right it be the greatest single season in the history of baseball. But he got shelled in the post season everybody does it get this guy. And so he knows that and my one fear or B he's saying it so there's going to be a lot of things at once again. A lot of pressure on himself in the playoffs and he has not responded well to that in the past quarter. Portman he also told mass slide and I'm quoting again now because this is rights from the book of you know don't make me love you. Ty was asked about opting out of his contract. Which I still won't do I know he he told masked by sports quote I'm allergic dogs. How that's not what he said quote. No are you done now he's got a lot more to what he could wait he could hold off for a minute. Quotes fresh cut grass I'm gonna hit you so hard for your house pets are gonna hurt. And you only have one off the cat is forecast catalog with a why would I leave here to go to a team that's not as good as this team. I came here to win I don't worry about all the other stuff we're gonna have a really good chance to do that on quo not. Mentioned in there is no with the pain is much money is the Red Sox are gonna pay me which it's good business decision I get at fault them for that he's make you more money here. But he say all the right things and that's the problem is just try to suck us then the attorneys argue it is and how that he's tea but he's he's he'll get me if he pitches well in the playoffs that's all he has to deal. Even the ticket even sound like an idiot he can't even talk about fresh cut grass in fort night. If he wins in the playoffs cannon is there are fine at least that's yet. So right now we think in the right things he's pitching pretty well I don't with good against the with the Marlins couple starts ago. But he is he's turned things around a little bit now let's see what he can do he's healthy. And if you can lead them in the in the post season people are gonna forget all about the first couple years I've hammered away. If you say so and tonight if he wins the Red Sox win their 100 game and he. And the at that much closer to clinching the division they have not yet you don't feel like they did you go along and nine game lead. But I think the magic numbers in nine and the Yankees got nipped like 111 us. The two skipped the playoffs now I'm I'm I'm there and I think a lot of people have been there for for awhile you still enjoy the games are still a lot to watch your sale last night for you know you blink you'll miss it but price tonight. I'm I'm ready for the post season. I will insert one quick football note here as we ought to open up lines and and invite you guys to join us. Op perk Chris mortenson. The more important I don't trust it already you know Josh Allen will start Sunday for the bills. Well yeah out and I can go back here today the last two days that I don't let down I've made a decision yet but that is that sums up the bills like one a franchise. So Josh Allen is not ready to start. You've sought Nathan Peterman last year thrown five interceptions and a half you acquired AJ McCarron in the offseason so what do you do before the season starts. You trade away. AJ McCarron. You start made endearment because Josh Allen isn't ready you don't ruin job salad. Nick Peter and eighties like Nathan Peter men CF the bench him at the half of the first game and put in Josh Allen and so now I'll search week to. Is he ready with a bad half of football I got a great hotel everything around break. They're screwed they really are the forget if you amateur for 24 yards and two interceptions and a half football. 24 yards. Twenty and they split archer who was gonna start. They're like Nevada well that's because they don't want start Josh downs he's not ready we get the store with AJ McCarron why didn't you just keep him and he start for the he was five of ET. Eat some of the Christian. Hitting. You could go five of I applicant if you throw the ball fifty are modified Kate on offense named after rich keep the way and and Rob Ninkovich. Claimed he could throw it further than you. He'd get while he's a linebacker he was a professional athlete offensive and for crying out loud I want to question him on that but you never know some of those guys. That are that that are there to seemingly athletic and I know he would say he's heard that his whole career. But suppose got the Sealy JJ watt. Throw balls in the crowd he's got a cannon that which may be to throw it sixty I could not throats crystal intended to that site arm roll into the stands last year yet. Aiken was it's tough to read everything fired at short he's been outlawed like. But. Yeah the bills holy smokes. It's a they got to be even more of that suit they'll look at the jets and I like that they they drafted a guy who's good finally. There's still a division of the patriots. And the pills. Just than just that dump. 6177797937. As telephone number on Tom. I know we sent 1130 are we positive about that. We just got on what's it gonna have to do after this Belichick will be talking at 1130 I'll still be there with him so maybe noon. Stops cycled on and not know off birdie out there won't want to take for and that's good he can recap what Belichick says. Park will be aren't so Tom. We'll open up the line to talks baseball with you guys to start as you've clinched a playoff spot. David Price is saying all the right things and home guide what is happening cats and dogs are sleeping together only one inning to sell the bill reason for concern. No the other innings on the bullpen that does not task that's at I thought twenty innings last man in the bullpen as a matter. There was leverage in Ireland. Get to bridge from the big areas and internal walls. Commandos and for me I was a wanna make of the call and made no sense for me to send him out there for ten pitchers for pitches was. We're taking care of the guy. Be. His mechanics weren't there in like I'm likely. As for new game there's a Big Ten he hasn't vaginal wall. The real it's a double and they asked for his decided to take mom and indefensible. Actually agreed with him again that I know we said that a lot this year. He he gave his reasons why he did Alia had and you go all right he had a reason or I decide I don't feel great about it and it's because. You know a lot of houses houses feel today like what what's gonna go on there but what's the next start I mean I don't think you go from 26 pitches to. 8600 pitches they got maybe you know I think I just I know out there I think realistically they're gonna look at like 5060. And then the evidence that are at that. Third start is the take the training wheels off the last time he through a hundred pitches in a Major League game was July 27. So that's why I am I would be I am nervous as hell as a relates to Chris Sale who has been on the DL twice a shoulder inflammation. Had one start in the month of August and has all at once sura so far here in September and it was for 26 pitches. And this is the guy I think is the most important player today and in the plan hole I don't think there's any doubt about that OK well let's see let's hear from Chris Sale yet after the game and you know not being able to go beyond the first inning. Good really good. A little erratic obviously. Drove a pitch count up a little bit which is why London did go for my. Second or third inning but. They don't feel. Just who does good work and a move on from there. And so he seems felt that he seems optimistic about it. Yeah usually what happens is if they're not feeling so good physically you don't see them. Now are here from Palmer or so he kind of let you know too well when you want to go back to what you have ideology could tell he's pretty frustrated that so. He was a little as he says in his own workable or attic you know he did it twice six pitches fourteen for strikes he had two strikeouts gave up one hit. No walks. In and that was if he actually felt that he had a reason for that as well because he thought it was maybe rushing a little bit. You know it just trying to throw strikes me is first America for a while ball and sped up a little bit on the a Broncos cut irrational bit. Kind of got out of what went on some of the things that I need to do with the staff of the things. There ended up in than. Obviously relies on mobile and a little bit more than a month to vote. We'll move on. Proper light on the bullpen had a heated eggs. And other bullet yet just a little bit early and go to anyway. Well and and he actually talked about that he he he obviously knew that they had a very strict pitch count right he was only gonna get throw forty pitches he just. Didn't think it was a leak quite as short as a wise. I'm in another good today it was going to be. Abbreviated start. Three was best case there. Five pitches these or human growth referring most so. Calm down. Knowing that going in makes a little bit easier obviously going on for. I thought I had higher hopes and I think there's there's sort of. I'm with a kind of stunk. His words kinda stumped one inning wanna see a little more room. And he wanted to see more even though he added all of this three innings he's sick of that plate knowing that any of the Ghana and prone to write I pitch innings they had already told him. You're only gold three when I'm Max if anybody was gonna throw 35 that you could do the properly personnel but. Yeah and not just sort have to wait and see what kind of reports that we get so what's his health like the rest of this week and then what are the limitations on the next start. Kind of stunk and when I'm with you. While Yeltsin talked about you know the the work that went into getting him to that point last night in making only his second start really since the end of July. Obviously we've we put a lot of work lesson we've. Lot of times people delicious dish it out for awhile and come back and start throwing good there's a lot of work by a lot of people that women in this war. Obviously trying to stuff. One other way and what about the go to Germany given back out there and we'll players most of us picked him up when I was it was a way you know still winning games and people picking on my end of the slackened. What's what is here sitting in here watching these games when you're winning some memories of sitting and don't know what to someone else do your job but. My guess pick me up their lows. Appreciative of that. So the group that are the team rolls on it takes a village naked eye that does fail but it up in the regular season could take a village but in the outpost season it would take one over the will be announced there. Giant among men regularly area and how it out to be it's gonna have to be Chris Sale in the playoffs and even when David Price coming on strong you say are great. Pair those guys together like that could be an advantage you have over other teams because the teams are going to be facing Houston and Cleveland. Yet they get pretty good rotation still like they can match up would view in fact one through three there. So I mean he is as important as the jets are so here's the question as I look at the at the numbers here right now love numbers strikeouts per nine inning the American League leader is Chris Sale. War for pitchers Chris Sale Watson hits per innings he managed war I've. I'm just giving her now you're there for Africa Watson hits whip. Is Chris Sale or earned run average earned earned run average Satan English dale ERA GAAP Chris Sale the hits per nine innings Chris Sale. I guess the question here is if he leads an all of these categories as he does. Is he still a candidate to win the Cy Young because of the time that he's missed candidate. Yes he won't win it that's my prediction won't win it because I haven't heard too stats that you Chris two stats that you mentioned there. RD did not mention. One is not nearly as important as it used to be but I'd be wins where has is lower and personal guys but what about innings pitched. I think that's what's gonna come down to because normally Cy Young winners pitch 200 innings that's fair to say every 200 plus innings though I would say it is including herself from a year ago. He has you know Trevor Bauer was on the DL for all for a long time. He has more yet one more start. And nineteen more innings then too big for sale does go Blake snell who doesn't always go super deepening games he has more innings pitched. Verlander. Clue over these guys have significantly. More. Innings pitched so soon the next two starts look like if you are rays have made it ERA eye popping in the American League ME RA on Dirk too by the way he's still third in strikeouts despite all the time that he's missed. That's pretty amazed at where he's at strikeouts per nine he's about Gary and oh yes strikeouts Verlander leads with 258. Sale has 221 he's third but if Verlander so broad as a good case if he had that real slump during the year. But even still he is a 272 ERA. But he is a 195. Innings but at some point budget to reward the guy that has more innings. So I don't think he wins but real maybe his last start of the year he goes but even then so this looks weird about it it's obvious three starts potentially left. So then next start you're gonna throw for 5063. Innings rank for for them somewhere in there ballpark yeah the start after that. May be is when you say alright yup get after it. The the last start of the season. Honored by the panel the day isn't everything you're gonna trolley line it up so he he pitches. Game one of the playoffs so that when your product and get much out of you only have one more start where he really goes after. Sides think and you'll be tricky Pernod in the slams by now but the numbers are 6177797937. Is telephone number Seth is in Boston hey Seth. You guys they don't don't. So well he you know I think yet they perform at the kind of irrelevant. So many reasons I mean if that's where our real or real PLC and and certainly a lot early in the season he'd ever rehab start and has stressed. It and you know I don't you got an ever present when he didn't on the White Sox let that he's pretty fiery competitor. And a pretty gross understatement right. Yet the busters that they Ali you go but to say it's irrelevant I got I just grew that because aren't even though the rehab start you're talking about aren't September 11 and he asked the throw a rehab start like clearly he's not ready to go yet. Let's let's rewind the clock last year break and then they are okay Chris Sale it was he was having an Pedro Martinez 1999 season. And then he hit a wall yet he had a brick wall so hard that he could barely into September and we and you would you I was in October. But he got the senator strikeouts without excitement well OK so you wanna ring. I was being sarcastic and I got a guy all right we're market are hello hello hello I'm working on radio motifs the dilemma. I. And so I did it's it's very very obvious given you know this astronomical win total that the red carpet piling to piling up at all season. That day. They impose that deals sent on Chris Sale because it's. The only way to prevent. Chris Sale from blown it on my what did you you know I'm not saying that there's nothing wrong with them but I mean you just get you on rattling out on the stat. You know I don't think this guidance will get a cut suddenly ripped. There's something like that I mean it's pretty clear that this has been the plan you know it was probably a pretty complex out of our. As many innings got this many wins if that's not there yet. On the DL then. And the beast that we that we sort of balance that number just like report the arena. And we'll be when he strong and he'll have all the adrenaline and I'm not saying it's at that data completely irrelevant to the complete game and air the F. I am. I I don't think that Chris Hill is is the chief concern on this team. I will say this Dave Dombrowski told us at at the Jimmy Fund radio telethon that if they were in the middle of Big Ten and chasers sump and sale may well be out there throw and read I don't deny any any dividend. I finished for his returns later right and and I do think they have taken an abundance of caution because their record has allowed them to do this to be extra careful. I mean. I don't know if there has to be any tough discussions within about you know when he Sam while. I'm I'm throttle way to Cy Young award if I'm not out there and in San and it's not a war I don't think this and I I can't get on border of this was the plan all along because don't know I just think that that's what they're they're allowed to be more careful now and be more careful but you don't have a missing Yankee star a couple of months ago when it was actually a little or month ago and it was. Even when it was a little bit closer than it is now he wouldn't have missed that game. And they need to bring them back firstar and then put him back on the DL like that acting right pokes holes in the theory of all they're they're just resting on. Like the other definitely trying to make sure he's still ready to go any and he's healthy enough and has pulled laughter however I wanna say it come playoff time. But I don't think is is is granted spears yet I do think there are some that up with a shoulder died and I think there is I don't think it's major I I think that you know. They've because they've got such a big lead they're able to say you know what let's just be a 1000% sure. One just throw 26 pitches tonight that's all I need from yet note. Do your work between now and your next hour let's see where you where things stand I want you feeling great when we get to the post season and I think that's what they're trying to do it. Yeah she's on to a cease. Daily fees on Sports Radio go. Okay. We have ever mention game now. We know we weren't great decision to win the division and then tuned to accomplish those things look. Credit to them I just told them until you also group I'm very proud of them regardless of what's going on around us the winning streaks losing streaks. Now we do we stayed together and there and they've been very consistent. As far as showing number regain them prepare for the game and and planes and lumbered. Kind of a subdued I like a little bit subdued yeah celebration. Stephen Wright we've got a picture. Is this like his it's like you know the Pittsburgh Steelers. Doing live video. Post game locker. While. Steve a lot of Stephen Wright weeded out of picture of just. Everybody holding their last up in the air and just you know it's a little toast classy very cluttered shipment might have a glass they were guided but the ski goggles no it was a very goggles looking a little dish it out front of the locker lately it would division and if you do on a win I think you don't know. But just making the playoffs like that's not Nash. Fester with the kind of season there. Or are having now real quick where I am a Chris Sale and is what is Cy Young hopes may or may not be silly leads the league in a lot of categories still even with just. A couple of starts over the last month and a half. Yet a 147. Innings pitched right now and we think he probably has three starts left. And wanted to be Ratul responded pretty limited in. So I don't know how many innings your era probably looking at light. 1516. Innings the rest of the season yes army he might be at like 160. Mighty man and the sea of so the last starter to win the Cy Young under 200 innings. Was actually not that long those 2014 Clayton Kershaw but it won 98 point and at third like that's roundup that's 200. Then you gonna go back a long ways for a starter under 200 innings 1994. David Cone. About those of the strike it wasn't a sign of the inflatable season still take that one that you gotta you gotta prone to learning that that's is the way it goes. So. I I think he's just working out warm but the areas under two we sort of a lot of votes that's for sure 6177797937. Fred's in Maryland hate Brett. Hi how are you guys today ever break what's going. Well I got some real thoughts about all this you know we've got all these starting pitching is getting paid millions of dollars in our league pitchers haven't been done extremely well lit up all Michael Stephen Wright and raise their hand and in an unarmed close error and you know periodically that or go to outs he got enough to win 99 games. But my thoughts are on these guys and getting paid all these follows what are. They took pork salad the other night when he pitched five point two thirds Lebanon including leading 522. And that relief pitches give up runs that tied the game right now I can why can't they pitch more innings started. Chips. And I think their baby yeah baby and and their youth they got soreness pull on the I'm working almost radio sarcasm font here frets read here here's here's the deal that OK that is. You just in a way sort of hinted at a that you didn't realize he did. They've got millions of dollars invested in these pitchers they wanna make sure that they can get millions of dollars worth of years out of them. And they wanna make sure that they keep them healthy. That's at night. They got to keep me healthy. Yeah well that's what would let years ago when they will pay Armani. Did know they weren't paying anywhere near the same amount of money and pitcher when hunters were different back aren't dramatic and Megan. Dollar payout would be paying needs right now that's right. I think the idea what do you do we now it's tough these guys up you know Gaylord Perry threw a lot. Jim Palmer catfish honored. He's got a girl that I really classic. And they are out now or almost a lot more on our investment Fred I'm with you but unfortunately the change right now he's got the ball or wherever they slot just might well what I like. Literally I was off I think Fred suggests that they were soft well they are you suggested they're making millions and millions of dollars should throw more innings which is a dumb practically hit the then all I'd have to do was pay you a whole bunch of money yeah and you'd be able to throw more innings right nobody has any doing that I think it's it's how they are like all of a sudden I don't know what year was but it was a hundred pitches. That's the line to throw broader picture is all arms or a falloff. It's just it's highlighted Sony rose if you want an exit what was funny he was that. The other the architect of the modern bowl and played do you want. But there's no this is the sort of saddled debit like the old Dick Raddatz argument on the radio especially it back in the day yes yes Fred. Players were different back then you know Dick gratitude for all four innings today front and then ultimately prevalent. They don't do that anymore and they're not going back to 1968 Denny McClain went 31 at six through 336. Innings layered L. Great year for him herein are too. Won the MVP to boot these guys that just the idea do the year after. On the site and again pity ya 325 minutes. At any god I'd I'd let that ship has sailed yeah I don't know what it is and it could you wish it did and it would be true I would state throw more innings while they're not going to. Yeah I don't know I mean insists. It's how these pictures are sort of developed now it starts that he at a young age in May just. They don't have it in a billionaire what's right look at the other big difference here is obviously. People are throwing the ball harder way harder than they did back in that department armies how many kids are getting Tommy John surgery in high school now both on college and you know it's almost like in the pros. They almost want you to get Tommy John surgery command illness a year makes it even better when I come back at the kid from rookie of the year you're better. Well maybe that everybody that he pitched the majors and high level. 6177797937. Scots in Easton Scott I don't. They would that is not. I know a couple thoughts. The couple different things that you have to talk about. I played pro ball in Europe and Turkey skirt the sooners. And I had Tommy John twice. And I agree that a soccer there's got this pro baseball Turkey. Yemen and it was nice while. I don't know about proteins are there in Turkey on no well I mean. What you say out. The best get on the scene and you know out of pretty decent and college but wolf the name of your team. So it Istanbul. Ottoman. And sort things out you don't. I I played out there and I treat out of pitchers are a little bit soft now I had Tommy John slice. But. Still I mean if you look at. Any type of pitcher I mean. He can chalk it you know must and we grew up in DC. And on the huge now stand as well talk but sir yes Stephen Strasburg they tried to shut him down and you know you look at what happens what every you guys you know like both party to. You know. Put on 1530 day DL with elbow strain that automatic Tommy John I mean I got a call that years ago I mean document to Sarah yet Jackie. What eclipsing the Yankees to all rob yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Splitter and right you have your thing that happens is Tommy John so there you know I think. And especially with a shoulder which shoulders a little bit different than an elbow I mean yes you talked about. Come back on John and yet they try to push it on you but. It really just talk to get back some but. You know sale right now shoulder that's you know same thing with Pedro went out agers back nines now as soon as the shorter it's. You know you see a decline in not just block the every time out that some are yeah I'm not mean they'll maybe got sick yet. So. This is that's unfair to question Gloria what's the most cities in Tommy John Everett threw a season. Probably not that meant 276. And a third back in 1979 with the Yankees in the that's 11 game winners and all star. And he finished we'll see. Those computers. You hit it received votes with the idea. That John had a nice career through over Tories have blanch at the pilot time. Senator casino while you were licking that up during an on call I kind of spaced out there I was trying to look up professional baseball in Turkey. Good luck finding any here plays her of the assembled team at trial a canal and up to is that an honest and ball Ottoman you know to get a lot of images of what Ottoman just a at which again and beat you use on like a little I don't know if Paul Ehrlich saying I I'm really hope not sir it is totally know also that. Blow up everything is wickedly you knew was gonna happen if that if you. Onto the next part but export turn back it's like a side daylight it is like on your computer reflects on the keys look at something over there keeps looking at some this has died out we've just got to plot was trying to find something about professional baseball and Turkey there is a national team in Turkey. National baseball team and beyond that no evidence and be any leagues. Yet that you have problems with violence.