Dale & Keefe - Why Doug Marrone hasn’t watched a Super Bowl in years; Peter King joins to show; Sean McVay is the smartest man in football

Dale and Keefe
Thursday, September 13th
Hour 2: Gronk was asked at a press conference if Ramsey’s trash talk motivates him and he sounded torn between giving a Patriots answer and a real answer, saying it does and it doesn’t. Peter King joins the show and picks Jacksonville to beat the Patriots on Sunday. Also, Sean McVay is the smartest man in football.

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Our coverage to barely keep Sports Radio WEEI Peter King joins us at the bottom of the hour. I was gonna kind of mentioned little football here as we kick things off we'll get back to the calls in a moment here as well. I was a little bit surprised tiny bit surprised that the patriots open up as a favorite. In Jacksonville this week and now small it's one and one half but what that means is that if they were playing here the patriots will be a four and a half point favorite right right. Yeah I guess so I guess they they're down like portals perhaps. Is the pitchers were good but didn't we talk about the slot on Monday. That Texans into Shawn Watson looks rusty didn't look right it yet as a seven point game. And others of fumbled punt back has swayed right those things happen. And so even though it felt like the patriots had full control of the game. The Texans had the ball down seven and the games that of a lot closer than that would have been but I guess. Don't Vegas not buying in yet on the Jacksonville Jaguars have a great defense but. Their best offensive player is probably not gonna play this game you know and and Leonard four and that Blake portals is Blake portals. You know mark easily went down the pre season so that the jaguars offense is pretty pour all the other thing to keep in mind here is I would say Leonard four and that is a real question mark. Didn't practice yesterday. Not practicing today he's got a hamstring injury. Odd they're gonna test the hamstring tomorrow. And he worries that bad and sound good for Sunday and he's a huge part of their offense. So if if the biggest odds makers are not necessarily buying into the Jacksonville Jaguars yet. There's somebody a little closer to home was also not buying into the Jacksonville Jaguars yet that would be Tedy Bruschi card which had taken his game four. Well goes governor helped government. I really marketable to a bad. Blake Bordeaux I've seen already games where he dropped back to pass he looked at its first read of any takes off. And I think that it would be that was referenced in earlier in this week where. You know it is sort of a shot Watson like Cam Newton like liquid in those couple big scrambling quarterbacks. When he knows he's in the game I've seen them where that's not fair and I'm just going to run because I'm big about fashion really. Sometimes he's a better runner that he is a thrower in my opinion. So to move the chains that way to get can't living yards I think if they prevent that. They're going to be fine because afford it has that hamstring injury and he's not fair. Their play action gave it an effective force that is you know if he can please do this week to that effect Aaron Rodgers. Injury and have a letter for an extra twinge of the hamstring. And one little burst in one quick little burst that you get tested one more time now tackle Jake three weeks. Four weeks and you really don't want that to happen. He goes so. Jackson they'll let me beta well last week so they I don't know what their ticket would be but as long as the patriots until the gronkowski thing's huge offensively but. I mean I still think. Like you said they put those corners on those wide receivers outside and then they put everybody else some gronkowski and and Brady's that are critical aspects like you said so. Jacksonville Jaguars have a solid team don't get me wrong but I think the patriots would have to wait. Out there I when he's. I mean. I don't know I mean he's right up oral oral socks where he would say a straight up but he saw expo here Anthony's say quarterback I think the router that is a past that it's not a great things that's what he's not. A Michael Vick likely get something like there was a much better runner than he was pass like he was such in the league right honor that made him such a dynamic player at least for a handful season's worth portals. So Jacksonville beat the giants last Sunday twenty to fifteen. Portals finished the game he had four. Kerry's I guess one call that for 42 yards but he at 41 of them on one play at one huge run in the game. Everything else that was about it. Then time of a dink and dunk attack they also. Sort of the Fed portal they don't have great receivers you know Q and coal. Had the most yards DD Westbrook had the most catches but it's not a great group of skilled guys especially if you tick borne that out is TJ yelled and I don't think is is very good. But isn't Jacksonville's defense even better than Houston's defense. Their defense is good. It's not a leaked. Oh I disagree has I don't know I think and and and I've read other things about this this week about about people saying look they're good they're good defense opt out their linebackers are really good. Linebackers are really good a second there's really. I mean Jim Ramsey is awesome and a table so like Ted he's too worried about jail Ron Ramsey about it's not mean I I think he's great at the years ago he backs up what he says I think he's yeah he's that good. India might be the best linebacker group they got guys that quickly if Campbell can get after the quarterback. I think especially for 2008 team where it's all about scored points in all the rules are in place for the offense I think this is as a lead at the defense is gonna fine. I think this is the bat I think Houston has a good defense specially their fraud. I think this is going to be the best defense the patriots face all season long the patriots do have an issue. And we didn't know about this until yesterday when the first injury report came out. Rex Burkhead. As a concussion yanks. All of us had it in Kenya on barter probably gonna play this weekend. Yeah I mean so you'll lose Jeremy hill where I mean beyond being I think it was going to be a punt returner and a book that I mean concerning Michelle. Who knows that he's going to be right ago. And Birkhead. Missed practice on Wednesday with a concussion so who knows that that is. They have no idea what's there have been injured four again later today but I I can't imagine. There are in Russia got back from from that they can't. Seeing James White and how many carries can even give teams way. So yeah everything on Varner. You figures cross than sorry Michelle but the depth chart there running back is very at the beginning of the season and you know that they get ridiculously you know he's a very good. They picked up by the cesium fumble through it yesterday at the Pope. But that's got to get one moment now you're kind of grasping at straws they've been right now to add another guy before the week is out depending on how bad the the perk that concussion I have a feeling and we bomb we won't pick the games till tomorrow. I'd like I started before the season started I said it was actually the possibility the patriots could start a win to. And when mountain had their way to use studies phrase. Had their way with the Houston Texans Teddy things they could have their way with the Jacksonville Jaguars and all of a sudden you're on. If if if big if they've run through those two they're too when all together probably the two best teams. Well Kansas City looks pretty good and in the homes could be a difference maker and and are the Steelers I guess are kind of 00 wild cards though the point in the day they tied. The browns but you make your case that Houston and Jacksonville two of the best teams in the AFC outside the patriots now. Houston is going to be a lot better. The JJ watt a bigger get healthier and they're gonna look more like they normally do so weak one maybe was the best time to catch them. But Jacksonville. Let's not forget how close the AFC championship game was last year. A player to hear they're and it's it's Blake freaky morals and the jaguars corner of the Super Bowl so. Very good team they IR I think the loss of one net if that's what happened is huge for Jackson I think Jacksonville's more of those teams that is is probably a contender but they have the worst. Quarterback for all the teams that might be able to win it. He's just terrible at any given more money and more years I don't I don't get an accredited they're tied to him forever and UB he'd better he better find a way to become better I don't know because I don't hurt well two undefeated he doesn't I. Don't you think that's kind of the way it's gonna go I mean yes I do that means. Two years ago we had Trent Dilfer on there is the worst quarterback in the league. Now that I'd be overstating it it appeared as though in the league but this is year five. For Blake portals. Think you just. Heading into year five or maybe he needs to go to a team with a better coordinator Rory a coordinator goes to Jackson elect and help them out. But I think this is what is this is this is what we've seen from wave portals that does best quarterback rating year ever with 88 point two. It again in today's NFL that states. Andy only opened up the season just sort of mansion and Doug Ross and the same thing is like you guys that know when games are asked him do anything else win. In a parent that's in other quarterbacks do you believe that dug around doesn't watch super ball. I'm he'd be the only person that was the big thing yesterday he doesn't watch Super Bowl could hurt some remarks artists there didn't do and I want to miss another last year are gone and somebody you know and watched the super bull bug -- and one of the media guys that while. You know the way the Eagles went after the patriots in the Super Bowl wouldn't chew wanna watch that film and and you don't get some some mighty diet drug dubbed the coordinators a watch party to him he's not gonna watch the bit take. Of the patriots Eagles Super Bowl. If South Africa apps like a little hot to lose their failure -- lots of an urge to watch that's about team should be you know I guess. You gotta get over it got to want to meet me you would hope you. About Sunday's game you know just the thought dot it's thing if you're the patriots let's say in you don't wanna go back every watch out the Eagles and the coaches probably do they have to for tape but you don't really want to. But again they weren't involved and yet you got to get over it is but you can get especially if you pick ups and yet found a way to beat that team and you didn't. Wants her to throw pass the plate portals that are on the jacks and a special hour of a very late I just care about her own dog. Yeah he seems like a clock I spoke at the hole dug our own thing where buffalo. Crap some from Syracuse that's football factories there and it's like hey you're here with us now and that for two years he's like I'm leaving here exhibit can opt out and make your head coaching FL he left to be the old line coach in Jacksonville. In yet I guess he got the last laugh is now he's he's the head coach. Bill Belichick speaks glowingly about miles Jack he's really good he's all at you know one of the best linebackers. But right. Can I just say maybe mild teeny little perspective or from a says the mile says this is the biggest game of his life. In fact he goes so far as to say this is the biggest week of his life. While I like living in the now and that's that miles Jack is doing he's not gonna look back at years ago this is. The biggest opportunity for him this is that this is that Tenet playing the patriots I'd a lot of guys feel this way. Hello miles actually you know what miles Jack miles maybe should've thought that way last year he's probably the best running a charity championship and while that was the that's the path look at that now passes that. I bet miles jacks the best running back on the jaguars. Every UCLA when that they've given the ball he was he was incredible. He's that he's definitely better than TJ yelled at. With Ford that's certainly should probably haven't label plays alarm if football had a gut which centerpiece entitlement. Patrick Peterson yet he can do a little bit. Charles Woodson miles Jack was on a strip the ball out in the championship to us jet right down scientists who knows. He's got a limited the most athletic on the field on non on Sunday. So they'll go to jail Ramsey went by about two miles Jack so why does Vegas thing the patriots. Are road favorites. Portals that's on her to think of right Eddie good reason well portals portal that and Maroney have Maroney and that are wrong let's let's match up the coaches here let's see I'd be I'd. It's probably a combination of late portals and wondered format players wondered for the prolific letter for a soccer play. So who has the best offensive player on the jaguars. Like that along with that might be your answer right there. The best offensive guides our horse playing defense so they don't have anybody that year there are terrified of he'll Cole I am curious though on the flip side what do you think they do we've wrong. Do you think we get some jail Ramsey on Barack. I hope so I think Ron Culp cell. Oh yeah they were treading gold drunk and talking about it yesterday he had one of those podium sessions yesterday. And and I don't know who wise I I couldn't tell who was asking the question but asked wrong about Jalen Ramsey in the stock that he says that. Preparing my best prepared. I guess just do my job I'm feeling just worry about that so movement. I mean. Mean. Sure I mean there's always motivation you're looking for a name. It doesn't. So that you're hearing there. If it doesn't give you an answer to that. That's sort trick question you trying to say so there. It doesn't doesn't you know I mean. Yet does that mean it motivates you hear and that you know obviously there's there's something out there that he's film stuff that probably about it. At full book in some categories mean. In all of its few bestsellers. In it now on the field so. That's you. It all means please god put Jalen Ramsey on ground there's so much good stuff and that first of all I think he short circuited. Because back question put him into a box you know what to do of these that was the patriots answer with the patriots since what page is that they're. And then he did and how did this motivate you said yes and no. And kick people. Can't promote it motivates you it's fine to say that motivates you is that I don't wanna give them credit for even me knowing about it are you thinking about brow as he heard about it I'm obviously pissed about it. And if he makes the play over jailed Ramsey do you think he's got to tell Ramsey about it off you can throw a touchdown on his schedule extra despite. He knows all about it and it does motivate him but he is his mind like pride is that waited. Yes now a cot yeah you're you're you're you get. I don't think you got and then at the end I love the line or is that. Obviously it Ramsey saw something where are the only things that could be better football. All of that like first or I don't think you could drop could be a lot better football. Think he's going to be loud as good as anybody who's ever played that is right when he's healthy which has nothing to do was really just being good at football and make it's it's importantly it's a little bit out of his control. He's as good as it gets. Yeah I hope they are messed up and could be that's the best way for Jackson will slow down Paul then the question would become you know would wrong place at a penalty or something. Oh toughly during the game on the field mean. You know as the talking going back for. Tempers heated up and he's got to keep your cool and I mean I don't see any benefit. To get fifteen pound them is this you lose your cool. And so just keep her cool and keep your pastor. Keep your cool. Let's throw the slogan for the sweet and they keep your cool but especially against that guy anyway Al yeah but that's that's Jacksonville's only chance because I don't think portals. Is no light at the Patriots defense records for a lot of points especially without it formats not playing although it may be somewhat similar now they don't have a younger Hopkins obviously. But in injured. Or not quite ready to play to Shawn Watson probably looks slightly portals will the Sunday. Like his Watson's in his throne that passes he was kind of slow down as they didn't look all that sharp so you're probably get an a similar quarterback performance. But then they're not younger Hopkins on the other side. And if Ford had can't go there may not even be a Lamar Miller on the other side so I look at it if you're comparing it to last week's game. Jackson has the better defense but they probably have a slightly worse off its that he put all that together that's probably while the patriots are still the favorite even into Jackson. I have a feeling most of that patriots road favorite thing is all for an. Could be I think it's the you know if Leonard four net is there may be Jacksonville's point point I have favorite. Yeah I think could be clawed its probably about as India to pick him anyway so this is this pretty close plus. You know the patriots. They're probably we've we've done this before. Their favorites of almost every single game. Almost always fail they almost always a market based on their underdog you know that a reason to bet on the patriots is. They went 1213 games every year so you might you might as well just pick them nonstop specially the line is is very close. But now I am I'm intrigue there's a lot of things look at in the game whether it's the patriots running backs who's he been healthy this perk had eighteen carries. Last week and reception is every it was a lose all over the place if you take him out of the game. He was parked at the guy. That that Houston player hit when Houston player got the concussion as well. All of Nam was he when Kevin Johnson yes flying is that without question with I don't work wise because I wonder bald guys ended up. And discussion on that play Johnson was the 10 yeah KO punch. But I talking about like four to six weeks for him or he just didn't look right he was like knocked out cold. Yells at a concussion earlier in the week. And John John and it yeah played like he did. It was officer anyway we can find out if if it was Birkhead that he hit because it was them. Helmet to helmet thing on shirts on the Internet somewhere over on via contract with them. On the patriots sideline if I remember right. And I'm wondering if if you know when we look back to Birkhead if if that was what did it in it was coral Paterson allies that Carol Paterson in a now watch him again not a guy now he's out. So. Yeah but I need it that's what they and at the pin spot and we're wondering you know who can get the most. Carries on the team in the would they would they wanna try to Ron against this team they may not want Iran against the jaguars anyway. You know might be a lot of teams wait catch now the back field regardless it even if even Perkins without the although that isn't the guy for them to produce they're out to make some some two weeks. F five TK go to such a big part after missing really all pre season that he comes in there we wanted to use them Tom we have seen Tom Brady collapse people. Who talk we and we've seen him do it before I would not go after June and why would two wrong. All I hate it if Jalen Ramsey is one on one against drunk. I promise you Brady's look now. Oil Derrick brought about a one dollar and saying it yeah yeah match up he's gonna say are right I kind of like the guy who 67. I don't know of reds also. I would not go after Ramsey because that means somebody's gonna be open or somebody's got a better matchup. Because I've a feeling you're not concede a lot of Ramsey on ground. Probably not I guess it depends on where rock lines up but where is. So if Ramsey guards the number one receiver and I guess last week we're talking atomic turn yesterday. You know it's giants. He was lined up opposite side of the field is O'Dell Beckham last week but they also ran a lot of zone and so wasn't all on Ramsey when when Beckham had a pretty good afternoon. But let's just say he is guarding the number one receiver who the hell is that for the patriots. We've all been. After the waste for managers and you know yeah probably at MIT. But I think if you're Jacksonville as they are Ramsey you take out Hogan Hogan took himself out last week and they don't want it no problem right leg. Yeah like if Hoch has one catch her five catches eight catches. What's the difference at the office of the is so good deals score a lot of points it's not really reliant. On Hogan may be put on door set the horse that was more of part of the offense last week. But I think even rock lines up as a tight and the workers you know were tied tied in from a lineup. I would try from Jacksonville to put Ramsey on him a till that fails events Eric. Miles Jack my dad safeties let's get somebody else involved there but. Because he is as an eight mile Jana has a better yet either of them better option out for Jacksonville. I mean one on one is not a good option anyway for anybody but I just think that if if I'm Jacksonville and I'm looking at OK what do I do with ground. I feel much better about miles Jack on and but I do with with Jalen rams aren't just from a size persona favorite those two guys right there you release have a conversation most teams Kenny would present anybody that makes cents a wrong purses who you like to take rock every time and that's why teams. Should do two players minimum minimum on prop. Think about some of the big catch is that he had last week that you know they go to him not just the touchdown but. So many just drive setting plays or a third downplays. If you're able to limit him then I don't know if the offices and go and look nearly as. 6177797937. We'll talk Peter King coming up just few minutes we'll get back to your calls as well new own thirty but. 65 minutes from now work and sneak it on new there to thirty it's very all of that still to come Peter King coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. It is time for our regular weekly visit with Peter King football morning in America if you wanna. Get official about the whole thing he'll take me a little while to not say the other four letters that I was set after Peter Peter joins us right now good morning Peter Dario. Barring dale aria. Don't great thank you. It it looks as though the only NFL city that might have any weather issues this weekend would be Atlanta Carolinas at Atlanta. I think they probably feel at this point that the are remnants of the hurricane will be gone by then don't back. That anybody in the NFL as too worried about it I mean it's. That. This thing is just gonna have demolished parts of the the southeast coast apparently. And and I mean I've been reading the last player to what college football games are gonna be blatantly NFL be effected. Kinda weird but that that is our world there and it sounds like everything in the NFL gonna go off is scheduled. Peter it was a brutal start for Matt Patricia and the lions on the field but it also sounds like off the field he has all kinds of issues would that team right now as well. It's a funny thing it reminds me just a little bit of what happened early on to Josh McDaniels in Denver. That even though they got off to a good start in his first year. There was this undercurrent. Some people on the team were unhappy with them. Not not hugely unhappy and obviously the you know he had his greens in Marshall had eagerly and all that. But I I think this thing I'll never forget this. But a we have those are Peter we look we lost their first second and. When Bill Parcells had his trouble theory early on the New York Giants. The one thing every member that was that is like. The first year I was there he is felonies story. About what winning a Super Bowl actually do it for him. And rule the one thing he said was when you have helped on the wall they got to listen to see you. And so I think that it's the case would just from being killed in Denver. And probably was the case with a every Bill Belichick assistants including Matt Patricia now. That you just can't come in unilaterally say this is the way we're gonna do things. You've got to. We abided to figure this out and put him pop them on hold them to see what's going on here is that where we're getting like every. Every thirty seconds for a drop from there. But we'll try to figure that out I think that because we're talking about the coaching tree yesterday Della that's. That would be where you start is both second do things a certain way because he's Bill Belichick because he is all these rings these other guys who have their that Al's on the staff. Blots. What you know their like you didn't do it your your coordinator or your assistant coach so. It's a whole lot different Josh McDaniels about Patricia go in there and start trying to from a waiter always always said this in the past that you know Matt the Matt Patricia may be the defensive coordinator but it's bill Belichick's defense tonight. Don't always get the Josh McDaniels is accredited mean Josh McDaniels is the offensive coordinator buddy it's bill Belichick's office is Tom Brady and Paula ended its case all by the way that guy you know it's and it's Tom Brady fell. It's it's been tough for any of those guys to go out on their own but. It was really it seems like it's everything for Patricia you know let's we'll see if we can reconnect your right Peter sorry where we will just have an issues of your phone dropping out. Yeah my my. Mine my apologies the one thing I've ever seen is that looking. We knew we knew coming in at a coach from a great coaches staffs. You know it's great people say hey that's really cool we got this guy who's been around Belichick it's wonderful but at the end of the day. I'm not mean it doesn't matter it matters but is it that big deal now what Thabeet Il is establishing your own way. At which aren't sure Matt Patricia is doing right now and it's probably eight proper way then the lions were used to wonder Jim Caldwell. I remember that there would be in their training camp guys. The the Google lions. Had to. Seen periods where you know often goes against defense. And and it if you know I'm under I'm doing this from memories remember the sack numbers when it was like the first five snaps with the first one. Were all running. Police three of them quite that your blog. And and then the next one what they running dominated period. And it's like that retreat she is saying it is scheme I don't care what you think. Think we do best and obviously our passing game are strong and we will run the ball. We will have a dominant personality on offense. And it was it was and it was an absolute debacle in that first game. You know what yen historically they can't earn an ignorant again and so. I would expect that Matt had to spend a good deal of this week. Panic cleaning that up. We've waited with some of the so you know the little internal quarreled for at least seemed to be having. You get two players who will not practice today who were really crucial to their team's success. One is Aaron Rodgers for the Green Bay Packers won as Leonard four and at the Jacksonville Jaguars. In formats case they're gonna test the hamstring tomorrow in Rogers Casey's he's playing with a it's hard for me to picture either guy playing this weekend as it. I mean look if they play I think particularly indicate that format. I think it for a minute play. He's not going to be big factor at all. Because I I think that I think that what she saw last weekend. Is that TK EL. You know is an adequate to good back cut back and he would probably get the majority of the carries this weekend. Well it's hard Rodgers goes. Look I mean you know that was his adrenaline talking when he went to show the boy after the game that set on playing next week. But I think anybody who's watched the Packers in recent years would say. Especially with the vikings coming to town Aaron Rodgers doesn't play this weekend I. I don't see any way I I I almost think it's more possible for Cleveland to go to the warlords in that game this weekend. Then it's for Green Bay to beat Minnesota with Sean Kaiser playing quarterback so. You know again if the doctor tells Mike McCarthy. And and Mike McCarthy had a great relationship with the Yorker piece aircrack. And seek. And it it new Yorker Peters says look we think he can protect themselves. Will break them up and all that I would not be surprised if the Packers play Aaron Rodgers and everything. Is get out quick and and mark eighty Lewis and the tight end group because. I think I just don't see any way they they they compete well in that game with a shock. Patriots are in Jacksonville on Sunday do you think this jaguars defense is the best that the passel face all season. A great question I think at I think it probably. Especially now because. Jaguars defense is so healthy and with the exception of the play where he got me out of issues like say on Berkeley which. I have a feeling that's not the last time that's gonna happen with Barkley might look at is really coming into his own. As a middle of the defense quarterback play maker. You know one that Sheen. And I also think that. That. That it's going to be better quarterback. For Tom Brady faced this week obviously with DA in. And and Jalen Ramsey so I yeah I think you're gonna be really big challenge for New England but I. I'll tell you that's when I was watching making last week and kept thinking to myself. You know just. It's so good at. Figuring out how old boy. Great players on another team's defense what would be it would JJ watt cool you know the box score and show three tackles knows facts. And say wow it JJ watt model only act JJ watt really good. But he never had a chance to make a play because you're actually being in Tom Brady didn't give that chance. Quick outs with the ball and also throwing away from his side most of the time. Jalen Ramsey talks a good game but he also plays a good game. I wonder how much dulled the Jacksonville coaching staff all wanna have Jalen Ramsey one on one against Rob Gronkowski based on the things that he said. Fantastic question that if I were if I were the jaguars this weekend. That's what I would do that is exactly what I would do dale. I would I would just say OK look we were eve pick he might catch a couple ball high. And he might catch a couple of ball downfield in physical rematch with me but I've been back on the battle wait for your four ball is slightly wrong. If I were them that's exactly what I would do now. You know the one weird thing about that is when you really change. What a guy does and how he plays in May be haven't banging around his middle of the field which obviously deeply over the tight end. It's going to be different than playing in the plain white outside. And get running with a guy you're you're gonna have to be concerned with being a physical player. In the middle of the field and get bounced around a lot a little bit but still. That's exactly what I would do art projects. Peter do you have any idea where Dez Bryant aligned Upton and when you'll go to that's the I know he's openly pitch to go to the patriots but there seems to be nothing on that. I mean when you pick Corey Coleman over Dez Bryant. And they eat you know you pick any traveler over desperate although. I'll tell you this I didn't pay any fireworks could be a really interest in addition Kurt guys come off the street week period last. I know that I remember Peyton Manning looked pretty trial. Smart guy at the ability to get open. Looks so we'll see again I don't I don't know he's on the street for a reason. But I thought. That. Because I'm sure Bill Belichick is not concerned. At all about. About Dez Bryant the personality. Because he's handled everything. In his career. Where he coached. I think the more apt. I think when you look at Dez Bryant right now I mean if you look at his last couple years and how equally and his numbers. I mean hey you know last year he was okay. But he was like twelve yard care a reception guy. He's turned into war or possession receiver. Later in his career he's not as explosive or use BP. And so you know I don't know to me I think. Yet Bryant is. A lot of sound and fury. And and and the fact that nobody picked them up I think there's something obviously. I do you like patriots at Jacksonville Sunday at 425. I'm gonna pick Jacksonville I think it's a game that they didn't they did. Angling for for a long time and I'm sure that. The play calling late in his game along we are dug around because clearly captured here about five calls. Late making you like to have back. I don't I mean after watch connecting the other that he. I just. Nothing will surprise in this game one piece it won't. Surprise if the patriots went right to touch him I just think right now the Jacksonville defense present an awful lot of problems for going. Here we always appreciate time we'll talk to next week. Out senior editor Peter King football morning in America. That's where the old and in QB column is right now it's at QB is now Albert Briere apparently he's the big star and now about the passing the torch so to speak with 6177797937. Its telephone number. I text minus 37937. It's dale and keep Sports Radio WE yeah. I. I. You like Patriot Act Jacksonville Sunday when he five. I'm Rick picked Jacksonville I think it's a game that they didn't they've been. Angry or for a long time and I'm sure it. The play calling lead in this game alone ought. Does Iran because clearly captured or about five calls late in the game you like to have back. But I just think right now the projected to be prepared for an awful lot of problems are doing it. Peter King picks Jacksonville in Sunday's game in Jacksonville between the patriots in the jaguars. It would be hard for me to pick Jacksonville and and their defense is really good they're they're great and they're not saying I always say it's great it's great our defense is there great defense yeah liking things that greatly is that refers to them also faced this year. It's hard for me get over the double dip that the jaguars offer. A dog around Blake portals like Beckham not Sam had hired not a crack combo you know you always think that that's an important part of any football team. Other head coach in that I don't know wartime accident that it's quite important I think the patriots have had that advantage and this is as big of an advantage is you can have. But it was the same it is dead last in the institute it's a game and that was an extremely close game and easily could have gone the other way. But going back to the world now watching this admirable to see the other white there's either way I don't believe that I think they all want it Syracuse he didn't watch either write it now within the last at a loss it was like twelve English twelve when he was betting on the game. That's a paraphrase everything is without adult money invested in the gala when I was twelve so when he was Syracuse the money you were watch out because he wasn't coaching and it. Syracuse get to let Ottawa we are we should be there instead we you know we just missed out on the humanitarian bowl but we should have been in the super bully you ought to that out of the strange guy. He's is a very. Very odd character but yeah like portals. It's just it's amazing that they would commit to him when the we're like hey Alex Smith or case keep them well don't think are great. Don't they give you a better shot at with that defense. Then keeping Blake portals like I don't know what the look with the outside public morals so you've got even to admiral over on the side okay I see him let's put Sean McNeal were on that side for a moment he likes so great allies launch on McFadden I mean I think he has in east that he's studied the coaching stuff he might be that the smartest young coach in the NFL he's the NFL's Bret Stephens. I that is a great and now let's put it is exactly what he has until Bleacher Report went to. Doolittle a little Q&A session with Sean McVeigh. Yes and they decided they were gonna put him to the task. I with a guy asking me questions as that's Chris in stand beside him right. Yeah I think so yeah I don't know without the questions either sell. One of the many reporters for Bleacher Report so don't that the premise he areas they're gonna find out about make mig base support supposedly. Has this encyclopedic. Memory. Or did targeting the wrong way dale dale is a broader I'm 65 minutes earlier you know he's played and it might be better week twelve. Saints at ramps. For 29 in the second quarter second and seven on the saint seven. What happens. Josh Reynolds touched down our schedule players a three man rush. You're absolutely are you kidding me here unbelievable they now we're gonna go to. This is Sean McVeigh's time in Washington. The Missouri get back to explain fifteen weeks seven. Bucks at skins at second and seven on the Tampa Bay 24. 58 seconds left in the fourth quarter accusing Carter we were out there on the right side of the CBC Crowder reroute Telerate sidelined some the first out of an how to that drive them two or three touchdown and what I want individual iso slant. And what I mean there what's that game. You liked that back after after. I don't you check out in the brain on showed amazing I don't. I mean I watched that video and I said come on is that disabled he has the answers I don't think they do not educated either conflict that's as one of those things that we're watching that magic on TV it was the person and on and are not the you don't really know but I think. Could you could see it as skating on the field. Shot McVeigh's Carroll looking down the other guys reading from a car got a card in front of ons I take it on the up and out and I guess one of the reasons why he is a guy. Who. Is able to make it work as a head coach who am I suggest admiral might not be able to do that. You don't hold on him as he looks like he's twelve feet and holed is for real I would guess like thirty to 32 years old. He's a Ding Ding Ding sank its ware appreciate it two years old so it's pretty it's 41. And yet I had a coat in the NFL who is in his second year as they head coach and yet bow and he's org on the short list of coaches that you want me Aggies a little bigger coaches for this season. Of the five coaches. Late that is incredible. And it's also funny a juxtaposition. If you will how shot McVeigh seems like an absolute. Genius well aren't photographic memory and then you have his quarterback chaired off. Who he's making it look very good they forever this hard knocks from the year ago yeah this is Chris Weinke talk you know backers like tiger. Say it's quarterbacks historically. Yeah we pretty Smart. In doing if I ask you. Some rice and Willis I'm asking you don't. As these as much or. Jeered off where the sun. Is incensed that he said he wasn't sure. I. He has no idea he doesn't know where the sun rises and sets the California sizzle just shot Mick bay is probably the genius behind not often that you let me Jared off pretty impressive body feels that make chaired goth look as good as he has almost it was a broader reroute Telerate sidelined some the first out of that how to drive them sort of very touched down. Or I wanted to go iso slant and what I mean there what's that game you like that. Now Peter King who was just all of us that we have rams patriots as deceitful and collectively to match at dowdy. I think that that you bet you'd have arguably one of the best coaches in the history of the game against in my opinion the best young coach in the game. This only I definitely think about the 71 year coaches this year in the NFL well managed to go only seven lastly that is the blog while the most of them. Notes we too here dale but I I would want Patsy Ramsey are delighted story lines other one would be if his Brady vs breeze near to forty year old quarterback's out pretty wild as well. Now but the rams. And they look good on Monday night. You know the mean they're going up against a bad raiders team but the rams. One of those teams that they are loaded you look at the guys that that defensively. Yet Sean McVeigh Poulter on offense. Breivik cooks who didn't love is is one year with the patriots but. More comp monarchy it's Todd Gurley is V guide there so that isn't really really good team. And it's crazy to me that a coach. But Sean McVeigh was 31. Shows up to the rams last year and immediately got the respect of the players that immediately a big part of it was. He hired the record Ayers to go with them feel good coordinators. And pull back team was success. That you go to Matt Patricia. Shows up to Detroit they are they hate the hate is that's already been there for a week they hate hate. And so. Just the difference of these guys in their first opportunity is as a head coach you have more of a drastic different than McVeigh in Patricia so we decided we think Sean McVeigh as a as a somewhat easy genius he's a football team I was early he's got a photographic memory. Every ball that might be somebody else on the rams who might not be quite as Smart perhaps. Beyond Jerryd off those ideas about Dunham maybe even. Dumber than that and that's coming up when we come back 6177797937. Daily key Sports Radio WB.