Dale & Keefe - Why Jimmy Garoppolo could have never been a career Patriot; Mut and Dale battle over Matthew Slater’s importance; Belichick praised Cordarrelle Patterson

Dale and Keefe
Monday, March 19th
Hour 2: Dale, Keefe, and Mut go over the Patriots’ free agency moves from over the weekend and discuss Matthew Slater’s current free agent status. One of those moves was a trade for Raiders WR Cordarrelle Patterson, who Belichick has praised in the past. The guys renew the Jimmy G argument.

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Yeah yeah. Power and opportunity daily key Sports Radio WEEI what is in the house with the today. The New England Patriots as is usually bill Belichick's. Method of operation. Kind of sat out that first day rush of free agency signings and then kind of swoop in. When that second wave in and did some deals made some moves. Things that surprised me though one was when I've read Matthew Slater was visiting the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yeah a bit like. In Troy Brown going to Pittsburgh Steelers or something I'll go do not compared foreground now obviously not only pleased that our team wise yes that is that teen guy and a talk about a player but for pricing and apparently the latest listen prevalent. I think the ways that it was that like Troy brown and it's a ploy Detroit you know not always not patriot it is not going to the pits isn't like that it's good luck ultimately lies sexual. Error patriot golf there. Oh no no no no no bad guys are all a nice play on all unmarked gonna make your idea of plotted to make it points seem more real area much. But like I can't you guys able to shut up. He's not a major role for right Matthew Slater right now well probably locked where reject. Yeah I don't think he's that but he's a guy who is sort of the senator of those locker room you know things that the in the game the was here because my guys out. All. I had. Yeah a little 380 when the team goes knots that's it you're not gonna have a back guy and I'd get your record guys don't want our he's I don't know Winfield is an important guest your show undertaken on others yes. I'm gonna react that way yet if someone wants the impairment he slated for brown he does me justice except that wasn't what I was doing. And it sort of yeah he did say and just like his work it out like that slice rally the ultimate patriot idea you know the guy who's who you think of the patriots Matthew Slater and think of the paper he's been a captain how many years now. Bonds hit an unlocked yeah I mean easy and it's a captain of this team for like seven great years in a row. Results were injured a lot recently yes they re signed Nate out there they re signed Brandon Bolden their resize and Brandon King traded for quarter a Paterson they'd got a lot of special team right now. Not at all I specialty humor if that's sort of seem like they're paving the way out of town forum is you say they yeah they acquire corner route Paterson. They supposedly shown interest in Buffalo Bill special team or our markets easily. According to the Houston Chronicle. Yeah its it's like okay they're they're getting the special team and they're looking at that's special team and old by the way their longtime special teams captain is down visiting the Pittsburgh Steelers for crime. But just how would this affect the team's locker room but I don't care how they cover parts. A bigger cover punts financiers cover kickoffs just take unions own you want to cows do you have sub point five. But this is the guy's been on the team since 2008. So he is than our longest tenured members of the patriots. He is a leader on the team he's a guy that's you know. I was only half joking about the stuff at the end of games he won the guys that talks in the locker room they all kind of look too so if you remove that I just how many changes. Are you gonna have the TV Boston goalie lost older he lost young Lewis lost Malcolm Butler. But Matthew Slater more than bigger voices I would say I don't really care at all about the on the field stuff of say more off the field and I I don't it's funny I don't care about the off the field stuff but they did with this team all they've they've got a lot of issues and all the tension going on wood and a guy like Matthew Slater beat could decide on the roster. I do. This where we get into where you think this stuff matters and I just can't I can't account for like it Matthew Slater missed a lot of time. They've won a lot of the games when he's not played writes we miss that as you said yes I gonna play double diamond games this year they still win a lot of games is in place on the field right they can definitely. Make do without Matthew Slater. Off the field now locker room they he was on the team this last year. And they had as much drama and recorded Tommy kerns and eighteen years. So I just don't know what is impact thing about how to speak to them without him and I don't like their offseason so far made it did Dale's it bigger bigger picture view of this besides later look at it. The fact they want are starting I guess nobody. Puts laid on the list but he. Behind Butler vinyl getting a second round pick for brothel which I count as part of this offseason they've lost here 45 of their top 1516. Maybe twenty players. And replaced him with. 83 Claiborne Jeremy hit hole. Some offense Lima have ever heard of couple Clint immoral acts of amid they Shelton and according they've lost popped when he cal off the roster yeah. And they've added bottom twenty talent back what is what I would remark was what would have been your best case scenario for Jimmy Iraq. At the time I thought it would get more than second topic when AJ McCarron was gonna affect the second and a third. I would definitely W Moore a second round pick I thought for short again first. I was convinced them even though he had played sixty Rappaport says they would know. But given the quarterback money that was just all around yeah they could've waited. They could attack him a traitor okay islet Leslie let the dollar played a game got a first Alec play that game they keep them yet. He never plays a minute except I mop up duty yet he so so he goes into this offseason. Having had six quarters of NFL experience under his belt sure total and that would have been you know two years ago basically. The beginning of last season up beginning of this season. You think that would have gotten a first round pick Carson Palmer 120 million bucks. Do you think of Jerry Brown for you because are you. A reverence and ready for got twenty million dollars pretty autorad played two years and in my that a career in his case he wanted let me let you had but it was 36 Miguel got Ronald wouldn't have played already well after on the top labor are not -- prior to that as plain brown yellow and also a second round pick by the patriots in those six quarters were great and I understand his value probably went up or go while after he played five games with the 49ers thing and that's fine and I'm sure yeah it's definitely did but I think the expectation was still really housing got your army back in the patriot system the entire time. I think they could've. Got more form I think we've seen how desperate. Teams are for quarterbacks. Based off of what they've all done here in the off season you know and I would say just add to your point oh you're right he's going plates six quarters. But if I then gave you the opportunity given the whole list of the free agents that were signed here from Kirk cousins and Teddy Bridgewater. My guess is the three of us analysts say okay we know Kirk cousins is better. We don't know if rumpled better than or worse than any other guys on your basic net now on having seen him play for five games not basic and I've seen the other guys to play if he had ICA Josh McCown play itself so the six quarters Jimmy drop yet had given you would have told you that he was better that he was on that bridge water or not he skiing and absolutely positive idea I I think in knots. But now now that all the time adapt counting those differences goalie plays mind games you have a bigger body of work that night I understand the teams go nuts all the time for guys that haven't played at all that the college quarterbacks with the developments in the contracts or are different. But the same idea if they're gonna invest. All of this highly paid Josh Allen is our guy Josh Rosen is our guy he's played even less quarters in the NFL the problem see only seen him play a road game in Arizona and win in week one a couple of years ago. Have two quarters where. He looked incredible against Miami for a got hurt. I don't know if there's any guarantees gonna be great by the two months point you gotta Kirk cousins I think teams around the league. Might look at still the upside of Rob Lowe and say. Kirk cousins we kind of know what he has potential yeah well there's more that we with a guy like him right that's what do you do the second round pick and you didn't see him fail yet. Where we've seen other guys for Hillary. And to the other point about much scenario which a lot of people were advocating mentally. The last Ametek Miguel site the patriots were somewhere in the vicinity of fifteen million dollars in salary cap space. If they tag him it's 23 million. So you gotta get rid of a whole bunch of football players even tag him to even given the tag it's not like you can do in the future. You have to do it then so you've got to unload you'd have to you'd give up all the salary cap space you have left now. And have to get another nine million on top of that so you would have made any additions to this team. You'd just get rid of a bunch of guys that tragic tag and trim before last season. MI scenario they have essentially the deal worked out they tag and just for the purpose of tree. That they know by then they've had a conversations. They know what teams are going to be involved they know what we're getting about the teams they have battle for can't afford Kirk cousins he can't get Garrity Kirk cousins twenty million dollars a year for three years fully guaranteed who don't wanna pay key demos of the team to be separate Cisco. And they eventually get a deal done for the player who's already been attacked for that year your right deal would not been he would not have been easy to do. But they've done a lot of Smart things over there and to be that would have been a smarter move waiting it out having as the insurance policy which indeed the end. And then making that trade here and getting. Again that the quarterbacks that have signed. It's screened to me he was worth it for tropic mesa gets the quarterbacks who've signed a letter last week more than one every two and a three wood for a late first round pick. Better than pick number forty nobody was offering first and I don't think anybody would of at the time you try to do you know he'll talk to once he helped my point is that time you traded him he had six quarters to look at. Who's gonna be a first round pick for that I don't think anybody wanna that the Cleveland brown of the rounds I don't think they would of they had a what's. Why Eric K so I have a keep reporting and why it was it then also reported that they didn't didn't get the mile per I don't know I don't Iraq and a fellow outsider. Fifth but I also vice president who was also front and center on and Mary Kay Cabot yeah no she why yes the door she covers that team specifically that team and she has all the all the browns news you need to come from Mary Kate I could go back and how much -- in Atlanta so well right now but I thought that there have to rosters governor that she was ready every week. The browns are desperate to make history drop blow is that and is their number one target they would offer first round pick over and over and seemingly no looking back on a now. As a way to try to get Belichick and the patriots actually read this because they weren't as to Dale's point. They were never really want to trade drop low until they had to trade worked right into a bidding war with airplay it seems that news a quarter data not wanna do forever ago I think dollar checks kept Judy drop around as an insurance policy yet forty year old quarterback. Let's make sure he's OK if these if he gets hurt we got a guy who could slide right in. And then it got to the trade deadline they work on a tag him at the end of the season I'm telling you they work on it I don't know why it was an answer I got into the concern ask where well because just in case you got forty year old quarterback out but I am. He was just amazing so I think if he was given the year before do you want the suitable. So he was gonna break I was only it if you got hurt that's the poll also eight games we got hurt it if it doesn't happen too long. You don't you wanna act of one liners you know I'd I'd feel like it's. To get less for your return just that eight teams of insurance doesn't seem like a real. Patriot than bill. Thus it's still within that date the big miss played this won't drop of sort of reason whether they want to get in San Francisco. Whether reliably wicker Shea and this was some sort of craft of production were Kraft told Billy got to make the deal he ends up in San revel in one phone call I believe and they backed off from. Yeah they said all right mandate is the word we should use it except your rights at said that on radio and every day plunge exam now that didn't happen but an act. On forget them for it Danny Amendola those five guys at all you the truth the only one I care about assault. All of the other ones who left OK when I'd like to have had Danny Amendola yap. Do I think that you know losing 830 to 33 year old wide receiver. Let's be honest is probably gonna get hurt is it you know it's chattering nobody got hurt here or did they do a good job managing it and most touted the Indian the Indian until a man's life in one of Miami's been getting hurt. Is an umbrella guarantee it's not relevant to the point of what he meant here he became of those guys don't tell that went down but they are made money dale dale earlier I don't I'll cashed in they that's our whole understand what you've done here. Is you let these guys go for whatever reason financially looks like that the biggest reason here yeah. But with the what you've done in replacing them so far. Yeah it's as I underwhelmed so far the a lot of talent off the roster. Vs kind Bakley 883 Claiborne right Hannibal wrote that he might be the most the best available pass edge rusher I can't. Against city or I watched every game you play. So because I cowboy game PS six accident in port hi Ron Smith that I've announcement doesn't play that's very near Lhasa he had six and a half sacks the rest of the way and he started both playoff games. For that Atlanta team did not register a sack from that six sacking the end of the year. Get a sack and a half the rest of the season Jeremy hill was like a nice he stinks all the work hard every day here or Matty and he awful he might beat out like heels lease of the guys or at least we have. Edit it just doesn't faze me the only one bothers me older because I don't think you've got a replacement. And I don't think there is a good replace players are probably if it was him just in terms of what the block from more than welcome ball. Butler and I just I did I hit I had resigned myself to the fact that he was we all knew we was gone and affect Gilmore played so well. Down the stretch you fielded better policing your going into the you're the number one corner you'd you have one and Butler was average last year. Cornel Patterson's fast. I like that. Israel's burner is he the guy that. They traded know that they could've drafted and they turned that spot I know I think it did the interview guys that would bill where he was like was that. Those of you guys are you sort of have to engage Taft not that the raiders week is that the guy was talking about he lauded coral. Had I had if you went out of all the way yet however that final line gets going on a thousand starts talking to somebody else talked about the fifteen yeah that's what I think but he was after the Denver game right and they went down that play the yeah at the Mexico yes or no matter again in the hotel they have had a key he brought a mop technical before he's been talking this will be a dinner. With your eyes on that could actually be like the way back and who is a big fan base they almost round the could address the problems that spot. But we know we're not matter he can now are about. Way is out of one time second team all pro a four time first team all pro a seven time pro bowler. Yes he might get red jacket someday. You might no. Never not once once the door all the Atlanta and a two time Super Bowl champion I gonna turn into much street that the patriots all things Bill Parcells that would anything else to go out scenarios out there you go there. We'll get calls a marathon. Does it mention that I get calls on both sides that we don't need to go to that get to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Johns on the cell phone hey John. And that they might relating garage closed trading at lie to those free agent they took the party because they want. Kurt it's only traditional. It's a it's a talent or no it's not Johnson talent drain on the team it's happened since the trade deadline. That you can't compare it can't you think they're not like just I just did that. For too long linked here. Lion apple OK so hot and why cannot put the two together John in your mind. Well the bottom line I wanted if they did not trade. Graf will elect to treat attention it would have been an eight game particularly have coming up to create feet or you're held off a car. Yeah okay if you say that but guess what none on and Carville and Eddie Barrett doesn't know all the cards the patriots too because the other teams that were not gonna get Kirk cousins. We're staring down the barrel of case keen on these other screw being osu got paid here. At the deadline and would have been just fine it would negotiating with the patriots not a way in a way to put it the backs against the wall but to get a quarterback. They just got paid a hundred million dollars in San Francisco. I think that what political or upload and as you know it's not giving her favorite Rick you know he would've it would decide the content. I am unfortunately John you wouldn't assign the franchise tag thing. That is one would have played I just would have sat out the years if guys. You know half at that you've placed attack on rewards and he's an whatever side you don't have the money till yeah you could you you know yeah you could had a bigger guys yes you have to have cleared I got a 2300. Dollars before you can even offering. The franchise so you don't really don't like the signed Brandon Bolden and no way don't hybrid one think he's. Three million dollars hey I don't think could not they would not a political hot spot where they they physically. Like could not have done would have part. But we just saw them. I'd do a lot of Smart things last couple years the would have found a way deal to make everybody see you sound like the guy across the street who says the cap this crap it's not you know hit it but I'm glad I just find a way also if they could do and I'll check it sets so they can find a way failure in Europe scenario dale let's go but this didn't happen this way. But say they don't. Make a trade for rumpled but that. Okay they don't get the deal dies and so they can't this this freeze a year by the first they have done by the first day of the friend of the league year yes that would had a double figures solid so what would they have done the fourteenth state of had to get rid of well at at that point they were like twenty million. Give them when it started it was twenty million bucks right politically or three or four million dollars to jet to just put Rob Lowe. On the books and that would have enabled but a single bold sense that. Until they get him off of what you see you don't think you'll see that it would have offered the deal to get drop between the did firstly you are now and that team and why they're right there and and this is where I think you're wrong on this as well might. You'll thing. All Ali's daughter in case game case Tina if it the rocket stage. In other words he its franchise and has played a quarter of game and a in his entire NFL career. Case can't would have done well or in the NFL and Jimmy Iraq hello dad are your problem that more money because he played five games. He wells and Alec matter. He alleged there's five games to get. The saudis I think it is but I believe there you go whether the state blue chip right quarterback prospect in case Keenan is a is a flyer I we have only six games. The Smart people around the NFL do what crop always going to be I'm not true they know now. It does it think could be due to their traditional projecting me as a blip in the plentiful seasons there obviously have the right Jack. But I think ultimately they they could've they could difference would have been tough for the themselves what would they have done deals that don't get to deliver services can be tell me they couldn't it couldn't have done this. What they've done work I think he has answering you I don't at zero intention of ever franchising and which is why they had to trade in the trade deadline but Sampras let's say a keeper. So but they is there is a scenario where San Fran deal falls apart they don't want a partner at the trade deadline it right states of the end of the year. Or Brady had been banged up they said we need the insurance what they've done. They would have had to get rid of some players to begin quit. Give him all of it but I could attack all of the cap Romney yes and then they notable as they've made this past week would have happened. But none of I'm saying I went ahead and wait on Barney hill and that's why are not. At that. But wanted to and it really brought in that they're a real game changer 6177797937. Is telephone number it's daily key Sports Radio W media. That your series on quote personal lives three tight end zone. And they told him different combinations. And Patterson's. These. Players in the backfield at pleasant receiver. Positions. Com or Iran is another explosive court. There are a lot of good players. Always loved him from corporal Snyder's funeral that down. If they elect we have a clue I can't imagine the guy's brilliant they can bring him into court court herald but it's not quarter were kind of violence Errol yet. A golf course Cordero Rollins Michael used to love coal Corel and it's not as world. Or Darryl that now his thoughts Twitter handle for those either. Usually fall with the patriots is seen flash he 84. Which I don't wanna do but it CEE. Slash PET. I feel like it's a terrible Twitter handle. Tell you a little complicated as the overall search the name and to see flash creative or beautiful have to look at the probably handle. You go to the names could follow files and if you are notes that it's he flashed me. 84. Trichet that thank that is the very intently check mark always educating us that are referred. You see that night Larry thank you Jason. 6177797937. Counties in Cambridge take any. And I don't know you very well things. Listen I'm calling you could send you. I think I need votes. Yeah I I I think I'm calling because I could relate to that frustration. In your voice. When you to me you made it very simple statement that I think we're pretty obvious when you compared. Back later not control her might might. You know either. I mean it seemed clear you where it was about. How valuable way to work with you is that observer it would that is. Let it die hard. Player that she hurt you with the patriots all respect towards the idea that they would poll victory enemies. Is sort of unfathomable. I was shocked and I read that he was visiting the Steelers I was shocked change today's special they've hammer every once here. Nobody even you know you're letting me. OK. Okay well I'll be out you know it's okay what's the patriots do he's a free agent. Not about it. And I'll be talking bad data about what you should and it makes me think that. There and I don't know if you if I have listened outlaw but song by the year either edit. Which I hope occasion because hope not elect all our. Egypt so it is that the 20 and are you with Edwards and that you don't want you to say it happens every direct. Op yeah he's gonna plan that would argue that as. So rich and I had the same exact reaction to it but work I'd being a of people and it's and argue opera got it sir I think I think the fact that you immediately thought that I was trying to look quite the gains of those two. Was doing that at all I mean Troy Brown was the ultimate patriot by the way. Nowhere near the all pros with a probable that Slater has totally different position I understand who's the better players or had fallen into my point was simply. You think of you think Detroit Branyan to mr. patriot American couldn't even picture him playing. For the jets for the Steelers but I don't put Slater and I still had a goal ideal time mr. page I know I idols and one for I think he's a great locker room presence he's the captain but in no effect he's carved out an unbelievable careers and millions of dollars. Covering punts. So I think we're promptly defense for the Steve Hammond of all that Troy Brown I think of that's all the time obstacles are all time patriot guys it's so. I don't know why Kenny was so hot and bothered by that would willingly Matt Slater defense that's understandable but I saw them so that an organic would you pay him all the money he says no mace is not about that what is about that. Why don't I have no idea how much money. But it the tape are they offering was of age or maybe the pitchers aren't so if it once you're on the team for eight years or just on the team forever is that how it works out. He analyzes moments that just keep him forever. That that's how that's going to be playing are people gonna be mad at Matthew Slater if he takes the money goes through different team than he shouldn't like its first someone notes I have no idea what they were dealt right whittled the patriots are offered him. This is right if we are offering him anything and everything to do good kid and he's like us it's logical visit. Other teams he missed like Dion Lewis and all the guys he missed almost half the season last year the year before I think he missed a few games so he's out there is great but. It was all pro and probable this past year and I don't I cinnamon and understand why answered gold glove it I guess you know you watch a little more like guy. It is special teams both shows how the writers really pay aren't successful it's a great just the only other countries where four last year got global brands and take away from is a specialty not a very he's very good at what he does and by writers that I don't know how big vote of love miss it's going to be for the pats next year if he's dark. 6177797937. Pats in Walpole iPad. I would do that it's going to first out of the plastic door contract horse you patty. Sons are thousands. But I would I'd say my point I'd like that it was Slater I think later. It brought the best player I've ever received. I don't know if that's good luck in the thick of all pain I don't know these you know I'm Peter and I that. I mean as far as special teams play specifically that you play. I can't think of a I would that it may keep it out to capture that every Green Zone. Maybe that has yet but I. I made that are gonna anyway. Might point that I wanted to be with a rock well I think that you know you guys there are comparing rubble all the guys I think there's this compare old when he was treated. Was closer to eighty McCarron and anybody else. Guy who had played a little bit. Looked good when he played but they really warrant a 100% sure what he was gonna do and McCarron stayed on the bank last year you play. And got a really low contract this year this sake I think. You don't and maybe rock what was considered a little bit you know higher level and obviously our worst year like we think higher of them can compete but. I think around the week he was looked at as as you know compared AJ McCarron. And McGann you don't knock them not committing a lot of money and I don't know grow over. So I am at the pats overall point is Rob Lowe at the time of the deadlines and you have to remove all the yelling I'm convinced ourselves he was going to be worth the first round putted eight it was you know weighty while I would disagree with -- so AJ McCarron though was a second and a third study that that's a fair comparison if you wanna take away the niners games. Grapple McCarron. Leading the league and it may be split I think maybe more Rob Lowe but he can still let the more fair comparison it it's like. Fault that I stick with. Which Erica Michael party who said for years that the patriots again number one pick for you drop like it he was one of the league guys who had him ahead of were AJ McCarron was muted colors right off of that I the patriot Cologne Chris price quote the patriot clones XTO. And that would happen with problem we backup Brady he played and bella checking mcdaniels. There was more of a confidence that he would and a peanut player long term but still it's a second third fourth with about. Sounds so what did that the browns' second round pick would have been much better basic us enough a first round pick right I don't want to do not arguments etc. take it the second epic that's what it calls satanic and they may dated notes it tampering was gonna on this great runs a later it was going to be right a good second epic. As you know Jimmy grappling with gonna become. Undefeated slinging Sammy mightily well I'll never lose 6177797937. Is telephone number looking at the moves that the patriots have made so far in the offseason and some. Maybe they haven't made its daily key Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. Is telephone number tax minus 37937. Talking NFL free agency in the patriots Louis Riddick from ESPN. Put out a tweet earlier this afternoon. And an hour and a half ago he said it best part of NFL free agency. Right now best teams make the best moves truly believe that. Diana are senior responded Tillman set I had an NFL general managers say almost the exact same thing to her earlier today. Generally this is when Belichick and the patriots make their way. They don't usually make those starter free agency splashes they've done it a couple of tiger has that last year was a Dennis Thomas last year at Stephon Gilmore. Usually don't let that first wave wash ashore. And then they start to pick and choose who to pick up in the aftermath especially this year because you look at some of the top free agents and they are really top at their position by default like Kirk cousins is not the best quarterback in the league mates holders are the best left tackle in the league game doles out the best slot receiver. Bode compare to everybody else that was available yup those teams had to overpay and so. That's a tick classic Redskins cowboys raiders thing like over the last fifteen years those three teams. Pick their offseason where they go not oh my god you see that they god and yeah but they just spent zillion dollars on these guys who happen to be the best available at maybe eight down year. And they completely overpay in those teams also got to put themselves out of it for other moves going forward where now you have all these you know the patient most pitchers moves have been. These trades it's night and just free agents as these trades are not letting guys hit his free agency right they're just they're snapping up God's littlest night. There's nobody that's that's great that's available the okay well here they don't they're gonna swap picks and bring in Jason record New York or Darryl Paterson or or whoever else and improve their team that way. I shuttle the guy they guys they have are they anywhere near as good as the guys they've lost. At least right now Max told an offensive line. I'd Jason according vs Malcolm Boller Paterson verses. Danny Amendola you go back and look feels right the the big the that the league they signed Chris hold these other guys second tier guys they it panned out. But on paper. Are any of these guys near what the guide the replacing laws may talent standpoint just so far. Is Claiborne at an upgrade. Based on all we saw in Atlanta this Paterson project to be anything besides that the Matt Slater plays I have no idea so I don't like I love Malcolm but I think most patriots fans. Love Malcolm Butler and they should. But in the chase and record these 2018. Be the same or better than Butler seventeen I think there's a chance. And I don't think he'll be as good as he was Butler seventeen was not great doesn't go down like it was it was fine if you were were ranking all the corners it was probably right there in the middle of the pack Arabic McCord he can give you that. Look at your by doing all of us knew but wasn't going to be hearing yes you're first you're like yeah no I don't they keep them they knew didn't work but at least by bringing in Jason according you're not saying hey Eric wrote Jonathan ms. Cyrus Jones they'll take on the job at our Easter bring somebody who was it was started in the league for awhile. Jeremy hill I look at his moral flyer Scott Boras Dion Lewis he's not everybody but he's not the deal those replacement he's more of a he's competition for Gil sleek. I think I'd rather than just handing a ridiculously. You bring in Jeremy hill. Claiborne your yours for adding him to the mix I think that's fine and I wouldn't expect the tone out of him. Opens that they need attack and these others I don't body is not sold her I don't know where they're gonna get the the next. Neitzel older and then Patterson definitely not Emma dole either now he can return kicks for you they can use them creatively. In on the offense but he's not gonna have a bunch of catches he's not a very good receiver we've yet to get kind of weird to them and for what do universal what's paying him. I its 3.2 five million. He can't just be. Special teams guy I think to me or David they gotta work him in look at more or bursts every game when he heard built out that a settlement with literally heard bill sort of mentioned he's a running bags in the back for you are they out. My guess is they will do that stuff within but he is not replace and it don't eat the security blanket that was in a dole. At the end that that that to me is that the biggest picture in the first week or so free agency is big guys they've replaced him with they. They say putting a lot of faith and what they already have on the roster and they got guys they had entitlement are cattlemen high tell those guys did back could be. Impact for players the offensive line and it could play at all last year. Weather condition and Garcia drafted so maybe they raiders come back they see things from an injury standpoint. That can be an impact when the players they've gotten so far it's our job is not back up. That are low sergeants he's been excellent and excellent pixels now up Brian Springfield. Brian yeah. What about mutt it Bryce. Yeah what's up Brian what's so you're right he's doing today about demand I'm just just relax and act nice real quick do it all colors. Good in the news study UT I went there. You know on do you know just that on film right. Well not knowing what would you and OJ Whitney. A stroke left. Just Holler election the better receiver down and north called it June Tennessee Titans there. Yeah okay anyway but bicker about. I think sandy Cuba. Tiny little problem with your comments here about Jimmy eat. You're saying the key element and you franchise that yes and then trade him to somebody into the first round picks a woman. Out of Waterloo on does this count yes pride and said that for about. Six month sitting at this point. Yeah OK okay so now the patriot choosing narrative print item and. Yeah well you know I I had a feeling it was on there when he called when he start a call it but big fan at a holiday get it explode at some point the call that stuff it's art. Bill he'll slap at that fly on the Tonight Show rather. The any heart Claritin has learned and they know they don't idea gathered much month to answer. Yes bright what you just laid out to me it was sort reits exactly what I was saying yes I would. I would do that would have been difficult to do. Yes it was their possibility could do it absolutely are Smart enough will go to they chose not to doubt they took the second round pick bidding it seemed they didn't care about maximizing the player. And that's Belichick's right I just think it was a mistake given especially the quarterbacks. Made the last two weeks but his point I guess is so say hypothetically traded in the Cleveland and he told Cleveland I'm trying to what are you nuts there were some not so they could franchise and a couple of times but how about to trade him through San Francisco. Right again I would be just resigned there are so they would have they would have. Traded more form. There what did you and more formed knowing that he's gonna resign. And matured that they were gonna give up more because they had Artie got to that his first year there was going to be locked in 24 million. You're requiring the franchise tag and it's like well if I'm pain in point four million how much went to give you form. Well another pack. A vote no more peck OK so if if if if they'd they or is second on a fourth you'd been happily. It's more than just the second and we see what they do these pics of course the more picks the murder they've that we don't know that you and other trading the tradable drowning mired in the air which is the trade down acquire a player move on yeah trade down acquire are just as many text book of the more than manner. 6177797937. Even though I think it says was he but I feel stupid saying that hey why's he made on. Yeah quality. They eat. A lot of issues in the rubble of of that at Hewlett and ought it isn't that they had this same issue in 2008 where am itself orchestrated. There were 300 no Olympics here and there. Just because the player worth that and Jimmy you were does that mean that the market there for that and so what do you. I wanna talk about the forget I think we are these replica look at numbers are good we were working with our. I think Kordell Paterson. As one of the better gunners in the lead but more importantly didn't hold all places all protein free kick returner. So we kinda replaces Matthews later thirty years old. That's a big pick up an Inca and Shelton was gigantic I mean. The reluctant Philly I don't wanna get a big Malcolm Butler discussion because their front and just but bashing. And the asteroid enemy we lost to a park restarting be offensive tackles and a nation openly you'd pick up. And I mean frankly I think we can replace older or the combination. To party the plumbing and or whoever are back up tackle. While bolt bolt those guys are in Dallas right now visiting them. There will be and we can probably match an offer to wobble or just let me and then have all Garcia and one of these guys become him and kinda. You know political fight by. All in all I think we're doing pretty you know there were kind of all I would I knew I would repeat in the bigger it'll be our system pencil there. And elect the players voted in the that they you know you used a cot competitor for eighteen years by spreading out the calendar cart your daughter written agreement rock. Well I will say this we have a tendency to do this exact same thing every year. At free agency except for those two a couple of years there where they made the big splash at the reckoning every other year we go on the two went out there. And then you know come September we all have solicitor difference they've lost figured it lost and they are bigger and tell the players you eat your right that. What other names sign elsewhere. And you'll know why why are they doing anything in this case it's the additional. You've lost all the so the talent off the roster but so just as some of laws these point he really likes the offseason because they added a garner and a defensive lineman from an on sixteen team yes a and they can piece together an offensive line where it came farming and Tobin and bill Garcia over a million play last year because of the blood clots and lost sixty pounds you know. The only the only loss that I think is potentially really big time is sold. The other losses. I'm sorry Aaron out I just don't you call it cranky wasn't going to be getting up to welcome Butler is a big walls he was it was gonna be here Heidi I understand you're prepared they offered a deal to have meeting take it if you believe feel gates moment you guys last week in fact I don't through that you don't like field a field is a great job I think he was told that a sort of why are we know that then. That was that was that is c'mon now it is it's it's Ramadan timing they lost contract off. And I think it's. Oh by the way I see we are Butler so butlers the back got comfortable he was never come back so now if you don't wanna include in my understand binding agent going into the so early was cut I just never thought he was coming back here. The minute he didn't sign last fall. And Stephon Gilmore got the big cash yet there we're gonna have to war there was just no way but steel gate slow they all also suggest what is that money at the if you believe feel gates and I hope those guys I don't and that story but that's the reason it had to cool corners make in sixty plus million dollars. Yeah I don't think so that's that is a loss though talent wise but because he didn't have a great year last year and you have a number one corner. The more difficult got a place is sold yes and a billowed. He'll be a tough loss if -- or element gets hurt and you're missing more of those guys went playoff run colonel begin on about so you have the products not their fought just the possess those guys play the way they've batted sole physical what did of the idea that crawled up thrall last year. Would the only issue be the concussion. What are the odds that happens knock raid on the TV pullback by two but don't tomatoes best case scenario resistance bands and I know he's very pliable but of rock and roller ball in the playoffs I don't think anybody is insane man it was Sharon goes out there. But in one of those guys outstanding. Panic as a playoff game here and I play on the zone one but either way it's about. Teeny playoff and Brady British push material that regular ago that these are going with the general Brady's head off of these on NPR is on cold there is a busy man right now promoted TB to -- he's good in the playoffs so we'll just take its first name and it says the work playoff after that's nickname and all the old it's old it's much better 6177797937. Is telephone number -- in the house with daily key Sports Radio W media.