Dale & Keefe - Why KC Radio host Kevin Kietzman is an absolute moron for his Andy Reid criticism; John Farrell the Lobsterman

Dale and Keefe
Tuesday, June 25th
Hour 2: To kick off hour number two of Dale and Keefe the guys touch on former Red Sox manager, John Farrell, and what he has been doing since he last managed the team. It turns out Farrell has been working as a local lobsterman. Farrell said he would like to manage a contending baseball team again, would it be worth it for a team to give him another shot? A Kansas City radio host, Kevin Kietzman, criticized Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid saying he is bad at fixing people. Kietzman then went on to reference Reid’s son who overdosed from heroin, the guys react to these questionable remarks made by Kietzman. Marcus Smart won the NBA hustle award, Keefe thinks it's embarrassing.